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Hope For The World
Chapter Six - Darkonda's Vengeance
by The Devious One

A Secret Lair on Earth, Three Weeks Later....
Darkonda stood in front of a computer panel with the necessaties for changing the Data cards he obtained into the Psycho Rangers. He entered the cards into the machine and pressed many different keys in repeating fashion. That series of button pressing reprogrammed the Psycho Rangers' minds. After he finished with the device, he would have complete mind control over them. They would do anything he so desired, no matter what.

Darkonda flipped a series of switches and lights flickered on and off in the dark room that Darkonda was in. Bright, colored lights filled the room and, when it was over, stood the five Psycho Rangers.

"Kneel before me, Psycho Rangers." Darkonda ordered.

The Psycho Rangers lowered themselves to one knee and bowed before their new master.

"Excellent. Now, here's what we're gonna do." Darkonda sneered before telling them of his plans.

Gionetti's Restaurant, Mariner Bay....
Rocky and Lizzy sat at a table near the corner in the Italian restaurant. So much had happened during the past three weeks. They had had the Press Conference two days after it being suggested. The realization that the world had that many Power Rangers protecting it brought hope and faith to the people in every country. There were still those who feared that the events of the Sweeper would come back, but, now there was hope that the Power Rangers could stop that from happeneing.

There hadn't been an attack by Diabolico in the last three weeks. But, the Legacy Club knew that it was only a matter of time before something happened. The Astro Megaship had picked up extra numbers of troops coming from Diabolico's Palace. The Sages had arrived two weeks earlier and had met everyone that they currently hadn't met and welcomes were spread all round. Kairon decided that the Legacy Club should have a base of operations. So, with that, Legacy Command was built by the Sages in a remote location outside Mariner Bay. Inside, Legacy Command had two plasma instead of one. The Sages would take up the tubes.

The lives of the rangers were beginning to look better. Tommy and Kat were closer than ever and they announced that, despite the war against Diabolico, they are wanting to have a child. And they have committed themselves to that. Kimberly and Billy continued to renew their relationship. Billy asked Kim to marry him and she happily agreed to it. Their wedding date was set for one month from the current day. Zack and Tanya, to everyone's surprise, started dating and chemistry just happened for them. Adam and Aisha, despite their own fears, started dating and that didn't ruin their friendship, it made it stronger. Zhane and Sasha have been going out and, although it hasn't been long, it looks like there's something there. Jason and Cody were the only two that decided to stay alone for the time being. Carlos and Karone's bond became stronger with the proposal that Carlos made. Their wedding date is set for the same day as Billy and Kim's. It is going to be double ceremony.

One thing that was surprising that occurred one week ago was that the Pink Zeo Crystal Shard suddenly came to life when Kim was talking with Adam. It bonded with her and Kimberly became the Pink Zeo Ranger.

Rocky and Lizzy talked about the recent situations that have been going around for them all. Rocky was enjoying himself immensely. The old Rocky of old days was back, to some degree. He was having feelings for her that he only had for one other girl, Sarah. He hesitated to realize it, but, Rocky DeSantos had fallen in love for the second time in his life. And this time, with Lizzy, he wasn't going to let anything happen to her.

Rocky sat with a blue silk shirt on and black dress pants. He had a black blazer hanging on his chair. Lizzy wore a silk blouse with little pink daisies on it. She wore khaki pants on as well. Her hair was in one pony tail.

"Is that so?" Lizzy said in responce to something Rocky said.

"Absolutely. I'm the best joker when I'm drunk. You oughta here me sometimes." Rocky laughed at that. Lizzy laughed at him.

"Wha, you're laughing at me, I'm hurt." Rocky pouted a bit.

"I'm sorry, but, you have the cutest smile when you laugh." Lizzy said.

"Well, I'm glad you think so." Rocky said, smiling.

"Why don't we get outa here? We can go to Tommy and Kat's club." Lizzy suggested.

"Sounds like a good idea." Rocky said as he rose from his chair and put his blazer on. Since the club was only a couple blocks away, they decided to walk to the club. They got halfway to the club when a large explosion from a few feet in front of them erupted and both were knocked ten feet in the air and hit the ground hard.

"Lizzy!! Are you alright?" asked Rocky.

"Yeah, I think so. Just a few scratches. How are you?"

"I'm ok." Rocky said as he looked over at the small fire that had been caused from the destruction. Walking through the explosion was Blue Psycho, was was laughing at them.

"Shit." Lizzy swore.

"What, are you hurt?"

"No, I left my morpher at the car." Lizzy said.

"Alright. I'll handle this guy. Get to the club and find Tommy. GO!" Rocky said as Lizzy started running.

"You're Blue Psycho, aren't you?" Rocky commanded.

"Yes I am. And you're a Blue Ranger." Blue Psycho said, taking another step forward.

"What do ya want?" Rocky demanded.

"In one word, you." was the answer.

"I don't think so. Lightspeed....Rescue!" Rocky called and then was morphed into his Blue Lightspeed Ranger form.

Blue Psycho brought out his Psycho Axe and swung it at Blue Lightspeed, who used his Rescue Sword to block the shot. Blue Lightspeed then leaped into the air and landed behind Blue Psycho and tried to attack him from behind. In the split of a second, Blue Psycho appeared behind Blue Lightspeed and blasted him with a strong amount of energy which propelled Blue Lightspeed ahead several feet. He landed on a car, making it explode.

When the smoke from the explosion cleared, Blue Lightspeed layed demorphed in the middle of the wreckage, bleeding from the corner of his right forehead to the point of his chin. Rocky's blazer was reduced to ashes and his blue silk shirt was ripped in the front and back. There was dirt and grime from the explosion all over his skin as well as clothes. Blue Psycho walked through the wreckage and grabbed Rocky by his shirt and then, they were gone with a flash.

T & K Live, Same Time....
It seemed like forever to Lizzy as she finally reached her destination, Tommy and Kat's night club. She bolted through the doors and noticed that it was packed with people. She maneuvered herself around the many groups of people talking and dancing and reached the bar, where Tommy's brother David Trueheart was tending it.

"David, where's Tommy or Kat?" Lizzy asked, in a hurry.

"Kat hasn't gotten here yet, but, Tommy's in his office. Lizzy, what's this about?" David was concerned from the look on Lizzy's face.

"Can't explain. I've gotta find Tommy." And then, she was through the doors to Tommy's office.

She opened the door to Tommy's office and walked in. Tommy looked up from his work to see a very concerned Lizzy striding toward him. "Lizzy, what's wrong?" Tommy asked.

"It's Rocky. We were attacked after our date. My morpher...he sent to here."

"Where did you leave him?" Tommy asked, getting to the point.

"Two blocks back toward Gionetti's." Lizzy answered.

"Alright, let's go."

They left the club and ran as fast as they could. Tommy, who was wearing black jeans and a white shirt with red horizontal stripes across it, was a few feet in front of Lizzy. They arrived a few minutes later when they ran toward a group of people who had gathered. Tommy and Lizzy fought their way to the head of the group and the first thing Tommy noticed was Rocky's blazer, it was torn and ripped, but, it was his blazer. It was damp as well. Tommy put his finger on the damp proportion of the blazer and noticed a red substance appear on his finger.

"Tommy, what is it?" Lizzy whispered.

"Blood." was all he replied.

Lightspeed Aqua Base, The Next Morning....
Tommy, Katherine, Tanya, and Zack arrived in the Hum Vee an hour earlier and told Captain Mitchell everything they knew about what happened to Rocky. Captain Mitchell put on a search using all of their technology.

"If he's on Earth, we'll find him." Captain Mitchell said to them.

"Was it Diabolico's henchmen that took him?" Miss Fairweather, the chief technician of Lightspeed Operations, asked.

"We're not sure. Lizzy said it was someone in black armor with strips of blue and white." Tommy replied.

"Hmm, I've got some books with illustrations of different villains in the back. Tommy, go find Lizzy and bring her here." Miss Fairweather said as she went after her book.

Darkonda's Secret Lair....
Rocky was hanging with his hands high above him tied by metal chains. His feet was level on the ground. There was a blindfold on his eyes that permitted him from seeing who or where his captor was. The Psycho Rangers were on their knees, bowing before Darkonda as he walked up toward Rocky.

"Wh.....who's there?" Rocky asked, blood trickling down his face.

The sound of Darkonda's hand smacking across Rocky's face was heard as Darkonda struck him, forcing more blood to come from Rocky's mouth.

"You will speak when spoken to, slave." Darkonda sneered.

"Darkonda." Rocky whispered.

"Oh, good. You do remember my voice. It's been quite a long time Rocky." Darkonda said to Rocky.

"Not long enough for me." Rocky answered.

"I'm glad to see that you haven't change. You're still a do gooder."

"Better than some deviant renegade like you." Rocky snapped back and earned a kick to the gut.

"You had better learn to keep that mouth shut Rocky." Darkonda snapped.

"What do you want from me? You've had all this time if you wanted revenge."

"No, this isn't about revenge. I'll have my revenge on you soon enough. No, this is about something far greater. You see, Rocky, I have redigitized the Psycho Rangers and reprogrammed their minds. They will do whatever it takes to complete my orders. When the Rangers come for you, and they will, the Psycho Rangers will destroy them all."

"You're forgetting about one small detail Darkonda." Rocky said.

"And what would that be."

"You'll still have Diabolico to deal with." Rocky added.

"Well, first things first." Darkonda replied.

Darkonda then turned and walked back into the main room of his lair. The Psycho Rangers followed him. Rocky was left hanging from the chains alone in the small room. Just as he was about to hang his head and drift into unconsciousness from the pain in his head, he heard a voice whisper words to him.

"I'm here." The voice whispered.

"Who's there?" Rocky said out to the voice.

The owner of the voice appeared in front of Rocky, watching him. Rocky watched in astonishment as his deceased wife appeared in front of him. Unlike last time he saw her, this time, she was dressd in shining white robes and had the wings of an angel.

"Sarah. Wha...what are you doing here?" Rocky asked, shocked beyond belief.

"I've been sent to help you." Sarah answered him.

"This is the second time you've come. What exactly is going on?" Rocky replied.

"I cannot tell you much Rocky. Only that the events of the war you fight with Diabolico are part of a larger scale in a war that is fought in a different plain of reality, of existance. The Powers That Be does not desire you to be lost to them. And, if I had not been sent, you would have died from loss of blood. I am here to save you." Sarah explained.

She waved her hand up toward him and his arms were freed of the chains that binded them. He fell to his knees while he rubbed his hands to get the circulation of blood back into them.

"Are you an angel now Sarah?" Rocky managed to ask, despite the pain.

She smiled at him. "No, I am not. There are things that you do not know Rocky. When you die, you don't go to Heaven or Hell like the religions say. You go to the higher plain of existance or reality. I will tell you what I can. When a person is born, they are born into this existance, the physical one. The Powers That Be monitor and watch over this plain from the higher plain. I am not permitted to explain anymore. I'm sorry. Rocky, listen to me now, you have to get out of here before the others come. If you are here and unmorphed when Darkonda unleashes the Psychos against the Rangers, I know you will die. I have seen it. It's why I'm here. When this is over, have the Renegades-Cody, Katie, Sasha, and Lizzy take you to the Resistance Headquarters. They have the answers. Go, and be safe." Sarah disappeared after saying the last word.

Rocky's strenth returned a bit in his legs and he exited the darkened room that he had been chained inside. He walked through a long corridor to the end of it where there was a light. He stopped just as the corner became visible and watched as Darkonda spoke with his Psycho Rangers. He couldn't hear what was being said nor could he read their faces since Darkonda's lips didn't move as a human's.

Rocky continued to watch from the shadows as Darkonda flipped a few switches and the large screen in front of him showed a large area. It was the desert outside Mariner Bay. Rocky realized that he wasn't that far from his friends at all. He only had to figure out how to escape before it was too late.

Legacy Command....
"Anything?" Adam asked upon entering.

"Nothing. We have to find him." Lizzy enforced.

"Don't worry, we will." Adam answered back. Just then, a transmission was sent back to Legacy Command.

"Yeah." Adam said.

"It's Tommy, Lizzy, we need you to come to the club. Tanya's there. She'll take down to the Aqua Base." Tommy said then ended the transmission. Lizzy left Legacy Command, more depressed than when she first arrived.

"Where can Rocky be Kairon?"

"I do not know Adam. We have everybody working on it. I don't think Diabolico is behind this." Karion said.

"No, this isn't his style. I think that one of his henchmen may be behind this. If so, which one and where." Kalison added.

"I think I might have an idea as to who." Adam stated. He then left, leaving the Sages alone in Legacy Command.

Lightspeed Aqua Base, Ten Minutes Later....
Lizzy arrived at the Aqua Base ten minutes later with Tanya and was immediately placed in front of five books. Each book had a listing of different monsters and villains that the many Power Ranger Teams have been up against.

Lizzy opened the books, one after another, and after about an hour of searching, found a picture of the Psycho Rangers, standing together as if they were going to come out of the book and attack.

"This is him. The blue one." Lizzy pointed out.

"I was afraid of that. Captain Mitchell, the Psycho Rangers have Rocky." Miss Fairweather said.

"It doesn't make sense. How did the Psycho Rangers get free from the data cards? And, whoever did free them, must be the one who is giving them orders. We have to find out who freed them." Captain Mitchell replied.

"And we're running out of time." Lizzy whispered.

Just before anything else could be said, a technician came running into the Conference Room where everyone was with news.

"The database has just picked up a signal from a underground tunnel outside the city. That's probably Darkonda's lair." The technician stated.

"Alright. We'll take Lizzy back to the city. Then, we'll go after Rocky." Tommy said as they all jumped into the Hum Vee and was soon back in Mariner Bay, top side.

"Lizzy, go find Adam, Aisha, Jaylus, Lace, and Zhane. Give them the coordinates that we're heading to. For right now, Lizzy, please understand, the Zeo Team and us are the only ones going in." Tommy said as Lizzy got out.

"I want to go help Rocky." she said steadily.

"Lizzy, if something happens to us, you and the Space team are gonna be needed. Tell Adam. He's probably at the club, otherwise, try the communicator." Tommy said, then the Hum Vee took off. Lizzy, upset at not being able to go, went to Tommy and Kat's club.

Darkonda's Lair....
Darkonda watched a video transmission of an overlooking view of Mariner Bay. For Darkonda, the day was finally here that he would finally gain his vengeance on the world. When he had finally gotten his chance after blasting Dark Spectre, he believed his time had finally arrived. Then, out of nowhere, came Dark Spectre, eating his ship. He had believed that was his final death. BUt, he would return yet again, waking up in Diabolico's Palace. He was told by Jinxter that Diabolico brought him back to life to serve him. And for four years, he served under Diabolico. Now, with the Psycho Rangers under his control, his plans were finally coming together. It was his time.

Over from the corner, Rocky watched on with inquisitive eyes. For him, it seemed that Darkonda was planning a massive attack on Mariner Bay. Then it dawned on him.

When the Psycho Rangers were here before, they were dangerous. Very dangerous. What if Darkonda's enhanced their powers and abilities. Rocky knew he had to find some way to keep them occupied long enough for his team and other Rangers to arrive.

Without thinking and ignoring his own physical well being and after locating the way out, Rocky made a dash for the light. He managed to get to the exit of the Lair before Darkonda and the Psycho Rangers realized what was happening. Rocky made it top sided just as the Psycho Rangers appeared in front of him. They were obviously ready to destroy him now.

"Going somewhere Ranger." Blue Psycho sneered, taking a step forward.

"Yeah, I'm gonna get out of here, one way or another. Lightspeed......Rescue!" was the call.

The power surged through Rocky's body as he transformed into Blue Lightspeed. He pulled his hand blaster out of its holster and opened fire at the unexpecting Psycho Rangers. The Psycho Rangers went down momentarily and Blue Lightspeed made a run for it. He ran as fast as his feet could take him. Then, a blast from a few feet in front of him, knocked him to the ground, hard.

Darkonda walked up to where he blasted Blue Lightspeed and was ready for the final strike when a blast from beyond halted his plans. The Lightspeed Hum Vee pulled up to a stop and Tommy, Zack, Tanya, and Katherine ran to Blue Lightspeed's rescue.

"Rocky, you alright man?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah, we've got to stop Darkonda and his Psycho Rangers though." Blue Lightspeed answered.

"Alright, guys. Ready. Lightspeed........Rescue!" Tommy called as the four Rangers morphed. Darkonda and the Psycho Rangers then advanced on the reunited Lightspeed Rangers.

T & K Live....
David Trueheart was checking inventory with Adam and Aisha when Jaylus came running in. Jaylus, Lace, Zhane, and Jason were in the front cleaning the tables and getting things ready for tonight's night.

"Adam, Aisha, they've located Rocky. Tommy have gone after Darkonda at his lair outside the city." Jaylus informed them.

"Alright, let's go." Adam, who after leaving Legacy Command, led the charge as he, Aisha, Zhane, Jaylus, Lace, and Jason out. But, before leaving, Jason turned around and walked over to David.

"David, before I leave, can I talk to you for a moment?" Jason said, walking over to Tommy's half brother.

"Yeah, Jason. What is it? Shouldn't you be going to help?" David replied, confused.

"Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I've had this terrible feeling lately. Maybe it started ever since Trey died, I'm not sure. I feel like I might not make it out of this battle. And, if that happens, I want you to make me a promise." Jason said steadily.

"Anything Jason, you know that." David said back.

"If something happens today and I don't make it out of this today, I want you to become Demon Hunter. The powers are sort of a bond with one's spirit, their whole being. And it does whatever the host, let's say, says. I want you to take my place if something happns. Promise me that."

David looked into the serious eyes of his friend before nodding. "I promise."

Outside Mariner Bay....
The Lightspeed Team and the Psycho Rangers fought a raging battle that went back and forth in advantages. Each Psycho Ranger went against the Lightspeed Ranger of it's color, with the exception of Black Psycho, he went after Green Lightspeed. Darkonda watched from the sidelines.

Red Psycho brought out his sword and swung a series of strikes against Red Lightspeed. Red Lightspeed brought out his hand blaster and reformed it into the sword form and was able to not only meet each and every one of Red Psycho's blasts, but he was able to get in his own shots.

Much the same was happening in the other areas of the battle. The Psycho Rangers were pressed back a bit and then they blasted several surges of energy toward their enemies. The blasts were on target and the Lightspeed Rangers fell hard from the impact. Darkonda moved in for the kill.

"Seems I have all of you at my feet. Have to admit, this isn't how I had envisioned it, but it'll do. Destroy them." Darkonda ordered.

"Yes." They agreed as they moved in for the final strike. Five blasts knocked the Psycho Rangers back before they had the chance. The Zeo Team came running to the Lightspeed Ranger's rescue. The Zeo Team, having contacted Kimberly and explained the situation, were only too ready to join in the battle.

"Tommy, we're here to help." Red Zeo proclaimed.

"Good, we're gonna need help with them. They're strong." Red Lightspeed replied.

The Psycho Rangers charged the group again. This time, each Psycho Ranger was engaged in battle with the two Rangers of the same color. Gold Zeo assisted the Red Rangers in dealing with Red Psycho. Black Psycho was engaged with Green Zeo and Green Lightspeed. The combined strength of the Zeo Rangers and the Lightspeed Rangers was enough to momentarily keep the Psychos occupied. Darkonda became incensed as the two teams easily handled the Psycho Rangers. Just as Darkonda was going to join the battle, he was blasted to the ground by a golden blaster. Darkonda looked up from his current position on the ground to look at Demon Hunter, Demon Blaster drawn.

"Well, well, hello Jason." Darkonda sneered.

"Darkonda. Why am I not surprised about you being behind this?" Demon Hunter said back.

"Oh, I don't know. But, that doesn't matter now. My Psychos are gonna destroy the rangers, all of them. And I am going to be on my way on conquering this planet."

"What about Diabolico?" Demon Hunter quiered as Darkonda drew his blade out to its full length.

"Diabolico's a fool. He's got this master plan about this planet. Only problem is, for it to work, he's got to wait another bunch of years. I'm not about to wait for it to happen." Darkonda then charged Demon Hunter with his blade. The sudden charge caught Demon Hunter off guard and Darkonda was able to strike a strong blow across Demon Hunter's chest, momentarily knocking him to the ground.

Demon Hunter reformed his Blaster into the Sabre and charged Darkonda after getting to his feet and the two matched sword strikes move for move and strike for strike. Demon Hunter was able to use more force behind his strikes and that was enough for Darkonda to move back. Demon Hunter was relentless. He followed every action that Darkonda made. He followed Darkonda every step, all the way striking with deadly precision.

Then, Demon Hunter made the mistake.

Darkonda was on one knee from being forced there by his enemy. He was still trying to counter each strike that Demon Hunter was throwing his way. Demon Hunter seemed to be putting all of his concentration on his strikes, not watching anything else that Darkonda might have been doing. Darkonda picked up on that and, with an incredible surge of power, blasted Demon Hunter with his free hand, which forced Demon Hunter back a few steps.

Demon Hunter, having been weakened from the impact of the blast, dropped to one knee as Darkonda regained his composure. When Demon Hunter was back on his feet, Darkonda rushed forward. It all happened so fast for Demon Hunter. Darkonda's blade seared through his suit and he was demorphed. Jason watched Darkonda's face in wide eyed horror as incredible pain surged through his body as he looked down and saw Darkonda withdraw his blade from his chest. Jason fell to the ground as blood soaked his clothing.

"JAAAASSSOOOOONNNN!!!!" Red Lightspeed called upon seeing the act take place. All the Rangers surrounded Jason as Tommy removed his helmet and looked over his fallen comrad.

"Jason." Tommy breathed.

"It's ok Tommy." Jason said weakly.

"You're gonna be ok." Kat, who-with the others-removed her helmet, said to him. Inwardly, she knew the truth.

"No, this was the way it was meant to be." Jason said to them all.

"What do ya mean man?" Rocky said.

"I took the life of a ranger, it is only fitting that life be given back." Jason managed.

They looked at each other in confusement.

"Tommy, give this to David. This is the Demon Pendant. As long as he wears it, all he has to do is think and he can morph." Jason handed Tommy a necklace with a golden colored pendant embedded on a silver plate.

"Ok, man." Tommy whispered, tears streaming his cheeks.

"I'm finally at peace. Win the war, Rangers, win the war." And then, Jason's life left his body. There was silence as they all, in their own ways, acknowledged that their friend had died here today. Slowly, Tommy placed the necklace in a hidden pouch and stood and walked passed the others.

All the Rangers, with their helmets removed, stood before Darkonda and the Psycho Rangers, with hatred in their eyes. Darkonda and the Psycho Rangers, who had watched the entire exchange, were laughing among themselves for the Rangers' loss.

Tommy looked each of them in the eyes and made a declaration.

"Today, you die!"

But, before the Rangers finished placing the helmets over their heads, the Psychos and Darkonda had grown into city destruction size. The Psychos were in their monster mode.

Before anything else happened, a transmission entered Red Lightspeed's communicator.

"Tommy, you and your team call on the Lightspeed Rail Rescues. Each Rail contains a Rescue Zord. They will assist you in destroying the threat." Captain Mitchell's voice boomed through the communicator.

"Right!" Red Lightspeed called.

"You guys call your zords. We'll get started." Red Zeo said.

"We need Super Zeo Megazord Power Now!" The Zeo Team declared.

"Captain, teleport us to the Train Bay." Red Lightspeed said. The five were teleported away.

The Train Bay....
Upon being teleported to the Train Bay, each ranger ran to their respective Rail Rescue. Red-Rail Rescue 1, Blue-Rail Rescue 2, Green-Rail Rescue 3, Yellow-Rail Rescue 4, and Pink-Rail Rescue 5. Each Ranger were seated in their seat.

"Alright, rangers. Let's put the Rail Rescues to work!" Red Lightspeed said.

"Right!" The others agreed. After pushing a few buttons and igniting the fuel, the Rail Rescues began moving. Rail Rescue 1 led the charge, followed by Rail Rescue 2, then Rail Rescue 3, Rail Rescue 4, and finally, Rail Rescue 5. The Train Bay itself, was underwater before it was raised to above water. When the Rail Rescues began moving, they're were five tracks that each rode on. The five tracks came together and before long, all five Rail Rescues were latched together with Rail Rescue 1 leading. The speed the Rail Rescues exhibited was beyond anything the rangers had ever seen or experienced before.

The Rail Rescues rode through the city a little faster now. After about ten minutes of riding through the city, the Rangers came to the point where the Rail Rescue's couldn't continue on. Captain Mitchell's voice came in through a transmission.

"Each Ranger to their own individual Rail Rescue." They all moved toward their zord that was hidden inside the Rail Rescues. Hidden compartments opened to reveal individual zords.

Placing their hand blasters in a slot and turning, the zords were ready for battle.

"Pyro Rescue 1." Red Lightspeed called.

"Aqua Rescue 2." Blue Lightspeed called.

"Aero Rescue 3." Green Lightspeed called.

"Haz Rescue 4." Yellow Lightspeed called.

"Med Rescue 5." Pink Lightspeed called.

The four vehicle zords and the one flying zord finished the distance between them and where the Psycho Rangers and Darkonda were battling the already assembled Super Zeo Megazord, wich was fighting with Zeo Megazord, and Red Battlezord. The Space Rangers, who having seen the large Darkonda and Psycho Rangers, called forth the Astro Megazord.

"Alright guys, let's do it. Lightspeed Megazord initiate." Red Lightspeed called.

Pads and Medi Rescue's formations changed to form the feet and upper legs of the Megazord. Aqua Rescue reformed itself on the legs to form the middle torso area of the Megazord. Pyro Rescue reformed itself and locked on top of Aqua Rescue to forme the chest and arms of the Megazord. And, Aero Rescue landed on top of Pyro Rescue to form the head and neck portion of the Megazord. The Lightspeed Megazord was formed.

"What a cool Megazord, guys." Red Zeo commented.

"Yeah, excellent." Red Astro added.

"Thanks for the compliments. Now, let's get to it." Red Lightspeed said.

After using the Astro Sabre and performing it's attack, Pink Psycho was destroyed. Super Zeo brought its double blade out and struck down Black Psycho, leaving only Red, Yellow, Blue, and Darkonda remaining. The Zeo Megazord performed its Sabre attack and took Yellow Psycho out of the picture.

"You guys handle Red Psycho, Darkonda's ours." Red Lightspeed declared.

"You got it Tommy." Red Astro said.

Darkonda now stood face to face with Lightspeed Megazord while Red Psycho was being defeated for the final time by the three other Megazords and Red Battlezord.

"Darkonda, this is your final battle." Red Lightspeed declared to the enemy.

"We will see." Darkonda replied back, sending multiple blasts at Lightspeed Megazord. The ground erupted as the blasts landed around the Megazord.

"Lightspeed Latter Arms." Red Lightspeed called. The hands of the Megazord extended themselves to make continuous contact against Darkonda's chest, knocking him several steps backwards.

"Time to finish this." Blue Lightspeed added.

"Lightspeed Sabre, ignite." Red Lightspeed called. The Lightspeed Sabre visualized into the right hand of the Megazord. The Megazord created a circular wave of fire before swinging in an arc downwards, making unmistakeable precision on Darkonda. Darkonda screamed in a no fashion before falling and erupting, signaling his destruction.

The Lightspeed Megazord finished off Darkonda just in time to see the other zords finish Red Psycho, perhaps for the last time.

Desert area where Trey was buried, Two days later....
Tommy, Katerine, Rocky, Lizzy, Zack, Tanya, Andros, Katie, Carlos, Karone, Cody, Sasha, Adam, Aisha, Jaylus, Lace, David, Kimberly, and Billy all stood before the burial spot where they came here today to lay to rest one of their best friends, Jason Lee Scott.

It had been two days since Jason's death and the aftermath was still shocking to some. For Kimberly, Billy, Zack, and Tommy, who had known him the best, the pain of knowing their friend was dead was strong. For others who had not known him that long, the pain was there, but, it was not as strong. But, the loss of a great Power Ranger was felt by them all.

After they returned to the city after the battle, Tommy gave David the Demon Pendant and watched as it bonded with David's spirit, making him Demon Hunter. There had not been a single attack or any sign of Diabolico or Biotech in recent weeks, but, they all knew this was just the calm before the storm. So, here they all stood, mourning over their friend's death.

Jason had had a great life. His early years as the Red Ranger were his greatest. THen, after going to the peace conference and leaving the team, it seemed his personal life would have the chance to blossom. Then, he became the Gold Ranger. His life once again was becoming whole again. That was when things started to darken for Jason. He became the instrument of destruction for Biotech Industries and Diabolico. And, after Trey's death, some could argue that this was the way Jason wanted to go.

Tommy stepped to the front of the group. He spoke.

"We are all gathered here today because one of our best friends ever died two days ago. Jason was a friend to us all. To some, he was more than a friend. To others, he was just a friend. If anyone has anything to say about Jason, now is your time." Tommy said.

Kimberly walked up to Jason's grave and kneeled and placed a rose there. Tears coated her cheeks as she turned.

"Jason's been my best friend for years. We've always been in constant contact. Jason was the type who never gave up on anything or anyone. He lived his life that way and he died that way. We all know he carried incredible pain about Trey's death and I believe he was miserable since. He carried himself high for our benefit, but, I don't think he was as strong as he put on. I will miss you my friend." The last words were said to Jason more than the group.

Many of the others said things that morning about Jason. All of them were heartfelt and warming to Jason's memory. The funeral came to an end a few hours later as everyone started seperating out. Tommy looked over and noticed that Rocky hadn't moved.

"Rocky?" Tommy walked over to where he was standing.

"It's my fault." was the whisper.


"If I had taken care of Darkonda before, this wouldn't have happened." Rocky said.

'What are you talking about, man?"

"Darkonda and I have crossed paths before Tommy. Didn't you wonder why they captured me and not any of the other Blue Rangers!"

"I thought about it." Tommy replied.

"Let me tell you something. A few months after I stopped being a Power Ranger and before I met Sarah, Darkonda was in Angel Grove, looking for something in an old warehouse. I was on my way home when I saw him. I stopped and went inside. Darkonda was there and well, he saw me. We fought and it was the toughest battle that I had ever been in. I managed to hold my own against him. He seemed impressed by my skolls and offered me power. It was a chance to be a Power Ranger again although I don't know all the specifics about it. I turned him down and then the cops had arrived and Darkonda disappeared. I left before the cops found me. But, the fact remains, I had the chance to stop Darkonda if I had taken that power he offered and because of me, Jason's dead."

"That's not true Rocky. You know this is almost the same thing as when Trey died. Jason blamed himself for his death up until he himself died. Rocky, Trey walked into that situation because he was a Ranger. It wasn't Jason's fault. Jason was a Power Ranger to the end. He knew what he was walking into. We all did. Rocky, when we heard you were captured, we were all in panic. You are a dear friend to us all. You are part of our family and we couldn't let anything happen to you, Jason included. Let me tell you something else. Jason went to David before leaving to help. He told Jason that he had this feeling that he wouldn't make it out of that battle. Call it fate, whatever, things happen for a reason Rocky. I'm not saying I'm happy Jason's dead, but I'm saying that it was meant to happen and nothing could've stopped it."

Rocky digested everything that Tommy just told him and inwardly, he knew the truth of that statement. He hated to admit it, but, he couldn't do anything to stop Jason's death from happening.

Rocky nodded as they both walked back toward the group that was getting into the cars. There was Andros's Red Jeep, the Hum Vee, Adam's black truck, and Carlos's car.

"You guys go ahead. I'll see you later." Rocky said upon seeing the Lightspeed Rangers get into the Hum Vee. They took off.

"Lizzy, want to get some lunch." Rocky asked his new girlfriend.

"Sure." Lizzy smiled weakly.

"Come on, we'll drop you guys off at Gionetti's." Andros said as the remainder of the vehicles took off.

From the corner of the area, the spirit of Rocky's wife watched them leave. She breathed a heavy sigh. She, being in the higher plain with the Powers That Be, knew that Rocky as well as the other members of the Legacy Club had a long and rocky road ahead of them. And the beginning of that road would begin the next day.

She too, vanished from sight.