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Heart Life
by Starfire

It's been hours
seems like days
since you went away
and all I do is check the screen
to see if you're okay
you don't answer when I phone
guess you wanna be left alone
so I'm sending you my heart my soul
and this is what I'll say

Kai sighed as he sat down in his chair, looking at the blinking terminal. He rubbed his tired eyes as he stared at the blank e-mail that he wanted to send. He felt tears mist his eyes and the irritating blinking of the terminal mocking him. The word that he wanted to express wouldn't come out of his soul. It just seemed that he couldn't form his feelings into words to tell the one he loved what he was feeling. The desperation to be close to her was grinding on his heart with each passing hour and second. He closed his eyes at the agony his heart was suffering. The pain that flooded into his soul was so unbareable. He tried to call her on the com-system, but all he got was the voice message telling him that she was not home and to leave a message.

I'm sorry
oh so sorry
can't you give me one more chance
to make it all up to you
E-mail my heart
and say our love will never die (and I)
I know you're out there
and I know that you still care (I know you care)
e-mail me back and say our love will stay alive

Oh God, what have I done? I am so sorry, I am so sorry, please forgive me. He cried out in his mind the grief he felt for hurting her. He sat there, his fist clenched over his head, as he remembered what he did to hurt her.


The girl in silver sat there looking at Kai and her lips were curled up at the sides in amusement. He was busy trying to spend time with her when a knocking came at the door. He opened it, and, to his surprise, Commander Stanton stood in front of him. Commander Stanton looked uncomfortable as he saw Kai's date inside. He cleared his throat.

"Ahem. Mr. Chen, I am sorry to interrupt," the commander began.

Kai nodded his head. "It is alright, Sir....ummm...would you like to come in?"

The commander shook his head. "No I don't have the time, Mr. Chen, but I require you to take on the two training classes for the new recruits. It seems Mr. Brown was taken ill. Also, I need you to research with the astronomy department."

Kai looked puzzled. "For what reason, sir?"

The Commander spoke without blinking. "I require you to plot out the course and make sure the next system we come up to isn't hostile to Terra Venture."

Kai nodded his head without thinking. "Alright, Sir."

Commander Stanton smiled. "I knew I could count on you, Mr. Chen." The commander then handed Kai a pile of paperwork. "Here is some paperwork on the next system."

Kai grunted under the weight of the papers. "Yes, sir."

The commander then nodded. "Alright, Mr. Chen, I will be off. I will be expecting a report on my desk tomorrow." He then walked away briskly to the command area.

Kai grunted and barely got the door open. He slowly walked over to his desk and put down the paperwork and quickly got started.

The girl in silver looked curiously at Kai. "What is going on?" She slowly stood up and walked closer to Kai.

Kai didn't hear her call out to him, he was so focused on the information.

She sighed in exasperation. "Kai...."

He didn't look up. "Hmmmm....?"

She narrowed her eyes and clenched her fist. "What is going on? KAI!"

He didn't pay attention and the com-system beeped. He turned on the com and was still focused on the papers. "Kai...here"

A blond woman in a pink GSA uniform appeared. Her blue eyes looked at Kai and a smile tugged on her lips. "Hey Kai...I see you got the work. Do you want to have dinner together?"

Kai looked up and smiled cheerfully. "Hey, Kendrix. Sure..."

Liz felt tears form in her eyes as she watched Kai talk to the Kendrix. She slowly backed away from the conversation between them. She ran out of the room and the door slammed behind her loudly. *BANG!*

Kai jumped around and his eyes widened. "Oh my GOD...LIZ!"

Kendrix frowned in confusion. "Kai, what the....?

Kai ran out the door and looked frantically right and left in the hall way. He didn't see any signs of which way Liz went. Not one hint of the silver-garbed girl was in sight. He looked down and saw a silver bracelet with pictures of stars pressed into it lying on the ground. It twinkled at him and he slowly bent down to pick it up. Looking around for any signs of her, he walked back into his room holding the bracelet in his hands. He slowly sank down into the couch, not noticing anything but a emptiness inside his heart.

Kendrix looked concerned. "Kai, what is going on?" She was busy trying to fix up the paperwork from the scanners in the research department. She glanced up into the monitor, worried about her old friend. "Who was that girl, Kai?"

Kai blinked back his tears and his fingers rubbed over the bracelet. He then noticed an inscription inside. Happy Birthday my little star. Love Daddy. Kai clenched his hands on the bracelet and looked at the formations. There was a little indention inside, and he noticed a piece of paper peeking out from the hole inside the bracelet. He slowly pulled it out and saw one word that threw hope into his heart. On the paper there was a heart drawn around three letters: KAI. He closed his eyes in sweet agony and disbelief that she wrote that on the paper. He shot up to his feet and ran out of the room in search of her.

*End Memory*

Forever...e-mail my heart
I can see you in my mind
coming on the line
and opening this letter
that I've sent a hundred times
here's a picture of us two (us two)
I look so good on you (on you)
and can't you please forgive me
for the hurt I put you through

He stared at the screen and placed his fingers on the keyboard. His fingers trembled as he typed, erased, typed, and erased the e-mail address that she gave him sometime ago. He licked his cracked lips and bit his lips as he typed in her addy: *Waterstar@TV.com* He leaned his forhead against the screen and closed his eyes. After Liz ran out he had searched everywhere for her, he went to the ice skating ring, then to the mall. He even went into the girls bathroom in search for her. Kai rubbed the place on his neck where a lady had smacked him for entering the area where no male had gone before.

I am so stupid. I let the girl I love run away from me. The stacks of papers he received from Commander Stanton were finished and completed within one hour of that day. He felt exhausted and his eyes had the wounded look of a animal in pain. Commander Stanton saw what condition Kai was in and put him on medical leave. He of course protested because he wanted to immerse himself in the papers and work in order to avoid sleep, where the images of Liz came into his mind, torturing him and reminding him that she was gone from his life. He slowly typed three words. He stared at them and was going to delete them but stopped himself. The words I love you were mocking him on the screen, he slowly put his finger on the enter key. His fingers shook and he pressed enter. The message screen popped up saying MESSAGE SENT AT 2:15. He then stood up and walked out of his quarters to the park.

I'm sorry
oh so sorry
can't you give me one more chance
to make it all up to you

Wandering aimlessly in the dark trees, he heard someone crying out for help. Kai's head snapped up and he ran fast as he could. There he saw a girl in silver with long black hair in the grip of a monster that was half human half anteater. Its body was shaped in a pudgy sort of way and it's coloring was black and red. The eyes were red, and it had sharp teeth that glinted in a evil grin.

"Get off me you ant eater freak!" the girl screamed out as she struggled in vain against the monster's grip on her neck. She gagged and coughed as the monster strangled her in his grip.

Kai gasped as he realized that the girl in the monster's grip was Liz. OH LORD! Kai prayed and cried out, "GO GALACTIC!" He morphed and ran up to the monster. "LET HER GO!"

The monster smiled evilly. "I am Lopezitor and I am going to destroy you, Ranger."

Kai's eyes flashed behind the helmet and he growled in anger. Lopizitor yanked Liz like a rag doll.

"Don't just stand there, help me!" Liz yelped at the pain that shot from her neck to her feet.

Kai nodded his head and drew his Quasar Saber. "Don't worry."

Lopezitor chuckled. "If you want her, come and get her."

Kai jumped up and slashed at Lopezitor with his Quasar Saber. The monster blocked, hit Kai with his snout and, blew out laser darts at Kai. Kai ducked and attacked, sweeping Lopezitor's feet out from under him. Lopezitor's grip on Liz loosened and she was able to pull away. Before she could take one step, Lopezitor hit her in the shoulder with a knife. She screamed in pain and fell to the ground, her head hitting a rock, and darkness took over her consciousness.

Kai screamed out, "LIZ! NO!" He attacked the Lopezitor furiously, a blue glow surrounding his body. He ran, turning into an orb, passing through Lopezitor. Lopezitor screamed and exploded as he landed on the ground. Kai quickly demorphed and ran to Liz. He held her close to his heart. He saw the dagger protruding from her shoulder. Blood was flowing in waves, covering his uniform and her dress. He quickly ran to the medibay with her in his arms.

In his mind he pleaded with the universe. Oh please...Oh please...don't take her away from me...Oh GOD please....

He screamed out in sheer panic, "DOCTOR! HELP ME!"

A doctor in a white coat ran out. Her eyes were green and her hair was brown. The doctor yelled out, "I need an oxygen mask here."

Two nurses hurried over with an oxygen mask and an iv. The doctor quickly injected Liz with a needle, but before that, Liz convulsed and the blood was drained away from her face.

"DAMN IT!" the doctor exclaimed in anger. "We are losing her!"

That was last thing Kai heard as the door shut behind the scrambling nurses and doctors. He paced, feeling a hole in his soul at the fear of losing Liz. He paced and prayed to anyone to make sure she lived. Oh Lord please... please don't take her from me. I love her. I need her...she is my other half...my soul...please don't take her from me..

Tears streamed down his cheeks, and he sobbed in despair and agony. The hours seemed to last for eternity. The ticking of the the clock was a reminder of the time he lost with her. I should have told her how I felt. He felt tears streaming down his cheeks. Regret filled him with pain as he stared at the white walls. Please, Liz, don't leave me, he cried out in his heart, and he felt a sparkling star in his mind. A whispering voice answered, I won't, love, I won't.

The doctor came out of the operation room and gently touched his shoulder. Kai's head slowly raised up. Fear was glittering and his soul was bare for anyone to see. The doctor looked worriedly at Kai. "Are you the patient's husband?"

Kai shooked his head and said hoarsely, "Tell me, please."

The doctor sighed. "She survived the operations, but we are not sure if she has any brain damage."

Kai blinked. "Brain damage?"

The doctor nodded her head. "It seems she had hit her head against an object." The doctor looked at Kai in curiously. "Tell me Mr. um...."

Kai eyes seemed unfocused. "Chen...Kai Chen."

The doctor nodded her head. "Well Mr. Chen. How did this happen?"

Kai face was pale. "I found her there in the park. The Blue Galaxy Ranger handed her to me, telling me she had been injured by a monster."

The doctor nodded her head. "Ah, I see." She looked sympathetically at Kai. So, young love. I hope they make it through this.

The doctor then walked Kai to a white room. "She is in there."

Kai walked in and heard the beeping noise of the EKG machine that Liz was hooked to. The beeping assured him that she was indeed alive. He sat in a chair that was set by the bed. He looked at her face to assure himself that she was still here. He held her hand and wept as he slowly brushed her cheek.

"Please don't leave me," he cried out, and his sobs echoed in the room.

E-mail my heart
and say our love will never die (and I)
I know you're out there
and I know that you still care (I know you care)
e-mail me back and say our love will stay alive

The nurse came in and saw Kai holding Liz's hand. She cleared her throat, and Kai looked up.

"Excuse me, Mr. Chen. You have to leave now."

Kai looked at Liz longingly and brushed his lips against hers. "I will be back."

He then left and headed to his quarters to take a shower. People were gaping at his uniform, which was stained red with Liz's blood. He didn't care about their stares. His mind was in turmoil about Liz. He arrived at his door and tapped in his pass code. Kai slowly walked into his room, took a shower, and changed into a new uniform. He walked to his terminal and turned it on to see if there was any mail for him. The voice of the mail box exclaimed, YOU'VE GOT MAIL! Kai grimaced at the voice and clicked the mailbox icon. A screen appeared. An e-mail address caught his attention instantly: WaterStar@TV.com 2:15 He clicked it with trembling fingers and almost fell down in shock. He saw a heart in blue and silver with the words, I LOVE YOU, in the center of the heart. Tears of love flowed down in his cheek as he saw those words. He quickly ran out of his quarters to where his heart lay.

Forever...e-mail my heart
I can see you in my mind
coming on the line
and opening this letter that I've sent a hundred times
here's a picture of us two (us two
) I look so good on you (on you)
and can't you please forgive me
for the hurt I put you through
Forever...e-mail my forever...e-mail my heart