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Disclaimer: Saban owns the idea for the Power Rangers along with Kat, Zhane, Justin, Karone, Tommy, Aisha, Jason, Ashley, Andros, Kim, and all other rangers and villains. George Lucas owns the idea for Star Wars along with anything that goes with it including: Anakin, Obi-Wan, Queen Amidala, Qui-Gon Ginn, Captain Panaka, the stormtroopers, Darth Sideous and any other creatures from the Star Wars movies. I own Kanara, the Erans, and the minor characters. This story takes place right after the Phantom Menace in Star Wars and right after The End of It All in my Surprising Enemies Series. The Return, The Defeat, and Time to Celebrate (all in the Surprising Enemies Series) never occurred in this universe.

Power Wars: The Rising Force
by Emily

Background Information

Because this story was originally part of a short series, please read this background info to fully understand the fic. The fics that precede this are currently being rewritten to reading this would be very beneficial. The original started during Power Rangers in Space and took off from there.

Astronoma slowly begins to remember who she is, when Lord Zedd comes back and offers to help her. She gives him the crystal that she picked up years ago when she defeated a planet. Zedd captures two former power rangers, Kimberly Harte and Adam Park. With the help of the crystal, it is revealed the Kimberly is the daughter of a long defeated evil villain. Both she and Adam have a spell put over them, though she is more deeply affected by the spell than he is. She takes on the name that was given to her long ago, Kanara. Zedd was also preparing to kill Andros and Tanya Sloan when Astronoma finally remembers who she is and saves both of them. She goes back to Earth with them, using the name she was born with. Karone of KO-35.

All the former rangers come back to try and help their friends. Meanwhile, Andros thinks he was fallen in love with Ashley, only to find Ashley and Carlos in a tight embrace. He is hurt and betrayed, but there are more important matters at hand. Also, Karone feels as though she doesn't belong, for she had been evil for so long. Zhane comforts her and feelings are renewed between the two. But before anything else could happen between the two, Adam and Kanara appeared, kidnapping the two.

They suddenly appears on Earth, close to where the rangers are fighting. After a long fight, Adam and Kanara disappear again, this time with Zhane and Kat as their captives. Kat and Zhane struggle to get out of the cage they're thrown in to while desperately trying to reach their friends. Kanara is unaffected by their words, but Adam is affected.

Kanara and Adam return once again to Earth, only to be faced by the current and former rangers. The spell that had been put on Adam is broken and he returns to his friends. But it is too late. Kanara destroyed all of the rangers, one by one. When Zedd came to congratulate her, she destroyed him to. Kanara became the ruler of the planet.

But when she had left the battlefield, she didn't notice the few people that had come out of hiding. They ran to the rangers, and finding some still alive, they dragged them into the tunnels that had been built with the help of Justin Stewert. Kanara teleported back to her castle on the moon, confronting her two prisoners, Kat and Zhane, about the demise of their friends.


Star Wars Background Information

I'll make this short and sweet. The story takes place after the Phantom Menace. Obi-Wan Kenobi has already started training Anakin, but they are still on Naboo. That's basically all the information you have to know if you've seen the movie. I would advise that you see the movie, if you haven't already. It would help greatly.

A brief history

Five years ago, Earth was a vibrant place full of life. The Power Rangers, their only means of planetary defense, were keeping them safe from the evil that threatened the Earth's existence. But suddenly, out of nowhere, a new evil arrived. Kimberly Anne Harte, a former Power Ranger, found out the true identity of her father. He was an evil being that once ruled the universe. And, with the help of Lord Zedd, the powers of her father were passed down to the girl, and she took her place on the side of evil. Since that day, she has been known as Kanara. Single-handedly she was able to take down all of the rangers, keeping a few as her captives. Since then, she has ruled over the planet, getting rid of all of those who tried to cross her. But now she was joined another. And she has left Earth to go after a bigger goal: the universe.


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away:

It is a time of confusion in the Senate. With the election of a new Chancellor, many people are worried that the Senate will fall apart. And the Jedi are having their own troubles as well. One of the great masters, Qui-Gon Ginn has been killed, leaving a young boy behind, one who is now going to be trained as a Jedi. But the Jedi sense trouble. And there is much. An evil force, one known as a Sith Lord, has come into being. And this Lord has joined forces with another new evil, one that has caused grief for many. But little does anyone know, the Jedi or the Sith Lord, that a planet is to be coming back from slavery. They are fighting for freedom, because of the return of their national defenders. The Power Rangers.

Above the enslaved planet of Earth, its small barren moon circled. Without any water to drink, food to eat, or air to breathe, it seemed like an unlivable place. But life existed on it, in a large building called the Lunar Palace. The incredible structure, with its high towers and colossal marble columns, was the only place on the entire surface of the moon where life, did indeed, exist. But even though it was incredible, those who built it were evil. Especially the one who inhabited it now. This girl, Kanara, was the being that enslaved the once beautiful Earth and destroyed its defenders, the Power Rangers. Most of them. Some were in hiding, somewhere on the planet. Others, prisoners of Kanara, were trapped inside the Palace. One of them was trapped, locked in a cage. The other, trapped in the form of a small white cat. A small white cat that was tearing through the palace, searching desperately for something to free the two of them.

Where is it?, the cat thought as it searched through Kanara's scroll room. It has to be here somewhere! The small cat, once ironically known as Kat, pawed carefully at the scrolls, trying to make it look as if they were untouched. Suddenly a sharp bang behind her caused her to jump. She turned around slowly and sighed in relief as she saw it was only a fallen scroll. Looking at it curiously, she quietly made her way over to it. As she opened the scroll, a smile seemed to cross her face as she read the various spells on it.

This is it! This is the one!, she thought with excitement. Picking up the scroll with her teeth, she quickly made her way out of the room. She flew down the stairs and ran through the long hallways of the palace. She ran into a small room, deep in the dungeon of the palace. There, in a small cage, lay another prisoner of Kanara.

This young man, with his whitish blonde hair and youthful appearance, looked as if he had not aged since he was a teenager. But if one looked into his eyes, they would see the wisdom and the despair in them. Wisdom from his travels through the stars, from the countless battles he had been through, and the finding and losing of friends and family. Despair from his many years trapped in Kanara's dungeon, and from his dimming hope of escaping as Kanara's power grew.

But hope was there, for as long as his one companion, Kat, was alive, he would have hope. Even his personality had been changed from all the years of entrapment. He had once been known as a bit of a jokester of the team. The one that kept them from growing too serious. Now, he never cracked a joke. Never tried to liven life up. No matter what he did, it could not work for him. Not after all that he had been through.

It is true that before the downfall of Earth, the two had never been very good friends. In fact, they had barely known each other. But because they were the only living rangers left, at least to their knowledge, they slowly began to bond. They would talk for hours, telling of their pasts, their lives, their hopes, their despairs. They shared everything together. Their friendship for each other grew with every passing day, for they had depended on one another for so long.

Zhane, Zhane! Wake up! she yelled into his mind, her only way of communication. Soon after Kat had been turned into a feline, she had discovered that she had the ability to speak using her mind. This ability seemed to be a side effect of the spell that was put upon her. For five years, she and Zhane had managed to keep contact with each other, which gave them the hope of escaping Kanara. Her thoughts traveled directly into his mind, causing him to jump up in surprise. He turned around quickly and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

"Kat, what's wrong? What are you doing here?" he asked in surprise, not expecting Kat to be in the dungeon.

Kat dropped the scroll next to his cage, and he reached over for it. I found something Zhane. I'm not quite sure, but it could be...it could be our escape. Zhane's head shot up as he looked at her, a new hope suddenly glowing in his eyes. After years of being trapped, they might finally be able to get out.

"Our escape? Kat....are you sure? She wouldn't just leave these out!" he said. Suddenly, his eyes narrowed as he looked at Kat suspiciously. She had never been allowed to freely roam the palace when Kanara left. "How did you get down here, anyway?"

She didn't lock me up like she usually does. Ever since she left a couple of weeks ago, I've been searching for these spells, hoping she wouldn't come back. Kat explained. I searched through thousands of scrolls in her library, but I couldn't find anything. I've never seen these scrolls before, but I think these are the ones. The spells we've been looking for.

Zhane nodded in barely contained excitement. He turned his attention away from Kat and onto the scrolls he held in his hand. Time seemed to stand still as he scanned over the scrolls, hope rising with every word he read.

"Kat, these are the scrolls! These are the scrolls that will free us!" Both of them began to go over the spells one by one. Many different spells were on the scrolls, some so evil that they two could barely even look at. Suddenly Kat gasped as she read one of them. Zhane looked at her in confusion and alarm. "Kat, what's wrong?"

Kat didn't answer. She could only stare at the spell, her breath coming in short gasps. She remembered that spell, for it was the spell that Rita used years ago. The same spell that Kanara had put over her, those five years ago. As she began to recite the spell, a cool breeze filled the room, though there wasn't any sort of breeze that could come in. Zhane looked around nervously before turning back to Kat. He tried frantically to get her attention, but Kat was unaware of anything that was going on around her. She closed her eyes and began to repeat a spell, over and over.

By the powers of the earth, by the powers of the night, by the powers of the all beings! Change this form into that of another, into one that it belongs. Decarathe, Decarathe, Decarathe!

Suddenly, a bright light shone over Kat, a light so bright that it caused Zhane to cover his eyes. As the light became brighter and brighter, Kat became aware that she was changing. Her white hair began to recede, until there was only skin. The joints of her knees switched directions with a sickening crunch. The paws that she had walked on for so long began to change, turning into hands and feet. Slowly she stood up, her once hind legs now becoming human legs once more. The light disappeared, leaving Zhane to look towards her in shock.

"Kat, you're...you're..." his voice trailed off as he looked at her, not believing what he was seeing. Kat, woozy and dizzy from the spell, looked at him in confusion. She could not yet feel the differences yet, for she was still trying to recover from the bright light of the spell. She looked at him, her bright blue eyes wide with concern.

"Zhane, what's wrong? You're all-" She abruptly stopped as she realized that she was actually talking. She looked down at herself in shock. She was wearing the same outfit she had been wearing that fateful day when she had come back to Angel Grove. Yes, it was torn and covered in smudges of dirt, but it was hers. It reminded her of the days before her imprisonment. Tears of happiness and joy welled up in her eyes as she looked up at Zhane. "Zhane, I'm human again!"

With that, she threw open the door of the cage and wrapped her arms around him. Before she realized it, she began to cry, tears flowing down her cheeks. All of the years she had been trapped as a cat seemed to melt away as she once again was able to feel the touch of human skin against her own skin. She felt joy at being able to walk on two legs again, at being able to talk with her mouth, and being able to use the sense of touch once more. Zhane returned the hug, more fiercely then he had expected. She pulled away, a little embarrassed, but not really caring. He smiled at her, his face lit up with the joy that she felt.

"I am so glad you're back," he whispered to her. Suddenly, remembrance of the situation brought him back to reality. He realized that Kanara could get back at any second and he looked back down at the scroll. "But we have to find a way out of here."

Kat nodded her head and looked down at the scroll, trying to figure out which spell they needed. As they looked over the spells, memories began to come back to them, causing them to become ever more determined to find a way out of the palace. Kat was so absorbed in this, she almost didn't hear Zhane's cry of excitement.

"Ah, ha!" he yelled out, causing Kat to jump. She looked up at him, hope shining in her face. "I think I found the one." As he pointed out the spell, the two began to chant it, their voices in complete unison.

"Through time and space we shall go, to return to that which we once knew. Send us back onto our journey, where we can undo all that has been done. This I command, through the powers that be!"

Neither Kat nor Zhane had a chance to move as a blinding light shone on them and, in an instant, the light enveloped them, leaving nothing behind but the empty cage.

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