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Disclaimer: Power Rangers... blah... blah... blah... belong to Saban and Disney. Mega Man... blah ...blah.. blah... belong to Capcom. Red is our own character, but looks like Remy in Streetfighter 3. We are giving these four the credit.
Authors' note: This fanfic is fifth in our series "The Anibots." In order to know what has been happening, please read the first four fanfic. We think that one of us ate something weird when we dreamed this up. If we are offending any one, we apologize ahead of time. Hope you enjoy and email us to tell us what you think. By the way, the Anibots are no relation to Animorphs or Metabots. Sorry.

Seeing Red
by ZeoSaturn and DonsArtNGames

Jason was feeling much better than he had in months. He was glad that the group was a whole again. Everything felt complete. His best friend was alive and well. The only problems that Jason was facing was having to deal with Tommy going back to Angel Grove. His best friend said that he would be back in a few days, but because Jason hadn't seen Tommy all summer. With all that happened, Jason wanted everyone to be together, but Tommy felt so guilty about what had happened, he needed time to reflect. The good thing was that he would come back in time for school.

Jason found out that everyone needed to take English 101 as a requirement for all students. So, all the Anibots signed up for eleven o'clock class and they were going to end up together in the same class. Before Tommy had left, he also did the same thing.

Jason, Zack and Adam were walking by the student information building and noticed that Kimberly and Aisha were with a crowd of people.

"Kim," Zack called out. "What's going on here?"

"It's a hunting game," Kimberly explained. "You get a picture of the person that you are hunting. They take your picture and they give it to someone else. You hunt one person while someone hunts you."

"Sounds like a cool game," Jason said. "How do we sign up?"

"Here," Aisha said as she pointed to a form. "You give them your real name and a fake name so that it is harder to find you. Later, you come and get your stuff at one o'clock. You can't shoot the target inside the buildings. Only outside. The game will last three days or until it comes down to the last two. The one with the most kills wins."

"Wow!" Adam said as he was looking at the prizes for the winners. "First place is a DVD player! I am signing up." Jason and the other four signed up and got their pictures taken. Zack then noticed that everyone of the Anibots had signed up for the game.

"We better get to class, guys," Jason said and they headed toward the building that their class was being held in.

Justin, Katherine, Trini and Billy were in the room when Jason and the other four arrived. Jason sat next to an empty seat and Zack. Jason looked at the other people in the class.

"Guys," Jason said. "Where is Rocky, Tanya and Tommy?"

"Rocky has a class before this," Trini said. "He has to high-tail it from the bottom end of campus."

"Eww," Zack said imagining the distance Rocky would have to go.

"Tanya went to the bathroom," Billy said. "She'll be back, but I haven't seen Tommy all day. He was suppose to be in my Physics class with me, but he didn't show up."

"He wasn't at the townhouse when we left," Adam said. "I wonder if he knew if classes started this week."

"Either that or he can't come back yet," Katherine said. "Plane fight might have got canceled."

At that moment, a tall young man came in the door. He was in black vinyl pants and a green long sleeve shirt that had the Omega sign on it. He had shoulder length blond, stringy hair, very pale and wore black sunglasses. Jason felt uneasy by the gothic-looking man that came in the door, but felt more fidgety when he sat in the empty seat next to Jason after the man gave the professor a letter. The other Anibots looked at the man with looks of bewilderment. Just then, Tanya and Rocky came into the room.

"Sorry guys," Rocky said. "I had to..."

"We know," Adam said. "Trini told us."

"Class," the professor said as he was passing out papers. "My name is Dr. Jared Stevens, but all can call me Jared or Mr. S. Doesn't matter. Here is your syllabus and if you have any questions, please ask me. Now, I would like you to pair up into groups of three and introduce yourselves to the people in the group. I know that there is a big group of friends in here. Please try to disperse yourselves away from your friends." Everyone went into different groups, but Jason, Katherine and Rocky ended up together and Trini and Zack ended up with the gothic young man. "These people that you will be with will be your
partners for the group project due in two days. Introduce yourselves to the group. You have to do a skit about each other. You can't do yourself."

"Well Jase, you know me," Rocky said.

"Yeah, the bottomless pit!" Jason said. "Just kidding, Rocky."

"What do you guys think about Count Dracula over there?" Rocky said. "He looks like he doesn't see the light of day."

"I think that he is here because he is really smart," Katherine said. "Besides, we don't know what he is really like. He might be really nice despite his appearance."

"He creeps me out, Kat," Jason said looking back at Zack and Trini with the young man. "No offense." At that point, Zack and Trini began to laugh. Jason gave a bewildered look and then looked back at Katherine and Rocky when Zack and the other two looked at Jason.

"Ha, ha," Zack laughed lowering his voice. "He doesn't like your appearance. I knew it!"

"I can't believe it!" Trini said with a smile on her face. "And Dr. Light let you do this?"

"Yeah," the gothic young man said as he pulled his sunglasses down a little. "And he gave these to me also." Zack and Trini looked into the eyes of the young man and saw that his eyes were black with white spirals in them. "Contact lenses."

"Awesome!" Zack said.

"Eww, creepy!" Trini said as she shuttered. "But I love them! So, no one else knows?"

"No one!" the man said.

The class ended and the Anibots gathered outside of the classroom. Zack and Trini had big smiles on their faces when they joined the group.

"So, what's that guy's name that you were with, Zack?" Billy asked.

"His name is Red," Zack said. " He is so funny! He is awesome."

"He looks....how should I put this...." Kimberly said as she tried to explain her feelings toward Red.

"Weird?" Trini said.

"No! Down right spooky!" Aisha said apparently reading Kimberly's mind.

"I think that he is trying to make a statement," Tanya said. "Either that or he like to dress that way. I think that it is very interesting."

"Guys!" Justin said. "Billy and I are going to be late if we don't leave!"

"Sorry, guys!" Billy said. "He's right. See you all later." Billy and Justin left.

"Well, we all do," Jason said. "Meet you guys later!"

Some of the Anibots went to class while some had lunch at the restaurant that was on campus. At one o'clock, Jason went back to the hunting game stand and saw that the rest of the Anibots were there. Jason went up to the referees and picked up a huge envelope that had his number, nine, that the referees gave him on it. Inside the envelope was a squirtgun, two bottles of blue food coloring, and a sheet that had Jason's first target and the rules. His target was a medium-sized Philippino man named Don Serrot. Zack smiled when he realized who his target was. At that moment, Jason saw Red picking up an envelope with a number six on it. Jason went up to Red.

"Red," Jason said. "My name is Jason. I am a friend of Zack and Trini in your English class."

"You're in the class too, right?" Red asked.

"Yes," Jason said. "I am sorry that I was staring at you in there. I am not use to people like..."

"Me? Right? It's ok, Jason. A lot of people say that to me. I don't mind, though. Are you doing this too?"

"Yeah, you too?" Jason showed his envelope.

"Yep! I got a girl named Katie. Look at her curly hair!" Red showed Jason his target. The girl's name was Katie Drofar and she had shoulder length tight-curly hair. "She is going to be easy to spot and get."

"Yeah! Well, good luck, Red."

"Hey, Rocky!" Zack yelled out. "You have five minutes!" Rocky gave a puzzled look and then realized that Zack had him as his target. Rocky ran as fast as he could in one direction.

"Ha ha," Jason laughed. "Those two will never change! Well Red, would you like to hang out sometime today?"

"I can't," Red said. "I have to move into one of the townhouses today. I wish I could."

"Which townhouse?"

"Townhouse...#4. The white one."

"Hey! That's our townhouse! We can help you move in!"

"Really? It would help me a lot. Thanks."

"Red, no offense, but I thought that I won't get along with you at first. I guess I was wrong."

"No problem. Now, I have to go. See you later, Jason. I will be moving in at six."

"Bye!" Jason smiled as he went back to his friends. He had made a new friend and a friend he didn't expect to have. Jason went to the rest of his classes and in between class, he managed to get Don, his target and information on the next target when he came back to referees. He came back to his townhouse at 6:30pm and Adam stopped Jason before he could go inside.

"Jason!" Adam said with a worried look on his face. "Red is taking the bed under you! The one we were going to save for Tommy!"

Jason looked a little sad. He was hoping for Red to room with Rocky, Billy and Justin that way when Tommy returned, he would get the bed under him. Jason then thought about it a little and realized that it might be a good thing that Red was with Zack, Adam and him. Tommy could be the regulator in the other room and he could get to know Red better.

"It's ok, Adam," Jason said. "I don't mind. Tommy doesn't necessarily have to be in our room. Besides, we will get to know him better and Tommy can help Billy be the referee in that room. With Rocky and Justin in there, the pranking is definitely going to go up. We have enough problems with Zack pranking as well."

"But still! We can't say anything about the Anibots or being former Rangers in front of him."

"I know. That's is called self-control. We have been practicing it for years. What makes you think that we have stopped?"

"Good point! Ok."

At that point, Red came out and headed toward a company van that Dr. Light let him use to transport his belongings with. Then, he spotted Jason and Adam.

"Hi, Jason," Red said. "How were your classes?"

"Fine," Jason said. "I heard that you are sleeping under me. Do you snore?"

"No. I don't think I do. Why?"

"Then, you are going to need ear plugs," Adam said. "Zack snores! I have some spare ones in one of my drawers."

"I have some," Red said. "I packed some in case that did happen."

"Have any of the others gave you dirty looks yet?" Jason asked.

"Yes. A few of the girls, the little twit and the guy with the short brown hair."

"The little twit must be Justin. Why do you think he is a twit?"

"Because he was bugging the girl with the brown hair. I think her name is Karen."

"Kimberly," Adam said. "Justin can be annoying and that is Kim. You'll learn fast enough."

"Well, let's help you unpack," Jason said and the three went to the van and helped Red get the rest of his things. Red only asked that certain three huge boxes to remained closed while he was unpacking. He didn't want anyone to be unpacking them but him. The Anibots had dinner while Red unpacked two of the huge boxes. He took his clothes and put them in the last empty closet and the last remaining dresser. When the Anibots were done with dinner, Jason found Red laying on his own bed doing homework.

"Jason, did you get your target that you got today?" Red asked.

"Yeah, I did," Jason said as he grabbed his math book to do homework. "In between my math class and english."

"Ha! Ten minutes after I talked with you at one. She was so easy to spot." Just then, Zack came in with his pajamas on. "Zack, are you going to bed?"

"Yeah, I am really bushed," Zack said with a yawn. "I am sorry guys, but can you do homework somewhere else?"

"Yeah," Jason said as he and Red took their homework and went out of the room. They sat down at the dining room table.

"Jason," Red said in a whisper. "Who do you have next?"

"A girl that's nicknamed the 'Gold Ranger'," Jason said. "Who do you have?"

"I have a guy named the 'Zackman.'"

"You have Zack, our roommate. Man, Zack! How original!"

"He's toast tomorrow morning," Red and Jason went on with their homework. They finished it and went to bed.

The next morning, Zack and Trini waited for Red to walk with them to their classes. They all had classes at ten o'clock. Red was finally ready and they started for class.

"Man, Red!" Zack said. "You are going to blow your cover if you are late all the time. You never change!"

"I know," Red said as he aimed his water gun with red food coloring in it and squirted Zack. Trini laughed when she realized that Zack was Red's target.

"Darn!" Zack said. "Here you go!" Zack gave Red his envelope.

"Oh no," Red said as he realized who he had. "It's Katherine."

"It's ok," Trini said. "She knows that it is part of the game. Don't worry." Just then, Katherine was walking home from a class she had at eight o'clock in the morning.

"Morning, guys," Katherine said as she waved and yawned. When her back was turned from them, Red took aim reluctantly and fired a shoot at her. She felt the water hit her.

"Ok, who has me?" Katherine said turning and coming up to them. Red raised his hand.

"I had you, but Red got me," Zack said. "He has you and you have been shot."

"Sorry," Red said.

"It's ok," Katherine said with a smile on her face. "It's part of the game. Here." Red opened up her envelope and saw her target. She had someone that was a non-Anibot.

"So, where are you guys headed?"

"Class," Trini said. "We still have fifteen minutes to get there. It's a five minute walk."

"I can walk with you." They walked toward the class. "So, how are classes so far, Red?"

"Ummm..." Red stuttered out. He didn't know what to say. "They're.. ok." Zack elbowed
Red in the ribs.

"Zack!" Katherine said. She had seen Zack hit Red. "That wasn't nice! Why did you do

"Zack, I am going to class," Red said and tried to get out of the situation.

"Me too," Trini said.

"Red! Trini!" Zack yelled. "Get back here!" Zack pulled on Red's hair and to Katherine's surprise, his hair came off revealing brown hair that was tied up underneath. Zack and Trini went wide eyed when they realized that Red's cover was blown.

Jason was just getting out of his weight-lifting class. He walking to his mechanics class and sat down at a table with two chairs at it. There was no one at his table. There were about nine people including Jason before the last student came in the door. About two minutes before class started, a familiar face came in the door.

"Jase!" the person said with a big grin on his face.

"Tommy!" Jason yelled back as he pulled the chair next to him out from under the table. "Sit here!"


"Where have you been?! We had classes yesterday, man! Where were you?"

"I was taking care of the doctor's information and the insurance to go to school. Dr. Light told the teachers about it; so, I was excused from classes."

"We missed you. Have you moved in?"

"Yeah, but no one was home to help me move in. I took a bed in Rocky, Billy and Justin's room. The bed under you is taken."

"Oh! A guy named Red moved in yesterday and took that bed. If we would have told him earlier, we could have saved it."

"Hey! Is Red a guy that wears gothic clothing and has blond hair?"


"I know him. Red Omnirea. Cool guy."

"Class," the professor said as he came in the door. "I am Professor Turner. This is Mechanics 100. I will teach you how to fix cars, built machinery and sometime in the semester I will have Dr. Thomas Light as a guest speaker."

"Wow," Jason whispered to Tommy sarcastically.

"Now, in the back of the room are five cars. Pair yourselves into groups of two. Find the problems with the cars. They all have the same problems. Your assignment is to find and fix the problems by next Tuesday."

"Which car, Tommy?" Jason asked.

"How about the red?" Tommy whispered. "Since we were both red Rangers. Ha." They went to the red car.

"There are diagrams of the engine on the board if you need help. I would like to give you a hand-on experience with the car and try to let you figure out the problems yourself. Don't worry if you don't know anything. You will learn it later. Be careful though! This engines are still plugged in; so don't have the engine running when working on it. Unplug the battery and work on it. You can start today, but all of you will definitely start next time."

"Ok, Jason. You try to figure it out," Tommy said as he opened the hood of the car.

"But you are the expert on cars, bro," Jason said.

"I know. I want you to figure it out. I can see some of the problems already. I want to see if you can figure it out."

"Ok." Jason started to fiddle with the car. After about fifteen minutes with Tommy doing nothing to help fix the car, Jason got mad and stopped. "I can't figure out what's wrong! Ok, hot shot! You do it!"

"Fine," Tommy said with a calm voice, pulled back his hair into a ponytail and look at the engine. He reconnect the wires that Jason had pulled on and got into the driver's seat and started the car. The engine started, but the whirling that the car made was getting louder. Tommy turned it off. "Stuck accelerator. The engine is really dirty and there might be dirt in the oil and there's no antifreeze."


"Wow," the teacher said. "You know a bit about cars already."

"I worked on a race track," Tommy said. "I had to learn. I also drove a few times."

"Nice! Well when I talk to Dr. Light, I am going to tell that we have a racer he can sponsor and a pit crew."

"Who?" Jason asked.

"The both of you. You look like a fast learner...Jason?" Jason nodded. "Well, I can teach you and the both of you can be one incredible team for the Light Institute."

"Awesome!" Jason said.

"That's great!" Tommy said who was just as excited.

The bell rung and Jason and Tommy walked out of the class. Jason took out his envelope with his hunting target and looked at it again. His target was now Adam since he had got his target before. Tommy looked at Jason's target.

"Adam's your target?" Tommy said with a smile.

"Yeah," Jason said. "You missed signing up for it yesterday. They have already started and it is almost over."

"No, I didn't," Tommy said and reached into his bag and pulled out an envelope out. "I am in the game too."

"Who is your target?"

"Billy. I can't believe that he is still in the game."

"Well, if I want to go get Adam before he gets home, I better go know. If I get him too, I can get the real names of the people."

"There aren't that many left; so, I can do the same thing when I get Billy. I have already nailed four people."

"Me too. When we get or if we do get the last targets, we can go back and get the names."

"I got to go, bro. See ya later, Jase."

"Bye." Jason walked began to walk home, but as he was walking by the journalism and english building, he spotted Adam. Jason creeped up behind Adam. Jason pointed his water gun into the back of Adam's head and fired.

"Gotta, Adam!" Jason said. Adam tensed up for a second and then gave a playful look of defeat.

"Damn! You got me!" Adam said. "No fair!"

"Sorry, bro! Those are the rules of the game."

"I know. Here!" Adam handed him his envelope. "Guess who I have?" Jason opened the envelope and looked at the name on the sheet. Jason's eyes went wide.

"Red?!" Jason said astonished.

"Yeah, I got him as a target a few minutes ago. Cool, huh?" Jason was dumbfounded. He was looking at the sheet with a puzzled look. "Jason?"

"Adam! 'Red' isn't his real name! It says here that 'Red' is not his real name! Who the hell is Red!?" Adam then realized that the names in this game were all fake names.

"Jase, who the hell is Red!?"

"I don't know! He is not who we think he is!"

"Could he be a spy for Wily, Jason?"

"Maybe. I want to know who he really is! I've 'killed' five people in this game. I can get the real names of people now. Let's go back to the student services building."

Jason and Adam walked to the booth were the hunting game's headquarters a little faster than they would normally do. As they were going there, they ran into Billy.

"Where are you guys going?" Billy asked.

"Student Services," Adam said as they passed Billy. "Jason has five people. He is going to get the real name of his target."

"Let me come with you! Who does Jase have?"

"Red!" Jason growled through his teeth. Jason was very angry.

"You have Red?!" Billy said. "He just got me!"

"You were his target?" Adam said.

Jason's eyes opened and looked at Billy in surprise.

"Yeah, I was Red's target." Billy said.

Jason's face went from very astonished to very angry. "Guys, I have an idea who Red is!" Jason said as he started to run toward the services building. Adam and Billy ran as fast as they could to keep up with Jason, but Jason was too fast for him. Jason went to the booth.

"I have five people," Jason said out of breath as he gave the envelopes to the two referees. "I would like the real name of Red Omnirea." At that moment, Red came up to the booth. Jason gave Red a look of anger. Red looked at him bewildered and then realized that Jason had him. Red gave his envelopes to the referees.

"Oh no," the female referee said. "The both of you are the final two. This isn't good. Once you both go outside, it is going to be a free-for-all." At that moment, Adam and Billy finally caught up to Jason. "I guess that you both want the names of the other people. Well since you are both right here, introduce yourselves."

"We know who each other is," Jason said as he stared at Red in anger. "I have three classes with him and he is my roommate."

"Jason, I have one class..." Red said, but then he realized then that Jason knew who he was. "Jason, this was all a joke. It was all Zack's idea! Honest!" Adam and Billy looked at the two with worried looks on their faces. Jason's face went from mad to very amused. Jason began to laugh.

"You have been doing this all yesterday and today? Gezz! That's why no one has got you yet. You have been changing back and forth between identities. Red and ...ha ha ha!"

"Jason, you know who Red is?" Billy said.

"Billy, you had no chance against him," Jason said still laughing. "It's Tommy. There was no way you could have escaped him." At that moment, Red took off the wig and the sunglasses that he always wore. Sure enough, Red was Tommy. Billy and Adam's mouths dropped.

"Now, what do we do?" Tommy said. "Once we both go out that door, it is going to get really ugly. You know our rivalry in things like this."

"I know," Jason said as he looked at the referees. "What do we do?"

"Well," the male referee said, "you both can go outside for five minutes going different directions. Once those five minutes are up, you both can start hunting each other."

Adam got his cell phone that he had got a few days before and dialed the townhouse. He knew that all of the Anibots were done with classes. "Guys!" Adam said into the phone. "Get down to the Student Services building, quick! Jason and Tommy are the last two hunters in the game."

"Adam!" Jason, Billy and Tommy yelled. Apparently, the three of them didn't want the crowd.

"Well, let's do this now before they get here, Jase," Tommy said as he set as he was preparing his stopwatch on his wristwatch.

"Right! I go north and you go south," Jason said as he did the same thing.

"No, you go south!"

"No! You!"

"Guys!" Billy yelled. "Jason, you go east and Tommy, you go west."

"Wait a minute!" the female judge said. "We will blindfold them and lead them around somewhere." Jason and Tommy agreed. A few minutes later, the both of them were lead blindfold to their locations.

"Ready?" the female judge said into her cell phone apparently talk into the other judge. "Ok, Jason. The two of you are to find each other and well...you know the rest. Go!"

Jason realized that he was at the art's building. The judge when into the building. The building was nicely decorated with student art work on the brick walls and lots of trees. Jason saw that it was a good area to hide if he had to. Just then, he heard a sound coming from brushes a little ways off and Jason climbed a nearby tree. Jason looked where the sound came from and saw two students walking away.

'Darn!' Jason thought to himself. 'Not Tommy.' Just as he thought that, Tommy came around the corner. 'Jeez, bro! If that shirt doesn't scream, TARGET!'

Tommy came directly under the tree Jason was hiding in. Jason took aim. "Hey, bro!" Jason yelled. Tommy turned around and looked up into the tree. Then, Tommy felt Jason's shot of water hit him in between his eyes. "GOT YA!"

"NO!" Tommy said as he wiped the water from his face and laughed. "Damn it, Jase!" The judges came out of the building and the male judge raised Jason's arm in victory. Tommy gave Jason a look of playful disappointment. The four went back to the Students Services building and where the rest of the Anibots were waiting.

"Who won?" Rocky said excitedly.

"He did," Tommy said pointing back to Jason.

The female judge went behind the student services counter and into a room. A few seconds later, she came out with a big box that read DVD player on the side and on top of the box, an envelope.

"Jason, since you won, this belongs to you," she said and handed Jason the DVD player.

"Yes!" Jason said.

"And Tommy," she said as she took the envelope, "this is for you for getting second place. Do whatever you want with it." Tommy, looking puzzled, opened the envelope.

"Cool!" Tommy said. "Fifty dollars!"

"Thanks for playing you two," the male judge said as all the Anibots waved goodbye and started towards their townhouse. "I think that we should have this game every semester."

"I agree," the female judge said as she waved goodbye.

Jason had the biggest grin on his face. He went straight away to the Entertainment Room and installed it to the TV.

"Hey, bro," Zack said. "Did you win any DVDs with the player?"

"No," Jason said as he realized that there was nothing to play it with. "No, I didn't."

"Well, bro," Tommy said, "I can use my money to get maybe two DVDs or something."

"Ok." Jason said. "Are you sure?" Just then, the alarm on their transformation bracelets went off. "What now!?" All of the Anibots including Aisha and Tommy ran to Dr. Light's lab. Inside, they met Roll and Dr. Light at the command center of the lab.

"Jason. Anibots," Dr. Light said as he turned on the big screen. "A mysterious robot is attacking the downtown area." On the screen, there was a black and purple robot with what seemed to be long bat ears coming out of his head that folded back. Next to the robot was a purple dog. "He is terrorizing the people down there. Hurry and transform!"

The Anibots typed in their passwords and transformed. Tommy and Aisha walked up to Dr. Light and Roll.

"Good luck, bro," Tommy said as he gave the Anibots a thumbs up.

"Tommy, please!" Zack said. "Fight with us!"

"No. Not as Proto Man. I will not fight."

"Later then, bro," Jason said with a fake smile on his face. "Come Rush!"

Rush transformed into his jet mode and the other Anibots headed toward their transport. As they were doing this, Tommy watched them with a pain in his heart. He looked mad at himself. He wanted to be able to fight with them, but his pride was getting to him. The weird thing was Aisha was giving the same look. Dr. Light noticed this.

"Tommy. Aisha. I think it is time to prepare their backup," Dr. Light said as he press a button on a control panel. "If they need it."

"Backup?" Tommy and Aisha said in unison.

Meanwhile, the Anibots were just getting to the battle field. Jason jumped off of Rush and Rush reverted back to a dog. The others came up to Jason to discuss what to do.

"Guys, be careful," Jason told them. "We haven't seen this robot before; so, be on your guard."

"Piece of cake," Rocky and Zack said as they made their way to the robot.

When the robot saw the Anibots, he stopped shooting at the innocent bystanders. Jason and the others were confused as to why he stopped.

"Well, well," the robot said. "If it isn't the Blue Booger and his snots. Well, Mega Man. I guess you and I are alike. We are powerful and we have a canine companion." Rush and the purple dog began to growl at each other. The robot looked just like an Anibot, but had the huge ears and a blue star on the forehead of the helmet. "I am Bass and this is Treble."

"Where did you guys come from?!" Zack said laughing. "A stereo store?!"

"TAKE THIS!" Bass yelled and shot a huge purple energy blast at Zack, but not only did it hit Zack, but also Katherine, Trini, and Adam. It really hurt. The blast felt like it burned their skin underneath. They fell to the ground.

"How dare you!" Rocky yelled and ran toward Bass.

"Horse! NO!" Tanya yelled, but it was too late. Bass blasted Rocky and he flew backwards crashing into Kimberly and Tanya. The three crashed into a nearby wall.

"Mega! What do we do?" Justin said when he realized that only he and Jason were the only ones left standing.

"I don't know, Mouse," Jason said as he nudged Justin behind him.

"Ha, ha," Bass said. "You underestimated me, didn't you?" He shot at Jason, but Jason sent a charged shot toward the blast. The two shots collided which created a huge explosion and sent Jason, Justin and Rush flying backwards. Justin ducked out of the way of Jason falling on him.

"HA HA HA! These are the mighty Anibots?" Bass boasted. He went to shoot at Jason again, but was stopped by green ooze hitting his shooting arm. "What the-?!" The ooze was eating away at Bass's arm cannon. All of the Anibots and Bass looked toward where the ooze had come from. They found two silhouettes standing in the sun's path. One looked like a girl with wings and the other looked like a boy with a huge baseball cap on.

"Who are they?" Kim asked.

"I float like a butterfly, but sting like a bee," the girl said. "I am Bumble Bee."

"I can fowl up evil doers' plans," the boy said. "I am Duck."

"Bumble Bee?!" Zack said confused.

"Duck?!" Rocky said just as confused as Zack.

"Man, we really need to work on our openings," Duck said to Bumble Bee. "Enough of that! Let go!"

"Right!" Bumble Bee said.

The two jumped to where Jason and Justin were. The two were now in plain view and the Anibots were able to see Bumble Bee and Duck. Their suits looked like their names; Bumble Bee was yellow and black, but Duck looked more like a rubber yellow ducky than a normal duck. Duck's bill covered his eyes. Their suits slimed to their body, but Bumble Bee had a stinger.

"Stop terrorizing these good citizens or you will get a taste of my stinger!" Bumble Bee said.

"Big whoop!" Bass said and he fired another shot at the two. Bumble Bee couldn't get her attack out in time and the two dodged it. The other Anibots got up and went to Jason and Justin. Duck steadied his right arm and took aim.

"Cold Shower!" Duck yelled and the water blast he shot hit Bass sending him backwards.

"Acid Stinger!" Bumble Bee said as she sent two stingers toward Bass. Bass barely missed the both of them. Bass took aim and shot toward the Anibots. "No!"

Duck ran to the Anibots and stuck out his hands and yelled, "Psychic Reflect!" A red barrier appeared around the Anibots and Duck. The shot hit the barrier and flew back to Bass.

"NO!" Bass yelled as he dodged it. He couldn't believe that Duck had sent the blast right back at him. He ran up to Duck and began to do aggressive martial arts moves on him. Duck was able to block Bass and was able to counterattack with a couple of his own moves. Duck was obviously the dominate in the hand to hand combat.

Treble transformed into a jet mode like Rush and Bass jumped onto Treble "Mega Man! Let's save this fight for another day. We will see who is the better fighter. Your friends are not what I want to fight. Just you!" With that, Bass retreated.

"Wow!" Justin said. "That fight was quick!"

"Who are you two?" Tanya said as she turned to Duck and Bumble Bee.

"Let's go to Dr. Light's lab and then we will tell you," Duck said as he began to walk to what seemed like a souped up motorcycle, but as he turned he tripped and fell face first into the ground.

"Ohhh!" all the Anibots said at the exact same time.

"Are you ok, Duck?" Bumble Bee said as she picked Duck up.

"Damn webbed feet!" he said and he walked to the motorcycle. Bumble Bee jumped up and began to hover in the air. "See ya back at Doc's." With that, the both of them sped off.

"No," Jason said. "It couldn't be... could it?"

All of the Anibots went back to the lab and to their surprise, Tommy and Aisha were not waiting for them. The Anibots all took off their helmets and sat down in the debriefing room. Duck and Bumble Bee were waiting there along with Dr. Light and Roll.

"Good job, guys," Roll said giving them a thumbs up.

"Who are you two?" Jason said. "Since we are safe from prying eyes."

"Well," Dr. Light said. "These two fighters are experienced in the battlefield and I knew that that it would come to where I would have to call on them to fight. Thank goodness that that day was today. Bumble Bee and Duck, please remove your helmets." Both of the new Anibots removed their helmets and the other Anibots were half surprise and half

"Aisha! Tommy!" Jason said. "I knew it!"

"When?" Tommy said sarcastically.

"When you said 'See ya at Doc's.' Only you say that."

"Well, I am glad that they are going to be fighting alongside us," Trini said. "They are dependable friends." Both Tommy and Aisha blushed.

"Wait!" Katherine blurted. "What type of attack did you do to protect us from Bass, Tommy?"

"He did a psychic attack," Dr. Light said. "The only thing is that he drains up a lot of power doing psychic attacks. I found out from a reliable source that he used the Red Zeo Battlezord and that the only way to pilot that thing was psychically and since my source told me that Tommy was the Red Zeo Power Ranger, well.... you know the rest."

"WAIT!" Jason and Tommy said at the same time.

"Who is your source?!" Jason said as if he swallowed and was choking on a frog.

"I can't say," Dr. Light said. "He wanted to remain anonymous, for now."

"Then, do you know...?" Billy asked.

"That all of you are former Power Rangers? Yes! I do. That is why my source said that it was fate running into all of you. All of you are great friends and can trust each other." The Anibots were now shocked beyond belief. Their biggest secret was known by Dr. Light and Roll. "Don't worry. We are not going to say anything. Your secret is safe. Besides, I am applying the same rules that you all had as Rangers. No using your power for..."

"Personal gain," all the Anibots said in unison as if they were reciting it in a classroom. "No using powers for evil and not anybody can know that were Power Rangers."

"Guys, Anibots," Justin said. "We're Anibots now."

"Right, Justin," Tommy said. "You are absolutely right."

Dr. Light went on to explain that Dr. Wily was behind Bass's appearance and that it was a distraction so he could loot money from a bank. Fortunately, Dr. Light sent Duck and Bumble Bee to Dr. Wily first to stop him before the dealing with Bass. The Anibots spent the day as if there wasn't an attack. Jason and Tommy were on their way to a video store to buy a few DVDs for their player. In the car, Jason talked about the battle with Bass.

"Well, looks like Wily has another lackey," Jason said, "but he doesn't compare to you, bro. Bass is a robot."

"Yeah, sure," Tommy said in mellow tone staring out the car window.

"What's wrong?"

"I've seen that style before, Jase. I have a feeling that he isn't a robot at all."

"You think he's human?"

"Possibly. I can't put my finger on it, but I swear that I fought him before."


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