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Well, it's not fanfic, it's not photos, and it's not links, so.... Yeah, "Other Stuff" works.

New Heroes On The Block: Remember when the New Kids had their own Saturday morning cartoon? Yeah, I know, scary. And it was, too! It was so horribly done, it was actually good, in the bad way. Here's a transcript of my favorite episode. The worst one of the lot (which, of course, makes it the best).

Sounds from "New Heroes": Yes, I actually stuck a microphone up to the TV and recorded sounds from the cartoon. Trust me, it's even funnier when you hear it.

Dreamland: When I was in the midst of my obsession, I used to have NKOTB dreams. but not normal dreams, where Jonathan Knight would fall madly in love with me and propose sweetly and romantically in the middle of a concert. No, these were just strange. I know, I'm weird.