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The Final Act
by Adam Pearlman

He was all alone, all the others had already gone and the teen knew it was now or never he had to face his opponent. With a sigh the teen threw down his cards and his opponent allowed a small delighted laugh to pass her lips and she pulled the small stack of poker chips to join her large pile.

Kat: All contributions are gratefully received.

Scott: Where did you learn to play poker like that Kat?

Kat: My Uncle taught me when I was little.

Adam: Well, I am never playing with you again.

Zack: Look on the bright side at least it's not Strip Poker.

Kat laughed again and it was then a voice interrupted the chatting teens.

Justin: Can you lot keep it down some of us are trying to sleep.

The others quickly nodded and lowered their voices allowing Justin the youngest of the current Rangers to go back to sleep. Just then his attempts were foiled by Billy entering the main chamber and putting the Viewing Globe on.

Justin: Billy!!!

Billy: What!!!

Justin: I am trying to sleep here.

Billy: Sorry I wanted to hear the news.

Justin muttered something (unprintable) and then pulled his sleeping bag over his head. The Rangers laughed and joined Billy in watching the news.

Announcer: Good evening. The main headline again this evening is once again Angel Grove is still under siege by the Alien who calls himself the Destroyer. I now hand you over to our on the spot reporter who is somewhere in the business district.

Reporter: Thank you I am here in what used to be a thriving business district here in the city of Angel Grove. Now however as a result of the last ten days constant attacks by the Destroyer it has been devastated by the attacks. Even if the Rangers are able to stop the attack it will take months for the businesses to recover from this.

Scott: Man there has to be something we can do?

Tanya: Once we have taken down the Destroyer we could assist in the repair efforts.

Tommy: Good idea Tanya. For now however I think we should all get some rest we do not know when the next attack will occur.

The others nodded and with a quick goodnight the five girls left to go to the two Living Quarters. Although the girls were hesitant to call them living quarters when there was only really enough room for one person and the two rooms were now being shared between the five girls. Meanwhile the eight boys had to make do with sleeping bags in the main Chamber.

The reason for this current arrangement is that of the constant attacks over the last week had made the Rangers make temporary home in the Power Chamber.

Tommy: Night Jason.

Jason: Night Tommy.

Tommy: Night Zack.

Zack: Good Night Tommy.

Tommy: Good Night Rocky.

Rocky: Night man.

It was then a voice spoke up from the other side of the Chamber.

Scott: Good Night John Boy.

The others dissolved into laughter and then they settled down to sleep. For several hours Scott tossed and turned and then he gave up on attempting to sleep and sat up.

Adam: Scott are you okay?

Scott: Sorry did I wake you?

Adam: I was awake anyway. That you have not slept properly for the past week had me and Kat a little concerned.

Scott: I'm fine Adam really.

Adam: Is that why for the last couple of days you've barely been able to stand up.

Scott: Okay the reason I'm not sleeping is I'm in too much pain.

Adam: Your arm is it still bothering you.

Scott: Only when I try to sleep and it make's it not very easy to get to sleep.

Adam: Why don't you take some painkillers.

Scott: I was but the last few nights they have not been working.

Adam: So you go to the gym and work out.

Scott: How do you know that?

Adam: Kat woke up a few nights ago and heard a noise outside her sleeping quarters and when she went to investigate she saw the light in the gym and found you working out.

Scott: I didn't even hear her come in to the room.

Adam: My point exactly, you're so exhausted that you don't know which way is up or down.

Scott: Thank you Doctor Park.

Adam: Scott take some painkillers and try and get some sleep, if you are too exhausted to fight then your no good to the team.

Scott: Okay I'll take some, but I don't know if they'll work.

Adam: That's all I ask you do. Now get some sleep.

Scott: Yes Dad!!!

Adam let out a small laugh and turned over and went back to sleep. Scott got up and trying not to wake any of the others went to take some painkillers. As he took them he heard a noise and turned around to see Kat stood there.

Kat: Sorry I didn't mean to startle you.

Scott: It's okay.

Kat: Could you pass me a couple of the painkillers.

Scott handed them to Kat and then spoke.

Scott: Are you okay?

Kat: Just a bad headache. How's the arm?

Scott: It only hurts when I sleep.

Kat: Well, at least the painkillers should help.

Scott: I hope they do.

Kat: Scott is something else the matter?

Scott: Why would you say that?

Kat: Well, for the past few weeks you've been very distracted. Is something bothering you.

Scott: I'm fine Kat. It's just that I feel as if I am not pulling my weight as a Power Ranger.

Kat: Scott that is rubbish and you know it. You're a great Martial Artist and great asset to the team.

Scott: Being good at Karate isn't all I need.

Kat: Scott just because you have a different power to us doesn't make you a weaker Power Ranger it just means you have different abilities in the fight against evil. You have done a lot of good as Power Ranger without having a Zeo Crystal.

Scott: Such as.

Kat: You saved us all from Dark Ranger.

Scott: Which was all my fault in the first place.

Kat: There is also the time you saved us from the Energy Drainer. It was your strength that saved us.

Scott: That was then Kat this is now and I guess it's just the last week or so since my powers started to weaken and fade in and out I've felt like I'm a liability to the team.

Kat: We all have problems Scott get over of them.

Scott: What!!!

Kat: Ever since I have known you you've been buried in your problems, never have I seen you attempt to talk to anyone about anything. You just keep your emotions bottled up and pretend that nothing...

Kat's words trailed off as the alarm went off and the two shared a look and ran to the main Chamber to find the others awake and looking around concerned.

Tommy: Zordon what's going on?

Zordon: Prince Gaskett and the Cogs as well as a small group of the Putties have appeared in the city.

Justin: Don't they ever sleep.

Tanya: Apparently not.

Tommy: Let's get out there and stop them. It's Morphing Time.

With a quick shake of their wrists the five Zeo Rangers brought their Zeonisers together and beside them Billy called for the Golden Power Staff and used it's power to transform himself into the Gold Ranger. Scott quickly pulled out his morpher and feeling its power was transformed into the Silver Ranger.

The seven Rangers teleported into the City and as soon as they had appeared they were attacked by the Cogs and Putties. Quickly the seven defended themselves and as soon as the attack began it was over.

Justin: Man what is it with those guys. For the past week we've been fighting them and then they pull back.

Tommy: Justin's right something just does not add up.

Scott: The Destroyer has to be planning something big.

Gaskett: He is indeed Silver Ranger and when it comes you will be swept out of the way.

Adam: Sorry Gaskett we don't intend to go down easily.

Gaskett: If that is how you want to be then so be it. Your deaths can be as painful as you want.

With a laugh Gaskett vanished leaving the Rangers even more puzzled than before.

Billy: Let's get back to the Power Chamber.

Kat: And get some sleep.

The others all nodded in agreement and teleported away. For several minutes there is no movement and then the Destroyer and Cloak step from behind some wreckage.

Cloak: Your plan is working my Lord. They are tiring themselves out fighting your Putties and Gaskett and his Cogs.

Destroyer: Did you have any doubts that it would not work.

Cloak: No Sire, but what now?

Destroyer: Now the Power Rangers will get an early morning wake up call. The last one they will ever see

The two vanished in leaving nothing in their wake except debris. The following morning after another restless night the Rangers were once more awoken by the alarm.

Scott: Oh great not again.

Tommy: What is it Zordon?

Zordon: A monster has appeared in Angel Grove Park and has grown in size. The seven of you must morph and call upon your Zords.

Scott: Let's get to it then.

Tommy opened his mouth to give the command when the alarm went off again.

Kat: What now?

Zordon: Two more monsters have appeared in the city.

Billy: Alpha call the Alien Rangers they will have to battle one of the monsters, but what about the other?

Scott: I'll go.

Tanya: Scott will you be able to handle that monster.

Scott: Not with just the Shogun Megazord, but I have my NinjaZord and Billy has also worked out a way to reactivate the Falcon NinjaZord so I can call for Shogun MegaFalconZord power if I need it.

Tommy: Good work Billy.

Billy: Thanks, we need all the help we can get at the moment.

Zordon: Good luck Rangers and may the power protect you all.

Tommy: It's Morphing Time.

Kat: Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Tanya: Zeo Ranger II. Yellow.

Justin: Zeo Ranger III. Blue.

Adam: Zeo Ranger IV. Green.

Tommy: Zeo Ranger V. Red.

Billy: Gold Ranger Power.

Scott: Silver Ranger Power.

The seven teleported out and each arrived at their destination. As Scott landed he was barely able to avoid the gigantic foot that came towards him.

Destructor: Oh I'm sorry I didn't see you there.

Scott: Time to hit the big leagues. I need Shogun Megazord power now.

At Scott's command the five Zords quickly arrived on the scene and transformed into the Shogun Megazord.

Destructor: Oh so you think you can stop me with that piece of junk. Well, come on then try it.

Scott didn't need any further encouragement and with that he sent the Shogun Megazord into battle. Across the city in the park the Six Rangers arrived and quickly called for the Zeo Zords.

Tommy: Okay guys let's give him all we've got.

The other's acknowledged and using their individual weapons they fired on the monster. For a few seconds it looked as if the monster may go down. However the monster retaliated and the five were battered by energy bolts.

Energy: I'm winning you Power Rangers are going to be destroyed.

Billy: Not so fast Energy Master.

The monster turned and was knocked off his feet by a bolt of energy from Pryamidias.

Tommy: Nice timing Billy.

Billy: Anytime.

Tommy: Okay guys let's do it. We need Zeo Megazord power.

At the command the five placed their zeoniser crystal's in their positions and started the transformation to become the Zeo Megazord.

Tommy: Okay guy's everything is looking good and I'm coming in for final lockdown.

With that Tommy's Zord transformed and the Megazord was formed.

Tommy: Okay guys let's take this monster out.

Energy: Come on then you Power Punks will soon be nothing but ashes to the wind.

The Megazord and the Monster walked towards each other and began to battle. Across the city the Alien Rangers had arrived at the location of the monster and the six looked on in surprise.

Cestro: Hydro Hog, but you were destroyed.

Hog: Thanks to the Destroyer I have a new lease on life and now I will destroy you.

Delphine: That is what you think. Rangers we must call upon the Battle Borgs.

All: Battle Borgs the Alien Rangers of Aquitar call upon your power.

The six Battle Borgs appeared and with that the Alien Rangers began the attack on the Hydro Hog. In his fortress the Destroyer watched all of this with glee.

Destroyer: Perfect as I predicted they have split up and are now attempting to deal with the three monsters. Cloak send the other three to destroy them now.

Cloak nodded and vanished. The Destroyer turned back to watch the battle.

Destroyer: Soon you will be gone and this world will be mine.

Back at the park battle site the Rangers were having a tough time even with the assistance of Pryamidas, the Red Battlezord and now the Super Zeo Megazord.

Adam: Tommy this isn't working we need some extra fire power.

Tommy: I couldn't agree more Adam. All right guys. Begin Zeo MegaBattleZord transformation now.

At Tommy's command the Zeo Megazord and the Red Battlezord combined and formed the MegaBattleZord.

Tommy: Okay guys let's take this guy out.

The Zord fired its great weapons at the Monster who merely stood there.

Energy: Thanks for the power boost Rangers.

With that the Energy Monster fired energy at the Zord knocking it off its feet.

Adam: We have to form the Ultrazord.

Billy: Right Zeo Ultrazord Transformation begin.

At his command Pryamdias began its transformation and as the other Zords began to enter it another bolt of energy struck the now upright Zord sending it crashing backwards. For many minutes the Rangers lay were they were in their Zords stunned and when the looked up the sounds of battle were continuing. Look out the Rangers were further stunned to see Goldar and Rito fighting the Energy Master and a second Monster.

Tommy: Is everyone okay?

The others all nodded and they painfully pulled themselves back into their seats.

Adam: Let's try this again.

Billy: Zeo Ultrazord Transformation begin.

At the command Pryamidas stood upright and the five Zeo Zords entered it and took their positions and then the Red Battlezord stood on its back.

Justin: All right we did it.

All: Zeo Ultrazord fire.

With that the Zord concentrated all of its energy into one blast and when the dust cleared the monsters were gone.

Rito: Wow nice work.

Tanya: I cannot believe it we've just been complimented by Rito.

Tommy: Let's go and give the Alien Rangers a hand.

The others again nodded and with a signal sent the others Zords back to the holding bay and the Five Rangers called for the Super ZeoMegazord. Meanwhile Scott was finding it hard going against the monster known as Destructor.

Destructor: Give it up Silver Ranger as you can see your blows are not effective.

Scott: Well, let's see how you cope with this. I need Hawk NinjaZord power now.

With that command the Zord flew towards the city and Scott quickly teleported onboard. Even as he used the controls the Destructor was ready for his attack and out of nowhere the monster began to glow getting brighter as time passed and as Scott's Zord came closer the light began to become so bright it even started to overwhelm the filters in his suit that were meant to filter out anything harmful. Shutting his eyes Scott slammed his down on the firing control and was rewarded by the sound of the monster screaming and then exploding. Scott cautiously opened his eyes and allowed a sigh to escape his lips.

Scott: Man that was close. I hope the other's are okay.

Scott reached for his communicator but was almost surprised when it beeped.

Scott: Yes Zordon?

Zordon: Good work Scott. Now the Alien Rangers could use a hand.

Scott: I'm on my way.

With that Scott turned and headed in towards the co-ordinates that Alpha had downloaded to his Zord. Across at the battle site the Alien Rangers were using their Battle Borgs to their ultimate effectiveness, but again Hydro Hog just laughed at their efforts.

Hog: You guys are pathetic you cannot stop me.

Suddenly the Hydro Hog was flung from his feet by a solid punch from the Super ZeoMegazord.

Justin: Is this a private party or can anyone join in.

With the Hydro Hog's attention now on the Earth Rangers the Six Alien Rangers used their Battle Borgs to form a tower formation and combining their energy the Red Battle Borg slammed into Hydro Hog causing him crash to the floor and exploded.

Corcus: It worked we've destroyed Hydro Hog.

Delphine: We could not have done it without the Earth Rangers help.

As she said that she and the Alien Rangers were joined by the six Rangers.

Tommy: Glad we could help.

Kat: I just hope Scott is okay

Billy placed a reassuring hand upon her shoulder and she turned to face him

Billy: Scott can take care of himself.

Kat nodded and then the next thing the twelve heard was Scott.

Scott: You know I'm sure Zordon said you guys could use my help.

Despite herself Kat let out a cry of happiness and ran to hug the teen.

Scott: Did you miss me?

Kat: No not really.

Scott laughed and walked over to rejoin the other Rangers.

Tommy: So what now?

Gaskett: Now you will die.

The thirteen Rangers turned to face their foe.

Tommy: What do you want Bolt Brain?

Gaskett: To destroy you once and for all and this time I will accomplish that.

Adam: We've heard that before and we're still here.

Gaskett: Not for much longer. Cogs attack destroy them all.

With that the Cogs appeared out of nowhere and began to attack the Rangers. From his vantage point above the battle site the Destroyer watched with interest as the Rangers continued to fight his forces.

Cloak: Sire I do not understand by now the Rangers should be totally exhausted and be unable to fight our forces.

Destroyer: If they were normal Humans they would have already collapsed with exhaustion, but these Rangers are not normal and they want to save their world and that will be their downfall.

Destroyer: For I shall strike once they are at their weakest.

Cloak: When is that My Lord.

Destroyer: Soon Cloak very soon they will be gone and this world will be mine.

Cloak: What of your Dark Queen?

Destroyer: I have indeed given that a great deal of thought on how I shall bend her to my will.

Cloak: What is your plan?

Destroyer: I shall capture Ninjor and his precious temple of power, with that in my hands Scott Crane will begin to feel death's fingertips at his throat and my price for his life will be Katherine once more becoming my Dark Queen.

Cloak: A most ingenious plan my Lord.

Destroyer: Of course I thought of it.

With that he fell silent and continued to watch the fight below. Down in the middle of the fight Scott found himself facing off against Gaskett.

Scott: So Gaskett it looks as if it's you and me again.

Gaskett: Indeed young Ranger and this time I will kill you.

Scott: Ooh I am shaking in my boots Gaskett.

Gaskett: Your boots will all be that's left of you when I've finished with you.

Scott gave a small smile under his helmet and then pulling his dagger from his belt he charged towards the onrushing Gaskett. Gaskett raced towards the Silver Ranger and bringing his sword in a downward stroke which Scott blocked and while the Ranger attempted to hold off the downwards stroke Gaskett slammed his fist hard into Scott chest stunning him. Scott released his hold on Gaskett sword and dropped to the floor and as Gaskett swivelled his sword and started to drive the point toward Scott's chest Scott managed to move out of the way.

Scott: Too slow Gaskett.

Gaskett: I will kill you Ranger.

With that Gaskett again drove his sword towards Scott who this time side-stepped the thrust and slammed his dagger down hard on Gaskett's hand forcing him to let go of the sword. Before Scott could even follow up Gaskett and his sword disappeared along with the remaining Cogs. Scott turned and rejoined the other Rangers.

Delphine: Is everyone okay?

Justin: Just even more tired than before we started fighting.

Stifling a yawn Tommy looked at his fellow Rangers.

Tommy: I don't about you guys but I think we should go back to the Power Chamber and try and get some sleep.

Delphine: We shall remain out here in the City until we are sure it is safe.

The other Rangers nodded and then the seven teens teleported out of the city and back to the Power Chamber. Above them the Destroyer watched.

Destroyer: Perfect while they attempt to gain some rest, I will attack the Temple of Power.

Cloak: I shall prepare our forces for an immediate assault.

The Destroyer nodded and then the two disappeared to continue their preparations for the Power Rangers destruction.

Back at the Power Chamber the seven teens found themselves attempting to relax which was not easy as the seven of them were all well aware that the next attack could come at any moment. So the seven found themselves splitting off into little groups either talking as the girls were or sharing Martial Art's tips with the Boys. For several hours the teens relaxed each privately hoping that the Destroyer had given up and left, but each knowing that he hadn't, he was out there plotting his next move.

It was just after the fourth hour since their confrontation with Gaskett and the Cogs that the other Rangers began to notice something strange happening with Scott. It seemed to the other as though he was having trouble concentrating on the conversation and even standing.

Adam: Scott are you okay you look a little pale?

Scott: I'm fine Adam just a little tired.

Tommy: Maybe you should go and get some rest.

Scott: No, I think I just need some fresh air.

With that the Silver Ranger turned and started to walk away from them. He had almost passed the girls who were intent on their own conversation when his legs gave out and he collapsed on the floor. In an instant the others were by his side.

Kat: Scott what's wrong?

Scott: I don't know I feel suddenly so weak I...

Jason: Scott your hand.

Scott looked down at his hand and to his surprise it was glowing silver and energy appeared to be leaving him.

Zack: What's happening?

Tommy: We've seen it before. Anyone who is linked to the Ninja Power is linked through their own physical well being.

Kim: This is what happened to me when my power coin was stolen.

The next voice to speak was that of Kat's with a very bitter tone in her voice.

Kat: You mean when I stole your power coin.

Kim looked at her and walked over to stand beside her.

Kim: Kat I have told you before it was never your fault and besides you gave me it back eventually.

Kim said those last words with a smile and Kat allowed the ghost of a smile to cross her lips.

Billy: Zordon how can Scott be suffering like Kimberly if the Power Coin is still in his possession.

Zordon: There is only one other possibility.

Justin: And that is?

Zordon: That Ninjor and the Temple of Power have fallen into evil hands.

Adam: We should get out there and check the situation.

Alpha: Hold Rangers I'm a receiving a transmission from the Temple of Power.

The Rangers turned to look at the Viewing Globe and saw the face of their current enemy the Destroyer appear on it.

Destroyer: Hello Rangers and how are we today?

Tommy: Save the pleasantries Destroyer what do you want?

Destroyer: Do not take that tone with me Red Ranger, your friends life is in my hands as well as Ninjor's.

Adam: What do you want?

Destroyer: What I had before and want again. I want my Dark Queen returned to me.

Kat: And if I return you will leave the Temple of Power and let Scott recover.

Destroyer: Exactly my dear Katherine.

Kat: Very well for Scott's life I will do as you ask.

Destroyer: I knew you would see sense. I will leave the Temple within one hour I expect you to be at my side when the hour is up.

With that the Viewing Globe darkened and the Rangers all turned to face Kat.

Kat: I had no choice Scott's life is at stake and you need the Silver Ranger.

Tanya: We also need a Pink Ranger Kat.

Kat: Well, it's a good thing Kim is here then?

With a quick shake of her wrists the teen brought out her Zeonisers and presented them to Kim.

Kat: The power of the Pink Ranger is again yours Kimberly use it to defeat the Destroyer and Zedd and the others.

Kim: Kat I...

Kat: I guess I should get going.

Kat looked around the room at her friends and then she brought her arm and prepared to touch her teleporter for the last time when a voice rang out.

Scott: No Kat I'm not going to let you do it.

Kat: Scott there is no other choice your life is in jeopardy.

Scott: There is one other choice.

Adam: What's that?

Scott: I can go to the Temple of Power and face off against the Destroyer.

Zordon: I cannot allow you to do this Scott, in your weakened condition you would be no match for the Destroyer and you would surely be killed.

Scott: I can't allow Kat to become the Dark Queen again and besides while I'm getting myself killed by the Destroyer you guys can rescue Ninjor.

Justin: So let me get this straight Scott you want us to allow you to go up against a guy who will almost certainly kill you and while you are doing that rescue Ninjor from the dozens of Putties and Monsters that are undoubtedly there.

Scott: That's it exactly.

Justin: You know something Scott this plan of yours is crazy and has no chance of working, but what the hell let's do it.

Adam: Justin I never saw you as the suicidal type.

Justin: Hey I'm a twelve year old kid I'm allowed to do idiotic things once in a while.

The other Rangers all laughed and then Scott made his way to stand in front of Justin.

Scott: Justin before we do this I want to apologise for the way I've treated you.

Justin: It doesn't matter you've been under a lot of pressure what with your parents being killed and Dark Ranger and I guess I was the easiest person to take it out on.

Scott: You're right I took everything I felt about their deaths on to you and I had no right to do so. I realise now you're not just a Ranger a team-mate but your also a friend.

Justin smiled and accepted the now outstretched hand of Scott.

Justin: Well, let's get this show on the road.

The two Rangers stepped away from the others and prepared to morph when Tommy stepped forward.

Tommy: Hold it if you two idiots are so insistent on trying this harebrained scheme then you're going to need help. Count me in.

Tommy stepped forward and joined the two and then Adam, Tanya and Billy stepped forward and joined them leaving Kat stood apart from the group.

Kat: You are all insane you know that risking your life for one person.

Tanya: Who happens to be a friend we care about?

Adam: Remember we're all in this together we help each other out.

Tommy extended his hand and the other five placed their hands on top of it and they looked at Kat who for a second hesitated and then she placed her hand on top of the group of hands.

Kat: Let's do this.

Zordon: Power Rangers are you sure you want to do this?

Tommy: Ninjor's life and Scott's depend on us freeing the Temple from the Destroyer's evil and we're not going to simply roll over and allow them to be hurt.

Zordon: Very well then may the power protect you all.

Jason: Good luck.

Tommy: It's Morphing Time.

With that they were transformed from seven ordinary teenagers and into the Power Rangers, and in the blink of an eye they were gone from the Power Chamber travelling to the Desert of Despair and to the aid of Ninjor.

In the Temple the partially conscious Ninjor was brought fully back to his senses as he felt the presence of another Ninja and knew that the Rangers were nearby. Before he could use his abilities to inform the Rangers of his position the Destroyer stepped in front of him.

Destroyer: So Ninjor what do you think of what I've done to your Temple.

Ninjor looked around at the once beautiful gardens and the walls that were now just smoking debris.

Ninjor: I think you are the most evil being I have ever known and I shall make you pay for all that you have done.

Destroyer: You are hardly in a position to do anything to stop me. Your Temple is mine and so are you. The Silver Ranger will soon die and my Dark Queen will again be at my side.

Ninjor: But you promised that you would leave the Temple and allow Scott to live.

Destroyer: Well, Ninjor that's the thing about us villains we lie a lot.

With that the Destroyer began to tell Ninjor of all the things he would to Earth once the Rangers were dead and so intent on the Ancient Ninja Master that he did not notice his army of Putties disappear and then his lackey Cloak was suddenly grabbed from behind and pulled away and then Ninjor started to laugh and the Destroyer looked bewildered.

Destroyer: What is so funny you old fool?

Ninjor: Why don't you look behind you Destroyer.

The Destroyer shrugged and turned around only to stare directly into the helmets of the Power Rangers.

Justin: Hi we heard you were having a party and we weren't invited.

Tanya: So we decided to gatecrash.

Destroyer: What!!!

Scott: You should try the punch you'll really get a kick out of it.

The Destroyer looked baffled at their comments and suddenly he found himself being flung backwards as the Gold Ranger and Red Ranger slammed their booted feet into his chest. Quickly the Master of Evil pulled himself to his feet.

Destroyer: You think this is over Rangers. Well, it isn't.

With that the Destroyer vanished leaving the Rangers and Ninjor on their own. Quickly the Rangers freed Ninjor and turned to see how Scott was doing and they were all relieved to see the colour returning to his face.

Tommy: How are you feeling Scott?

Scott: Ready to kick some Destroyer butt.

Kat: Maybe you should go back to the Power Chamber and have Alpha check you out.

Scott: I'm fine Kat I don't need any...

Scott trailed off as he suddenly felt himself feel extremely dizzy and the teen sat back down on the stone wall.

Scott: Maybe I will go back to the Power Chamber after all.

Tommy: Zordon this is Tommy we've freed Ninjor and are going to go and look for the Destroyer.

Zordon: He has in fact returned to the City along with a full squadron of his Putties. I have dispatched the Alien Rangers already to the scene.

Tommy: We're on our way although Scott is on his way back to the Chamber just to be checked out.

Zordon: Understood Rangers and May the Power Protect You all.

Ninjor: I shall accompany you Rangers.

Adam: Are you sure you're up to this as well?

Ninjor: After what he has done to my Temple I'm going to make him pay, after all do you realise how hard it is to get burn marks out of the carpet.

The Rangers laughed and then Scott said his farewells and returned to the Power Chamber.

Tommy: Okay guys let's finish this Back to Action.

The Six Rangers and Ninjor left the Temple and landed by the Alien Rangers who were finishing off a small group of Putties.

Cestro: It is most fortunate that you have arrived.

Cloak: It is fortunate, now we can destroy you all at once.

Before anyone else could react a bright light appeared alongside the Rangers and stood beside them was Goldar, Rito, Tengas and the greatest surprise of all Lord Zedd.

Justin: What do you want?

Zedd: To finish off the Destroyer the same as you?

Tommy: Our goals are hardly the same.

Zedd: That doesn't matter for the moment you need our help for together we are unbeatable.

Adam: Fine just remember whose side you are on.

Destroyer: So you have all come like lambs to the slaughter.

Before the Destroyer could continue a sudden noise distracted him and the Rangers and looking up they all saw a silver teleportation beam hit the ground and coalesced into the form of the Scott Crane.

Scott: Everyone ready. Good let's finish this.

Destroyer: Indeed let us finish this. Putties destroy them all.

The Putties nodded and charged towards their enemies who met there attack and then there was no room for thought only action. At first the Rangers found themselves being isolated by the Putties, but then they turned the tables on the Putties as the thirteen Rangers started to work in small groups and soon the Putties found themselves being destroyed. As this occurred the Destroyer watched and became more and more angry. With an angry shout the Evil one entered the fray and centred his attention on Lord Zedd.

Destroyer: So Zedd again it is you and me.

Zedd: To the death.

The Destroyer nodded and producing a sword the Destroyer attacked the Lord of Evil who parried his blows and attempted to get in his own with his staff.

Destroyer: Come now Zedd 15,000 years ago you were a threat, now you are a joke.

With a snarl of rage Zedd attacked again and with such strength that the Destroyer was staggered, but it was not to last and the Destroyer retaliated and Zedd staff was shattered leaving him defenceless.

Destroyer: So you meet your end. For what it's worth you might have been a worthy ally, but now we shall never know.

Before the Destroyer could use his sword a dagger slammed into his hand and he dropped the sword allowing Zedd to scramble back to his feet.

Scott: You know something Destroyer you talk to much.

Destroyer: You, why can't you just die.

Scott: Give it up you've lost.

Destroyer: Never I will rule the universe.

Scott: Well, if that's the case, let him have it guys.

Destroyer: What!!!

Stepping out of the way the Ranger produced the Power Cannon and fired a bolt of energy which slammed the Destroyer back. Before he could recover they fired the Zeo Blaster and Billy used the energy of the Golden Power Staff to send him crashing to the floor.

Justin: Yes, the good guys win again.

Not smiling yet Scott turned and helped Zedd back to his feet.

Zedd: You saved me. Why?

Scott: Guess I am just a nice guy at heart.

Rito: Well isn't this nice we all worked together and now the Destroyer is history.

Destroyer: Not yet Bonehead.

The group turned to see the Destroyer pulling himself to his feet and then growing.

Adam: Look's like this is not over yet.

Tanya: We need the Zords.

Tommy: Right Justin, Kat take the Super Zeo Megazord, Adam, Tanya take the Zeo Megazord and I'll get the Red Battlezord.

The others all nodded and then they raised their hands to the sky and gave the commands. In the mountains the Zords heard the command and quickly left the holding bay and headed to the city. Quickly teleporting aboard the five took their positions in the Zords.

Tommy: Okay guys we can do this.

The three Zords quickly attacked the Destroyer and on the ground.

Billy: I call upon the power of Pryamdias.

With that cry Billy leapt into the sky and teleported aboard the arriving Pryamidas. Beside him Lord Zedd twirled his staff around and then he, Goldar and Rito grew to the size of the Zords and entered the fray. This left Scott and the Alien Rangers alone and left to deal with the remaining Putties.

Above them the enlarged Destroyer watched the approach of the Zords and Zedd and his lackeys.

Destroyer: Come then Rangers and Zedd and be destroyed.

Tommy: The only one who is going to be destroyed is you.

With that Tommy attacked the Destroyer with the Red Battlezord and even as the Destroyer threw the Zord away another took its place and continued the assault upon him. On the ground the remaining Putties had fled along with Cloak leaving the others to watch the confrontation. Scott took one look and turned and was about to raise his arm to the sky and call his Zord when Ninjor placed his hand on his shoulder.

Ninjor: Not yet Scott when the time comes and if they fall we shall be ready.

Scott reluctantly nodded and turned to watch the battle. So far the battle itself was proving to be a stalemate and then as if his opponents were merely toys he flung them away.

Destroyer: Did you really think you could destroy me?

Tommy: That was the general idea and now I think it is time to finish this. Guys we need to call on the Zeo Megazord Sabre and the Super Zeo Megazord Sabre.

The others acknowledged Tommy's command and with that the swords dropped into the hands of the two Megazords and using their finishing manoeuvre the two struck the Destroyer that left him reeling. Even before he had recovered Zedd fired a bolt of energy from his staff along with Rito and Goldar's sword strikes leaving the Destroyer on the floor.

Destroyer: This cannot be happening I am the Destroyer, I am all powerful.

Tommy: Not anymore. Okay guys Zeo Ultrazord power up.

At the command Pryamidas transformed and then the Zeo Megazord entered its designated position and so did the Red Battlezord.

Destroyer: This is not over.

Tommy: Yes, it is.

All: Zeo Ultrazord Fire.

With that the energies coalesced into one giant beam and hit the Destroyer and then it ceased. For a second the Destroyer looked as though he would continue and then he screamed once and exploded. Quickly the six Rangers left the Zords and joined their friends on the ground.

Scott: Great work guys you did it the Destroyer is history.

Tommy: We did it Scott and we could not have done it without Zedd and. Hold on where did they go?

Cestro: I did not see them leave.

Justin: Who cares all that matters is we won?

The other Rangers laughed and then Kat spoke up.

Kat: We've still have one problem what about Bulk and Skull.

Billy: Don't worry about it, Alpha and I have taken care of that problem.

The others looked at Billy all with a question on his or her face and with a laugh Billy answered.

Meanwhile in the Youth Centre of Angel Grove a very irritated Detective Stone had finally caught up with Bulk and Skull.

Stone: Where have you two been I have been looking all over for you?

Bulk: I don't know sir.

Stone: What do you mean you don't know?

Skull: We can't remember anything of the last week or so.

Shaking his head Stone turned and left the two very confused teens to sit where they were.

The following day the Power Rangers were again back at the Power Chamber.

Zordon: Welcome Rangers.

Tommy: What's up Zordon?

Zordon: There is nothing wrong I just wished to speak with you.

Scott: Well, not to be rude or anything, but can you make this quick I have an appointment with my bed.

Zordon: I will try to. What I would like to say Rangers is that I am very proud of you all. The World is very lucky to have you and indeed so am I. May the Power Protect You Always.

Adam: Thanks Zordon.

Tommy: Let's do it guys.

Extending his hand Tommy motioned for the others to do the same and when they had they looked at each other and then.

All: Power Rangers.

The End... for now