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Disclaimer: We know the routine, so I give up. I doubt Saban would ever see this anyway.
Author's Note: Please don't take this seriously. It is a parody of a crude nature. I came up with it on the Dark Realms Message board one night. If you are easily offended, please don't read this.

Everything Falls
by Symbolic Agony

Jason: How come you're leader? I was first!

Tommy: Hey, man, I never told you to leave

Jason: I just had a cheesy write out then got desperate! Gold should come over red!

Tommy: Zordon, please tell Jason whose in charge!

Zordon: Um... I thought... you two had figured this out on your own.

Jason: But, he might forget where he parked the zord!

Alpha: Ai, Ai, Ai,... Here, just flip a coin!

Tommy and Jason together: HEADS!

Alpha: Tails... well, let's see. Adam, how would you like to be leader this time...Adam? Where'd he go?

Tanya: Probably some hole in the wall, meditating.

Tommy: That or masturbating! (Tanya slaps him across the cheek.)

Rocky: Can I be leader for the day? I promise I won't screw up.


Rocky: Why?

Jason: Tommy would lose the zords, and you would probably put it in self-destruct.

Tommy: Hey! I'm not that forgetful.

Kat: You missed our last date by three days, for crying out loud, you gave me my birthday present on Easter! MY BIRTHDAY IS IN DECEMBER!

Billy: What on earth is going on here?

Zordon: I'll inform you when I figure it out myself!

Billy: Well... I'm leaving. I got accepted at MIT with a full scholarship.

Tommy: But... that means you won't be able to help us.

Tanya: We're doomed!

Rocky: But who's gonna figure out all the high tech stuff?

Billy: I don't know... don't care. Four years is too long!

Jason: This is your fault!

Tommy: Why me?

Jason: Everything's your fault!

Tommy: Fine, matcho man... I quit. Hell, now I can get a real job and the rents will leave me alone!

Rocky: Does that mean I'm in charge?

Zordon: Absolutely not! Alpha, find Adam and drag him back to society.

Kat: Great.... what's he gonna do? Ask the machines for permission before beating them up?

Tanya: At least he can defend himself instead of "Tommy... help me! I think a monster might hit me!"

Kat: Oh, I forgot, you're so bitchy cause Shawn wouldn't put out with you and you know Adam won't give you any!

(fight commences involving lots of hair pulling an derrogatory language)

Rocky: Alright! Fight! Whoo!

(Tanya is beating Kat up)

Alpha: one of you guys do something!

Jason: I'm not getting in that!

Adam: Um... okay... what did I miss? (pulls Tanya off Kat, struggles to keep her off)

Jason: A whole shitload of stuff.

Zordon: Adam, where were you?

Adam: Oh, well.. you see (whispers) I'm quitting.

Rocky: Not you too?

Jason: Three down.

Kat: Make that four! I'm with Tommy... let you idiots deal with this.

Zordon: What is your reasoning?

Adam: I've decided I'm going to Korea for a year. This monster stuff has worn me down. I want to actually have a normal life.

Rocky: Um... okay, I won't say anything.

Tanya: Hey, does that mean you're breaking up with me? as@#%$!

Rocky: Well, I'm not staying where I'm not appreciated. Hey, that was I big word!

Tanya: I'm so sick of you people. Aisha got the better part of the deal.

Jason: well, I'm still in... That means I get to be leader.

Zordon: No, Jason, you're all dismissed (teleports them all out)

Alpha: Now what are we gonna do?

Zordon: Well, teenagers didn't work. How about we try a law firm in Chicago. They have plenty of folks there who are willing to commit suicide!