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After Thoughts
by Katelyn Johnson

(2 Days After Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie)
"See ya Kim."

"Bye Ally." Kimberly gave her roommate from Florida a hug. She then picked up the last box filed with her things and packed it into her navy-blue convertible.

"Don't forget to write and good luck with everything." Ally smiled as Kim started the car.

"I won't and thanks." Kim replied as she drove off. Well here goes nothing. Kim sighed.

(Youth Center)
"It's great you decided to stay for a while." Tommy said as he sipped some of his strawberry smoothie.

"Well after what happened, I feel a lot safer here with you guys." Jason replied.

"Oh come on bro, you could kick Divatox's butt with out any help." Tommy laughed.

"Well, I don't want to boast, but......" Jason smiled as the two started to laugh. "Hey did you ever talk to Kimberly?"

Tommy looked down and sighed. He just had to ask. "No, she left before I got a chance to. It's like she couldn't stand me. After the fight, she seemed so distant."

"I doubt that bro. You should call her or something."

"I don't think she would talk to me."

"Well do you still love her?"

"Yeah, I do."

"I never really understood why she sent that letter, it just doesn't make much sense."

"I know." Tommy replied as Adam, Rocky, Tanya, Kat, and Justin entered the Youth Center and sat down with them.

"Hey guys." Adam said.

"Hi." Tommy and Jason greeted them.


Kimberly sighed because she had been driving for hours. She looked at the highway signs to see where she was. "I'm in Texas, if I take exit 5b, then take 295 east. Oh man. It's so far away. If only I could afford a plane ticket. I had too many things to move back to Angelgrove anyway. I miss him so much." Kimberly moaned as she kept going down the long roads, back to her home.


She looked at herself in the mirror. She couldn't even enjoy her looks, she was furious. "They ruined it all. Little kids defeat me!"


"What Rygog?"

"We have arrived."

"Perfect." Divatox smiled wickedly. They will pay for what they cost me.


"Well guys it is getting late. Jase and I still have a lot of setting up to do." Tommy said as he and Jase picked up their bags. "We'll see ya later."

"Okay, see ya Tommy. Oh, maybe we could go see a movie tomorrow?" Kat replied taking Tommy's hand in hers.

"Yeah, maybe." Tommy backed off and looked at Jason, who was about to laugh.

"Bye guys." Jason quickly said and grabbed Tommy from Kat.

"Bye!" The rangers replied in unison.


"You need to tell her." Jason said as he jumped into Tommy's jeep.

"I know, I just don't know how."

"You also should get in touch with Kim."

"I know, I know." Tommy moaned as he drove off.

"Don't worry about it now. Let's here some tunes." Jason smiled as he turned on the radio. "How about Aerosmith?"

"Okay, sounds good."


"I am so tierd." Kimberly yawned. "But there's no hotels around. Let's see..." Kim moaned looking at the road signs. "I just have to make another hour and then there are hotels." Kim yawned again and kept driving.


"So how are we going to get the Power Rangers back?" Rygog asked.

"I'll think of something, but tomorrow morning. It's to late and I need my beauty sleep." Divatox answered as she walked to her private chambers.


"Let's get some sleep." Jason suggested.

"Yeah, it is late. We also got a lot of unpacking done." Tommy yawned.

"Goodnight bro."

"Goodnight Jase." Tommy replied as he crashed on his bed and turned the light off.


Kimberly reached the hotel. She parked her car and grabbed a pink duffel bag and walked into the hotel, to find a short, fat man at the corner. "Ewww, gross." Kim thought as she walked up to the counter.

"Can I help ya sweet cheeks?"

"Yeah, a room for the night." Kim replied.

"Fifty bucks."

"Here you go." Kim said as she took the money out of her wallet.

"Room thirty-five." The man said giving her the key to her room.

"Thanks." Kim said as she picked up her bag and walked down the hall to her room. "I am so glad this is for one night." Kim thought as she opened the door. She laid her bag down. Kim walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. "Yuck, I am a mess." Kim moaned as she turned on the shower. Kim opened her bag and took out a little, pink travel bag. She then took out a little shampoo and conditioner. Kim then took off her clothes and hopped into the shower and washed her hair.

To be continued....