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Disclaimer: The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Power Ranger Zeo< belong to Saban Entertainment. On the other hand I'm only using them for my fics. The Character Tiffany Jacobs/Oliver Orange Silver Ranger, Maggie Smith and Maria Guide belong to me unless stated. These characters are not to be used without my permission. This Fic is only for pure enjoyment. Hope you enjoy reading!

Secrets: Part 1
by Silver Quantum

Two Weeks Later

Jason Lee Scott was strolling through the park; he sat at the first seat he saw. He had mixed feeling within him, unsure on how to express them, there something like relieved and tensed. Relieved cos, Mondo hadn't attacked for 2 weeks now, tensed because his ex‑girlfriend did not stop loving him. He didn't know what to make of his feeling for her. His mind had been like a zombie since the concert. He had been avoiding his current girlfriend ever since, coming up fake excuses. The only question was did he still love Tiffany?? He wasn't sure. Did he love Emily?? No answer to that question either. He shook his head to clear it from the memories of Tiffany, putting his hand on his face, to rub the tired eyes to his surprise tears were falling down, quickly wiped them way.

He could hear her voice saying: "I love you Jason"

"I love you too," he whispered to the wind. Whoa, just minute ago I wasn't sure how I felt and now I'm saying I love her. Jason though. As his mind began to play the memories.


A dark figure watched Jason's every move. Tears spilled down the eyes of the hidden stranger. The stranger had no desire to wipe the tears away.

"It's not my time to revile myself yet, my prince" the figure whispered "in time you will learn the truth. If you love the girl with blond hair, then I give you my blessing to carry on with your life". With that the figure disappeared.


"Hey bro, what are you doing here?" a voice asked. Jason didn't turn to see who it was he knew it was Zack.

"Zack!! What you want" he asked dryly

"Came to see how you're doing" Zack replied with a hint of concern in his voice.

"I'm fine" Jason lied in I‑want‑to‑be‑alone tone surfacing his voice.

"Ok" he said taking the hint, but didn't walk away.


"Beautiful Morning" Tiffany whispered. Her thoughts were on, what she saw earlier. She knew the break up with him was hard, but she didn't think it would have been this hard. She tried to block the pain of their break up, but it became more impossible to do it each time. She remembers the nights she cried herself to sleep. NO!! Her mind shouted, he had shown her that she was no longer a part of his life, and that he had moved on. Tears threaten to spill; she holed them back, as well as she could. There was only one person she hated the most in her entire life Kelly Armstrong. She only meet the girl once, who could have imagined that one person would have done too much damage in her relationship. She laughed at the bittersweet thought and continued to walk.


Some on the Moon

"Hey Ed!" Rito called his-brother-in-law.

"It's Zedd!! You idiot" Lord Zedd yelled.

"Whatever, Goldar has some news you might want to hear"

"It better be good" His sister's voice came from behind

"It is sis, I think!" Rito said as he screeched his head. "Goldar!!" Rita rolled her eyes.

"Hey! Don't scream or you'll make me go deaf"

"Just give me the news you mindless monkey"

"Yes! My lord" Goldar said," as you all now, have seen Tommy's cousin Tiffany Oliver" they all nodded, " she's not a Oliver, but she's really is Tiffany Jacob"

"What's your point?" Rito interrupted

"I'm not finished yet" growled Goldar "You see she was Jason's girlfriend, for sometime before breaking off with him."

"So" Rita said.

"My Queen, Jason's not aware of her presence as a Jacob, but he only knows her as Oliver. And we make sure he know about it and§"

"So the heart broken Jason won't able to fight, and we'll take over earth after destroying the Machine Empire" Zedd finished for Goldar.

"GOLDAR! That's a brilliant idea I have heard in ages" Rita said. "Now go and prepare to capture them." Goldar bowed.


Tiffany soon spotted Zack and Jason sitting. She decides to join them and see what was going on.

"Hey! You two" Tiffany spoke when she reached were the two friends were sitting.

"Hey, Tiff! Nice Wea§" Zack began to speak, but never finished, cos there was a giant monkey and few birds standing not far away.

"Get Jason and Tiffany" Goldar ordered.

"What are they??" Tiffany asked Zack, as the two took defending positions. Jason hadn't moved from his sitting position at all, not even a muscle moved.

"I don't know" his reply came and started to attack them, together.

"Wouldn't you care to join the fight red ranger?" Goldar asked the former Red Ranger.

"Yeah! Very much" Jason replied, he attacked Goldar so quickly, sending him straight into a tree. "By the way it's Gold, not red"

The two rivals began to fight.

Meanwhile Zack and Tiffany were no match for the tengas, within few minutes many had surrounded the two.

"'Zack" Tiffany cried in fear.

"Tiffany hang on" his reply came. "Jason will get us out of this"

"I hope so" she mumbled. Jason on the other hand had easily been defeating Goldar.

"Your still no match for me Goldar" Jason smirked at the alien monkey.

"This is not yet over, Jason" Goldar growled, Jason groaned, he had been hearing the same words during his time as the red ranger. Lost in his thoughts, he didn't notice Goldar's attack. But this time Goldar mange to throw Jason into the air, towards Tiffany, he landed right next to her-on the ground.

" Great, so much for the black knight's rescue" she whispered, when she noticed Jason lying on the ground. Jason got up, wondering what happened, then he remembered, Goldar had thrown him in the air across the park.

"Are you ok?" Jason asked Tiffany. She nodded in reply.

"Zack, you ok?"

"Jase, yeah"

Just then Jason and Tiffany saw Goldar in front of them.

"Rita and Lord Zedd, wish to see you two", with that, he Goldar, Tengas, Jason and Tiffany disappeared in white light.

Zack was left staring at the empty park. Must tell the others he thought. He then ran towards the Youth center.


"Break time" Adam yelled to the others, they were Tommy and Rocky.

"I really could use some rest" Tommy said as he picked up his red towel.

"Food" Rocky said, they all laughed. Until Zack came running.

"Hey Zack" Adam greeted him, "What's up?". Zack took some deep breaths before talking.

"Goldar, has taken Jason and Tiffany," he said in a low voice. Tommy's face drained its colour. Adam and Rocky were quite as well, they didn't know Tiffany very well, but they knew how much Tommy cared for her, as for Jason he could take care of himself. If anything happened to either of them, Goldar was going to pay, with his life if he had to.

"Let's get to the Power Chamber, and see if Zordon can help us in this". They all nodded in agreement.


Power Chamber

{Rangers, and Zack, What are you doing here?} Zordon said as he noticed the coloured light teleport in, three different colours, white, green and Red.

"Hey Zordon, good to see you" Zack said.

{Indeed, it is Zack}

"To answer you Question Zordon. Earlier Goldar and some sort of birds attacked and§"

"Tengas" Exclaimed Rocky.

"Huh?? Tengas??" Zack asked.

"Those birds" Adam explained.

"Oh, anyway, as I said they attacked and took Jason and Tiffany with them, any idea why?"

{No, what ever it is, it must be not be good}. Silence fell in the Chamber expect Zordon asking Alpha to track down Tiffany and Jason.

"So we figured" Tommy said, who had not spoken in last five minutes.

{Tommy, once were able to track them down we should have no problem with it. Please in the mean time don't do anything you might not be too proud off}

"They have force field up Zordon" Alpha said, who had been working to track down Jason and Tiffany. Tommy eyes raged with anger.

"Goldar's going to pay for messing with my family" Tommy screamed to no one in particular.

{Tommy please clam down. Anger is not doing you any good.}

Tommy looked at his mentor, and then busted out in tears. None of the rangers knew what to do. Adam had holed Tommy, letting him cry on his shoulder.

"It's going to be ok" He whispered. Knowing fully well it might not be ok for sometime. Alpha continued to work.


On the moon

Tiffany and Jason were in the dungeons 's under the lunar palace, the only place Mondo didn't know about. Tied up in chains against the walls.

"Let's us go, you Monkey" Tiffany yelled. She had been doing it since they arrived. She wondered if Tommy knew she was missing. Total fear came over her. However Jason had said nothing. "How can you be so clam??" She asked him, at the same time pulling the chains, hoping it would come out the wall.

"Cos' the Power Ranger will rescue us" Jason said. Hoping Zack had told the others about Goldar's attack. He knew Zordon would get them out of here sooner or later. He had faith in ancient master.

"Easy for you say, you probably have been kidnapped on many occasions." She told Jason.

Jason smiled mentally, only if you knew how true that is Jason thought.

"Patience is the key, Tiffany, you should know"

"Yeah, well not when your bound to die"

Time passed, both didn't speak.

"So how long do you think we might be in here" Tiffany broke the silence.

"Who knows? It also depends what they want with us"

"I just hope they find us soon"

"It might be a while, my dear," a roaring like voice said, as it entered the room.

"Who are you? Tiffany asked in disgusted voice. Man, I'm going to throw up she though, trying her best not to do so.

"Mighty lord of evil, himself, Lord Zedd at your service" He bowed.

"Nice touch, but that does not impress me," she told him flatly.

Jason gave a weak laugh; you don't know whom your messing with here.

"As for you, pathetic human I have a gift for you" Zedd said to the Gold ranger.

"I wonder what that might be"

"Oh! You'll find out soon enough. Goldar!"

"Yes My lord"

"Bring me Jason's present" Goldar bowed and walked towards Tiffany, who scream in raged anger. Freeing her from the chains, he took her to Zedd.

"Now my dear, you will tell him, who you really are or should I do the honors"

"I don't know what you're talking about" she said weakly. Knowing perfectly well what he wanted. To tell Jason who she really is.

"I'm sure you do" he said, putting his hand on her neck.

"Leave her alone Zedd" Jason spat out. Zedd in return pointed his staff at Jason, it gave a purple coloured light, like a electricity, charging at Jason, who screamed at the pain, caused from the staff's electricity.

"Ok! Ok! I'll tell him" Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes at the same time "Jason I'm not Tiffany Oliver"

"What?" he was surprised.

"I changed my name to Oliver, few years ago, after my father's death." Tears came flowing down her cheeks as the memory of Jason younger version played in her mind. " I'm really Tiffany Jacobs"

Jason felt a stab in his heart. Tiffany Jacobs. "You can't be her"

"I'm sorry Jason, but I'm" She whispered then bellowed at Zedd. "I hope your satisfied Zedd"

"Indeed, I'm. Goldar release her" Goldar let her the moment Zedd told him so.

By now tears were overflowing from her eyes. Jason said nothing. The pain had come back, like it was yesterday.


"Anything yet Alpha?" Kat asked. Pink and yellow rangers were informed as soon as possible.

"I'm sorry Kat, nothing has come up. We are sure they are somewhere in the palace." Alpha told her. Kat shook her head in disappointment. Something must come up. If Zordon and Alpha don't find them soon, Tommy's is going to go insane. He's ready to kill Goldar and nothing can stop him. She thought.

"So what do we do in the mean time?" Zack asked.

{It will be wise to wait}

"I hate waiting Zordon" Rocky said. "There out there somewhere and all we can do is wait" his voice was almost breaking. It had been few hours. In the meantime Adam had told Jason's parents of his disappearance. And also went to the Oliver's to tell them about Tiffany as well. Insuring them the two families that they will be found soon.

"I know how you feel Rocky" Tommy said, everyone looked in his direction. He didn't speak much since the girls arrived. He had no reason to. Tiffany was in danger; he could not do a thing about it.

"Rangers, I think I have them on the viewing globe" Alpha said. All of them ran to the globe without a word. And didn't like what they saw. Tiffany crying at the corner and Jason was chained to the wall.

"Man, what in the world happened there?" Adam asked. No one said a word.


Jason stared at the sleeping Tiffany. He could not believe that she was right there next to him. A part of him wanted to comfort her, the other wanted to scream till the pain inside him was gone. He knew it was not a right thing to do at this time.

"Tiffany wake up" Jason said softly. She didn't move at all. He looked around for a small stone, finding it easily. When he grabbed the stone with he two feet, he threw it at her direction, hitting her lightly.

"Geez, Tom" she groaned, looking for her cousin, instead she came face-to-face with Jason. "What you want?"

"What I want to know is, how you suppose we get out of here??"

"Why are you asking me for?"

" I just though you might have some idea"

"Well I guess you got the wrong girl for that, Scott"

Jason didn't say anything. Cos Rita had appeared into the room.

"Well if it isn't the two former love birds" Rita said in high-pitched voice.

"How the hell you know who we are?" Tiffany spat the witch.

"I have my sources for that"

"Oh great, even you had to rub the salt in the wounds didn't you?"

"Oh, yes I did, My Husband did the stabbing, I take care of the rest." With that Rita disappeared.

"What's next her brother fighting me?"

"She does have a brother, but don't wish for fighting him. He looks worse than Zedd here?"


"Yeah, he nothing but piles of bones"

"Gross, before he come we, better try to get out of here. Some how"

"Ok, let's start with getting me out of these chains" He suggested. Without a hesitation she moved towards Jason trying to untie the chains. The heat from his body proved to be a bit of distraction on her part. She tried to ignore it, but was no use. It was too much to bear, and then his breathing came on her neck.

"Jason do you mind not breathing down my neck, please?" she asked him.

"Ok, then how do you expect me to breath?". She didn't say anything, cos she did not have the answer to that and continued to untie the chains.

Lucky for her the chains were easy to open. She easily releases one of Jason's arms.

Naturally the free arm found it way to her waist. Jason griped on her tightly not wanting to let go. The feeling of her was too familiar to ignore, he then moved his arm just on her upper back for better support. He titled his head towards her, touching her lips softly. Began to kiss her. Tiffany did the same in return she kissed him back. Soon it was passionate, and then it heated up a bit. I'm glad Emily's not here to see this, Jason thought, and then he froze Emily!!! His mind echoed. He pulled away from Tiffany, "I'm sorry, I didn't know what came over me" Jason said to her. In reply she nodded and without another word in moved to his second hand, which was yet to be freed.

How could you have kissed him like that Tiffany she thought to herself, he dumped you remember!! For Kelly! Boy I'm a fool, for thinking he could still had feelings for me. She talked to herself in mind while freeing his right arm. Tears flowed down softly; she hoped Jason did not see them. He had no reason to. Second sets of chains proved to be easy as the first ones. His other hand slipped out easily as soon as that happened Tiffany turned around, having her back to him; she quickly wiped her tears away.

"Tiffany, you ok?" Jason asked as he rubbed his wrists. One at a time.

"Yeah, I'm" she lied as she turned to face him again. How can I be? My ex-boyfriend is standing right before me. And everything supposed to be ok? She told herself mentally. Jason nodded to in understanding.

"Well, then let's get going"

"So do you where we are going to go?"

"I hope so, it's been a while, if we get lost don't blame me" he told her. She busted out laughing. "What is so funny??"

"You, You remind me of Tommy." She said, "you know, bad memory and stuff" With that Jason, laughed also. Until their eyes meet, the laugher died. Tiffany quickly looked away. Jason went and tried to get the door opened. It was jammed, but not locked.

"Help me to get this door open, it's jammed." Tiffany nodded. The two started to bang against the door with their shoulders.

"Ow, that hurts. What are these doors made of?? Rock??" She joked.

"No, but I think it some kind of mental from a different planet altogether."

"Huh?? How do you so much?"

" It's called learning"

"Ok, I think I might have a way to open this thing" Jason nodded without a word "Move back" she ordered, he did as he was told. Taking a deep breath and whispered, "Power kick" as she kicked the door, it dropped on the other side of the dungeon.

"Whoa, what's your secret??" Jason asked her.

"Not much really. Karate basically"

"Hey I would know it if it was karate if I see it"

"Whatever" with that she walked out of the dungeon. Jason followed her suit. "Which way?"

"Right I believe" both started to walk the way Jason the pointed out. It became dark, after short walk.


"Rangers, I think I have a way to get one of you up there" Alpha said.

"Really" Zack asked.

"Yes, but only one of you can go"


{Yes, Rangers, It will be dangerous for two of you to go}

"What you mean dangerous?" Tanya asked

"He means, if two of you go, Mondo is likely to take the advantage of this situation" Billy explained.

"Oh, I didn't think it that way"

"I'll go" Zack offered

"No!" Tommy shouted "MY cousin is up there I'll go. She's my responsibility"

{Tommy, I cannot allow that}

"Why not?"

{The leader is needed here. Let Zack go}

"But, he has no powers to protect himself from the attacks"

{If Zack goes he has less chances of being sensered from Mondo}



"Err... Jason, is it me or it actually getting dark in here?"

"It's getting dark" he said as he stepped on a sharp stone "damn it" he sweared. His voice altered the guards on post.

"Hell, broke lose" she said. "These birds again? You ok?"

"I'll be fine, get out of here"

"No, Not without you"

"Tiffany, go"


While the two argued. Tengas had a chance to grab Tiffany.

"Let go of me" she Bellowed " ok so you asked for it" With that she did a 360 summersault, with her hand being grabbed. The pressure off the flip was a bit hard for tengas; they had no choice but to let go of her. She then kicked one from the side. There was one coming towards her, she screamed, Jason who was injured tripped the bird, letting it land on it beak.

"Thanks" she said out of breath.

"No problem"

"Too many, I don't have choice but to§" she said, but was cut off by Jason getting up. "What you think your doing?"

"Helping you"

" You sit right there, Mister. I can take care of myself"

"Really, last I saw, your were screaming as the bird came towards you"

"Ok, Ok you win" she threw her hand up in the air. He always got his way, when ever possible. Something's just don't change.

"Look out!!" Jason screamed. Tiffany in process ducked. Jason gave a hard punch to a tenga coming their way. "Ow!! Jesus these guys are tough"

"Tell me about it. Hard as rocks I'll say" Tiffany said as she defended herself by kicking a tenga away. "What should we do?"

The only option available to Jason was to morph but he knew he should do it unless it was very necessary. Adding to that were tengas and there was no way he could defeat them on his own not with the power anyway.

"Well, I have got one choice" he replied ducking from an attack.

"And that happens to be??" she asked him breathless. He didn't reply instead he morphed.

"It's Morphing Time, Gold ranger Power"

"Well that currently is a surprise." she as she took a good look at Jason suit. " Now can we get back to fighting?

Jason nodded, and soon the there were more tengas. He heard Tiffany yell at them practically cursing. Few minutes passed, more of them arrived. "Do you think§" Jason was about to question Tiffany when he saw a familiar light surround her, the only difference was the colour, it was Orange with a hint of Silver in it.

"So you're the Orange ranger," he said in a shock surprise.

"Duh!!" she smack his helmet after morphing.

"Don't duh me Tiff" she just yawned.

"Yeah well if it wasn't for me that day you guys would have been a toast. I already knew who the power ranger were" Jason dropped his jaws under his helmet.

"Boy, this is too much too take in, in one time"

"I know, Tommy would freak if finds out, that I'm the Orange Ranger"


"Zordon, Jason has morphed, and I sensor another power up there" Alpha altered Zordon.

"Another Power??" Tanya asked

{Yes, Tanya. I believe it's the Orange Ranger}

"How did she get up there without us noticing it?" Tommy asked.

{I'm not sure, Tommy, perhaps she was already there}

"Already up there? That doesn't make sense"

"Adam we shall find out soon enough" Alpha said. "Maybe not this soon, but the time will, come for her to relieve herself"

"Ok, but how will we know who is she?" Rocky asked


"If you say so"

"Err, Zordon where is Tiffany?" Kat asked

{That I do not know, Kat}

"Don't know! Aw man!"

{Zack, please be patient}

"Where ever she is, I hope she's ok" Tommy said. Everyone nodded in agreement.


Jason and Tiffany were still fighting the tengas. Few were gone, but more kept coming.

"Don't these things ever stop coming??" Tiffany yelled as she finished one tenga.

"Nope, More will come after this set" Jason replied after he punched one who passed out.

"Damn! We need to get out of here. How do we do that"

"See the end of the hallway?" Tiffany nodded; Jason continued, "Teleporting system is located there"


"It's like a transfer, you know how it is in Star Trek"

"Oh! That's what it is. You mean, how I got to the Power Chamber in the first place" Jason nodded. "Cool, but once we teleport out and land on earth, my power will be down automatically"


"Move aside" She told Jason. He did as he was told. " Thunder Sword!" the Sword appeared in her hand "From the power of thunder and lighting" she said as she put the sword in front of her face. "Fire" with that order, thunder and lighting came from the sword electrocuting the tengas in its way. Clearing it for the two rangers to reach the end safely.

"That's some show" Jason said, evenly impressed.

"I know, Come let's get going before more come" with that, two ran towards the exit to earth.

After reaching, they try to find a way out.

"Now what?" Tiffany grumbled. "This place is empty"

"Not quite, Teleporting system ready" Jason cried. Soon s he said that, they teleported out in Orange/Silver and Gold/Black lights.


"Zordon, something is coming towards earth" Adam told his mentor, just when Zack was getting ready.

{Behold the viewing globe} He told the rangers. All eyes turned towards the globe. They saw the teleporting lights of Orange and Gold.

"Jason and Orange Ranger are free" Tommy said.

"Yes, Tommy" after that the globe went black.

"What happened?" Tanya asked.

"Apparently there has been a clashing between the signals" Billy said. " I'm trying to locate them". Then began to punch some buttons on the computer.

"There they are" Kat said as the globe was working again. Jason and Tiffany were standing near the pond. "Let's go" she was ready to teleport out, to meet them.

"Hold it" Rocky said. "Shouldn't we morph first?"

"Why bother!" Tanya pointed out. They all teleported out to meet the two.


"Zedd and Rita are going to pissed of. I can't believe we actually escaped from them without have the other Ranger to help us." Jason exclaimed to Tiffany. As he looked around where they were, he recognized it. It was the place where Tommy often came, when he had things on his mind.

"Tell me about it. I was ready to throw up when I saw Zedd"

Jason nodded " I know, I would have done the same"

"Tiffany, Jason" they heard Tommy's voice calling the two.

"Remember, don't tell Tommy about me being, the Orange ranger"

"You just got yourself a deal. Do you plan to tell him?"

"Yes, but the timing has to be right" Jason then whispered "Right" then turned his attention to the gang coming there way.

"Tommy" Jason said, giving his friend a slap on the shoulder.

"Jason" Tommy said in relief. "I'm glad your ok" then he turned to Tiffany.

"Thank god your safe," He said as he gave her a hug.

Holding her tightly.

"So am I" she said, letting the comfort of her cousin settle in.

"Any ideas what they wanted" Adam asked.

"That's a little soon to answer Adam" Jason told him. "Whatever it is, I'm not yet ready to tell"

"Double me on what Jason just said" Tiffany spoke out.

"All right, tell us when your ready" Both nodded in agreement, knowing it would be a while before the truth came out.


"How could you let them escape??" Rita roared at Goldar.

"I'm unsure, My Empress" Goldar said, "I was going to check on them when I found the cell empty"

"Who cares, how they escaped. The only thing which matters is that Jason knows who Tiffany really is" Zedd bellowed at his wife.

"Zeddie, you know your right. But we have to know for sure that this little visit has broken his heart"

"Hey, Ed I have Question ask?" Rito spoke when his sister finished.

"What's that you numskull" Zedd raged in anger.

"Who's the Orange ranger?? He questioned.

"What did you say?" Zedd asked in shock.

"Who's this little ally of the ranger, colour I think is Orange"

"The Orange Power coin!!" Rita exclaimed, "How you know about it?"

"I saw it with the Gold ranger"

"It's most powerful coin of all the 9 coins, it's combined with Silver, which in turn is the most dangerous coin to posses. Whoever has it must be well trained to take it. Both physically and mentally"

"Did you find the identity of the holder?" Zedd asked. Rito shook his head in no.

"Of course not! The power holds the identity as a secret till it is right time to revile. It draws it energy right from the Morphing Grid. In other words, the holder will morph and no one will know who morphed. Not even us" Zedd finished.

"So even a spell won't be good" Rita asked trying to remember something about the two coins.

"No! Spells will be broken immediately. Silver Powers are in charge of this because it draws it energy from crystals. And the two coins cannot be separated at all. So it makes it harder to destroy the coins"

"Does it have a Zeo shard??" Goldar asked

"Yes, power source is in unknown location within earth. Only Orange Zeo shard is known"

"What no Silver??" Rita shouted.

"No! This is because the Silver Morphing Coin is pure Silver, in other words the Silver Zeo shard would not have been created"

"Then why was an Orange?" Rito question Zedd

"I believe I can answer that" a soft voice said.

"Care to explain it Finster" Rita demanded turning to her long time servant.

"You see the coins can be separated" Finster told Zedd, then continued to explain, "It can only be done willingly by the holder of the coins, and he or she is the only person who can split the coins. If that is done, only then the Orange coin can be destroyed, if this happens the Orange Zeo shard takes the place of the coin"

"Damn those Power brats" Zedd Bellowed.


{Alpha, would you please stop walking around the chamber like this}

"I'm sorry Zordon, but I can't help it, knowing that the rangers have not found the Orange Ranger yet" Alpha told him, after the Ranger had gone to meet Jason and Tiffany.

{Alpha you must remember that the identity of the this Ranger can not be reviled till the time is right. And the Silver coin will protect the identity As far as we know it could be anyone. }

"Even Tiffany" Alpha asked in puzzlement.

Zordon nodded; Who ever you are please revile yourself soon. Your unaware of the danger your in. he thought. But then again nothing could harm the mysterious ranger Zordon knew that.


By Monday, word of their kidnapping had spread out. The whole school knew about it.

Man, I wonder why Jason and Tommy's cousin Tiffany were taken, she though. She knew it was only a random attack, but the ranger did not broadcasted either. So must have been a personal issue, against the ranger. She later learned that the two DID NOT wanted to board cast their kidnapping. But her mind was on something different, some who she rather forget, than to face the person again. Guilt trip wasn't necessary, she already had a six years of it, why more, why now??

Maggie Smith did not want any more of the past pain, of what she had done with her then best friend, Kelly. A night she rather forget. A night a true love was torn apart by a jealously. As she grew up away from Kelly, she realized that what friendship she had with girl was nothing more than to fit in somewhere. She did then realize the Kelly had used her. After her leaving Maggie, started to regain her confidence and everything else like friendship, trust in people around her and they did the same with her. Putting her books the locker, she signed again, carefully watching Tiffany Oliver who was talking to Jason, she knew who Tiff was, None other than Jason Lee Scott's ex-girlfriend. Tiffany had visited her, just mainly to talk.

There was a knock the Smith house and Maggie answer it.

"I'll get the door Mom," she yelled. "I wonder who that be," she said to herself as she opened the door. She was shocked to see Tiffany Oliver.

"Can I come in?" she asked. Maggie nodded. "I came to see you Maggie" she as she was directed to the lounge room.

"What?? Why me??" Maggie asked. "And mainly who are you??"

Tiffany smiled she didn't expected to be recognized by anyone. " You don't remember me do you Maggie"

"Am I supposed to" she spoke quietly.

"Not really, just wonder if you did" she began " I see Kelly is no longer in Angle Grove. She left didn't she?"

"Yeah Kelly left, but what's that gotta do with you being here" Maggie snapped.

"Maggie, I'm Tiffany Jacobs, not Tiffany Oliver" Maggie gasped at what she just heard. Tiffany Oliver was really Tiffany Jacobs a girl Kelly hated the most. Her skin drained it colour.

"You can't be her" she whispered soft enough for Tiffany to hear.

"Yeah, well if I'm not her then who else I'll be" she joked. Tiffany couldn't believe she was mucking around with one of her enemy's. Maggie gave a sign, true, who else could know Maggie and where she lived, this girl had just moved here. So there must be some truth here. Wait she told herself Tiffany mentioned Kelly, no one knows who Kelly is, yet she does.

"So what are you doing here Jacobs?" Maggie asked politely not wanting to sound rude.

"I wanted to know why you did it, I mean what you did with her six years ago?" there was pain in her voice, Maggie noticed. What she didn't understand was, how could the hurt from long ago was still fresh, Maggie, even you have a guilt within you a voice inside her spoke. So why is it so wrong for her to feel the same, but in a different way.

"I... " she swallowed her pride. "I was tricked into believing her. Well not exactly that, but I guess I was a fool to help her, a fool who believed her every lie. I though she was my friend, MY best friend"

"Do you still feel the same way about her?"

"Hell no, I have changed since then, I have grown up a lot, Tiffany, I realizes my mistakes and believe me I'm paying for them, in a way no one can understand"

"Not even me?"

"That's up to you to decide weather you trust me or not. I'm not forcing you to. Does... Does Jason know you here?"

"No" Tiffany spoke " No he doesn't, and I don't plan to tell him either"

"Why not??"

"Because he's my cousins best friend, someone Tommy vowed to rip apart when I broke off all ties with Jason" Tiffany now nearly in tears. " I can't let him know that his best friend happens to be my ex-boyfriend" tears now were streaming down freely from her face. Maggie could not hold her own pain any longer; her own tears came down her cheeks. The two girls cried for few minutes.

"I'm sorry"

"No! Tiffany, if there anyone who has to be sorry, it has to be me. I now know how much trouble I have caused you. It makes my own guilt unbearable. Well, which I have carried for the last six years"

Tiffany was shocked to her that. "You carried that guilt for all that time?" Maggie nodded in response.
End of Flashback

"Earth to Maggie, Hello!! Anyone in that head today" Maria Guide waved her hands in front of Maggie's face.

"What! Oh yeah, Hi Maria"

"Is that all you have to say," she asked combing her long brown hair with her fingers. She was wearing blue jeans and a fitting shirt, but not skin tight ones and a blue jacket "There is killer quiz Mrs Applebee is giving and all you can say 'oh yeah', so what's on your mind today?"

"What makes you say I have something on my mind" Maggie asked innocently, with big puppy eyes look from her almond shaped eyes.

"Well for the last five minutes you have been look at your locker" Maria laughed, then lowered her voice, " it nothing to do with past is it??"

"Yes it does" Maggie said honestly, " I'm sorry, but there is a lot you don't know about what happen and it really eating me up"

"So why are you bothered with, anyway?"

"I don't know, maybe what she and I did was pretty bad. I mean right down ugly. And this is something you can let go easily"

"Whatever" she said and walked away from the locker, the sound of her heals rang through the hallway.

"I don't expect you to understand it, Maria" Maggie whispered. Taking her books out and locked her locker.


"Hey you two" Zack said cheerily. As he and Rocky walked towards Jason's locker.

"Hey Zack" Jason replied in his usual deep voice. Tiffany nodded at Zack.

"Ready for class" he asked.

"Yep, boy do I hate chem." Rocky said.

"Lucky you Rocky, I end up biology for first period" Tiffany said with hint of humor in her voice. Didn't take her eyes of Maggie at all.

"You ok?" Rocky asked as he follows her eyes. "Who you looking for?"

"No one" Tiffany quickly answered.

"Who that??" he asked when he noticed who Tiffany was looking at.

"Oh that's Maggie Smith" Zack replied. "She used to hang out with the popular crowd, I heard that she had a ugly row with her best friend and left. Now who knows what the girl does"

Tiffany and Jason exchanged heavy glances and shook their heads. They both knew Maggie, but neither of them mentioned that to their friends. Tiffany knew why she left. But said nothing.

"I guess we shall start heading to class guys"

"Ok". All four made their separate ways, but Jason stopped Tiffany by grapping her arm.

"What's going on!" he demanded.

"I don't know what your talking about Jason"

"I know you do Tiff, now spill it."

Tiffany was about to answer, when she saw Tommy coming towards their way. "Later" she whispered, "Tommy's coming"

"Shouldn't you two be heading to class" he reminded them both.

"Yeah, we should be heading to class" Tiffany agreed poking Jason. "Well see ya's later". She walked out leaving the two friends alone.

"What was all that about" Tommy asked Jason.

"Hey, bro don't look at me" Jason said as he put his hands into surrender mode "she's your cousin, remember" and walked of leaving Tommy open mouthed, staring at his best friend.


"Hey Pop can we kidnap the Red Zeo Ranger, and make the Orange one show up so, you can destroy the coins" Sprocket said.

"Why of course son. I couldn't have though of it better" Mondo replied "What do you think love?"

"Sprocket It's a splendid idea, Darling" Machina told her husband and her son "And very evil too. But we have to make sure that this one works" grinned evilly.

"Well be a bad boy now and plan the kidnapping"

"Oh! Cool I get to plan it. I'll get right on it"

"Haven't we brought him up, very badly my dear" Machina asked Mondo.

"Yes we have love, he's a very bad robot. My I'm so proud of him"


"What you reckon is going on with the two??" Zack asked Rocky as they walked down the hallway.

"What you mean, going on with the two?"

"Oh, come on Rocko, we both know, something is fishy. I mean Jason and Tiffany were avoiding each other, over the last two weeks and now they act like best friends"

"That oh yes, I noticed, but can we do about it?" Rocky asked as he stopped.

"Talk to them... you take Tiffany and I'll take Jason"

"Whoa isn't it taking it too far" he wondered

"Depend on your definition of too far" Zack said leaning towards the wall and crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well if they wanted to tell us they would. Wouldn't they?"

"I suppose so... but this is different, they will hide it if they have to... I mean Jason is not a type of a person who would open up. As for Tiffany... I can say the same, since I don't know her well."

"Say your right, how do we get them to open up to us?"

"Keep it a secret"

"Ok let's do it"


"Man, this is hard" Tommy said as he read his biology textbook in the juice bar. He had the first period free.

"Need a shake Tommy?" Ernie asked.

"Err... no thanks" Ernie nodded and walked away. Just then Tommy communicator went off. He then took off to the ranger's usual spot for talking or to teleporting.

" I read you Zordon"

{Tommy Mondo has sent down cogs to downtown. Others will be there as soon as possible.}

"Tommy out. It's Morphin' Time! Zeo Ranger Five Red" Tommy said it in a go. After morphing he teleported to downtown of Angle Grove.

"Ok let's see where you metal heads are hiding." He said as he looked around. Walking down the streets of the city. After few minutes of looking, cogs had attacked him by surprise.

"What the??" Tommy said as he attacked. "Ok, you guys are finished" He kicked one right into the tree, and sending one, which came from behind him in a wall.

"Oh, don't you run away Red Ranger" Klank told him.

"And you are going to see if I follow your demand"

"Precisely, My ranger"

"Go to hell" Tommy bellowed as he ducked from the attack and punched the cog in its face. Klank took his departure leaving Tommy to fight the cogs.

Tommy nearly finished with them when more arrived.

"Zordon I can't hold them on my own, I need the others."

Tommy then charged with full power on the cogs, soon he was hitting and kicking them, doing his usual workout from it. Meanwhile Orbus and Klank were looking at a chance to fire their new weapon to capture the Red Ranger.

"Ready Orbus?" Klank asked.

"You bet. Klank" with that Klank fired multicolored rays from an object, which was very similar to a gun on Earth. It hit Tommy right in the chest. The rays the drained some of the powers to weaken the Red Zeo Ranger.

As the rays weaken Tommy, he fell in a deep trance of sleep.

"Ah, now I have the mighty Red Ranger of Zordon" Mondo said. " Klank give this message to the other rangers when they arrive, tell them if they want Tommy, they must bring the Orange Ranger. Or else Tommy dies."

"Yes My lord" Klank said, " I shall obey your command"


"Ay yiyiyiyi......... Zordon! Tommy is captured! What shall we do?" Alpha said as the alarms of the Chambers were ringing loudly and the robot paced around the Chamber punching buttons on the computer.

"Alpha, please clam down and call all the Rangers" Zordon said, hiding his own fear for the sake of the Rangers.

"Right away Zordon, Ay yiyiyiy"

I just hope Tommy can hang on till the Ranger find out what Mondo wants Zordon thought. I just hope it's not the remaining Power Coins.

"Zordon, Ranger will be here." Alpha informed the Ancient Master. As soon as he finished telling Zordon, the rangers teleported in six different columns.

"What's going on Zordon?" Zack asked.

{Rangers, I afraid to say that, The Machine Empire has got Tommy}

"What" they all said in unison.

"How is that possible?" Jason asked as he recovered from the shock.

{Jason, Mondo had send down cogs, and I send him to take care of it, till any of you were able to come. Unfortunately, they got him before any of you were able to help him. I'm suspecting that Tommy was there main target here.}

"But why?" Tanya asked

{I believe that is for you seek out, Tanya.} With that Tanya nodded.

"Let's go" Adam said. Everyone nodded.

"It's Morphin Time" Jason shouted.

"Zeo Ranger One Pink"

"Zeo Ranger Two Yellow"

"Zeo Ranger Three Blue"

"Zeo Ranger Four Green"

"Gold Ranger Power"

After morphing they all went downtown of Angle Grove, where Tommy was last seen. All the rangers looked around for any clues as to why Tommy was taken hostage by their enemy.

"What are we actual looking for?" Rocky asked the others.

"Anything that might point to why Tommy was taken" Kat said, with a sad tone in her voice, she was near to break down when Zordon had told them the news.

"Kat's right Rocko" Adam said. He himself did not believe that Tommy was captured.

"Yeah, I really think we own him at least this much guys" Jason said in his leader tone.

"I think I can answer that" a voice said. The Ranger turned to look at who was speaking, it was Klank, "All you have to do is get the Orange Ranger and bring him or her to us. And Tommy shall be free."

"Why should we believe you?" Tanya spoke up.

Jason had frozen at the mention of what they wanted. Tiffany! He though. Oh god No! He knew he had choice to make and a very tough one. One life over another. Tiffany or Tommy, he had to choose.

"We don't know where the Ranger is" Adam shot back.

"Klank, tell Mondo, he will have the Orange Ranger" Jason said as he closed his eyes under his helmet and let out a deep breath. His heart breaking with every word he said. Please forgive me Princess. Klank pleased with the answer went to Mondo to give him the news. The rangers also teleported out.

"What the hell you think you are doing!!" Rocky scream at Jason when all of them got to the Power Chamber.

"Just how are you going find her Jason?" Billy asked ignoring Rocky.

"Hey one question at a time" Jason said unhappily. "First of all. I'll get the Orange Ranger, I happen to know who it is, secondly she not going to be happy about what I'm going to tell her. This is the hardest choice I have to make, has anyone though of that?" When Jason finished the whole chamber was quiet expect the noises from the computers.

"Oh! Jason we're sorry, I guess we just got carried away" Kat said, " I'm really worried about Tommy and I suppose I didn't stop to think what was going inside you"

"Yeah, man I'm sorry too" Rocky apologized. Jason nodded, without saying a word.

{Jason, I believe it's time to get the ranger, please we must not waste any more time then we already have}. Just then the alarms went off.

"Rangers, a monster is attacking in the park." Alpha said.

"Don't worry alpha we will take care of it." Adam said. "Ok guys, Back To Action!!!!!!"

"I'll go and get the Orange Ranger" Jason said after the others had left. Billy nodded.


Jason arrived at the juice bar, looking for Tiffany; he spotted her at the mats practising karate in gentle mode. He was headed her way when he saw Emily come up.

"Hey, how you going" she asked giving him a quick peck on the cheeks.

"I'm great" he lied, feeling more miserable than before. "I came to talk to Tiffany, something is come up" Emily nodded

"I better get to work anyway"

He watched Emily go. Then made his way towards Tiffany.

"'Hey" Jason said weakly, he knew her temper and what she could do with it. He clearly remembers the punch she gave him when he joked with her, over something he couldn't remember now. " Got a minute?"

"Hey" she replied as she when to stop the music from playing any further. "Yeah I got time, so what's up?"

"I...can we go somewhere private to talk?"

"Sure" after she said that she picked up her gym bag and started to walk with Jason. They reached the park where no one would hear them.

"Jason why did you drag me here?"

"Ranger business. Tiffany,... " he paused not knowing how to go on. " Ok, first promise me that you will not punch me again"

Tiffany laughed. "When did I punch you in the first place?"

"Fourth grade" he said dryly

"Yes, I remember now, ok so I won't punch you." She was still laughing inside. How can someone big as him still be scared from someone who is tiny as me? She though.

"Tiffany, this morning Mondo attacked downtown. Zordon asked Tommy go take care of it till one of us was free to help him."

"One of us?"

"Yeah, the rangers. Anyway, before we could be contacted Klank captured Tommy" He paused again, letting his word sink in her mind. She wasn't going to cry as he though, she was just plain angry. "Take your anger out on the monster or something"

"So where do I come in this?" she asked after a lot of thinking turning her back to him.

"Well, they want you"

"What? They want me?" she quickly turned to face him.

"Yes, in exchange for Tommy"

"So what would happen to me if I go through this?"

"I don't know" he replied in a soft voice running his hands down her cheeks. "I really don't know". In his heart he longed to hold her, but kept back.

She was going to say something, but stopped when she saw cogs surrounding them.

"Just what I needed" groaned Jason. "Are you ready to take theses goons down?"

"Ready as I ever will be"

"Ok it's Morphin Time, Gold Ranger Power"

"Orange Ranger Power, Power Up"

They fought the cogs morphed. Tiffany kicked two in a go. Jason used his Staff to keep some of them away. Then he kicked one who landed near Tiffany.

"Hey Watch where your kicking them," She said.


They continued to fight till they no longer had energy left.

"Let's get you to the Power Chamber" Jason told Tiffany, who nodded in return. Both left in columns of Black/Gold and Orange/Silver lights.<


"Anything new Zordon?" Kat asked.

{I'm Sorry Katharine nothing new has come up}

"Aw man, where in hell is Jase?" Zack asked the current rangers, who just looked at each other.

"I don't know, Zack" Tanya told him, "I was assuming the he would be back before us". Just then Jason and Orange Ranger finished teleporting.

"Jase, where were you, been worried ya know" Zack spoke non-stop.

"Yeah, So you did find the Orange Ranger" Kat noticed.

"Yeah I did, she wasn't hard to find at all. Only if you know where to look. Right?" He turned to Tiffany, who still had her helmet on.

"Yes, Right, Gold Ranger" Orange Ranger replied.

{Welcome Orange Ranger, I'm honoured with your presence here in the Power Chamber. I'm Zordon Of Eltar}

"I'm honoured that you picked me to help you"

"Come on, let us see who you are?" Rocky said calmly

Tiffany looks at Jason who nodded in support. The ranger slowly put her hands to her helmet and clicked them open. She heard Adam and Billy holding on to there breaths. She then slides out her helmet from her face putting it next to her hips.

"Hey Guys" Tiffany said nervously. Looking at everyone shocked faces, even Zordon's. It was like being in the wax museums only with alive people who were frozen.

"Tiffany?" Adam spoke up, who first recovered from the shock. " You're the Ranger who saved our butts the other day?"

"Adam!" Billy jabbed his friend in the stomach.

"That's quiet all right Billy, Yes I saved your butts that day. I also knew who the rangers were," She paused. "The coins help me with that section."

{Tiffany I'm pleased to know that, Zeu has chosen the right successor for the powers. You are both physically and mentally strong, very much like her}

"Thank you Zordon. I'm pleased to be chosen for these powers". Just then the alarms went off.

"Oh! Damn on what that want?" Tanya mumbled.

"Me" Tiffany said bitterly. <


"Now red ranger, you'll act helpless in front of the Orange Ranger" Mondo told Tommy.

"Go to hell Mondo!" Tommy spat back at him.

"Or will follow as the king says or be ready to die" Klank said. And both disappeared.

Tommy looked around, to see where they had taken him, he laughed. I'm in a cave he thought, is the best he could have done. He minded raced to see how many people knew he was gone. All the rangers would know, the only person who didn't know was his beloved cousin Tiffany. Oh, man! Why did I have to be trapped in here? Tiffany must be worried sick. She finds out I'm a ranger, she going to have fit. The more he thought the more his eyes lids dropped. He shook his head to keep himself at guard, but it was no use. He gave up fighting to stay awake and fell asleep.


Alone and wounded, can Tommy give Mondo satisfaction of getting the Orange Ranger?? Will Tiffany and others find a way to free The Red Ranger?? Can Tommy deal with the fact Tiffany is a Ranger?? Will Mondo destroy the coins?? Find out in the Next Episode: Secrets Part 2... coming soon.