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Disclaimer: Saban owns power rangers, not me. SO GET OFF MY BACK! Anyhow, by the power bested in me, and the state of Arkansas, I now present to you, my fanfic series I entitle "Countdown To Destruction."

Countdown To Destruction
A New Beginning
by Shaun Stegall

It was a dark day on the earth. Just hours before, Divatox used a monster known as Gold Goyle to destroy the Turbo Power Rangers. Gold Goyle was destroyed by the rangers but they ended up losing their Turbo Megazord and their Rescue Megazord. Divatox then discovered the location of the Power Chamber. The rangers did as much as they could, but they could not stop Divatox from destroying the Power Chamber. After the Power Chamber's destruction, Divatox was called away from Earth by a demon named Dark Specter. After she left, the rangers decided to leave in a Nasada Space Shuttle with hopes of saving Zordon from Dark Specter's grasps. After leaving their friend Justin behind they ship off not knowing what their future holds.

"Wow, this is amazing. Hey T.J you ought to come look at this." Carlos said.

"Wow, Carlos, you're right. This looks amazing. I've never really beenin outer space before. I know the other rangers before us have. Its amazing.

"C'mon you guys, lets get back in our seats and plan our strategy about finding Zordon and Alpha 5." Ashley said dragging them.

In a different part of the galaxy, all of the major villians of the universe were gathering at a designated location which they were informed to be. Divatox, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, King Mondo and Queen Machina were all at a huge banquet like gathering.

"My minions. As you can see, I have captured Zordon of Eltare and am draining him of his power. Soon, he will be reduced to nothing. And the universe will be ours for the taking." The evil Dark Specter spoke as he appeared in the form of Maligore.

"Yes, the universe will be ours, Dark Specter." Lord Zedd said as the others cheered.

"Now, my forces. Lets enjoy the evening. And later I will inform you of my plan to eliminate the rest of our enemies."Dark Specter said as the others talked among themselves.

A being in a dark cape appeared minutes after Dark Specter departed. He walked around and started mingling with all the parties present. The stranger in the cape bumped into Divatox accidentally.

"Hey, watch it, bozo! Who are you?" Divatox yelled as the stranger walked on.

The strange

"What, Divatox destroyed the power rangers." Rita mumbled.

"That is what Divatox and everyone else has been saying." Zedd replied.

"But that's what our job was. We should have been the ones to have done it." Rita said.

"Oh, Rita. What's done is done. Just look at it this way. The rangers have been destroyed. Now there's nothing to stand in our way now." Zedd said as the stranger walked past him.

Back at the shuttle, the rangers were trying to fix Alpha 6's circuits so he speak to where they could understand him better.

"Man, his speech circuit is fried. If we going to get to Eltar, we'll have to do it on our own." Carlos said as he temporarily turned Alpha 6 off.

"Well, we'd better look at the intergalactic map to see if we can figure out where we are." T.J. said.

Just as they were going to look at their map, the ship started to shake.

"What's going on?" Cassie asked.

"I don't know." T.J. said.

"Hey, you guys. Come look at this." Ashley said.

"Oh man, it's a ship. Its pulling us in. Hold on." T.J. said.

The ship then opened itself up and pulled the space shuttle in. After the space shuttle was pulled in, the ship closed the door it had opened.

"Whoa, guys, be careful. There's no telling what could be on this ship." T.J. informed them.

"Wow, this place is huge." Carlos said.

The rangers then stayed together to look around the ship to see if they could spot any forms of life on the ship.

At the gathering of the evil forces, the stranger in the cape continued to eavesdrop on all the conversations as he could.

"My minions, it is time to talk about my plan of how we will conquer the universe. Everyone of you are now a member of the Alliance of Darkness. I have very big plans for everyone of you. Lord Zedd, you and your wife and all of your forces are going to attack the planet Aquitar. I want you to capture our enemies on that planet, the Alien Rangers. And if you spot him, I want that former ranger, Billy Cranston, captured."

"As you wish, your excellency." Lord Zedd replied.

"Divatox, you and your armies are going to attack the planets Inquirus and Triforia. I want you to capture Dimitria and the Gold Zeo Ranger. They to could case a great problem for me."

"As you wish your grace." Divatox replied.

"Machine Empire, I want you to attack the home planet of the phantom ranger. If he reaches anyone, the results could be disastrous for us."

"Yes, my lord. We shall do as you request." Mondo replied.

"And you, wait a minute, I don't recognize you. Who are you?" Dark Specter requested.

"Do you really want to know who I am, then here you go." The stranger said as he yanked his cape off and revealed to be a mysterious red ranger.

At the ship, the rangers had found the bridge where the navigation systems were.

"Wow, I can't believe how incredible this place is." Ashley said.

"Yeah, I know. Its like something out of Star Trek. This place is amazing. And it seems to be deserted. I wonder if someone lives in this place." Carlos said.

"I've got the distinct feeling someone does live here, guys. Look, someone was eating food in here. Something got his attention real quick. The food is still warm." T.J. said.

"Hey, lets see if we can get a intergalactic map on the screen of this ship." Cassie suggested.

"Alright, everyone get to a different panel and try to find any button that could symbolize maps. We have to find out where we are so we can find out how far Eltar is from here." T.J. said as he and the other rangers started looking at the panels.

Back at the evil gathering, the mysterious red ranger called for his weapon, which very much appeared to be a drill looking sword. The ranger then defended himself against the evil forces that were attacking him.

"Spiral Saber, booster mode." The ranger called. Suddenly his weapon merged with his hand blasted and pointed his weapon at the forces attacking him and he fired, knocking them all down.

"I think I am going to take advantage of this distraction. Galaxy Glider, hang ten." The mysterious ranger called. The galaxy glider was some sort of surf board, only with a jet propulsion in the back of it and it could glide through the air.

The ranger leaped onto the board and glided away from his attackers, knowing that rangers from different worlds were going to be in great danger very soon.

At the ship, the rangers were finally able to get the intergalactic map on the screen in front of them and discover that Eltar was in another galaxy.

"Great, we are not even close to Eltar. What are we going to do now?" Ashley asked.

"There's not much we can do, Eltar is too far away for the shuttle to reach. I guess we have to go back to earth. We've failed." Carlos said worried.

"NO, we can't give up. Zordon wouldn't want us to. DO you think the rangers before us would have given up so easily if they were in this kind of situation. I don't. We still have a shot at this. There's always a way to win, we just have to find it." T.J. said.

Before the others could say anything else, the mysterious ranger teleported onto the ship and discovered that their were intruders on his ship.

"Wait, who are you? Do you work for Dark Specter?" The ranger said as he pulled his blaster on them.

"Wait, we didn't know this was your ship. The ship pulled us in. We were trying to find Eltar, we need Zordon's help. Do you think you could help us?" T.J asked.

"Did you say you were looking for Zordon?" The ranger shot back.

"Yes, we are rangers from earth. My name is T.J, this is Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley. Now can you help us." T.J. asked.

"I'm not sure, can I trust you." The ranger said back.

"Of course you can trust us. We are rangers remember." Ashley said.

"You may be rangers, but do you really know what being power rangers are. Do you really know how big of a responsibility it is."

"Yes, we do. That's why Dimitiria gave us the option of being the new rangers." Carlos said.

"Option, what do you mean when you say that."

"We mean that we were chosen as successors by the rangers before us. Ashley Hammond was chosen by Tanya Sloan. Carlos Vargas was chosen by Adam Park. Cassie Chan was chosen by Katherine Hillard. And I T.J. Ryan was chosen by Tommy Oliver. We all have know what kind of responsibility it is to be power rangers. They would never have chosen us if they didn't think we could handle it." T.J said to the ranger.

"Good, I was wondering if you were the ones Zordon spoke of. POWER DOWN!" The ranger called. He then returned to his unmorphed state. He appeared to be a human. He was wearing some kind of uniform suit.

"DECA, open my safe." The mysterious person said.

"Your safe has been opened." The computer spoke back.

"By the way, my name is Andros. And I have something for you. I was hoping I wouldn't have to come find you four." Andros said grabbing a black box from his safe.

"Wait a minute, how do you know us." Carlos asked.

"That's simple, About three months ago, Zordon called me to Eltar. When I arrived, he told me that you were successors to the team of rangers before you, you know, Tommy, Kat, Tanya, and Adam. He told me that there would be a time that I would need the four of you to help me form the Astro Ranger Team. I guess now is that time. Here, each of you take one of these. These are the Astro Morphers. They each hold a different power. I will begin with you T.J. You will be the Blue Astro Ranger, your weapon will be the Astral Axe. Carlos, you will be the Black Astro Ranger, your weapon will be the Lunar Lance. Cassie, you will be the Pink Astro Ranger, your weapon will be the Satellite Stunners. And Ashley, you will be the Yellow Astro Ranger, your weapon will be the Star Slingers. And I will be the Red Astro Ranger, and my weapon will be the Spiral Saber." Andros finished.

"SO, Andros, how did these powers and this ship come to be?" T.J. asked.

"Well, it started when I first got to Eltar and spoke to Zordon. Zordon had a friend of his there and former ranger of earth there." Andros told them.

"Former ranger, who?" Carlos asked surprised.

"I believe his name was Billy Cranston." Andros said.

"Wait a minute, I think I remember Tommy talking to me about Billy once. But I always thought Billy was on Aquitar." T.J. said.

"Well, that's what Billy used as an excuse to leave. About two years before, during the command center's destruction, Billy was electrocuted when he dove on top of a panel as it was exploded. Noone thought anything of it at the time. Later, when the rangers before you received their powers from the zeo crystal, Billy began to age incredibly fast. The Alien Rangers from Aquitar came and took him to Aquitar. The Alien rangers could not figure out how to stop him from aging so fast. So they helped him lie to the others by using a false transmission. After he convinced Tommyand the others, he left for Eltar, where the finest scientists in the universe tried to stop his aging, but could not figure out how. Then came the day when Zordon left from Earth. He never told Tommy and the others the real reason he and Alpha 5 left. The real reason was that Zordon figured out how to stop Billy's incredible aging." Andros explained.

"Well, how?" Carlos said.

"Zordon and Alpha created a powerful ruby. The ruby is a part of Zordon's good energy. He merged the ruby and its energy with Billy's life force. The ruby's energy was enough to save Billy's life and stop his aging. As a bonus for Billy, the ruby also possessed a power. This was the power of a strong ranger." Andros explained.

"The Phantom Ranger. Billy's the phantom ranger." Cassie replied with excitement in her voice.

"Yes, he is the phantom ranger. After he presented you guys with the RescueZords, me, him and Zordon with Alpha 5 put our brains together and created the Astro morphers. With the help of the Eltarans, we built the Astro Megaship from Billy's designs. Both Billy and the Eltarans are working on brand new weapons for us to use." Andros explained.

"Great, so now what do we do?" Carlos asked.

"Now, we need to warn Triforia, Aquitar, and Eltar. Dark Specter not only has Zordon, but has also ordered attacks on the three planets.

"You fools, that ranger knows my plan. Something must be done about this." Dark Specter ordered.

"Dark Specter, let me and my wife go and eradicate this problem for you." Zedd asked.

"No, they couldn't do it before, who's to say they can do it now. Let me go, I would have a better chance at it." Divatox asked.

"NO, none of you are worthy enough of this mission. This is just the chance my apprentice needs to showcase his amazing power. Darkonda will take the Dark Fortress and his own warrior, Ecliptor to destroy this medler. Now, all of you have been given orders, so get going, and don't come back until you have captured the rangers I have assigned you." Dark Specter ordered.

"Delphine, Aurico, Cestro, Tieus, Corkus, do you read us. This is Andros of the Astro Megaship. Do you read?" Andros asked.

"This is Cestro. Andros, it has been a while. What is going on friend?" Cestro replied.

"Cestro, I'm afraid this is not a social call. Lord Zedd is on his way with all his forces to destroy Aquitar and capture all of you. You must prepare yourselves for battle against them." Andros explained.

"My friend, I thank you for this message. We will prepare ourselves for this war. Andros, be careful, because I know Dark Specter will be attacking you as well as us." Cestro said as his communication link died out.

"Don't worry, Cestro we will." Andros said to himself seeing that last images of Aquitar die out. "DECA, set a course for Triforia, we need to warn Trey of this emergency." Andros said.

"Trey, come in Trey. This is the Astro Rangers. We need to speak with you." T.J. said.

"This is Trey, Lord of Triforia. What is the emergency, rangers?" Trey responded.

"Divatox is on her way to destroy your home world and is on direct orders from Dark Specter to capture you. You need to be ready for her." T.J. said.

"Well, Blue Astro Ranger, I thank you for this information. I will be ready for when Divatox attacks." Trey reported as his communication link faded away.

"Man, what else could happen today." T.J. thought to himself knowing the answer could be anything.

"DECA, we need to get to Eltar now. Set a course for Eltar. Carlos, T.J. Warp speed, now." Andros ordered. And with that, the Astro Megaship was on its way to Eltar.

"Billy, come in. Billy please if you're there come in." Andros said as the others watching on.

"This is Milor. Billy is not here right now. He left yesterday. He said he was searching for you Andros. What's going on?" Milor asked.

"Eltar is fixing to be under attack again. Get the survivors of the first attack to someplace safe. The Machine Empire is about to attack. There will be too many of them for us to try, we are going to try to find some reinforcments. But get everyone to a safe place." Andros said.

"Oh, no. Billy where the hell are you?" Andros thought to himself.

"Ok, so where do we go now, Andros?" Carlos asked.

"Now, we have to get to Earth." Andros informed them.

"Why Earth? Was Dark Specter going to attack Earth as well." Carlos asked.

"Well, yes and no. Dark Specter knows that I will probably find you guys. And since he knows that you guys are from Earth, he will send his forces to destroy it and us. We have to get there before they do if we are going to save it." Andros said.

 It was a great day for relaxing in Angel Grove. The sun was shining. The Angel Grove beaches were stock full of people. The Angel Grove lake was overwhelmed with even more people than the beaches were. All in all, this had turned out to be a great day. The park was also full of people enjoying the day. One of these people in particular was thinking back to days of long ago.

"Hmm. I wonder what Tommy and the others are up to." Rocky DeSantos thought to himself. "Its been so long since I've seen them. Well, I guess I might as well read this letter I got from Adam today." Rocky said to himself. Opening the letter, he began to read it.

"Hey, Rocky. How's it going man? I know its been a while since me or the others have been able to come and see you. But we do miss you man. You know something, I always have been wondering why you let Justin keep your position on the team. Because I know you loved being a power ranger. So did I. You must be wondering what I meant by that, well facts are that Zordon left for his home world of Eltar. He sent someone called Dimitria to replace him. After that, Dimitria decided that it was time for us to retire from being rangers. So we chose our replacements. Tommy chose a guy named T.J Ryan. Katherine chose a girl named Cassie Chan. I chose a friend of mine named Carlos Vargas. And Tanya chose a girl named Ashley Hammond. They continued the war against evil that we had been fighting for years. After that, we all decided to do different things. Katherine decided to give the dancing school a try, so she left to go to Paris. Tanya decided to take that recording agent a call. So I really don't know where she is now. Tommy tried to give racing a try, but that didn't work out so well, so me and him are going to open a martial arts dojo. I guess that's the reason I'm writing this letter. Tommy and me want to know if you would like to join us in opening this dojo. You know where Tommy and I live. If you want to give it a try, let us know.

Sincerely, Adam and Tommy

For the next few moments, Rocky pondered on what he would do.

Back in space, the Astro Rangers were on their way back to Earth when DECA sounded an alarm.

"Dark Specter's forces are attacking the Megaship." DECA informed them.

"Alright everyone, get to your positions. We are going to have to try defend ourselves. Have you guys gotten accustomed to your controls yet" Andros asked.

"Yes, we have Andros." T.J replied with the others nodding.

"Alright weapon systems ready. FIRE!" Andros called.

With the blasts coming from the Astro Megaship, velocifighters were falling left and right. But for everyone that they destroyed, there seemed to be three more coming out of the woodwork.

"There's too many of them, Andros. What are we going to do?" Carlos asked.

"Main engine thrusters have been blasted. Andros, the megaship must make an emergency landing or we will all die." DECA informed them.

"Everyone, prepare for an emergency landing. DECA, what is that desert looking planet right there where we are heading into?" Andros asked.

"That planet is known as Kraybus. I have already locked a position to land the megaship, Andros." DECA told him.

"Alright, everyone brace yourselves." Andros called. Soon after he said that, the megaship entered Kraybus' atmosphere. It soon crashed into the surface of Kraybus.

"Is everyone ok?" T.J. asked trying to get up.

"I'm ok, how 'bout you guys." Carlos said getting up.

"I'm alright." Ashley said.

"I'm ok too." Andros added. "Cassie how about you."

"Cassie, you ok. Hey, where is Cassie?"

"Oh my god. CASSIE." Andros said rushing up to her as he and others saw her laying on the ground.

"Oh no. Her pulse is low. She hit her head really hard somewhere." Andros said.

Cassie was laying still on the ground near her console. Her head was covered with red blood.

"DECA, open the door to the infirmary room. We need to get Cassie some medicine before this gets any worse." Andros said as he picked her up and brought her to the infirmary room of the megaship.

A little while later, Andros returned to the others in the dining area with news of Cassie's condition.

"Um, I'm afraid my news is not good. Cassie lost a lot of blood. I was able to keep heart beat going, but she is not doing too well. She slipped into a coma moments after I revived her heart beat. All we can do now is try to get the megaship operational. Because we need to get her to Earth and let your doctors look at her. They could probably do more for her than I could." Andros explained with a touch of emotional pain evident in his voice.

"Darkonda, how is the attack on the Power Rangers going?" Dark Specter asked.

"Very well, my lord. We have forced them to crash land on a planet far from Earth." Darkonda replied.

"Excellent news, Darkonda. Divatox has already taken Dimitria and the Gold Ranger captive and destroyed the planets Inquiris and Triforia. Aquitar has been destroyed and the Alien Rangers have been taken. King Mondo has destroyed the phantom ranger's home world but the Phantom Ranger has eluded them. I have reason to believe that the Phantom Ranger may be heading for Earth." Dark Specter explained.

"Earth, why earth? There are no rangers on earth. There's noone on earth who can cause a problem to your reign." Darkonda replied.

"You fool. Have you forgotten who the Phantom Ranger. I know from my spies that have talked to him that he and Zordon, before I captured him, have somehow created six brand new morphing coins, the Zeo Coins. The rangers before the current ones are most likely the reason the Phantom Ranger is going to Earth. You must stop him from reaching them. Do you understand." Dark Specter explained.

"Yes, my lord. Set a course for Earth.

In downtown Angel Grovek, a dojo was having a great day for business. It seemed liked the day should be perfect, but one of the owners was not so happy as the other was.

"Hey, come on Tommy. You've been blue ever since August of '97. Why don't you talk about what's wrong with you man?" Adam Park asked.

"Adam, I'm not to sure you would understand why I am feeling so bad." Tommy Oliver replied.

"Really, you know, Tommy. We've known each other for so long. You should know by now that you can trust me."

"Ok, well, I guess the base of my problems started when I gave leadership of the team to T.J. Ryan. I know it was time for us to go on with our lives and pass the torch so to speak but after that it's seemed like my life has gone nowhere but south since then. I mean a few days after we left the team, I had to say goodbye to Katherine. And then, my racing dream went south when my uncle decided to let a more experienced driver enter the races instead of me. I don't know, maybe its just that I miss being a ranger or maybe its something else, I don't know." Tommy replied.

"Well, I guess I know what you mean. Everything was going fine with Tanya and me. Well, that was until she decided to try her dream about singing professionally. I hope it works out for her, I really do. But other than that, I do really miss being a power ranger, Tommy. Umm, Tommy, can I ask you a question."

"Sure, Adam. What is it?"

"Well, do you still keep your old power coin morpher around or did you destroy it?" Adam asked speaking low.

"Are you kidding, that's about the only thing I have left to remind me of the team we used to be. Of course I still have it, do you still have yours."

"Yeah, and until recently, I never gave this question must thought, but do you think these things still work?" Adam asked.

"I don't know, Adam. But if they do, its gotta be very dangerous. You know, the power coins being destroyed and all."

"Yeah, Tommy, this is only a thought, but after this class is over, would you want to go to a deserted part of the park and see if they still work."

Before Tommy could respond, a knock on the door occurred. They quickly put the old morphers away and Adam answered the door.

"Yeah, hey Derek, what's up." Tommy asked.

"Well, there's someone at the door who is asking for the two of you. He says you know him." Derek McCee said pointing to the man with blue jeans and a short sleeve red shirt on.


"Hey, Tommy. Look, its Rocky. He must have gotten our letter. Lets go drag him in the office and see how he is." Adam said as Tommy said "Thanks Derek, go put some of the newer recruits through the normal routines."

On a distant planet, the Astro Rangers were trying to repair the damage done to the megaship when they received a transmission from outer space.

"Astro Rangers, I know you're there. Why don't you answer me?" Dark Specter called.

"Dark Specter, what the hell do you want?" Andros asked.

"Simple, you know most of my plans. And just because I am willing to give you a chance, I am going to make you an offer. Surrender to me right now, and I will not destroy you, but if still resist my power, then you will be destroyed." Dark Specter told them.

"No way, Dark Specter. There is no way we will ever give up to you. You're not going to conquer the universe, if we don't stop you, there will be others who will." T.J. replied.

"Fine, foolish humans. As we speak, Darkonda is leading an attack squadron of velocifighters to earth to destroy it and all life on earth. Have a nice day!" Dark Specter said.

"Come one guys, lets get the megaship repaired and get Cassie back to a hospital. Cause I don't think Earth has much longer." Andros said.

Back on Earth, life was going pretty good for Katherine Hillard. She had just received a letter from her boyfriend, Tommy Oliver. She was enjoying dancing school. Still, through all of her happiness, she still seemed distant from everyone else. Her roommate Karen Steele even noticed her best friend's depression.

"Katherine, you've been moping around her for months. I think we've been close enough friends to where you trust me, so what's the matter with you." Karen Steele asked.

"It's a lot of things, really. The biggest one is Tommy. Ever since I got that letter from Tommy, a few weeks ago, I have really been missing being with him. The other thing is I miss all my friends that I used to hang out with. They were like family to me. And I don't even know what Tanya is doing." Kat replied.

"Hey, I'm sure she's fine. Besides, you may not know what your friends are doing, but you have friends here. Maybe we're not as close to you as your friends from Angel Grove are, but we are here for you if you want us to." Karen said. "Hey, listen, why don't you, me, and me go out tonight. Just you and me. We can wash away all those worries and have a little fun. How bout it?"

"Alright, I'm willing to give it a try." Katherine replied as Karen walked out the door.

"Well, I couldn't tell Karen what I'm really worried about. I wish I still was a power ranger." Katherine thought toherself. Then she reached into her suitcase and pulled out her old power coin morpher thinking to herself "Is there still a chance?"

Earth, from a distance, it looks like nothing more than a planet of water. But once you get closer to it, its beauty comes evident. Billy Cranston, the Phantom Ranger, was thinking to himself as Earth came into seeing distance.

"Well, my home. If only you knew what was coming. I've got to get these coins to my friends before Darkonda gets here with his forces. Six coins made from the energy of the Zeo Crystal. Each with a different spirit animal. Almost like the Ninjetti powers, only different. I just hope I can find them all. Since their retirement, they have been distant from each other.

In Kansas City, there was a musical performance taking place. Tanya Sloan was exploding the crowd with her beautiful voice. This had been her eleventh live performance since leaving Angel Grove. In the stage, it seemed like she was very happy. But behind the stage, Tanya was anything but happy.

"Another performance gone." Tanya said.

"Tanya, for someone who just keeps bringing in big bucks, you sure are depressed. Why have you been so depressed lately?" Natasha Davidson asked.

"Natasha, money isn't everything. I just keep wondering how my life would have ended up had I not left Angel Grove. I mean, I left everything behind. My boyfriend, my friends, my life. I just don't know what I can do now. I thought I would like going into the musical business, but I hate it. I think I am going to take a vacation. Yeah, I deserve one. I think I am going to go back to Angel Grove and see my friends."

"Darkonda, how long will it be before you reach Earth?" Dark Specter demanded.

"Well, from looking at how fast this thing goes, I would have to say about five days from now, maybe less, depending on our fuel." Darkonda replied.

"Darkonda, you had better not fail me, because if you do, you'd better hope your last life ends with the rangers because I am not going to be tolerant, do you understand?" Dark Specter asked.

"Of course, I understand. . . For Now!" Darkonda said as Dark Specter's communication link died out.

"I have had to take Dark Specter's orders for far too long, soon it will be time for me to claim my destiny and be the ruler of the universe and it will start with the destruction of Earth."

"Rocky, how have you been man? Its been a long time." Adam said as he and Tommy walked up their friend.

"I've been alright. You know, I got you letter this morning. Looks like your dojo is working out to be pretty good isn't it." Rocky replied.

"Yeah, its working out to be pretty good. We're making pretty good dough. So have you decided about our offer to you, Rocky. We sure could use someone with the fighting skills that you have." Tommy asked.

"I'm still not sure, first of all, how much are we talking about." Rocky asked.

"Well, total, all you would need to put in the dojo is about fifteen hundred bucks, we've already put in a lot of money." Adam said.

"Count me in, guys, I have been missing doing things with you guys. I am glad to be able to do things with you guys." Rocky replied.

"Hey, Katherine, I thought the point of this dinner was to help you feel better, you look like your feeling worse, why are you feeling so bad?" Karen asked.

"Its just that I miss my friends so much, Karen. Umm, Karen, would you do something for me."

"Sure, Kat, what is it?"

"I am going to go back home. I need to go back to Angel Grove. I have to see my friends soon. Would you tell Mr. Raydex that I will be back in a week. I need to figure a few things out. I'm going home." Kat said as she picked up her cell phone to reserve a seat on the nearest trip back to the states.

Back on the distant planet, the Astro rangers were in hurry to get the megaship repaired when DECA told them something very important.

"Rangers, I have discovered what planet we have landed on." DECA said.

"That's great, which planet is it?" Andros asked.

"We are on the planet Kraydox." DECA informed them.

"Oh no, DECA anything but Kraydox." Andros said.

"Why, what's wrong with Kraydox?" Ashley asked.

"Kraydox is the home of a race of vigilante bounty hunters known as the Barox. The second they realize we're here, they will come and try to kill us. That's why we have to hurry and fix the megaship, before they find us. We don't have much time now!" Andros explained.

"Whew, that plane ride was brutal. Well, I'm glad I'm finally back home. Back in Angel Grove." Katherine Hillard thought as the cab driver loaded her suitcases in the trunk of the cab.

"So, where to miss." The cab driver asked.

"South Angel Street. The Heaven's Door Apartments." Katherine replied with a slight sound of excitement in her voice. Today, she knew she would be reunited with her friends and her boyfriend who she had not seen for too long.

In the south side of the Angel Grove Park, near the lake, a strange black and silver space craft was making a landing.

"Whoa, that was close. Cloak shield engage." Billy Cranston the Phantom Ranger said as he was walking away from his ship. Today, he was wearing a black pair of pants with black boots and a black belt. He was wearing a black short sleeved shirt, carrying a duffel bag with most likely his clothes. Today would be the day that he would change the lives of his friends forever.

"Lets see, according to my navigator, Tommy and Adam's dojo should be that way, so I guess its time to go find them before Darkonda gets here." Billy thought to himself.

Back at the dojo, Tommy and Adam were enjoying seeing their friend that they had not seen for about one and a half years.

"So Rocky, what have you been doing this past year since you left the team?" Adam asked.

"Not really that much, all I've really been doing is working at Stone's packaging company. I have been earning a lot of money." Rocky replied.

Then, all of a sudden, the phone rang.

"Hello, Heaven's Dojo. How may we help you today?" Tommy asked.

Then a deep voice answered and said "You, Adam, and Rocky need to meet at the south end of the park, its very urgent."

The person on the other end then hung up. All Tommy could do is tell the other two what he had heard.

"I don't know, that was some guy saying for us to meet somebody at the south end of the park, then he hung up." Tommy told them.

"Do you think we should go?" Rocky asked.

"Couldn't hurt. Because if he said it was urgent, maybe its something we could help him with." Tommy replied.

"Yeah, thanks for helping me unload my stuff." Kat said as the cab driver drove away.

"Oh my god, Katherine, I can't believe your back in town, girl." Tanya Sloan said as she ran up to her.

"Tanya, hey, I haven't seen you since you left for Kansas City. How is your singing career been going?" Kat asked.

"Not very good. I thought I would enjoy going but I haven't. I've already signed the papers with my producers and my agent. I'm not part of it anymore. So how's dancing in Paris going."

"Well, pretty good, up until I got a letter from Tommy. I guess I'm just a homesick girl. I can't live without my friends and family. And that's what you guys are to me. So I guess I might be staying here." Katherine said right before her cell phone rang. "Yes, who is it?"

"Is Tanya with you Katherine?" A deep voice spoke.

"Yes, but why are you asking that and who is this?"

"This is someone who wants to put things right. The two of you must go to the south end of the Angel Grove Park, immediately." The voice before it cut itself off.

"Who was that Kat?" Tanya asked.

"I don't know. Whoever it was, wants us to go to the south end of the Angel Grove Park, do you think we should go?" Katherine asked.

"Do you think it's a trap?"

"Maybe, but what if it is a prank that Tommy and Adam are pulling. If it is there's only one way we can tell. Let's go."Kat said as the two of them left in Tanya's yellow convertible.

Back at the site where the Astro Megaship crashed, the rangers were working endlessly trying to get the ship fixed when the rangers noticed Andros slipped away to go see how Cassie was doing.

"Hey, Ashley. Do you think Andros has a thing for Cassie? He's certainly giving her more attention than you." Carlos asked.

"Hey, its quite possible. May he likes Cassie. Only time will tale."

"Cassie, I hope you can hear me. I know I have just met you, but I know you have a strong spirit. You have to pull through this. I have only had a few friends in my life. And you and the others are some of them. I don't know what I would do if you died the day I met you. Please pull through." Andros said as he held her hand close to him. Then suddenly, the alarm sounded and Andros rushed to the bridge where the others where and discovered the source of their problems.

"Looks like our secret's up. I had a feeling that we wouldn't be undetected much longer." Andros said.

"So, you guys ready to see how your new powers work out?" Andros asked.

"Yeah, lets do it." T.J, Ashley, and Carlos agreed.

"Alright, Lets Rocket!" Andros called.

Then, in four flashes of light, Andros, T.J., Carlos, and Ashley appeared before the Barox bounty hunters as Red Astro, Blue Astro, Black Astro, and Yellow Astro.

"Spiral Saber!" Red Astro called.

"Astral Ax!" Blue Astro called.

"Lunar Lance!" Black Astro called.

"Star Slingers!" Yellow Astro called.

Then, the Astro Rangers had their weapons and began battling the bounty hunters with their martial arts skills and their weapons.

Back on earth, in the south side of the park to be precise, Katherine and Tanya arrived in Tanya's convertible only to be utterly surprised.

"Tommy, is it really you?" She asked rushing up to him.

"Kat, I didn't know you were back in town. How long are you staying?"

"I'm pretty sure it indefinite." Kat replied.

"Really, that's great." Rocky added.

"Rocky, its nice to see you, but what are you guys doing here." Tanya asked.

"I asked them to be here, just as I asked the two of you to be here. To set things right. Do you remember." The deep voice came from behind two large widow oak trees.

"Who are you?" Tommy asked trying to see the person's face as he stood behind the oaks.

"Come on, you don't remember me, Tommy. Well, I guess I can't blame you. I was a lot older then." The voice said as he walked out of the shadows and revealed his face to his friends.

"Billy, is that you?" Katherine asked.

"Yes, it is. It is me, guys. I'm back."

"Wow, man, you look. . . . . different." Rocky said.

"Well, my experience with the aging changed me a lot. I'm now a lot quicker, smarter, wiser, and tougher than I was before. That leads me to why I'm here. You guys." Billy added.

"Ok, why are you here then Billy?" Tommy asked.

"Before I tell you why I'm here, I have to tell you the reasoning about why I left, originally." Billy said. Then Billy went into the events of leaving Earth and going to Aquitar. And leaving Aquitar and going to Eltar to get his youth back. Then he went into the events of the phantom ruby, meeting Andros, designing the Astro Megaship, and creating the Astro Powers. Finally, he explained why he was there to see them. "You see guys, Dark Specter has already captured most of the universe. Earth doesn't have much time. The Astro Rangers are gone at the moment. I don't know what has happened to them. That is where you guys come in."

"What do you mean, we're powerless?" Tommy said.

"No your not. It only seems that way. Do you guys remember the zeo crystal? Although the power of the crystal was used to form the turbo keys, the crystal was never destroyed. Zordon took it withhim when he left earth. When my aging problem was fixed, we put our minds together and used most of the remaining energies of the zeo crystal and some energy of the morphin grid to create six coins. The Zeo Ninjetti coins. The reason I say Ninjetti is because we called for the help of Dulcea and Ninjor. They put their mystical powers and merged six animal spirits inside the coins. It was Zordon's wish that the coins be activated through your power coin morphers. Which leads to the reason I am here. Do you have your morphers with you."

"Yes, I guess we all have ours with us." Tommy said as everyone pulled their morpher out of their pockets.

"I must ask you this. Would you want to be rangers again?" Billy asked.

"ABSOLUTELY BILLY." They all screamed in almost unison.

"Then I have to tell you this. Although I have the blue coin morpher, I will not be the blue zeo ranger, because of reasons I will explain to you in a few moments. Tommy, the White Zeo Ninjetti coin will be yours. Please place it in your morpher. Katherine, the Pink Zeo Ninjetti coin will be yours. Adam, the Green Zeo Ninjetti coin will be yours. Tanya, because Aisha has the yellow morpher, here will be your new coin morpher, and you will have the Yellow Zeo Ninjetti coin. Rocky, the Red Zea Ninjetti coin will be yours."

"But you said there were six coins. You've only gave us five. What about the blue coin?" Tommy asked.

"The Blue Zea Ninjetti coin would normally be mine, but because I already have a different Zea Ninjetti power, it will not." Billy explained.

"Wait a minute, a different power, what does that mean." Rocky asked.

"This is what I mean." Billy said as he showed them his necklace that he had been wearing. "This is the seventh Zea Ninjetti power, the power of the Black Zea Ninjetti. It is stronger than the others, but cannot be activated without the others."

"Ah, man. That's awesome. So Billy, who will be the Blue Zea Ninjetti coin go to." Tommy asked.

"Well, I believe you know the guy. When they were created, the coins have to be held by those who possess the right spirit animal. The Blue Zea Ninjetti spirit is the panther. The computers on board my Phantom ship indicate that a guy named Derek McCee holds that particular animal. So he is going to be the Blue Zea Ninjetti Ranger."

"Derek? Are you sure?" Adam asked.

"Yes, I am absolutely sure. Adam, can you and Rocky go bring him here. We will wait here." Billy asked.

"You bet, we'll be back." Rocky said as he and Adam took Tommy's four by four to the dojo.

"Andros, there are too many of them to fend off. We are going to have to regroup." Blue Astro said.

"Looks like we may have to. DECA is the megaship ready to take off." Red Astro asked.

"If we take off now, we will only get half the distance that it will take to get from here to Earth. Are you sure you want to risk it?" DECA asked.

"No, I don't want to, but we're out of options. DECA secure the infirmary room and start the engines, we're leaving right now. C'mon guys, lets get back to the megaship." Red Astro commanded.

"Right." The other three said in unison.

Soon, the four Astro Rangers were at the bridge of the ship steering the ship away from the planet. But soon after they left that deserted planet, at least ten Velocifighter were firing on them.

"Velocifighters are attacking." Ashley said.

"Come on, everyone stay sharp. We need to separate ourselves from them as quickly as possible." Andros said. But just then, a gigantic warship unlike any other, hovered over them. The gigantic warship opened up its door and a beam of bluish-green light shined out pulling the megaship inside it. Then, after the Astro Megaship was inside the warship, the Astro Rangers placed their helmets back on and headed out of the megaship.

"Stop, don't even move. Drop your weapons or we'll destroy you right now." Darkonda ordered.

"Do it, guys. We're no good to earth or Zordon if we're destroyed." Andros informed them as they dropped their weapons and the quantrons grabbed them pulling them toward the dungeon area of the ship.

Back at the Heaven's Dojo, Rocky and Adam were walking in the door when they saw the object of their mission. Derek McCee was training the dojo's newest recruit, Jeff Daggert.

"Hey Derek, can we speak to you for a second?" Adam asked.

"Sure, boss, just a second. Missy, could you teach the rest of the first lesson for me please. What's up guys?" Derek asked.

"Well, we can't really explain it. We need you to come with us. Will you come with us please?" Rocky said.

"What about my shift? Your not going to dock my pay if I come with you, are you?" Derek asked.

"No, of course not. We're not like that, Derek. We just need for you to come with us. So come on." Adam added.

And with all that being said, the three of them got into Rocky's truck and they headed for the south end of the park.

"You see Astro Rangers, you shouldn't resist Dark Specter's power. Now that we have you in our possession, there will be nothing from stopping me from destroying the earth." Darkonda said smiling with a very evil grin.

"You may have us Darkonda, but the Phantom Ranger is still out there. Billy will find a way to stop you." Andros said staring at Darkonda.

"Foolish ranger, the Phantom Ranger can't stop me. He's only one. There will be at least two thousand velocifighters attacking different locations of the earth. One ranger can do nothing. Your reign of having a free universe is going to end very soon" Darkonda concluded.

Back at the south end of the park, Rocky and Adam returned with Derek.

"Hey, why have you guys brought me here. Would somebody tell me what's going on here?" Derek demanded.

"Derek, you are here to be a power ranger." Billy said walking up to him.

"Hah hah hah. That's funny, man. Now if that's the only reason you guys pulled me out here for, to play a joke on me. I would like to get back." Derek said.

"Derek, look behind you." Billy said.

"Why, what am I going to see, some kind of spacecraft?" Derek mused.

"JUST DO IT!" Billy demanded. Then, as Derek turned, Billy turned the cloaking device of his ship off to reveal the phantom ship to Derek.

"Oh, my god. You guys really are the power rangers." Derek said.

"Well, used to be. But thanks to Billy, we are going to be a new force of power rangers, Derek, your animal spirit matches that of the Blue Zea Ninjetti coin, what do you say, I know you can defend yourself in a battle, I've taught you almost everything I know, do you want to be a member of this new team, yes or no?" Tommy said.

"Well, why not. I'm in what do I have to do." Derek said.

"Here, Derek. Take this power coin morpher. Derek, this is the Blue Zea Ninjetti coin. Please place this coin in the morpher. When the time is right, we will all use our coins in battle against Dark Specter's forces. Now, I must tell you about your new spirit animals that you will possess. I will start with my own. I will possess the Black Lion spirit animal, and with that comes leadership of the Zea Ninjetti Ranger team. Tommy, as second in command, you will possess the White Phoenix spirit animal. Katherine, you will possess the Pink Eagle spirit animal. Adam, you will possess the spirit of the mystical Green Dragon. Tanya, you will possess the Yellow Unicorn spirit animal. And Derek, you will possess the Blue Panther spirit animal." Billy explained.

"So, Billy. What do we do now?" Tommy asked.

"We wait until Dark Specter's forces get here. But above it all, we must be ready for the toughest battle that we have ever faced."

The End . . . For Now!