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Forward from the author: This story is suppose to take place during the timeline of PRiS, but since this series isn't around yet, I've yet to know the real story, but the chapters or should I say episodes will be based on an original series, the first couple of episodes which will present a new character, enemy, a new breed of fierce monsters you've never imagined and a strange new perspective. After reading, please feel free to comment on my story, I would love your input, whether it's something I shoulda done, compliments, complaints, or flames, send em my way^_^ one last note about the story, this is my first fanfic I've written that isn't about video games(yes, I write other stuff) so bear with me the inexperience, I can magine the stuff I write, but that doesn't always mean that all of it gets on paper the same, also, you'll notice that the fighting is more torwads the style of an anime than torwards regular PR action, hope you like it. Oh, make that two, this series is er.... rated PG/PG13, and maybe some R(very little I promise, for you young ones). That's right, it contains language, violence, and referrence to sexual material, so remember, you've been warned ahead of time, it's not my fault for you young ones if you get caught reading this story. Unless you read the basic manga or watch the basic anime, then you're pretty safe in this area.(Boy just think of how different the show would be if it was on prime time.)
Quick note: when you see a * before and after word(s) it means someone is thinking something, when you see a ***** on a line, it means the basic location and persepective changes.

Terra Power Rangers
Episode 1: Enter the Dragoons
by Kanji Osan

Temple of Ninjor....
The teenager sat in a basic meditation stance, like he always did at the time of the day. He then felt a tap on his shoulder and his eyes opened to see who was disturbing his meditation.

" You've been meditating for two hours now, I was wondering if you fell asleep," Ninjor comented.

" I might as well, there's nothing to do here anyways," the 17 year old replied.

" That's nonsense, I train you to be a Power Ranger everyday," Ninjor retorted.

" Yeah, and when I ask when can I get my powers, you say 'you're not ready' or 'next week', when will I get my powers and leave this place, I've been here for two years learning ninjitsu," the teenager said.

" Today," Ninjor calmly replied," Kanji, it's time for you to leave this place and head for Angel Grove, the Power Rangers need your help."

" This is great! When do I leave?!" Kanji asked and quickly got off his spot and ran into the temple.

" As soon as you pack and we do the ceremony," Ninjor said to the running young ninja who was packing in a hurry.

" What ceremony?" Kanji asked.

" To give you your powers, you think I just hand you your sword and coin and say 'here's your powers, use them wisely'?"

"Oh," Kanji continued packing.

Moments later....
"Take care Kanji, here's your sword, it's made of jade and can cut through almost anything. Here's the gauntlet that holds your transformation power. Use your powers wisely and come back if you ever need help. You should know where Angel Grove is, see ya!" Ninjor waved and Kanji started walking and then paused.

" Wait a minute, I thought you said that there was more to it than just giving me my stuff and waving goody-bye...." Kanji said.

" So I was wrong," Ninjor replied and then paused," what are you still doing here? Leave," and he waved again.

" Ok, I'm going,"with that, Kanji left. Kanji started walking a long time, as his legs began to ache," Wait a minute, I'm a ninja, there's a much faster way of getting there! Ninja Teleport!"

Angel Grove Gym & Juice Bar, 10:30 AM....
Kanji arrived at the Angel Grove city limits and decided to walk the rest of the way to the gym.

" Hey you, shouldn't you be in school right now?" Stone asked Kanji, who was sitting down on a table in front of the bar.

" I'm new to Angel Grove, I don't start school yet," Kanji replied. " Say Stone, you don't need any help here do you? I need a job and I have no place to stay for the time being."

" Uh, sure, your help would be more than welcomed here," Stone replied." You can start by serving some drinks, follow me." Kanji got up and followed Stone behind the bar," You can set your stuff on the floor and get you started."

"No prob," Kanji said with a smile and started whiping off the counter to get ready for work. *Man, it's great to be around people again* Kanji thought.

Angel Grove Gym & Juice Bar, 2:30 PM
Kanji's watch beeped quietly on his wrist," Excuse me for a moment Stone," Kanji walked over to the hallway and spoke into it" Yeah?"

Ninjor's voice then came through clearly," Watch for the Rangers, they'll be there soon, but don't make yourself obvious that you're there to help them."

" No prob, but how do you know?" Kanji asked.

" School's out," Ninjor replied.

" Oh," Kanji then returned to the bar to wait for them to arrive. A customer, one that just came from school sat down in front of Kanji," What can I get ya?"

" Get me some orange juice," the student replied.

"No prob," Kanji turned and started up the juicer.


The Rangers arrive from the school and headed into the gym.


*Something just donned on me, I've never seen how the Rangers look like without their suits, this is just great, how am I suppose to tell which ones are the Rangers?* As Kanji thought, he didn't pay attention to what he was doing and accidentaly spilt some juice on the customer," Oh I am so sorry! Let me get that for you," as he turned to refill the juice and get the napkins, he saw a group of five teenagers walked, all dressed in certain colors, yellow, pink, green, red, and blue. The thing that distracted him was the girl dressed in pink and he continued to refill the glass until it overflowed,*wow....*

" Kanji!" Stone yelled and Kanji snapped out of what he was doing," You've been working too long, why don't you take a break, I'll take over," Stone cleaned up the mess and gave the customer her juice.

" Thanks Stone, I think I need one right now," Kanji picked up his backpack and sat down at the table in front of the Rangers(of course he didn't know yet) to get a better look at the girl in the pink. He seemed to just stare at her, but every time she looked up at his direction, he bowed back down and pretended he was drinking. Again, his watch beeped, the same beep the Rangers usually hear from their communicators.


" Did you hear that?" Justin asked the others.

" Yeah, it sounded like our communicators," TJ answered. Then TJ saw an Asain boy dressed in white get up and head for the hallway," Look," TJ said pointing at the teenager who was walking away," the sound was coming from his direction, watch him closely."

Carlos got up and walked closely behind the anonymous new kid and hid beside the doorway to listen.


Kanji got up and headed into the hallway again, he then paused to make sure no one was around," Yeah Ninjor?"

" Did you find the Rangers yet?" Ninjor asked.

" I.....I, uh.....I don't know how they look like," Kanji replied nervously.

" Oh, this can pose as a problem, try looking at their clothes, if my memory proves me as correct, they should be wearing yellow, pink, blue, green, and red. Depending on who they are," Ninjor commented.

" Thanks Ninjor, I think I found them," Kanji replied and walked back out.


Carlos, after hearing the conversation, ran back to the table and sat down before the new kid came back out of the hall. " So, what's going?" Ashley asked.

" He seems to be looking for us, but he's not sure if we're the Power Rangers," Carlos whispered to them.

" Any idea who he is?" Cassie asked.

" I don't know, but we should keep an eye on him, just in case he poses a threat," Justin said. The new kid then got up and headed their direction.

" Can I get you guys anything or are you guys gonna sit here all day?" the new kid asked.

" Uh, no thanks, not right now," Cassie replied." we've never seen you around here, are you new?"

"Yeah, my name's Kanji, I just came to Angel Grove today," Kanji replied.

" Well nice to meet you Kanji, I'm Cassie, this is Carlos, Ashley, Justin, and TJ," Cassie replied. The rest then greeted him and Kanji left for the bar.


*Hmm, better keep and eye on them, they might be the Rangers* Kanji thought and went back to work.

Half and hour later....
"Kanji, I think you've long enough for today, why don't you get off now," Stone said.

" Thanks Stone, I'll be back tomorrow if you need me," Kanji said and picked up his stuff.

" Have a nice day Kanji," Stone added. Kanji waved and left.

Angel Grove Park, 8:30 PM, night time....
Kanji sat under a tree, playing his flute in a soft relaxing, yet sad melody, he then stopped and sighed. *Great, where am I suppose to sleep tonight?*

" What are you still doing out at this time?" came a voice from behind Kanji.

" I have no where to sleep, I'll make this park my bedroom tonight, what are you still doing out here?" Kanji replied.

"Keepng a watchful eye on you," answered the voice.

Kanji sighed and stood up," Show yourself miss," Kanji said to the female voice.

Cassie then stepped out from behind the tree and Kanji turned to face her. " Cassie? Why are you following me?"

" We've been taking turns watching over you all day. Why are you looking for the Power Rangers?" Cassie answered.

Kanji took out his katana and pointed it at Cassie's neck. " First, you tell me what you know," Kanji answered in a threatening manor.

" We spyed on you, since you were suspicious, and we heard you talking to Ninjor, who are you really?" Cassie asked. Kanji pulled the blade away from her neck and sheathed it.

" Are you willing to stay and listen? It's a long story," Kanji said. Cassie nodded and sat down beside Kanji. Alright, it all began....


I was 15 at the time, I used to live in Japan, I was a great martial artist, I followed my family blood of warriors, but one day these strange creatures attacked my town, you know Angel Grove isn't the only target for monster attacks. Hardly anybody survived, I was one of them that did, with my family dead, I vowed vengeance and started traveling to seek a way to improve my skills. I then came across a sage in the mountains named Ninjor. As I told him my story, he told me who they are, but I was not ready to fight. He told me that I could not fight with just vengeance, I must fight for a bigger cause. I decided I wanted to devote my life to helping other people so that they will never end up like I did, I wanted to save the world. And so, for two years, Ninjor taught me the forbidden side of ninjitsu, the side that used magic, he also taught me how to speak many languages, for I will need the knowledge in order to save the world.. When I was finally ready, he gave me the powers to be something called a Power Ranger, which is what I'm here for, I must speak with fellow Rangers and tell them of my arrival and of an oncoming threat.


" That's sad...." Cassie said quietly.

" What?" Kanji asked.

" Your past," Cassie replied, still quiet.

" Yeah, I guess, but I don't let get to me, I can't let myself cry, but I must keep my anger, it's what keeps me motivated," Kanji said, staring into the distance, into nothing.

Cassie then put her head on his shoulder, snuggling to keep warm in the cold night air. "Do you have anywhere to stay?" Cassie asked.

Kanji then put his arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer. "Tonight, this park shall be my bedroom," Kanji replied. "Shouldn't you go back home now?" Kanji asked.

" Yeah I guess, are you sure you don't want to sleep on a warm couch?" Cassie asked, Kanji returned he question with a puzzled look. "I can't let you freeze out here, why don't you come over, I'll let sleep on my couch."

" No thanks, besides, I'm used to sleeping in such a cold weather," Kanji answered.

" How touching, it almost makes me regret killing you!" Came a deep voice from the shadows.

" Who's there?!" Kanji asked and sprang to feet, pulling out his sword.

" Huhuhuh.....hmph! Do you really think you can take me on alone?" answered the voice.

" If you're so strong, why don't you show yourself?" Kanji asked, trying to see which direction the voice is coming from.

" If you want to see me, promise you won't go crying to mommy! Hahahaha.....!" Out of the shadows stepped a 10 foot samurai drssed in black armor, six arms stuck out of his torso, each holding a sword of different colors. His eyes had a bloody red glow to it, the rest of his face was covered with a mask holding a demonic smile, any part of the barely seen skin showed to color of pale blue." Remember me?" asked the samurai.

" (Gasp) You're one the creatures that destroyed my town!" Kanji answered.

" That's right, I am Toranoshi, one of the 9 Dragoons of Hades, we'd like nothing but death and destruction." said Toranoshi.

" What do you want from me?" Kanji asked, preparing to fight."

We get real disappointed when we find that someone has lived to tell about us, so we come back for unfinished 'business'," Toranoshi replied.

" I know who you guys are now, Ninjor sent me to tell the Power Rangers about you," Kanji said. " Come on, you're not gonna take another town, just to get to me, you come all this way to kill me, what are you waiting for? Give me your best shot!"

" Hmph! Humans like to die so easily!" Toranoshi dashed at Kanji like a top, spinning with his blade outstretched, Kanji shoved Cassie out of the way and rolled to the side to avoid the attack. The attack completely demolished the tree and stopped the monster's attack but he still kept slashing furiously at Kanji. Kanji tried his best to dodge the attacks, but wasn't getting too much success as the Dragoon had an unfair advantage of six arms compared to Kanji." Are you gonna fight back or are just gonna keep trying to dodge?" Toranoshi paused to catch his breath, now was Kanji's chance.

" Alright, you want a fight, I'll give you one," Kanji slipped his gauntlet on and then closed his eyes, "Terrattack! Bahumut Summon!" His gauntlet then shined and his body was engulfed in white light. When the light disappeared, he appeared clad in a metallic armor resembling a dragon, his gauntlet being part of the armor, now with the picture of a dragons head on it." Whoa cool! It works!" Kanji took a while to marvel at his powers in action and then returned his attention to the Dragoon," You ready? Cuz here comes my vengeance!" Kanji dashed at the monster with his sword outstretched, the monster side-stepped and attacked Kanji, Kanji parried the attacks and slashed in deep at the monster's body. But of course, the armor was doing it's job of protecting the demon." Damnit! I thought he said that this sword could through almost anything?!" With Kanji being stunned by unbeliefness, the demon took this chance and wacked Kanji with the hilt of one of his swords, knocking him into a tree.

" I may not be able to do much, but it looks like he needs my help, Shifting to Turbo!" As Cassie dashed into the battle, she was batted away just like Kanji, luckily, she landed on the ground.

" My fight's not with you bitch!" Toranoshi said.

" Bitch huh?!" Cassie got back up and again was batted away.

The monster then approached Kanji and laughed in a low gruff voice. " This time, you die for real!" The monster grabbed him with his two upper arms and started ponding punches into his body using his four lower arms.

" I don't think so pal, I plan to live for a long time!" Kanji manage to free his left arm and started slashing at the monster, the monster lost his grip and dropped Kanji." This time's for real!!! Burning Cresendo!" Kanji took his blade and thrusted it upwards, creating a burning arc of flames that knocked the demon back." It's one thing to mess with me, but when you mess with my friends...." Kanji jumped at Toranoshi who made a cross with sword to block Kanji's oncoming attack, Kanji simply slashed the swords out of the way and started kicking the monster rapidly in the air. To finish his onslaught, Kanji summoned his ninja powers and gathered them into his sword," Hope you like this one, Bursting Comet!" Kanji slashed and a big ball of energy was sent flying in the air, as it almost reached the monster, it splitted into smaller balls of energy and smacked the demon hard.

The demon slowly got up and stood straight, holding his many bleeding wounds," You've won this time, but next time, I promise, you ass is mine kid!" He then teleported out.

Cassie slowly got up and took off her helmet, she shook her head to shake the dizzy feeling away, Kanji ran to catch her as she nearly lost her balance," Did we get him?" she asked weakly, knowing the obvious answer.

" Yeah we got em, for now that is. Say remember that offer you gave me earlier?" Kanji asked.

" What? The one about sleeping over?" Cassie asked, reverting back.

" Yeah, I'm willing to take that offer now," Kanji added.

Cassie smiled and took his hand. "Come on, let's get your stuff and follow me," Cassie said.

Cassie's home, 9:30 PM....
Kanji layed on the couch, wearing a white tanktop and blue boxers, he pulled the blanket over him and then closed his eyes.

" Kanji," His eyes opened again to see Cassie standing over him, she was wearing a large pink shirt and blue shorts, "I'm goin to sleep now, if you need anything, I'll be in my room, ok?" Kanji nodded. "Goodnight Kanji."

Kanji watched her leave torwads her room, once she finally left, Kanji closed his eyes once more,*Man she's beautiful* He thought, then he instantly fell asleep.