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Why, you ask, do you have a David Yost appreciation page, Kittie? Well, the answer is simple. I LOVE DAVID YOST! I was heartbroken when Billy gave up his chance at a ZEO Crystal. I ask you, what in the world does he do in the Command Center all day? Is he playing chess with Alpha 5 or what?! I mean, I knew none of the rangers had lives, but this is ridiculous! Anyhoo, now that our favorite genius is no longer wearing the blue tights of justice, we must all be content with watching him fix the zords and... stuff. Oh be still my beating heart. Actually, he's still cute whether he's repairing zords or kicking tengu butt. I just wish we got a few more glimpses of those yummy biceps. Mmmmm.... I MEAN! What I meant to say was... um... he sure is a good actor, isn't he? Hee hee? Right? Hee hee?

Okay, so MMPR doesn't exactly give good old Dave much of a chance to flex his acting muscles (though he certainly got to flex his other muscles when he was still a ranger but now we never get to see him flex anymore and he always wears long sleeves and if I don't get to see some skin soon I'm gonna SCREAM!) Where was I? Oh yes, flexing acting muscles. Right. Ahem. What I was about to say is that Dave is apparently working on an original play called "Tribulations of a Fast Food Junkie" in which he hopes to star. You go, boy! I admire a beefcake with brains, don't you?! Maybe if Davey sees this page he'll ask me to be the leading Female Fast Food Junkie in his play, huh? Whaddaya say, Dave? Huh? Can I, please?! I promise never to call you Davey again. PLEEEEASE?! Um.. kinda got away from myself there, didn't I? Hee hee....

Well, on to the point. (As if there is one...) DAVID HAROLD YOST RULES! Rumors abound that he is a chain smoker with a bad attitude, but hey, everyone has a few bad habits, right? I bite my nails. What I want to know is, what brand does he smoke? Is he a hard-core Marlboro Man? Or is he a Camel Lights pussycat? Does he smoke cause he likes it or cause he's hopelessly addicted and can't stop? Does he have a smoker's cough? If he does, is he as cute when he coughs as he is when he... does just about anything else? Enquiring minds want to know!

The Biography Page
Great Moments in Billy History
An Interview With David
The David Yost Museum
A Poll: With or Without Glasses?

Billy Sounds

contributed by Arielle
"You're nothing but an inflated windbag of a head!" (.wav 93K)

contributed by M7A7K
"It's time for molecular transmutation. Triceratops!" (.wav 95K)
"Why am I hanging out with the intellectually challenged?" (.wav 25K)
"All systems online!" (.wav 41K)
"You ooze, you lose! ungh!" (.wav 69K)
"Triceratops!" (.wav 29K)

contributed by Jewel_Noxenet
"Alpha? Zordon? I know you must have a good reason for disappearing like this, but we really need you." (.wav 171K)
"Amazing! They're making a new ranger?" (.wav 63K)


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