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Disclaimer: The Power Rangers and their characters belong to Saban and the characters of Mega Man belongs to Capcom. Any name that we make ourselves belongs to us.
Author's note: In this fanfic, the former Rangers become the Anibots (no relation to Aimorphs), a fighting superhero group(^-^) with suits like Mega Man. Jason is Mega Man though. This fanfic takes place around the beginning of Power Rangers in Space. Hope you all enjoy our fanfic.

Jason's Nightmare
By ZeoSaturn and DonsArtNGames

Darkness covered Jason's eyes as he looked around. He could see an eerie purple fog begin to appear as a freezing breeze blew in his face. With the eerie atmosphere surrounding him, Jason felt so vulnerable that he could barely breath. Looking around, he tired to find anyone or anything in the ghostly mist.

"Where am I?" Jason asked. His voice echoed which made him feel uneasy. "Is anyone there? Adam...Zack...Rocky...girls...Tommy?"

As he finished saying his best friend's name, Jason heard the shuffling of feet and turned towards the sound. Whatever the sound was was getting louder and coming toward him. Jason went into a fighting stance and became more alert than he was before. He then could see three silhouettes, but one looked like it was grabbing one of the other figures around the neck.

"Whose there?" he demanded. "Show yourself."

The silhouette holding one of the others pushed the figure into Jason's plain view about six feet in front of him. The person fell to its knees and then looked up at Jason. The figure who was battered, beaten, and bleeding could barely keep itself upright. After a short attack of coughing, the figure could only say one word to Jason.

"Jason?!" the figure said struggling to breath.

"T-Tommy?" Jason said as he began to step forward.

Suddenly, a blue streak caught Jason's eye at the last second and he moved quickly back to dodge the beam of light as it hit at Jason's feet.

"I don't think so," one of the shadows said threateningly.

"If you want him, you will have to go through us," the other shadow said as an enormous silhouette of a head appeared. Jason knew that it was definitely not Zordon. The head had what seemed to look like two thorns sticking out and back from the sides of it. The head started to laugh evilly.

"I will get back for what you and the other five did to me, Jason," the head said in an angry tone. "starting with the two of you."

Tommy looked up to Jason with fear in his eyes and lundged toward Jason. Tommy grabbed Jason just as the ground began to shake. Jason grabbed Tommy to support him and then noticed a large hill in front of him. As Jason tried to move forward with Tommy in his arms, Jason heard something crash from behind him. When glanced back, he saw four huge towers, but then he realized that they were fingers. Jason then looked in front of him and saw the thumb. He and Tommy were in a huge hand. Suddenly, the hand quickly started to close in on them. They were going to be crushed.

"NO!" Jason yelled in fear and hugged Tommy.

Suddenly, a sound like nails on a chalkboard tore through Jason's spine as he was tossed sideways. Loud screams followed closely after that. Then, all was silent except for heavy breathing. Jason with his teeth clenched and his arms squeezing tightly around what he was holding turned his head to the left. There he saw Tommy with his arms sticking straight out and his hands gripping a steering wheel tightly. Tommy looked petrified.

"What the heck happened?" Adam yelled.

Jason looked around and saw that his friends were all on the floor of the Winnibago they were using to go on vacation across the US. Jason along with Zack, Kim, Billy, Trini, Katherine, Tanya, Rocky, Adam, Tommy, and even little Justin were going on the trip. Billy had broken up with his alien girlfriend and returned to Earth and Justin had just given up being a Ranger. They were passing by Los Angeles and Tommy was driving. Jason was puzzled why the Winnibago stopped.

"Tommy?" Jason asked still scared out of his wits. "Why did you slam on the brakes?"

"Because you SCARED me!" Tommy roared, "DON"T do that AGAIN!!"

"Sorry," Jason said as he sat back in the front passenger seat, "I had a bad dream."

"That's alright," Adam said, "It was an accident."

Tommy turned the key to start the Winnibago, but although the starter was going, the engine would not turn over. Tommy did it again several times, but the engine still wouldn't start.

"What's wrong?" Trini said from the back.

"It won't start," Tommy said in frustration. "I know that I had enough fuel."

"Let me see the tank," Billy said as he opened the side door to go outside.

The other former Rangers went outside with Billy. Billy went behind the Winnibago and knelt down to look under it. When he stood back up, he looked disappointed.

"There is a crack in the tank," Billy said. "You must have ran over a rock, Tommy."

"Darn," Tommy said who looked mad at himself.

"Well," Zack said, "what now?"

"We need more gas," Billy answered Zack. "We can't get anywhere without any. The crack can be fixed no problem, but without gas, we're stuck."

"There was a gas station about five miles back," Rocky spoke up. "We can get food and gas there."

"Right," Jason said. "Some of us should go get gas and some should stay here. Billy, I think that you and Rocky, Justin, Trini, and Kim should go get the gas and the rest of us should stay here and clean up the inside of the Winny."

"Ok," said Billy, "let's go guys."

As the five young adults who were getting gas disappeared over a sandy hill they had gone over before, Adam, Zack, Katherine, and Tanya went inside the Winnibago to clean up. Jason looked around and saw that they had stopped in a desert when it was at its hottest. As Jason was about to go inside, Tommy asked Jason to stay outside for a second under the shade of the Winnibago.

"Bro, what's bothering you?" Tommy asked.

"My dream," Jason said.

"If you don't mind me asking, what was the dream about?"

Jason proceeded to tell Tommy about his nightmare, but leaving out the part about how batter and beaten Tommy looked.

"Man, I would be scared too. Don't worry. It was just a dream, bro."

"I know, but what if it is telling me something that is about to happen."

"Well, then start writing your dreams down. Maybe they will help you figure out things in the future. I don't know. It might be a vision."

"I hope not," said Jason.

"If it is, I hope that we aren't fighting anyone again. I loved being a ranger, but I am sick of the fighting now. I want to go to college and live a normal live."

"Really? You! Sick of fighting? That's a first!"

Just then, a yellow beam came flying towards Tommy and Jason. They got out of the way and watched as the beam hit the Winnibago leaving a small burn mark. They looked in the direction of where the beam came from. The both of them saw a flying machine with a skull in front. The other people inside the Winnibago came out as a window came down in one of the skull's eyes. An old man with bushy hair and a bald spot poked his head out the window.

"Get out of here," the old man said threateningly. "You are trespassing."

"Sorry," Tommy said, "our motor home is out of gas and we are waiting for our friends to bring some."

"I don't care. Leave! You are disturbing my tests out here. Leave now!"

"And like I said, we can't! We can't move!"

"Fine then! Guts Man! Cut Man! Elec Man! Get rid of these fools!"

Just then, from behind the flying machine jumped down three figures. One had scissors on top of his head, one was black with lightning bolts outlining the suit, and the last one was a foot taller then Tommy and was dress like a construction worker with armor. The three started to attack the former Rangers.

"You just had to jinx it didn't you, Tommy?" Jason said jokingly. Tommy faced had a disgusted face after Jason made the joke.

Adam and Zack took on Elec Man, the girls took on Cut Man, and Tommy and Jason took on Guts Man. Elec Man gathered electricity in his hands and slammed it into the ground electrocuting the Rangers. They were shocked for a second, but began to attack. Adam, Zack, Katherine and Tanya too fast for Elec Man and Cut Man. Tommy and Jason on the other hand were having a bit of trouble with Guts Man. They were putting dents in Guts Man, but they weren't doing much damage. Jason and Tommy then both decided to do a roundhouse kick to Guts Man's head and made two good dents. To pay him back for the hits, Guts Man grabbed Jason's foot and threw him over to the other side of the Winnibago.

"Jase!" Tommy yelled and ran to Jason on the other side. "You ok?"

"Yeah," Jason said as he rubbed his leg where he had landed. "I am fine."

Just then, Guts Man jumped over the motor home and landed in front of the two.

"He's not human!" Jason said in shock.

"Jase! The jewel," Tommy said as he noticed the big red circle in Guts Man's chest. "Looks like it isn't protected like his body." Jason and Tommy at the exact same moment punched the red jewel and Guts Man fell over twitching. Guts Man was in fact a robot. The old man was furious, but then happy when he realized something.

"You two are excellent fighters," the old man said. "I could use you. Would you like to help me take vengeance on my nemesis and take over this world?"

"No!" Jason yelled. "We don't work for evil people like you!"

"No one says no to Dr. Albert Wily!" the old man said.

Dr. Wily went into his flying machine, took out a huge ray gun, and aimed it at Jason. Tommy saw all this happening and dove for Jason. At that moment, Katherine, Tanya, Adam, and Zack came around the Winnibago and saw what Dr. Wily was about to do. As Tommy grabbed him to shove Jason out of the way, Dr. Wily fired and hit Tommy in the back of the neck. Tommy and Jason went flying sideways and landed on the ground. Jason got up not knowing that Tommy had just gotten hit.

"Tommy," Jason said, "you saved me." Jason saw that Tommy wasn't moving and barely breathing. Jason's eyes went wide and he began to cry.

"Tommy, wake up! WAKE UP! Don't leave us! TOMMY!! NO!"

Jason hugged his best friend's limp body. He buried his head into Tommy's cheats to hide the tears.

"Damn you!" Jason yelled to Dr. Wily as he put Tommy down.

Just then with the same ray gun, Dr. Wily fired it again. The other former Rangers came running, but ran to the Winnibago when Jason was shot in the gut with the ray gun and slammed back into the Winnibago hitting his head. At that point, Dr. Wily pressed a green button and huge claws came out of the flying machine. The claws grabbed Tommy and the machine began to fly away.

"Can't leave any evidence here," Dr. Wily said as he flew off out of sight with Tommy.

Zack and Adam were picking an unconscious Jason up as Katherine looked where Dr. Wily had disappeared with Tommy. Katherine began to cry as Tanya hugged her to comfort her. They took Jason inside and laid him on a bed. Jason began to wake up about thirty seconds after he was put on the bed.

"Ouch!" Jason said rubbing the back of his head. "That hurt!"

"Thank God you're ok," Tanya said, "You hit your head pretty hard there, Jase."

At that moment, he remember what had happened. He remembered Dr. Wily attacking and Tommy being hit. Just then, the former Rangers heard a truck pulling up from behind. They all ran outside except for Jason and found the other former Rangers getting out of the truck with an old man with white hair and a beard. Billy held up a canister.

"We got gas," Billy said as everyone made it to the Winnibago.

"You sure do," Justin said as waved his hand in front of his nose. Billy gave Justin a dirty look. Then, everyone noticed that the other Rangers were looking very melancholy. They knew something had to be wrong.

"Guys, what wrong?" Kim asked.

Jason came into view and they saw that Jason was banged up.

"Jason!" Trini gasped. "What happened?"

"We were attacked," Jason said in a low voice. Obviously, he didn't want to talk about it.

"Do your mind telling us more?" Rocky asked.

"Hey, where's Tommy?" Kim asked in curiosity. Jason looked around frantically to search for Tommy. He didn't see him.

"He..."Adam said slowly and reluctantly, "he...gone. The maniac took him."

"HE TOOK HIM!? WHY?!" Jason yelled back at Adam. Jason's tears were forming again. Everyone knew now that what Jason was distressed. "Why did he take him?"

"Excuse me," the old man with the beard said, "Who took him?"

"I think he called himself Dr. Wily," Zack said.

"Oh no," the old man said, "Albert, you are going to far thinks time. First you steal my fighter suit prototype, then my robots, and now you killed their friend. You are going to pay."

"Tommy's gone?" Justin asked Jason. Jason nodded slowly and Justin started to cry because he considered Tommy to the big brother he never had.

"Oh, I'm sorry guys," Billy said, "This is Dr. Thomas Light."

"Oh no, not another Tommy," Tanya said under her breath.

"He is the founder of the new college, Light Institute. He is a famous scientist that builds new advancements on technology. He has developed some of the world's most advanced robots."

"Cool," Adam said.

"I am also looking for assistants for my lab in Los Angeles," Dr. Light said. "I have two already, but I need more. If you would like to work for me, I will help you all get a college education. Free room and board and a discount on tuition and books."

Everyone except for Jason was pleased with Dr., Light's offer. Jason was thinking about Tommy and how he could have benefited from it. All Jason really wanted was to get back at Dr. Wily for killing his best friend.

"Jason?" Dr. Light said. "Do you wish to be an assistant?"


"Hey, what about me?" Justin spoke up.

"There is also a high school there," Dr. Light said. "You can work up to it."

"Dr. Light," Tanya interrupted. "Justin is very bright. I bet that he can go into college now."

"Ok, does everyone want to come?"

Everyone said yes and Dr. Light helped all of the former Rangers get back to Angel Grove. There they told their parents of the offer that Dr. Light gave them and they packed up to go to Los Angeles. From there, that's where their incredible adventures began.