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Disclaimer: Please, please, please, do not make me list them all! It was hard enough listing them in The Ties That Bind. If you want to see them all check out TTTB. All of the characters that are from KO-35 (I mean besides Andros, Zhane, and Astronema) or the planet Cortro, which is also of my making, would be mine. Okay here is the easiest way. If you have not seen them on Power Rangers then they are mine. If you have, they are Master Saban's.

Author's note: I apologize ahead of time for the shortness of the fanfic. I thought it was needed for this series to clarify the past. Even I am getting confused. Okay not really but this will help clarify everything.

Suggested reading: The above seven.

Timeframe: Immediately following The Ties That Bind.

If That's What it Takes
by Dana

Sometimes you find out what you wanted, isn`t really what you need,
And a dream in all it`s promise was never meant to be,
All your hope and desperation, won`t make it like it was.
And you believe the pain will never pass, but believe me, in time it does

"A Time For Letting Go"-by Michael Bolton

Petra, along with a barely conscious Andros, teleported onto Astronema's ship much to the chagrin of Astronema. "Why did you bring him here?" Astronema asked.

"He's injured." Petra reminded her.

"That was the point mother." Astronema said.

"He's your brother don't forget that." Petra reminded her.

'Did she say brother?' Andros wondered.

"He's still a Defender!" Astronema said. "I've got two Defenders in the dungeon. If I add another they will work together to get off the ship! You just blew a great plan. You dropped the disguise just to save him!" Astronema pointed down at Andros.

"Don't speak to your mother like that!" Jet said teleporting onto the ship.

"A real family reunion. He's not even really my brother. He is mother and Cordon's son. So, that makes us barely brother and sister. That is one claim to fame, I wish not to participate in. Cordon's more trouble then he's worth."

Andros lay there not believing what he was hearing. 'Hold on Astronema's my half-sister? Why didn't Zordon tell me when he told me the truth about Petra?'

Jet looked down at his stepson. "Well now he knows our secret Petra. He's still conscious."

Astronema shot her mother a look. "Now what do we do with him?"

"Well I doubt he'll be able to get up and leave. That blast hit him harder then before. Plus the fact that he still hasn't heeled from the last time. However, I agree with you. We cannot put him with Alexis and Roland. It would be foolish to send him back. So, your father and I will take him to our ship. That way you don' have to worry about him." Petra said.

"That's fine with me. You have more of an interest in him then I do." Astronema said.

Jet picked up Andros and he teleported them off the ship. Petra followed.


"Let me see if I have this right." Ashley said. She, TJ, Carlos, and Cassie were sitting in the Rec. Room discussing what had happened. Jason was on Earth talking to his friends. Zhane and Dallas had gone off to discuss something and Tommy was on the ship somewhere. "Some woman named Petra and a Quanatron took Alexis and Roland's places. Petra's disguise dropped when she went to help Andros for some reason. Now Astronema has three Defenders."

"Sounds about right to me." A voice said from the doorway. Tommy walked in.

"Tommy! How are you holding up?" Cassie asked.

"I can't believe all of this just happened. Some monster killed a child and another child was caught in the lightning surge. I feel terrible."

"Well don't." Jason said entering the room. "I talked to Kim. The kid's just fine. There is not one scratch on him. I think it was the surprise from that flash of lightning that made him fall. There's no reason to worry."

"That's a relief." TJ said.


Zhane and Dallas were in the Command Room discussing the latest developments. "Zhane we need another Defender! Andros, Alexis, and Roland have all been captured! We can't afford not to add another one. Maybe even two. We do have the Sound Power morpher. We also still have the Red Astro Morpher."

"Ok Dal I see your point. Who do you have in mind?" Zhane asked.


"Sora? You want to ask your sister to be a Defender? That could be dangerous considering how Astronema works." Zhane reminded her.

"But she's a skilled fighter. She was good at age eight remember? You had to be on KO-35. People on Earth think they have it hard."

"Okay. Okay you know better then anyone else. I see your point. Who do you have in mind for the Red Astro Ranger?"

"What about one of those former Rangers who we helped out?" Dallas asked.

"We should ask Tommy and Jason which person they would think would be a good addition to the team."

"You could ask us what?" Jason asked as he and the others stepped into the room.

"Well we were thinking since we are missing three Defenders we might want to add two more. Dallas thought her sister would be a good addition to the team. We were wondering who you and Tommy thought which one of your friends would make a good addition also."

"I can't speak for Jason on this but since Roland and Alexis are missing we probably need someone experienced with computers. Billy would be a good choice. Don't you think Jase." Tommy said looking at Jason.

"I agree. I was going to suggest him too." Jason said.

"Then it's decided?" Everyone nodded. "Jason why don't you go down to Earth and ask Billy about becoming the Red Astro Ranger. Dallas you go and talk to your sister." Zhane said. They nodded and teleported away.

Tommy was confused. 'What do they mean Dallas's sister?"


Jason landed outside of Billy's house and knocked on the door. Billy answered the door. "Hi Jason! Come on in." Billy said and moved out of the doorway.

"Hi Billy. I have something important to ask you."

"What is it Jason?"

"The Defenders, Rangers, and I want you to join the team as the Red Astro Ranger. Three of our Defenders have been captured. We could use your help."

"You're giving me an opportunity to become a Ranger again?" Billy asked shocked.

"Yes, but only if you want to."

"I'd love to." Billy said. "I did miss it when I didn't become a Zeo Ranger."

They teleported onto the Talorn.


Dallas approached her parents' house and rang the doorbell. Sora Meyerson answered. "Dallas! Come on in! Mom and dad aren't here though."

"That's okay I wanted to talk to you." Dallas said.

"Sure. Come on in. Did you want something to drink?"

"No I'm all right. Sora I have something very important to ask you. You know I'm the Sun Ranger right?"

"I know you're a Defender I didn't know which one you were though."

"Well I'm the Sun Ranger. Zhane and I discussed this and we decided we wanted to add two Rangers. One would be the Sound Ranger and the other would be the Red Astro Ranger. And I wanted to ask you if you wanted to become the Sound Ranger."

"Me?" Sora asked in shock.

"Yes you. Andros he's the Wind Ranger, Alexis and Roland have all been captured. We need more help."

"I'll take it." Sora said.

"Come on I'll take you up to the Talorn so you can meet everyone." Dallas said and she teleported her and Dallas up to the ship. They landed. They saw everyone but Tommy who wasn't in the room at the moment. "Guys this is Sora. Sora this is Ashley, Carlos, TJ, Cassie, Jason and the guy with Jason I presume is Billy. You already know Zhane." Just then, Tommy walked into the room. "Oh there you are. Tommy this is my sister Sora. Sora this is Tommy."

"Sara?" Tommy asked.

"Tommy?" Sora asked at the same time.

"So you two know each other?" Dallas asked.

"We met earlier." Tommy said. "I thought you said your name was Sara."

"On Earth it is. But my birth name is Sora." Sora said. 'Wow I had no idea that Tommy was a Defender. That explains how he and Jason knew each other. He is kinda cute. I didn't really notice that before.'

"Nice. Okay here's what's been happening as of late." Zhane said breaking the reverie. He proceeded to explain to Billy and Sora about the events the last couple of months. Tommy listened too because the others really had not had a chance to bring him back up to speed.


Andros figured he had passed out during the teleportation because when he woke up he was in a room with no windows. He hurt all over and knew he could not get up to save his own life. This is a bad thought since it might come down to that.

He heard someone enter the room. He was not able to see it from his position on the floor. As the person came closer to Andros, he realized it was Petra. She kneeled on the floor next to him and was examining the wounds.

"You took a pretty bad shot Andros. You're lucky it wasn't worse. It might have been better if you were at 100% to begin with."

"Why do you care? You were on the Talorn pretending to be one of us with intentions of killing us. Now you care that I'm injured? That's funny you know." Andros said stopping when it was becoming too painful to breathe much less talk.

"Andros you're my son. Of course, I care! I wasn't going to hurt you when I was on the Talorn."

Andros just glared at her.

Petra sighed and turned away, not letting Andros see how close she was to tears.

"You want to know everything about your life Andros? Do you? I'll tell you." She spun her tale.

Italics> Petra Rydin was walking on Cortro, a planet next to KO-35, with her roommate Nealia Waldorf. "Nealia did you see that boy that transferred from KO-35? I think he said his name was Cordon Dante."

"Oh yes I certainly did. I also saw him giving you the eye during Cortro history." Nealia said slyly.

"Really?" Petra asked hopefully.

"Shh. He is coming right now. I'll catch up with you later."

"Hi. You're Petra aren't you?" Cordon asked.

"Yes. You're Cordon right?"

"Uh huh. I saw you in class and I was wondering if you'd like to go the dance next Saturday."

"I'd love too."


It was few years later and Petra was standing with her mother. "You look very beautiful Petra." Ada said gazing down at her daughter in a wedding dress. "I know you and Cordon will be so happy together!"

"Thanks mom I hope so. I love Cordon with all my heart. I couldn't imagine my life without him in it."

Ada arranged the veil around the colorful hair of her daughters. "When Cordon sees you he won't know what hit him."

After the ceremony, Cordon and Petra were able to sit down and talk. "I was thinking we could move to KO-35. I was offered a job in the resistance. There is a lot more for us there then there is here on Cortro."

"Oh I've always wanted to go to KO-35. Is it as beautiful there as it looks in the photographs?"

"Even more beautiful now that you are going to be living on it." Cordon said and kissed his new wife.


Almost six months later Petra paced her house nervously. 'How do I tell him? He's so busy with the resistance that he's barely home! Will he have the time for this?"

Cordon walked into the house. He walked into the room where Petra was. "Hi honey how was your day?" He asked.

"I have wonderful news Cordon!"

"Me too. Zordon, remember he's the mentor of the resistance, says we are doing a great job and that I could take a break. What's your good news?"

"I'm pregnant!" Petra said excitedly.

"I'm going to be a father?"

"Yep. I just got back from the doctor and he gave me the news."

"Have you thought of names yet?" Cordon asked.

"For a boy I was thinking of Andros Mikel. For a girl I was thinking Karone Amelia. What do you think?"

"Those are both great names! Let's go celebrate!" Cordon said and kissed his wife while opening the door.


Petra walked into a room. She was five months pregnant and it was definitely beginning to show. She walked over to a man who was sitting in the corner booth. "Hello Jet." She greeted.

He stood up and helped her into a chair. "Hello Petra. Any news on the resistance?"

"Cordon says they are going to infiltrate the main power of the Cyviens." She said.

"Can't let them do that. Is he becoming at all suspicious about you and me? Unless of course you are planning to stay with him."

"Of course he doesn't. I am acting like the perfect wife at home. The kind that worships the ground her husband walks on. So of course, he doesn't suspect anything! Why do you ask?"

"Because I love you Petra." Jet said leaning forward so they were nose to nose.

"And I love you too."

Andros had to stop Petra. "I already know you were having an affair with Jet behind my father's back. Why are you telling me this?"

"I'm getting to that! Don't interrupt me please." Petra continued. "Now where was I? Oh yes. Now what I didn't know was your father was in a booth not too far away."

Petra got up and walked out the door. She felt someone grab her arm as soon as she was outside. "May I ask what are you doing Petra!" Cordon asked.

"Cordon! It's not what it looks like!" Petra tried.

"I heard what you just said in there to Jet Petra! He is the leader of the Cyviens! You know you commit treason even saying hello to him. What do you think your doing?" Cordon yelled.

"Don't yell at me!" Petra said and tried to walk away. However, Cordon still had a hold of her arm.

"We're not even close to being finished Petra. What happened to us? We haven't even been married a year yet and already you are having an affair! With the enemy of all people! Is the baby even mine?" Cordon had to ask.

"Of course it's yours! Don't even ask such a thing."

"I think I have a reason to ask Petra! I can't even talk to you right now. I will see you tonight. You just better be there." Cordon warned as he walked back into the restaurant.


Four months later Cordon was acting normal around his wife. He still couldn't believe she would do such a thing to him.

"Cordon!" He heard Petra scream. He ran into the bedroom. "It's time!"

"Okay I'll grab your bag and we'll go to the hospital!" He said and hurried to do so.

They got to the hospital and Petra was taken away immediately. Cordon walked to the telephone. He had an important telephone call to make. He didn't really want to do this but he had no choice.

A few hours later a nurse walked into the waiting room. "Dante?" She asked.

Cordon stood up and walked over to her. "My name is Cordon Dante."

"Oh yes Mr. Dante." She paused to look down at her clipboard. "You have a 7 pound 8 ounce healthy baby boy!" She said enthusiastically.

"How's my wife?" He asked.

"Oh she's doing just fine follow me and I'll show you your son." She said and led him down the hall. "He's third baby from the right." She said and stood back.

Cordon looked down at his son. He vowed immediately; his son would never be in the danger the Cyviens were capable of putting him in. "He's so beautiful." He murmured aloud.

"Yes he is. Would you like to see your wife now?"

"Yes that would be fine."

The nurse led him down the hall to room five. She stepped aside to let him into the room.

Petra glanced up when she heard someone enter the room. "Cordon! Have you seen our son? Isn't he handsome? I was thinking we should name him Andros Mikel Dante. Don't you think that name fits him so well?"

"Yes it does. I agree that's the right name for him."


Three days later Petra was confused. She was lying in her hospital bed and she had not seen her husband since she gave birth to Andros. Then she realized she had not seen Andros either. She hit the call button.

A harried looking nurse hurried into the room. "Can I get you anything Petra?" She asked.

"Yes I would like to see my son."

Her eyes bulged. "But I thought your husband said you didn't want your son."

"Excuse me? What do you mean my husband said I didn't want my son?"

"Two days ago, your husband came in here with two people and said that his wife and him were getting a divorce and neither wanted the responsibility of the child and you were giving him up for adoption."

"That's absurd! I want to talk to a doctor right now!"

"Mrs. Dante I have a note your husband left for you. I promise no one has read it." She said and handed over the note.

Petra read it to herself.


I could not allow you to raise Andros. I know what you and Jet had planned for Andros and I couldn't allow it. I have already filed for divorce and I don't want to see or hear from you again.


Petra burst into tears.


Three months later Petra and Jet had been married for two months. Petra walked over to Jet pretending to be happy. "Guess what? I'm pregnant!"

"That's wonderful!" Jet said.

However, Petra didn't look at all happy. "I don't want another baby! I want my Andros!" She said her lips trembling.

"Oh Petra. I know it hurts. However, if you honestly don't want the child we can give him or her to Dark Spectre to raise that way we would always know how it is. And we can see the child whenever we wanted to." Jet hated this idea but he knew how important it was to his wife. 'Dang that Cordon!'

"I never saw much of Astronema since I gave birth to her until recently. That is why she hates you so much. I didn't want her and she knew it. She is jealous of you. I think that's why she's so bent on killing you." She continued.

Thirteen years later Jet came into the main room of the ship. "Petra!" Jet called running to his wife. "They have a new Defender!"

"They have another one? And you sound excited." Petra said shaking her head.

"Petra it's the boy we sent the Rock Drones after! The one who has the lightning signature!"

"So they have him? How old is he?" Petra asked.

"Thirteen I think." Jet answered her.

"Get all of the info on him that you can! Stuff like who he is. Who his parents are that sort of thing." Petra ordered.

"Yes my dear I will get that info."


Two years later Petra stood in the background watching the fight that was taking place in front of her on KO-35. The Sound Ranger was having difficulty with all of the drones that had jumped on him. He was trapped as she instructed the Rock Drones to do. However, Zhane ran over to give Andros a hand. She didn't mind that at all. She fired at both of them. They passed out and she, the Drones, Zhane, and Andros were teleported back up to the ship. When she landed, she saw Jet was inspecting the fallen Defenders. He hit something on their morphers and they morphed back to their regular clothes.

Petra stepped closer. Something clicked with her and she knew who the Sound Ranger was. "It's Andros." She whispered. Jet turned around when he heard that and could see it was true by the look in her eye.

Petra made the promise then and there. "I will do everything that it takes to keep Andros with me. I'll kill the other Defenders if that's what it takes."

"That's the story of your life Andros. It's the whole truth too." Petra said.

Andros laid there in shock. 'Was I destined to be evil?' He wondered. He passed out.

To be continued

Okay I promise number nine will be longer! I just wanted to clarify some things up and it will be in the present the whole time! Email me at Willow@grrtech.com with questions and suggestions.