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Disclaimer: Power Rangers: Zeo\Turbo and Astro Rangers are the property of Saban Entertainment. Scott Crane is my property and cannot be used without my permission. The song lyrics and title of this story are from is 'How Do I Live Without You' by LeAnn Rimes.

How Do I Live Without You
by Adam Pearlman

"How do I
Get through the night without you?
If I had to live without you,
What kind of life would that be?
Oh, I
I need you in my arms, need you to hold,
You're my world, my heart, my soul,
Oh, if you ever leave,
Baby, you would take away everything good in my life..."

"And tell me now

How do I live without you?
I want to know,
How do I breathe without you?
If you ever go,
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I, how do I, oh how do I live?"

"Without you,
There'd be no sun in my sky,
There would be no love in my life,
There'd be no world left for me.
And I,

Baby I don't know what I would do,
I'd be lost if I lost you,
If you ever leave,
Baby, you would take away everything real in my life..."

"And tell me now,
How do I live without you?
I want to know,
How do I breathe without you?
If you ever go,
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I, how do I, oh how do I live?"

"Please tell me baby,
How do I go on?
If you ever leave,
Baby, you would take away everything,
I need you with me,

Baby, don't you know that you're everything good in my life?"
"And tell me now,
How do I live without you,
I want to know,
How do I breathe without you?
If you ever go,
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I, how do I, oh how do I live?

How do I live without you?
How do I live without you, baby?"

The sounds of the song echoed throughout the house for the hundredth time Tanya Sloan gritted her teeth and attempted to read, but when the song started again, her patience already worn thin, snapped and she slammed the book down and stormed upstairs.

As she climbed the stairs her anger cooled and she started to stop. She knew she should tell Kat to stop playing the song, but deep in her heart she knew if she had lost Adam she would probably be the same way. And in retrospect it was by her own choice she was here listening to the damn song.

'Stop it' a little voice in her head said. She knew that the voice was right, once Kat came to terms with Scott's death she would be okay, but for now it was like an open wound. In the two weeks since his death Kat had barely eaten, barely spoke or stepped out of her room. Attempts by everyone to get Kat into leaving her isolation had failed and Tanya had taken it upon herself to keep an eye on Kat. As she walked up to the door, she lightly knocked and as usual when she received no answer opened the door to see Kat sat at her desk, her hand near the rewind button of her CD player and a photo of Scott in one hand. As Tanya looked across at the mirror, she saw that Kat's face was once again tear stained.

Tanya: Kat how are you doing?

As usual there was no reply.

Tanya: Look, can you at least give me a reply of telling me to get lost.

Still no reply.

Tanya: This is such a waste of time, you are so selfish.

Tanya turned and started for the door when she heard the sound of the chair being pushed back and Kat speaking almost too softly to be heard.

Kat: I'm not being selfish.

Tanya: You are, you don't give a damn about the rest of us, you've just spent the last two weeks locked in your room.

Kat: I just want to be alone, to grieve.

Tanya: We're all hurting, all grieving, maybe you loved Scott, but so did we, as a friend, as a Brother and as a member of family. But you've been blind to your own pain, not willing to help others.

Kat: I just need some time.

Tanya: This isn't what Scott would have wanted you to do, how he would have wanted to remember you.

Kat: What do you know, you never cared about Scott or even liked him.

Tanya: Maybe I had my dislikes of him, but I did like him and for your information I cared about you enough to try and get you two together. Who do you think the blind date was when the Destroyer appeared?

Kat started to reply only for no words to come out.

Tanya: Yes, it was me, I did my hardest to get you together, it just seemed like things got in the way, Maybe it wasn't meant to be.

Kat didn't reply and instead once more started to cry and Tanya pulled her into hug.

Across town Kimberly and Tommy were trying to enjoy a peaceful evening.

Tommy: So I said...

Tommy stopped talking as he realised Kim was not even listening.

Tommy: Kim, Earth to Kim.

Almost as though she had been stung Kim came to life.

Kim: Sorry what did you say.

Tommy: I said you had another head growing on your shoulders and you agreed.

Kim: I guess I'm not in the mood, even though this was my idea.

Tommy: It's not surprising, being in that house.

Kim: It's not just the house, even though Scott was only living in it for a short time, I can still feel his presence and remember things we did when we were kids in that house.

Tommy: Then why didn't you take Billy's dad up on his offer.

Kim: Because Justin needs to be taken care of and since I'm the only family he has in Angel Grove now and it's still my home, I've just got to live with the ghosts.

Tommy: We all think it's really great that your taking care of Justin.

Kim: He's Scott's Brother and I said I would look after him.

Tommy: Yeah, but it's more than that isn't it.

Kim: Remember when I went through his stuff last week. I found some things that I hadn't seen since we were Children and there were other things.

Tommy: Such as.

Kim: His Mother's engagement ring, a locket and other items.

Tommy: Hey, maybe you should give the locket to Kat as something to remind her of him.

Kim: I don't know, Scott's death hit her pretty hard and I don't know if giving it to her would bring back more memories.

Tommy: I think she would like it something to remind her of him.

Kim: You're right. At least it's been quiet these past two weeks.

Tommy: Yeah, maybe they decided to let us grieve...

Then a group of Piranhatrons.

Tommy: Or maybe not.

Kim: Let's kick some butt.

As she ran into the midst of the Piranhatrons, Tommy couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm, then he to joined in the fight. Across town in the Youth Centre the other remaining members of the Power Rangers were relaxing, when their communicators went off. Ducking into a corner.

Billy: This is Billy, what's up Alpha?

Alpha: Piranhatrons have attacked Tommy and Kimberly, you must morph to their aid.

Adam: We're on our way, contact Tanya and Kat and have them meet us there.

Alpha: I'll do it now.

Billy: It's Morphing Time.

Justin: Zeo Ranger III. Blue.

Adam: Zeo Ranger IV. Green.

Billy: Gold Ranger Power.

The three then teleported out and arrived on the scene moments before they were joined by two beams of pink and yellow.

Tanya: This is were they are supposed to be.

Justin: But they aren't here.

Adam: Alpha only said they were heading this way and knowing Tommy he'd be late to get here.

Billy: Let's spread out and find them.

Kat: There they are.

The others looked in the direction Kat pointed to see, the two being attacked by Piranhatrons.

Billy: Let's go.

The five ran over to where the two were being attacked and started to fight the Piranhatrons, who were soon defeated.

Tommy: Man that was cutting it close.

Kim: Yeah, good timing.

Adam: Always aim to please.

Tanya: We should go to the Power Chamber and check out what's up.

The seven quickly teleported out and moments later reappeared in the Power Chamber.

Zordon: Welcome Rangers, as I feared Divatox has returned.

Kat: Great as if we didn't have enough problems with Zedd, Rita and the Machine Empire.

Justin: So what can we do Zordon?

Zordon: The time has come for you to gain new powers in addition to your Zeo powers.

Tanya: What powers?

Alpha: Follow me Rangers.

The group turned and followed Alpha through a door in the Power Chamber and descended into the chamber were they had.

Adam: Turbo powers.

Zordon: Yes, Alpha and I have been working since Divatox's last appearance to recreate the Turbo Powers and for the opportunity to use them. That time is now.

Justin: But the two Megazords were destroyed.

Alpha: Unfortunately, we have been unable to rebuild the Rescue Zords, however we have been able to recreate the Turbo Zords and build two new ones.

Tommy: But we only had five Turbo Rangers.

Zordon: When we recreated the Turbo Powers we also created to new sets of Turbo Powers. One for the Gold Ranger and one for another Ranger.

The Rangers were silent knowing that the second new Morpher would probably have been for Scott.

Zordon: Billy you will control the Gold Turbo Zord. The rest of you shall resume control of the Zords and powers you once held.

Billy: Thanks Zordon.

Zordon: Now Rangers step forward and claim your destiny.

The six stepped forward and placed their hands on the table and then the six were transformed into the Power Rangers: Turbo.

Zordon: Rangers you have now gone beyond being just Zeo and now also Turbo and a match for anything that is thrown at you.

The alarms suddenly went off again.

Alpha: Elgar, Rygog and the Piranhatrons are back in downtown Angel Grove.

Justin: Let's get out there and kick some fish.

Tommy: Shift into Turbo.

Justin: Mountain Blaster Turbo Power.

At the command Justin morphed and grew to adult size.

Adam: Desert Thunder Turbo Power.

Tanya: Dune Star Turbo Power.

Kat: Wind Chaser Turbo Power.

Tommy: Red Lightning Turbo Power.

Billy: Gold Ranger Turbo Power.

Then the six teleported out and moments later reappeared in front of Divatox's henchmen.

Elgar: Oh look it's the Turbo Rangers, I'm so scared.

Justin: You should be.

Elgar: Yeah right, we destroyed your powers before and this time I'll take your life as well.

Kat: No-one is going to die.

Divatox: Strike a nerve Kitty-Kat.

The Rangers turned to see Divatox stood there.

Tommy: Surrender Divatox and we'll go easy on you.

Divatox: Ha, you must be joking. This time I cannot lose, for I hold the ultimate trump card.

Billy: What's that?

Mondo: Why an alliance with us.

Zedd: And us.

Rita: Face it Rangers your time is over surrender your powers and we'll let you live.

Kat: Like you let Scott live.

Zedd: The Silver Ranger was an unfortunate casualty, but you should be glad, after all we got rid of the dead weight on your team.

Before anyone could stop her Kat pulled her Auto Blaster from it's holster and fired several shots at Zedd which simply bounced off his staff.

Rita: Let's finish this. Cogs, Piranhatrons, Tengas attack.

The Rangers suddenly found themselves surrounded and outnumbered.

Justin: I think we are in big trouble.

Tanya: What was your first clue?

Adam: What's the plan Tommy?

Tommy: They will be on us before we can teleport, so we have to take as many out as possible and then get away. Everyone pair up and we'll meet back at the Power Chamber. Kat your with me.

The six quickly split up and began to defend themselves under the onslaught. Outnumbered heavily the Rangers fought valiantly, but it wasn't enough and they were soon pressed back to back.

Billy: It was a good plan Tommy, guess it didn't work.

Tommy: Well, guess this is it. It's been fun guys.

Then the Rangers prepared for the final attack and much to their surprise they suddenly found themselves alone.

Justin: I don't get it, they had us beaten, why leave.

Kat: A lesson, they knew we were beaten, they are just showing that they can do it now and probably do it again.

Tommy: Let's get back to the Power Chamber and talk with Zordon.

The six quickly teleported away leaving the residents of Angel Grove to examine the damage of the latest attack.

On the moon the evil watched.

Mondo: Excellent the Rangers know that their defeat is at hand.

Zedd: And what's more the Rangers will defeat themselves for us and then we can destroy Zordon and claim this planet for our own.

Rito: What do you mean destroy themselves, are they like going to start fighting with each other.

Zedd: No, you dolt. Their recent loss of Scott Crane has affected them, and they are a mere shadow of their former selves. I believe that they will cause their own destruction.

Divatox: Yes, the Pink Ranger will surely be the first to fall, her grief is overwhelming her and she will destroy herself, and then the others will be easy pickings.

Rita: The Earth is ours.

The group began to laugh at their impending conquest of the planet Earth.

Back at the Power Chamber, the Rangers had gratefully teleported in and dropped to sitting positions on the floor to recover.

Zordon: Rangers this alliance was not unexpected, they had once teamed up before when Dark Spectre captured me, however even with the resurrection of the Turbo Powers and your Zeo Powers you are no match. Therefore I have called for assistance.

Kim: Who Zordon?

Zordon didn't reply as in that moment five teleportation streaks formed in the centre of the Chamber forming the Astro Rangers Andro, Ashley, Carlos, Cassie and TJ.

Andros: We came as soon as possible Zordon.

Tommy: And not a moment to soon, we have major trouble.

Zordon: As I related to you during our conversation, the forces of evil that once separately attacked this planet are now in alliance.

TJ: Not the best news to come back to.

Carlos: Yeah, but cheer up you've got help now.

Cassie: Carlos is right the atmosphere in here is terrible, I mean who died.

The look on the face of the Earth Rangers made the smile that was forming on Cassie's face drop away and then the Astro Rangers watched as Kat teleported away.

Cassie: What did I do?

Zordon: Up until two weeks ago, the Rangers were a team of seven, whilst on a mission to an Alien world, Scott Crane the Silver Ranger was killed protecting the others.

TJ: But what does that have to do with Kat looking like hell.

Tanya: Kat and Scott were head over heels in love, except it took them until two weeks ago to admit to each other and then this happened.

Ashley: You really put your foot in it this time.

Justin: Not just her foot, but her whole leg.

Cassie: I'm gonna go and talk to her.

Touching her communicator Cassie teleported out in a pink streak and reappeared at the doorstep of the Hillard house. Walking to the door she knocked twice and moments later heard the sound of footsteps coming to the door.

Cassie: Hi I'm a friend of Kat's.

Mrs. Hillard: Come in, just go up she is in her room.

Cassie nodded her thanks and ran up the stairs and knocked on Kat's door. Though there was no reply Cassie heard movement in the room and decided to just march in. As she did she saw Kat look up surprised and suddenly shut a drawer.

Cassie: I didn't mean to barge in.

Kat: That's okay.

Cassie: No it's not okay, I am so sorry for what I said...

Kat: You didn't know, it wasn't your fault.

Cassie: I know, but it was still very tactless of me. Will you forgive me?

Kat: Already done.

Cassie then saw a picture just in front of Kat and she looked at it.

Cassie: Is that Scott?

Kat: Yeah that's him.

Cassie: Man, I can see why you liked him, he was cute.

Kat: Very cute, I just wish I'd been able to tell him how I felt earlier on.

Cassie: You weren't to know, what would happen. At least you did tell him, before it happened.

Kat: I guess, so look thanks for apologising, but I need to be alone right now.

Cassie: Sure I'll see you later.

Kat: Perhaps.

Cassie smiled and left the room without another look back, but if she had she would have seen Kat once more reach into the drawer and pull a metal object from it. Once she was out of the house Cassie teleported back to the Power Chamber.

On the moon Rita was again watching her former slave.

Rita: Yes, I don't believe she's about to do it.

Rito: Do what sis!!!

Zedd: Taken her own life. I was right.

Divatox: One down ten to go.

Gaskett: Unless the Rangers find her in time.

Mondo: Do not be ridiculous my understanding of the human anatomy is that where she has cut her self will mean she will be dead in minutes.

Machina: Then there will be one less Power Ranger to deal with.

Back at the Power Chamber the Rangers were discussing strategy for the upcoming battle while Billy and Alpha continued to scan for any sign of trouble.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi.

Billy: Alpha what is it?

Alpha: I just picked up a telephone call for an ambulance, it came from Kat's house.

Everyone froze as he said that.

Zordon: Alpha get a visual on Kat.

Alpha pressed a couple of buttons and then on the Viewing Globe they saw Kat her head resting on the desk in a pool of blood streaming from a cut at her neck.

Billy: Tommy, quickly morph and get her to a hospital.

Tommy didn't reply and was gone in seconds and then the others watched as he appeared in Kat's room and then picking her up teleported out to the hospital.

Zordon: Rangers you should go to the hospital.

Tanya: Wait Adam's not here.

Carlos: Yeah, were did he disappear off to.

Tanya: He just said he had an errand to do. Look I'll go get him and we'll meet you there.

Zordon: I will contact you as soon as there is any sign of trouble.

The Ten teleported out.

Tanya: Alpha can you locate Adam?

Alpha: I've got him.

Teleport me a little distance a way, I don't want to startle him.

Alpha touched a button and teleported the Yellow Ranger out. She appeared moments later about hundred yards away from Adam and saw him talking with someone and then something was given the person who gave Adam something in return. Then the figure disappeared and Tanya started to run towards him.

Tanya: Adam.

Adam suddenly whirled around almost startled.

Adam: Tanya what is it?

Tanya: Kat's in hospital.

Adam: What!!! How?

Tanya: From what we were able to see she attempted to kill herself.

Adam: Come on, we'd should find a safe place to teleport and get to the hospital.

The two ducked into a deserted spot and teleported into an alleyway next to the hospital and then the two ran into the hospital. Before they could run to the desk, they heard a shout and saw Ashley and Andros waiting for them.

Ashley: Tommy said we should wait for you.

Tanya: Thanks.

The four quickly went up the stairs and joined the others on the floor of Intensive Care.

Adam: How is she?

Mrs. Hillard: The Doctor's say if the Red Ranger hadn't brought her in when he did, she would have died, but they think she'll be okay.

Tanya: Thank god.

Kim: Why didn't we see this?

Billy: Don't blame yourself Kim, we've all been a little wrapped up in our pain the last couple of weeks, I guess we just didn't want to notice.

Cassie: I should have known, I mean I was there five minutes before it happened and she was acting weird.

TJ: Billy is right no-one is to blame for this.

Tanya: Still, I should have kept a closer eye on her.

Up on the moon.

Divatox: This is perfect, we must strike now, they are distressed over their comrade and will be in no shape to defend themselves. Porto, we need a monster.

Porto: Yes, my Queen, I've been working with Finster and Klank and we've come up with the most powerful monster we could. It possesses all of your technology's and abilities to create it. The Rangers will find they cannot stop it and will be destroyed. I present to you The Killer. For it will kill the Rangers instead of playing with them like others have done.

Divatox: He's hideous, Porto you've out done yourself this time.

Porto: Thank you my Queen, but I couldn't have done it without the others help.

Zedd: Enough, Cogs, Tengas, Piranhatrons, Goldar, Rito, Gaskett, Elgar get down there and stir up some trouble.

The group disappeared and reappeared in the centre of Angel Grove. Back at the hospital the Rangers were awaiting news of Kat, when their communicators beeped.

Tommy: I read you Zordon.

Zordon: As we feared the forces of evil, have launched their attack, report to the Power Chamber.

Tommy: We're on our way.

Andros: Let's get going.

The group teleported out and appeared in the Power Chamber.

Zordon: Rangers, Goldar, Rito, Gaskett and Elgar as well as Cogs, Tengas and Piranhatrons have appeared in the centre of the city.

Tommy: We're on it.

Justin: But what about a Pink Zeo & Turbo Ranger without Kat we're down by one.

Alpha: When the incident happened we retrieved Kat's Zeonisers and Turbo Morpher from her room and chose a candidate to take her powers.

Billy: Who?

Kim: For a genius you can be pretty stupid. Who do you think they would choose?

The group turned to see Kimberly stood in the Pink Zeo Armour.

Justin: There the solution to that problem.

Kim: This is only a temporary thing until Kat gets back on her feet.

Zordon: Rangers you must act now.

Tommy: It's Morphing Time.

Andros: Let's Rocket.

The group Rangers morphed and appeared in front of the monsters.

Tommy: Hold it right there Goldar.

Goldar: Well, the guests of honour are here, now we do have a party, unfortunately I see we have a different face. Welcome back Kimberly.

Elgar: So have you lost your Kat?

Kim: You don't even have the right to mention her name. It's your fault she's in hospital.

Elgar: So what you going to do about it?

TJ: Take you down for good Elgar.

Gaskett: Not this time Rangers. Attack.

Then the fight was upon them as Cogs, Tengas and Piranhatrons came flying at them. The battle commenced and the Rangers found themselves under attack from all sides, but this time was different than the earlier fight, this time the Rangers had help.

Justin: Man I have never seen so many bad guys in one place.

Carlos: I know what you mean and they really picked a bad time to attack, with all that's been happening.

Billy: The Rangers will get through this, we've always come back from tough times.

Justin: But that was losing powers, or the Power Chamber, we've never lost a friend.

Billy: Scott's dead and we have to deal with that, like he wanted us to. We go on and stop the evil.

Justin: To the end.

Carlos: The end.

Billy: Come on then, let's send these guys back in pieces.

The three quickly rejoined the main battle and soon with their renewed strength had defeated almost all of the foot soldiers. Across from them Tommy was renewing an old rivalry with Goldar.

Goldar: This is just like old times Tommy.

Tommy: This is nothing like old times, you and your masters killed a Ranger and for that your going to pay.

Then the two once more met in battle. Across from them Elgar was battling TJ, Billy was facing off against Prince Gaskett and Adam fought Rito.

The battle continued until all the Cogs were gone and the Tengas had fled leaving just a few Piranhatrons who were dealt with.

Justin: Now what?

Andros: We don't interfere with their individual battles. We can if they are in trouble, but if we did so now we would not allow them that chance.

Killer: I would worry about your own troubles.

Ashley: So who are you?

Killer: I am the Killer your destroyer.

Kim: We've heard that before and we're still here.

Killer: Not for much longer.

Carlos: Let's take him out.

The rest of the Rangers rushed forward and attacked this new arrival only for him to knock them away as though they were insects.

Killer: Was that the best you have?

Tanya: There is plenty more where that came from. Power Weapons.

The shout was heard by the others and they all produced the weapons and attacked again, with limited success again.

Cassie: This isn't working.

Justin: We need to call on our Turbo powers and we need Tommy, Adam and Billy for what I have in mind.

Almost as if they had heard Justin the three Rangers appeared.

Tommy: We're here guys.

Justin: I'll explain once we've morphed.

Tommy: Shift Into Turbo.

The six brought out their Turbo Morphers and morphed into the Turbo Rangers.

Justin: Okay we need the Turbine Laser.

The command was given and the weapon thought destroyed appeared.

Tommy: Okay let's fire this baby.

The weapon struck and the Killer was sent crashing back.

Turbo Rangers: Turbo R.A.M. full power.

Before the monster could react again he was struck and he crashed to the floor, not getting up this time.

On the moon.

Rita: Well, that was a good monster, your ultimate warrior, ultimate dud is more like it.

Zedd: Shut up Rita. Monster it's time for you to grow.

A beam of energy lanced from Zedd's hand and struck the monster causing it to lurch to his feet and grow and then take off into the air towards space.

Kim: Where is he going?

Billy: I don't know, but we can't follow him.

Ashley: But we can.

Andros: Let's go Astro Rangers.

The five teleported out and then from it's position just above the clouds it appeared and transformed into the Astro Megazord.

TJ: Let's get this guy.

Andros: Taking her into space.

The Zord's jets fired and the Megazord flew after the monster. Breaking through the atmosphere the Rangers scanned for the monster.

Cassie: This is odd, there is no sign of him.

Ashley: Wait I've got a reading, everybody hang on.

The others didn't have a chance to respond to the warning as the Megazord was slammed forwards by the monster who then proceeded to continue his assault on the Megazord.

Andros: Man this guy is tough and we can't get a chance to strike back.

Carlos: It gets worse, our shields won't take another hit.

Suddenly the monster slammed his fist straight through the chest of the Megazord pulling wires free.

TJ: Great we've lost all power except for emergency life support.

Cassie: At least we won't freeze to death.

Ashley: No, just burn to a crisp as we enter the atmosphere.

The Rangers turned to see that the last blow had sent the Megazord spiralling towards Earth and without shields the Megazord and it's occupants would burn to a crisp. On the moon Divatox watched this with glee.

Divatox: One down, one to go. Hey Zedd how you like your Astro Megazords. Well done or raw.

Zedd: Well done, very well done.

Back on Earth the other Rangers waited for a sign of the Megazord.

Alpha: Rangers this is Alpha, the monster is returning to Angel Grove.

Justin: What about the Astro Rangers?

Alpha: We've lost contact with them.

Tommy: Keep trying to establish contact. We'll take care of tall and gruesome.

All: We need Turbo Zord power now.

Leaping aboard the six took the controls of their Zords.

Zordon: Rangers, we have reconfigured the Zords to combine into one Zord, The Super TurboMegazord. I suggest you form that, we have also been able to establish the powers of the Rescue Megazord into the Turbo Zords.

Justin: Thanks Zordon that should be a big help.

Tommy: Okay we need Super Turbo Megazord power now.

The six Zords combined and then.

Killer: So you've got a brand new toy.

All: Artillery Power Now.

The long forgotten weapons of the Rescue Megazord appeared in the Megazords hands and then fired striking the monster. Before the monster could even recover the Turbo Megazord sabre appeared in it's hand and.

Tommy: Spinout now.

The Turbo Megazord finishing manoeuvre struck sending the monster into oblivion.

Billy: So much for the ultimate monster. Let's get back to the Power Chamber.

On the moon.

Mondo: Unbelievable they have done it again and what is worse.

Divatox: Those Astro Rangers are still alive.

Zedd: It's not over yet, the Rangers will fall before our power. I swear this to you, our alliance of evil will triumph in the end.

Back at the Power Chamber the Rangers were relieved to see the Astro Rangers safe and sound.

Justin: You're okay, when Alpha said he'd lost contact, I thought..

Ashley: We're fine, but the Astro Megazord is pretty badly damaged.

Alpha: It will take 4.1 days to repair it and restore it's power systems.

Andros: It's a small price to pay after all if we hadn't drained all the powers into the thrusters we would be burnt to a crisp.

TJ: Good thing we realised if we went through the atmosphere a quick as possible we would be okay.

Tommy: Come on let's go and see if Kat's okay.

The others nodded all eager to check on their friend. Moments later the group appeared outside the hospital and went inside to the ward were Kat was. When they got there they found Kat's Mother pacing outside.

Kim: Mrs. Hillard.

Mrs. Hillard: There you are I've been looking all over for you.

Tommy: Sorry, we had something to take care of, is Kat.

Mrs. Hillard: Kat's going to be fine.

Justin: Can we see her?

Mrs. Hillard: Only a few of you at a time.

Tommy: If you don't mind I'd like to have a few moments alone with Kat.

The others nodded, they knew what Tommy wanted to talk to Kat about. Entering the room Tommy made his way to the bed and spoke softly.

Tommy: Kat, it's me Tommy.

The girls eye's opened and she smiled at him.

Kat: Tommy.

Tommy: Good to see your still with us.

Kat: I almost wasn't. I...I don't know what I was thinking.

A look of annoyance crossed Tommy's face.

Kat: What is the matter?

Tommy: I'd come in here to chew you out for doing a stupid thing.

Kat: And I spoiled it by telling you I knew it was stupid.

Tommy: Something like that. Look I don't pretend to understand what your going through, but you didn't have to resort to this, we're your friends you could have talked to we would have listened.

Kat: I'm sorry, I just felt alone, I'm really sorry for doing this. Maybe I just felt like I'd be closer to Scott.

Tommy: By killing yourself. That make's perfect sense.

Kat: I know I just miss him so much.

Tommy: We all do and in time the pain will go away.

Kat once more began to cry and Tommy hugged her. He held for a long time until the tears stopped. He knew that the pain was still there, but maybe the healing could begin after all the "Heart Must Go On"


A figure makes his way to an alleyway that not many would frequent. Another figure waits for him cloaked in darkness.

Man 1: You're late kid.

Man 2: Sorry, I had to get away from my friends. Do you have it?

Man 1: Yeah, have you got the money.

The second figure reaches into his pocket and pulls a wad of bills from his pocket and hands them to the other man.

Man 1: Thanks kid, here's your dope. Enjoy and you know were I am when you need some more.

Then like that he is gone leaving the figure alone. He steps into the light clutching his package tightly and Adam Park knows that he has started down a road he may not be able to get off.