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Disclaimer: Power Rangers and all their characters belong to Saban. Mega Man and all his characters belong to Capcom. Pokemon and their characters belong to Kids WB.
Authors’ note: This fanfic is sixth in our series, the Anibots. Read the first five if you haven’t read them already. Please send us feedback about these fanfics, because we enjoy getting the attention. :D Also, the Duck Anibot is inspired after our favorite Pokemon, PsyDuck!

by ZeoSaturn and DonsArtNGames

The Anibots’ first semester in college was rather rough for them. Unlike high school where they were called to action outside of school, the former Rangers had more to deal with: Homework, Dr. Wily, social life, Dr. Wily, friends and Dr. Wily and his robots. The Anibots had finished about a month and a half of school and from the time they met Dr. Wily, a whole lot had happened.

Jason almost lost his best friend, Tommy, to Dr. Wily, but fortunately, the Anibots made him see the light. Aisha and Tommy decided to join the team and they were getting major publicity like the Space Rangers. The first time that they encountered Bass was two weeks before. The public loved all the Anibots, but the press couldn’t believe at the time that Proto Man had become good. The public believed that Dr. Wily got rid of him and replace him with Bass. Some though that Bass was Proto Man. Jason and the others knew the truth though and kept it that why. The only thing that bugged Jason was the reputation
that the press was giving for Proto Man.

All of the former Rangers were doing well in their studies. Tommy was helping Jason with their Mechanics class, Billy was a TA for his Chemistry class, Rocky surprisingly was tutoring in History and Adam was helping everyone out in English. When they knew that one of them was having trouble in school, they all tried to help. Plus, Justin had established a saying that whenever Tommy would constantly trip over his webbed feet hitting the ground face first in battle that he would call it a ‘Tommy.’ Tommy naturally didn’t appreciate it.

It was Saturday afternoon and everyone was going about their way. All the girls were out shopping, Adam, Zack and Rocky were playing video games against each other, Billy and Justin were in the lab with Dr. Light building robots and Jason was in the nearby gym with Tommy lifting weights. Tommy was staring out the window waiting for his turn after Jason on the butterfly weights. Jason knew that when Tommy stared off, he was thinking deeply about something.

“Bro, what’s wrong?” Jason said as he stopped.

“Huh,...what?” Tommy said coming out of his trace.

“What’s wrong? You have been acting like this for the last few days now. What’s going on, bro?”

“Jase, the Truehearts called me and told me that David was coming up to see us as a surprise visit.”

“I thought that would be a good thing. Why are you glum?”

“He left to come see us two weeks ago and they said that he was taking a plane. They also said that he hasn’t contacted them since.”

“What?!” Jason said astonished. “Where is he?”

“Don’t know. He doesn’t have a cell phone or a beeper in order to contact him. I am really worried, Jase. He is my only brother that I know of and he is missing.”

“It’s ok, Tommy. He show’ll up sooner or later.”

It was around four in the afternoon when they came back to the townhouse. Tommy went to his room and took out a scrapbook that had pictures of him and all of his friends and family. He was looking at pictures of David. The girls had come back from shopping and were walking by Tommy’s room when Trini looked in and saw that he was looking sad.

“Tommy?” she said as the other girls peered in with her. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah,” Tommy said as tried to hide the fact that he was tearing up. “I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not,” Aisha said as the girls put their bags down in the hall and came into the room. “Something is upsetting you. You’re crying.” It was true. He had started to cry.

“Nothing,” Tommy said wiping the tears off his face. “I’m just looking at photos.” Tanya looked at the photos and saw a picture of Tommy and Adam holding big water guns up to Rocky’s head.

“Ha,” Tanya said. “I remember that. I took that picture. He didn’t see you two coming.” Just then, Kim saw David’s picture.

“Hey, cute picture of you!” Kimberly said.

“No, that’s David,” Katherine said.

“David?!” Aisha and Kimberly said. “Who is David?”

“My brother,” Tommy said as he picked up the picture. “I met him while I was the Red Zeo Ranger. I don’t know if he is my twin brother or not, but he is family.”

“Like you, Tommy, he is really cute,” Kimberly said and everyone gave her a weird look. “What? He is!”

“How come he hasn’t visited us yet, Tommy?” Trini asked.

“He was going to,” Tommy said. “He was planning to come two weeks ago and never showed up. His family and I haven’t heard from him since.”

“Oh, Tommy,” Tanya said as she gave him a comforting hug. “We’re sorry that we...”

“It’s ok, girls. I’ll be alright.” Just then, Jason came in to the room.

“Bro! You, me, car, now!” Jason said as if he was in a hurry.

“Coming,” Tommy said as he handed Kimberly the scrapbook. “Here, look at it.”

“Thanks,” the girls said as he walked out of the room. Tommy made his way to the parking lot where Jason was waiting for him in a company car. He got in and the two drove off. “Jason, where are we going?”

“Bro,” Jason said. “I can’t find anything for your birthday and don’t tell anyone, but we are going to give you a birthday party tomorrow and I don’t have a present yet.”

“Ha, are you going to be in trouble!” Tommy said jokingly.

“Very funny! I am taking you out so that we can talk and you can pick out your present. Oh, and Tommy, please act surprised tomorrow.”

“Ok,” Tommy said sarcastically.

The two arrived at the mall and went to different stores. Jason was directed to the music store and there he was shown what Tommy wanted. Jason got him a music CD that he wanted. Jason saw some blank song sheets and also got those while Tommy wasn’t looking. Jason knew that Tommy liked to write songs in his spare time. After they did that, they went to the food court, got pizza and sat down to eat.

“Ah, pepperoni! My favorite,” Tommy said as he took a big bite. Jason laughed.

“Thanks for coming, bro,” Jason said. “I did get you something else, but it wasn’t enough by itself; so, that’s why I want you to pick out what else you wanted.”

“Thanks, bro. You didn’t have to.”

“My pleasure.”

They ate about half the pizza when Jason noticed that Tommy was thinking about David again.

“Cheer up, Tommy,” Jason said. “We’ll find him. Besides. It’s going to be your birthday tomorrow. The big nineteen.”

“I know,” Tommy said and gave a smile.

Just then, an explosion came from behind them sending both Jason and Tommy flying. Jason crashed to the ground with the pizza landing on him and Tommy’s gifts flying out of the bags. Tommy fell and landed a distance in front of Jason. People panicked and fled out of the mall. Jason got up and grabbed the gifts and looked back. Standing there were Bass with Treble laughing. Tommy stirred as Jason realized that he need to transform, but he couldn’t leave Tommy.

“Ha, got him!” Bass said as he went to Tommy and picked him up by the collar of his shirt. “That wasn’t too hard.” Jason knew then that he had to run somewhere else and become Mega Man. Jason left the gifts and ran to a nearby empty store where Bass couldn’t see him. “Ha, Dr. Wily will be pleased. Won’t he, Treble?”

“Not if I have something to do with it,” Jason said as he appeared in front of Bass and Tommy. “I won’t let you pick on innocent people. I am Mega Man and you are toast.”

“He isn’t innocent,” Bass said. “Dr. Wily wants him. Anyway, he is coming back with me!” Bass turned to leave.

“I don’t think so!” Jason said and fired a shot at Bass’s right shoulder. The hit made Bass drop Tommy. Tommy ran as fast as he could away from Bass and out of site.

“Coward!” Bass said. “I’ll catch him after I deal with you.” Jason and Bass squared off. Treble was growling at Jason. “Treble, sick’em!” Treble pounced on Jason biting him in the upper arm. Jason felt the teeth digging into it and the pain was shooting up. Jason flung his arm around to try to fling Treble off, but it wasn’t working. At that point, a red orb hit Treble and the dog flew into Bass knocking him down. “What the?!”

“I fowl up evil doers’ plans! I am Duck!” Tommy said as he appeared next to Jason. “I don’t appreciate you hurting my friends, Bass.”

“Duck!” Bass yelled. “Damn you! This isn’t your fight!”

“It is now!”

“Duck, let me handle Bass,” Jason said. “You get Treble!”

“Right! By the way, the others are coming.” Tommy said and ran toward the dog.

Jason shot at Bass, but Bass dodged it by jumping up to the second story of the mall. He jumped down and kicked him with a flying sidekick. Jason took the hit and then began to punch and kick furiously. Bass and Jason were matching each other move per move. Tommy was being torn up by Treble, but Tommy was doing the same amount of damage. Both of the Anibots were getting beat up severely, but they were doing more damage to Bass and Treble. Tommy finally used a small psychic blast and sent Treble into a nearby water fountain making him short out. Jason got in a good combo with a punch to the stomach, a kick to the side of the ribs and finally an uppercut to the chin. Bass fell backward and his helmet fell off. Bass kicked up and his shoulder length hair fell forward in front of his face.

“Hey, it’s a mop!” Jason said with a laugh, but Tommy gave Jason a sneer. Bass brushed the hair out of his face and that is when they received a shock. “David!?”

“Brother!?” Tommy said under his breath. “No, not you too!”

“Who?” David said who in fact was Bass. “David? Ha! That was my name, but not anymore. I am Bass now! I was just trying to get my brother just a second ago, but you two got in the way.”

“No!” Tommy said who was still in shock.

“You two are more annoying than the Power Rangers,” David said pompously.

“Sorry, Duck,” Jason said as he ran toward David. “I have to knock him out!”

“Mega! NO!” Tommy yelled as he reached out. “DON’T!” Jason stopped right in front of David as he heard him and turned around. David saw the opportunity and kicked Jason in the head knocking him unconscious. “JASE!”

“Well now, Duck,” David said. “It is just you and me!” David shot at Tommy with a barrage of shots, but fortunately for Tommy, he was fast enough to dodge everyone of them. “Stand still, game!”

Tommy jumped up into the air, put his arms together and shouted, “Cold Shower!”

A rush of cold water fell onto David getting his hair and suit all wet. Tommy landed and ran toward David. The two brothers locked hands trying to overpower the other.

“Why do you want your brother so bad?” Tommy asked grunting and struggling to overpower David.

“Because my boss wanted him and I want to fight alongside my brother,” David said as he shoved Tommy off of him. Tommy fell backwards, but flipped out of it into a fighting stands. “You’re good! Almost as good as my brother and Mega Man.” David sent a haymaker punch at Tommy and he fell back into the wall.

“Dr. Light,” Tommy said into the microphone installed into the helmet, “where is everyone?!”

“They’re coming, Duck,” Dr. Light’s voice said in Tommy’s earpiece. “Are you ok?” Tommy looked at a meter on his buster. The meter was how much power and shield the suit had left. The meter read nine percent. Just then, David kicked at Tommy, but he missed and his foot got stuck in the wall.

“Doc, one good hit and I am toast,” Tommy whispered into the microphone. “I can’t hold off Bass much longer. Plus, Mega’s knocked out.”

“Not good, Dr. Light!” Roll said. Tommy heard her.

“Hold on, Duck!” Dr. Light said. “They are about a mile and a half away.”

“Right!” Tommy said.

He jumped back and began to charge for a psychic attack. He knew that he would have to knock him out or David would hit him and he would detransform and become powerless. His suit and body were surrounded by an aura of red light. David saw this and charged up his buster as he finally pulled his foot out of the wall. They both fired at the same time.

“Circuit Burner!” David yelled.

“Psychic Bomb!” Tommy yelled.

David’s attack pierced through the huge red orb that was coming toward him. Both brothers saw that the other’s attack was going to hit them. David was smashed through the opposite wall with a huge explosion. Tommy was smashed back into another wall. His suit turned into water and he was knocked unconscious. When he hit the ground, he began to cough due to the fact he swallowed some of the water. David staggered out of the wall and looked over at where Tommy was. He realized that Tommy was Duck and that he defeated his own brother. He checked his meter that he also had on his buster which said

“Jeez, brother! You almost took me out!” David said. “Oh well. You’re mine now! I finally beat you and the both of us will become an unstoppable team.” David grabbed his helmet which was next to the unconscious Jason, put it on, grabbed the
unconscious Tommy by the back of the collar and dragged him to where Treble had managed to stumble out of the fountain. Treble was now able to function and turned into jet mode. Just as David was about to put Tommy onto Treble’s back, a fire shot whizzed by his head and hit the wall in back of him.

“Drop him, Bass!” Kimberly said who’s hand was smoking after firing the shot. David dropped Tommy onto the ground and he jumped onto Treble and the two began to retreat. The Anibots fired their attacks, but David dodged them and managed to get away. After he was gone, the Anibots ran up to Tommy.

“Tommy!” Katherine said as she shook him to try to wake him up. He was still out like a light. Jason grabbed his head as he began to wake up.

“Go see Mega Man!” Adam said and started to lightly slap Tommy in the face to try to wake him up.

“Are you ok?” Trini said as she helped Jason up to his feet.

“Yeah,” Jason said as he try to gain his composer. “What happened?”

“That’s what we would like to know, bro,” Zack said. “Tommy is knocked out.”

“What?” Jason said as his vision focused. He saw Tommy all beaten up and all wet. “No!” He ran up to him and shook him. “Tommy! Damn it, Tommy! Wake up! Guys, take him to the transport!”

“Right,” Billy said. “And we have to access all the damages.”

“What?” Rocky said.

“We need to see if there are more people hurt,” Trini said interpreting what Billy said.

“Oh,” Rocky said as they started to clean up the scene.

Zack, Jason and Justin helped Tommy into the transport while the other Anibots made sure that people weren’t trapped under the wreckage. Jason got a ice pack and towel, put the ice pack on the top of Tommy’s head and then began to dry Tommy off.

“Man! This isn’t good!” Jason said. “Poor Tommy!”

“Yeah,” Justin said. “He is going to have to stay in bed for his birthday tomorrow.”

“I know,” Zack said. “What was Bass after, Jase?”

“Him!” Jason said as he pointed to Tommy. They gave him funny looks of confusion before Tommy started to stir. He opened his eyes and let out a huge moan.

“Ouch!” Tommy said as he took the ice pack off his head. “Jason, you’re ok.”

“Yeah,” Jason said. “Are you?”

“No! Damn you, Wily!” Tommy smashed his fist into the wall of the transport.

“What happened, Jason?” Justin asked.

“We fought David!” Jason said.

“Who?” Zack and Justin said at the same time.

“My brother,” Tommy said, “and Wily got to him!”

“You have a brother?” Zack said a little confused.

“Yes, he does,” Jason said. “We better take him to Dr. Light. Get the others.”

Justin got everyone back into the transport. It seemed as if only Jason and Tommy were caught in the explosion that David had made. They got back and Dr. Light examined both Jason and Tommy. Everyone else met in the debriefing room.

“Guys,” Zack said, “Did Tommy mention to you guys about having a brother?”

“Yeah, he did. Why?” Aisha said.

“Well, I didn’t know and apparently Tommy is really pissed at Dr. Wily now.”

“Why?” Adam asked.

“Tommy and Jason said that his brother was Bass.”

“What? Are you kidding, Zack?” Katherine said shocked. “David is Bass?!”

“Yeah,” Zack said, “and that’s why Dr. Wily was after Tommy. He wanted to get him back so he could be on their side again.”

“But what happened back there?” Rocky asked.

At that moment, Dr. Light, along with Roll, Jason and Tommy came into the debriefing room. Tommy had bandages on his head and his arms.

“I can answer that,” Dr. Light said as the huge screen on the wall flickered on. On the screen, it showed the whole fight with Jason, Tommy and David. At the point when Tommy was knocked unconscious by his brother’s shot, Dr. Light paused the footage.

“Here,” Dr. Light said. “His suit received so much damaged that it ceased to function. The water from the suit is what powered the suit and Tommy, you managed to swallow part of it.”

“That’s ok, isn’t it?” Tanya asked.

“No, I’m afraid. Because the water was part of the suit, it had micro circuits and he swallowed them. If he transforms into Duck again, I am afraid that it hurts him. We tried a spare suit in the lab and even though it was a new suit, the water from the damaged suit activated and it caused the cells in his body to die that have the water in them and thereby hurting him extremely.”

“Oh no,” Aisha said sadly. “Then, he can’t fight with us?”

“I am afraid so. He cannot become Duck unless he wants to wait about ten years. The water will be out of his system then, but he won’t be able to fight with that suit anymore.”

“It’s ok,” Tommy said. “At least I got to fight with you all again.”

“Bro, what about the Proto suit?” Jason said. “Dr. Light, what about...?”

“The Proto Man suit?” Dr. Light said as though about it. “Yes, he can become Proto Man.”

“No!” Tommy said sternly. “I will not be Proto! He was associated with Wily and I will not have anything to do with that suit ever again!”

“You sound as if Proto is a different person, Tommy,” Trini said. “We know that you’re good now. What about when you first became a Ranger? Is it any different?”

"First became who--oomph,” Justin began to say, but was elbowed in the ribs by Tanya.

“No, bro,” Jason said. “It isn’t any different and look at you now. You were the leader for the longest time when you were a Ranger, because everyone looked up to you.”

“Well, Jase,” Tommy said as started walking out of the room. “You’re the leader. They look up to you now.” Tommy walked out.

“Let him go,” Dr. Light said as Jason was about to follow him. “He has a lot on his mind.”

The meeting ended about fifteen minutes later. It was about eight o’clock at night when they were done. The Anibots all went to their rooms. When Adam, Zack and Jason went back to their room, there was no sign of Tommy.

“Where is he?” Jason asked.

“Bro, I think that he is angry at the situation he was in,” Zack said. “He went to cool off I bet.”

“Yeah,” Adam said. “We were bugging him about being Proto and the Green Ranger. I mean, you wanted in him to remember the times when he was evil and would you like if he did to you?”

“No,” Jason said when he realized that he had done something wrong. “I better find him and apologize.” Jason walked out of the room and searched all the rooms, but his best friend wasn’t any of them. He wasn’t in the townhouse. “Ah man. Did I really piss him off that much?” Jason felt really bad that he had done this to Tommy. “WAIT A MINUTE! Trini started it! She should apologize too.”

“I know,” Trini said as she came into view of Jason. She looked like she was embarrassed. “I was the one that brought it up.”

“And I pushed it,” Jason said. “Trini, let’s find Tommy.”

They did try to find Tommy in all his usual spots around campus and off campus, but he wasn’t at any of them. Jason and Trini stopped looking for him at ten o’clock and headed back to the townhouse. When they got in, they were surprised to see a certain person watching TV. Tommy.

“Bro!” Jason said. “We were looking for you everywhere. Where were you?”

“Did you try the roof?” Tommy said. “I saw the two of you go out somewhere.”

“We were trying to find you to apologize,” Trini said as she sat down next to him. “We didn’t mean to offend you.”

“It’s ok. I was being too sensitive. I was just upset that David is Bass and the fact that the Duck suit is now non-functional.”

“Bro,” Jason said. “We are still sorry that we made you feel bad. Forgive us?”

“Yes, of course,” Tommy said with a smile. “I should be as happy as I can. It’s my birthday tomorrow.”

“Yep,” Trini said. “I hope that it will turn out better than today did.”

“Yeah, since today was so horrible and that there is Justin’s exhibit and a surprise party tomorrow.”

“What!?” Trini said looking at Tommy and then realizing that Jason told Tommy about it. She picked up a sofa pillow and started hitting Jason. “Jason! It’s you that we shouldn’t be forgiving!” Tommy agreed that he would act as if he hadn’t known about the party and Jason got a small bruise on his right arm.

The next day, Tommy was feeling a lot better and everyone was busy that morning. The Anibots were secretly preparing for the party at a nearby pizzeria and Justin was working on the last minute tweaks on his robot that he was going to show at the Young Inventors Expedition. The one thing wrong was that Justin could only bring two other people with him. Adam and Billy went with him while everyone else tried to keep Tommy busy at the townhouse.

“Hey, you cheated!” Rocky said because he was beaten by Tommy at a fighting video game.

“How!?” Tommy said. “It is a video game. Computers are never wrong unless the person sending the information into the computer is wrong.”

“Never mind! Play you again?”

“Yeah! I’ll prove that I’m not a cheater!”

“Ha! Kids!” Zack said from the hallway. The rest of the Anibots were watching Rocky and Tommy.

“Well,” Katherine said. “How long is it before Justin is done with his exhibit?”

“Until four,” Tanya said. “He’s been there since nine.”

“What time is it now?”

“It’s two fifteen,” Jason said as he looked at his transformation bracelet which looked like and functioned as a watch.

“What’s another thing that we can do to keep Tommy occupied?” Aisha said. Just then, the alarm on the bracelets went off. “That will.” Jason and the other Anibots ran to the lab. Tommy followed right behind them. Everyone, but Tommy transformed into the Anibots before they entered the lab. Tommy walked up next to Roll.

“Dr. Light, what’s going on?” Jason said.

“This,” he said and pushed a button. On the huge screen was Justin all tied up and dangling in front of what looked to be a huge cannon.

“Oh no!” Kimberly said. “Poor Justin!”

“Dr. Wily said that if we don’t bring Proto Man, he will shoot and kill Justin.” The Anibots were frozen. They didn’t know what to do. Tommy then spoke up.

“I’ll go,” he said.

“NO!” Jason said. “You can’t! He’ll turn you evil again.”

“I know that, but if I don’t, he will kill Justin. I have to go. I have no choice.” All the Anibots were giving looks of fear. They all knew that they were in a tight spot.

“Mega Man. Hawk and Owl are there, but...” Dr. Light said and showed the rest another view. Both Adam and Billy were tied up as well on the side of the Skullcer.

“I have to go now, Jase,” Tommy said with anguish. He made his way to the transport.

“Tommy, here!” Dr. Light said and threw his transformation bracelet at him. “Use this.”

“Thanks, but won’t it hurt me?”

“It might or it might not. Use it when it is absolutely necessary.”

“Right, let’s go,” Jason said and all the Anibots and Tommy got into the transport. The trip there was uneasy for all of them. They waited in silence until they landed close to the convention center where the expedition was being held.

“Tommy, I want you to stay hidden,” Jason said. “I want make sure that we can bring back both of you.”

“Jase?” Tommy said surprised at his tactic. “Why? If I don’t come, Justin will die.”

“Stay hidden!” Jason commanded. “He didn’t metion anything about a rescue.” The rest of the Anibots ran into the convention center. Tommy was now very angry at Jason and the other Anibots as he followed them. All the Anibots got to Dr. Wily and saw David kicking Hawk and that Justin was dangling right in front of the huge cannon.

“Stop Bass,” Jason said as he aimed his buster at him.

“Mega Man! Anibots! Don’t make any sudden moves!” Dr. Wily said as his finger hovered over his control panel. “One wrong move and it’s ‘bye bye’ to the kid.”

“The cannon has a good three second charge, Mega!” Billy said from where he was tied up. Then, Billy spotted Tommy behind one of the exhibits watching them. ‘No Tommy! What are you doing here?!’ Billy thought to himself.

“Where is Proto Man?!” Dr. Wily yelled. “You were suppose to bring him!”

“He is his own free man, Wily,” Jason said. “It’s up to him what he wants to do with his life. He isn’t your slave. Plus, he is not on Dr. Light’s payroll anymore.”

“If he doesn’t get here within five minutes, the boy will die. I know that you don’t want that now and I know that he wouldn’t either. Either find him or the boy gets it!”

Tommy looked at his transformation bracelet. Tommy was confused and didn’t know what to do. He looked back at the scene and saw that there was an exhibit that was near the Skullcer and a place where he would be able to stay hidden. As Dr. Wily and the Anibots continued to yell at each other, Tommy made his way to the exhibit.

‘Damn! What do I do?’ Tommy said to himself as he looked at the transformation bracelet again. ‘If I stay hidden, Justin dies. If I give myself up, I will become evil again. If I use this bracelet, I may not survive the transformation. Man!’ He looked back at the others.

“WHERE IS HE?” Dr. Wily yelled. He was furious that the Anibots weren’t corporating.

“We don’t know!” Katherine said.

David looked around and saw the worried looks on all their faces. As he looked toward Tanya, he saw a head behind an exhibit. Bass charged his buster and fired. Tanya jumped out of the way at the last minute and the shot hit the exhibit. The blast shot the exhibit to pieces, but the person behind it flew back a few feet.

“Ha! Got ya!” David said. Tommy got up and turned toward them.

“NO!” Jason yelled.

“Well! Look you decided to finally join the party,” Dr. Wily said. “This is all in your honor, Proto.”

“I am not Proto Man anymore and I am not your slave!” Tommy yelled.

“When I take you back, you’re not going to be Duck anymore either.”

“Proto!” Justin yelled playing along as if he didn’t know Tommy. “Don’t worry about me! I don’t matter. You do!”

“I’m sorry, but I am not going to let you die. Dr. Wily, I am all yours,” Tommy said as he started to walk toward Dr. Wily.

“No!” Jason said as put his hand in front of Tommy. “I won’t let you!”

“Out of the way, Mega Man!” Tommy yelled into Jason’s face.


“Mega Man,” Dr. Wily said. “Are you that confident that you are going to be able to save both of them or are you just that dense?”

“Bro, let me go or you are going to get a serious butt-whooping!” Tommy said under his breath to Jason.

“No I won’t, Tommy,” Jason said quietly back. “I know what I am doing. Once I shoot off one of the ropes of Hawk or Owl, they will save him.”

“Enough of this!” Dr. Wily said and pushed the button. They all looked at Dr. Wily and the cannon. The cannon was beginning to charge. Jason’s plan would have worked if the cannon wasn’t going to fire. Tommy pushed his way through Jason and ran toward the cannon. Tommy punched in his password into the bracelet and a red energy began to
engulf him. He jumped up to Justin and then a huge flash of white light blinded everyone. The cannon had fired. When the light stopped, everyone saw that the only thing that was there was the singed rope that was holding Justin moments before, but there was no Justin and no Tommy. They looked to the back wall and saw a huge hole made by the cannon.

“NOOOO!” Jason yelled terrified.

“No!” Katherine uttered out holding her hands to her face in horror.

“Oh my lord!” Billy said who was as wide-eyed as the other Anibots.

“Ah!” Dr. Wily said in surprise. “I destroyed the both of them. Oops! Oh well!”

“DAMN YOU!” Jason yelled and the Anibots in tremendous anger attacked.

“Huh?” Justin said as he opened his eyes. He realized that he was in the rafters above the convention center. “Woh! How?” Just then, he heard a moan from behind him. He turned his head to see who it came from. “PROTO?”

“What?” Tommy said as he looked down at himself. He wasn’t in the Duck suit, but in the Proto Man suit. “Dr. Light, I am going to kill you.”

All of a sudden within the helmet, he heard a very cheerful, “You got to caught me first.” It was Dr. Light.

“Tommy, you saved me,” Justin said as he hugged Tommy. “Thank you. But Wily almost had our butts burned.”

“Correction, at least not yours.” Tommy looked at his butt and patted the smoke from it.

“Hey, he burned your butt, literally!”

“Shut up, Justin. Woah! Look!” They looked down where Jason and the others were. They were literally tearing the Skullcer apart like wild animals.

“Tommy, remind me never to make them that mad!” Justin said.

“Ditto,” Tommy said with a wide eyed look.

At that moment, Jason charged his buster to maximum and fired. Dr. Wily, the Skullcer, David and Treble were blasted through the ceiling and out of sight. A star appeared where they disappeared. “Cool! A Team Rocket exit!” Tommy gave Justin an annoyed look.

Jason and the Anibots collapsed to their knees. They were all starting to cry.

“They’re gone,” Adam said sadly. “The both of them.”

“Why?” Kimberly said tearing up.

“We knew this would happen sooner or later,” Rocky said. “One of us would die in battle.”

“But why Justin and Tommy?!” Jason said as he pounded his fist into the ground leaving a huge imprint in the ground.

“We are all the same here,” Aisha said sadly. “Would it had mattered if it were anyone else?”

“So, what it is going on here?” a voice said.

“Proto and Mouse just died,” Jason replied staring at the ground.

“We did!? Proto, did you know about that?” Jason looked up and turned around. He saw Tommy in his Proto suit with Justin behind him. Jason ran up and slapped Tommy across the face.

“And why didn’t you tell me this?!” Jason yelled.

Tommy smugly shrugged his shoulders.

Kimberly looked up and down the two of them and firmly looked down at Justin. She smiled and then said, “Don’t do that again.” and walked away. Justin let out a sigh of relief. Suddenly, Tommy felt a bonk on top of his head. He turned around and saw Katherine.

“Hey, what was that for?” Tommy said.

“For making us worry,” Katherine said.

“That was ‘worrying’?!” Justin said sarcasticly. Katherine gave Justin an evil look and Justin coward behind Tommy. Katherine then kissed Tommy on the cheek.

“And that was for safely saving Justin.” Tommy blushed as he rubbed were she had kissed. She then said in a whispering voice, “By the way, you got some dirt on your rear-end.”

“That’s not dirt,” Tommy replied.

Katherine realed back annd then yelled, “Tommy! That’s disgusting!”

Tommy turned beet red and stubbled his retort though. “N-o! It’s....not.....that! Wily’s beam came closer than expected and got....well....you know..”

“Your butt?” Tanya said conivingly. “I got tissue if you need it.”

“Man, you aren’t going to be able to sit down for quite sometime, bro,” Zack said as he laughed. Just then, Dr. Light came to them with Roll.

“Justin, you’re ok,” Dr. Light said relieved that he was alive.

“Doc! You are in trouble!” Tommy said in a playful tone. “You tricked me!”

“Yes, I did. But would you transform into Proto Man otherwise?”

“You’re right, Doc and I’m glad you did. Thanks!”

“Come! The press is waiting to see if you got the hostage.” Dr. Light said as he pointed to Justin. Tommy grabbed Justin and hoisted him up onto his good shoulder. The other Anibots went out first and were greeted by the press.

“What happened in there?” said one reporter.

“Did you save the boy?” another one said.

“Did you hand over the evil Proto Man?” another one said.

“Who said he was evil?” Dr. Light said. “The rumors you all give without proper evidence.” At that moment, Tommy came out with Justin. The whole press group gasped and went silent. “That blast that was seen earlier was made by Dr. Wily’s cannon. This boy was right in the path of the blast and Proto Man jumped to save him. He is the real hero here.” There was a rush of camera lights all taking pictures of Tommy and Justin.

“I was part of Dr. Wily’s forces before, but not willingly,” Tommy said. “He had me under mind-control chips and he hated every minute I was under it. I never wanted to go back to him. A few of my friends taught me earlier that it’s the good things you do with your heart that make you a hero. With this suit, I am going to get my brother back that Wily turned into Bass.” He smiled at Jason and Trini who were also smiling at him.

Justin motioned that he wanted down. He went up to Dr. Light and asked him for a piece of paper and a pen. Dr. Light gave it to him and Justin went back to Tommy.

“Proto Man, can I have your autograph?” Justin said as he held it up to Tommy.

‘Justin, you’re trying to make me look good,’ Tommy thought to himself and then said with a smile on his face, “Sure.” Tommy signed the paper.

The Anibots had their pictures taken and then they left without Dr. Light, Roll and Justin. Dr. Light wanted to make it look like he was bringing Justin home. They all got back and were debriefed. It was around five o’clock when they where finally done.

“Ok, guys!” Jason said. “Let’s go have pizza!”

They all went to the pizzeria and the Anibots threw the party that they were meaning to have earlier. Tommy looked surprised at everything they had done for the party for him.

“Thanks, guys,” Tommy said.

“Open your presents!” Justin said.

“Right.” He picked up the big box that Jason had given. “Look, black sheets of music papers. I needed those and a CD.”

“Yep, the one you picked out,” Jason said.

“JASON!” everyone said.

“You let him pick out his own CD?!” Tanya said. “Then, did you tell him about the party then?”

“Yes,” Trini said. “I found out yesterday.”

“Oh Jason,” Katherine said disappointed.

“But I was surprised,” Tommy said. “I didn’t think that you would go this far as to throwing a party for me. Besides, I think that Jason, Trini, Justin and Dr. Light gave me the best gift of all.”

“What was that?” Kimberly asked.

“Trust. They trusted me to do what was right and gave me the confidence to do it. Everyone here has given me confidence, but those four woke me up to it. Thank you.”

“Enough mush, open your presents, Proto!” Rocky said.

“Right,” Tommy said with a smile and proceeded.