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by Kendrix

Adam Adam looked out the window. The night was dark and dreary. The wind was howling and the shutters were banging against the house. Any minute, it'd start to pour. The weather fit him perfectly. He felt so alone. Abandoned. Like no one would ever be able to understand.

"Adam, mail for you!" his mother called.

Adam looked up surprised. Mail at this hour? He glanced at his watch. 9:00 pm. He got up and walked into the light green kitchen. On the table stood a light pink envelope. It was Kimberly's stationary.

Adam tore open the letter and out slipped a single folded piece of paper.

I know it's hard now. But it get's better. You don't always feel empty, like a part of you is gone. I should know. You know, when I gave my Powers to Kat, I felt I was never going to be the same. I thought my life was over. If you called Billy, or Trini, or Zack, or even Jason, they would tell you the same thing. The feeling never goes away, but it does get better. I promise. I can even bet you that Rocky feels the same way. But, you know what? It's not over. It's just beginning. We have had experiences, teens and adults wish for. We're different and unique, even if others can't know.
I promise you though, it gets better. You will always be a Ranger, no matter what anyone tries to tell you. Even if we don't actually have the 'Power to protect us', we do.
Just remember that we're always being watched. Never left alone.
Your forever friend,

Adam smiled as a single tear fell down his cheek. She was right. But he knew in his heart, none of them were left alone. No matter how much they wished otherwise.

Cassie sighed as she stared out her bedroom window. Her life had become so twisted around, in such a short time. She had started out heading to Stone Canyon. Relatives who were going to help her get started on her singing career. Than she had met TJ. TJ is cool. Not to mention cute, but not her exact type. They had met on the bus. He was heading to Angel Grove, some friend of his family was going to help him start his career in baseball.

But then after the bus had stopped for a short break. TJ saw something across the road a ways. He told her he was going to see if anyone needed help. So he went off to see. The driver had told they were leaving. She had tried to stall him, but then the driver told her to either get on, or he was going with out them.

Cassie, of course, wouldn't leave without her new found friend. So she had headed out to where he was helping some blonde girl wearing an awful lot of pink. Of course, Cassie didn't dislike pink, but she had been wearing such an ugly shade of it. So they helped her by defeating these monster like creatures. Now she knew them as piraonatrons.

The girl in pink, had started to call out for a friend. Tommy, something or other. She had gone around looking for him. Cassie told TJ she was getting out of there. TJ said okay. She was gone for a while, before deciding to head back to help him. She couldn't just desert him. She had stopped a piraonatron from beating him up badly, when he asked where she had learn to fight that way.

She responded, "My ancestors invented it!"

He had laughed slightly, before they found a cave. They exchanged a nervous look and headed in.

They heard someone struggling and cussing. They wondered in further and found a guy dressed in red, with long, curly, brown hair tied up above a pit, which was making these awful screaming sounds. Cassie looked at TJ in shock. Why was he way out here, tied up?

They had a real struggle, but finally they got him untied, and out of there. He had been really thankful and looked at them with admiration, and something else. She didn't knowwhat it was, until later, when they had been teleported to the Power Chamber. She, TJ, and two others, a guy named Carlos and a girl named Ashley, became Power Rangers. But there were only 4, who was the fifth?

After the other Rangers (Tommy [the one in red], Katherine [the one in pink], a guy named Adam [he wore green], and a girl named Tanya [dressed in yellow]) had done some kind of ceremony, she couldn't remember what they said, but it didn't really matter.

A young boy around 11, had asked, "Hey, what about me? What am I chop liver?"

Dimiteria, the mentor, had responded. "Young Justin, you will carry on as the Blue Ranger."

Then Justin teleported up to the stand they were standing at and they all exchanged a grin. They were the new Rangers. They were going to save the world.

That had started everything out. Now she was so confused. She was in love with the Phantom Ranger. All they knew about him was the fact that he was a friend and he brought them the Rescue Megazord. After Divatox, the Warrior Pirate, had captured it, from the help of her brother, General Havoc.

So now she was in love with a mystery, they were out a Megazord, and Divatox has the Phantom Ranger's ruby, a life source.

What were they up against?

Tommy Oliver slouched in the seat of the airplane. He was heading to Switzerland, to relive his past. Actually so was his friends. Now that'd he'd finally gave up the Powers, this time for good, he could get on with his life. He, and his two friends, Kimberly Hart and Billy Cranston were going to visit the rest of the original team.

Kimberly, his ex girlfriend, had changed a lot since she'd left almost two years ago. She was about an inch taller, and her body was curvier. And her hair was an inch longer. She looked gorgeous, and it was hard for Tommy not to wrap his arms around her body and just hold her to him. And all she was wearing was a simple pink and violet body fitting dress.

Billy, too had changed. He was way different. He looked younger, well since returning from Aquitar, anyway. He was more quiet, or as Kim called it, subdued. His hair had turned more blonde, and he still wore contacts. His clothes were the same as always. Not his baggy image, but his Zeo image. Jeans and a flannel. Or jeans and a simple t-shirt.

"Tommy, you okay?" Billy asked. Tommy looked startled for a second, then shook his head.

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me." he assured his friend.

"You do seem kind of quiet." Kimberly told him thoughtfully. Tommy was in between Kimberly and Billy. Kim had the window seat, and Billy had the isle.

"Really, I'm fine." he told them.

"It's the phase." Billy told Kimberly.

"Yeah." Kimberly agreed as she and Billy leaned up and exchanged a concerned look.

"Tommy, you better tell us how you are feeling." Billy told his good friend. "We're not going to let you hide in a little tiny shell this time."

"It might have worked the first time, but we're not going to let you this time!" Kimberly added.

Tommy stared at the both of them. What were they talking about? "What?"

"When you were drained the Green Ranger Powers, you ran off and sulked." Kimberly told him. "We're not going to let you sulk again."

"You know, you served your duty. It was just the time. TJ, and Cassie, and Ashley, and Carlos need this time to prove themselves as Rangers, just like we did, four years ago."

Tommy still stared at them.

"You guys......."

"Tommy, shush. I don't want to see yourself-" Kimberly paused and looked at Billy.

"Shut off to the world." Billy supplied.

Kimberly grinned at him and nodded. "What Billy said. I don't want to see you get shy, and withdrawn and-" Kimberly smiled. "Like Billy was."

"Hey!" Billy objected.

"Oh hush!" Kimberly told him gently. She looked at Tommy and smiled. "I just don't want to see you change so much,no one will know you any longer."

"Kim's right." Billy told him. "I was so withdrawn and awkward, that is until you and Trini, and Jason, and Zack, and Kim came into my life."

"And I was a stuck up, snotty, valley girl. Trini was a perfectionist and a good friend, but even she over came a lot when we got together. And Zack became a little more serious. And Jason-well Jason's still changing in a lot of ways. Just like you are!" Kimberly reminded him.

Tommy smiled, batting away unwanted tears. He knew he was lucky to have them as friends.

"Thanks, guys." Tommy told them is voice hoarse and a little strained. "You are the best friends a guy could have."

Billy and Kimberly nodded. Feeling the exact same way. They both put their arm around Tommy and laid back. In the next few hours, the team would be reunited again. That was the best wish anyone could wish for.

Tanya Sloan glanced around the uncrowded plane. She was heading to Africa. To remeet her parents. Her mother and father she thought that was dead.

"What are you 'thinkin about?" a sleepy voice asked from besides her. Tanya glanced next to her, seeing her tired eyed boyfriend, Adam Park.

She smiled softly at him. "Oh, 'nothin. Just how lucky I am, I guess."

"Yeah. We're pretty lucky. We grew up in such a great place."

Tanya smiled. They'd had such a good good bye, and it _was_ at the airport. Tanya and Adam had showed off Katherine Hillard first. She was going to London, to the Royal Ballet Company. Next, they had ushered off Rocky DeSantos, who was heading out to Mexico, to visit relatives. Next had been Tommy Oliver, Billy Cranston, and former Pink Ranger, Kimberly Hart. Those three were going to Switzerland, to visit _their_ former teammates, Trini Kwan, Zack Taylor, and Jason Scott, who had returned to Switzerland after the loss of the Gold Ranger Powers.

"Yeah. And it'll be great seeing Aisha again." Tanya added. Aisha Campbell had stayed behind in Africa when she had gone on her Zeo Crystal Quest.

"Yeah!" Adam exclaimed. His tired eyes lighting up. "I've missed Aisha!"

"Me too." Tanya agreed. She still remembered when she had helped Aisha on the Quest. It still seemed like yesterday, instead of two years. Two wonderful years.

"You know Tanya, I know this has been hard on you." Adam told her, all serious. "I know at the beginning it was hard for you. Leaving the family you knew forever, coming to a strange place, knowing nobody."

"Yeah, it's been hard. But you guys have been there for me since the beginning. It's not like I was ever alone." Tanya told him, kissing him lightly on the mouth.

Adam turned bright red. "Not on the plane!" he hissed in his shy, cute manner, Tanya adored.

"Okay sweetie." she whispered. She laid her head on his shoulder and the next thing she knew, Adam was shaking her awake.

"Tanya wake up!" Adam whispered shaking her shoulder.

"Huh?" Tanya mumbled sitting up and stretching lightly.

"We're here!" Adam said excitedly. He looked wide awake, even though it looked to be around early morning.

"Okay. I'm up!" she told him, snapping awake as she felt the plane touch the ground.

They jumped out of their seats as soon as the sign flashed them the okay.

Tanya took Adam's hand as they made their way to the entrance. They exchanged a look of love and stepped out into the morning's light.

"Tanya! Adam! Over here!" a female voice yelled.

Tanya spun toward the voice and saw Aisha standing there.

"Aisha!" Tanya cried she flung herself off the steps and ran into a huge bear hug.
"How are you?" she asked as they parted and Aisha gave Adam a hug.
"We're fine." Tanya told her. "Maybe a little tired." Tanya admitted as she yawned.

"Not me." Adam said as he gazed around the airport. He'd never been to Africa, this was his first time.

"Well, I guess we'll have a lot of showing, won't we Tanya?" Aisha asked as she and Tanya began to giggle.

"Yup." she agreed. The three teens walked out of the airport and over to a yellow convertible.

"This is going to be such a blast. Your parents are so excited!" Aisha told them as they drove out of the parking lot.

"Me too." Tanya said gazing out at the familiar view. "Me too."

It felt so right being home. With her parents, her best friend, and her boyfriend. She was finally home!


Trini Kwan stood impatiently with her best friends Jason Scott and Zack Taylor. They were waiting for their former teammates and best friends, Billy Cranston, Kimberly Hart, and Tommy Oliver.

"Where are they?" she breathed. The plane was five minutes late.

"Chill Trini!" Zack told her grinning. It was no secret that she was in love with Billy. He was all they heard about when they first arrived, two years ago. Billy this, Billy would love this, we should send Billy a copy of this!

"Yea Trini. It's only five minutes!" Jason said rolling his eyes.

"Well, sue me! I'm just so worried!"

"Like for sure, Trini!"

Trini spun around when she heard Kimberly's voice.

"Kim!" she shouted. She rushed over and gave her a huge hug.

"I've missed you too." she said giggling.

Trini gaped when she saw Billy coming out next, closely followed by Tommy, who was carrying two bags. One pink, one white. One was definitely Kim's. Was it possible, they were going to get back together?

Trini shrugged off her thoughts as she gazed at Billy, who was also staring at her. "Hi Billy." Trini whispered coming up to him.

"Hey Trini." Billy said shyly, feeling like his freshman self again.

"So, how's everyone doing?" Jason asked them.

"Great." Tommy replied.

"Yeah. The flight was absolutely an experience I shall not want to miss again." Billy told them.

Kimberly and Tommy rolled their eyes at each other, this did not go unnoticed by Trini, Zack, and Jason. "What'd he do?" Trini and Zack asked.
Kimberly looked at Tommy who began to chuckle. "Well, for starters," Tommy began. "He took a sample of every piece of food off our plates, for some kind of experiment."

"Next he took them and teleported them back to his lab in Angel Grove." Kimberly said as they walked out into the afternoon sunlight.

"Well, I never let an experience go by, without capturing any potential scientific experience." Billy told them with a faint blush.

"Billy!" the whole group shouted.

"Sorry, I forgot, I won't even begin my techno-babble." Billy assured them.

Kimberly and Tommy and Zack and Jason sighed with relief, but Trini felt a little wistful. How long ago was it, when Billy spoke his techno-babble?

"So what's the plan for today?" Kimberly asked.

"Sight seeing. Out to lunch and dinner. Show you around the Peace Conference campus." Jason said, ticking things off his fingers.

"And a couple hours of nothing." Zack added. "You can sleep, eat, or read."

"Cool. Maybe then I could show you guys my personal treasures." Billy told the group.

"What's that?" Trini asked curiously.

"I can give them to you now, I suppose." Billy said. He took out a small blue velvet string bag.

Trini watched Billy as he carefully opened the bag and dumped out something. They made a clinging sound. Like coins.

"Are those what I think they are?" Zack asked excitedly.

"Not quite. They are made out of gold. Not real. I made them in secret." Billy said handing everyone a coin.

Trini looked at the coin, then at Billy. She had her coin, her past, her future, and Billy. Maybe her future would be okay. She was with her best friends, how could it not?


Kimberly Hart stood with Tommy Oliver and Zack Taylor. The three had snuck off, away from Jason Scott, who was sleeping, and a busy Trini Kwan and Billy Cranston, who were in the middle of some sort of computer experiment.

"Can you believe they actually didn't notice our departure?" Kimberly asked as the three walked along the road, being warmed by the late evening sun. It was the last day of sun, as they were told. A huge storm was supposed to blow in. When, was the only thing they didn't know.

"Well, actually I can." Zack said, starting to laugh. "Trini's been obsessed for your visit. She's been making all these games for Billy's approval."

"Well, I'm sure he's loving it." Tommy told them. He smiled softly at Kimberly, who noticed this and blushed.

"Yeah. He's been pretty miserable without her, he was awfully good at hiding it over the last two years, but...." Kimberly trailed off as a sudden breeze blew across her arms.

"Oh no! It's coming!" Zack said as the wind picked up. The sky did seem darker, and it was colder.

"We better head back." Tommy stated simply. Zack and Kimberly nodded as they ran back to the apartment, only about a five minute jog. As soon as they got to the door the wind howled and snow started to fall in heavy clumps.

"Wow!" Kimberly murmured. Tommy and Zack almost dragged her into the apartment, because she just stood there watching it.

"Oh good, you're back." Trini sighed with relief as soon as the three entered the apartment.

"I'm a big boy." Zack reminded her. "I listen to the warnings!"

Trini sighed and went back to discussing whatever she was discussing with Billy.

Zack wondered over to his room. And shut the door.

"Where's Jason?" Tommy asked Trini.

"Over at his girlfriend's," Trini replied over her shoulder. "We won't be seeing him until tomorrow." She turned back to Billy and whispered something in his ear. His neck turned bright red but he nodded. Trini took his hand and led him to his room and shut the door.
Kimberly giggled, but suddenly stopped when she realized she was alone with Tommy.

"Why so quiet Kim?" Tommy asked quietly.

Kimberly blushed and moved away from him and stood at the window. The sky was now black, and snow was coming down hard.

"What's wrong?" he asked walking up behind her.

"Nothin'," Kimberly said. She moved backwards and bumped into him. "Sorry," she mumbled.

"No harm done," he assured her. Kimberly shrugged and walked over to her room, and flopped down on the bed.

"Can I come in?" Tommy whispered from the doorway.

Kimberly shrugged again.

Tommy walked in and watched her. They both started to talk together. "Tommy I'm/Kim let's...." They both grinned and Tommy made a motion for her to continue.

"Tommy I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you. Can we start over? Forget this happened?"

Tommy studied her carefully. "I'd like that Kim, but we have a lot to talk about. We can't go back to the same, at least not for a while. But I'd like to try," Tommy told her truthfully.

Kimberly nodded, her eyes shining with tears. They couldn't go back, but they could go forwards.

"I can't believe you came home." a bubbly, cheerful voice talked on. Katherine Hillard looked at her sister, smiling slightly at her enthusiasm.

"Of course I came home." Kat replied. Jessica Stevens only giggled in reply. It was hard to believe Jessica is the older sister. Jessica is a senior in college, but acted like a high schooler.

"What was it like living in the States?" Jessica asked as she and Kat entered a split level, Spanish style house. Kat's gaze flickered around the familiar room. How good it was to be here again! It had been three years since she had set foot in this room!

"It was pretty cool...I met a bunch of really good friends." Kat said softly thinking about all her friends back in Angel Grove. Or, who were now spread all over the place...

"Who are you thinking about?" Jessica asked, a knowing smile on her lips.

"Who do you think?" Kat countered.

"Um...That Tommy guy?" she guessed and smiled when she caught Kat's blush.

"Yes..Tommy's so great..And incredibly handsome...."

"Aunt Kat?" a small voice asked. Katherine glanced down at the voice and saw her seven year old niece Krystal.

"Hey Krys." Kat said with a smile as the two hugged.

"I'm glad you came home." Krystal said.

"Me too." Kat said with a huge smile.

"I want to show you something." Krystal told her, leading her down a hallway. They stopped in front of Kat's old room and Krystal led her in there. "It's my room now!"

"Cool." Kat said gazing around the room. Looking around the room, she thought about all her child hood in the room. "I'm glad Jessica and Devon bought the house when we moved."

"Me too." Krystal agreed.

"Hey Kryssi," a voice yelled. Kat and Krystal looked out the window and saw a red-headed girl, Krystal's age.

"Hi Nichole." Krystal said. "That's my best friend."

Kat nodded. "Is she nice?" Krystal nodded.

"Wanna play?" Nichole asked.

Krystal nodded again. "Bye Aunt Kat." she dashed out of the room and downstairs.

Kat just shook her head as she watched her niece run out of the room. Thinking back to her own childhood, she remembered a secret little niche she used to hide things in. Going to the closet, she opened up a small hole and out fell a small bracelet; an old, falling apart diary; and a small, key chain with a golden key on it.

"What did you find?" Jessica's amused voice asked.

Kat shrieked with surprise then blushed when she found Jessica in the doorway laughing.

"Oh...Nothing much...Just something I hid before we moved. I can't believe Kryssi didn't find this hiding spot."

"She doesn't play inside very much." was Jessica's answer. "She's always outside in the fort with Nichole or Donna, her other best friend."

"The fort's still up?" Kat asked, her voice showing surprise. "I thought Devon would have torn it down after we moved."

"Nah...He wouldn't do that."

"Oh..Well, what room do I get while I'm here?"

"We were thinking about my old room....But, I was hoping to ask you something important." Jessica trailed off.

"Sure. What is it?" Kat asked standing up.

"Well...You know there's the neighborhood diving team?"

"Yeah..The one for six, seventh, and eighth graders?" Kat asked. She smiled thinking about the three years she was on the team.

"Yes...Anyway, Krys, Donna, Nichole, and a couple others don't want to wait a long time to join it...And Michelle Miller, remember her?"

"The ninth grade teacher? For English?" Kat asked. Jessica nodded.

"Yeah..She suggested that we make a team, actually, two teams, of the elementary school kids who are interested..."

"Cool...But what does that have to do with me?"

"Well...They got Tricia Scout to do one....But they need a second coach for the second team...And I kind of suggested you."

"You did what?" Kat asked, shocked.

"I suggested you for the other team...Michelle remembers you well and hurriedly agreed to it."

"So...What does that mean?" Kat asked. "It means, if you agree, you're one of the new coaches for the new diving team."

"Wow.." Kat remarked. She smiled at her sister. "I'll do it."

"You will? That's great! I'll go call Michelle now!" Jessica gave her a hug and left.

Kat shook her head and looked down at her hands. The diary lay in her hands. On an impulse she took the key and unlocked it and began to read.

September 12, 1995

I got the official word..Father is going to look for a job in the states....I'm excited, yet scared at the same time...Moving is a big thing..Espically for a small-town girl like myself...
Mary-Lynn is sad...So is Melody....But I think it'll be an interesting adventure. I'm excited to see something else besides Koala and Kangaroos...Although, they are cool, but I want to see other animals and birds...And they know I want to experience lots of things.
Ooops....Gotta go. I have another training session with Basal...The new Police dog I'm training. He's very cute...It's a lot of fun..Basal is so adorable!

Kat shook her head and grinned. Maybe Basal was still around. With that thought, she closed the journal and stood up.

Bulk 'N' Skull

"Good bye Angel Grove! Hello New York!! Can I help you with your bag?" Bulk asked eagerly.

"Bulk, please lay off. I still don't know why we agreed to this, but I can manage my own bag." Tanya Sloan said shrugging off Bulk's out stretched hand.

"Sorry. Adam, can I take yours?"

"Sure." Adam Park said with a grin as he tossed his green sports bag in Bulk's outstretched arms. Turning to Skull, he tossed another bag into his arms.

"What do you have in these? Bowling balls?" Bulk asked falling backwards unsteadily.

"Close. My barbells and other weights."

"Oh," Bulk said as they flagged down a taxi.

"I don't think we'll all fit in there." Skull said as a taxi pulled up.

"I'll take the front seat with the driver." Bulk said as Skull, Adam and Tanya went to the backseat.

"Where to?"

"The Plaza Hotel." Adam said as Bulk replied, "Motel Inn."

"Bulk, why would we stay at a Motel Inn when we have free rooms at the Plaza?" Adam demanded.

"I know _you_ have free rooms, but that's where Skull and I are stayin'."

"Why? You don't want to stay at a fancy room?" Tanya asked surprised.

"You mean, we're invited to stay at the PLAZA HOTEL with YOU?" Bulk demanded.

Tanya and Adam traded looks. They knew what they were talking about. "Bulk, of course we want you guys there! Just because we're not BEST friends or anything doesn't mean we don't.....like you." Adam said swallowing hard.

"Thank you!" Bulk said. Skull nodded eagerly and threw his arms around a surprised Adam.

Five minutes later they pulled into the parking lot.

"Thanks," Adam told the driver handing him a tip as Skull pulled out the bags.

"So...What room do we get?" Bulk asked as the four trooped into the hotel's lobby.

"Um..." Adam shrugged. "I don't know yet. Just a second."

They walked up to the counter.

"Three rooms for Park." Adam told the woman.

"Ok..One moment." she said, her voice VERY cheery.

"Rooms 11D, 12D, and 13D." she said handing him three keys.

"Which room do we get?" Bulk asked.

"Bulk you can have 12D and Skull can have 11D." Adam said handing them each a key.

"You mean we each get a room?"

"Yes, of course." Adam said impatiently. "Tanya and I are sharing one."

"Cool." Skull said, his voice which had a slight surfer dude accent to it.. Tanya giggled at Skull's voice.

"I'm going to the pool. Anyone want to join me?" Adam asked.

"I will." Tanya said.

"Me too." Skull added. "You too Bulkie?"

"Naw...Maybe tomorrow."

"Suit yourself, Bulk." Adam said. He walked away, Tanya at his side, and Skull trailing behind them.

Bulk walked over to a bench and sat down.

"Can you tell me where room 34B is by chance?" a female voice asked.

Bulk looked up and saw a beautiful raven haired girl, who looked to be his age.

"Uh...S-s-sorry. I don't work here." Bulk stammered.

"Oh...Sorry to bother you then." she was about to turn away, but stopped. "My name's Brandi."

"Bulk." Bulk said, staring at the ground.

"Do you think _you_ could show me where that room is?"

"Sure.." Bulk murmured.

"Come on." the two disappeared.

"Wow. Who's that girl Bulk is with?" Adam asked Tanya a couple hours later.

"I don't know. But I don't think we'll have to worry about them not fitting in." Tanya said as a blonde girl approached Skull, who was standing behind them.

"And that means we'll have time to ourselves." Adam said with a smile.

"Yeah..Come on let's leave Skull alone."

Shaking their heads, they headed to their hotel room, finally glad Bulk and Skull were fitting in somewhere.