Guilty Pleasures


Pleasures Updated: October 27, 2002
Erotic fiction. Slash. Mindless violence. If it's something you wouldn't even think of sharing with your Mom, it's possible you can find it here. If you've written some guilty pleasures of your own, feel free to submit them to me. Maybe I'll add them to my collection....

Note: Due South and Sentinel pairings are coded by character and rating. Power Rangers pairings are coded by gender and/or rating, so when browsing those stories, rely on the summaries for info on who's doing who.

Due South | Power Rangers | The Sentinel

Kittie J. Verdena
Punishment (April 2000)
The Rays are being punished.
Slash, RK/RV, PG-13

The Return to Innocence Series
Kittie J. Verdena

Bird Watching (June 2000)
Stella humiliates Ray in front of the entire precinct.
Pre-slash, BF/RK, PG

A Thousand Words (July 2000)
An up-and-coming photographer sets his sights on Ray.
Slash, BF/RK, PG

None of These Things (October 2000)
Ray is having major doubts about Kris' assessment of his and Fraser's relationship.
Slash, BF/RK, PG


Due South | Power Rangers | The Sentinel

Observe The Viewing Globe
Various Authors

What do you get when you take 11 teenage friends, superpowers with an unexpected side effect, and an interdimensional being trapped in a timewarp who hasn't gotten any in 10,000 years? A universe where anybody can do anyone at anytime.
Het, Slash, Multiple Partners, Multiple pairings, Rated X

The "Yosties" Series
Various Authors
Attack of the Yosties (April 30, 2000)
Mele and Peregrine
The title pretty much says it all....
Rated PG-13

Attack of the Yosties 2: Intitiation (June 11, 2000)
Mele and Peregrine (with Dagmar)
Once was definitely not enough...
Rated PG-13

Trial of the Yostie Azure Elite (March 18, 2000)
Cinders and Mouse
The Rangers strike back.
Rated PG-13

Attack of the Yosties 3: Billy's Revenge (October 29, 2000)
Billy plans to get even with his tormentors -- but sometimes even the best-laid plans run into a few snags...
Rated PG-13

Trial of the Yostie Initiates: Billy's Revenge Part Two (March 18, 2001)
Cinders and Mouse
Billy has another bone to pick.
Rated PG-13

Robin August
Strained Friendships
Billy and Kimberly are kidnapped by an alien couple interested in only one thing: sex.
M/F, Rated X

Betrayal and Atonement
Tommy cheats on Kimberly in a night of drunken passion, so she finds solace with another man - Billy.
Rated X

The Therapy
Jason's "experience" with Divatox aboard the submarine is giving him nightmares, and he needs some major therapy to get out of his funk.
M/F, M/M, Rated X

They're no longer kids, and their lives have taken new paths, but they'll always be friends.
M/F, M/M, Rated X

In order to receive the great power, the Rangers must be adults, but two of them haven't quite met the requirements....
M/F, Rated X

Shades of Pleasure (Unfinished)
Three of the Rangers are sucked into a portal that sends them to a different planet. A very different planet.
M/F, F/F, Rated X
Part Five

Melanie Bisson
A Night on Phaedos
The rangers' encounter with Dulcea was a significant experience for all, but for one of the rangers, it meant even more.
Rated R

She's What?
After leaving Phaedos, Adam's feeling lonely, but Dulcea's got a surprise for him.
Rated R

Confirmation and Confrontation
Adam and Dulcea have a lot to talk about....
Rated R

Coming To Terms
Adam and Dulcea pass the news along to friends and family.
Rated R

Love's Laughter
Dulcea gives birth.
Rated R

As Adam and his friends retire from the Power Rangers, he and Dulcea make their bond official.
Rated R

The "Allies of Destiny" Series
Melanie Bisson

Dark Legacy
David has a big surprise for Tommy, and it sets of a series of events that will change the rangers' lives forever.
Rated R

Shadow Child
Billy returns to Angel Grove and finds that he has a lot to catch up on--and a lot of explaining to do.

Ancient Tale
Danger stalks the Earth.

Willow Blessing
The First For The Last
The Space Rangers rescue a strange creature from one of Dark Spectre's ships, and the rangers' reactions to her differ greatly.
m/f, Rated X

The effects of Divatox's new scheme are far more terrible than any of the Rangers could have imagined.
m/f, Rated X

Ellen Brand and Jeremy Ray Logsdon
Werewolves aren't real... are they?
Rated R

Desert Terror
Aisha Campbell and some new friends spend a terrifying night in the desert.
Rated R

Night on the Town
It's Halloween night, and it's a nightmare for Tommy Oliver.
Rated R

Ghost of a Chance
Justin is thrilled at getting a new roommate -- the only problem is he gets two, and one of them isn't alive!
Rated R

Dagmar Buse
Moments in Time
Two friends-turned-lovers look back on their past and how their relationship came to be.
m/f, Rated X

The Long Journey Home
The Gold Ranger powers have seriously messed up Jason's psysiology--his soul is no longer even linked to his own body.
m/f, m/m, Rated X

Golden Ecstasy
Jason is infected with a drug of alien origins that has some very... odd... effects.
m/f, Rated X

Le Reve
Jason's sleeping, and things start to happen ...
m/m, Rated X

A Special Gift
Jason turns thirty ... and Kat has an extra surprise for him...
m/f, Rated X

Casting Stones (July 11, 2000)
Jason and Kat make a mistake that splits the team, and changes their lives.
m/f, Rated PG-13

Metamorphosis (August 20, 2000)
Lord Zedd is bored, and puts a very unusual spell on Tommy...
m/f, Rated X

Every Day (March 22, 2001)
Kat wants to break up with him. Jason wants to change her mind. But how?
m/f, Rated PG-13

Personality Conflicts 'X'
Dagmar Buse

Steamin' Hot (October 29, 2000)
Things heat up when Jamie and Jason come in out of the rain ...
m/f, Rated X

Picture Perfect (December 10, 2000)
A heat wave + sexy lingery + a photographer = erotic bliss in Angel Grove
m/f, Rated X

Just Another Story
Rita and Zedd have kids? That can't be good. But for the Power Rangers, it's just another story.
Rated R

Every time a monster is sent to Angel Grove, the Power Rangers save the day. But they can't fix everything....
Rated R

Imagine our gang in a different dimension, where things are the same, yet so very very different....
Rated R

A strange alien being comes to Earth with only one mission: mate and reproduce.
Rape, Rated R

Brian Lieske
You Can't Go Home Again (Unfinished)
Things didn't work out for Billy exactly as he planned. He returns to Earth on his own and finds what he least expected.
Part One  Part Two  Part Three
m/m, Rated X

Jeremy Ray Logsdon
Something is rotten in the city of Angel Grove....
Rated R

Christine Lovejoy
For the First Time
Carlos and his new girlfriends are in for the night of their lives.
Rated R

Serpents Return
Adam is kidnapped by Scorpina who has plans for the young man.
Rated R

Mastur Vile
Ranger of Your Domain
Remember that Seinfeld episode about "The Contest"? Well now the Rangers, past and present, are having a contest of their own.
Rated PG-13

Eubanks Equasions
Put two and two together and make whoopie.
Rated PG-13

The Psychopath Saga
Outraged, by Liz Donovan
Psychopath: The continuation
What would happen if Billy just... lost it? Nothing good, that's what.
Rated NC-17
Note: This story is intended to be funny. Really.

Red Warrior
A Nightmare in Angel Grove
Freddy Krueger is just a movie character... isn't he?
Rated R

Night of the Living Rangers
First Freddy, now Zombies. These kids are not having a good day.
Rated R

Child's Play 4: Chucky's Last Stand
The nightmare isn't over yet, as the kids face a homicidal doll.
Rated R

Hellrisen: Destroying the Box
The kids have to save an old friend from a terrifying foe - Pinhead.
Rated R

Friday the 13th X: The Voorhies Curse
The travellers find themselves at Crystal Lake with a not-quite-dead homicidal maniac.
Rated R

A Nightmare in Angel Grove 2 : Return to Old Ways
If Tanya doesn't wake up screaming, she won't wake up at all.
Rated R

April Richards
Red Skull
Tommy's past hides more than he or any of the other Rangers suspect, and it could lead to a lot of trouble...for everyone.
Rated R

A Ring Around A Ranger
The kids find a weird ring in the bowels of the Power Chamber, and it has a strange effect on Tommy.
m/f, Rated X

Cheryl Roberts
Abduction of the White Ranger
Zedd's mind is in the gutter, and it does not bode well for Tommy and Kimberly, who fall into his clutches. Can they get out alive?
Rated X

Destruction of the Pink Ranger
Zedd's up to his old tricks again, only this time he may have won. Is this really the end of the pink ranger?
Rated X

Seduction of the Blue Ranger
Kimberly starts to look at Billy in a new light. This could definitely be interesting....
Rated X

The Frog Prince Gets Jumped (Seduction, The Lost Chapter)
Kim's not the only one looking at a friend in a new light. Adam may never be the same.
Rated X

Apes, Bears and Frogs Oh My! (Seduction, Another Lost Chapter) New!
Everybody's gotten some but Rocky; however his two best friends won't let that go on for long.
m/f, m/m/f, Rated X

Family Wedding
Tommy's got bad memories about his family, but he's forced to face them at his cousin's wedding. With Kimberly's support, though, maybe things won't be so bad.
Rated X

Heart's Desire
The Rangers are swept into a strange world and separated from one another, but is this place all it seems?
Rated X

Gesture of Friendship
The guys are all kidnapped by a sadistic villain named Nikkolo. Tommy is hurt, and there is only way to save him.... Too bad Adam's the only one available.
m/m, Rated X

Red is Like Pink But Not Quite
Tommy's special night with Kim is interrupted by an uninvited guest.
m/m, Rated X

The Dare
Tommy and Kim make an unusual dare, and both learn to regret it later.
m/m, f/f, Rated X

Power Rangers Zeo - A Coed Naked Jungle Adventure
The kids are dumped into a strange and dangerous world with only their wits to protect them. Can they defend their honor against a psychotic wizard, or is this the end of the Power Rangers Zeo?
Rated R

Secrets That We Keep
Tommy has a secret that's already cost him his relationship with Kimberly; will it cost him Jason's friendship as well?
Rated R'

Secrets That We Keep II New!
Jason and Emily discover, as Tommy and Kim had, that the longer one keeps a secret, the harder it is to tell it.
m/f, m/m, Rated 'X'

Secrets That We Keep III New!
Tommy's greatest secret is out, but he's about to make some new ones with Kimberly and Jason's help.
m/m, m/f, f/f, Rated 'X'

Let the Cycle be Broken
A legacy of violence can affect many lives, over many years....
m/f, m/m, rape, Rated NC-17

Symbolic Agony
Dark Truths (August 20, 2000)
Adam's dark past comes out with the help of his poetry. Is he heading down the same path again?
Rated PG-13

Frustrations  (July 1, 2000)
The rangers find out why Zordon makes some odd decisions at times.
Rated PG-13

Robert Torres
The Green Amulet. The only way to restore Tommy's green powers is dangerous.
Rated R

The "On Screen" Series
Capri A. Wooden

The Alex Conflict
Alexius Peterson is about to meet her soulmate.
Rated R

Billy's always been a bit clueless when it comes to girls, but Sky Lambert refuses to let that stop her.
Rated R

Summer Love
Jason's starting to wonder if there's anyone special for him- just as a new girl moves into town.

Capri and Stacey
Double Trouble
Two sisters compete over Adam's affections, but the trouble comes when there's enough of him to go around.
Rated R


Due South | Power Rangers | The Sentinel

Kittie J. Verdena
Need Me (August 2000)
Jim needs Blair.
Slash, J/B, PG-13

Something to Talk About (November 2000)
People are talking.
Slash, J/B, PG-13

Pink (December 2000)
Blair has a nightmare.
Slash, J/B, PG-13