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Countdown To Destruction
Days Of Armageddon
Part 2
by Shaun Stegall

One Day After The Battle With Dragor

The outskirts of Angel Grove are normally quiet and peaceful. No one usually goes there. The outskirts of Angel Grove have been vacant by any forms of life for such a long period of time. But on this day, a life form unlike any other would be visiting it. A life form thats looks human but is not.

The Red Gemini Shadow Ranger, after traveling from Liaria, was on a very important mission. Lerigot, his wise and noble censai, sent him to Earth in the wake of Apocalypse's rise to power to give the Shadow Spirits of the Gemini Temple to nine specially gifted young people. Tyler Riley was dropped at the footsteps of Lerigot and his wife when he was only a baby. Since that day, Lerigot has been training Tyler for the day that he would be the Red Gemini Shadow Ranger. Now, his gravest mission was before him. He had to find nine humans who possess the spirits of the Gemini Temple inside them.

"Let's see, the first name on Lerigot's list is someone named Jason Lee Scott. According to Lerigot's key cards, Jason Lee Scott is in Angel Grove, as are most of the names on my list. Whoa, can't go into town as a ranger, so I better demorph first. Red Gemini Shadow Ranger Power Down!" Tyler called. Then suddenly there stood a human in his late teens possibly twenty or twenty one in its place. The young man was a 6 foot 1 Caucasian. He had black hair with a gold ring in his ear. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans with a white tank top with a red silk shirt over the tank top.

"Ok, lets get going. Shadow cycle, disengage." Tyler called as his Shadow cycle disappeared only to be called when needed.

Back at the Youth Center, Adam, Derek, and Rocky were sparring off when an all too familiar sound came into their ears.

"Guys, is that the communicator you guys were telling me about?" Derek asked.

"Yeah, there must be trouble." Adam replied.

"Come on, lets go over there to the end of the hall, there's no one over there." Rocky said as the three of them went over to the end of the hall and Rocky tapped the communicator to see what the problem was.

"This is Rocky, go ahead." Rocky said.

"This is Tommy, we need everyone to report back to the south end of the park, we've found something interesting."

"Ok, we are on our way." Rocky said as the three of them teleported out of the Youth Center in three beams of light.

At the south end of the park, Rocky, Adam, and Derek met Tanya, Tommy, Katherine, Adrianna, Kelly, and Billy to discuss the importance of the communication call.

"Alright, what's this all about guys." Adam said.

"Well, I have good news and I have bad news." Billy said.

"Well, what's the good news, Billy?" Tommy asked.

"The good news is that I have found the location of the Astro Rangers."

"Then, what's the bad news?" Tanya asked.

"The bad news is that their location is Darkonda's warship." Billy said.

"Darkonda's warship. Oh no, what are we going to do?" Katherine said.

"We are going to do the only thing, we can do." Billy explained. "We are going raid his warship and get the Astro Rangers while Darkonda isn't attacking. It may be the only way for us to be strong enough to stop whatever has taken Zordon from Dark Specter."

"Ok, lets go." Adrianna said.

Back at Ernie's Juice Bar, Tyler Riley entered looking for the human known as Jason Scott. Jason was over where the boxing bag was training himself as he has been doing since he came back to Angel Grove to accept the Gold Ranger powers from Trey, Lord of Triforia.

"Excuse me, Jason Lee Scott." Tyler Riley asked.

"Yes, can I help you with something?" Jason asked.

"Yes, I was sent by Lerigot to find you." Tyler replied.

"Lerigot, is he alright?" Jason asked pulling Tyler off to the side.

"Well, when I left Liaria, he was ok but I don't know if he still is though." Tyler replied.

"What do you mean? Who are you?" Jason asked.

"My name is Tyler Riley. I am the Red Gemini Shadow Ranger from Liaria. I was sent by Lerigot to bestow the Silver Gemini Shadow Ranger powers. I cannot force them on you, you must agree to possess them of your own free will." Tyler explained.

"Where does this ranger power come from?" Jason asked.

"The powers themselves comes from the Gemini Temple. They are the powers of the Shadow Spirits of the Gemini Temple. I possess the Shadow Spirit of Loyalty."

"Why me? Why was I picked?" Jason asked.

"Because you have the spirit that the Silver Shadow Spirit contains. There is one thing, though, there is a immensivly evil being known as Apocalypse that yearns to use the Shadow Spirits for his evil purposes. I must know now, are you with me or are you saying no to this?"

"Although, I have just met you, I know you are not lying. I am with you." Jason said. "What do we do now?" Jason asked.

"Well, he is the list I made from reading Lerigot's key cards. The next name on my list is someone you are supposed to know. Do you know a Eugene Skullovitch?" Tyler asked.

"You're kidding right, man? Skull isn't a ranger." Jason said not trying to laugh.

"No, he is not. But he holds the spirit of the Blue Gemini Shadow Ranger. Do you know where we can find him?" Tyler asked.

"Yes, he is probably with Bulk right now, just sit tight, they always end up coming in here all the time." Jason said.

"Ok is everyone ready, remember, when we get there, split up and take a different part of the warship. If you find them, use your communicator to contact the rest of us. As for Adrianna, Derek, and Kelly, don't try anything heroic. Ok. Its morphin time." Billy called.

"Black Lion Zeo Ninjetti Power." Billy called.

"White Phoenix Zeo Ninjetti Power." Tommy called.

"Red Leopard Zeo Ninjetti Power." Rocky called.

"Green Dragon Zeo Ninjetti Power." Adam called.

"Pink Eagle Zeo Ninjetti Power." Katherine called.

"Blue Panther Zeo Ninjetti Power." Derek called.

"Orange Fox Zeo Ninjetti Power." Kelly called.

"Purple Coyote Zeo Ninjetti Power." Adrianna called.

"Yellow Unicorn Zeo Ninjetti Power." Tanya called.

With nine flashes of light, the Zeo Ninjetti Rangers were on their way to Darkonda's warship to try and rescue their friends.

Back at the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull had arrived to enjoy a couple of smoothies when Jason and a person they had never seen before stopped them and asked Skull if he would come with them.

"Hey, wait a minute. If you want Skull to talk to you alone, you're sadly mistaken. I'm coming too." Bulk ordered.

"Bulky, no. Its ok. If this is who I think it is, it's ok. I will be right back." Skull said in a serious tone of voice.

"Ok, I will be right here, if you need me." Bulk said.

"Wait a minute, Skull, you said 'if this is who I think it is, it's ok' what did you mean by that?" Jason asked.

"I have been having some strange dreams recently. In my dreams, a red power ranger unlike any that I have ever seen before comes from the shadow and says 'you're the spirit of pride.' You are to be a ranger with me. Strange huh." Skull said.

"Well, not really, Skull, because Tyler her was the ranger from your dream." Jason replied.

"Skull, if you choose to join Jason and me in becoming a Gemini Shadow Ranger, you will use the spirit of pride as your power. Will you join us?" Tyler asked.

"WILL I, OF COURSE I WILL!" Skull said.

And with that, they let Skull explain to Bulk that he had to go with Tyler and Jason for a very important reason. Then, the three of them left to find the other future Gemini Shadow rangers that reside in Angel Grove.

Back on Darkonda's warship, nine streams of light appeared inside the warship in different areas. Black, White, and Red Zeo Ninjetti Rangers were at the back of the ship where velocifighters were being constructed. Purple, Green, Orange, and Yellow Zeo Ninjetti Rangers were searching the area where prisoners were kept. And Pink and Blue Zeo Ninjetti Rangers were searching the area where the main bridge was located.

"Ok, Tommy, Rocky lets go see if we can find them." Billy said.

"Right." The two of them agreed.

"Quantrons, get those three rangers." Ecliptor ordered upon seeing the rangers.

Purple, Green, Orange, and Yellow Rangers couldn't keep their selves hid either. Quantrons, left and right started attacking the four rangers.

"Adam, can we activate our weapons on the warship?" Adrianna asked.

"I'm pretty sure we can. Let's try it. Dragon Cannon." Adam called.

"Coyote Staff." Adrianna called.

"Unicorn Daggers." Tanya called.

"Orange Boomerang." Kelly called.

Then four then used their weapons to defeat their attackers.

"Darkonda, its over for you, we destroyed your hydra, now we're going to destroy you." Katherine said.

"Yeah, just tell us where the Astro Rangers are and you might get off lucky." Derek added.

"HAH, you think I wouldn't let my defenses down if I didn't know that you would come for your friends. I have been preparing for this for a while now. You want your friends you can have them, behind you." Darkonda ordered as the two looked behind them they were struck by four rangers that each possessed an incredible amount of power.

"Who are they?" Derek asked.

"Yeah, Darkonda, who are they and where are our friends?" Katherine asked.

"What, you don't recognize us Katherine, you should, its us only now our power comes from the remnants of Dark Specter's power." The mysterious blue said.

"I recognize that voice, but from where." Katherine said to herself.

"Rangers, may I present to you my four Psycho Rangers. The reason you recognize them is because they are Andros, T.J., Carlos, and Ashley. And now, they will destroy you." Darkonda said.

"Oh, man. We're in big trouble." Derek said.

Back at the cargo bay, Black, Red, and White Zeo Ninjetti Rangers were holding their own against the quantrons when Purple, Orange, Green, and Yellow Zeo Ninjetti Rangers came were thrown into the cargo bay area by a being they didn't recognize.

"Billy, Rocky, Tommy. That's the Black Psycho Ranger. Darkonda's done something to the Astro Rangers. He's turned them into evil rangers. We have to get out of here." Adam said.

"No, their our friends, we can't leave without them." Billy said.

"WE don't have a choice, Billy. WE WILL HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE TO GET THEM BACK, but right now we have to find Kat and Derek and get out of here." Tommy said. After a moment, Billy agreed with him.

"Guys, we need to get out of here before its too late." Kat said to Tommy as they were running up. "If we stay, the Psycho Rangers are going to destroy us."

"Yeah, but how are we going to get out? They closed the doors." Billy said.

"There, it's the Astro Megaship. We can fly it out of here." Derek said.

"RIGHT, ok come on guys. Lets get to the megaship and get out of here." Billy said.

Then, the nine Zeo Ninjetti Rangers ran inside the Astro Megaship and blasted a wall open. They blasted a hole big enough for the Astro Megaship to fly out of, then they were on their way back to earth.

"Darkonda, when Dark Specter finds out that you had a chance to destroy those new rangers and you didn't take it, he will have your head." Ecliptor said commandingly.

"SILENCE, you fool. Do you think they got away of their own ability? Hell no, I let them get away simply because I have bigger plans for them. Because, in case your that dumb, the Psycho Rangers' power comes from the remains of Dark Specter himself."

"Remains? What do you mean remains?" Ecliptor asked.

"I'm surprised at you, Ecliptor. Even you should be able to feel the presence of an supreme being stronger than Dark Specter. Dark Specter is history. We have a new leader now, he is Lord Apocalypse. And he has big plans on how we are going to tear the rangers lives apart. So just be patient, besides, I can still can have five Psycho Rangers if I want. Because I already removed the pink ranger while she's still in a coma. All that I have to do now is find a way to bond the Pink Psycho powers with her. The future belongs to Lord Apocalypse." Darkonda said.

Back at the Astro Megaship, the Zeo Ninjetti Rangers were discussing their next move.

"Well, now what are we going to do? I mean before we had a chance when we thought we could get the Astro Rangers on our side, now they're Psycho Rangers." Rocky said.

"I don't know, but I do know one thing for sure, their power is coming from Dark Specter, so we have to break Dark Specter's control over them soon or they all will be lost to us forever." Billy said.

"Any ideas?" Tommy said.

"I only have one idea, DECA, open my Andros' personal safe." Billy ordered.

"Andros' personal safe is opened." DECA replied. Billy then pulled a semi-large box out of the safe.

"What's in the box, Billy" Adrianna asked.

Billy then opened the black box only to reveal five objects that appeared to look like cellular phones.

"What are we going to do with phones?" Kelly asked.

"These are not cell phones, guys. These are the only other Astro Powers in existence."

"New Astro Powers." Katherine asked.

"Not really new, Katherine. You see guys, when Andros, Zordon, and me created the five Astro powers red, blue, black, yellow, and pink, we wanted to be on the safe side so we disigned and created five other powers, stronger ones. And we decided to use the look of cell phones as the morpher, or digi morpher. These five powers are of Silver, Orange, Purple, Gold, and Green. The powers were designed to be able to control the Astro Megaship among other powerful weapons." Billy explained.

"SO, do we have to find five people to be the new rangers?" Katherine asked.

"No, we only have to find two people who are of strong moral charachter and have a strong will to succeed. The other two can be located on KO-35." Billy said.

"Well, who are the ones on KO-35." Tanya asked.

"The Silver Ranger power was designed for one person to hold. That person is Zhane Smith. He is Andros' best friend. The second one on KO-35 is someone young lady called Ariel Paxton. The Orange Astro powers were designed for her to have. And the third is someone named Joseph Gates. Ariel is one of Zhane's closest friends. SO they will not be hard to find. Joseph is Andros' cousin. I have met Zhane and Ariel. I have not met Joseph. All we have to do is explain what has happened to Andros and Joseph should agree to join us. Zhane and Ariel have been going through a process of training for this by the elders. The elders picked them to be the future rangers because they knew they were Zordon's chosen ones. So they will be ready. DECA, we need to set a course for KO-35. Alert KO-35, and tell them Billy's coming. They will understand what that means." Billy explained.

And with that, the nine Zeo Ninjetti Rangers left Earth to go add five more to their army against Apocalypse.

"Skull, my boy, how have you been?" Detective Stone asked Skull as he embraced him.

"I'm doing pretty good Detective Stone. Listen, you know Jason, but this is my new friend Tyler Riley. We have something of the upmost importance to talk to you about." Skull said. "Tyler."

Then Tyler went into explaining the events of what happened to Liaria and why he was talking to him.

"You have got to be kidding. Me a power ranger? Skull a power ranger? This has got to be the biggest pile of horse shit I think I have ever heard. Why don't you just go away before I get mad?" Detective Stone said.

"Looks like you're going to have to show him Tyler." Jason said.


Then, suddenly, there was a red ranger in the spot where Tyler stood. The Detective's jaw dropped farther than anyone had ever seen it fall before. Red Gemini Shadow Ranger finally got his attention when he spoke.

"So, Detective Stone. Are you with us or are not with us?"

"Umm, I......I.......I'm with you boys." Detective Stone said.

"Good, come with us then. We must continue the mission for the others." Tyler said as he powered down.

"Who's next on your list?" Skull asked.

"The Green Gemini Shadow Ranger, someone named Micheal Rolands."