The Ellison Family: 8 Sim Lane

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Blair fumes

I can't believe he read my journal! He's always talking about trust and how important it is, but then he does this? Talk about a double standard! If I pulled something like that, I'd be out on my ass in two seconds flat.

He said he was worried about me; that he only read it to try to understand why I'm unhappy. In spite of that, all anger aside, I just can't seem to let go of everything he lost when we left Cascade... what he lost because of me.

He let me stew for several days before he broke down and asked if we could talk about it. Imagine, Jim Ellison begging me to talk about things with him! He brought out the big guns -- said he'd grill up some burgers and steaks and we'd talk over a nice dinner. I said yes.

Dinner was nice. He just sort of babbled about what was going on in his job -- the people he's met, the stupid criminals he's stopped -- which only reminded me that he's a freakin' security guard instead of a detective like he should be. I think he noticed I was getting a little upset because he quit babbling and really got down to business.