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Ellen Brand's Fics

Last Updated: July 4, 2000

The Personality Conflicts Series*
I Wish
This prequel to the series finds Tommy's birth mother making a very difficult decision.
Personality Conflicts
Has the Green Ranger returned to haunt Tommy? Or is it all in his head?
Fathers And Sons
The rangers are dismayed when Adam vanishes- along with a civilian. Things are only complicated by the fact that the civilian is Adam's father.
Shadow Dancers
Billy's life on Aquitar is interrupted when he is kidnapped by strange Shadow creatures, and it's up to Tommy to save him.
Dying of the Light
The Gold Ranger powers have sapped Jason's strength- and his life energy.
Things Left Undone
At the news of Jason's illness, some old friends return to Angel Grove.
Crystal's Shadow, Crystal's Light
Two new Rangers with strange new powers join the team. But will their abilities be enough to save Jason?
Two of Hearts
Love is in the air- but for whom?
Crystal Blue Persuasion
A foreign world is threatened by an otherwordly force, and Rocky is the only one who can stop it.
Tommy makes a difficult discovery, and the news may be too much for him to handle.
Dark Mirror One: Tiger, Tiger
The team gains a surprising new ally- and a terrifying foe.
Dark Mirror Two: Through a Glass Darkly
Any friend of Tyler is an enemy of the Rangers.
Dark Mirror Three: Heart of Darkness
By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes....
The More Things Change
The arrival of DivaTox and some strange new powers spell excitement for the rangers.
Who You Gonna Call?
Zack's life in Columbia, New York, is just beginning... to get interesting.
Inner Demons
A Demon from another world is after Franklin Park, and Rocky may be the only one that stands in its way.
Worlds Enough and Time
Billy's false memories have begun to pop up more and more frequently, but after a strange series of events, things finally start to make sense....
Thicker Than Water
The Morphin' Warriors lives are turned topsy-turvy when someone from Jason's past shows up unexpectedly.
Family Ties
Scorpina's back, and once again she has her eye on Adam. However, he's got a family who loves him and is not willing to let him go.
The Green-Eyed Monster
"Beware of jealousy...." The Turbos have been kidnapped and it's up to Tanya and Tasha — or the Turbos are doomed.
Final Frontier
Dark Spectre has set his sights on Earth. Good thing there's a new ally on his way....
Blows So Red
As Red Astro Ranger Andros struggles to adjust to life on Earth, he's also trying to deal with his own personal demons.
Second Star to the Right
This time even twenty-seven Rangers might not be enough to save Earth. Zordon is taken for trial, Trey teams up with an unlikely accomplice, the Ghostbusters come to Angel Grove, and the Zeos, Astros, and Morphin Warriors are leaving Earth in the hands of the Turbos! You gotta read this one to believe it!
Straight On 'til Morning
The adventure continues! On Earth, the Turbos team up with the Beetleborgs, and the VR Troopers, after Shadowborg almost rips the kids apart. In space, the Zeos, Morphins, and Astros run into pirates. Yep, pirates!
Split Decisions
The continuing adventures of our heros both on Earth, and in space. It looks like the group who went to space is going to have to split up, in order to cover more ground. On earth, the mixed groups of heros are finding there is more to each other than they realized.
Shadow Hearts
Drew is on the wrong side of the fight, and Jo is having a rough time with that. In space, the groups go to the various planets, rallying support for Zordon. It's all beginning to come together!
The Waiting Game
Josh may have his chance to become a Beetleborg again, while the other teams prepare their defense for Zordon's trial.
Though the Heavens Fall
This is it, the big show-down! The time for Zordon's trial has arrived.
Aftermath: Downshifting
The Turbos think about all that has happened to them, and all they gained.
Aftermath: Metal Sunrise
The Beetleborgs are superheros, no doubt....but when all is said and done... they still have to answer to Mom. :)
Aftermath: Morning Stars
The Space Rangers reflect on the changes in their lives.
Aftermath: Rider Before the Storm
Edenoi is finally free, but Prince Dex is still troubled.
Aftermath: Warrior Dawn
The Morphin' Warriors are the Earthlings with the most Ranger experience under their belts—so they have a lot to reflect upon.
Aftermath: Ghostly Futures
The Rangers aren't the only ones to be affected the Earth's battles with evil—The Ghostbusters, especially Peter Venkman, have a lot to think about as well.
Aftermath: Crystal Morning
The Zeo Rangers have to adjust to a much simpler life.
Aftermath: Virtual Dawning
The VR Troopers also have a lot of change ahead of them.
Aftermath: Loose Threads
This final installment in the "Aftermath" series ties up some loose ends.
Shadows of the Future
Rocky is accidentally sucked into a very dismal future, and before he can go back home, he has to find a way to ensure that this particular future never comes to pass.
Phantom Quest
The last of Zordon's chosen has returned home.
Mirror, Mirror
The universe is governed by immutable laws... We grow to expect these laws, and when one of them is broken, it's a once-in-a-lifetime event.
Firebird Run
A visitor from another world lands in Angel Grove looking for help, and Teddy Oliver is all-too-willing to give it to her.
Blue Senturion is about to get a job on the force.
Birthday Blues
Lita has a birthday coming up.
Once Upon a December
The Christmas season is upon the Rangers.

Into The Fire
Jason's having trouble dealing with his experience on DivaTox's sub. (Set after the Turbo movie.)
Flames of Love
Jason's not the only one affected by the experience on the volcano; Kimberly's not doing too well either.
Tommy's reconciled with Kim... so where does that leave Kat?
Getting Over You
Tommy and Kim are both hurting after their breakup....
(No relation to the other vignettes)
Never Too Late
This Christmas vignette finds both Lord Zedd and Tommy pining over lost loves.
(No relation to the other vignettes)
Jason has just been told of the effects of the Gold Ranger's powers on his body, and he needs some time to himself to think.
Against the Odds
Bulk and Skull share a special friendship—one that can survive even the greatest distance.

Other Stories
The Chronology of the Power Rangers
The key to the timelines in Ellen Brand's Stories. Useful for any author.
Final Farewell
Tommy is captured by Divatox and begins to doubt his rangering abilities.
Ashes to Ashes
When one of the Rangers is killed in action, he leaves a lot left undone.
Come The Dark
All the Rangers but one are turned into bloodthirsty vampires. Can he make it through the night?
Green Magic
Someone is killing off Angel Grove teens with traits very similar to the gang. It can't be long before one of them is targeted....
Blue Eternity
Justin is seriously hurt during a battle with Pihranatrons, and fights for his life in a strange fantasy world.
Song and Dance
Tommy's suffering after his breakup with Kim, but his sister inadvertently gives him a boost.
Midnight Sun
The Turbo Rangers face a dangerous new enemy.
Phoenix Rising
After passing his powers on to TJ, Tommy has to come to terms with the changes in his life, but things down turn out as he'd thought.
Blue is the Color of Mourning
Justin's father dies unexpectedly, and Justin doesn't quite know how to deal with it.
One of the rangers is being stalked by an obsessed admirer.
Shadow of Fear
A mysterious foe is picking off the Rangers one by one.
Blood and Vengeance
An alternate handling of the PRT vampire episode.
Battle Royal
This one you have to read to believe! A look into the author's creative process....
Angst Awards
Ever wonder who has the most depressing life? Will Tommy, Cyclops, Fox Mulder, Andros or Tuxedo Mask win this years' annual awards? The competition is... well, neurotic!
Technical Difficulties
Ellen's fighting another battle with her muse.
Bishoujo Ranger Sailor Space
A Sailor Moon/Power Rangers Parody/Cross-over.
Lost And Found
A Mighty Ducks/Power Rangers Cross-over. Read it before you judge, please. :)

For Want of a Nail
For Want of a Nail
The first of a new series in which things turned out a bit differently after the destruction of the Power Chamber.
Technicolor War May 15, 2000
The battle has begun anew.