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Disclaimer: All characters are property of Saban Entertainment. However, some names have been taken directly from Toei and Gekisou Sentai Carranger. This is purely because I like the Japanese name better than the American name. I have no intention of making a profit off of this story, so don't sue. Beware as this story contains bad language, but only in moderation.

Power Rangers Turbo: Ultimation
by Justin Lam

Jason Lee Scott has come to a conclusion: he hates labs. This conclusion came after his parents sent him to every doctor in Angel Grove. After being poked, prodded, and x-rayed too many times to count, the doctors could find nothing wrong with him.

As the garage door opened, his mom decided to ask him again: "Jason dear, why are you so tired nowadays?"

Jason groaned. Not again, he thought. "Nothing, Mom. I'm fine, really." Yeah, fine after Trey finally took back the Gold Ranger powers. "Really, Mom, I just need time to rest." For about five days, according to Alpha. "Even the doctors say I'm fine!" Like they could detect a person's lifeforce draining out of them.

"Oh, all right, dear. Are you going to your room now?"


"Okay, just don't stay up there too long. It's not healthy for someone like you to stay in one place."

"Okay, Mom."

Jason ran up the stairs to get to his room. Suddenly, he stopped, as his headaches returned. Oh, God, this hurts! I have to stop pushing myself like that. Slowly, he inched his way to the room and turned on the television. I hope something good's on. Aw man, it's only 2:00! Nothing's on now! Slowly, he got up to put a video tape into the VCR. As he came back, he turned on the TV. Oh, that's right, there's the news on right now! He watched with interest as the anchorman talked about a criminal trial. Okay, enough of that. Time to watch some good stuff! But as he got up to put the tape in, the anchorman received a new piece of paper. "Ladies and gentlemen, I have a late-breaking bulletin. It seems the Power Rangers are attacking a monster in the warehouse district of Angel Grove!" "What!" Jason watched as the TV showed his friends attacking a foxlike creature in front of a warehouse.


"Rangers, regroup!" On his command, the other rangers ran to Red Zeo's side. "Okay, guys, I'm up for suggestions. This guy is tough!"

Green Zeo looked up. "I've got an idea! It looks like this creature can't concentrate on multiple targets. Everyone split up!"

Green and Yellow Zeos ran to the left of Foxtron, Pink and Blue Zeos to the right. Red Zeo jumped up and slashed Foxtron across the chest with his Zeo V Power Sword. When Foxtron got up, he was surrounded. Furious, it charged at Red Zeo. On cue, Pink and Yellow Zeos drew their Zeo Pistols and fired. When Foxtron turned around, it got confused. Green and Blue Zeos retreated to the back and attacked it with their Zeo Weapons. In a state of confusion, the creature rushed wildly in all directions, crashing into a warehouse wall, next to which were parked five cars.

Red Zeo ran to the front. "Okay guys, let's finish this! Zeo Cannon, now!" As the rangers took their positions, the trusty cannon appeared above them. "Load Zeo Cells now!" Energized, the Zeo Cannon fired, demolishing the creature.

"All right! Nice work, guys!" But Red Zeo's enthusiasm was early. Foxtron stumbled out of the wreckage. A burst of thunder erupted. Red Zeo looked up. "What?! It was clear skies only a moment ago! Oh no, I know what this means!" In the past, Rita and Zedd commonly used lightning to make their creature grow.

Running towards Foxtron, Red Zeo knocked it away moments before lightning struck. Missing the creature, the lightning went on to the five cars next to it. The five cars grew in size, until they were taller than the warehouse. Red Zeo looked at the new cars. "Oh no! What are we going to do with those?" Then he turned around. In his distraction, he missed another lightning shot that hit Foxtron. It grew until it was as high as a skyscraper.

"We need Super Zeo Zord power now!" Five zords in geometric shapes came flying towards them. The five Zeo Rangers teleported into the cockpits. "No fooling around guys! Let's go straight to the Super Zeo Megazord!" The five zords combined to form a mighty robot. The Super Zeo Megazord charged the monster. Coming in, it swung several blows the drove the monster to the floor. "Let's mop up! Super Zeo Sabers!" The twin swords quickly killed the creature.

Down on the ground, the rangers looked at the five cars that had grown. Their previous owners looked at them in shock. Red Zeo approached them. "Errr . . . sorry about that. Look, I'll pay you back for this."

The owners stared at the rangers in shock. "Well, for what you do for this city, these cars don't barely cover it. Look here, you can keep these vehicles, we can't use them anymore. Consider it a gift from the people of Angel Grove."

"Thanks!" When the civilians went away, Red Zeo turned to the others. "Well, what do we do with them?"

Green Zeo looked at them. "You know, Alpha said he was starting to get bored down at the Power Chamber. Maybe he could amuse himself. There are lots of things he could to them in his spare time."

Blue Zeo quipped, "Yeah, Adam, like turning them into Zords."

All the rangers laughed.


"Not another one!" Zedd swore. "I can't believe how those damn teenagers just keep on doing it!" He grumbled as he paced around the balcony. "There's got to be some way to get rid of those kids!" A noise attracted his attention. "What the hell?! No, it can't be!" Approaching Earth was a mass of jumbled parts, which resembled some sort of sphere. Zedd swore. "It's the Baribarian! That witch Divatox plans to show me up again!"

Zedd's noise awoke Rita Repulsa. Running up to the balcony, she asked, "Who's Divatox?"

Zedd laughed a cruel laugh. "An intergalactic space pirate. She travels around, plundering anything she can find. Two and a half millenia ago, she destroyed the government of Tarkus III, just before I was about to take it over! Do you know how much I wanted to take over Tarkus III? I had my eye on it for centuries! Now she plans to do the same for Earth!"

Rita laughed. "Oh, did I hear things right! Did the Big Bad Zeddy finally admit someone's better than him?"

"NO! She is NOT better! She plays dirty! She manipulates the environment! She's a strategist! Grrrr. . . Hmmm. I know I can defeat Divatox, but not the rangers. You know what, dear, a wonderful plan has come to my mind!"

Rita whispered, "What's left of it, anyway."

Zedd ignored her. "I think I'll let Divatox try her little tricks with the Power Rangers. Who knows? She just may win! Meanwhile, I have a little thread I need to check on. If I pull this off right, I'll get Divatox ejected from the United Alliance of Evil. Then, I will most assuredly kill her! Come, I need to head to Forage VI!"


Meanwhile, Divatox stood atop the balcony of the Baribarian. "Ah, the sweet treasures of Earth! To think, soon, what I need will be mine!" She turned around. "Porto, how long until we reach orbit?"

Porto, chief scientist, looked up from his viewscreen. "Approximately two hours, my queen."

"Good. Rygog! What have you found about the defenses of Earth?"

Rygog, second in command, held in his hand a folder filled with tactical knowledge of Earth. "Earth is classified as M3 by the UAoE, your majesty. That means Earth is just that close to being officially approached by aliens. Their government is scattered throughout the world. Apparently, they still fight amongst themselves. Oh, but they have Zordon of Eltar on that planet."

"NO! Zordon! Dammit! That means he has those . . . Zyurangers, isn't it?"

"No, my liege, on Earth Zordon has renamed them the Power Rangers."

"Power Rangers, eh? I wasn't counting on something like this. Elgar! What have you found on the Power Rangers?"

Elgar, chief spy, read from his folder. "Apparantly, they have protected the Earth for almost five years! They've defended it from Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Master Vile, and . . . whoah! They repelled the Machine Empire too!"

Divatox sighed. This wasn't an easy job. "Okay people, let's try and come up with a decent suggestion for this problem!"


"Hey Ernie, another sundae, if you please!" The rangers were happy. Technically, their victory over Zedd's latest creature was an omen of future victories. For the rangers, though, all victories were omens. Thus, all victories, even the minor ones, were celebrated.

Rocky, who had way too much sugar, started saying, "Hey guys, remember when I gave that stupid fox guy a punch to the right, and ducked his swing, and gave him a solid uppercut to the jaw?"

Adam grinned. "Oh come on, Rocky, anyone can do that. See my spinning heel kick to his chest?"

Tanya laughed. "You mean the one where he smashed your head against the wall? Yeah, I remember that!" Everybody howled. Adam looked down as if he was uninterested in that.

Tommy cut in. "Oh come on, guys, you have to admit the best one was where I jumped and-"

The communicator beep cut him off. Looking around, the teens ran off to the entrance to the bathrooms. It was commonly referred to as the "teleport section" of the juice bar, since the rangers always went there to teleport. The teens pushed the button on their communicator to teleport. Nothing happened. They tried again. Nothing. Tommy looked at the others with worry. "Something's not right, guys." They pushed the button again.


The rangers teleported to hell. Only Tommy had ever seen the rangers' home base in the kind of mess it was in. The control panels had been ripped out, and the walls were blasted out. Alpha was blindly stumbling around, and Zordon was nowhere to be seen.

While the other rangers ran towards a stumbling Alpha, Tommy stood in shock. Oh man, this is just like when I was Green Ranger! Eventually, Tommy found the will to move. "Alpha, what happened?" Alpha did not respond. Tommy turned to Adam. "Can you fix him, Adam?"

"I don't know, but I can try."

Tommy looked at the control panels. One of them seemed slightly undamaged. Tanya noticed it. "Hey guys, look, one the control panels looks like it's still working!"

Tommy saw which one it was. He recognized it immediately. How could he not? He was the reason it was there. Tommy immediately started to fiddle with the controls.

Adam, who was fixing Alpha, saw what Tommy was doing. "Hey, man, what are you doing? You don't know how that works!"

"Yes, I do. I made it my business to find out exactly how this panel works!"

Amazingly, as Tommy worked, the tube where Zordon should have been started clearing up. Zordon's face started to emerge. "C'mon, Tommy, do it!" he whispered to himself. Zordon's face grew clearer and clearer, until he had returned.

"Congradulations, Tommy. You have brought me back."

The other rangers stared at Tommy in shock. Finally, Kat found her voice. "How did you learn to do that?"

Tommy turned to the other rangers. "During my time as the evil Green Ranger, I sent Zordon flying into another dimension. When I joined the team, I suggested we tag Zordon with a sort of homing beacon so if something like that happened again, we could locate him easily. I felt responsible for it, so I learned exactly how to use the controls."

Zordon smiled. "We are lucky that you did."

Adam yelled from the other side of the room. "Hey guys, I think I fixed Alpha!"

Alpha started to move. He looked around quizzically. "Rangers! Why are you here?"

Adam said, "Our communicators beeped. We thought you called us. We came here, and it was a mess."

Alpha stopped. "Ay yi yi! I remember what happened!" Just as suddenly, Alpha stopped. "My memory chips have been damaged. All I remember is someone broke in. I greeted him, or possibly her, and then he turned me off. When my backup program kicked in, I saw him-"

Alpha spun towards Zordon. "Ay yi yi! Rangers, look!"

As the rangers followed Alpha's gaze, they saw what Alpha had seen.

The compartment that housed the Zeo Crystal was empty.


Zordon looked down at the rangers. "Rangers, I have just finished a scan of the entire Command Center complex. Whoever broke in disabled all the power relays. There is no power in the Power Chamber to create any new powers." The rangers stared in shock.

Alpha interrupted. "That's not entirely true, Zordon. Look."

As the doors to the Power Chamber opened, Alpha gestured towards what was on the other side.

It was the five cars that the rangers had retreived.

"Alpha, you're joking, right?"

"I never joke during a crisis. Like it or not, these five vehicles contain the magic of Lord Zedd and Rita. You can absorb them."

Zordon said, "Alpha, if the rangers absorb the energies, it will continually fade away. Any energy that is indirectly absorbed will fade away from the body. In addition, for the kind of procedure that you are suggesting, the rangers must morph at the same time, or they will not generate enough power."

"I know, Zordon, but we have no choice. The rangers need only take on these powers long enough to retreive the Zeo Crystal and reinstate their Zeo Powers."

Adam spun. "Alpha, does that mean you know where the Zeo Crystal is?"

"Yes, it is in a cave just south of Angel Grove."

Tommy nodded. "Okay, then, let's do it, guys!"

Each ranger chose the vehicle they would take their powers from. All the rangers stood in front of the car, as Alpha attached to each car a cubic device. "Rangers, these Power Boxes will allow you to absorb the power locked inside these cars. Good luck."

"Thanks Alpha."

Tommy looked at the red sports car he had chosen. "Red Lightning Turbo Power!"

Rocky looked at his new 4X4. "Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!"

"Desert Thunder Turbo Power!"

"Dune Star Turbo Power!"

"Wind Chaser Turbo Power!"

When the dust cleared, the rangers looked around at their new selves. Instead of the old powers with diamond shapes, or the Zeo powers with the chest designs, the spandex-resembling suits they wore now was made in the image of a racer's uniform.

"Oh my God!" Tanya exclaimed. "These costumes look like a joke!" The other rangers mumbled agreement.

"No time for that, rangers!" Alpha said. "Follow me, I'll get you to your weapons."

Alpha ran to another side of the room. "Your powers are very weak, at best. Zordon has already told you that your powers will not last forever. I have developed some weapons that will assist you, without jeopardizing too much of your power." Alpha then held in his hand a device that looked like a red car with a handle. "This is a Turbo Auto Blaster. Don't be fooled by its odd appearance; it packs one mean punch. If you pull the tab on the back out like this, it will form the Auto Blaster: Shift Up mode." Each ranger placed an Auto Blaster in their belt buckle. Next, Alpha held up a sword. "This is a Turbo Blade. It looks intimitating, but it's not very strong. Like I said, I can't jeopardize too much of your power. I'm working on something that can get you to your own personalized weapons." Alpha then handed Tommy a gray device. "This is a prototype Turbo Navigator. You can use it to scan for the Zeo Crystal. It will also lock onto anybody holding a strong power source, such as the Zeo Crystal or your own Turbo powers."

Zordon spoke. "Rangers, this is your most devastating mission yet. Do not engage the enemy in a futile battle. Use your energies to retreive the Zeo Crystal. If you should lose, an evil force will be in control of the Zeo Crystal, and its enormous power."

Tommy said, "We won't let you down, Zordon." Turning to his friends and comrades, he said, "Okay guys, let's do it!"


The rangers teleported to the entrance of the cave that housed the Zeo Crystal. The rangers cautiously entered. Their bodies, so used to the power of the Zeo Crystal, felt weak under the tentative powers of Turbo. Each ranger reacted lightning quick to a sudden sound. But, nobody could be found.

Yellow Turbo said, "Gee, maybe nobody's home."

Red Turbo said, "No, Tanya, someone's here. I can feel it in my bones. Everybody ready their Auto Blasters, just in case."

As they progessed deeper into the cave, the light got worse and worse. Eventually, the rangers activated their headlights, built into their helmets.

All of a sudden, five streaks of energy burst, seemingly from the walls themselves! The five Turbo Rangers fell to the ground.

Red Turbo yelled, "Everybody arm Turbo Blades! Attack anything that moves!"

A light turned on, revealing that the rangers had been lured into a room that had been closed in. Looking ahead, the Turbo Rangers saw five teenagers.

Jason Lee Scott raised his hands, revealing Zeonizers strapped to each wrist. As he did so, Trini Kwan, Zack Taylor, Kimberly Hart, and Billy Cranston did the same.

"No . . . please no!" pleaded Red Turbo.

"Someone tell me this isn't happening!" cried Blue Turbo.

The five original Power Rangers brought the Zeonizers together, and in an instant, the Zeo Rangers stood in their spot.

Red Turbo was shocked. "Who's responsible for this?!"

Blood-red lightning surrounded the room, converging on a single form in the center.

"Hello, rangers," said Divatox. "I must say, I'm surprised that you've managed to get new powers. Nonetheless, they can't be as powerful as the Zeo Crystal."

Red Turbo yelled, "Who are you, and why did you do this?"

"I'm Divatox, an intergalactic space pirate. I've come for the riches of Earth. It's really that simple. Of course, I knew Zordon would send his little boy scout troop to stop me, so I thought, 'How do you defeat a ranger?' Of course, the answer is, you fight rangers with rangers! And, well, you can see the final result." At her cue, the Zeo Rangers took their fighting stances. "I'd like to see you fight against your own teammates!"

Green Turbo whispered to Red Turbo, "We have to take them down, Tommy. Once they're beaten, we can get the Zeo Crystal from them."

"I agree, Adam, but it's not going to be easy."

Red Zeo looked directly at Red Turbo. "So what's it gonna be, Tommy? Are you chicken?"

Red Turbo said, "No, Jase, we're gonna take you down, because we have to. Turbo Ranger 1, Red!"

"Turbo Ranger 2, Blue!"

"Turbo Ranger 3, Green!"

"Turbo Ranger 4, Yellow!"

"Turbo Ranger 5, Pink!"

"Power Rangers . . . TURBO!"

The Turbo Rangers armed the Auto Blasters and fired. The Zeo Rangers effortlessly jumped clear. Arming their own Zeo Laser Pistols, they returned fire. The Turbo Rangers were hit, and fell to the ground.

Divatox said, "Ha! This is going to be easier than I thought!"

The Zeo Rangers armed their individual weapons, as the Turbo Rangers armed their Turbo Blades. They charged each other. But the Turbo Blade was indeed too weak. The Zeo Rangers overwhelmed them.

"Rangers regroup!" The five Turbo Rangers fled to the other side of the room. Red Turbo said, "Okay guys, I'm up for suggestions!"

Divatox laughed. "There is nothing you can do!"

The five Zeo Rangers grouped together. Red Zeo said, "Okay guys, let's take 'em out! Zeo Blaster!" The Zeo Rangers combined their weapons to form the formidable weapon.

"Oh no!" cried Pink Turbo.

"Everybody brace themselves for impact!" said Red Turbo.

The Zeo Blaster hit the Turbo Rangers with full force, leaving the rangers unconscious.

Divatox smiled. "Perfect! Now, for the next stage in my plan!"


Tommy awoke to find himself in a grassy field. Where am I? What happened? Instinctively, he tried to morph. But instead of calling forth his Zeonizer, he brought forth his Turbo Morpher. Turbo . . . Oh no, Divatox! I've gotta morph! He took out his Turbo Key and inserted it. Nothing happened. What's going on? Why can't I morph? Then he remembered something Zordon had said. "In addition, for the kind of procedure that you are suggesting, the rangers must morph at the same time, or they will not generate enough power." The full simplicity of Divatox's plan hit him. She didn't have to strip him of his power! It was enough to separate them, since there was no way they could cooridinate their morph at the same time. Or is there? In his hand, Tommy held the Turbo Navigator. I have to find the others, and stop Divatox!


Part 2

Tommy looked out among the grassy fields. If he looked really hard, he could see the cave where Divatox and the Zeo Crystal were hidden. During his less encouraging moments, he thought of rushing in and taking the crystal. Yeah right, Tommy. Like you're gonna make it there in time. Geez, that's gotta be, what, 70, 80 miles? Looking back at his Turbo Navigator, Tommy saw that it had locked onto a strong energy source. The signal indicated that the source was a pink, non-Zeo power. Without thinking, Tommy ran in its direction.

Just in time, Tommy remembered that the Angel Grove Bluffs had a lot of raging rapids. Rushing from behind a bush, Tommy came inches within falling into a rapid, and possibly losing his hold on the Turbo Navigator. Great, he thought. How am I going to do this? Looking around, Tommy could see no pathways that would lead him across. His Turbo Navigator told him that this rapid was the biggest one, and would stop at the cave and the ocean. There was no way he could get himself to an ending.

Tommy's train of thought was interrupted when a large snake, hanging from the trees, made a loud hissing noise. Tommy spun, saw the danger, and ducked moments before the snake launched its head at him. Tommy ran to the edge of a bush, far enough so the snake could not reach him. Great, how many more of those are there? Looking across the tree, he saw that several branches reached almost to the other side of the rapids. Unfortunately, the branches looked too weak to support his weight. Besides, he thought grimly, Mister Slithers here wouldn't let me up there anyway. Moving forward to get a better view of the tree, Tommy tripped on a piece of vine lying on the ground. Vines . . . now that's a good idea. Tommy thought he saw a branch that might be sturdy enough to swing on. Grabbing a piece of the vine, he snapped off enough of it to swing him across, then swung it onto the vine. Several pulls seemed to insure that it was strong enough. Taking a deep breath, he jumped out.

The jump seemed to be good. He was almost to the edge when he heard a horrid snap sound. Too late, he realized he didn't check the strength of the vine. Instinctively, he threw the Turbo Navigator onto the other side of the rapids so he would not lose it. He readied himself for the shock of water. As soon as he was in, he tried to grab anything that seemed solid. One hand caught something, then the other. With all his might, he pulled himself further and further up until he reached the surface.

After coughing for several minutes, his mind started working again, and he started searching for the Turbo Navigator. He couldn't find it! Oh great, he thought between coughs. I lost it. Now what do I do? As if in response, he heard a woman's voice crying out his name, over and over again. Snapping up, Tommy started yelling, "Kat! Kat, over here!"

Kat appeared behind the bushes. "Tommy! What happened?"

"Divatox separated us, so we can't morph together. I can't find the Turbo Navigator either."

"You mean this?" Kat held out the navigator. "It came flying out of nowhere and hit me on the head. What happened?"

"Er . . . nothing. Here, give me that." Tommy opened the navigator.

As Tommy fiddled with the controls, Kat asked, "Why can't we just teleport out?"

"Have you tried?"

"No . . . ." She tapped her communicator, and her body disappeared in a flash of pink light. An instant later, though, she rematerialized, right where she stood before.

"Oh no! What happened?"

"There's some kind of force field around the area. The Turbo Navigator says it covers about thirty acres. I went to the edge and touched it."

"Thirty acres?! Where are we right now?"

"Right here." Tommy indicated a point on his Turbo Navigator. Pointing to one end of the force field, he said, "Here's the cave." Pointing to the other end, he said, "Here's us."

"We're on the other side? It'll take forever to get there!"

"Not really. In fact . . ." Tommy trailed off as the navigator started beeping wildly. A green blip and a yellow blip appeared on the display. "Great! Adam and Tanya already found each other! That makes our job much easier!"


"Do you really think we're going to find anyone else, Adam?"

"Of course we are! Why?"

"Well, you said it yourself: the place is almost like a jungle. I can't see anything from here. A ranger could be on the other side of the grass, and we couldn't tell."

"Don't worry, Tanya. Remember, Tommy's got that Turbo Navigator. He'll find us. I'm sure he's found Kat and Rocky already."

"Okay." Tanya still wasn't convinced. She felt it was a hopeless battle this time. In all her experience, she was still the newest ranger, and had never experienced any crises. She had not withstood the destruction of the Thunder Zords, Kimberly's capture, and only witnessed a brief section of the Alien Ranger saga. Though she had often heard her friends reminiscing, she never did truly understand how helpless a ranger could be.

"Adam, what's going to happen if Divatox wins?"

Adam sighed heavily. He knew Tanya had built up a fantasy of invincible rangers, but he had no idea how devastating it could be to have that fantasy destroyed. "I don't know Tanya. The best thing to do is to hope it doesn't. I hope . . . what was that?"

"I didn't hear anything."

"I did. It was over there." Adam pointed in the direction the noise had come from.

"Oh, Adam! That's the stream! You probably heard a bunch of fish eating, or something."

"No, I heard something beyond the stream. Look, over there! I saw something move!"

Tanya squinted. "Oh that. That's just a bear, Adam."

"No, look at it, Tanya. Don't you notice something about it?"

"Say . . . you're right, it looks like it sees something. Oh my gosh, I think it's going to attack something!"


"Nice bear," Tommy whispered. "Good bear. Let us through."

The bear howled. It started moving closer.

Kat said, "Tommy, what do we do?"

"I don't know."

The bear was getting closer. It started bending down. "Kat, as soon as I give the word, jump to the left. I'll jump to the right."

"Tommy . . ."

"Trust me."

Suddenly, the bear's hind legs dug deep into the ground. "Now!" Tommy yelled. The two rangers jumped in opposite directions, just as the bear started to leap. Confused, the bear hesitated in mid-air, and crashed into the rock in front of it. Backing away, it gave a painful howl.

"Tommy, what now?"


Tommy and Kat broke into a sprint, trying to put distance between themselves and the bear as the bear tended to its injury. But when the bear started running towards them, Kat fell on a branch. Tommy ran to her side and picked up a large, sturdy branch. When the bear approached, Tommy swung the branch with all his might. It connected with the bear's jaw, sending him flying. Kat got up, and the two started backing away, keeping the bear away from them with the branch.

Then, a strange voice cried, "Tommy! Kat!"

Kat spun. "Adam! Tanya! Tommy, look, it's them! But they're on the other side of the stream!"

Adam said, "There's a row of rocks to your left; you can use those to cross. The bear probably won't make it across."

Tommy locked eyes with the bear. As the bear tried to read its prey, Tommy threw the branch at it. Tommy and Kat ran for the rocks, with the bear in close pursuit. While the rangers' feet were small enough to step on the rocks, the bear's weren't. It slipped and fell into the stream.

When they made it to the other side, Adam and Tanya were waiting for them.

Adam said, "Well, Tommy, it looks like you've had a bit more fun than we did."

"Yeah right, Adam." They exchanged a few playful punches. "C'mon, guys, we gotta find Rocky."

"Sure. But first, we want to hear all about your little adventure." Adam ran to the front, looking up the upcoming hill."

"Yo Adam, I'd stop there if I were you."

"Why? Because I'm so fast and you're-" Adam smacked into something solid. "Ow! What was that?"

"That, Adam, is the forcefield that's keeping us in here. It's also disrupting communicator frequencies. That's why we couldn't contact you guys, and that's why we can't contact Rocky."

"Is there some way to break down the forcefield?"

"No, the only way is to shut down the main power generator. Unless . . . Adam, touch the forcefield again." Adam touched it, then pulled away at the shock. It was like static electricity.

"Just as I thought. When you touched the forefield, it disrupted the frequency that the forcefield is operating at. If we can disrupt it enough, I may be able to get a communication to Rocky."

The three other rangers nodded in agreement. They positioned themselves right next to the forcefield. On Tommy's command, the three of them plunged their bodies into the forcefield.

Tommy tapped his communicator. "Rocky! If you can hear this, prepare to morph on the count of five! One! Two! Three! Four!"

The rangers quickly left the forcefield and and lined up in a row. Tommy said, "Shift into Turbo!"

"Desert Thunder Turbo Power!"

"Dune Star Turbo Power!"

"Wind Chaser Turbo Power!"

"Red Lightning Turbo Power!"

In the faroff distance, one could hear the faint words: "Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!"

"Porto, show me where the rangers are!" At Divatox's command, Porto moved to the nearest console.

"So, it's time to finally kill them off, my queen?"

"Yes . . . I hope they've had a torturous time! Ha ha ha! Porto, is that them?" Divatox pointed at five rows of flashing lights.

"Yes, my evilness. Here, let me pinpoint their location . . . wait, something's not right. My queen, they're moving too fast to be unmorphed."

"WHAT?! You mean they've morphed!"

"Yes. In fact, they're making a beeline for the cave. This is amazing! No human has ever moved this fast before! They should be here in five minutes!"

"Rygog! Get the Zeo Rangers ready for battle! And hurry up! No mistakes!"


Red Turbo laid low. He knew the Zeo Rangers were probably just inside the cave, waiting for them to show up. He thanked Alpha for the ability to move fast enough to confuse Divatox's equipment. They probably don't expect us to arrive for at least three more minutes!, he thought. Turning to his teammates, he said, "Now, remember what happened last time. Here's the plan. We try to stay out of their line of sight. Use Auto Blasters only. Keep them off-guard. Once they're confused enough, we go in the cave and destroy whatever's keeping the forcefield on. Then, Alpha and Zordon can help us out. With luck, Alpha has already broken through the barrier, and can see us. Hopefully, he's devising something to destroy the spell on the rangers. Okay guys, let's do it!"

The five rangers turbo-ran to their hiding spots above the cave. Tipping over, they fired the blasters into the cave. They hid as five Zeo Rangers ran outside to fight them.

"Okay, rangers," Red Zeo's rough voice said. "Divatox wants these rangers destroyed, so let's not waste any time!"

The Zeo Rangers split up to find the Turbo Rangers. As Yellow Zeo approached the west, she fell under attack. She did a barrel roll, and pointed her Zeo Pistol, only to find herself aiming at a rock! She ran up to ambush the ranger that was surely hiding behind it. Once she reached it, she saw no one was there. Blaster fire erupted around her. This time, she did not hold back. She fired at every tall rock. When something caught her eye, she fired at it. And still she could not hit those accursed rangers!

Red Zeo was more careful. He saw an Auto Blaster peeking up from a trench, and he jumped up and fired into the trench. But he had hit nothing! As he came down, he was hit multiple times by blaster fire.

The other rangers had the same luck. Each time they saw a ranger, they would disappear. The Zeo Rangers were being thoroughly beaten.

Suddenly, Red Zeo saw Red Turbo turbo-running towards the cave entrance. "Guys, Red is going for the cave! Hold the others off, I'm going in after him!" And Red Zeo ran into the cave as well.


Red Turbo turbo-ran as fast as he could. He knew Red Zeo would not catch up to him, and he whizzed by bumblers like the pihranatrons and Elgar. With his Turbo Blade, he hit Rygog and sent him flying before he knew what was happening.

Finally, he reached a deadend in the tunnel. "Heh! I don't think so! Auto Blaster: Shift Up!" Pulling the tab on the end of his Auto Blaster, Red Turbo created the perfect means to craft a new door.

When the dust settled, Red Turbo rushed in. "Woah!" he said. "Look at all the consoles! Which one do I destroy?" Red Turbo looked up and down the confusing panels, but found no clue to what does what.

"Hold it right there, Tommy!" Red Zeo had caught up with him. "You're not doing anything to those consoles!"

"Feel like fighting, bro? Fine. Turbo Blade!"

"Zeo V Power Sword!"

The two leaped at each other. Having trained together for almost five years, each knew the other well. Red Turbo knew that Red Zeo often let his guard down when fighting from his right, leaving his left side vulnerable. Red Turbo continually drifted the battle clockwise, forcing Red Zeo to thrust and parry almost exclusively from his right side. When the moment was right, Red Turbo pulled the handle on his Turbo Blade. "Turbo Blade: Shift Up!" With new power, the Turbo Blade knocked out Red Zeo with one blow.

"Now, for the consoles!" Red Turbo looked from console to console. "Which one to choose! Well, there's one way to do this!" He took out his Auto Blaster and fired on all of them.


"Unngh!" Green Turbo fell from the might of Green Zeo's Zeo Laser Blade. "Guys, regroup!" At his command, the Turbo team retreated to the front of the cave. The other Zeos blocked their way. "Okay guys, I'm up for suggestions!" Suddenly, the sky became immensly hazy. "What's going on?" Immediately, the sky became fully clear. "Tommy did it!"

The four Zeo Rangers started gripping their helmets furiously. Something seemed to be affecting them. Their uniforms grew into light, and fled to the cave, just before their four figures teleported out.


Red Turbo spun around. Red Zeo had started getting up, when he started gripping his helmet. Immediately, his form had vanished. Surprised, Red Turbo ran out of the cave. There, he saw his teammates, somewhat worse for wear, but all right.

"Guys, what happened?"

"I don't know. You knocked down the forcefield, right?"

"Yeah . . ."

"Then the rangers started clutching their heads. Then their powers went into that cave and they teleported out."

"Jason did the same thing, but his uniform didn't disappear, and he didn't teleport."

Then, red lightning surrounded the top of the cave, and materialized into Divatox. Now, she held the Zeo Crystal in her hand.

"Great job, rangers! I have underestimated you. You managed to defeat the Zeo Rangers! Good thing I managed to reclaim the power before your mentor stole my warriors away. And another thing: the leader is still mine, so don't start acting cocky."

Red Turbo said, "Well Divatox, I don't see how you can win now."

"Oh, but there is. Witness the end of your world!"

Divatox held up the Zeo Crystal. The five colors started streaming from it. In a spectacular display, that all at once seemed incredible and frightening, the five streams of light converged in a single spot. Then, the Zeo Crystal started glowing, and the mass in the convergence seemed to get bigger. It was as if the Zeo Crystal was losing its power.

Finally, the Zeo Crystal stopped glowing. The convergence was bigger than a skyscraper. Then, it started to take solid form. Mass reorganized itself, and color shone from the inside. The features of a hideous rock-like monster began to form. Then, in a flash of light, the creature took full solid shape.

"Behold, rangers! Maligore!"

Red Turbo was shocked. "What did you do to the Zeo Crystal?!"

"See for yourself, rangers!" Divatox threw the crystal into the air. When it hit the ground, it made a loud, deafening cracking sound, as the Zeo Crystal crashed into a thousand pieces.


Part 3

The rangers watched the Viewing Globe as Maligore started destroying Angel Grove. They felt incredibly helpless.

Tommy said, "Zordon, isn't there anything we can do?"

"No. Whoever broke into the Power Chamber also encoded the zords with a virus. The Zeo Zords, Super Zeo Zords, Red Battlezord, and Warrior Wheel are in no condition to fight. The Tiki of Auric has disappeared, and Pyramidas cannot be called forth as long as Trey is recovering from his recovery of the Gold Ranger powers." Zordon's figure motioned towards the recovery chamber where Trey rested.

Tommy paced around the room. He was entrenched in his thoughts. Finally, he tapped his communicator and said, "Billy, how's it coming with the new 'zords'?"

"Well, the unstable magical molecules contained within the five enlarged vehicles do allow us an advantage in terms of adding some non-significant modifications to them. Unfortunately, the pre-determined transportation function of the vehicles are hindering our attempts to modify any sort of radical implementation."

"Say that again?"

Trini's voice came over the communicator. "He said that since the cars have magic in them, we can make some minor changes, but major ones are tough since these were designed only for driving."

"Then why couldn't he have said that in the first place?"

Billy said, in a puzzled voice, "I did." The rangers' tensions were slightly eased by the ensuing laughter. Tanya said, "Well, at least we got the other rangers back, even if Divatox still kept Jason. It was lucky that Alpha came up with a way to block off the effects of the brainwashing."

On the communicator, Alpha said, "It was nothing, rangers. All it took was a simple sound wave which affected the disrupting electrical patterns of any abnormal energies in the cerebrum, which controls thought."

Tommy turned back towards Zordon. "Is there any way to get new powers? I can feel the power leaving already."

"None that I can think of at the moment." Suddenly, the alarm started ringing again. "Rangers, a group of monsters have just arrived near Maligore's location at the pier."

Tommy jumped to his senses. "That means we can fight them!" Zordon nodded. Tommy tapped his communicator. "Adam, we've got business to attend to. Billy, Trini, and Alpha are going to have to make the changes themselves." Adam teleported back into the Power Chamber. The five rangers lined up and morphed.


Rygog laughed as he blew up another piece of a warehouse. "Now this is what I signed on for! Death and destruction! Isn't this great, Elgar?"

"No! No treasure huntin', no scaring the wits out of bankers, this sucks!"

"I don't see why I'm here," said Porto. "All I ever do is block shots."

"Shut your trap and make with the explosions!" Rygog barked. "Hey, what's that?!"

Five streaks of light flashed past them. Stopping near the water, the streaks turned into rangers.

"Turbo Ranger 1, Red!"

"Turbo Ranger 2, Blue!"

"Turbo Ranger 3, Green!"

"Turbo Ranger 4, Yellow!"

"Turbo Ranger 5, Pink!"

"Power Rangers . . . Turbo!"

"It's the rangers!" Rygog yelled. "Elgar, get the Pirahnatrons!" At his command, groups of brown warriors with pirahna-like faces teleported in. "Get them!" yelled Rygog.

Red Turbo said, "Turbo Blades up! Let's get 'em!"

Red Turbo slashed a Pirahnatron through the stomach, and swung around to hit two more behind him. Another Pirahnatron hit Red Turbo in the back, but he rolled with the momentum and quickly got up. With his Auto Blaster, he hit the offending creature.

Blue Turbo jumped into the fight. A group of Pirahnatrons crowded around him to compress his movements. "Bad move, boys!" yelled Blue Turbo. "Turbo Blade: Shift Up!" Blue Turbo pulled the tab on the bottom of the handle, and the Turbo Blade glowed with energy. Swinging it above his head, he hit every Pirahnatron dead-center.

Green Turbo was rushed from behind by Elgar. Elgar swung his right arm around. A stack of cards flew out of his hand, and formed into a sword. Green Turbo made the first attack, a clumsy thrust that Elgar easily parried. The two dueled with amazing speed, until a Pirahnatron jumped up, grabbed Green Turbo, and threw him to the ground.

Yellow and Pink Turbos had already been sent to the floor by a pack of quick-moving Pirahnatrons. Yellow Turbo said, "Kat, arm Turbo Auto Blasters!" Pink Turbo nodded in agreement. Together, they said, "Auto Blaster: Shift Up!" They pulled the tab at the back, and fired, clearing out all the Pirahnatrons.

Rygog said, "Enough of this foolishness!" From the horn on his head, Rygog unleased a burst of energy, hitting the floor and causing sparks to fly. The rangers were knocked backwards by such a blow.

Maligore, whom the rangers had forgotton about, appeared and unleashed the power of Zeo onto the rangers. They were helpless against its onslaught.

Rygog boasted, "This is too easy!"


Kimberly watched the Viewing Globe with worry. Oh Tommy, she pleaded. Don't get hurt. She didn't realize just how much she truly had missed him until she saw him get hurt, and knowing that she couldn't do anything for him without her powers. I don't understand, she thought. I thought I loved Tommy, but when I moved to Florida, the love just disappeared. Now that I'm back, I feel it so strongly again.

Zack felt just as helpless. "Billy," he said. "Aren't the zords working yet?"

Billy replied, "They have basic zord controls, and a way to link up to form a Megazord, but I'm not sure just how effective they are."

"Well, the rangers are getting toasted." Zack paused. It was hard for him to say 'the rangers' and not refer to himself. "You've gotta do something."


"Rangers, arm Turbo Auto Blasters! Shift Up!" The rangers fired their blasters against Maligore. It shrugged off the blow like a minor itch, and stomped its foot down, deliberately missing the rangers to taunt them. Red Turbo said, "Man, there's got to be some way to even the score!"

Just then his communicator beeped. It was Billy. "I've got the Turbo Zords online, but I make no guaruntees about anything."

Red Turbo said, "I don't care, man. Send them here NOW!"

Looking up, the rangers saw five huge cars zipping towards them.

Billy said, "Is that soon enough for you?"

"All right Billy! Okay guys, let's do it!"

The rangers jumped up onto the gigantic cars. There, they found a hatch that led down to the main cockpit, which was basically a room full of control panels. In the middle, there was a small cart, where the rangers found themselves sitting.

Red Turbo announced, "Maligore, surrender or be destroyed!" Maligore responded with a flurry of energy blasts from its eyes.

"Woah! Everybody, shift into turbo!" At Red Turbo's command, the rangers pulled the turbo lever down. The Turbo Zords immediately zoomed ahead, barely missing each blast.

Red Turbo said, "We're not going to accomplish anything like this. Everybody, initiate Turbo Megazord formation, now!"

Wind Chaser and Mountain Blaster sped towards each other. Wind Chaser split in two, and two fists came out of the rear. Mountain Blaster fit into the gap between the two parts of Wind Chaser, as Wind Chaser attached itself onto Mountain Blaster and set its wheels to neutral so no extra friction was created. Ahead of Mountain Blaster, Dune Star and Desert Thunder joined together side-by-side, and spun around so their fronts were facing the approaching Mountain Blaster. When the two parts combined, the two smaller vehicles set their wheels to neutral. The four rangers transferred themselves to the Megazord cockpit inside of Mountain Blaster.

Blue Turbo said, "Tommy, I'm lowering the ramp. Prepare to dock."

Red Lightning came up behind Mountain Blaster. Mountain Blaster lowered the ramp on the back, so Red Lightning could come in and dock on the back of Mountain Blaster. Red Turbo transferred himself to the Megazord cockpit.

"Okay, guys," he said. "Turbo up!" The five rangers took their Turbo Keys and put them in the slot on their right, then turned it. Dune Star and Desert Thunder hit the brakes. The sudden friction caused the back portion of Mountain Blaster to rise, effectively 'standing' the Megazord up. Red Lightning split to reveal the head, and the top lights on Mountain Blaster covered the chest of the Megazord. The eyes started flashing.

The Turbo Rangers said, "Turbo Megazord online!"

The new Turbo Megazord now stood off against Maligore. Red Turbo said, "You've got one last chance. Return the Zeo powers, or be destroyed!" Maligore roared and charged the Turbo Megazord. The Megazord side-stepped and hit the backside of Maligore's head. Furious, Maligore turned and fired a series of bursts from its chest. The Turbo Megazord summoned the Tire Shield, and suceeded in partially deflecting the blasts. The Turbo Megazord armed the Turbo Saber, and started slashing Maligore. Maligore roared and grabbed the right hand of the Turbo Megazord. It fired off multiple beams of light from its eyes, all of which hit on target. Maligore rushed in delivered several blows with its fists, and finished it off with a jumping kick which knocked the Turbo Megazord to the ground.

Green Turbo said, "Tommy, we just don't have the power to finish him! What do we do?"

Red Turbo called on his communicator. "Billy, do you have anything else?"

"No, guys. I told you, I only finished the Megazord formation sequence."

Then, the ground lit up. Jason stood in its place. "Tommy!" He yelled. "I challenge you to a duel!"

Red Turbo said, "A duel? I don't get it!"

Yellow Turbo said, "Tommy, the Zeo powers are inside Maligore now."

Green Turbo said, "That's right, Tommy. He's defenseless. He doesn't have any powers."

Red Turbo said, "But Divatox might have given him some new ones. It's got to be a trap. Billy, can you send the sound wave that disrupted the brainwashing?"

"Negative. For some reason, it can't get through."

Red Turbo said, "Well, if I go down there, I might be able to break down whatever barrier is up. Then we can get Jason back."


Red Turbo landed on the ground. In front of him was his best friend, with a sinister rage twisting his features. "Jason," he said. "I don't want to fight you. Lower the forcefield, and we can help you."

Jason looked coldly at Red Turbo. "No. We're going to duel."

Red Turbo said, "You don't have any powers, Jase. You won't win. Lower the forcefield."

Jason smiled. Extending his right hand, a golden flash appeared, and solidified into the Golden Power Staff. Holding it high, Jason unleashed its energies, which transformed him into the Gold Ranger.

Red Turbo was shocked. "Billy!" he said. "Is the Golden Power Staff missing?"

Billy's voice came back, full of sorrow. "Yes. It's gone."

Red Turbo snapped his head back at Gold Ranger. "You're the one that broke into the Power Chamber! You disabled Alpha, sent Zordon flying into another dimension, and stole both the Zeo Crystal and the Golden Power Staff!"

Gold Ranger's voice spoke, now hard and filled with hatred. "Yes, I did that. Divatox took me first, and I told her about the original rangers. That's how she found all of them. Now, I will destroy you."

Red Turbo said, "Turbo Blade!" With his blade in hand, he readied himself for Gold Ranger's incoming onslaught.

As they fought, Red Turbo noticed that their fight seemed to mirror the one they had five years ago, when he was the evil Green Ranger. He made the same thrust with his sword that his friend had made, and Gold Ranger deflected it just like him. When Red Turbo went for the Auto Blaster, Gold Ranger used the Golden Power Staff to absorb and redirect the energy back towards Red Turbo.

Laughing, Gold Ranger said, "Well, Tommy, it seems history does repeat itself. You never told me how good it felt to be evil! Are you ready to accept defeat?" Suddenly, Gold Ranger stumbled to his knees. He was breathing heavily.

Of course, thought Red Turbo. Jason's still weak from his tenure as Gold Ranger! Alpha said it would take him five more days to fully recover. He paused as Gold Ranger started reaching for the sky with his staff. Quietly, Red Turbo said, "Thanks for teaching me this five years ago, Jase." He held his sword at a 45 degree angle, pulled the tab on the handle so the sword flashed with red energy, and flung it at Gold Ranger, knocking the staff out of his hand. Immediately, there was a buzzing sensation in the sky, as the forcefield that Gold Ranger had sustained with the Golden Power Staff disappeared.

Gold Ranger started clutching at his helmet. Good, thought Red Turbo. Alpha sent the sound wave. He'll be back to normal in no time!

Then, Red Turbo turned back towards the Turbo Megazord. Miraculously, it had gotten back on its feet, and was getting pummeled with some measure of dignity. "Hang on, guys!" Red Turbo called. "I'm coming!"

But Red Turbo suddenly felt a strong sensation, tugging at him. He suddenly felt very weak, and collapsed. As he struggled with the sudden pain, he thought, oh no! The power's fading!


Gold Ranger looked up. Where am I?, he thought. Then, he heard heavy breathing to his left. It was Red Turbo. Oh no, he thought, as everything returned to him. What have I done? Above him, Gold Ranger saw the Turbo Megazord standing still, and he could imagine the other rangers in similar pain.

This is my fault, he thought. And I'm going to finish it. Starting with you, ugly! Gold Ranger raised his staff and pointed it at Maligore. With intense concentration, five points of light started forming at the tip of the staff. Then, Maligore howled as a stream of light started pouring from its chest. The light hit the staff, and started flowing into Gold Ranger. I knew it would work, he told himself. Since the Gold Ranger powers were originally derived from the Zeo Crystal, it would be the perfect magnet for the corrupted Zeo energy. Finally Maligore's pain stopped. The power of the Zeo Crystal now resided inside Gold Ranger. He pointed his staff at the cockpit of the Turbo Megazord, and forced the powers out of him, hitting the four rangers inside. He was giving the rangers their powers back. Finally, he turned towards his best friend, Red Turbo, and fired the last drop of power back into him.

Red Turbo emerged from a daze. "Jason!" he cried, as he saw his friend standing near him. "You're all right!"

"Yeah. And so are you."

"What? Wait, my powers. They're back!"

"I drained them out of Maligore. The Gold Ranger powers acted like a magnet, drawing the power away from it. Now, Tommy, I think you've got a job to do!"


Red Turbo jumped up back into the Turbo Megazord. "Okay, guys, now that we've basically won, let's wrap up a few loose ends!" The Turbo Megazord charged at the weakened Maligore. It slashed Maligore several times, but each time, Maligore seemingly regenerated itself.

Green Turbo exclaimed, "Did you see that? How are we going to beat something like that?"

Red Turbo replied, "I don't know."

The Turbo Megazord started slashing Maligore some more. Though Maligore was too weak to attack anymore, it was still regenerating itself, so no attack was sucessful.

Red Turbo suddenly said, "I have an idea. Guys, back away from Maligore a little."

The Turbo Megazord distanced itself from Maligore. Suddenly, Red Turbo fired up the thrusters, sending the Turbo Megazord streaming towards Maligore. Red Turbo suddenly turned the wheel, causing the Turbo Megazord to spin wildly. When it reached Maligore, it spun around, continually slashing it. When the Megazord finished, Maligore fell down and exploded in a fantastic array of light and sound.

Yellow Turbo said, "Ooh, I think I'm gonna be sick!"

Blue Turbo said, "What'd you do, man?"

Red Turbo said, "Well, since Maligore could regenerate, I wanted to see what would happen if we hit Maligore so many times that it couldn't regenerate fast enough. It seems something very good happens."


The rangers, past and present, were gathered in the Power Chamber, celebrating their victory. Unlike the others, Jason spent most of his time sitting down, staring out into space as he mused on his actions. Tommy spent an unusual amount of energy avoiding Kat and Kimberly.

Zordon watched his 'children' celebrate. Then he spoke. "Congratulations, rangers. You have sucessfully defeated a very powerful threat."

Tanya replied, "I would be happier if we got our old costumes back. I mean, how's anybody going to take us seriously again? We look like a bunch of sports racers!"

Zordon smiled. "Do not be too discouraged by your new costumes and vehicles. The legendary Victory Rangers of Eltar were also powered by vehicles, and they were hailed as heroes just as surely as any other ranger team.

"But I warn you, the danger has not yet passed. Even now, Divatox is planning her next move. It will be an intense struggle. And it does not help that your powers are in the condition that they are.

"Though Jason's attempt at drawing the power out from Maligore was sucessful, you all absorbed the Zeo power back indirectly, through Jason. As an unfortunate result, they will also continually fade away. A high priority must be to either stabalize your current powers, or find a new source of energy."

Suddenly, the alarm started sounding. Alpha hurried to the nearest console to find out the danger. "Ay yi yi! Zordon, a transmission from space is coming in!"

Zordon said, "Put it on the viewing globe."

Divatox's face appeared in the viewing globe. "Greetings, Zordon. I have to tell you that you trained your rangers well. Not at all what I expected. Nonetheless, I must continue my mission."

Tommy stood straight up from where he was leaning. "What might that be, Divatox?"

"Oh, it's actually very simple. I want all your metals. They are very important to me. Surely, you would give up some worthless chunks of metal for the safety of your planet?"

Zordon said, "Nice try, Divatox. Alpha has scanned many of the metals on Earth already. I know that they contain the element B88. I know that your goal is to recruit General Havoc of Hazard." Divatox's face fell as she realized what Zordon was saying.

"You realize, Zordon, that I will not rest until what I want is mine."

Tommy retorted, "I hope you realize, Divatox, that the Power Rangers won't rest until you give up."

Divatox said, "I'm disappointed in you, rangers. I thought you would have the sense to surrender." The viewing globe went blank.

Tommy said, "What's going on? Who's General Havoc?"

Zordon sighed and said, "General Havoc of Hazard is a brilliant strategical master. Many millenia ago, he served on the side of good. Over the centuries, however, he fell to the side of evil. He created the most powerful weapon in existence, the Braking titan. To this very day, he charges a high fee in exchange for his services. His fee is one thousand pounds of the element B88, an extremely rare element around the universe. For some reason, Earth has an extremely high supply of B88 in all of its metals. Should Divatox obtain enough B88, she can hire General Havoc and his Braking titan to destroy any planet she so desires. I truly doubt that even you can defeat Braking, should Divatox obtain its services. That is why it is important that Divatox not obtain any metals from Earth."

Suddenly, Divatox's face appeared on the viewing globe. "Oh yes, rangers, one more thing. You may want to watch the news right about now. It's got some very interesting stories to tell." Divatox smiled, and disappeared.

The viewing globe came to life, showing an anchorman, with a very shocked expression on her face.

"Viewers, I have just been informed that something dreadful has happened to the Power Rangers, who have sucessfully defended this planet for five years. Shown here is a video, captured by an anonymous tourist."

Displayed now was a fight between the Turbo Rangers and the brainwashed Zeo Rangers. The anchorman said, "The Power Rangers Zeo, defenders of planet Earth, have been attacked by enemies. Later, the leader of this vile pack of adversaries was filmed fighting the Gold Ranger, apparantly defeating him. From an anonymous tip, we have learned that it is very likely that the Power Rangers Zeo have either been killed, or exiled from this Earth, by the new Power Rangers Turbo."

Tommy barely got the words out. "No way."

"This can't be happening," said Tanya.

The anchorman continued. "If encountered, viewers are advised to keep their distance from these Power Rangers Turbo. Call the local authorities. Do not talk to them. They are to be considered armed and dangerous."

Zordon said, "Alpha detected Divatox's call to the major news stations. We tried to warn you that your fight was being recorded, but our communication could not reach you. Alpha has dispatched more anonymous phone calls, denying the charge, but as you can see, some of the more reckless news stations have insisted on showing the footage. Luckily, many of the more respected stations have decided that the tape was false. But be prepared, rangers. Your future has just grown darker."

The rangers continued to stare at the viewing globe. As they watched, their hearts filled with apprehension.

The End