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Time Stands Not Still: Part One
by Randel

Kimberly opened her eyes to find herself in a forest. The bark on the trees was a reddish color as were the leaves.

"Huh, that's odd, I thought it was still summer. Where am I? Oh yeah, dream state, Grid Warrior Powers..." Kim shook her head. "Oh man... wha..." Turning around she saw a small village. Everything in the village was in shades of Red and pink. "How weird..." She shook her head again and suddenly the troubling thoughts were gone. Happily she stepped out of the forest and began to walk towards the village.

"Hello Kimberly."

"Hello." "Who... Laree..."

Kim walked down the dirt street, not entirely sure where she was going.

"Good morning Kimberly."

"Good morning Brand." "Brand... who's Brand? The innkeeper..."

Kimberly eventually found herself in front of a large wooden building. Walking up to the door she pushed it open and saw a large common room with long rectangular tables and benches, all made of a dark Redwood

"Ah good morning Kimberly. Good to see you up and about, are you up to working today?"

"Why of course Marie. It's been too long since I've been useful." "Marie... wife of Brand the innkeeper..." Kim closed her eyes and reopened them. Marie was standing before her. She wore a light pink wool dress with a dark red sash at the waist. Around her neck she wore a pendant of a winged creature with a crest upon its head.

"Kim, are you sure you're alright?"

Kim nodded. "Yes Marie, just a bit dreamy." Kim closed her eyes again and opened them. Glancing at Marie she noticed the pendant was gone. "Huh? Marie, what happened to your necklace?"

"What necklace dear?" Marie's face was beginning to look worried.

Kim shook her head again. "Nothing, never mind, lets get to work."

Marie nodded and watched Kim closely at first, but as Kimberly dove into the cooking and cleaning Marie began to believe that Kim was back to her old self.

That evening at dinner in the Inn's common room Kimberly sat staring into the fire, the merry music playing in the background barely registering. The fire was a bright red and cast odd shadows. Everything was red and pink. The sky was light pink during the day and dark red, almost black, at night. Red and pink, red and pink. Those colors should mean something. The winged and crested beast had appeared several times that day. Red and pink, red and pink. An etching in crockery, a pattern in spilled water, even in her own reflection. Red and pink, red and pink. There had been others too, a fierce bird of prey, a small and graceful bird, and a fantastic bird of fire. The four birds... they meant something too. Red and pink, four birds. They meant something. She was certain of it. But what?

"Kim... Kimberly." The kindly voice of Marie ousted Kim from her thoughts. "Would you play for us this evening?"

"Huh? Oh... certainly Marie." Kim stood and walked over to the raised area of the common room. Situating herself on the Redwood stool she picked up the stringed instrument and strummed it softly. Finally her fingers picked out a melody, and she softly began to sing.

There once was a young girl,
From very far away.
She journeyed on a dire quest,
To keep the evil at bay.
It's been a long time now,
And the girl has yet to come home,
The question of her survival...

Kimberly sang the song of the young warrior maiden, the sounds of the instrument and her voice blending well together. The crowd listened silently, all eyes were on her and she was lost in her song. At long last she ended the song and the final chords drifted through the room and finally died away. A moment of silence followed, and then the crowd in the common room exploded into applause, and even a couple of cheers.

Kim thanked them quietly, set down her black guitar and slipped to the back of the room where Marie was smiling broadly.

"That was beautiful Kimmy."

Kim ducked her head shyly. "Thank you Marie, I think I'll go to bed now."

"Not just yet Kim, I believe Thomas wishes to see you."


"Yes Beautiful?"

Kimberly turned around to see the owner of the voice as a face she knew all to well. "Tommy!" The sight of the man she had loved for over a year jolted her senses and everything came crashing down on her awareness.

"You sang the song about The Quest wonderfully."

"Th-thank you Tommy." She replied a bit distractedly. "The Quest..." his words echoed in her head. "The Quest, The four Birds, Red and Pink..."

"What? Kim, what did you mean by that?"

"Oh, sorry Tommy, nothing."

"Would you like to dance?" Asked Thomas, changing the subject with his famous grin. Kim smiled in response and took his hand, all thoughts of Colors, Avians and Quests gone from her mind. The two of them danced the night away, swirling around the floor to the awe of all present. After nearly two hours of dancing in each other's arms, the music finally stopped and the common room began to empty.

"Goodnight Thomas Oliver." She whispered. They stood close together, their faces almost touching.

"Goodnight Kimberly Hart," Thomas replied softly. Slowly he moved his face close to hers. She responded and soon the two were engaged in a long tender kiss. Kimberly saw the world through barely opened eyelids, but that didn't keep from noticing a girl dressed in pink and white. She had long blonde hair, and a look of remorse on her face.

Sensing something was wrong Thomas broke the kiss and looked at Kimberly. "Is everything all right?"

"Yes. Yes Tommy, everything is all right. I'll see you tomorrow." With that she turned around and quickly walked upstairs to her room at the Inn.

"Red and pink, the four birds, the quest..." "Argh! What is wrong with me? I am Kimberly Ann Hart. I live in Terran Village in the Rosewood district. I work at the Terran Village Inn with Marie Bradock and her husband Brand Bradock who is the innkeeper. I am in love with Thomas Oliver," An image of the blonde girl in the pink and white dress flashed through her mind. "I do not know what those other things mean, but they are not a part of me and I want no part of them."

Red and pink, the four birds, the quest. Red and pink, the four birds, the quest. On and on the words floated through her head. She was no more able to stop them than she was the sun from rising. And finally it did so, lightening the pink sky and bringing about a new day.

"Kimberly, wake up Kim." Kim opened her eyes to find herself being shaken awake by Marie.

"Goodness girl, it certainly took a lot to wake you this morning."

"Sorry Marie." Muttered Kim.

"No matter. Get dressed and meat me down I the kitchen." Kim nodded and waited for Marie to leave before getting out of bed and getting dressed in a loose fitting shirt and pants, with a red sash at the waist.

Hurrying down stairs she entered the kitchen put on a pale pink apron and began kneading dough.

"Kimberly, Thomas is quite handsome you know."

Kim smiled and glanced over at Marie who was mixing flour and spices in a large wooden bowl. "Yes Marie, I know."

"I thought I should tell you that it wouldn't have bother Brand and me if Thomas had joined you in your room last night..."

Kim gasped and stared, shocked at Marie, her face red.

Marie shrugged. "It's up to you and Thomas of course, but I just thought you would like to know."

Too shocked to speak Kim looked down at the dough and saw she had kneaded an image of the crested bird into it. "Pterodactyl..."

Suddenly her mind was working furiously and her body went into automatic. She shaped the dough into a loaf and plopped it onto a pan, and handed it to Marie. Marie took the pan from Kim, and Kim noticed she once again was wearing a pendant. This time it was red and in the shape of a bird of prey. "Eagle..."

Marie bent down to place the bread loafs in the oven and when she stood up, Kim was not surprised to notice the pendant was missing. Kim plopped down on a stool, her mind still struggling to decipher what was going on. A movement at the window distracted her. Turning her head to look, she caught sight of a small graceful bird. "Crane..."

A loud commotion brought her the rest of the way out of her mental struggles. "What's going on?" She asked of Marie.

"I don't know Kim, let's go out and see."

The two women walked out of the kitchen, through the common room and into the street. A group of people had huddled together, staring fearfully at a great bird of fire.

"Firebird..." said Kim under her breath. "Red and Pink... The four Birds... The Quest..." "I've got it!" Her sudden exclamation startled those around her as the Firebird came in for a landing on the dirt street.

Slowly she walked towards the bird and away from the crowd. "Red and Pink. Pink is my color, the color of the Healer. It is the color of the one who is nurturing, and caring, and trusting. Red is... red is also my color." There was a hint of a question to that last statement. "Yes... Red is the color of the Warrior. The color of the one who is solid, and strong, this is the color that was deeper inside me. I am really all the colors as are most, but I am predominately Red and Pink."

"The Four Birds. My Spirit Guides. Pink Pterodactyl, of Body. Red Eagle, of Mind. Pink Crane, of Spirit. Red Firebird, of Self." She turned around and as she named each Spirit guide, each appeared behind her, the Firebird glowing brighter at its name. The crowd of villagers stared at her in awe.

"The Quest. This was my quest to find the Amalgam Ranger Power."

Kim turned back around to face her Spirits. There was a pause as the Spirits scrutinized her. The Pterodactyl nodded once in satisfaction, and the spoke. "I am Pterodactyl, the strength and standard."

The Eagle spoke next. "I am the Eagle, quick and fierce."

"I am the Crane, beauty and grace." The voice of the small Spirit was light and soothing.

"And I am the Firebird. Of passion and of light."

As one the Spirits spoke, "We are Spirits, and we are you." Slowly the Spirits dissipated and their energy flowed into Kim. Closing her eyes Kimberly concentrated inward


In a flash of Pink with Red, Kim had morphed into the Ros'cri Grid Warrior. She wore the odd plastic/metal alloy armor of most Rangers on her chest and legs. Her Sleeves, Gloves and Boots were the thick cloth-like armor normally worn by Ninja Rangers. Her helmet was a featureless Pink with a black visor and gray mouth plate. Emblazoned on her chest was her crest, her coin. Depicted on the coin were the Crane in flight, and the Eagle in mid swoop. Standing behind them was the Pterodactyl and behind even the Pterodactyl was the regal figure of the Firebird.

"Kimberly!" Kim looked up to see Thomas running towards her. "Kim, please... please don't leave me."

Kim's heart sank. Searching for something to say she glanced behind Tommy and saw the same sad girl wearing her pink and white dress. "Katherine!" She called the girl's name. Slowly the girl approached. "Look Tommy, we're not right for each other. Trust me on this. Katherine... you and Tommy should..." Even though Kim was now aware that it was only a dream state, it was still difficult to do what she was about to do. "You two should be together. It was meant to be." Katherine smiled shyly as she and Thomas walked away together, hand in hand.

Kim sighed as she watched them go. A hand fell on her shoulder and she spun around to see Marie staring at her. "Well, congratulations Kimberly, Ros'cri Grid Warrior."

"You knew all along didn't you Marie?" Accused Kim.

"No, you knew. This is all you. This is your subconscious. Everything here was a manifestation of yours in order to find you power. And apparently clear up a few other loose ends."

Kim smiled behind her helmet. "Thank you Marie." Stepping back she looked at the creation of her subconscious one last time. "Catch ya' on the flip side." With that she placed both hands on her belt and was gone in a column of Pink with Red highlights.


"That blasted Lord Zedd!" The large monarch of the Machine Empire was finally beginning to calm down from his tirade. He opened his mouth as though about to yell some more, but all that came out was unintelligible grunts. He had hurled insults at Lord Zedd, Empress Rita, Master Zordon and the Rangers of Earth for well over an hour, while stomping throughout his fortress, venting physical anger upon panicked Cogs. He had ended up back in his throne room where Machina, unperturbed by his royal fit, was calmly waiting for Mondo to wind down.

"Do remember dear that your attack today had a superior motive." Said Queen Machina calmly.

"What?" Snapped the King

"Yeah Pop. Remember your Kieroo?" Prince Sproket's voice piped up from behind his mother.

"Why... of course. Yes, WarMech was merely a prelude to my Kieroo. Klank!"

"Y-yes yer Majesty?" The mechanical footman nervously stuck his head into the throne room.

"Send my Kieroo to Earth."

"Yes yer Majesty." Klank disappeared down the hall with Orbus in tow.

Mondo gave vent to a low evil laugh. "Thank you my family, for I might have forgotten if not for you. Now we will give those Rangers of Earth something to think about..."

"Of course dear." Replied Queen Machina.


Zackary Taylor finally opened his eyes after what seemed an eternity to find himself sitting in a chair at the end of a long metal corridor. Standing he almost wished he hadn't. His body ached all over. Stretching out he tried to ease the pain he was experiencing, but was only able to reduce it to a dull throb.

"Oh man..." he muttered. "What a boring place. So this must be my quest for my new power." Zack had to smile at that. He was finally going to be a Power Ranger again. When he had left the Rangers for the Peace conference and handed his powers over to Adam, Zack had felt he was doing the right thing, that he would be helping the world in a more political way.

It had only taken two months before he realized his mistake. He loved being a Ranger. When Jason left to assume the Gold Powers, Zack had been incredibly jealous. Finally Zack had decided to go back home to Angel Grove, and to try to convince Trini to come along. Convincing Trini hadn't been so difficult, especially when he had played on her affection for Billy. He had regretted doing it that way, but she had seen through it and decided he had been right and the time to return home had come.

Zack began to walk as he finished stretching. The hall seemed to go on forever. There were no landmarks or inconsistencies of any kind. The walls, ceiling and floor were smooth dark gray metal with no breaks, meeting at precise ninety-degree angles. There was no obvious source of light although Zack could see clearly.

"So this is my sub-conscious... I never realized I was such a boring person." Zack's joke hung dead in the air. There was no echo as he'd expected; the hall was silent except for the scraping of his sneakers.

With a small sigh Zack continued on down the hall looking for something to break the monotony. Finally he spotted the end of the hallway, with an excited shout he sprinted the rest of the way and found a door made of dark colored wood. Reaching out he had almost touched the door when it swung open and an icy landscape was revealed beyond. Drawn forward by an unexplainable force Zack stepped through.

With a start the young man spun around to find that the black door and gray hallway were gone and he was now alone in the barren snow-scape. The flat plane of snow stretched in all directions with a gray overcast sky and a diffused orb, which he assumed was the sun, high above him. Looking down at himself he found that he was clothed in a black fur trimmed cloak and coat with fur trimmed leather boots as well. Strapped to the boots were wide snowshoes.

"Even if my subconscious was mean enough to leave me out here in the snow all by myself, at least it was kind enough to provide warm clothing." With nothing else to do Zackary began to walk... and walk, and walk. He was almost beginning to wish for the grey metal hall, when he realized that the wind had begun to pick up and the temperature was dropping. Glancing at the sky he saw that the sun was nearer the horizon. The clouds were darkening as well and Zack instinctively knew a storm was coming.

"Perfect, just perfect... why couldn't my subconscious just conjure up a nice library where I can find my Spirits in book or a magazine?" Despite his complaining Zack felt a kind of exuberance knowing he was on a quest, and began to look for a shelter as the first snowflakes began to fall.

Zack continued to search in vain. He wandered about until the storm had become blinding and still he stumbled on. "Stop, quit, it's not worth it. Just lie down in the snow and let it cover you up..." the thought was tempting, but thought of his friends and his responsibilities kept him going. Finally, after what seemed endless tripping and stumbling around in the storm the wind was suddenly cut off. Slowly Zack reached up and pulled back the hood of his coat, ice and crusted snow flaked off,and fell to the ground with audible splats and cracks in the pitch blackness. The wind howled somewhere behind him and he turned to see the barely visible opening of a cave. The air in the cave was heavy and still, and warmer than it should have been.

Carefully Zack walked with his hands held before him until he came to the cave wall. Gratefully he slid to the floor with his back to the unusually smooth rock surface. Curling into a ball he was immediately sound asleep.

Zack opened his eyes slowly in response to... something, he couldn't remember what. He was quickly reminded by another small nudge in the ribs. Zack sprang up and was face to 'face' with a large shaggy creature sporting a trunk and large ears. Scampering backwards, he was relieved when the creature merely watched him curiously.

Zack studied the creature racking his brain. "I'm here on a quest to find my Spirits and in turn my Amalgam Powers... But instead I get stranded at the North Pole, caught in a blizzard, finally find shelter in this cave and am woken up by a... large shaggy... Argh!" Zack sighed and looked at the large creature. "Well girl, do you know where I can find my Spirit Guides?"

In answer the creature wrapped its long trunk around Zack's waist and placed him softly onto her back.

"Whoa... that was fun." Then the large beast began to move at a surprisingly light gait out of the cave and into the snowfields. The sky was no longer over cast having dumped its burden the night before and the sun shone brightly in the sky. With his hood thrown back, Zack felt the warm sun on his face and the cool whipping past it as his ride picked up speed and was galloping sending sprays of snow up behind her. After a time that could have been hours but was actually just minuets they stopped at the peak of a large hill and looked into the valley below.

Within the valley there was a huge lake, to big to have been completely frozen over. A whole pack of creatures like the one Zack was riding, were milling around, rooting for vegetation under the snow and drinking from the lake. "Wow, look at all of them. There what you are a... you're a... damn!" Zack yelled in frustration. The beast he was riding reached up with its trunk and patted his knee comfortingly.

He should know the name of the creature. He had seen it before many times, he had had power based around it... no, he had been it. It was him, and he it. It was a... "...Mastodon," Zack breathed softly. The pack of Black furred Mastodons down in the valley reared upon their hind legs and let loose with tremendous trumpets blasts from their trunks.

The Mastodon he was siting upon lifted him off herself and set him on the ground. "You are my spirit guide... wow." To Zack's right there was a flash of light and he turned to see another black doorway. "Guess I'm supposed to go through that huh?" The Mastodon nodded its shaggy head. "Well, thanks for showing me to... well... to you." He patted her trunk affectionately. "See ya' around girl."

With that he turned and reached out to push open the door, but before he could touch it, it swung open. He took one more look at his Spirit Guide and stepped through the door. As the door closed behind him he groaned aloud, he was back in the metal hallway. As he began to head down the hallway again a sudden thought struck him. He had been referring to the Mastodon as 'her'. And as he understood it, he and his Spirits were one and the same, if that were true... He stopped himself before that train of thought could get out of hand.

"Alright, one down, three to go." Zack began his hike down the hall, determined not to lose his patience again. That lasted almost five minutes. Soon he was bored out of his mind, and muttering curses at the guy who had thought up this part of the quest. Needless to say, Zack was excited to finally catch a glimpse of the end of the hallway, and the black doorway.

"Finally." He yelled and began sprinting towards the door. Reaching out a hand to touch the door, it opened without contact just as before. The scene on the other side was that of a vast grassy plain. "Huh, from a sea of snow to a sea of grass." He stepped through the doorway, which promptly closed and disappeared behind him. As before he began to walk, and walk, and walk. This time he was clothed in the black T-shirt, jeans and sneakers he had been wearing in the hallway and before he'd started on the quest. After no more than ten minutes he had topped a small hill and was staring down at a group of tawny colored animals currently basking in the sun.

"...I know what those are... Damn it. Why do I have to forget... Arhh!" Suddenly Zack felt eyes on him. Slowly he turned around and saw a creature like those resting in the small valley below. This one had darker fur and a black main unlike the others who were yellow colored.

He knew he should be afraid. He knew he should be thinking of a way out of here. The dark furred creature slowly stalked towards him. Zack remained still paralyzed, not by fear, but by a force he couldn't identify. The creature came closer and closer, and still Zack remained still, watching it. Finally its face was within a foot of Zack's, it regarded him for a moment more and then opened it's mouth and gave a tremendous roar. The sound assaulted Zack's ears and echoed off the empty plain. And still Zack stood still staring into the creature's eyes.

"It doesn't want to hurt me," the thought slid through his mind. "He's just playing mind games with me. Wants to try and shake me up a bit... we'll see about that."

Zack's lips curved into a small smile and he opened his mouth as if about to say something but what came out surprised him much more than the beast he was facing. When Zack's mouth opened a roar escaped his lips, and it was every bit as powerful as the other's.

The Black Lion nodded its head once and licked Zack's forehead before loping over the small hill and into the valley with his pride and basking in the sun.

"What a trip," Muttered Zack. He then stood up and turned around to see a black doorway waiting on him. Looking down into the valley he noticed the Black Lion still watching him. "Thanks man," was all he said before stepping through the doorway and looking around with a sigh. "Maybe this is supposed to be testing my patience..."

Zack again walked down the featureless gray metal hallway and again was overly excited to see a black door set in a gray wall that marked the end of the hallway. The door swung open with out having to be touched and Zack stepped through and found himself on a dirt street in the middle of what looked like a stereotypical 'Old West' town.

"This is different." He said to himself as he began to walk down the street. He was clothed in black denim pants, a black plaid shirt and boots. "This is just too weird..." He continued to walk, not knowing what he was looking for. The 'locals' of the town barely noticed him, giving him no more than a passing glance as if strangers were nothing new around. That was fine by him.

Zack was'nt really sure they would buy the story that he was on a quest to find his Spirit Animals which would give him access to the Amalgam Ranger Power more commonly know as Grid Warrior Power. Not to mention the fact that as soon as he did they would all disappear because they were merely a manifestation of his subconscious...

Now that he thought about it, he wasn't so sure he bought it himself. Zack wandered through town and before long he was standing in front of a structure that smelled of hay, sweat and manure. Not quite sure why he stepped into the dimly lit interior.

"Howdy mister. You looking to buy a horse?" Zack looked over to the man who had spoken. He looked and dressed like a typical rancher or cowboy.

"Well, I thought I'd look at what you have." The cowboy nodded and led Zack through the stalls. There were Paints and Buckskins and Roans and Chestnuts, all very beautiful, but none of them seemed right.

"Well sorry mister, that's all we got." Said the young man a bit irritated as Zack turned down yet another horse.

"What about that one." Zack walked to the back of the building where a black horse stood in the shadows. "He's beautiful."

"Oh no, you don't want that one mister. That there is a green-broke Stallion, he ain't been tamed yet. A real free spirit that one." But Zack wasn't listening. He just kept staring at the beast.

In a flash the scene changed and the glossy black Stallion was running through a green field of grass with Zackary Taylor riding bareback. They galloped through fields for what seemed like hours, enjoying the thrill of the run, until finally the horse slowed and stopped. In front of them was the familiar door standing in a field of grass in the middle of nowhere. Zack slid down from the Stallion and patted his neck. Looking deep into the creatures dark liquid eyes, Zack saw a mirror of himself in the 'free spirit'.

"See ya' later man." And with that he stepped through the doorway, cringing inwardly at the thought of another hike through the gray metal hallway.

He was surprised, and grateful when he stepped into a small room. The walls and ceiling were gray again, but the floor was covered in a dark violet carpet. The room was empty except for himself and he was beginning to get a bit nervous until a whispered voice came from... somewhere. That's when he was more than just a bit nervous.

"Zackary Taylor. Congratulations. You have discovered your Spirit Guides. The Black Mastodon of Body, the Black Lion of Mind, and the Black Stallion of Spirit." As each Spirit was named they appeared before him.

"Zackary," said the Mastodon "I am the Mastodon, I am Strength and Perseverance, I am you."

"Zack, I am the Black Lion, watching and waiting, I am you."

"Zack Taylor, I am the Stallion, wild and free, I am you."

Zack nodded and stared at his three Spirits. Three... "Wait a minute, where is the fourth? Where is the Spirit of Self?"

Mastodon chuckled. "Zackary, the three of us are black, your dominant personality color, the color of the Artist and Entertainer."

"However," Continued Stallion, "Purple is your second dominate color, the color of the Rouge and... Trickster."

"Your Spirit of Self, the Ace Shadow, the same whose whispery voice introduced us to this room is of that color. It was he in his trickster like ways who decided to have you walk through long monotonous hallways," Black Lion guffawed.

"So in effect what you guys are saying is part of my mind was playing tricks on me and now is embarrassed to show it's self?" Zack looked a bit incredulous.

"I'm not embarrassed... well not really..." A purplish shadowy blur appeared before Zack "I'm sorry Zackman, I just couldn't help myself. Do you forgive me?"

"Sure man, no biggie." Zack's face broke into a huge grin at the impossibility and humor of the situation. Sticking his hand out the Spirit of Self, the Purple Ace Shadow grasped it.

"Ahem, have to do this formally," the Ace Shadow moved backwards to stand with the other spirits. "Zackary Taylor, I am the Ace Shadow, the trick and the smile, the whisper and the silence, I am you." Slowly the four Spirits began to lose substance and their energy flowed into Zack. He stood there a moment feeling the power that had just infused him and then...


...he was clad in the armor of the Grid Warrior. The Chest plate and leg armor were the metal/plastic alloy characteristic with most Rangers, while the sleeves, gloves and boots were the cloth like armor that Ninja Rangers were known for. The armor its self was black with purple highlights. The helmet was black and featureless but for an even darker visor and the gray mouth plate. Set in the chest plate was his coin. Upon the coin were the depictions of the Mastodon, Black Lion and Stallion. Behind those three, barely distinguishable was the odd, angular symbol of the Ace Shadow.

Zack sighed, "Can't believe my mind was playing tricks on me..." And he teleported out in a column of purple on black.


The cockpit of the Zeo Mega Zord shook. Zeo Ranger V braced himself against the blow and attempted to get the offensive systems back on line.

"Shields down thirty-seven percent!"

"We're losing power."

Suddenly a black and gold blur sped past the Zeo Mega Zord and slammed into the mechanical Kieroo, which was the Zeo Ranger's most recent foe, the third in one day.

As the evil Kieroo stumbled back a small distance the Zeo Zord regained most systems and prepared for battle.

"Rock-o, you take Warrior Wheel."

"You got it," responded Blue Zeo to Red Zeo's command. Rocky was soon at the controls of the small quick Zord.

The Kieroo fired missiles and again the Zeo Mega Zord shook and alarms began to go off.

"Damn," muttered Red Zeo. "Alpha, how's it coming with the Zord Auto Piolet?"

"Aie yi yi Tommy, I'm working on it."

"Alright guys, I don't like it, but were going to have to abandon Mega Zeo and Warrior Wheel for the Super Zeos for now." The others nodded a bit reluctantly.


In flashes of light the humanoid Zords with shapes upon their chests were surrounding the large metal tower just outside of Angel Grove. Zeo Mega Zord and Warrior Wheel stood a silent vigil over the unfolding battle.


"Baboo! Squatt! Where's my food!?" Rita sitting in her bed awaiting the two bumbling idiots. She'd been waiting for ten minutes. Sourly she began to mutter under her breath.

"My dear."

Rita looked up to see Zedd standing in the doorway holding a tray of food. "Zedd? Where are Baboo and Squatt?"

"I sent them on a mission dear," Replied Zedd as he set the tray down on the bed.

"Oh, I see." Slowly she began to eat as Zedd watched her. She had been angry with him earlier, but now she had had time to cool down while he was off trying to conquer the Earth. She almost hated to admit it, but she was excited at being pregnant. Sighing she leaned back against her pillow, just then the importance of Zedd had just said hit her.

"You what!"

Zedd chuckled evilly. "I sent to the Ninja Temple."

"What for!?"

"To steal some blank power coins."

"Wait a minute. You sent Squatt and Baboo, two of the most incompetent fools in our empire, through the Desert of Despair to the Ninja Temple, residence of Ninjor, a Grid Master and Coin Smith, in order to steal Power Coins... Why? They don't stand a chance."

"Of course not Rita, but Goldar, Scorpina, and Rito do. Squatt and Baboo are merely a distraction."

Rita nodded slowly. "I see, and should they succeed, what will you do with Power Coins?"

"Trust me dear, the time is drawing nearer... I can feel it."