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Legal Disclaimer: Saban owns all the Rangers depicted here, I just borrowed them. Contrary to popular, or not so popular belief, I am not getting paid.
Author's Note: This is a monologue, from Billy's POV, and plays with theories I have myself, and with theories I have read on the net. There are also logical conclusions that could have been made from the shows.

by Mistri, Cho's Observer

Ah, the memories.
There has been many of us.
That first day, when we first five stood before, hearing the news.
We were all freaked out.
Except for Jason Lee Scott.
We left, and we ended up accepting the Power anyway.

We fought for a long time.
Then we were joined by Tommy Oliver.
He'd been evil.
But we broke the spell.
During that time, Jason got a death threat.
If it took Goldar till his dying day, he would kill him.

Then a series of events changed the way it was
Tommy left, then rejoined.
We were fighting new.
From Dino to Thunder.
Then, Tommy left, completely.
Tommy rejoined as White.
He became leader.

The Peace Conference.
Jason, Zack Taylor, Trini Kwan went.
They were replaced.
Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, Aisha Campbell came.
Then we went through complete hell.

We were Ninja with our spirit animals.

Tommy, the falcon.
Adam, the frog.
Kimberly Hart, the crane.
I, Billy Cranston, the wolf.
Aisha, the bear.
Rocky, the ape.

Thunder left.
Ninja came.
Then the ShogunZords arrived and with it, trouble.
Kim ended up going to train for the Pan-Globals.
She was replaced by Katherine Hilliard.
Then MasterVile twisted time.

We split the Zeo Crystal.
I returned to my proper age
The Zeo Quest happened.

Rocky went to Ancient Mexico.
Adam went to Ancient Japan.
Tommy went to a Indian camp.
Kat went to...well, she never actually said.
Aisha went to Kenya, Africa.

We reassembled the Zeo Crystal, but there was a change in the lineup.
I gave my shard to Tanya Sloan.
Thus we became Zeo.
We were up against the Machine Empire.
Then Trey of Triforia arrived.
He suffered a split into his trifold nature.
I tried to take the Power, but the damn negative protons stopped me.

Tommy went to get someone else.
He came back, with Jason Lee Scott.
He took it, and it damn well near killed him.
Then due to the temporal displacement, I started ageing rapidly.
I went to Aquitar, to drink from the Eternal Falls, and I became immortal.
Some screwy side effect they didn't tell me about.
Of course, I could still die, being blown up would have killed me, but it wasn't an option.
I went around, and eventually I became Phantom Ranger.

I had been keeping up with my old friends, and when I next heard...
They were Turbo.
Justin Stewart replaced Rocky after a bad back injury.
Then they got a new mentor, Dimitria.
The mentor, who had been our father in so many ways.
He went back to Eltare.
Then TJ Johnson replaced Tommy.
Carlos Valertes replaced Adam.
Ashley Hammond replaced Tanya.
Cassie Chan replaced Kat.
All because the previous were too old.

That didn't matter to me.
I brought them the RescueZords.
And fell in love with Cassie.
Blue Senturion came along, and helped them out.
Then they got Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster.
Then their mentor went back to Inquirius.
The Power Chamber was blown up.
Justin stayed behind, with his dad.
They escaped into space.

Our first mentor was captured and was having his powers drained.
Andros met up with TJ Johnson, Cassie Chan, Ashley Hammond, and Carlos Valertes.
They ended up chasing me all over the galaxy.
When they weren't on Earth.
Stupid idiot that he was, Zhane recharged his Silver Powers by being struck by lightning.
Andros finally found our mentor, but was told to shatter his tube.
But what would happen to him? Andros cried.
I will be gone, but my spirit will forever live in all that is good, was the answer.

Golden light flowed out of that tube.
Our old foes were restored to the light.
But at what cost?
Our father, who watched over us.
He had been there, guiding us.
He had been very close to death, in fact he had died.
But, now we could not bring him back.
That made eighteen of us.

Then Terra Venture was blessed with five, later six, Galaxy defenders.
Leo Corbett, Damon Henderson, Kendrix Morgan, Kai Chen, and Maya of Mirinoi.
Later, Mike Corbett came back as the Magna Defender.
Then Astro visited Galaxy.
Cassie Chan nearly died, but Kendrix Morgan died saving her.
Karone, former Astronema, Princess of Evil took over.
I had stopped using the Ruby to help out, but I still used it in secret, to know that what had been said was true.

Even later, Lightspeed came onto the scene.
Dana Mitchell, Joel Rawlings, Chad Lee, Kelsey Winslow, and Carter Grayson.
I still looked from afar.
And Ryan Mitchell stole the Titanium Morpher, fought a cobra, and joined LightSpeed.
That was well over a thousand years ago.
I miss them.
They are recorded in the history books, but no one really knows about them.
And a new set has come about.

Time for.....Time Force.
Trip, Katie, Jen and Lucas.
After Alex died, they escaped to the past.
So I went too, to observe them.
Alex was replaced by Wes, but there was trouble there, for a bit.
While I was there, I tried to get us all together, but I failed.

Some of us had gone elsewhere.
Some of us had died.
Some of us had lost our battles.
And yet, we'd all lost.
But we were once.
And for that, we'll always be.
What we were.
Because, the immortal words still hold true -
Once A Ranger,
Always A Ranger.