Disclaimer: This is a work of adult fiction containing scenes of an erotic nature. If you're under the age of consent in your particular jurisdiction, proceed no further. The Power Rangers belong to Saban International and are being used without their knowledge or consent. No profit is being made by the author on this story. September 1995/July 1996

Note: The events of this story are set in the time frame between "A Brush With Destiny" in Season Three and "A Ranger Catastrophe." It also relies heavily on characters and events from "Wild West Rangers I & II" from Season Two (and some info from late Season Three--Zeo episodes--was added in doing the rewrite).

Destruction of the Pink Ranger
by Cheryl Roberts

Chapter One

"Where's Kimberly?" Billy queried as Tommy arrived at the Youth Center. Tonight was the annual Halloween dance, and the party was well underway. Billy, Tommy, Rocky and Adam were dressed as the Musketeers from Dumas' novel; Aisha was the queen, and Kimberly was supposed to be Constance to Tommy's d'Artagnan.

"She wasn't ready when I stopped by to pick her up. She asked me to go on ahead so I wouldn't be too late," Tommy said.

"That isn't like Kim," Billy noted.

"I know," Tommy agreed.

"She hadn't even started dressing when I left," Aisha added. Kim had been staying with Aisha's family since her mother left for Paris last month. "Kim's been acting really weird lately. She's been saying and doing things that are way out of character for her."

Tommy and Billy exchanged worried glances. It had been six months ago that Tommy and Kimberly had been abducted by Lord Zedd and put through an emotional ringer. Zedd's magic had turned Kim into his Power Slut, and she had used her newly released inhibitions to sexually torment Tommy. In the course of their captivity, the spell had worn off, and Kim was forced to continue her role of her own free will. The grueling six days had ended with Kimberly nearly dying. However, she had survived, and the two had worked hard over the summer to heal, both physically and emotionally. It had been a rough period. There were times when the strain between them was so bad they could hardly look at each other, and other times they moved with the intimacy of two who knew each other body and soul. Things had finally settled down by the end of the long, hot, and unusually quiet summer.

It was with the start of the new school year that their lives had become more complicated again. First, Zedd and Rita had renewed their attacks, destroying their Zords, the Command Center, and their powers. Fortunately, the quest for the Temple of Power had been successful. Their new Ninja Powers were far superior to their powers drawn from the Power Coins. Then came the news that Kimberly's mother was getting remarried and moving the family to Paris. With a generous gesture from the Campbells, Kimberly was going to be able to remain in Angel Grove to finish out the school year. With the addition of Rita's brother Rito to the ranks, and new, more powerful minions in the tengas, September had proven to be a busy month.

Billy had to place the start of Kimberly's present troubles on a battle they had fought about mid-September. They had been facing Goldar and Sagitteros, a winged centaur who fired enchanted arrows. His multicolored arsenal produced a multitude of side effects: a blue arrow induced sadness; yellow produced fear, red made the victim angry, and green inspired jealousy. Their forces had been depleted by half when Kim took up a position with her old power bow....


Kim intercepted as many of Sagitteros' arrows as she could, and then she lay down cover fire as Tommy and Rocky kept Goldar busy. Her arrows had never been more accurate, but she did not have an unlimited supply.

"I'm out of arrows!" Kimberly shouted, abandoning her perch.

"We need to fall back and regroup," Tommy directed as he dodged Goldar's blow.

"Maybe Zordon has found a way to cure the others," Rocky said hopefully.

"Kim, you and Rocky make a break for it while I keep these clowns busy," Tommy said.

"Surrender now, White Ranger!" Goldar rumbled.


"That's it, White Ranger; devote all your attention to Goldar. I've saved a very special arrow just for you," Sagitteros gloated as he notched a fiery white missile in his bow. Sagitteros fired as Goldar flung Tommy back. Tommy hit the ground, and Saba flew out of his grasp. He gave a yelp of pain.

"Tommy!" Kim cried, leaping into the fray once again. She interposed herself between Tommy and Goldar. "Are you okay?"

"I think I twisted my ankle," Tommy moaned.

"We've got to get you out of here...." The white arrow hit its mark, knifing through Kim's chest. She screamed as its energy crackled around her body, causing her to de-morph.

"Uh oh, Sagitteros, you fool! You shot the wrong Ranger!" Goldar bellowed. He and the other monster teleported before Kimberly fell.

"Kim!" Tommy gasped, catching her. He activated his communicator. "Zordon, get us out of here now!"


Tommy and Kim were teleported directly to the infirmary in the Command Center. Alpha and Billy quickly ran a diagnostic scan on Kim. Tommy could hardly sit still long enough for Aisha to wrap his ankle.

"How is she? What's wrong with her?" he asked impatiently.

"Fire...." Kim moaned as she writhed on the examination table. " ... on fire...!"

"Sensors register no anomalous readings," Billy reported.

"It must be some kind of spell," Rocky spoke up. "Sagitteros said he was saving a special arrow just for Tommy."

"Since the spell was keyed to Tommy there is no telling what effect, if any, it will have on Kimberly," Zordon explained.

"You mean she might not be affected?" Tommy asked hopefully.

"Since Billy and Alpha cannot detect any trace of enchantment on Kimberly, I would say that my hypothesis is highly probable," Zordon concluded.

"Why is she complaining about being on fire?" Adam wondered.

"You'd complain about being on fire if you'd gotten hit with an arrow of pure energy," Aisha retorted.

"You're looking a little pale; are you all right?" Billy asked of Tommy.

"Yeah, I just have this awful feeling of déjà vu," Tommy murmured. "It was like seeing her take that lance in Zedd's citadel all over again."

"Thank goodness it didn't have the same results."

"Where am I? What happened?" Kim mumbled as she came to.

"You saved my hide once again, Beautiful," Tommy said as he sat down next to the exam table. He helped Kim sit up. "I thought I was supposed to be the knight in shining armor."

"These are the '90s. Equal opportunity," Kim teased as she gratefully accepted his hug.

"How do you feel?"

"Scorched but otherwise fine."

Zordon monitored Kimberly's condition for several days afterwards; she never manifested any symptoms of being under a spell, so Kimberly and the others didn't think any more about it.


The first incident took place a week later. The six friends were at the Youth Center. Tommy, Adam, and Rocky were working out in the weight room, and Kimberly, Billy and Aisha were working on their homework in the juice bar.

"Kim, what's the matter? You look sick," Aisha noticed. Indeed, Kimberly was looking a little pale, and her eyes were sort of glazed.

"Hm? Oh, I don't know. I'm sort of tired, I guess," Kim replied as if it was an effort to string the words together.

"You're perspiring; do you have a fever?" Billy queried. Kim pressed her hand to her forehead and found it damp.

"I guess I do," she murmured.

"Here," Billy offered, pressing his hand to her forehead. "Kimberly, you're burning up!"

"Maybe Tommy should take you home," Aisha suggested.

"Yeah, good idea," Kim agreed. When she stood up, Kim experienced a moment of lightheadedness. She shook her head to clear it. She felt a little disoriented, and she seemed to stagger as she crossed the room. She paused at the doorway of the weight room and peered in, looking for Tommy.

The mere thought of Tommy made her knees feel weak. She spotted him working with the leg weights. She propped herself against the doorframe as she watched him. The obvious power in his muscular legs as they lifted the weights held her spellbound. Once he was finished with that series of reps, he sat up and went to work on his upper body. Sweat stained his tank top and glistened on the exposed portions of his chest as he worked out. Kim bit her lower lip and felt her fingers trailing down her neck and along the scooped neckline of her crop top. She jerked her hand away suddenly as if she just realized what she was doing. However, her eyes never strayed from Tommy's body. Watching him was firing her hormones as it never had before. She drank in his every move until she was intoxicated by the sight of him.

Tommy was busy talking and laughing with Adam and Rocky; he hadn't seen her yet. Kim had an overpowering urge to feel his rock hard muscles rippling under her fingers. She wanted to inhale the musky odor of his perspiration and taste the salt on his skin. She stepped forward, unaware that there was a slightly exaggerated swagger to her hips. If she could have seen her expression, it would have been one of fiery hunger. The young men in the weight room were immediately and powerfully affected by it. They could see the tigress on the prowl.

"Hey, Kim, what's up?" Tommy asked brightly. However, she didn't answer, but the intensity of her gaze made him feel as if she was undressing him with her eyes. "Kimberly?"

Tommy was aware that everyone's eyes were on Kim as she reached out and ran her hand along his sweat-soaked tank top. She propped one leg up on the weight bench; taking a handful of his shirt, she pulled him to her, attacking his mouth savagely. When she let him up for air, she held his gaze--his eyes full of amazement, hers lustful and glassy. Without a word to him, she sauntered off, leaving every male in the weight room with a solid reminder of her passing.

"What was that all about?" Adam asked with a gulp.

"I don't know," Tommy finally stammered, "but I'd better go find out."

"One thing you can say for Kim's visit; there won't be a shortage of hot water in the showers today," Rocky jibed.

Tommy walked out to the juice bar, careful to keep his towel strategically placed. Billy and Aisha were still studying. Kim's bag was at the table, but there was no sign of her.

"Have you guys seen Kim?" Tommy asked.

"She went looking for you," Billy replied. "She was feeling unwell and wanted you to take her home."

"Hey, Aisha," Jenny called as she came rushing into the juice bar. "You'd better come quick. Kim's in the locker room all doubled over like she's in pain." The three abandoned the table and hurried over to the girls' locker room.

"Wait here, guys," Aisha said, restraining Tommy.

"Right," he agreed, remembering himself at the last minute.

Aisha found Kimberly curled up on a bench. Her arms hugged her stomach, and she was groaning.

"What's wrong?" Aisha asked as she tried to help Kim sit up, but every time Kim moved, her pain only seemed to increase. "I thought you went looking for Tommy."

"I did, but ... I don't know what came over me. When I went to ask Tommy to take me home, I just went up to him and kissed him. Then my stomach started burning. It hurts," Kim explained, grimacing.

"Can you walk a little? Tommy and Billy are right outside; they can help you to Tommy's car," Aisha said.

Outside the locker room, Tommy and Billy had been joined by Rocky and Adam.

"While I could not ascertain the exact degree, Kim was definitely running a high grade fever. It is possible that it was high enough to produce a sort of delirium," Billy said in response to Tommy's report of Kimberly's actions. Just then Aisha emerged from the locker room.

"One of you is going to have to go in and carry her out. Her abdominal pains are so severe she can't straighten up to walk," Aisha reported.

"Killer cramps, huh?" Rocky snickered. Aisha glared at him, and Adam elbowed him in the ribs.

"See if the locker room is clear; I'll get her," Tommy said.

"Right. While I'm doing that, why don't you go do something useful, like pulling Tommy's 4 x 4 up to the door." Aisha recommended, glowering at Rocky.

"Okay," Rocky agreed, chastised. Tommy tossed him the keys.

"All clear, Tommy," Aisha signaled, popping her head back inside the shower room.

Kim was sweating and shivering by the time Tommy retrieved her. He reached for her, and she gave a yelp of pain before he ever touched her.

"Hang in there, Kim; I'll get you home," he assured her.

"I'm sorry, Tommy; I don't know what's wrong with...." Another gasp obliterated the rest of her sentence, and her shuddering intensified.

"Don't worry about it now," he told her as he carried her out. She curled herself into a tighter ball and pressed herself closer to him. By the time he got her back to the Campbells' house, the worst of the pains and spasms had passed.

By Monday, the strange fever was completely gone; however, Monday morning in the hall brought Kim a different feeling of discomfort: acute embarrassment. She was all too aware of the eyes that followed her, the knowing smiles, the wolf whistles and catcalls. She was red faced and nearly in tears when Tommy stopped by her locker.

"Tommy, what did I do Friday afternoon?" she asked tremulously. "Why are the guys acting like I'm some sort of tramp? I mean, all I did was kiss you!"

"You really don't know?" Tommy asked. He stared deep into her brown eyes. "Man, Kim, the way you sashayed into the weight room ... you looked like you wanted to eat me alive, and the way you French kissed me--so long and hard--I could scarcely breathe afterwards."

"I barely remember the kiss ... it's all kind of fuzzy, like a vague dream," Kim mumbled.

"Hey, you were out of your mind with fever at the time," Tommy said reassuringly. "Don't worry about it; if the guys don't back off, they'll have me to deal with." He cast a dire look past Kim's shoulder to a knot of guys with knowing smiles. They turned and walked off.


Friday afternoon, Tommy was late getting to the Youth Center. He didn't want Kim to be upset that he had missed her practice. She was working on a new floor routine for the district gymnastic competition and wanted his opinion. However, when he arrived, he found a sizable crowd of spectators--predominately male--gathered around the mats. Puzzled, Tommy looked about for the others. Ernie caught his eye and waved him over. Tommy wormed his way across the room.

"What's going on?" Tommy asked.

"I ought to be asking you the same question," Ernie said. "What's with Kim? If she's trying to drive every guy in the place crazy, she's doing a good job of it."

"Huh?" Tommy looked over to the mats. He could just see over the heads of the people in the crowd. Kim was performing a floor routine, and oh, what a performance! It was just barely a gymnastics routine; it was more like the way she danced in Tommy's fantasies. The music was sexy and her moves were sensual and suggestive. Kim's eyes were closed, and her expression was a combination of filthy and cute. He watched, enraptured, as she landed in the splits then slowly rolled onto her back. Her smile was one of utter bliss as her back arched and her hands slowly skimmed over her body. Her hips gave a provocative thrust, but she moved onto the next gymnastic move before anything became too risqué. The whole routine was like that: a little spice between acrobatic maneuvers. Kim was playing to the admiration and delight of the crowd. Tommy found his body responding to the titillation; Kim was definitely hot.

"Do you want some ice water to hose her down?" Ernie offered, interrupting Tommy's viewing pleasure.

"She's hit a zone," Tommy said by way of explanation. "She's so wrapped up in the music, she probably doesn't even know what she's doing. I'll go kill the music."

Tommy pushed his way to the far wall where Kim's tape player was plugged in. He let "Cream" play out then switched off the radio. Shouts of "spoil sport" and "no fair" rumbled up from the crowd. Tommy maintained a steely gaze even as Kim held her pose, her eyes still closed as she was lost in the euphoria of the music. Then the applause started. Her eyes snapped open, and she looked bewildered. She quickly scampered off the mat and over to where Tommy stood by her radio.

"What was that all about?" she wondered.

"You tell me. That was one heck of a show. It's a good thing you stopped short of humping the floor, otherwise you'd have caused a riot--or an orgy."


"You really don't know what you were doing, do you?"

"What are you talking about? I was doing my floor routine."

"Since when was "Cream" part of your repertoire?"

"It isn't."

Tommy put the tape back in and rewound it a bit. When he turned the music back on, every guy in the vicinity quickly turned to see if there was going to be any more of the show. A couple of people cheered. Kim dove for the off button.

"Ohmigosh, Tommy, what was I doing?"

"Giving every guy in this place a hard-on," he said matter-of-factly. Kim's face turned scarlet.

"Tommy ...." she began helplessly. She was still breathing hard, and Tommy observed that her nipples strained against the Lycra of her bra top. Whether Kim realized it or not, something about the performance had excited her. Tommy tossed her her warm-up jacket: one of his old shirts.

"I could just die," Kim murmured. She ducked her head as they headed over to a table near the juice bar.

"You've got to watch out for that zone, especially in public," Tommy reminded her teasingly. "There's no telling what you'll wind up ...."

"Stop it, Tommy, please," she begged. "I've already made a big enough fool of myself without you making it worse."

"Sorry, Kim, he said contritely.


The following Wednesday it was Tommy's turn to be dazed and disoriented. He wore his loosest pants and longest, baggiest shirt. He looked like a rumpled piece of laundry left in the dryer too long. It was obvious that he had scarcely slept the previous night. His friends were stunned when they saw him.

"Tommy, what's the matter? You look awful, and you've been distracted all day," Kim said as she joined him for lunch.

"You have to ask?" he gasped incredulously.

"You sound as if whatever's bothering you is my fault," she observed, hurt.

"Come on, Kim; you can't tell me you don't remember the dream you had last night," he whispered with urgency.

"My dream?" Kim was clearly puzzled. "How do you know what I was dreaming about?"

"Kim, you were projecting." Tommy was referring to their ability to touch each other's mind via the link that formed during their ordeal on the moon. Touching each other's mind was not something they could do all the time; it required a highly charged emotional state. Most of the time it was nothing more than a light rapport; they were subtly aware of the other's presence, sort of like the gentle glow of a night light.

"Are you sure?" Kim queried, biting her lip uncertainly. She seemed afraid to hear his answer.

"Geezus, Kim! You mean you don't remember ... ?" Tommy's trouble was not having shared the images but being unable to get them out of his head. Admittedly, he had been dreaming of Kim's erotic gymnastic routine, so he had been in a receptive state when Kim's dream intruded on his. There had been nothing subtle about the dream either. Kim had approached him as she had in the weight room, grabbing him and kissing him with a passion that literally set fire to their surroundings. Like a ravenous animal, she attacked him, ripping off his shirt and savagely licking his chest and biting his nipples.

There were moments when Tommy could glimpse Kim trying to exert some restraint. She would pull back suddenly, as if uncertain, but her will caved in. She stripped off his shorts and underwear, pushed him back on the bed, and proceeded to give him a frenetic blow job. None of those playful, teasing licks--Kim used long, deep strokes, taking him as far down her throat as she could. She continued going down on him until he was fucking her mouth. Tommy was consumed with the fire her tongue stoked in his cock; he was helpless to do anything but enjoy her mouth, especially when her fingers sought out his balls and ass.

Kim drove him to the brink, then stopped, leaving him moaning in exquisite agony. She stared at him with lust in her eyes and proceeded to strip, slowly, sensuously. She played with herself, fondling her breasts, toying with her pussy to tease him. Tommy wanted to come right then, but she wouldn't let him.

Slowly, like a tigress stalking her prey, Kim crawled up over him and straddled his hips, imprisoning his dick between the hot, wet lips of her pussy. With a growl, she raised herself and slowly, oh so slowly, lowered herself on his cock. Almost immediately an orgasm ripped through her, but instead of satiating her, it provoked her lust. As the flames around them burned higher and hotter, Kim rode Tommy long and hard until he sent a blast of come shooting deep inside her. Tommy shouted as he came, waking himself up.

Every time he closed his eyes, he saw her crawling towards him, sex smoldering in her eyes. It was enough to make him lose his load a second time, and it was with the utmost effort that he was able to hold back now. He could feel the heat in his groin as well as in his cheeks.

Tommy hadn't realized that he had closed his eyes, but when he opened them, he found Kim looking at him with a mixture of concern and expectation. In his excitement he could perceive her emotions a little more clearly. Astonishingly, she really had no memory of having had any sort of dream. Tommy groaned in need and in frustration.


"It appears, Goldar, that you might not have screwed up as much as I thought you had," Lord Zedd muttered as he observed the proceedings in Angel Grove from his lunar citadel.

"What's that? Goldar actually did something right?" Zedd's wife Rita queried in her shrill, grating voice.

"Not quite. Remember when we sent Sagitteros down to infect Tommy with that spell I found in the Venus Grimoire?"

"What was that stupid spell supposed to do any way?" Rita harumphed.

"It was supposed to arouse Tommy's sexual desires to a level where he would either have to have sex or die."

"Why would you want to do that; isn't sex supposed to be fun for humans? Why would you want him to have fun?"

"Fool, do you not remember the code of the Temple of Power? `I am Ninja, pure of body?' Destroy the White Ranger's purity of body and you destroy his Ninja powers."

"Yeah, so what? The sappy Pink Ranger took the arrow for him," Rita pointed out.

"I thought the spell was wasted, but it appears that it's working on Kimberly at a much slower rate," Zedd explained.

"Really?" Rita gasped in delight.

"Ah yes, this may prove more satisfying and effective than the original plan. The Pink Ranger's desire will continue to grow until her need will be so great that she will be forced to seek sexual gratification, and ...."

"... and Tommy is too besotted with her to let her die. He'll give her the fucking she needs, and we destroy two Rangers at once! How deliciously wicked!" Rita cackled malevolently.

"Yes, my putrid peanut," Zedd confirmed. "The hard part will be waiting for the spell to take Kimberly to the point of no return. As her need grows, her powers will weaken. The others must not suspect. We must withhold our attacks so the weakening of her powers will not be detected until it is too late. And then .... " The dark citadel shook with Zedd's laughter.


Tommy held Kim's hand as they walked up the sidewalk to Aisha's house. Things had been unusually quiet, so the two were able to spend some time together. Tommy was growing concerned. With her mother gone to Paris and preparing for the district meet, Kim was under a lot of stress. Even so, that couldn't account for all the odd incidents over the last two weeks. Tommy had intercepted no further dreams from Kim since the one, but her behavior continued to be both erratic and erotic at times. There wasn't anything to make a big deal out of, but whenever Tommy asked her about the incidents, she seemed to have no memory of any of them. He wanted to talk to her about what was going on, but he didn't know how to bring it up.

"Hang on a sec," Kim directed as she dashed up the front steps. She opened the door and popped her head in. "Mrs. Campbell, I'm home. Tommy and I will be in the backyard. I won't stay out too much longer." With an impish grin, Kim led Tommy around the house and to the back porch. She took a seat on the steps and patted the step next to her. When Tommy sat down, Kim leaned in closer to him. She was shivering slightly, so Tommy put his arm around her shoulders. Her shivering only seemed to increase.

"Are you all right?" he asked as he stroked her silky hair. "You're not too cold, are you?"

"No, I'm plenty warm," she murmured thickly. She lifted her eyes to the heavens. "You know, the last couple of years have been so unreal, like a weird dream. I keep expecting to wake up, and there'll be no Power Rangers, no Zedd and Rita, and we wouldn't have met yet. Then we would, and we'd be able to have a normal relationship."

"Is that what you want? A normal relationship?"

"Don't you? Sometimes I think it'd be nice to go on dates instead of going into battle or worrying about putties or tengas showing up or having our communicators going off all the time."

"Sure, it'd be nice, but if it weren't for all we've been through as Rangers, our relationship wouldn't be as strong as it is. Depending on each other in battle, facing life and death situations together have forged stronger bonds than if we had just been dating," Tommy said thoughtfully. "I may have discovered how intelligent, loving, and beautiful you were, but I wouldn't have realized how much spirit, compassion, courage, and strength of will you had. I'd rather have what we have, scars and all, than anything less."

Tommy kissed the top of Kim's head. She looked up at him with a smile and reached up to run her fingers through his hair. Tommy's heart leaped for joy. When Kim went for his hair, it meant she was in the mood for more than simple affection. By mutual consent, the two had decided not to pursue the level of intimacy that they had engaged in during their imprisonment, and Tommy had decided that Kim should be the one to dictate the pace of their physical relationship. He respected her overtures and withdrawals. Hers were the deeper scars; he could be patient for as long as she needed, but ever since her dream two weeks ago, it had been difficult to be restrained, especially with the frequency of her intense gaze on his body and her tantalizing, fleeting caresses.

Tommy also knew that their embraces would not become more than deep kisses and casual groping. On the rare occasions when they had indulged, Kim seemed to reach a threshold and would draw back. It was often frustrating, but Tommy knew the rewards in the end would be worth his patience now. So he closed his eyes and reveled in the sensation of her fingers gliding through his hair. Soon enough he would feel her fingertips on his face and her lips on his in an exquisitely tender kiss, which would be his signal to explore her softly curved neck with his mouth.

Their petting followed the course he had predicted, but as Tommy nuzzled her neck, he saw that Kim was trembling violently.

"What's wrong? Are you all right?"

"Don't stop," she gasped, tossing her head back and closing her eyes. With one hand, she caressed the side of her face and traced a line down her throat, between her breasts, and down to her stomach. She was purring softly as she opened her eyes, holding Tommy's gaze as she reached for his shirt buttons. He saw a momentary flicker of fire in her eyes, which at once concerned and consumed him. However, he acceded to her request and continued kissing his way down her throat. He nibbled at her collar bone while his hands gently brushed across her breasts. Her nipples were already rock hard against his palms. He gave a gentle squeeze, and she gasped--this time in pain. Through their link, Tommy felt the sharp, hot knives that ripped through Kim's body. Just as suddenly, he felt Kim marshal her will and drive the pain back.

"You're still having those abdominal spasms, aren't you," he said. Kim could only nod as she bit back her tears. "Are they getting more severe?"

"Sometimes they're really bad, but most of the time I don't even notice."

"Have you been to the doctor?"

"A couple of times. She can't find anything wrong with me. She thinks it might be stress related."

"Zordon should do a bio-scan on you," Tommy suggested.

"Can it wait until after the Halloween dance? I've been looking forward to going, and we put so much work into the costumes. I'm afraid Zordon will make me stay in bed or something."

"I don't know that we should wait any longer."

"It's only two more days. How much worse can I get?"

Chapter Two

"Hey, Oliver," a guy dressed as a mummy said as he approached the quintet. "You'd better take care of that woman of yours before someone else does her for you."

Puzzled and rather offended, Tommy turned to ask him what he meant, and he saw for himself. Kimberly had arrived and was busy on the dance floor. She hadn't worn her Constance costume; instead, she was barely dressed as a pirate: belled black boots, fishnet stockings, a little black skirt that barely covered her ass and rode low on her hips, a red sash/belt, bolero vest, and a long sleeve blouse tied at the breastbone and ripped away to reveal as much cleavage as possible. She also sported blood red lipstick, enormous hoop earrings, and a jaunty, plumed hat. She looked sexy enough to eat and had several interested dance partners as she did a deliciously wicked bump and grind through the press of bodies.

"Kim?" Adam squeaked out with a blush.

"What's gotten into her?" Aisha wondered.

"I don't know, but we'd better get her out of here," Tommy decided as he plunged into the crowd on the dance floor.

It was well known in Angel Grove High School that Tommy was a reserved young man who preferred to avoid confrontation. It was also well known that he held several black belts in the martial arts. Moreover, everyone knew he and Kim were an item. So when the dancers saw Tommy coming, they parted to let him through. Perhaps it was something in his determined expression. Whatever it was, Tommy had no trouble reaching Kim.

"Excuse me for a moment," Tommy calmly requested of the young man Kim was presently trying to seduce. It wasn't the guy's fault Kim was coming on to him, and Tommy couldn't blame him for being interested. The guy turned and was rather startled to see Tommy.

"Sure, sorry, man," he said as he bowed out quickly.

"Not your fault, man," Tommy replied. Then he tapped Kim on the shoulder.

"Tommy!" Kim squealed with delight as she flung her arms around him. She acted as if she hadn't seen him in months. Her momentum sent the both of them stumbling into other dancers; however, Tommy could not apologize because Kim was kissing him ferociously. Tommy finally pushed her away.

"What has gotten into you?" he demanded.

"Ask rather what I'd like to have gotten into me," she giggled with a wicked grin.

"You're not drunk, are you?" he whispered gravely.

"How'd you guess?" Kim bubbled. "I'm drunk, smashed, totally high on the thought of peeling off that silly costume and having my way with your yummy body."

"That's enough, Kim," he snapped as he pulled Kim from the dance floor.

"Aw, but I wanted to dance with the bold and gallant d'Artagnan of the Musketeers," she pouted. "I know d'Artagnan would love to see his pirate queen dance for him." She ground her hips into his semi-erect cock. Tommy lost his balance and grabbed at Kim to keep from falling over; however, she fell with him. As she landed on top of him, she kissed him again. As he tried to extricate himself from Kim's arms, he discovered that she had no underwear on under her skirt.

"Stop this," he scolded her as her hands continued to explore. He shoved her away. She sat on the floor smiling at him with a loopy grin. He picked her up and set her back on her feet. "This isn't the time or the place for this!"

"Oh, pooh. If you won't play with me, maybe Billy will," she declared with a pout. She turned to saunter off and received a pitcher of ice water in the face.

"Sorry, Tommy, it was the only thing I could think of," Billy said apologetically. Around them, the dancers were roaring with laughter.

"Billy, what'd you do that for?" Kim sputtered. "You've ruined my ... costume?" Kim looked down at her provocative garb; when she glanced up at Tommy, there was a look of pure terror in her eyes. Her knees suddenly gave out, and she dropped to the floor before anyone could catch her. She knelt there, shivering with cold and emotion, her stomach tightly knotted like a mass of hot wires.

"Kim?" Tommy queried, his brow furrowed with concern. He knelt beside her. He removed his cape and put it over her shoulders, and he tried to ignore the fact that her blouse had become transparent.

"Tommy, what's happening to me? What am I doing dressed like a slut? I don't even remember how I got here," she said behind clenched teeth.

"Miss Hart, what is the meaning of this unseemly display?" Mr. Caplan demanded. Kim glanced up at the principal with a wild gleam in her eyes, a mixture of fear and tears. It was enough to ruffle Mr. Caplan's stern expression.

"Tommy, I'm scared; it hurts so much," she whimpered.

"It's all right, Kim; we'll get you home. You'll be all right," Tommy comforted her.

"What is going on here?" Mr. Caplan demanded a second time.

"Kimberly hasn't been feeling well," Tommy began helplessly.

"You know," Rocky interjected thoughtfully, "I thought that punch tasted kind of funny ...."

"Kim did have quite a few cups," Aisha murmured.

"If a quantity of alcohol was introduced into the beverage, combined with Kimberly's medication...." Billy concluded delicately.

"I'd better go check that punch," Mr. Caplan decided. "I'll leave you to get Miss Hart home."

"Great save, guys," Tommy said appreciatively.

"The punch really did taste funny," Rocky insisted.


"Curse those rotten Rangers!" Zedd fumed as he observed the proceedings. "If Zordon performs a bio-scan on Kimberly, he'll uncover the spell."

"Isn't she too far gone for that to matter?" Rita wondered.

"Not yet. We need to push her past the point of no return."

"How will we do that, master?" Goldar simpered.

"We will send the tengas to Angel Grove Park to keep the Rangers busy. Then you, Goldar, will take this projection globe and use it on the Pink Ranger. It will fill her mind with images from her and Tommy's stay here a few months ago."

"You never told me about having the Power Brats here," Rita said accusingly.

"Later," Zedd snapped. He had managed to make it six months without Rita finding out about the exact nature of that visit, and he still wasn't ready to share the incredibly erotic tale with his loathsome wife just yet. "Those images will so inflame Kimberly's desires that there will be nothing for Zordon to do!"

"I can't wait to see what you're talking about," Rita said.


"Ay-yi-yi, Zordon, tengas in the park!" Alpha yelped as the alarm went off and the viewing globe lit up.

"Summon the Rangers," Zordon directed.

"They're probably not even up yet; they were at the Halloween dance last night," Alpha sputtered as he sent out the signal. Shortly thereafter, six sleepy-eyed, pajama clad teenagers appeared in the Command Center.

"Zedd's timing stinks," Rocky yawned as they observed the viewing globe.

"I've never seen so many," Adam observed. "What's he up to?"

"Who knows, but we can't allow the tengas to tear apart the park," Billy added.

"Let's go kick some tail feathers!" Aisha said eagerly.

"Kim, are you going to be able to manage?" Tommy queried softly, trying not to pay too much attention to the silky, lace trimmed chemise she was wearing. The brief lingerie barely came up high enough to cover her breasts and low enough to cover her ass. The thin straps kept slipping off Kim's shoulders.

"I'm feeling better right now," Kim whispered back, but Tommy wasn't so sure. Her eyes still looked a little glassy.

"We'd better go in full power since there are so many of them," Tommy decided. "It's Morphin' time!"


The park was devoid of all save a few early morning joggers, and the cries of the tengas insured that even the most curious onlooker would stay away.

"What a way to start the day," Adam yawned as the Rangers materialized in the park.

"Split up everybody, and pick your targets," Tommy directed. Soon the park was filled with a cacophony of squawks, groans, ki-yai's and snappy patter. As the fight wore on, it became apparent that the tengas were up to something. It seemed to the Rangers that the tengas were not trying to do them any serious damage as usual.

"It's almost as if they're playing with us," Billy observed as he dispatched his opponent of the moment.

"You couldn't prove it by me," Kim panted. She was clearly winded and barely able to keep her footing. Even the lightest of glancing blows had her reeling.

"Kim, teleport out of here," Aisha said. "You're in no shape to be fighting."

"I'll manage," Kim insisted.

"Pink Ranger, teleport back to the Command Center immediately," Zordon ordered. "I'm detecting fluctuations in your powers in the Morphing Grid."

"You'll be going nowhere, Pink Ranger!" Goldar proclaimed as he appeared right behind her. Kim shrieked and jumped back.

"Leave her alone, Goldar!" Tommy shouted from where he was dealing with a trio of tengas.

"Your threats do not concern me, White Ranger, and you shall not interfere!" Goldar thrust the staff he carried into the ground and surrounded himself and Kimberly in a ring of flame. Kim tried to leap over the blaze, but she was stopped by an invisible force field.

"All right, Goldar, what do you want with me?" Kim demanded.

"I've come to deliver a present from Lord Zedd." Goldar placed a silver orb atop the staff; it emitted a beam of light that penetrated Kimberly's helmet and bore into her brain.

"What are you doing to me! Get out of my head!" Kim screamed. She tried to escape from the beam, but it followed her wherever she moved.

"Enjoy, Pink Ranger," Goldar gloated as he vanished.

"My mind ... it burns ... make it stop!" Kim dropped to her knees. Images of flames and a swirling black cloud filled her head. When the darkness parted, a picture formed--a picture of her in leather and Tommy, naked, strapped to a table. "NO!"

"Hang on, Kim!" Tommy shouted. Through their link, he picked up on fleeting images; all were reflected in flames. He caught familiar glimpses, and he shuddered as he realized where he had seen those scenes before. "Billy, we've got to find a way to get that force field down!"

"Tommy, I have analyzed the force field," Zordon reported. "Have the other Rangers use their power blasters at maximum to blast the field, but be careful not to hit Kimberly or the globe. As long as the globe is projecting into Kimberly's mind, you dare not destroy it lest you destroy her mind as well."

"We're on it, Zordon," Tommy confirmed. "All right, guys, you heard Zordon." As the others drew their weapons, another group of tengas swarmed over Tommy. As he traded blows with his opponent, Tommy tried to focus on Kim's struggle. The impressions he received were of Kim trying to hold back a raging inferno, and she was swiftly losing ground.

Hang on, Kim; we're coming. Just hold on a little longer, he encouraged, directing his thoughts to her through their link. However, as the tengas pressed their attack and the others were unable to start firing on the force field, Kim's strength faded; Tommy saw the flames consume her.


"At last! The Pink Ranger has succumbed!" Lord Zedd crowed as he observed the battle. "Let Zordon have his scans. There is nothing he can do. Either the Pink Ranger dies, or she and the White Ranger lose their powers!"


In the field behind the other Rangers, Kim screamed in agony and defeat. She collapsed, sobbing, her body twitching spasmodically. As she lay there, the orb went dead, and the force field dropped. Kim lay still for several minutes, then, marshalling her will, she pushed herself up. She glanced over to where her friends were embroiled in battle with the tengas. The fire raging within her burned hotter as her gaze settled on Tommy's lithe, muscular body. Kim unsteadily climbed to her feet and started towards the fight.

"Hey you tenga turkeys! Get out of here!" Kim shouted as her fingers fumbled with her helmet buckles. "Zedd's had his fun; you've done your job." She tugged at her helmet with all her might, popping the clasps. She flung her head gear as hard as she could at the offending monsters.

"Kim?" Tommy gasped as her helmet flew past. The fighting stopped, just like that. Tengas and Rangers all turned to stare at Kimberly.

"Leave my friends alone," she sobbed. "Just get the hell out of here." Whether it was due to Kim's words or a signal from Zedd, the oily feathered creatures flew off en mass. Kim hung her head and bit her lip as the others raced towards her.

I won't cry in front of them, she told herself. Tommy rushed forward and crushed her in his arms. Her body was stiff and unyielding as agony tore through her. Her skin burned beneath her uniform where he touched her. Impossibly, she felt herself raising her hands and unfastening Tommy's helmet.

I just want to see his eyes. Her touch was gentle as she stroked his hair and face. She stood on tiptoe and placed a soft kiss on his lips, the small gesture of affection causing her to tremble violently. In the face of Tommy's concern, she managed a brave smile. Then, she let go, in mind and body, consigning herself to the flames that burned within.

Chapter 3

Five anxious friends prowled the halls outside the infirmary awaiting word on Kimberly. Even the closed door could not muffle her agonized screams.

"How are you holding up?" Billy asked of Tommy, who was too filled with nervous energy to stay still for long.

"Angry. Scared," he answered tersely. "This has to do with Sagitteros' arrow; I just know it. Those shooting pains she's been having ... she's been fighting this for over a month, and whatever Zedd did to her this morning pushed her over the edge."

"Can you reach her through your linkage?"

"I've tried. All I find are flames."

"What's taking so long?" Aisha fumed, her impatience getting the better of her.

"They're doing the best they can," Adam tried to assure her.

"Why Kimberly? Why are they after her now?" Rocky wondered.

"If this is truly the result of Sagitteros' arrow, then whatever is happening to Kimberly was meant for Tommy," Billy hypothesized. "If it is something separate, it may be an offshoot of Zedd's vendetta against Tommy. Zedd may be striking at Tommy through the one he cares for most."

"I wish Zedd would finish me off and get it over with," Tommy said. "I can't stand to see Kim suffering in my place."

"She would still be suffering even if it was you in the infirmary," Billy pointed out. "She would probably be suffering just as much as you, if not more."

"Hey you guys, listen," Aisha said brightly.

"The screaming's stopped," Adam noted.

"I hope that's a good sign," Rocky murmured.

"Rangers ...."

"Zordon, how is she?"

"Will she be okay?"

"Kimberly is sleeping right now; we were successful in locating a sedative powerful enough to calm her for the moment. Alpha is concluding the bio-scans even as we speak."

"Can we see her?" Tommy asked.


The five filed into the infirmary and were relieved to see Kim resting peacefully.

"Tommy, I must speak with you for a moment. Alone," Zordon commanded. Tommy was reluctant to leave Kim's bedside.

"Don't worry, Tommy; we'll stay with her," Aisha said. "If she starts to come around, we'll call you."

"Thanks, guys." With mounting trepidation and an anxious look at Kim, Tommy left the infirmary.

"What's up, Zordon?" he asked as he entered the Command Center's heart.

"Not here. Enter the chamber of light."

"Where you gave me my White Ranger powers?"

"It will insure that our discussion will be private." Tommy was growing increasingly anxious, yet he did as Zordon directed.

"Do you know what's wrong with Kim?" Tommy couldn't suppress the tremor in his voice.

"Yes. The bio-scans revealed that the burning sensation Kimberly has been experiencing is caused by a change in the synaptic nerve paths. If the process is not reversed, she will die, burned alive from the inside out."

"Did Sagitteros' arrow cause this?"

"I believe so. I have not been able to trace the spell that created this effect. Lord Zedd must not have been the architect of the original spell."

"Is there any way to cure her?"

"The condition is specifically geared to the pleasure centers in her body. The only way to counteract the deterioration is to hyperstimulate the pleasure centers so they overwhelm the pain."

"I'm with you so far."

"However, the pleasure centers must be stimulated so as to produce certain hormones at a specific level. And there is a complication regarding the spell. Since it was tailored to your physiology and with the delayed progression ...."

"Zordon, just tell me how we can cure Kim!" Tommy snapped.

"Kimberly requires physical gratification of her sexual need in order to survive, and since the spell was meant for you, you will have to be the one to provide the cure. Mechanical or chemical substitutes will not suffice." Tommy, staggered by the announcement, found himself looking for a place to sit down.

"You mean, I have to make love to Kim if I want to save her," he reiterated numbly.

"Yes. The strength of your emotional attachment to her saved her from Zedd's machinations once. This time, she requires the strength of your physical love. It will not be as simple as engaging in intercourse one time; her condition is critical. It will require many repetitions to reverse the deterioration."

"I understand," Tommy said. Then he swore, vehemently, to Zordon's surprise.


"It's not fair, Zordon!" Tommy exploded. "Kim has barely recovered from Zedd's last scheme to destroy us. He nearly succeeded last time with all the things he forced us to face--the things we did, the emotions-- we both agreed that we weren't ready for sex. It was something we wanted for the future, but now Zedd's taken that away from us, too. We do it, or Kim dies."

"I am sorry, Tommy, but there is more disturbing news."

"How much worse can this get?"

"Kimberly's cure may also rob you of your Ninja Powers."

"Our powers? How?"

" `I am Ninja, pure of body ....' By engaging in sexual intercourse, you will be losing your purity of body. Carnal knowledge has a disruptive effect on the flow of the powers; that was one of the reason teenagers were more suited to receive the Power Coins than adults."

"That's a risk we'll have to take. What will being a Ranger be worth if I let Kim die?" Tommy asked rhetorically. "Does Kim know about any of this?"

"No, I have not yet spoken to her."

"If you don't mind, I'd rather be the one to tell her."

"That would probably be best. Along with the sedative, I have given Kimberly a contraceptive as you will not be able to use a condom. Her body will require your seminal fluid to aid in the cure. Even so, I cannot guarantee that it will be 100% effective. If Kimberly does conceive a child, it will end her days as a Power Ranger. I will not allow her to put the child's life at risk."

"She may not be able to be a Ranger after this regardless of whether or not she becomes pregnant," Tommy said bitterly. "Zedd's really done it to us this time."

Tommy's emotions were in turmoil as he made his way back to the infirmary. There was no question that he would provide the help Kimberly needed. It was that he had wanted their first time to be special, something they wanted for themselves--not a matter of life and death forced on them by Zedd and Rita.

He paused in the doorway, observing his friends. They were as concerned about Kim as he was. What was he going to say to them? They would want to know. They had a right to know. Zordon would tell them. Tommy sighed. He and Kim wouldn't even have the luxury of privacy. That was the hard part; it was almost as if their souls had been laid bare for everyone to see. The others knew what had happened to them in Zedd's citadel, maybe not all the details but enough. They would know about this too. Tommy was comfortable with displaying his emotions around his friends, but his sex life was a different matter.

Kimberly moaned softly and began tossing and turning.

"The sedative is wearing off, and her fever is still climbing, reaching dangerous levels," Billy noted, his concern undisguised as he monitored the scanners. "Alpha, can her body sustain a second dosage of the sedative so soon?"

Poor Billy, Tommy mused. He probably feels almost as awful as I do being helpless to do anything but watch Kim suffer. All that scientific knowledge, and it won't help her at all.

Thinking of Billy's pain helped put his own in perspective. Billy loved Kim in his own way just as much as he did; how would he feel if he had to stand by and watch as his oldest friend lay dying and he couldn't ease her suffering? Really, all of them held Kim in a special place in their hearts: comrade-in-arms, sister, friend, lover. Some of the tension eased from Tommy's knotted muscles, but his expression was still grave as he approached the group.

"Tommy, what is it? Was Zordon able to find a way to save her?" Billy asked. Tommy's anguished expression unnerved him.

"There's a way to save her, but ...." Tommy couldn't continue for a moment. He really should be the one to tell them, not Zordon, but the words wouldn't come. And he owed it to Kimberly to tell her first. The others were waiting for him to continue, anxiety written on their faces.

"Guys, can you give me some time alone with Kim? I've got to talk to her about this." His unease and embarrassment were obvious. He hated being so evasive. His eyes pleaded with an intensity he dared not voice.

"Sure, Tommy," Rocky said.

"Hang in there, Tommy," Adam said as he took his leave.

"Kim will pull through; she has to," Aisha whispered fiercely.

"Just remember, we're here for you," Billy reminded him, holding back until the others were gone. "You don't have to face this alone. We'll help any way you need us to."

"Thanks, Billy, but I definitely have to do this myself"

"If you want to talk ...."

"Yeah, it's not like we can go see a therapist," Tommy joked weakly, recalling Billy's words from their talk six months ago. "Go on; Zordon will tell you what's going on." Before he left, Billy did something rather unexpected but not unappreciated: he gave his friend a hug.

Now that he and Kim were alone, Tommy felt the knot in his stomach get bigger. He was really nervous! After all they had been through, the thought of finally consummating their relationship shouldn't have been so frightening, but then, most of their more intimate moments had either been out of their control or all in their minds.

Tommy hated to disturb Kim; she was resting quietly again. He reached for her hand. It was slick with perspiration and burned with her unnatural fever. He put his hand over her heart; it was racing like a frightened rabbit's. Tommy realized that her hospital gown was soaking wet. He unfastened it and pulled it off her, thinking to get her a fresh one. He drew the sheet up to cover her when he paused.

This was the first time he had ever seen Kimberly naked. He had seen her unclothed in their fantasies--what he imagined her to look like and what she perceived as her self-image. The reality was so much more exciting; he didn't know what to look at first. He hadn't anticipated that she would look so soft and feminine and at the same time look so strong. She was tiny and fragile, and yet she wasn't. The line of her body was just perfect; it was all he could to do to keep from reaching out and running his hand down her body. From the delicate curve of her neck to her graceful collar bones .... Her breasts were fuller than he had expected; their softness was so inviting he ached to touch them. He had known they were soft; he touched them before--briefly--but it was so much more ... the words failed him. He wanted to fit those soft mounds to his hands, knowing they would fill his grasp charmingly. Her rosy nipples were hard and firm; his mouth watered thinking about tasting one of them. From the swell of her bosom, his eyes followed her body down her smooth abdomen to her belly button, which always seemed to tease him as it peeked out over her shorts. His gaze traveled lower, tracing the gentle curve of her hips. A lump formed in his throat as he gazed at the mass of light brown curls that spilled over ... her legs, slightly parted ... her thighs ... the definition of her muscles ....

"Oh, wow!" Tommy sighed, shaking himself free of the spell of the moment. He pulled the sheet up over Kim and self-consciously adjusted the bulge in his pajama bottoms. He felt a fire equal to that which raged in Kimberly's body coursing through his veins. Was this how Kim felt the first time she had seen him naked--this sense of breathlessness, this nigh uncontrollable desire to reach out and touch ... taste ... caress ... explore ...? "Man, are you beautiful."

"Thank you," Kim responded softly. The cold kiss of the air in the infirmary had roused her. She opened her eyes to find Tommy staring at her in wonderment. She liked the way his eyes had shone as he looked at her; she hadn't wanted the moment to end. She sat up, clutching the sheet to her bosom. Tommy blushed and looked away, unable to meet her eyes.

"Tommy," she began softly as she reached for his hand. "Did you really like what you saw?" Tommy nodded, not trusting his voice. "I'm glad; I've always wanted you to see me for real and not just in our dreams."

"Kim, Zordon has figured out what's wrong with you," Tommy began with difficulty. His throat was so dry he could scarcely speak. "He's found a cure ...."

"... but it requires us to have sex. I know, Tommy."

"You do?" Tommy was ashamed of the relief he felt for not having to explain what needed to be done.

"I think part of me has known ever since the arrow first pierced me," she explained. "I didn't want to believe it; I refused to believe that Zedd was going to force me again ... I refused to let him! But, I was fighting a losing battle. I tried to find the solution on my own, but masturbating only made things worse. I tried fantasizing--that dream you intercepted--it was so wild, so out of control that finally I had to block it all out. I couldn't deal with it any more. I knew it was only a matter of time. I was just barely hanging on by my fingernails when Zedd mind blasted me this morning."

"Why didn't you say something?" Tommy gasped.

"I was too angry and embarrassed," Kim admitted reluctantly. "I didn't want to give in to Zedd, not without a fight. I thought I was strong enough to resist; I was wrong. Now, I'm going to die."

"I'm not going to let that happen," Tommy said fiercely. He threw his arms around Kim's quivering body. She started to cry. ?

"Whenever I'd think about us finally making love, I envisioned it as being sweet and tender, romantic," she confessed. "It won't be like that; it'll be more like my dream."

"I'll be as gentle as I can," Tommy promised.

"It's not you I'm worried about. Losing control like that scares the hell out of me! It'll be like being under Zedd's spell all over again, being forced to do things I don't want to do. What about our powers? We'll lose them if we ...."

"Zordon warned me about that," Tommy assured her. "It's a risk we'll have to take."

"Tommy, no! I what being a Ranger means to you. I remember how devastated you were when Rita first stole your powers. I couldn't ask you to give them up for my sake."

"It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. You mean more to me than anything else. I nearly lost you once to Zedd's spells; I won't lose you again."


"Turn the viewing globe off, Zordon," Billy said at last, feeling uneasy about having witnessed what was supposed to have been a private moment between Kimberly and Tommy. Zordon had given them the scientific explanation for Kim's problem, but when it came time to explain the remedy, he had tuned to Tommy and Kim at the point where Tommy first began to tell Kim what was wrong.

"Why did you have us watch that?" Adam wondered. "I feel like a peeping Tom."

"Their words and actions illustrated the gravity of the situation far better than my analysis could. Also, Tommy felt it was his duty to tell you, once he had discussed the matter with Kimberly," Zordon said.

"You mean all he has to do is have sex with her to make her better?" Rocky questioned. "Most guys would jump at a chance like that. Why are they acting like it's the end of the world?"

"You dunce," Aisha said sharply, elbowing him.

"Quit hitting me!"

"Quit acting like a dope."

"You heard Kimberly; this is just like what happened back in Zedd's citadel. Zedd had taken away their free will," Billy explained. He swore under his breath. "They've barely gotten over the last time, and now this ...!"

"Could they really lose their powers?" Adam inquired.

"Teenagers were selected to receive the power because of their purity of body. Carnal knowledge has an adverse effect on the flow of power. However, I have never had Rangers as powerful as you six. Having attained Ninja Powers, your powers come from within as much as from your Power Coins," Zordon replied.

"Perhaps there will only be a slight decrease in their powers," Adam said hopefully.

"Why don't we return to our homes and give them some privacy," Billy suggested. "It's the least we can do."

Chapter 4

Tommy sat on the exam table holding Kim and stroking her hair. Her body was hot to the touch, yet she shivered as if cold. He was waiting. She had yet to accept what he offered her. He didn't want to press her, but he had the sense that she didn't have a lot of time.

"Kim?" he prompted. She looked up at him bleakly.

"I don't want to do this, but I don't want to die either," she finally admitted. Tommy kissed the top of her head.

"It'll be all right," he said reassuringly. He hopped down from the exam couch, and under Kim's bewildered gaze, began pulling the pillows and cushions off the other beds.

"What are you doing?"

"The beds are too narrow for both of us," he pointed out as he tossed the bedding on the floor. "I'm just trying to make the best of this." He arranged them as best he could into a comfortable circle. Then, he looked back at Kim and smiled sheepishly. "It's not exactly what either of us envisioned in our fantasies, but it'll do. Hey, Kim, don't ...." He hurried back to the bed as new tears formed in Kim's eyes.

"I'm sorry; it's just that I'm really scared," Kim murmured, wiping her eyes. "It's taking everything I have not to rip your clothes off and jump you right now. I'm afraid of letting go."

"You're not going to be able to hold back forever; you have to let go sooner or later."

"I know."

"If it helps any, I'm kind of scared too."

"You are?"

"Just like I was the first time I asked you out. I mean, playing around in a fantasy is one thing, but this is for real. I just want to make it good for you in spite of everything."

"Oh, God, Tommy, I don't even know where to start."

"Why don't we try to get you to relax a little," Tommy suggested. He lifted Kimberly off the bed then knelt down on the assorted cushions and held his hand out to her in invitation. Tentatively, she accepted it and stepped onto the bedding with him. She started to remove the top sheet that she had wrapped around herself, but Tommy bid her to stop. "There'll be plenty of time for that later. Right now, I want you to close your eyes and listen to the sound of my voice. Let your mind drift." Tommy began by massaging her temples while he softly chanted a meditation mantra. It was one he had learned from his sensei; he had always found it helpful in finding inner tranquility.

Kim did as Tommy requested, closing her eyes and listening to his voice. She loved his voice, so rich and gentle. It made her think of his eyes--warm and brown, kind, soothing. She let herself be wrapped in the soft, velvety tones and was transported beyond her aching, fevered body. She found herself surrounded by amber light which warmed her, and she felt something caress her skin. It was cool and satiny smooth; it both aroused and relaxed. Kim felt her muscles tighten in anticipation.

"Easy, Kim. Just relax." Tommy's voice floated to her as if from a distance.

"What is that? Is it satin?"

"Sure. Let it soothe the tension in your body."

The cloth fluttered across her skin like the whisper of a breeze. Its silken kiss felt so good. Kim tried to picture the material; it was warm and brown, like Tommy's eyes. Kim smiled indulgently and let herself melt into the cushions, losing herself in a fantasy of warm light and chocolate caresses. For fantasy it was.

In the cold, harsh glare of the infirmary lights, Tommy knelt beside Kim continuing his chanting as he expanded his massage. The silken cloth was only his fingers lightly brushing her hot flesh. He smiled as he perceived her fantasy. It was better for the moment if she did not associate the sensations she was experiencing with what he was doing. Perhaps in that way, she would remain calmer and in control longer, maybe even enjoy some of what was to come. He smoothed his hands over her shoulders and down her sheet covered chest; he thought it best if he didn't start on her bare flesh right away. He wanted to take his time with her, and he knew if he saw her naked again, he wouldn't be able to hold back. His hand slid down her hips, and he folded the sheet back to gently rub her legs. Even with the safety of the sheet, he was becoming quite aroused, and so was she as was evident by the wet spot on the sheet where it had become wedged between her legs.

While Kim reveled in her vision of satin, Tommy stripped off his pajamas and briefs, which he immediately regretted. It was freezing in the infirmary. He glanced up at the control consoles and frowned. He should have thought to ask Billy what was what before he had left. Sighing exasperatedly, Tommy unfastened his communicator and then smiled as the solution hit him.

"Alpha," he whispered into the transceiver, "do me a favor. Dim the lights and turn up the heat in the infirmary. Thanks." He signed off before Alpha could acknowledge, but shortly thereafter the lights faded almost to black.

"Mm!" Kim purred, drawing Tommy's attention back to her.

"How did that feel?"


"Would you like to feel some more wonderfulness?"

"Uh huh!"

Tommy sat back to think, at a loss as to what to do next. What were some of the things he had fantasized about doing to her? What were some of the things she had wanted him to do to her? He had to be careful. In her present mood, Kim was teetering on the brink; it wouldn't take much for her to lose control. What was something Kim really liked? Thinking to continue the massage, Tommy gently urged her to roll over.

As Kim did so, her sheet came loose. Tommy started to replace it but stopped, gazing on her gorgeous behind. Her back arched just right, swelling into the curve of her ass, which rounded nicely into the tops of her thighs. Her cheeks were a creamy color, and Tommy wanted to reach out and touch them. He wondered if they felt as soft as they looked. Tommy sat back, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. Kim wasn't the only one having a difficult time trying to stay in control. It was all he could do to keep from running his tongue down her spine and the crack of her ass.

Not yet, he schooled himself. Give Kim a little more time to try and enjoy what she can. Tommy knew if he touched her, there would be no stopping him, but he had an idea.

She really got off on my hair!

Tommy shook his hair down, then he bent his head over her back until his hair brushed her skin. He carefully drew it across her shoulders and down her spine. He squeezed his eyes shut as he dusted the strands across her ass.

"Oh! what's that?" Kim gasped as Tommy continued teasing her with his hair. He brushed his way down her legs then back up again. "It's so incredibly soft!"

"What do you want it to be?"

"I don't care; just do it some more." As Tommy started another pass, Kim rolled over. Suddenly, millimeters were all that separated him from her heaving breasts. It took all his self-control for him to hold back and let his hair do the work. Kim moaned deeply and stretched out. It was a devastatingly sinuous move. It was more than Tommy could bear.

"I want you to imagine that you're laying naked on the sand at the beach. You're near the water's edge, and the warm water is gently washing over you. There's a breeze blowing across your body ...." he prompted as he blew gently across her skin. She shivered in delight. Beginning with her toes, Tommy licked his way up her left leg, then repeated the procedure with her right. He paused as he ventured up her inner thighs; he inhaled deeply of the scent of her sex. He couldn't wait to taste her, but that would come shortly. Kim gave a whimper as the "waves" ceased lapping at her body, so Tommy resumed the tongue bath. His tongue left a trail of wetness up her stomach and between her breasts.

Her breasts were Tommy's undoing. He had taken a quick taste and found that it wasn't enough. He leisurely licked the soft mound and teased her nipple with his tongue. He delighted in the feel of her hardness as it swelled against his tongue. A tremor shook her body as he closed his mouth over her other breast to repeat the procedure.

"The flames, Tommy ...." Kim whimpered suddenly. Tommy became aware of the heat and tension in her body.

"There are no flames, Kim; just waves," he said, trying to reinforce the fantasy. "Only waves that make you feel good."

"The waves are on fire," Kim murmured.

Tommy heard the edge in her voice and wanted to kick himself for rushing things. If he could somehow blunt the edge of her desire .... Tommy slid his hands over her still glistening breasts, down her taut, heaving abdomen to her hips which were grinding out her need, slowly at first then with greater urgency. Tommy positioned himself between her legs. He could feel them tremble as he parted her thighs. He lightly ran his finger along the swollen, fleshy lips. His fingers remembered her pussy, but this was a new sight for his eyes. He examined her slit with a mixture of puzzlement, excitement, and hunger. His finger sought out the knob of her clitoris and slowly encircled it.

"Tommy!" Kim yelped, throwing herself up off the cushions, her hips thrusting forward in desperation. Tommy inserted a finger into her vagina. He gasped as her muscles contracted. So hot! So tight! He couldn't wait to bury his cock inside her. Kim began working herself against his digit, whimpering and moaning in frustration. Tommy finally had to pull his finger free; it was covered with Kim's juices. Curious, Tommy slipped it into his mouth. The results were inconclusive; he'd have to try a taste directly from the source. He lowered his mouth to her pussy and gave an experimental lick.

"Yes!" Kim all but growled as his tongue swirled around her clit and danced along the length of her slit. All pretense at fantasy was gone. The only thing that mattered was the pleasure bubbling within her like molten lava just waiting to erupt. Kim had never experienced anything that felt so good. Tommy's tongue between her legs was so soft and warm. It touched her in all the right places it seemed. She couldn't get enough of it. She pressed Tommy's face deeper. She bucked her hips, grinding herself against his chin. She was so close! Why couldn't he lick faster, harder? It was almost too much for her to take.

The fire was burning hotter, coming closer. It threatened to consume her. In the midst of the inferno was another fire that seemed to obliterate everything it touched. It didn't hurt. It felt good--too good. Kim reached out to embrace it; it was beating back the black fire that licked at her body. It felt so good, and it kept growing and growing ....

Tommy concentrated on eating Kim out, his tongue trying not to lose one drop of her succulent juices. Even so, he was aware of the changes in her body, its greater need. She was writhing so frenetically, he had to grab her ass and hold on for dear life as she rode his face. He could see the fire in her mind, see the pleasure as it drove back the pain. He licked harder and faster, and Kim responded. The fiery field in her mind exploded in a shower of white hot flames, and her body thrashed about as her orgasm hit. She screamed. She cried. She laughed as her body was awash with ecstasy. Her legs clamped tightly about his head as the waves of pleasure crashed through her.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God," she gasped between sobs as the intensity of the moment began to ebb. She released her grip on Tommy. He came up for air, wiping her come from his chin, which sent a shiver running through her. Tommy smiled broadly. For a moment, Kim was disoriented, almost lightheaded; when she regained her equilibrium she realized that Tommy was naked and sporting a raging hard-on.

"Man, that was fantastic," he murmured appreciatively.

"It felt pretty good ... ugh!" Kim doubled over.

The black flames were back, hotter than before. Tommy could almost see them dancing in her eyes. He hadn't blunted the edge of her desire; he had provoked it. Slow and easy wasn't going to work, at least not at first.

"It hurts even more, Tommy," Kim moaned.

"I know; I thought we could take it easy, but we can't. You're too far gone. Kim, you're going to have to let go and do whatever you have to until we can beat this back."

"It felt so good when you touched me," Kim said thickly.

"It felt good to touch you finally," he confessed.

"And when I came, the flames went away for a little while."

"We have to keep at it until those flames are extinguished."

"You really want me to let go?"

"You have to. It'll be all right. Don't be scared. You take what you need; I'll give you whatever I can."

Kim sat crouched across from him; Tommy stared at her intently. She bowed her head, and Tommy could see her body relax. He hadn't realized how desperately she had been fighting back the tide of the fire raging within her. A tremor rippled through her. When she looked back up at him, he barely recognized her. Her eyes were alight with a fiery, passionate hunger. The tortured expression was gone, replaced by predatory lust. It was enough to send chills down his spine.

"I want you now," Kim growled as she crawled over to him. She pounced on him, flattening him on the cushions. She drew her hands down his body, her fingernails leaving faint red trails. Her eyes were completely glazed over with her need. She sought out those areas of his body that she knew would bring him pleasure once stimulated. She roughly licked his nipples. She chewed on his earlobes. She forced her tongue deep into his mouth. However, she quickly dispensed with these other diversions and settled her gaze on his throbbing cock.

It was Tommy's turn to whimper as her hands roughly handled his shaft. The whimper became a moan as Kim licked her lips as she fondled his dick. She was seemingly mesmerized by the way it pulsed in her hand. With surprising ferocity, she sucked him deep into her throat. Her tongue and teeth attacked his rod, driving him wild. It was a savage blowjob, and Tommy was helpless to do anything but enjoy it. It had been six long months since he had felt the wonders of her mouth. Her mouth and tongue were better than he remembered them. His body was alight with his own fiery lust. He wanted her as desperately as he had when she danced for him.

Kim tore her mouth away from his cock. The urge to suck him dry was almost overpowering. She had a better use for his organ. Still, she lavishly caressed her face with his tool, licking and kissing it. His sigh of regret matched her own as she slid her body along his. She stared at him, holding his gaze with hers. She was past regret for what was to come; the only feeling she had room for was her hunger for Tommy's body. She straddled his hips, rubbing his prick against her burning cunt. How she wanted him! The fire roared within her deafeningly. She put her hands over her ears and squeezed her eyelids shut as if to somehow block it out. She couldn't take it any more!

Kim grabbed Tommy's face and devoured his mouth. Meanwhile, her fingers lost themselves in his beautiful, long hair.

"I need your cock in me now," she groaned, coming up from the kiss. As she looked in his eyes, she saw her fear reflected back at her. "God, I want to fuck you!"

"Do it," Tommy gasped, his body also poised on the brink of the fire. Kim reached for his cock, holding it steady, the head resting at the entrance to her vagina. She all but impaled herself, coming down hard, shrieking with joy and agony.

As his dick disappeared into Kim's body, Tommy's mind was filled with the image of a white-hot knife ripping through his body. The pain was sharp but quickly replaced by the scorching heat of desire. These were Kim's feelings and images as his organ tore through her maidenhead. As for his own feelings, he had never experienced anything so tight, so soft, or so hot and wet. Her body closed around him like a glove. It was awesome, and he damn near shot his load right then and there. As Kim began riding his cock, it reminded Tommy of her mouth only a thousand times more intense.

He gasped and opened his eyes. Kim's eyes were tightly shut, and her expression was an exquisite mixture of agony and ecstasy. He was held spellbound as he watched her work herself up and down his shaft. He could feel her pleasure and pain at the back of his mind, and a little knife of guilt stabbed at him. The only sensation he was aware of was how incredible her pussy felt wrapped around his cock. Her every movement sent sweet fire racing through his body. There was no pain, only pleasure. Watching his rod slip in and out of her hot hole, watching as her body undulated as she rode him--the way her abdomen rippled, the way her breasts bounced--watching her head bob up and down and the way her hair whipped about wildly all had Tommy moaning in unrestrained delight. It was almost too much for him. He wouldn't be able to hold out for very long. Already he could feel the tightening in his balls. He could almost feel the come rising in his cock. He needed to get Kim off again, and quickly.

"That's it, Kim," he said between gasps. She was riding him hard, but she wasn't even close. There had to be something he could do to spur her on, then he recalled how much it had excited him when she had talked dirty to him back when she had been the Power Slut. He wondered if that might work, but he had never talked to any one like that in his life.

"Ride me hard," he urged as he thrust his hips to meet her bottom. "You want to come, don't you Kim?"

"Uh huh," she moaned.

"Then fuck me," Tommy commanded. The words came so easily, and there was something deliciously liberating in talking to her like this. He had to keep pushing her, get her over the edge before he lost it too. "Harder, Kim; fuck me harder. You know you want to. I can feel your tight little pussy squeezing me. Squeeze every last drop of come out of my cock, Kim." She was starting to work him harder, literally bouncing on his pole. Tommy held her ass cheeks and helped as much as he could.

"You're so close. I bet you could come if I played with your tits, but I can't reach them. Play with your tits for me, Kim. Fondle them. Squeeze them. Pinch those hard little nipples. That's it. Roll them between your fingers." To Tommy's absolute astonishment, she did as he asked. He hadn't thought she would. It was mind blowing to see her play with herself. He swallowed hard as Kim tugged at her nipples; her expression was awesome: ravenously hungry and positively euphoric. Kim was really getting into what she was doing. She was moaning loudly, gasping for breath. Her vagina's grip on his cock was almost painful. Another few strokes, and he'd lose it.

"Fuck me harder, Kim. Slam that pussy of yours into my hips. Grind me but good! Man, that feels awesome. You want to come, don't you?"


"You want to fuck me, don't you?"


"You want me to fuck you, don't you."

"Oh, yes!"

"Say it, Kim. Beg me to fuck you; beg me to make you come."

"Please, Tommy! I'm so close. Fuck me, Tommy; fuck me hard!" Kim all but growled. She was delirious with her need to come, but her body was losing steam.

"Good girl, Kim. A little more. Your clit's begging to be played with, isn't it?"

"Uh huh."

"Play with your clit for me. I want to see you play with yourself while I fuck you."

Kim's hand slid between her legs and found her pleasure button. She began working it hard, and Tommy lost it. His body spasmed as he filled Kim's vagina with his semen. His body rocked underneath Kim's gyrating form. Her building moans were almost lost in his shouts. It was the most intense orgasm Tommy had ever had. His whole body quivered as the last of his come pumped forth. He all but collapsed on the cushions. His hair was plastered to his face with sweat; he brushed it out of his eyes. Kim was still playing with herself. His softening cock was forced out of her pussy by the pressure exerted by those velvety walls. Kim stopped bouncing suddenly. She knelt up. Her muscles tensed, and her back arched. She opened her mouth as if to say something, but all that came out was a soundless scream. Her hand furiously worked her clit as her body shook with her orgasm. She humped her hand, and her head thrashed from side to side as the last of the wave of ecstasy dissipated.

Breathing heavily, Kim knelt above Tommy, looking down at him. She appeared as exhausted as he felt. Her body was drenched in sweat; her hair stuck to her body as Tommy's had stuck to his. Her limbs still trembled, but her eyes were no longer as wild. She looked lost.

"Tommy?" she murmured weakly

"It's over for now, Kim," he said heavily. At his words, her body went limp, and she collapsed on top of him.

Chapter 5

The Campbells were sitting down to lunch. Kimberly was still absent, and Aisha just picked at her food.

"Where's Kim?" Mrs. Campbell wondered. "We haven't seen her all morning."

"She's with Tommy," Aisha replied noncommittally.

"She was gone before breakfast," her father commented. "I thought she wasn't feeling well."

"She felt better, and Tommy invited her to join him for a run in the park. They haven't really had a chance to spend any quality time together in a while." Aisha felt sick inside having to be evasive with her parents. She had always been honest with them, but there was no way she could tell them the truth.

"I don't know, dear. Kim and Tommy have been spending an awful lot of time together lately."

"Kim is leaving at the end of the school year; they're not going to have many chances to see each other after that."

"I know I'm not her mother, but I am concerned. For a high school crush, they're awfully serious."

"It's more than a high school crush, Mom. They really love each other. They're talking about having a future together."

"Aisha, rarely do high school sweethearts get married. Once they go their separate ways to college ... they are planning on going to college, aren't they? It would be such a waste if they weren't. They're both bright young people," Mr. Campbell said.

"I know Kim is planning on going to school, but whether here or in Paris I don't know. I don't think she knows. Tommy's grand ambition is to own his own dojo and be a martial arts instructor. He'd be great at that. He has the skill and really enjoys working with kids."

"I'm afraid they're getting too serious too quickly," Mrs. Campbell continued.

"There's a lot of stuff between them, Mom. Their relationship is solid." Aisha turned her attention to stirring her food around her plate. "Girls with high school crushes don't generally give their lives for their boyfriends."

The last was muttered under her breath and was not meant for her parents' ears, but they heard it nonetheless.

"What do you mean by that?" Mr. Campbell asked sharply. Aisha took a deep breath before answering.

"There was more to that business at the end of the school year than Kim and Tommy let on. I think they only told us guys and their parents. Tommy was hurt, bad. You've seen that winged goon Goldar on the news, haven't you?"


"Well, he was beating the stuffings out of Tommy, and since Tommy was manacled, he didn't stand a chance. Kim tried to distract Goldar. He had an energy lance; according to Tommy the lance sucked the energy out of your body. Goldar threw the lance at Tommy, trying to spear him, but Kim shoved Tommy out of the way. The lance went right through her chest."

"Oh my God," her mom gasped.

"Kim should have died. It was a miracle that the Rangers were able to save her."

Aisha withdrew into herself, and her parents respected her silence. It made Aisha sick to think that her best friend was close to death for a second time, and there was nothing she could do but wait. Tommy had to cure her this time; he just had to!


"Any word yet, Billy?"

"Negative, Aisha."

"This is getting frustrating!" Aisha fumed. It was later the same afternoon, and Aisha was unable to curb her impatience. After her conversation with her parents, she needed to talk to someone and called Billy.

"I know, but Kim was so far gone, reversing the spell may take quite some time."

"It just isn't fair! Zedd's done enough to them; why did he have to do this too?"

"Because he delights in hurting us. All we can do is hope that Tommy and Kimberly are successful in surmounting this latest obstacle, proving to Zedd that we will never be beaten."

"Billy, my parents are starting to ask some difficult questions about Tommy and Kim. I wish I didn't have to beat around the bush so much. I told them a little more about what happened six months ago--the sanitized version. I wish we could tell them the truth about us so things wouldn't be so hard now."

"So do I, Aisha, but you know why we cannot."

"I know. I wouldn't want to lose my powers for anything, but Kim and Tommy might. What'll we do if that happens?"

"We go on. Just like when Zack, Jason and Trini left. Even without their powers, they'll still be there for us, and they'll still help out, just like you, Rocky and Adam did at first."

"I'm scared for them, Billy."

"I know, Aisha, so am I."

"Do you think we should try and get in touch with the Command Center and see if Zordon knows anything yet?"

"He'll contact us when he knows something."

"I hate waiting; I almost wish we had some tengas to trash."


From there their conversation switched to less sensitive topics. Out in the hall, Mrs. Campbell frowned. She hadn't meant to overhear her daughter's conversation; she had merely come by at an opportune moment. She was puzzled and a little frightened. Apparently, her daughter and her friends had a secret that they dared tell no one. But what sort of powers could she lose? What were some of those strange things she had mentioned? Command Center, Zordon, tenga, Goldar, Zedd, energy transferences ... and then, an idea gripped her. It was ludicrous, but it was the only thing that explained all the bizarre events--the strange absences, the knowing, silent exchanges between the six friends, the lack of anxiety about the move to Angel Grove. Mrs. Campbell had to give this serious consideration.

If she was right, and her daughter was a Power Ranger, how did she feel about it? She had seen the Rangers and the monsters they faced on television. She had always felt pride in the accomplishments of those young people and what they stood for, but it was different knowing it was her daughter facing those dangers and knowing that she could be hurt or worse. Of course, she could be jumping to conclusions, but in her gut she felt she was on the right track. Which led her to the question, what had happened to Tommy and Kimberly that could cause them to lose their powers, and did she really want to know?


"Billy, what are you doing here?" Zordon queried as Billy materialized in the Command Center. Billy was carrying a picnic hamper and an overnight bag.

"I brought something for Kim and Tommy to eat and some clothing as they only have their pajamas from this morning," he explained.

"An excellent idea. That was very thoughtful of you."

"Do you know how things are going?" Billy asked hesitantly. "We're all pretty worried."

"I wish to respect their privacy as much as possible; however, I have run periodic scans. While Kimberly is out of immediate danger, the spell is by no means broken."

"That's something at the very least," Billy noted with relief. "The guys will be happy to hear this."

"I'll teleport these bags to the infirmary," Alpha said.

"It would be better if Billy took them to the infirmary."

"Me?" Billy queried with a nervous squeak.

"I sense that Tommy and Kimberly are presently asleep. The drone of the teleportation beam would only disturb them. You are able to move much more quickly and quietly than Alpha," Zordon pointed out.

"If you're sure I won't be interrupting anything ...." Billy agreed, swallowing hard. He headed down the corridor, his stomach muscles tying themselves in knots. He hesitated outside the door. This is absurd! Zordon just told you that they're asleep. They won't even know you're there. All you have to do is drop off the bags and get out. Thus fortified, Billy palmed the control panel.

The darkness and heat caught him off guard as the door slid open. He stepped inside, casting a furtive glance towards the examination bed. He was surprised to find it empty. Then he spotted the white island in the middle of the floor. Tommy and Kimberly lay amid the tangle of sheets, their bodies unusually dark against the white linens. The two lay snuggled in each other's arms, their coverlet revealed more than it concealed. There was something aesthetically pleasing in the way their bodies were entwined. Kimberly's head rested on Tommy's chest, poised over his heart; her left arm was draped over his midsection, and her left leg was bent and rested atop Tommy's legs. Tommy had his arms wrapped about her protectively. Billy suddenly realized that he had never observed anything so beautiful and so powerfully moving before.

Or arousing, he admitted to himself with a blush as he realized that his eyes were lingering on the line of Kim's body--the arch of her back, the way her buttock curved, rounding into her thigh .... By the tightening in his groin, Billy knew he had stayed too long. He gave himself a mental shake.

You're here to deliver food and clothing, not gawk.

Billy wanted to leave the containers some place where Tommy and Kimberly would easily find them. He decided that the examination table was the most likely spot. He circled the makeshift bed, moving as silently as his spirit animal. However, as he reached the bed, he heard movement behind him. He spun around. Kimberly was stirring, and she was facing his direction! In a panic, he ducked behind the exam table. He heard Kimberly utter a very sexy, "Mm!" Billy tried to activate the teleportation mechanism on his communicator, but the button was jammed. He couldn't teleport, and with Kimberly awake, how was he going to get out of the infirmary undetected?

"Ooh, Tommy, you are sooo gorgeous!" Kim murmured, her smile of satisfaction evident to Billy in her tone. He was breathing heavily as he pressed himself up against the metal bed frame.

Don't you look. Don't you dare look! Billy, however, could not help but sneak a peek. He tried to convince himself that it was only to gauge how much of the infirmary was in Kimberly's line of sight. Kim's back was to the door, but if Billy tried to move, she would undoubtedly see him.

Kimberly sat up and stretched out, providing Billy with a clear view of her full, softly rounded breasts. The sight made his mouth go dry. Her eyelids were at half mast, and her smile so filthy cute as she lifted her hair off the nape of her neck. Kim then stretched herself out over Tommy's body and began planting a trail of kisses from his lips to his chest and stomach, but she didn't stop there. Billy's breath caught in his throat as she continued lower. She licked her lips and emitted a hungry growl as she contemplated Tommy's cock. She looked up briefly; for a moment Billy thought she might have seen him. Her smile sent shivers down his spine. It was one of pure lust. Kim savagely swallowed Tommy's shaft.

Billy pulled back, his eyes tightly closed. However, the sounds of her sucking and slurping and her obvious enjoyment were too much for him. When he peered around again, Kim's eyes were shut but she wore the most blissful expression Billy had ever seen. He watched mesmerized as she, with rapturous delight, bathed Tommy's cock with her tongue, her lips slowly sliding over the hard flesh. Billy could hardly refrain from reaching for his own fully engorged anatomy. Tommy suddenly groaned, which severed the spell Kim's blow job held him under.

"What a way to wake a fella up," Tommy teased. Billy wanted to swear, doubly frustrated by his arousal and by the fact that Tommy was awake and facing the doorway.

"I'm glad you liked it," Kim giggled drunkenly. There was a lengthy pause, but Billy didn't dare try to look now.

"How are you doing, Kim?" Tommy murmured.

"It still hurts, Tommy," Kim whimpered. Billy could hear her tears in her words, and it made his heart ache. "More, please." Billy had never heard supplication sound more scintillating or more desperate. He needed to get out of the infirmary now. A quick glance revealed that Tommy had taken Kimberly in his arms. Billy seized the moment to crawl towards the bank of medical computers. There was still a lot of room to cross, and he still couldn't get to the door undetected, but at least he wasn't in Kimberly's line of sight.

"How do you want to do it this time?" Tommy queried.

"I want you to make love to me," Kim responded softly. "Like you did in my fantasy. I want to savor the way your hands feel on my body, the warmth of your mouth on my breasts, and the softness of your tongue on my pussy."

Billy had to bite his hand to keep from moaning out loud.

"I'd like nothing better; it's all I've ever wanted to do," Tommy said, "but do you think you can handle it? We tried it slow earlier, and it didn't work."

"That was--what? Two of your orgasms ago? I've lost track of the times I've come," Kim remarked; Billy's hormones were in a state of hysterics at the thought. "I feel like I have a little more control now. I think I can make it at least once. Please, Tommy, touch me. Make the hurting stop."

Tommy and Kim knelt facing each other. Billy had an excellent view. Tommy reached out to touch her up-turned face; his hand drifted down to play with her hair. He kissed her; it was a long, slow lingering dance of the tongues. Then, Tommy gently eased Kimberly down onto the mattress.

"Relax and enjoy, Beautiful," Tommy murmured, smiling at her warmly. Kim's eyes were aglow with love and trust. Tommy began by dusting Kim's entire body with his hair. She practically melted under the whisper soft caress. Her sigh conveyed utter contentment. Billy was fascinated by the whole procedure.

Next, Tommy skimmed his hands up Kim's legs. He scarcely seemed to touch her, and yet shivers shuddered through her body. He patiently explored the length of her body with the softest of strokes. He seemed to know just where to touch her to bring her the most pleasure. Kim's sighs became more full bodied as she vocalized the enjoyment she felt at Tommy's touch. Billy felt his pulse racing as he observed the quiver in Kimberly's abdomen as Tommy's hands glided over it and the way her back arched as Tommy's hands fluttered over her breasts.

When Tommy started back down Kim's body, it was with his mouth. His tongue grazed Kim's throat, tickled the hollow, and outlined her collar bones. He kissed his way down her breastbone to the valley between the swell of her bosom. Kim reached around and guided Tommy's head to her right breast, moaning exquisitely as Tommy's lips closed around her nipple. As his lips and tongue pleasured her right breast, his hand sought to do the same to her left. He lingered a long time over the softness of her breasts, much to Kimberly's delight. She was moaning more deeply, and her body was beginning to move underneath Tommy's. That seemed to be Tommy's cue to continue exploring other areas of her body.

Billy held his breath in anticipation as Tommy's lips worked their way ever closer to Kim's parted legs. Her body seemed to offer itself to his mouth. Her moans were growing deeper; her pleasure and need more evident. Tommy seemed to be oblivious to the way her body strained against his as his tongue leisurely slipped down to Kim's brown curls.

"Oh, please Tommy!" Kim pleaded with a throaty moan. As Tommy's tongue darted out for a taste of her sweet nectar, Kim gave a squeal of delight that shattered Billy's last pretense of trying to escape. Billy's eyes were wide as Tommy buried his face between Kim's legs. Her gasps and sighs coupled with the gyrations of her body held Billy enraptured.

The sight of her writhing body glistening with perspiration, the rise and fall of her breasts, the thrust of her hips against Tommy's face, the sounds ... the smell of sex ... was intoxicating, exciting Billy beyond anything he had ever experienced. Their movements were so vivid and real--real people, real emotions. No video could ever capture what he was witnessing here; not that he had any practical experience with such matters. As he told Trini what seemed like aeons ago, his idea of a good time was reading a science magazine.

"I'm coming, Tommy!" Kim gasped, drawing Billy's attention back to their love making. Kim's body was taut even as she ground herself more determinedly against Tommy. For his part, Tommy seemed to ignore her mounting ferocity, keeping his movements controlled and deliberately slow. Tommy didn't answer her. He kept on licking, however he grabbed hold of her buttocks more firmly. Kim placed the palm of her hand on the back of his head and pressed him even closer.

"Yes!" she shrieked, her climax finally cresting. Billy was breathless as she rode Tommy's face, her body arching off the cushions and snapping back down with the power of her orgasm. His hand stroked his throbbing phallus through his jeans.

Kim fell back suddenly, gasping for air. Tommy emerged from between her legs, his face coated with her thick white fluid. As her body continued to tremble in the throes of ecstasy, he raised himself up and slowly introduced his cock into her pussy. Kim emitted another of those enticing squeals as Tommy pumped his hips forward. Kim wrapped her arms around Tommy's neck and kissed him. Her fingers played with his hair, and her lips sought out his ears, nibbling at his lobes then venturing further south to kiss his neck.

Tommy maintained a steady rhythm with his strokes, pulling almost all the way out very slowly, then snapping forward rapidly. Kim gasped with every stroke. She seemed to enjoy the leisurely pace, but her body still trembled. Her hips began thrusting forward with greater urgency, and her moans were becoming muted whimpers.

"Tommy, I'm losing it ...." she gasped, a note of fear creeping into her voice.

"Just a little bit longer; you can do it," Tommy encouraged.

Billy held his breath. Kim's words disintegrated into inarticulate growls. Tommy increased the rate of his thrusts. Kim's hands tried to find a purchase on his sweat slick back; she finally dug her fingers into the cheeks of his ass. Their bodies rocked together at a frantic pace; if they didn't achieve their climax soon, Billy was afraid they would collapse. Just as he was about to give up, Kim cut loose with a joyous shout, which Tommy swiftly smothered with a kiss. She continued to ride his cock throughout her orgasm. Tommy's face betrayed an enticing mixture of agony and ecstasy. Billy sat back with the realization that he, too, had come.

"Tommy, you didn't come," Kim whimpered with breathless disappointment.

How could he not have, Billy wondered.

"We've done it so many times, that it takes me longer," Tommy panted. "How did you like that?"

"That was terrific, but I'd have liked it better if you'd have come," Kim pouted. Her statement was punctuated by a sharp intake of breath and a stab of pain. Her suffering snapped Billy to his senses. When he peered around the corner again, Kim was doubled over.

"Tommy ...." Kim's voice oscillated between a deep and dangerous growl and a frightened whimper.

"See, it's a good thing I didn't come yet," Tommy teased gently, but he quickly became serious. "Don't hold back."

"Damn it, Tommy!" Kim swore. "I hate this, but I need your cock so badly! I need your come inside me. Make the flames go away!"

Tommy took a deep breath; Billy could perceive signs of strain and exhaustion in his carriage. The glow of lustful hunger in Kimberly's eyes reminded Billy that there was a life or death motivation behind their actions. He had witnessed the beauty of their emotions, but those emotions had to take second place to the needs of the body. They were making love not so much as an expression of their affection for one another but because they had no choice.

Kim pounced on Tommy, knocking him to the mat. She prepared to straddle his still hard cock when she paused, a wicked gleam dancing in her eyes. She quickly pulled Tommy up then knelt with her ass in the air and her face pressed to the mat. She wiggled her behind in invitation.

"Come and take me, Tommy. I know you like it this way. You like watching my ass as you fuck me, don't you? You like to stroke it and play with it as you pound your cock into my hot, wet pussy. I bet you wish you could fuck it, don't you." She smiled back at him predatorily, licking her lips.

Tommy quickly positioned himself behind her. With a single, sharp thrust he buried his cock deep within her, his hips slapping against her cheeks loudly.

"Ooh, yes!" Kim growled as she rammed her hips back to meet his strokes. "I love it when you shove that cock of yours in so deep! Come on, fuck me nice and hard!" She bent forward even further, so that her face was pressed into the pillows. Her hands clenched the cushion tightly. Her smile sent shivers down Billy's spine, and once again he had the uncomfortable feeling that Kimberly knew he was there. Teleportation effect be damned! He had to get out of there. Billy fiddled with the control on his communicator. Finally he was able to activate the mechanism, and Billy teleported home, wanting a cold shower and clean underwear.

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