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Hope For The World
Chapter Seven - Oblivion On Earth
by The Devious One

Diabolico's Palace, Two Days Later....
Diabolico was fuming. All his plans that he so carefully calculated have fallen apart. Four years earlier, his plans were perfect. Poison the world, then take control of their minds. Everything was perfect. In the short era of four years, his plans had been ruined by the Legacy Club and his two worst enemies, the Sages. It was time for something drastic. For Diabolico, there was only one thing left to do.

Diabolico summoned Loki and Jinxter to his throne room. They stood before him moments later.

"Thank you for coming my minions. The time for the Rangers to fall has come. My previous plans have completely fallen apart. I have released Biotech from my control. I am going to lead an attack against the Rangers myself. If I do not make it back, you can do whatever you choose with the remainder of my armies. Either the Rangers fall today, or I do. Jinxter, launch a powerful monster on Mariner Bay to begin. I will destroy the Sages, then join the monster."

Jinxter and Loki looked at each other with silent shock at what was just revealed. After a moment, Jinxter spoke.

"Master, I have Magmavore ready to attack. I will send him immediately."

"Are you sure that is such a wise idea master?" Loki asked, finally.

"It...is the only choice for me. The rangers will be destroyed, or I will."

T & K Live....
Tommy sat with Kat, Rocky, Tanya, and Zack. They were discussing the night at the club. They had booked a new band to premere tonight and it was their hopes that things would really turn out tonight. The buzzer of their communicators interrupted their thoughts.

"Rangers, come in." Captain Mitchell's voice from the communicator said.

"This is Tommy, go ahead Captain."

"I need for you all to report to the Aqua Base. There is a possible situation."

"We're on our way." Was what Tommy said before they left in the Hum Vee.

Legacy Command....
Kairon and Kalison were alone inside their plasma tubes when this eery feeling surged through them. It was a feeling that they had not felt in such a long time. The feeling of doom and death was in the air, they could feel it and they sensed that the Rangers would soon feel it. The only question for them was how long would they have to wait. The answer was sooner than they thought.

Lightspeed Aqua Base....
Tommy and his team arrived in the Hum Vee to the Aqua Base minutes later. They walked into the Conference Room where Captain Mitchell and Miss Fairweather were looking over different computer screens.

"Rangers. Thank you for coming so quickly. There is a situation." Captain Mitchell said.

"What's going on?" Rocky asked.

"A large object that appears to be an asteriod has crashed in downtown Mariner Bay. The reason I say object is is that it has already started to transform. We don't yet know what lies inside. We need you to go downtown in your Ranger suits and investigate it." Miss Fairweather told them.

"We're on it. Let's go." Tommy said. They all returned to the Hum Vee as it lowered. About ten minutes later, the Lightspeed Hum Vee was on its way to the sight where the asteriod hit Mariner Bay. They stopped when the heat from the asteriod became to much for them to bare.

They got out of the Hum Vee and stood about a mile from the asteriod object.

"Ready guys. Lightspeed.........Rescue!" They called and where morphed into their suits when the incredible energy surged through their bodies.

"Alright, let's go." Pink Lightspeed said as they moved closer to the location of the asteriod. Just before they reached it, however, a rumble sounded on the ground underneath them. Several blasts came out of nowhere as the asteriod underwent another change. The several blasts that were caused had knocked the Rangers back several feet and away from each other.

The outer layer of the asteriod cracked and a monster of city destructive size stood before the Rangers. The monster, Magmavore, was created of lava and rock and spread it's arms out and surges of fire surged out of his chest and knocked down an entire block of buildings.

"Alright guys, we're gonna need the zords. Rescue Zords, immobilize." Red Lightspeed called.

Pyro Rescue 1, Aqua Rescue 2, Aero Rescue 3, Hazard Rescue 4, and Med Rescue 5 charged up through the city to where the Rangers were. The Rangers, each ran to their individual Rescue Zord and sat in their cockpits. They each tried a different approach with Magmavore. Aero Rescue flew up to him and tried to blast Magmavore with his blasters. They had no effect at all. Hazard and Med Rescues drove toward him opened fire with their blasters, but, they too had no effect on Magmavore. Pyro Rescue used his latter arms to knock into the monster. They had an effect, but it was very little help. Magmavore fired another series of blasts towards the Rangers, which forced the Rangers to fall back in their zords.

"Lightspeed Megazord, initiate." Red Lightspeed called.

Rescue and Hazard Rescues retransformed themselves and formed the Megazords feet. The hatches at the top of the zords opeend as Aqua Rescue retransformed itself and formed the Megazord's upper legs and waist. The hatches closed around it. Pyro Rescue retransformed itself into the chest of the Megazord and, using the Ladder Arms, raised itself and lowered itself onto the waist of the megazord. It also formed the arms of the Megazord. Aero Rescue finished the transformation as it formed the head of the Megazord and lowered itself onto the Megazord. Magmavore now stood before the Lightspeed Megazord, ready to battle.

Legacy Command....
A powerful explosion sounded on the outer doors to Legacy Command. The Sages had already sent Alpha to the Astro Megaship with instructions for none of the Rangers to come to Legacy Command no matter what. And, to make sure, Kairon placed a spell on the entire complex to keep anyone from teleporting inside. The Sages knew that Diabolico was here. They could sense his power. It was so much powerful than it had been when they entrapped him before. They knew that this would be the final confrontation between themselves and Diabolico. Either he would kill them or they would manage to finish off the powerful demon once and for all.

Another explosion sounded as the doors into the inner chambers were blown open. Dust and debris scattered all over all the controls, destroying them as Diabolico entered the inner chamber where he stood before his ancient enemies, Kairon and Kalison.

"Well, it certainly has been a while, hasn't it Sages." Diabolico said to them.

"Not long enough Diabolico." Kalison said as she and her brother left the safety of the plasma tubes and stood on their feet before Diabolico.

"You do know that you're going to die today, don't you Sages. I'm much too powerful to be stopped by you." Diabolico reasoned.

"Actually, you will be stopped, Diabolico. But, we won't be the ones to do it. We have trained the Legacy Club well. They will destroy you." Kairon said proudly.

"We'll see. Let's get to business then, shall we." Diabolico raised his sceptor to strike the Sages as the Sages readied their powers in a battle stance. A voice loomed over all three just before Diabolico was to begin his attack. Do Nothing My Children, do nothing. Was what the familiar sound of their master, their teacher, their father, said. They understood not to disagree him their, for he knew what the future held for the universe, so they did nothing. They stood still before Diabolico. The demon released several blasts of his powerful energy, which, in a matter of moments, destroyed the Sages once and for all.

Diabolico, with that part of his plan finished, let out another strong wave of powerful energy which destroyed what was left of Legacy Command and left, to fight the Rangers with Magmavore.

Astro Megaship....
Andros, Katie, Sasha, Lizzy, Cody, Karone, and Carlos were standing in the bridge as they watched the battle unfold between the Lightspeed Rangers and Magmavore. Magmavore fired a series of blasts, which weakened the Megaship. Andros knew that the Megazord wouldn't last much longer without help.

"That's it. Guys, let's go. We've got to help them." Andros declared.

"We've been waiting for you to say that." Lizzy said. She was anxious to help her boyfriend.

Karone took Alpha to a back compartment near the engine room where they should be safe.

"Ready guys, Let's Rocket!" Andros called as they pressed the familiar punches on their morphers that transformed them into the Space/Astro Rangers. They entered the cockpit of the Space Shuttle and formed the Astro Megaship. Minutes later, they were on their way to help their friends deal with Magmavore. What they didn't know was that Diabolico was on his way as well.

Streets of Angel Grove....
Adam, Aisha, Billy, Zhane, Kimberly, Jaylus, and Lace were walking along the streets of Angel Grove talking about the future plans of the developers who were thinking about putting money into rebuilding the fallen city that the Power Rangers once protected. A street kid started running their way and recognized them as members of the Legacy Club.

"Hey kid, slow down there." Adam said.

"I've got news. Your Adam, right."

"Yeah, and these are my friends, why?"

"I just heard from the television that Mariner Bay's been under attack by one of Diabolico's monsters. The rangers there are losing the battle. Thought you would like to know." The kid replied before running off.

"Think we need to help them out." Kimberly sked.

"Yeah, I think so." Adam replied as they turned and headed back to their car. They put their jackets in the car and prepared for the morphing sequence.

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink." Kimberly called.

"Zeo Ranger II, Yellow." Aisha called.

"Zeo Ranger III, Blue." Jaylus called.

"Zeo Ranger IV, Black." Lace called.

"Zeo Ranger V, Red." Adam called.

"Gold Ranger Power." Zhane called.

The Zeo Rangers called for their Zeo and Super Zeo Zords and Gold Ranger called for Pyramidus and all the zords were stored in their positions as Pyramidus flew into the air on route to the battle scene going on in Mariner Bay.

Downtown Mariner Bay....
The Astro Megazord, the Zeo Megazord, and the Super Zeo Megazord each arrived just as Magmavore knocked the Lightspeed Megazord down to the ground with a incredible array of powerful energy. Red Astro called for the Astro Sabre and performed it's usual sword attack on Magmavore. They thought that would destroy the monster, but it only weakened it. The Zeo Megazord performed the same attack with it's sword, only to be unaffected altogether by it. The Super Zeo Megazord brought out it's twin Sabres and attempted a strike. The strike had an effect on Magmavore, but he was able to recover quickly and send a powerful surge of energy into all the Megazords to knocked them back. As the other Megazords were recovering from their attacks, Lightspeed Megazord was back on it's feet.

"Lightspeed Ladder Punch." Red Lightspeed called as the hands of both arms of the Megazord extended and made continuous contact on the chest of Magmavore, sending him backward. By this time, Astro Megazord had utilized it's blaster and blasted Magmavore repeatedly. Magmavore was damaged from that attack. Zeo Megazord returned to the battle and used the same sword attack, this time the impact having more effect than before. Super Zeo Megazord approached Magmavore with it's double Sabres and striked again. Magmavore hit the ground of the city hard.

"Alright guys, let's finish him together." Red Lightspeed said.

"Megazord Ignite!" Red Lightspeed called.

"Astro Megazord Sabre!" Red Astro called.

"Zeo Megazord Sabre!" Red Zeo called.

"Super Zeo Megazord Sabres!" Red Zeo called.

"Pyramidus, Fire!" Gold Ranger called.

Series of different type and colored blasts impacted on Magmavore. When the blasts cleared, Magmavore began his descent to the ground. As he hit the ground, one of the largest and most powerful explosions was heard and seen as Magmavore was destroyed. The Megazords stood before the explosion victorious. Then, suddenly, clouds started to darken and and bolts of exlectricity came from the skies directly over the remains of Magmavore. The bolts materialized into a city destroying sized Diabolico standing there.

"Diabolico!" The three Red Rangers said at the same time.

"Yes, it is I, Diabolico. You have had a nice reign Rangers. But, it's time for it to end."

"Billy, how are you coming with the Ultrazord sequence?" Red Lightspeed asked through his helmet.

"I can't seem to find the right codes to connect you. I don't know what to do."

"We have to use the Megazords to destroy him then."

Galaxy Outside Earth's....
A large black ship flew closer and closer in deep space. The ship resembled a giant mechanical spider. It was black with red markings all over. It's eight arms were closed underneath it and the rockets were what was heading it on it's current route, on route to Earth. Inside the cockpit of the Spyder Knightzord sat Phantom Ranger, maning the controls. Phantom Ranger knew time was running out fast. The Rangers were losing the battle against Diabolico in their zords as he thought. They would need not only his new weapon, but they would need the information to join all of their zords with his Spyder Knightzord in order to defeat Diabolico once and for all. Time was running out and fast. And he knew that after Diabolico would be destroyed, he would reveal his identity. They're gonna be shocked, that's for sure. Phantom Ranger thought to himself. He was now less than half an hour from reaching Earth. Mariner Bay to be exact.

War Scene, Mariner Bay....
Diabolico's scepter had just blasted the Super Zeo Megazord, knocking it down for the time being. He turned his attention to Astro Megazord, who began to charge him. He blasted it with his scepter and the Astro Megazord too, fell. The Zeo Megazord made the same mistake and it fell before Diabolico's scepter. Pramidus blasted Diabolico from a far, but the blasts were thrown back at it and it was knocked down as well.

Diabolico now stood, one on one, with Lightspeed Megazord. Diabolico began to move toward the last standing megazord and rose his scepter to blast it. The right hand of the Megazord extended and attempted to impact Diabolico but he caught the hand touched the metal with his scepter which sent an amazingly powerful surge of energy into the Megazord, which knocked it to the ground to join the other Megazords.

"And now to finish the mighty Legacy Club once and for all." Diabolico sneered as he raised his scepter for the final strike. Just then, a large blast of energy struck Diabolico and sent him reeling backwards. Diabolico looked up as the Spyder Knightzord landed on the ground on it's eight legs.

"I thought you could use some help." Phantom Ranger said to the Rangers, who were trying to return their Megazords to a standing position once again.

Tommy could have sworned the voice was familiar, but he couldn't place it. The Lightspeed Megazord, the Zeo and Super Zeo Megazords, and the Astro Megazord all returned to their feet and stood next each other directly behind the Knightzord. Phantom Ranger began to speak.

"Rangers, I'm here to help you destroy Diabolico once and for all. I have the needed designs for the Ultrazord combination. I'm sending you the designs and plans needed for you to make the adjustments to your zords. Do it while I occupy Diabolico. Spyder Knightzord warrior mode." Phantom Ranger called.

The Spyder Knightzord transformed itself into the warrior mode by using jet proportion to higher itself into the air. It's legs settled behind the back as the legs and arms extended from it's inner compartments. The face formed from underneath the spider like face. The warrior mode of the Knightzord lowered itself back to the ground and walked toward Diabolico. The Knightzord itself was taller than the Super Zeo Megazord is. Phantom Ranger walked it closer to Diabolico as the demon sent a blast of energy toward the Knightzord, which was bounced off by it.

The other Megazords had reprogammed their computers to acknowledge the Ultrazord combination. They now were once again in the battle.

"Rangers, initiate the Legacy Ultrazord." Phantom Ranger said.

"Ultrazord, Power Up!" The Red Rangers said. Pyramidus and the Megazords began to join with the Spyder Knightzord. Pyramidus split into two equal rectangular shaped pieces and the Knightzord stepped into them. The Zeo and Super Zeo Megazords transformed into arms as Knightzord's arms reentered the hidden compartments. The new arms of the Ultrazord snapped and locked into place. The Astro Megazord went into a different transformation. By the end of it, it formed the Ultrazord's Sonic Blaster. The Lightspeed Megazord was not part of the Ultrazord.

Now, the Ultrazord and the Lightspeed Megazord stood before Diabolico. The demon charged them, but was knocked to the ground when the Ultrazord used the Sonic Blaster and blasted him. "Alright, let's finish this." Phantom Ranger said as he fired repeated blasts at Diabolico and the Lightspeed Megazord prepared it's Sabre attack. The combined power of the Ultrazord's blasts and the impact of the Sabre's power struck Diabolico in the center of his being, causing an inner explosion that spread throughout his body. Less than a minute later, small exposions erupted through the outer layers of his body. He screamed in pain as he fell to his knees and a final explosion was seen and heard as the death of Diabolico and the freedom of the world became a reality.

After Diabolico was gone for good, the Ultrazord disengaged into the seperate Megazords. All of the Rangers returned the zords back to their proper holdings as they demorphed and stood before the Phantom Ranger, who left his zord after leaving it in it's Spider mode.

"Diabolico has been destroyed Rangers, thanks to you and me." Phantom Ranger said.

"You mean, it's finally over." Andros said.

"For the most part. There's still Biotech, but, they won't put the Cure out now."

"What happens now?" Kat asked.

"Now, life goes on. You all can now go on with your lives as they were. You're free. The evil has been destroyed." The Phantom Ranger said.

"What about you?" Tommy asked.

"Now, I do something that I should have done when I first arrived on Earth nearly seven years ago. I reveal my identity to you all." and with that, Phantom Ranger removed his helmet to unveal the secret idenitity. The face that was an exact copy of Tommy's was seen after the mask was removed.

Everyone was shocked at what stood before them. For moments, no one said a thing. Just looked at the Phantom Ranger and Tommy. Phantom Ranger, having expected this reaction, began to explain.

"I am Tommy's Green Ranger clone that Zedd and Rita created long ago. About six or seven years ago, Zordon contacted me by using a vortex that cut through the fabric of time. He needed my help. He asked me to return to the present in order to help the Turbo Rangers on Earth because Divatox was getting closer to overcoming them. I eventually accepted his offer and I was awared the Phantom Ruby. I became Phantom Ranger."

"What's your name then?" Tanya asked.

"You can call me Thomas."

"Are you staying on Earth?" Tommy asked.

"For a little while."

They all started walking away from the battle scene. Over in the darkness, Johan Krennanburg smiled wickedly and watched them disperse. Krennanburg transformed into the evil form of Deviot and laughed the most dark and ruthless laugh ever heard as he walked in the other direction. Soon, very soon.

Epilogue: Five Years Later....
Andros, Katie, Carlos, and Karone sat on one alter in this grand church. Across from theim in the other church sat Tommy, Katherine, Tanya, Zack, David, and Aisha. On the alter behind Andros and his group, Zhane, Thomas, Jaylus, Lace, Billy, Kimberly, and Cody sat. It was a small church and they were all gathered here for the wedding of Rocky DeSantos and Elizabeth Morrison. Adam was Rocky's best man and Sasha was the maid of honor. What a five years it had been for everyone.

After Diabolico's death, Thomas had decided to stay on Earth for an unlimited amount of time. He and Sasha started going out and things started to happen between them. They were married two years later. Tommy and Katherine, a year later, had born their second child. Their first child was a boy which they named Jason. Young Jason was now five and the second child, a girl, they named Dana Mitchell Oliver.

Andros and Katie had their first child, a boy they named Trey Harris. Life for them had never been better. Carlos and Karone were married at the same ceremony as Andros and Katie. Their child, a girl they named Ashley, was now five and was acting just like the person she was named after. Zack and Tanya were married four years later and they had their first child, a boy they named Joel Rawlings Taylor. Adam and Aisha married a year after the demonic entity's death and bore a child, a girl they named Serena Scott Park. Serena was now four and they had a second child a year after that which they named Gregory Park.

Jaylus and Lace decided to stay on Earth as well and four years ago, had twins. They called their twin daughters Macy and Tracy. Billy and Kimberly were experiencing great life as well. They married a year later instead of having the double ceremony. They decided to wait and it was good for them. During that year, they had a son that they named Lance Cranston. The reasons for the wedding, Rocky and Lizzy, although not married, have one child of their own. They had a daughter a few months after Diabolico's death. The girl, they named Kelsey Winslow DeSantos, is now five. The music started as Rocky turned around with Adam and watched as Elizabeth Morrison walked up the alter and finally stood next to him.

"You look simply enchanting." Rocky whispered. Lizzy smiled at him.

The priest began. "Dearly beloved, we are all gathered here today on this joyous occasion to welcome the joining of Rockwell DeSantos and Elizabeth Morrison in holy matramony. If there is anyone here today who wishes to challenge this union, let them speak now or forever hold their peace." Their was a slight pause as they all waited to see if anyone would speak up. As expected, no one did, so the priest continued. "Rockwell DeSantos, do you take this woman, Elizabeth Morrison, to be your lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, through sickness and health, for as long as you both shall live."

"I do."

"Elizabeth Morrison, do you take Rockwell DeSantos, to be your lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold, through sickness and health, for as long as both shall live."

"I do."

"Then, I now name you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." The priest didn't finish the statement before their lips were tied together by tongues. Cheers and applause erupted from everyone that was pleasent. Off to the side, large framed photagraphs of Jason Lee Scott, Trey of Triforia, Zordon, and Sarah DeSantos stood before them. The war with Diabolico costed the world much, but it gave life back to the world. And beyond that, Hope was given back to the people with Diabolico's death.

Now, the world would be given a second chance to rebuild, this time, it would actually get a fighting chance to thrive.

Watching them from a plain of reality higher than the physical one, seven beings smiled down at them. Zordon, Dimitria, Kairon, Kalison, Sarah, Jason, and Trey stood and watched from above. The Sages father, Zordon, watched with great interest for he knew that the world was safe for them. There would be another threat to the universe, but it wouldn't show itself until fifteen years. Zordon smiled as he watched. The Rangers had done it. His Rangers had faced their greatest threat. And their children would continue what they started. They had given back Hope For The World.