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Disclaimer: Power Rangers belongs to Saban. Author's Notes: This story is set in the middle of Ellen Brand's story "Ashes to Ashes". Think of it as a "missing scene". It is highly recommened that you read that story first, as this has major spoilers and makes more sense in the context of the larger story. "Ashes" is also an excellent work in it's own right. However, you don't have to. I wrote this because I thought that while "Ashes" did an excellent job exploring the Tommy/Goldar dynamic, what about Goldar and Kimberly?

Red Ashes
by Christopher Sedlacek

Kimberly slid the pink summer dress over her head, grateful that Tanya had offered to let her stay at her house. She was also grateful that the black girl had given her some time to herself. The funeral was in half-an-hour, and she really didn't feel up to being with anyone yet. Every time she started to think about Tommy, she burst into tears again. Getting through the funereal was going to be pure hell.

She had just slipped on her shoes when a golden flash lit up the room. Her first thought was to wonder why Trey had dropped by. Her second thought was more accurate.


She spun around and there he was, not five feet away, big as life and twice as ugly. She didn't notice that he wasn't carrying the sword that seemed a natural extension of his body, or that his hands were at his sides in a decidedly non-threatening posture. All she could see was the red haze that filled her vision.

Goldar opened his mouth to say something, but he never got the chance. With a shriek of pure rage, Kimberly jumped-kicked him, sending him staggering back, more out of surprise than anything else. Then she began beating him with her small fists, screaming incoherently.

She couldn't really hurt him, though. Goldar rolled his eyes, folded his massive arms, and waited for the storm to pass. Eventually Kim screamed herself out, and collapsed to the floor, still sobbing.

Goldar looked down at her. "Are you quite finished, yet?"

Kimberly glared up at him. She had learned to read his expressions fairly well over the years, and currently saw amusement, scorn, and....something else. "When the Rangers get here, they're going to kill you."

He only smiled. "The Rangers are currently dealing with the Tengas I sent to the park. I didn't want them interfering."

Kimberly's eyes narrowed. "The Tengas you sent? Not Zedd?"

"Zedd has nothing to do with this. This is...personal business. I have something to say to you."

"Nothing you could say could possibly interest me."

"Thank you."

Kimberly stared, her insides becoming very cold. "Thank you!? For what??"

"For killing Tommy for me."

For about the space of a second, Kim gaped. Then she gave a harsh bark of laughter. "In case you've forgotten, you're the one who shoved a sword through his gut."

Goldar laughed. "Ah, Kimmy, don't you see? Let me spell it out for you. Tommy died the day you sent him that letter. Oh sure, he kept walking and talking and breathing and fighting. He even tried to start a new relationship with Kat. But he was dead inside. He loved you that much, Kimberly. You were everything to him. Even I could see that. When he first became a Ranger, he probably would have killed himself with guilt if you hadn't been there. When you left him, he became nothing but a hollow shell, fighting only because it was his duty. It was the happiest day of my life when he got that letter. I knew then that our next fight would be our last. I fed him a line about some prophecy to keep him from figuring it out, but that's not why I won. Without you, he had only himself...and I could beat that. All thanks to you. I ought to give you half of my reward. There was a quite a price on his head "

The monster looked down at the human. Kim was crying again, her body shaking with silent sobs. "Then again, maybe not. I'm not that generous." He kneeled down until he was at Kimberly's level. Massive hands that could have crushed human bone cupped her face and brought her chin up until they were looking eye to eye. "You taught me something very important, Kimberly. You and the others were right all along. Love really is stronger than evil. It must be. It, and you, brought down the mightiest warrior of them all." Goldar released Kimberly and stood back up. "Though I think you'll agree, the cost of the lesson was too high."

Then he was gone, leaving Kim alone with her tears.