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Taking A Break
by Adam Pearlman

The day had started like any other, but then it had all gone to pieces. Out of nowhere they had appeared and attacked. Quickly morphing and making his way into the forest the Silver Ranger had hoped to lose them, but to no avail and now he knew he would have to face them.

Scott: Okay you want me I'm ready for you.

Without warning two of his attackers dropped down on either side of him and launched themselves at him. Flipping out of the way Scott turned and with a kick knocked the first attacker off his feet only for the second attacker to catch him in the chest. Pulling himself back to his feet he watched as the attacker leapt into the air with a flying kick and Scott pirouetted out of the way and before his attacker could recover he slammed himself hard into him knocking the attacker down.

As he attempted to catch his breath he was unaware that two of the other attackers were approaching him from behind. It was only the sudden breaking of a branch that alerted the teen and with quick flick of his wrist his dagger appeared in his hand and he parried the blow from the sword.

Scott: Thought you had me well guess again.

Standing up Scott watched as his opponent began to attack him with his sword carefully checking for any weakness in Scott and then he attacked and Scott found himself hard pressed to defend himself. Even as he defended himself the other attacker appeared behind him and was about to kick him when Scott suddenly turned and caught the foot and slammed the attacker into the other one. Stepping back the teen stopped to catch his breath. The four attackers had now got up and were advancing towards him. The taller of the four quickly pulled off his helmet and laughed.

Tommy: This exercise is over.

Scott: Not just yet Tommy.

Stepping back Scott slammed his fist into the tree behind him and he was rewarded by a short yelp and then he held out his hands and caught the Pink Ranger.

Kat: Nice catch.

Scott: Don't worry I'll always be there to catch you.

Behind them Justin stuck his fingers in his throat and pretended to be sick and the others all started to laugh.

Adam: We should get back to the Power Chamber and see what Billy and Alpha's analysis has turned up.

The other five nodded and quickly teleported to the Power Chamber where the Gold Ranger and resident genius Billy was turning away from the console.

Scott: Well, Billy what's the verdict.

Billy: Well after a complete analysis of your powers and the testing we've put you through determines that your powers are back to normal.

Scott: That's a relief. Thanks Billy.

Billy: Anytime.

Justin: Now that we have done this, can we please go.

Tanya: Justin you're acting like a child.

Justin: Last time I checked I was a child.

Scott: For once I agree with Justin let's get going.

The others all looked shocked at the idea of the Blue and Silver Ranger agreeing on something and then Alpha spoke up.

Alpha: So where are you going Rangers?

Tommy: Off to the mountains to do a little Snowboarding.

Scott: And catch up on lost sleep.

The others laughed and with a quick goodbye to Zordon and Alpha the seven teleported out.

Almost three hours later the eight had arrived at the mountains and found themselves walking towards their cabin

The others all walked to the cabin. After a few minutes the group had sorted out there cabin and before they went Snowboarding they would sit down and have a drink. The eight quickly arranged found seats and much to the other's amusement Scott had sat down next to Kat who was now gently leaning her head on his shoulder and he had his arm wrapped around her.

Adam: Comfortable Kat.

Kat lifted her head up and looked across at Adam and with a mischievous smile on her face answered.

Kat: Very comfortable thank you very much.

Adam laughed and then groaned as Tanya jabbed him in the ribs.

Tanya: Sorry Adam.

Rubbing his ribs Adam gave her a faint smile.

Adam: Don't worry about it.

The group soon settled down and began to chat as a group and then among themselves. After an hour Justin decided he was going to go outside and snowboard and the others all decided to go with her. The Six quickly got there gear when they noticed neither Kat nor Scott were with them and they turned to see that Scott was fast asleep and Kat was also fast asleep in his arms.

Adam: Do you think we should wake them?

Tommy: No, after what they have both been through the last week or so they deserve the rest. We'll leave them a note.

Justin: I think we should wake them up.

Kim: I don't I think it's kind of cute.

Tanya: So do I and besides when they wake up on their own this would be a perfect time for them to tell each other how they feel.

Justin: If that happens I will eat Tommy's Jeep.

Tommy: Hey leave my Jeep alone.

Justin: Don't worry about it they won't tell each other how they feel.

Tommy: Put it this way if they do the only way your touching my Jeep is over my dead body.

Justin started laugh when Tanya clamped her hand over his mouth and told him to be quiet. With that the seven filed out of the room.

Meanwhile in the Antarctic the former lackey of the Destroyer watched all of this and began his plot to take revenge upon those who had destroyed his master.

Cloak: Soon Power Rangers I will take my revenge for killing my Master and then I shall rule the Universe.

An hour later back in the cabin Kat awoke and for a second she couldn't remember where she was and then she remembered and who she was sat next to. Carefully standing up making sure not to wake Scott Kat looked at the note that the others had left her. With a smile she recognised Tommy's awful handwriting and slowly she read the note. It was then she heard Scott start to moan and she turned to around to see him shivering. Figuring that was just cold she went to get him a blanket.

Meanwhile the other Rangers along with Kim were now having a great time out on the slopes.

Justin: Man this is awesome I definitely want to try it again.

It was then that Billy spoke up in an innocent voice.

Billy: How about Widow's Peak?

Tommy who was closest to him punched Billy in his arm.

Tommy: Not after what happened last time.

Kim: Why what happened last time?

Billy: Someone removed all the warning signs and I went over the edge, if it wasn't for Tommy this girl could have been killed

Kim nodded as Tommy and Billy seemed to relive the whole experience. Back at the cabin Scott awoke with a scream and Kat rushed back into the room from the kitchen.

Kat: Scott are you okay?

Scott: Yeah I'm fine.

Suddenly realising that Kat is the only one here he raises his face and starts to ask a question which Kat answers before he can even speak.

Kat: They left us to sleep while they went Snowboarding.

Scott: Oh well I guess we should wait for them, after all we don't know where they are.

Kat: I was just making some Hot Chocolate do you want some?

Scott: I'd love some thanks Kat.

Kat: And once I've made it you can tell me what is bothering you?

Knowing that she wouldn't take no for an answer Scott nodded and with a smile she turned and went back into the kitchen.

In the Antarctic Cloak knew that the time to attack was now and with that he turned to one of the Putties.

Cloak: Go attack the Rangers in the open and so they cannot morph.

With that the Putties disappeared and reappeared moments later on the mountain slope near the Rangers. With a nod the Putties charged towards the Rangers and the other people on the mountain. Justin was the nearest Ranger when he heard a scream and he turned and saw the Putties. Quickly making his way to where the other's where he told them of the danger.

Justin: Guys we have big trouble those Putties that we saw in Angel Grove are here and they are coming this way.

Adam: Ah man what do we do?

Tommy: Defend ourselves and hope we can stop them.

As the group prepared to defend themselves without their powers across the Mountain in the cabin Kat and Scott were enjoying a cup of Hot Chocolate when Scott's watch beeped.

Scott: So much for peace and quiet. Go ahead Zordon.

Zordon: The other Rangers have been attacked by a squad of the Destroyer's Putties and are unable to morph because of all the people. You and Kat must morph to their aid.

Kat: I thought the Destroyer was history.

Zordon: He is however his lackey Cloak is still around and probably intends to take revenge for his Master's death.

Scott: Don't worry Zordon we are on it.

Zordon: Good luck Rangers may the power protect you.

Scott: Ready Kat. It's Morphing Time.

Kat: Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Scott: Silver Ranger Power.

With a flash of Pink and Silver the two teens were gone and in their place stood the Pink Zeo Ranger and the Silver Power Ranger.

Kat: Let's go kick some Putties.

Scott laughed and with that the two teleported out and moments later arrived at the co-ordinates Zordon had sent them. Running over the two interposed themselves between the Putties and the crowd.

Scott: Not so fast Clayheads, you want a fight well we will give you one.

The Putties didn't answer and instead charged at the two Rangers. However the fight was brief and short as the other Rangers eventually finding somewhere to morph had joined the others and the Putties realising that the odds were not in their favour had vanished almost as quickly as they had come.

Tommy: It was a good thing you two showed up when you did or we could have been in real trouble.

Tanya: Where did they come from I thought the Destroyer was toast?

Scott: Yeah but Cloak isn't and Zordon reckons he is out for revenge.

Just then Tommy's communicator beeped and with a flick of his wrist he answered it.

Tommy: Go ahead Zordon.

Zordon: Cloak and the Putties have appeared in the city and are tearing it apart. You must call on the Super Zeo Megazord and face Cloak while Scott and Billy deal with the Putties.

Tommy: We're on it Zordon.

Justin: Let's get this show on the road.

With that the seven Rangers teleported out and arrived in the city. The five Rangers quickly teleported aboard the arriving Super Zeo Megazord which Alpha had already sent to the city.

Tommy: Okay guys let's take this creep out.

Cloak: You'll will never defeat me Rangers.

Kat: That's what your boss the Destroyer said and look what happened to him.

Without further comment Cloak attacked the Megazord with such strength that the Rangers were hard pressed to defend themselves from his attacks. As they attempted to mount a defence Scott and Billy continued to finish off the Putties.

Scott: You guys are absolutely pathetic I could take you with one hand behind my back, but as they say two hands are better than one.

Behind him Billy laughed and then at his command the Golden Power Staff appeared in his hand.

Billy: Time to finish this. It's time for a Gold Rush.

With that Billy called on the energies of the Golden Power Staff and swept through the remaining Putties like they were twigs.

Scott: Nice work Billy.

Billy: Thanks you didn't do so badly yourself.

The two having dealt with the Putties turned and watched the continuing battle between the Super ZeoMegazord and Cloak.

Tommy: Okay guys let's finish this.

All: We call on the power of the Super Zeo MegaZord Sabre.

With that the two swords combined and struck the former lackey of the Destroyer but much to their surprise he did not go down.

Cloak: Did you really think that would work I am much more powerful than you realise.

Billy: The Super Zeo Megazord isn't powerful enough.

Scott: What do we do?

Billy: Call on the Shogun Megazord and form the Super Zeo Shogun Megazord. It's more powerful than the other one.

Scott: Gotcha Billy. Did you hear that Tommy.

Tommy: Yeah let's do it.

Scott: I call upon the power of the Shogun Megazord.

At Scott's command the five Zords appeared and formed the Shogun Megazord.

Tommy: Okay guys let's do it. Initiate Super Zeo Shogun Megazord transformation.

At the command the two Megazords separated and then came back together as one giant Megazord.

Cloak: Oh please do you really think you can stop me with your new toy.

Justin: Yes, we can and now you're going down.

Tommy: Right.

All: We call upon the power of the Super Zeo Shogun Megazord Sabres.

At the command the two swords belonging to the Super Zeo Megazord and the one belonging to Shogun Megazord merged and then it struck Cloak who screamed and then exploded. Smiling the other's leapt from the Zord's and joined Billy on the ground.

Adam: Well so much for Cloak.

Billy: And the Putties.

Tanya: I don't think we'll be seeing any of them again.

Kat: Thank God.

Scott: I couldn't agree more. Now how about we get back to our break.

The others laughed and putting their hands on their belts the seven teleported out. An hour later they finally caught up with Kim who was waiting for them at one of the slopes.

Kim: Did you stop him?

Scott: Yeah the Destroyer and all of his forces are now well and truly gone.

Kim: Great now perhaps we can get back to a normal life.

Justin: What's a normal life when you're a Power Ranger.

The other's laughed and then Scott bent down for a second and started to pick up some snow. The only person who saw him do it was Kat and looking at him she smiled. Then he stood up and walked towards Justin.

Scott: Justin I've got something for you.

Justin: For me what is it?

Scott: This.

With that Scott pulled the snowball from behind his back and threw it at the young Blue Ranger. The other's laughed and Scott started to turn around when he to was struck by a snow ball. Turning around he saw the culprit who offered him her most mischievous smile.

Scott: Right Kat now you're asking for it.

Picking up a handful of snow he lobbed at the girl and as he did the other's joined in throwing snow at each other. With smile Scott realised things were again back too normal. For the moment.

The End