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Hope For The World
Chapter One
by The Devious One


Angel Grove. So much has happened to Angel Grove in the 1990s. Rita Repulsa's release and many attacks, Lord Zedd's arrival and continuous attempts at domination, the Machine Empire's arrival, Divatox's attempts, and Astronema and Dark Spectre's reign of terror. All those entities of darkness only had one purpose in mind, destroy the Power Rangers and conquer Earth beginning with Angel Grove.

The Power Rangers, beginning with Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly, has undergone tremendous changes throughout the years. Changes that not even the fallen mentor, Zordon of Eltare, could've predicted. From rangers leaving the team to continue their life, to new faces showing up to continue the legacy, to rangers leaving earth in order to help save it from destruction. Truly, the Power Rangers have faced the biggest and most dangerous missions in their entire lives, and that should've been enough to prevent Angel Grove from the chaos that it is in at this moment††but it wasn't.

On the day that Andros, the Red Space Ranger, shattered Zordon's energy tube in order to destroy all evil in the known universe, the part of that wave of energy that touched Earth caused a small disturbance in a temple long ago forgotten. The wave of energy caused a series of events to unfold which resulted in the releasing of an entity and his destructive forces from their entrapment under the earth. Andros, his sister, and Zhane rejoined their friends and the seven of them returned to Angel Grove to assist the people in rebuilding their fallen city.

The evil entity made his base of operations in what was the remains of Lord Zedd's Palace on the moon. The new threat to peace, Diabolico, emplamented his plan immediately by poisoning the water supply as well as every bit of the food that was there to eat. Within two weeks of the first step of his plan being started, half of the population of Angel Grove had fallen under a dangerous illness that no doctors or even the rangers could explain. No one knew of Diabolico's arrival on the moon. Two weeks after that, the other half became ill. The half that were already ill had died the day the other half of the population became ill. Of the first half, there were a few survivors, but those were severely sick. Ashley, T.J., Cassie, and Zhane were of those survivors.

After two months had passed, the U.S. Government stepped in placed Angel Grove under quarantine†..but it was too late. The illness started to spread like wildfire. Within six months of Angel Grove's quarantine, all of America had fallen under the illness that Diabolico inflicted. The rest of the world fell under the influence of the illness within two years of Angel Grove's quarantine.

Ashley, T.J., and Cassie died one year after Angel Grove's quarantine. Zhane went into a coma†..to which he has not yet awoken. Andros and Carlos went into hiding when the U.S. President ordered them personally to tell him why they were not affected. They had no explanation, but they were determined to find out what took their friends as well as the rest of the world. So, to protect themselves and to continue the legacy of the Power Rangers, they disappeared.

For Diabolico, his plan was perfect. Everything he had planned to happen, happened. Now, three years later, it is time for step two of his plan to be initiated††..

Chapter 1 Ì Returning

Beeeeeeeep, the alarm went off promptly at 8:00 am. It's job done. The alarm woke Andros from his nightmarish dreamscape with a start. The nightmares, which began two years ago when Cassie, T.J., and Ashley died. Ashley, the one woman whom he truly and deeply ever loved. The first six months after her death, Karone and Carlos begin to think that Andros was going to have a breakdown of the mental state. He would see Ashley everywhere he went. When he closed his eyes, he could see her beautiful brown eyes smiling back at him. It ate at him that he was helpless to do anything but watch her die right before him. But, thanks to the strength and Carlos and Karone had, he was able to regain his spirit and mental control to get back at the mission at hand, discover the truth behind the illness. And that was the most important fact here.

Today is going to be a big day for us. Andros mentally thought. On this day, he, Karone, and Carlos would be going to a place he never thought he would ever face again†.Angel Grove. After their friends' death among the numbers, they left Angel Grove and the quarantine to search for answers. They vowed that they would never return until they discovered the where the illness came from. After they disappeared, they went to different government laboratories using abilities that the Astro Megaship was capable of. They spent two years on the streets and investigating the illness, but until now, never had any clues or leads.

The last place they visited was Biotech Industries, owned by Johan Krennanburg, one of the wealthiest remaining men in the world. Biotech Industries creates antidotes and cures for every known illness known to the world. It was Andros' hope that they would find the cure to the illness that robbed the world of humanity. After sneaking into the main database, Andros used his computer knowledge and learned that Mr. Krennanburg was returning to Angel Grove with a team of scientists and researchers to do some more investigating into the illness, what the people on the street began to call the 'Sweeper' because of the way it swept people from life to death. Carlos and Karone were going through the files in the cabinets and learned that Johan, while in Angel Grove, was to meet with someone far away from the city. The words on the paper 'On a need to know basis'. Those two facts were more of a reason than any to the three of them for them to return to Angel Grove.

After taking a quick shower in his Megaship quarters, he dressed in a pair of Khaki Slacks and his red and grey shirt. Grey with two red strips going down the arms. He entered the bridge and noticed that Carlos and Karone were already dressed and waiting. He stopped just before the entrance to watch the two. Somewhere during those two years of investigating the Sweeper, Carlos and Karone had developed a closeness, a bond, that was stronger than anything Andros had ever witnessed. Even his bond with Ashley wasn't as strong as theirs seemed to be. Maybe if she had lived their bond would have become that strong, but, too late for that. They do make a great looking couple. He thought to himself.

Six months before, Andros was on a steakout mission of a scientist that worked for a governmental laboratory when, after he returned the Megaship, he got the shock of a lifetime. He was looking for his friends when he walked into the bridge and saw that Carlos and Karone were kissing deeply and passionately. Their tongues were fighting for control in each other's mouths. Andros made a sound with his throat to interrupt. They were sure that Andros was going to be angry, but, surprising even himself, Andros congratulated them on their happiness. And things between the three of them eased a bit, there was no tension whatsoever.

Well, time to let myself known.

"Uh, humm." Andros coughed a bit.

"Oh, hey Andros." Carlos said, looking up from the seat he was on. Carlos undergone certain physical changes since their disappearance. He grew a goatee on his face and his hair was cut. No longer did he have his long raven streaks.

"So, are we going to teleport down to Angel Grove or what?" Karone asked her older brother. Karone, who was seated across Carlos's lap with her right arm across shoulders, also was a bitter different. Her silky blonde hair was longer than before and she began to wear black leather clothing.

"I think it would be better if we had DECA teleport us about two miles outside Angel Grove. We've got a car hidden out there anyway. So, we can drive in and nobody will be the wiser." Andros answered as he walked over to the panels to his right and looked at the electronic map of the desert area around the city.

"Alright, well, I think we had better get going. We've got a lot of stuff to do once we get there." Carlos said as he nudged Karone to get off his lap. Reluctantly, she stood as did Carlos and the three of them headed toward the teleportation tubes.


Apartment Building, Angel Grove†
"Katie, we need to get going. Are you ready yet?" Cody Harris, a 21 year old Native American with blue eyes and dark black hair asked his sister, Katie Harris.

"Cody, do you think I don't know the importance of today's assignment! Believe me, I do. I was just putting my hair in a ponytail. Now, I'm ready. Is Sasha meeting us there?" Katie Harris, a 20 year old female who had green eyes and a dark complexion to her Native American skin and long blonde hair, replied to her brother.

"Yeah, Sasha should already be there. You know, if things go as planned, we may have all the answers we need." Cody said with a bit of sadness in his voice.

"That's right, but you don't look like your all that happy about it." Katie said to her brother after slipping on her black leather jacket.

"No, I'm happy. I mean, we've been working for nearly four years to discover the reason for the Sweeper virus, but you know as well as I do that the next step for us is going to be much harder. I mean we're gonna have to tell the people left about what we think and they're either gonna accept it or they're gonna crucify us, so to speak."

"I know, but, this is something that has to happen Cody. We've been working too hard for too long to not complete this. The people have to learn the truth about Biotech's supposed cure or we're all doomed." Katie replied.

"Yeah, I know. I just hope it doesn't come back to cost us." Cody replied sadly as he and his sister left the apartment building and to Cody's Blue 4x4.


Warehouse District†
A long black limosuine was parked in front of a rather large, broken down warehouse building. There were were a few other cars of different makes and models. What grabbed Andros, Karone, and Carlos's attention was the fact that there was a strange light coming from inside the warehouse. The warehouse itself had no electricity and it was that way for all of the warehouses for many years.

"Andros, what do you think?" Carlos asked once they parked their old ford pick up truck that was white painted with scratches all over it.

"I think we need to find out what's going on inside the warehouse. Come on." Andros said as the three of them walked around to an alley on the left of the warehouse. They reached a window that was broken from years of youths carelesseness. When they peered inside, they saw that Johan Krennanburg, a team of his scientists, and someone in a dark hooded cloak were engaging in conversation. Try as they could, they couldn't figure out what was being said.

"We can't even hear them. What are we gonna do?" Karone was a little worried. She was in high spirits earlier, but they entire plan involved them being able to know what was being said in this meeting. Now, she was beginning to feel that they would have to start over.

"I've got an idea. Come on." Carlos said and then preceeded to climb some crates that were stacked up. They climbed the crates and ended up in front of another broken window, this time there was a staircase where they could blend in with the darkness and could see and hear the meeting from the darkness inside the warehouse. After climbing in the sitting down, they began to listen to the conversation.


Center of the Warehouse...
"My master will be rather pleased with this information Mr. Krennenburg." The cloaked figure said to the wealthy industrialist.

"I am glad to be of service to his majesty. One thing though, some contacts I have have reported that the three humans may already be here in Angel Grove." Johan informed the being.

The being in the hooded cloak raised his head to look the industrialist in the eyes. Within the hood were a pair of the most terrifying orange eyes any of the scientists had ever seen.

"They are." The stranger informed him. The being in the cloak had an ability to be able to scense Andros' prescense at least 100 miles away. He's close. But, how close? The being thought inward. He then looked around the warehouse in the darkness, first to his left, where he saw nothing. Then, he turned his face to the right and saw movement in the corner.

"Mr. Krennanburg, are your soldiers armed?" The figure asked.

"Of course." Johan replied, casting a quick glance at the seven members of his group who held Lasar blasters within their leather jackets.

"Good, because we're not alone." The being said just before a voice carried above the rest.

"STAND STILL RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!" Cody, dressed in black leather pants with a black long sleeve shirt protected by a black laser proof vest. His face was covered with a black mask. Katie was dressed in the same atire. As was the other two members of their group, Tasha Miller and Lizzy Morrison.

"Well, well, if it isn't the dreaded Renegades of the Resistance." The hooded figure said smugly.

"Mr. Krennanburg, hand me the briefcase you are carrying." Cody, within his mask, ordered.

"I don't think so Renegade." Krennanburg replied flatly.

"Johan, do it." The hooded figure replied.

After a moment of looking the figure in the eye, he nodded. He handed the briefcase over to Katie. Just as Katie placed her hand on the handle, the hooded figure reached out and sent a wave of torturous energy into Katie's abdomen, which propelled her back into the far wall.

"KATIE!" Cody called out. But, it was too late. The seven armed members of Krennanburg's group stepped forward, laser pistols drawn. Before they could take aim, they found themselves thrown back into the other wall, where they were left unconcsious.

"There's someone else here." Johan said, fuming.

"Yes, there is. And I believe I know who. Don't I Andros?" The hooded figure said. Upon speaking the last word, his voice sounded much like that of someone that both Karone and Andros recognized immediately. The figure turned his attention to his left where Andros, Karone, and Carlos stepped out of the shadows. The figure reached his hands up and removed the hood from his face, which revealed a familiar being. A being thought long ago dead.


And then, as quickly as they saw him, he disappeared. All hell broke loose at that very moment with Andros helping the Renegades fight Krennanburg's group. The scientists had long ago snuck out and headed to their vehicles. Carlos and Karone fought as well. The Renegades were shocked beyond belief to see those three Power Rangers appear out of nowhere and then the mention of Darkonda. But, that wasn't important right now, they had to get the briefcase out of there.

The seven of them quickly took care of the remaining members of Krennanburg's goons and to Cody's immense displeasure, Johan had escaped.


In a limosuine heading away from Angel Grove...
The wealthy industrialist was fuming. He knew what his position in Diabolico's army was. For four years now, he did what was expected of him without hearing anything from Diabolico or any of his generals. And now, being given the opportunity to have a meeting with of Diabolico's most trusted advisors, and the Renegades of the Resistance had to know about it. Not only that, but the three Power Rangers who went into hiding three years earlier.

"I'm gonna get all seven of those bastards if it's the last thing I do." Johan promised. He certainly believed he had the wealth to do it.


At the Warehouse...
"Who are you?" Karone asked once Krennanburg's goons had exited the building.

The four removed their masks to see for themselves the three people they believed were dead.

"My name is Cody Harris. This is my sister Katie. And that's Sasha Miller and Lizzy Morrison." Cody introduced.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. If you don't know who we are already. I'm Andros, this is Carlos, and that's my sister Karone."

"It's an immense pleasure make your acquaintance, all of you. We've heard so much of the Power Rangers fight against evil." Katie said, excitedly.

"If you don't mind my asking, why are you called the Renegades?" Karone asked.

"Well, after the Sweeper illness hit the world, those that survived ended up meeting somewhere. After they discussed the Sweeper in full detail, they were certain that it was planted in the water supply and in the food. Starting here in Angel Grove. Only problem was that they didn't know how to go about finding out. Me and Katie, we're army brats. We've learned everything they're is to the government and the military. The elders of what was becoming the Resistance asked us to investigate. They sent along Sasha and Lizzy to help us. They have some military training as well. We became the Renegades when the people who knew of the Resistance interpreted our investigating as being traitarious to the Resistance. Hence, the Renegades of the Resistance." Cody explained, noticing that he had everyone's complete attention.

"So, how long have you been investigating the Sweeper?" Karone asked.

"We've been doing this for almost four years now. You've been in hiding for about the same time, right." Sasha asked.

"Yes, after the remaining members of our team died from the illness, we decided that it was time to take things in our own hands. We've been searching for answers for three years now. And up until today, we were never able to come up with anything." Carlos answered.

"Well, do you have anyplace we can go? We'll share everything we know about the Sweeper as well the connection Johan Krennanburg has to whatever's responsible for it." Lizzy said. Andros told them about the Megaship and the seven of them then teleported out and up to the Astro Megaship.


Skull Base on the Moon....
Darkonda entered the main throne room area of the Skull Palace. Smoke and steam covered the floor of the throne room. Darkonda lowered to one knee the moment he saw Diabolico's form. Diabolico had his back to Darkonda, but he knew that Diabolico could sense an ant's precense if it was close. He bowed himself to his master and awaited further instructions.

"Welcome back Darkonda." Was all Diabolico said.

"Thank you my lord." Darkonda replied, rising once again to two feet.

"Report." Diabolico ordered.

"Everything was going according to plan when the Renegades showed up followed by Andros, Carlos, and Karone. The combination of them defeated Johan and his group." Darkonda replied, not so exited about waiting for an answer.

"Darkonda, what about the files that were inside Johan's briefcase?" Diabolico asked.

"The Renegades stole it from us."

Upon hearing the answer, Diabolico's eyes became unraged with fury that nearly gave Darkonda a heart attack from frieght, if he had one.

"Darkonda, I don't think I have to remind you that the contents of that briefcase could cause great trouble for us if the Renegades and the Rangers read them."

"We will get them back. There's still time." Darkonda replied.

"You, no. I'm not leaving a mission of this magnatude in your hands. I'm bringing in one of my most powerful generals to destroy the Renegades and Rangers. You are dismissed until further notice." With that, Diabolico turned his back to Darkonda, completely missing the look of pure enraged hatred coming from Darkonda's face.

Diabolico walked over toward the far wall where his thrown was looked to his left.

"You heard all of that." Diabolico said.

"Yes." Was the reply.

"The contents of that briefcase could completely ruin all the plans that I have. It could become very distastrous very quickly." Diabolico replied.

"Would you like me to recover it for you master?" The being from the shadows asked.

"No. I have something else that needs immediate attention. I had a vision of what is to happen in the future today. In my vision, five former Power Rangers come together to form a new team of rangers and that causes even more trouble for me. I need those mortals destroyed before they have the chance to be formed." Diabolico explained.

"Hmm, I can sense who the mortals are. So, I will deal with them in the harshest of ways, master." The figure replied.

"Excellent. Finish them off once and for all Demon Hunter." Diabolico ordered.

Just as the ending of that statement was said, the front side of Demon Hunter's helmet lifted itself to present the familiar face, darkened by evil and hatred, of Jason Lee Scott.