Fanfic NKOTB

Disclaimer: I don't own the New Kids, I don't even know the New Kids. I just got the idea for this fanfic while on a train to New York. I probably got the personalities all wrong, but that can't be helped, since, as I said, I don't know them.
Contrary to what the title implies, I have not met Joe. I just made this up. If I did meet him, I doubt the experience would be so... eventful. Enjoy!

When Joe Met Kittie
by Kittie

Kittie is walking leisurely down the street at Quincy Market, boppin' to the "Face The Music" tape in her walkman.

Kittie: (To herself) I can't believe I finally made it to Boston! So what I emptied my bank account, it was worth it! (Kittie drops a penny.) Oh, I dropped a penny.

Kittie looks down, just in time to slam into someone in front of her. Her walkman falls off and crashes to the ground.

Kittie: Oh shoot!

Person: Oh sh*t man, I'm sorry! Are you okay?

Kittie looks up slowly and her mouth falls open. The person she has bumped into is none other than Joe McIntyre.

Kittie: Oh... umm... hi.

Joe: Oh man, I just killed your walkman.

Joe bends down and picks up the walkman, handing it to Kittie.

Joe: I'm sorry...

Kittie: Ummm.....

The walkman is still playing (kind of) and Joe recognizes the beat.

Joe: Wait a second....

Joe puts on the headphones.

Joe: (Surprised and pleased) You were listening to our tape!

Kittie: Uhmmm....

Joe: (Teasing) You can talk can't you?

Kittie: I'm I'm sorry, it's just.... You're.... (Kittie takes a deep breath) Your voice drives me nuts.

Joe: (Looks hurt) Oh. I'm sorry-

Kittie: No, in the good way!

Joe: (Looks momentarily confused) Oh. (His face lights up) Oh!

Kittie blushes.

Joe: (As an evil grin slowly widens his face) So you're saying... I'm turning you on just by talking?

Kittie: (Blushing furiously) Umm... yeah.

Joe: In that case... (He throws an arm around a startled Kittie's shoulders) While I take you to buy a new walkman, I'll tell you my life story! (He begins walking Kittie toward the nearest electronics store) I was born on December 31, 1972....

Kittie: (Whimpers)