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I also need to credit Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Blake's Seven and Star Fleet/ X-Bomber for some of the ideas in this book and for general inspiration. References are made later in the series to Sailormoon, Digimon, Pokemon, Robotech, Zoids, Gundam Wing, Captain Planet, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future and Dragonball-Z and any character or idea taken from those series is done without permission.  If there is anything I've forgotten such as MASK, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds or Ghostbusters, they're not mine either.
I would like to thank Jeremy Ray Logsdon, Ellen Brand and Randel for writing their respective series. They were an inspiration to me two years ago when I started writing this series and remain so regardless of the numerous rewrites I have produced. The basis of the Morphin Grid in this series is modified from Randel's version of Ellen's definition of the Morphin Grid. The idea of the Infinity Crystals in later chapters was inspired by Jeremy Ray's Earth Crystals and Marvel Comic's Infinity Quest.  Any characters used have been taken with the permission of the author.
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Author's Note: This is a rewrite of the first part of Conquest of Evil first released at the Command Center Archives in 1998/99. This has been rewritten to allow for later seasons of Power Rangers including Wild Force.
Time Line: The series does not adhere to the Saban timeline. The year is 1996 and the series begins after Billy left for Aquitar, but before Jason started to lose the powers of the Gold Ranger.

At What Cost Victory?
by ShadowRanger

NASADA Base, Angel Grove

"Excellent work Doctor Belle," General Wicks said as he followed the white clad scientists into the test bay.

"As you can see General," Graham Belle answered, ignoring the compliment. "The Pulse Bomb is ready. It will knock out every electronic device in a country the size of Australia."

"So it would have little problem against the Machine Empire," General Wicks agreed.

"Indeed," Doctor Belle agreed.

He directed the General towards the control center where his daughters Josephine and Jennifer were working. At twenty-five Josie was one of the Belle's greatest programmers. Her sister Jennifer still had a lot to learn but was catching up with her older sibling at a surprising rate.

"Ladies," the General acknowledged.

The two girls mock saluted before going back to work. For some the idea of a sixteen year old being allowed anywhere near such advanced technology would seem ludicrous, but Doctor Belle had raised his daughters to appreciate all the good that computers could do while instilling in them a moral objection to replacing humans with machines.

"As you can see, our role in this operation is almost complete," Doctor Belle said. "The electronics are complete and the programming has been design to allow remote detonation. I'm afraid we cannot provide a way to get it into space."

"This is NASADA Doctor," the General laughed, "I'm sure the United State's Space Agency can find a way to get it there. Which is why I'll be taking it with me"

"Pardon?" Doctor Belle asked in shocked surprise.

"The United States Government has decided that this bomb poses too great a threat to be left here. It will be moved to a more secure area."

"More secure than thirty miles underground in a bunker intended to survive a full scale nuclear assault?" Mrs Belle asked.

"I'm afraid I can't answer that Mrs Belle," the General smiled. "Classified." His tone changed as he gave his next orders. "The bomb will be collected immediately. You are ordered not to leave this room or contact anyone until the convoy is underway. This is a code red situation."


Angel Grove Youth Center

"Turn... bow... begin!" Tommy said as he and Rocky watched two of the older students compete.

At seventeen Eric Meyers was one of their most skilled combatants albeit with an attitude problem. Samoht Revilo on the other hand always seemed to be hiding something yet was always friendly when he spoke to them. Both youths worked hard and seemed to compete with each other. So when the opportunity for a scored spar had arisen, the two students had jumped at the chance.

Eric scored the first point much to his delight. Tommy knew Samoht would not hear the end of that one until he scored, which he did less than a few seconds later. A clean kick struck Eric and the point was awarded to Samoht.

Those watching would have noticed the similarities between Tommy and Samoht's style. Tommy had mentioned it a few times although he had never asked Sam where he had learnt to fight.

"Point Eric," Tommy said as the older boy took Samoht down with a leg sweep and finished him with a chop.

Beep beep beep beep beep beep!

"Cease!" Tommy instructed as he made eye contact with Rocky and Adam. "I need to go guys, good match though."

With that he raced off leaving a very confused Eric and a slightly amused Samoht behind.


NASADA Storage Facility, Angel Grove

The convoy of four jeeps, two transportation lorries and a small tank remained motionless as its occupants were confronted by a team of six multicolored fighters brandishing an array of weapons. More guards were rushing from the barracks located behind the warehouse as desperate civilian employees scrambled to escape what promised to be a bloody confrontation.

A large green car pulled up, the flags fluttering in the midday breeze. A soldier stepped from the driver's seat and opened the rear door. He opened the door and saluted as his superior officer moved into view.

"Zeo Cannon!" five of the six strangers called. "Fire!"

A large weapon appeared on their shoulders and they aimed it at the ground next to the car, ignoring the guns that were now trained on them. A blast of multicolored energy caused the ground to explode, taking the car and its driver with it. In a blur of action the costumed assailants attacked the other soldiers as the General's protests were ignored.

"It was a good plan," Red Zeo told the General as the Rangers attacked. "Dress up as our own military and steal the Pulse Bomb before the government could sanction it."

"Rangers, what are you talking about? You're delirious; my men are simply moving the bomb to a safer location. If Mondo were to lay his hands on it now, it could be disastrous."

"Zeo Pistol!" Tommy said softly as he pulled and armed his small weapon and pointed it at the General. "This won't hurt," he assured the officer as he aimed at the soldier before adding, "much".

Red Zeo fired off six low energy shots, drawing a gasp from the media who had gathered for the unveiling of the new super weapon designed and built by the Belle Organization. The man's uniform smoked as each discharge burned a little more of the fabric away. On the sixth shot the General's belt snapped, revealing a lack of underwear and the smoothest pair of metallic legs anyone had ever seen. In panic the officer managed to knock the rubber mask from his face, confirming what the six Rangers already suspected, he was one of King Mondo's machines.

The real soldiers, who had been attracted by the noise, swiftly moved the shocked crowd away as the Rangers attacked the other Cogs who had been exposed with their leader. Already several Cogs had been shutdown, but at two to one the Cogs had the strength of numbers; the Rangers were not in the mood for fun and games. They beat on the mechanical terrors with all the aggression they could muster, and showed no reluctance to double or even triple team a single robot.

Things had changed since Jason had been the Red Ranger. Back the team had been reliant on Zordon for guidance and it had taken the arrival of the Green Ranger for them to actually think for themselves. That was probably a bit harsh, but the days of waiting for an enemy to make the first move were behind them. Now that the United Nations had made it clear that Rita, Zedd, their henchman and anyone else considering conquering Earth were unwelcome, their very appearance on Earth was an invitation to be attacked. They were still offered the chance to leave, but the Rangers were able to take some proactive measures against their opponents.

It was, Jason reasoned, a sign that the team was facing a more serious threat than they had against Rita and Zedd. Back when he had been leader the attacks had been almost weekly due to the time taken for Finster to build Putties and think up a new monster, not to mention that her migraines seemed to consume a lot of her time. Mondo however, was a machine. He rarely got tired and already had a near inexhaustible supply of parts. With Machina and Sprocket to help him, Mondo was able to send attacks every couple of days. And if he didn't send an attack for more than a few days, then the Rangers knew they were in real trouble.

"You know," the Gold Ranger called to his red teammate, "We need to buy Mondo a diary because he has lousy timing."

Tommy grinned under his mask, knowing full well why Jason was annoyed. The message from Zordon had come at an inconvenient time for the Gold Ranger. To be caught in class or during training was one thing, but to have to teleport from the men's showers at the Youth Center wearing only a towel had proven especially embarrassing. _For one thing, _ the Red Zeo Ranger smirked, _Every time he tried to morph he almost dropped the towel. _ The look on Kat and Tanya's faces would have been worth a fortune if that had happened, not to mention that Jason would had been the red ranger once more.

"You so didn't want to do that," they heard Yellow Zeo say from not too far to their left.

They looked over in time to see Tanya rubbing the base of her helmet where one of the Cogs had landed a powerful right hand. He imagined that she would have a nasty bruise there for a couple of days.

"Zeo II Power Punch!" she called.

Her Zeonisers drew more power from the Zeo Crystal as they usually did when calling on Zeo Zord II. The difference was that instead of diverting the excess power into the battle machine, it was focussed into her fist.

"I'll teach ye not to hit a lady," she promised the Cogs as her fist connected with the side of its metallic jaw.

The head was transformed as it flew from the shoulders into a ball of shrapnel that tore a neighboring robot.

Adam turned from where he was easily holding off two Cogs to give his girlfriend the thumbs up, while Rocky plowed through his own opponents with a Zeo Power Kick.

Tommy did the quick math and discovered there were at most six Cogs excluding the General, whom Kat had chosen as a guinea pig for her own frustration at being called away from dance class.

"Switch off," Red Zeo called.

His Pink friend nodded and moved alongside Jason while Tommy handled the now dented general.

"Golden Power Staff!" Gold Ranger called.

"Zeo I Power Disk!" Kat cried. "Hi-yah!"

The Zeo Power Disk sliced through each of the Cogs, separating their heads from the robotic bodies.

"Time for a Gold Rush!" Jason cried as he raced forward, ignoring the pain he felt as the Gold Ranger powers used yet more of his energy.

Despite what they public believed, the Gold Ranger was not a Zeo Ranger. His powers bore a similarity to those of the Zeo Crystal, but there was no other connection. The Gold Ranger drew his powers from the Golden Power Staff in the same way that the Power Rangers had once used Power Coins. It was larger than a Power Coin due to the way it drew its energy and the person who had forged it was not a Morphin Master.

The Golden Power Staff drew energy from a small section of the Morphin Grid and forced it to comply with the rules of science. As such the energy was not effected by Iron in the same way as most magic would and could even be used by Iron based life forms such as the Machine Empire. Hence the reason Mondo had put a lot of time into capturing the weapon.

For a human the continued use of the Gold Ranger powers was dangerous since the Power Staff had a tendency to leech energy from their souls. Triforians however were the perfect avatars for the powers because each Triforian was comprised of three souls, united as one under normal circumstances until death. At present there was only one Triforian who had split into his three parts and as a result had been forced to pass the Golden Power Staff to Jason.

That Jason felt any pain caused by his use of the Gold Ranger powers was a bad sign. He hadn't talked to Zordon about it, but from his discussions with Trey just after his first battle, Jason knew that the pain was his body's attempt to rid itself of the danger. He hoped Trey would be ready to retrieve the powers soon because Jason was unsure how long it would be before the pain grew unbearable.

As the heads that Kat had sliced off with surgical precision fell to the ground, the raw heat of the Gold Rush erased the metal bodies. All of which left only the Cog General to be dealt with.

"I am Garrison ," the robot revealed, as several panels opened to expose an array of weaponry. "King Mondo's finest creation."

"Yeah and Rito Revolto is a member of MENSA," Tanya snapped back.

"Why not try my twenty-one gun salute?" Garrison suggested.

Before the Rangers could decline several bursts of energy exploded from the machine's chest. The Rangers were thrown back; the military vehicles behind them were not so fortunate.

"Zordon, emergency teleport," Green Zeo yelled.

The truck containing the Pulse Bomb was transported to a safer part of the military base where Alpha had set up equipment to block and further teleport attempts. Although the bomb exploding would solve the problem of it being stolen and eliminate Garrison , it would also wipe out every mechanical device in Angel Grove. That was something they could not allow.

"Man, we really need a plan," Tommy commented as they all ducked for cover. "Adam?"

The normally quiet Green Zeo Ranger also acted as the team's strategist, drawing on the things his father had taught him growing up to devise workable plans. Tommy tended to defer to Adam's judgement almost as much as he had Billy's.

"Hold still," Adam warned the others as he unclipped his Zeo Pistol and fired at the ground.

The soil beneath them gave way to form a small trench. At the same time the jeep they had been crouched behind tipped to provide more cover.

"Now teleport," he told them. The others did as they were told, leaving Adam behind. He dared to glance around the edge of the jeep and ducked back as a plasma burst almost took his head off. "Zordon, I need all the teleport systems tuned to my frequency."

The teleportation system had always been separate from the Power. When morphed they had been able to use the Power Coins or Zeo Crystal to teleport, but the ability when demorphed was linked directly to the Morphin Grid. Complex machinery in the old Command Center and now the Power Chamber allowed them more control over the function. It also allowed the Zeo Rangers to control their journeys when morphed. That was what Adam planned now.

By altering the device so it listened for the signal from his communicator he hoped the system would respond faster than the Zeo Crystal would. At least it had better respond faster or he would be in serious trouble.

"Yes Adam," Zordon's voice responded.

The Green Zeo Ranger did not bother to reply; instead he was using the scanning apparatus in his helmet to pinpoint targets. He checked the grip on his Zeo Pistol and then jumped into the air, hoping that Garrison would not take the opportunity to shoot him down. As he moved higher he squeezed off a shot from his weapon, marking the ground where it hit. He repeated the step several times as he marked different distances on the ground. Then he teleported just as Garrison locked on.

He reappeared next to the first mark he had had placed on the ground and waited. The machine turned and fired, but not before Adam had moved to his next location. Each time he vanished, Adam moved further away, testing the monster's ability to fire from a distance and predict his next move. When he collected all he needed to know for those tasks he started randomly appearing to test the speed of response. Al went well until a lucky shot clipped his leg.

"Now I have you..."

The tip of Blue Zeo's Power Weapon remained embedded in Garrison 's skull as the other Rangers rescued their friend. Zordon had worked out what the Green Zeo Ranger was planning, and had adapted the teleport system so they could all move short distances like Tommy had done in his days as the Green Ranger. Of course Rocky's first instinct was to stop the machine from hurting his friend.

"Hard and fast," Adam told Red Zeo. "His range is half a mile."

"You have a plan?" Tommy asked.

Under his helmet Adam smiled. "Oh yes." He started to tell them his idea.


"Hey ugly!" Tanya called as she moved into sight. "Your momma was a snowblower!"

It was a shame that trash talking was not part of the Ranger power, but they made do with what they had. The effort had the desired effect regardless of quality; Garrison turned and fired on Tanya, who teleported away.

"Hah, you wouldn't hit us if we were the size of King Mondo's butt!" Rocky called.

The machine reset its targeting device quickly and locked in on Rocky. The Blue Zeo Ranger moved before Garrison could fire, reappearing just a few feet away. He teleported again as Jason took his place.

"Watch the birdie," the Gold Ranger whispered as he lifted the Golden Power Staff. "Gold Flash!"

A ball of golden energy exploded from the end of the Power Staff and blinded Garrison long enough for Jason to escape.

Kat was next up, using a few dance techniques she learnt in ballet to confuse the robot until she was ready. The she whipped out her Zeo Pistol and took a few shots at its head.

"Pink Zeo Firecloud!" she called, as Garrison was engulfed in a cloud of hot gases.

Garrison fired his weapons and the gases exploded. He was consumed in a ball of flame. And when the flame cleared he saw Red Zeo move in with the final blow.

"Defender Whe- Sphere!" Tommy called. He had forgotten that the name had changed.

The cage-like ball that Billy had designed to replace the original design dropped from Zeo Zord V. As Tommy's hands touched the metal frame the power of the Zeo Crystal was transferred into the cage. Inside Tommy momentarily demorphed, but was quite save, unlike those outside the sphere. As he moved his legs so the ball started to move and as he increased speed the sphere glowed brightly.

"Please Red Ranger, let's discuss this," Garrison begged.

"Too late," Tommy answered. "Seeya!"

Garrison fired his entire magnificent arsenal in a vain attempt to stop the inbound Red Ranger, but only managed to slow him down. Nevertheless it was enough to save the machine from totally destruction as the Defender Sphere bounced away.

"You will have to do better than... Uh oh!" Garrison started.

"Fire!" The Rangers called as the Zeo Power Blaster held by Gold Ranger and the Zeo Cannon fired at the same time.


On the Moon, Mondo was less than pleased at the way the battle was going. Garrison had been designed as a stealth robot not a combatant. It was surprising the machine had lasted this long. Still, Mondo was not about to let an opportunity to defeat the Power Rangers slip through his fingers.



"...And away ye go!" Klank cried as he released Orbus.

"Here you go buddy," Orbus said as he triggered Garrison 's growth mechanism.

"Now I will show you some real fire power!" Garrison said.

Large cannons appeared on each shoulder as the leg mass increased to provide extra support. A rocket pack on its back allowed it to leap while enlarged sensor arrays gave it an excellent aim. Most surprisingly, the full-grown version in no way resembled Garrison . This was a different machine.

"We need Super Zeo Megazord power," the Rangers called. "Now!"

The Zord was fired from the Power Chamber's launch tube without the need to join later.

"Jason, take control for a moment," Tommy said. "Alpha, send in the Zeo Zords, from the far side of the base."

"You have an idea?" Green Zeo comment.

Tommy grinned; Zord battles were definitely more fun.

The ground rumbled as Zeo Zord III and Zeo Zord IV pulled Zeo Zord I and II towards the Rangers. After inserting their Zeonizer Crystals in their respective slots, the Rangers felt the familiar power boost that signaled the conversion to Megazord mode.

"Alright guys, logon!" Red Zeo ordered as he watched the power reading reach the required level. "Let's put them together."

Zeo Zords VI and III quickly released their pulling chains, which allowed the constantly pulling winch mounted on the fronts of Zeo I and II to haul them back inside. At the same time the weapons mounted on the Pink and Yellow Zords retracted inside as Zeo Zord V flew overhead. As the tops of the two Zords detached, the legs were ready to receive the rest of the Megazord. By that time Zeo Zord III and IV had launched into the air and merged to form the arms and body of the Zord. The Phoenix Zord once again swooped down from on high and the computer beeped as it pinpointed the connection and the wings started to fold out of the way. Then Tanya selected the Zeo II Battle Helmet to allow them Zeo rocket power.

"Okay guys, Kat and Adam take the Super Zeo Megazord, Tanya and I will control the Zeo Megazord. Rocky, find the Belles and prepare for teleportation."

"Rangers, Pyramidas is at your disposal," they heard Trey tell them.

Tommy smiled again. The final part of his plan had just fallen into place.


Blue Zeo took longer than usual to reappear through the thick concrete to the Belle's research laboratory. Inside he could see they were kneeling over the body of the real General Wicks. They looked up as he entered, but relaxed once they knew whom it was.

"How is he?" Rocky asked, his concern for the injured general pushing aside other concerns for the time being.

"He'll live," Doctor Belle answered. "What can we do for you Blue Ranger?"

"The Cogs wanted the Pulse Bomb," Rocky said. He held up a hand to stop Josie's protest. "We stopped them, but Mondo's new monster is tearing up the base and will probably move on to Angel Grove."

"I take it you're not here just to keep us advised," Mrs Belle commented. "What do you want?"

"We need the Pulse Bomb," Rocky answered. "We can use it to knock out the entire Machine Empire in one go.

"That would mean taking it into space," Josie mused. "Can you do that?"

"We have something in mind," Rocky assured her.

"I bet," Josie muttered, not impressed.

Josie had nothing against the Rangers; in fact it was their technology that had once save her father from the maniacal Machine Empire. It was just that she hated the idea that they only had one bomb and it would take a long time to design a replacement.

"We need to see it to detonate," she said at last.

Rocky considered what she was effectively asking. Taking a civilian along on the mission was definitely out, but even NASADA's radar would be unable to keep up with Megazord in flight. Taking her to the Power Chamber though would mean revealing one of the Rangers' greatest secrets.

"Whom would you need to take with you?" he asked.

"Any two of us can detonate the bomb remotely," Doctor Belle revealed.

"I'm going," Josie volunteered.

"Me too," Jennifer added.

Blue Zeo nodded and the three of them teleported away.


"Red BattleZord!" Red Zeo called from the cockpit where he and Tanya were taking a beating.

Garrison wasn't the most sophisticated machine they had ever fought, but he was the one with the most weapons. Unfortunately that meant the neither of the Megazords could get close, something they needed to do if Tommy's plan was to succeed.

Red BattleZord flew towards Garrison and plough through him at full speed. That was enough for the Super Zeo Megazord to grab hold of him and the Zeo Megazord to use its fists.

"We're ready Tommy," Rocky's voice said from inside the Super Zeo Megazord.

"Alright, let's do this," Tommy said.

The Super Zeo Megazord and Zeo Megazord took off; dragging the machine with them while Jason waited inside Pyramidas. When they reach orbit they directed the battle machines to a clear area and ordered Jennifer and Josie to launch the Pulse Bomb.

"Hey, you can't do this," Garrison protested. "Nooooooooo..."

The Pulse Bomb exploded and all was silent. The Megazords, Machine Empire and Garrison ceased movement, as their electrical circuits were rendered useless.

"Now what?" Kat asked.

Everything had been planned up to the explosion. Now they were floating hopelessly and with a limited supply of Oxygen.

"There!" Adam cried as Pyramidas flew into range.

"Ultra Carrier Zord!" the Rangers called, hoping the systems in Pyramidas would be enough.

Fortunately the Carrier Zord teleported both of the Megazords aboard before it blasted Garrison to pieces and returned to Earth.


In their camper van, Rita and Zedd exchanged glances as they witnessed what had happened. In a single effort the Rangers had defeated not only the monster of the day, but had effectively ruined the Machine Empire. Mondo, Machina, Sprocket, Klank and Orbus had all been caught by the EMP wave. They remained lifeless, as their Cogs stood frozen. The few machines unaffected by the wave were of no help since they were awaiting the programming only Mondo and Machina could provide.

In one move the Rangers had saved the Earth from the machine threat and unknowingly allowed Rita and Zedd an opening. With Mondo gone the diabolical duo could once again attack, using the Rangers' sudden weakness to their advantage. Despite their victory, the Rangers had taken a major loss. The Zeo and Super Zeo Megazord had been shutdown by the pulse. As had several of Zordon's satellites. For a short time the Rangers were both blind and helpless.

On another part of the Moon another celebration was taking place. Gasket and Archerina had also detected Mondo's deactivation. Like Rita and Zedd they could see the opportunity to seize control of the Earth, but unfortunately they lacked the resources. Previously Gasket had used Mondo's empire to build new forces, but with everything affected by the EMP, there was little he could use.

Gasket did not delude himself that Mondo was gone for good. The Royal House of Gadgetry was constructed to last even in the face of death. Even though Mondo seemed dead, his internal mechanisms were starting to repair themselves and bypass damaged areas. It would take time, but the Machine King would live again.

In the meantime Gasket had a project he wanted to complete. The Gold Ranger had shown signs of weakness in his recent battle; weakness that indicated Jason was starting to reject the Gold Ranger powers. If Gasket could lay his hands on the Golden Power Staff while Jason was weak he would have the means to unseat Mondo for good.


Power Chamber

"Congratulations Rangers," Zordon said when the Rangers returned to their base. "The Pulse Bomb has proven an effective weapon and the Machine Empire have been seriously hindered in their attempts to conquer the planet."

"Zordon, we didn't finish them," Tommy stated.

"Hey," Jennifer interrupted. "Before we go any further, it's difficult to talk to someone wearing a mask."

The Rangers exchanged glances and decided they had already trusted the Belle's with one of their greatest secrets. They might as well go the rest of the way.

"Power Down!" Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Kat and Tanya called.

Jason did not power down. Instead he removed his helmet to enter standby mode after remembering that his clothes were still in Ernie's locker room. Besides, in standby mode the pain he normally felt subsided and allowed him to recover.

Josie Belle looked blankly at the unmasked Rangers, but recognition dawned in Jennifer's eyes. She had been to school with these people, maybe not in all their classes, but Rocky at least looked like a boy from one of her classes.

"I think we take Drama together," she said.

Rocky smiled, he had seen Jennifer a few times during class, normally with the stagehands whilst he was on stage.

"Rocky DeSantos," he said as he shook her hand. "This is Adam Park, Tommy Oliver, Kat Hilliard and Tanya Sloan. The guy in black over there is Jason Lee-Scott."

"And I am Trey," a voice said from the side of the chamber.

They looked up as the Lord of Triforia made his way over and kissed Jennifer's hand. He repeated the gesture with Josie, noting the subtle differences between the teenager and her older sister.

"I'm Jennifer Belle and this is my sister Josie," Jennifer responded as Josie returned to her examination of the Power Chamber's computers.

"You have done all that you could Rangers," Zordon said. "With the EMP wave affecting your Zords you would have been unable to finish the task anyway. Pyramidas lacked firepower on its own. As for our new friends, I have checked your records and discovered you are both outstanding citizens and member of NASADA. I hope we can trust you with our secrets."

"We swear," the two girls said at the same time.

"I would also ask for you assistance," Zordon said. "In the past NASADA has aided the Rangers in maintaining our Zords. Unfortunately the person most suited to helping us fix the Zords is... indisposed. "

"When do we start?" Josie asked.

The Rangers eagerly showed their guests the way to the Zord Holding Bay, taking the scenic route while Jason returned to the more difficult task of retrieving his clothes. Later Josie and Jennifer would return to NASADA Headquarters and true to their word never reveal what had happened to them during the time they were missing.