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Disclaimer: The Power Rangers and their characters belong to Saban and the characters of Mega Man belongs to Capcom. Any name that we make ourselves belongs to us.
Author's note: In this fanfic, the former Rangers become the Anibots (no relation to Animorphs), a fighting superhero group(^-^Ō) with suits like Mega Man. Jason is Mega Man though. This fanfic takes place around the beginning of Power Rangers in Space. Hope you all enjoy our fanfic.

Pick a Side
by ZeoSaturn and DonsArtNGames

It had been about two weeks since Jason became Mega Man and Dr. Wily attacked Dr. Light at the convention center. He had enjoyed defeating the robots, but it was also very hard for him to fight by himself against Proto Man. He requested to Dr. Light to make suits for his friends so he wouldn't have to fight alone.

Summer school had started the week before and Jason and the others were taking a karate class. The instructor had made an announcement for the students that there would be a tournament for the people had taken the martial arts before. The students that had not taken any form of martial arts were to be spectators or to help the participants during the competition. Unfortunately, some of the former Rangers wanted to rebuild the Power Chamber and went back to Angel Grove. Only Jason, Zack, Adam, Rocky, Trini and Kimberly stayed to go to the tournament.

When they got there, Jason and the others couldn't believe how many people were there. Kimberly and Zack didn't want to participate in the tournament. So, the both of them became Jason, Rocky, Trini and Adam's cheering section along with the rest students in their summer class. Kimberly had a video camera so she could show the other former Rangers what happened. There were 64 men including Jason, Rocky, and Adam in the eighteen to twenty-five years old division of forms, weapons and sparring. Trini was in the women's adult group in the same areas. They couldn't believe how many people were in the men's division.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the man on the PA system said. "Welcome the Western Coast Invitational Martial Arts Competition. Competitors, please report to your assigned rings for final instructions."

"Ok guys," Jason said as he picked up his equipment. "Good luck to all of you."

"Back at ya!" Rocky said.

"Good luck, guys," Adam said. "You too, Trini." Both Adam and Trini began to blush. Jason looked a piece of paper that told him to report to the F-4 ring. When he got there, he saw a some other black belts that were his rank.

"Hi here, I'm Mark," a man about a couple years younger than Jason asked as he shook Jason's hand. He had curly blond hair and green eyes. "What's your name?"

"Jason," he said. "So, are you participating in this ring?"

"Yeah. You too?"


"Nice to meet you Jason. You look like a formidable fighter."

"You do too. Is this the only ring for our division?"

"No," Mark said as he pointed to a place near the back of the room. "The other part of the division is on the other side. My friend Steven is in that ring. The matches are won when one fighter gets three points or when three minutes is up. The one with the highest score wins." At that point, Rocky and Adam came up to Jason.

"Hey, Jas," Rocky blurted out. "Are you in this ring too?"

"Yeah," Jason said with a big smile on his face. "Mark, these two characters are Rocky and Adam. They are very good martial artists too."

"Nice to meet you, both," Mark said as he also shook their hands. "We are going to do to two rounds of forms and weapons forms. We are only going to do sparring once though."

"Alrighty then," Rocky said imitating Ace Ventura. "Let's do it."

"Is he always like this?" Mark asked Jason with a weird look on his face.

"Worse!" Jason immediately responded.

The competition went on with the regular forms going first. After everyone in the men's division was done, the results of the winners came up on the video message board. On the board, it said:
1st Round: Forms (1)
1st: R. De Santos 42.84
2nd: J. Lee Scott 42.69
3rd: T. Willowfield 41.98

"How the heck!?" Jason said as he looked puzzled at the board. "How the heck did you beat me Rocky?!" Zack came up to Jason.

"That's not right," Zack said. "He's not as good as you, Jase."

"Ha," Rocky said. "I beat you."

"What's going on?" Kimberly said as she came up to Jason, Mark and the other men. "I was in the bathroom. Who won?" Mark pointed up to the video board and Kimberly saw that Rocky had won the first round of competition. "That can't be right. It has to be a fluke."

"You're nice," Rocky said sarcastically.

The competition went on with the men doing a first round in weapons and a second round of forms. Jason won first in the second round in forms and second in the first round of weapons. Jason used a sword for his weapons division. T. Willowfield got first in the first weapons division and second in forms. Jason in the overall standings was in second place trailing T. Willowfield by a few points.

"Looks like you have a rival, Jason," Mark said as he was preparing his knife for the second round of weapons.

"I know," Jason said. "My best friend used to be my rival in the martial arts. Some people said that we were equal in skill and strength. I knew that it wasn't true though."

"Why?" Mark asked. "You're good. What did he have that you didn't?"

"His speed and technique. He was better than I was. I have more strength, but he was better skilled."

"I don't think so, Jason," Adam said as he joined in the conversation. "You and Tommy were good. Both of you had the technique. He was just a little bit faster than you though. You sparred each other all the time and you two learned how to get around each other's strengths. You two were equal."

"Thanks, Adam," Jason said as a smile grew on his face.

"Wow!" Mark said astonished. "Your friend must had been really good. Is he here?"

"No," Jason said as the smile faded. "He was taken by that mad scientist, Dr. Wily. We don't know if he is dead or not."

"I'm sorry, Jason. I didn't know."

"Forget it."

The second round of weapons forms took place and yet again, T. Willowfield was first. Jason got second by a quarter of a point.

"Dang it!" Jason said as he saw the results and the overall standings. Jason was behind T. Willowfield. "I am behind him by three points."

"It's ok, Jas," Zack said putting his hand on Jason's shoulder. "Sparring is left. No one can beat you at sparring."

"Not if I can help that," Mark said with a mischievous smile on his face.

"Me too," Rocky and Adam said as all of them came together.

"So what is happening with the sparring rings?" Jason asked Mark.

"The finals are going to be in the big ring," Mark explained. "Our division is going to fight in the same rings until the finals. Our division will come together at the finals."

"Cool." Jason said.

"Mark!" a man with short brown hair and blue eyes said as he came up to the group.

"Steven!" Mark said as he high fived the man. "How are you? What is going on in your ring?"

"I'm fine," Steven said, "but you should see this one guy in our ring. He is the one in first place. He is really good. I don't think anybody can beat him."

"He is good too," Mark said as he pointed at Jason.

"I'm not that great," Jason said nervously as he put is his hand behind his head.

"I don't know if he could beat Willowfield," Steven said. "He looks like a trained killer. The guy doesn't even smile when he is declared the winner. He is rude, too. Well, I need to get back to the ring. See you later guys."

"Bye," All the boys and Kimberly said.

The sparring competition started and the guys did their best. Jason won against Rocky in the quarter-finals and Adam lost to Mark. Mark went against Jason after defeating Adam, but lost to him. Jason was going to the finals. Steven on the other side of the competition floor went against T. Willowfield, but lost to him in the semi-finals. Jason was going to meet T. Willowfield in the finals.

"Jason, your friend's are right," Mark said right after he lost to Jason. "You are a good fighter.

"Thanks," Jason said.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the man on the PA system said. "There will be a fifteen minute break to set up the final's ring for the women's and men's finals. The women's finals will take place first and then the men's." The judges and other helpers set up the ring and the women's competition began with Trini facing against another woman. Trini won first place in sparring and in overall standing and got the women's trophy. When it was the men's turn, Jason went up to the judge.

"Are you Lee Scott?" the judge said.

"Yes," Jason answered. "Where is Willowfield?"

"I don't know," the judge said, "but if he doesn't show up in two minutes, you win first place by default." Jason didn't want to win like that. He wanted to earn first place instead of getting it automatically. About fifteen seconds before the time was up, a man rushed to the ring. He was in a windbreaker with "Willowfield" printed on the back, a 49er hat on his head, and had sunglasses on.

"Sorry I'm late," T. Willowfield said to the judge. "I lost track of the time."

"It's alright," the judge said. "Get ready." Kimberly was videotaping both Jason and Willowfield. The other men were standing next to her to root Jason on.

"Go Jason!" Mark yelled.

"Kick the stuffing out of him!" Zack said.

"You know," Kimberly said looking at what she could see of Willowfield's face. "He's kind of cute."

"Good luck," Jason said as he shook Willowfield's hand. Willowfield's hand was ice cold when Jason touch it.

"Luck is for losers," Willowfield said coldly. "Good luck to you though."

Jason knew he didn't like him from the start. Steven was right when he said that he was rude. Willowfield put his sparring equipment on except for his helmet and mouthguard. He came up to the judge to tell him he was ready. Willowfield took off the sunglasses and that was when Jason saw the shock of his life. Jason felt his face turned white. He knew the fighter standing before him.

"What's wrong with Jason?" Mark asked.

"I don't know," Adam said.

When Willowfield took off the hat, Willowfield's hair dropped to his mid-back. Adam, Rocky, Trini, Zack and Kimberly knew then what was wrong with Jason. Their mouths dropped in astonishment and surprise. They knew T. Willowfield.

"TOMMY!?" Kimberly said as she zoomed in with the camera. His last name was not Willowfield. It was Oliver. It was Tommy, Jason's best friend and former Power Ranger.

"It can't be!" Rocky said.

"No wonder you said he was cute," Trini said to Kimberly.

"Is that the best friend Jason was taking about?" Mark said.

"Uh-huh!" all the former Rangers said in unison not moving their lips or not taking their eye off of Tommy.

"Well, you know what happened to him," Steven said.

"Kim, are you getting this?" Adam said.

"I haven't took the camera off him yet," Kim said zooming out the camera to get Jason into the picture. The judge asked them if they were ready. Jason looked into Tommy's eyes as if to stare him down. Tommy's eyes looked like they were made of ice and he looked like he had hate in them. Jason left guilty when he saw the look because he thought he was angry at him for letting Dr. Wily kidnap him.

"Bow to me," the judge said and the two of them did what the judge had instructed them. "Bow to each other." Jason gave Tommy a deep respectful bow, but Tommy barely budged for his bow. They both got into a fighting stance and waited for the judge to start the match. "Go!"

Tommy immediately dashed to Jason with powerful striking attacks. Jason backed up to get away from them, but Tommy stayed right with him. He was backed up even more and quickly out of the ring and into the arms of his friends.

His friends helped him back onto the stage.

"Don't be intimidated by him," Adam said, "You know how to fight Tommy. Just trust yourself."

"But he knows how to fight me too," Jason replied. He got up and walked to his spot in the ring.

The judge called, "No point! Jason, if you do that again, you will lose a point and be in the negatives." Tommy had a look of satisfied malice. The judge continued, "Ready? Go!"

The fight ensued. Jason was being a bit more aggressive, but Tommy continued his rampage of attacks. They were blocking or dodging each other's attacks until Tommy got Jason with a strong roundhouse kick to Jason's stomach. Jason keeled over and fell to the ground.

"Stop!" the judge yelled. "One point red. Are you ok, Jason?" Jason couldn't believe that his best friend use full contact on him and actually wanted to hurt him. Jason got up and looked at Tommy with anger and when he saw Tommy with a smile on his satisfied face, Jason knew something had to be wrong with him. "Ready?" Jason nodded and quickly got into his fighting stance. "Go!"

Jason knew that he had to think back about the sparring and training that he did with Tommy. Jason then remember that Tommy was susceptible to Jason faking two times in a row at times. Jason pretended he was going to kick Tommy near his head. Tommy was going to block it, but then saw that it was a fake. Then when Jason faked a knee to his chest, Tommy went to block that and that was when Jason elbowed Tommy to the face, but without touching him.

"Point, blue!" the judge yelled. Jason was happy, because he knew that it was hard getting any points in on Tommy and he managed to do it. Tommy had a look of utter disgust and hatred.

"Jeez," Steven said. "He's pissed. No one was this good against him. I wonder what provoked him."

"Jason is really the only who can beat that guy," Mark said. "Even I can't beat Jason."

The men got back into the fighting stances and the fight went on. The whole crowd watched the rest of the match in awe and wonder. Most of the crowd had never seen a match as intense as Tommy and Jason's match. At the end of three minutes, the score was tied two to two.

"The score is tied," the judge said. "Sudden death match. Are you two ready?" Both Jason and Tommy nodded to the judge, looked back at their opponents and gave each other a look of determination. "Go!"

Suddenly, a big crash happened at the back of the room. The Skullcer had crashed through the wall sending debris everywhere. People began to panic and run frantically to get away.

"Damn!" Tommy muttered under his breath. "Not now!"

"Tommy, run!" Jason yelled as he grabbed onto Tommy's arm.

Dr. Wily was laughing evilly as he pushed a red button on his control panel. Four robotic arms came out of the Skullcer with huge claps on the ends and headed towards Jason and Tommy. Two of them went over their heads and headed straight towards Mark and Steven. Unfortunately, they didn't have time to run and were caught in the claps. The remaining arms grabbed onto Tommy and Jason. Jason yelped when he was grabbed by the clap.

"Jason!" Trini yelled. "NO!"

"Mark! Steven!" Zack yelled.

"Ha, ha, ha!" Dr. Wily said. "I got the best fighters on the West coast! Now, Mega Man can't stop me!" Dr. Wily backed out of the room from where he came from and left with the four men. Kimberly turned off the camera. She had recorded everything.

"No," Adam said in frustration. "What now?" Trini grabbed the cell phone out of Kimberly's purse. She began to dial a number.

"Hey!" Kimberly yelled to Trini. "What are you doing?"

"Dr. Light," Trini said into the phone. "Are they ready? We have a situation."

"Trini?" Rocky said. "What's going on?" Trini hung up the cell phone.

"We have to get back to Dr. Light right away," Trini said. "He is going to give us our suits to save Jason. They're ready."

"Already?" Adam said. "Awesome!"

"But what about Jason?" Kimberly said. "We won't be able to find him. Dr. Wily is gone and we don't know where he went."

"Dr. Light said that he has a homing signal in Jason's transformation bracelet," Trini said. "He will tell us where to go."

"Well then," Adam said. "Let's go!"

Meanwhile, Jason, Mark, Steven and Tommy were still in the claps about a mile up in the air. Tommy was struggling to try to get out of the claps.

"Tommy, I tried that," Jason said annoyed. "We can't get out of these things. Besides, if we did break the claps, it is going to be one heck of a drop."

"What do you think he wants with us?" Steven asked everyone.

"I don't know," Mark said depressingly. "All I know is that we need help. Hopefully, Mega Man will come and rescue us."

¨If only he knew that I was Mega Man,' Jason thought to himself. ¨If I can't get out of this, who will save us? I don't even know if Dr. Light finished everyone else's transformation bracelets.'

"No one is going to save us," Tommy said.

"Don't think like that Tommy," Jason yelled to his best friend. Jason continued to talk, but in a lower tone of voice so Mark and Steven couldn't hear. "We will get out of this. We always have."

"I don't give a damn what you think, Jason." Jason's face went from an annoyed look to a astonished look. Tommy never had yelled at him like that.

"What's wrong with you?! You never acted like this!"


"You two, stop it!" Mark yelled. "This is no time for bickering! We got to get out of this!" The four of them tried to wiggle out of the claps, but couldn't do it. Tommy was fooling around with the screws were the clap and the arm were held together. Suddenly the clap and the arm came apart and the clap started to fall with Tommy in it. The clap did not fall though. It was held by the few wires and hoses that were connected to the clap.

"Tommy," Jason yelled when he realized that he was in danger. "Don't make any sudden moves!"

The Skullcer began to descend and came about six hundred feet above the trees. As Dr. Wily's Skullcer moved upward to avoid a huge tree, Tommy began to pull at the wires and hoses.

"Tommy, stop!" Jason yelled to him. "You're panicking! If you keep pulling, you will fall!" A few seconds after that, the wires and hoses broke and Tommy began to fall.

"NOOO!" Jason yelled in fear as he watch Tommy fall. Jason began to tear up. At that point, the Skullcer went over a mountain top and Jason wasn't able to see Tommy anymore. Jason was imagining Tommy falling to his doom and dying on impact.

"No," Jason said remorsefully. "He's gone! I can't believe it!" He hung his head in sorrow as the Skullcer continued its course.

"I lost one," Dr. Wily said. "Oh well."

Jason looked upward toward the cockpit at Dr. Wily with anger and hate in his eyes. That was the second time Dr. Wily took Tommy away from him, but now it was permanent. Jason had enough. Jason began to try to get to his transformation bracelet. Soon afterward, Jason saw a fortress with a huge skull on the front of it. Dr. Wily lowered the Skullcer until it was hovering about fifteen feet off the ground. Guts Man, Cut Man, a robot that looked like a giant Zippo cigarette lighter, and Proto Man were waiting for them. Dr. Wily opened a door at the back of the Skullcor.

"Hey," Steven said. "It's a Zippo! How you like that lighting your cigarette?"

"Wouldn't know," Jason replied. "Don't smoke."

"Take them to the ¨Control Room'," Dr. Wily said evilly.

"The room with the camera stuff in it?" Guts Man said questioningly.

"No you idiot! The OTHER ¨Control Room'."

"Oh yeah."

Mark began to struggle in his clap. All the robots went over to Mark passing Jason. Jason had almost got to the buttons to make him transform, but accidentally dropped the bracelet. He knew his actions were going to be discovered as he watch his bracelet fall.

Proto Man went to assist the other robots. He stopped and turned. He had heard a ping close by, but upon looking around he saw nothing.

¨Oh shoot!' Jason thought as he realize where his bracelet had ended up. He couldn't believe his luck. Proto Man didn't notice where it had landed either.

Finally, the three robots grabbed the three fighters and took them to a room that had a few beds with straps on the sides. The robots put the three face down on the beds and strapped them in. The three fighters began to struggle.

"What are you doing?" Steven said. "Trying to give us a shot in the. . ."

"Steven!" Jason yelled. "Don't say it!"

"Rear?" Steven said finishing his previous sentence.

Just then, Dr. Wily came into the room with a tray. Right behind the mad doctor was Proto Man. On the tray, Dr. Wily had three small microchips. Each chip had needle on it.

"What are those for?" Mark yelled.

"They are mind-control chips," Dr. Wily said as he came up to Steven. "You won't feel a thing. You won't know anything for that matter either." He put one of the chips on the back of Steven's neck. Steven stopped struggling. "He will do my every whim. Break out of the straps." Steven broke out of the straps and stood up in front of Dr. Wily to await the next order. His face did not have any expression. He looked like he was in a trance. Jason and Mark looked at Steven in shock. Jason knew that the situation that he and Mark were in was very bad.

"Let him go!" Mark yelled.

"He is one of us now," Proto Man said, "and soon you two will be also."

Back at Dr. Light's laboratory, Adam, Rocky, Zack, Trini and Kimberly had just got in. Dr. Light had a whole bunch of bracelets on the table in different colors and shape. Some of them had their names on them. The former Rangers picked up the bracelets that belonged to them.

"I made the specifications that you all wanted," Dr. Light said as he turned on a screen in back of him. "I also have tracked Jason as well. He is in Mojave Desert. That must be were Dr. Wily's fortress is as well. Be careful."

"We will, Doctor," Trini said. "Do we say our animals and words like ¨ power, transform!' to activate them?"

"No," Dr. Light replied. "You just punch in your password like Jason's. I also have a jet for the non flyers of the group. I will try to get in touch with the others."

"Ok," Zack said. "Let's go! " They all punched in their passwords and they were engulfed by balls of energy. A second later, the energy disappeared and the five of them were in suits like the Mega Man suit.

"Go!" Dr. Light said. "Jason is in danger. You are his only hope right now." Kimberly came up to Dr. Light with the video camera that she had at the tournament. "You want me to review this?"

"No," Kimberly answered. "Don't show this tape to anyone. I need to review it before anyone else sees it. Not even you."

"Ok, all of you be careful!"

Trini, Zack and Rocky got into the jet and took off. A monitor in the jet showed the location of Jason. Adam and Kimberly were able to fly without the jet because their suits were birds. They followed the signal to Dr. Wily's fortress, but landed about a mile out.

"Why are we stopping here?" Adam asked.

"Because he might have equipment that can detect our jet, i.e. radar," Zack said. They went to Dr. Wily's fortress, but ran into a little problem. "We need to find a place to get in that doesn't have any alarms on it."

"Here," Trini said as she was pulling a grate that lead into the air conditioning. They crawled through the system as quietly as they could until they came to a big hallway. Rocky was about to open another grate to get out, but didn't when he heard voices.

"Shhh," Rocky said quietly.

"Soon I will have enough people to help me in my plans," Dr. Wily said.

"Still," Proto Man said. "Mega Man got rid of Dr. Light's robots the last time and some of these people aren't as strong as him."

"I know, but we need more. That's why. I know that you are a good fighter, Proto, but you can't do everything by yourself. Come! Let's see how the production of the robots are doing. We will let those fighters rest." Dr. Wily and Proto Man went through a door and their voices trailed off.

"Good!" Rocky said. "They're gone." All of them jumped out of the air conditioning system.

"Let's find Jason and the others," Trini said. They went down the hall looking through doors. They found the room where it had the beds with straps. No one was in the room.

"What was in here?" Adam said.

"Who are all of you?!" Dr. Wily said. Dr. Wily was in the doorway with Proto Man and a large amount of robots standing behind them. Dr. Wily was in the doorway where the former Rangers had came through.

"We're. . ." Trini said but trailed off when she realized that the team didn't even have a name. ". .well. . .uh. . ."

"We're . . .the Anibots!" Rocky said to Dr. Wily when he finally came up with a name.

"The Anibots?!" Adam, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly said at the exact same time with just as perplexed looks as Dr. Wily.

Rocky shrugged his shoulders.

"We are animals and we fight like robots," Rocky said to Dr. Wily. "So we are the Anibots.'

"Well, whoever you are," Dr. Wily said, "you will not escape! Robots, destroy them, NOW!" With that, the robots except for Proto Man attacked the heroes.

"No guts, no glory!" Rocky yelled as he punched through the center of Guts Man's jewel, and pulled out some of the wires and cables inside it. Guts Man fell backwards dead as a doornail.

Adam saw this and got and idea. He punched a robot named Crash Man square in the face. Crash Man just smiled as he turned his face to look at him. A trickle of blood ran down the side of his face. "HE NO ROBOT!"

With that, Crash Man lived up to his name and crashed a good shoulder-butt into the hawk. Adam went flying back and crashed into the wall. Zack ran to Adam.

"Hawk, you ok?" Zack asked. "What the heck did you say a second ago?"

"That robot isn't a robot, Stingray," Adam said. "It is a human! Look! He's bleeding!" Zack looked back at Crash Man. Zack saw that the side of the mouth was bleeding.

"Well," Zack said. "We know that Guts Man, Cut Man, Bomb Man and the other robots that Mega Man has fought before are robots. So be careful. Guys! Some are human."

"Got it!" Trini said as she kicked one of the robots that she knew wasn't a human. The fights raged on and the Anibots realized that there were two other ¨robots' that were human besides Crash Man. Rocky saw that a robot named Quick Man came running towards him. He knew that he was one of the humans. Rocky dodged the attack and chopped Quick Man in the back of the neck. Quick Man fell to the ground. It was then that Rocky notice a chip with a needle on it fell from Quick Man.

"Mind control," Rocky said as he picked it up. "That's how he is controlling him."

"Ouch!" Quick Man said. He looked around puzzled. "Where am I?"

Rocky recognized the voice coming from Quick Man. It was Mark from the tournament. He assumed then that Jason, Tommy and Steven might be some of the robots.

"Are you ok?" Rocky asked Mark.

"Yeah, I think so," Mark said still a little dazed. "Where am I? Where are Steven and Jason?"

"They must be like you. Some of the ¨robots.'"

"I remember. We are the robots but I don't know which ones." Mark said.

"Great!" Adam said as he realized that he might had punched either Jason or Tommy.

"Look out!" Trini said as she saw Heat Man shoot a ball of fire.

"I'll stop this flaming hairball," Zack said as he put his hands together and water shoot out of the holes just above his hands. "Water Blast!" The fireball turned into steam when Zack's attack hit it.

"I got buzzsaw head," Trini said as she shot webbing out of her hand. "Sticky Web!" The web snatched onto one of his arms. Trini pulled as hard as she could and Metal Man went face first into the floor. The chip that was on him fell off.

"Oh," Steven said. "Who are you? Friends of Mega Man?"

"Yes," Trini said. "We're the Anibots. Where are the other two people that you and your friend where with?"

"One is right there," Steven said pointing at Crash Man, "but the other didn't even make it here. He was trying to get out of the arms that were holding us, but when he did, he fell. We didn't see him die, but from falling that high up, we know he did."

Trini felt extremely sad. She knew that it was either Jason or Tommy that had died. Losing either one of them would be very painful for everyone.

"I see," Trini said, "Thank you. Follow the Phoenix. She will lead you out and to our jet." With that, Mark and Steven followed Kimberly as she flew out. The Anibots knew then that Crash Man was either Tommy or Jason.

With in minutes, Kimberly made it to the jet with Mark and Steven right behind her. The men got into the jet, but Kimberly looked back at where they had came from.

"I'm going back," Kimberly said, "Stay HERE!"

"Phoenix!" Mark yelled. "Why?"

"They need me! If you go back, you will be in danger. Stay!" Kimberly began to fly back to the battle. When she was flying through the desert field to enter the fortress again, she saw people running towards her. She got into a fighting stance.

"Phoenix!" a girl's voice said. "We got Crash out!" Kimberly knew then that it was Trini and that the other Anibots had rescued Crash Man. Kimberly was overjoyed. As she neared her friends, a blast of blue light shot between them.

"Not so fast there, Anibots," a mysterious voice said. "You are not taking the doc's creation." The owner of the voice jumped into the middle of them. It was Proto Man.

"I am have no intention of leaving, yet," Jason said as he prepared himself for a fight.

"Uh...." Zack said as he caught himself almost saying Jason's name. "Crash Man, if you can't fight him. We need to get you to safety." Jason didn't listen to Zack and ran towards Proto Man. He began jabbing at him, but Proto Man was dodging everyone of the attacks. Jason continued with the same ferocity hoping that at least one good hit would land. Proto Man jumped back a couple of times, but then gave Jason a strong punch to the solar plexus. Jason doubled over in pain.

"You should have listened to them," Proto Man said playfully. "They could have kept you alive long enough so you can have your next birthday. You would not make it on your own."

"I'll make it so you don't see the next sunrise," Jason yelled as he got up and gave Proto Man a kick to the upper body. Proto Man caught Jason's kick and elbowed it hard. Jason's leg buckled and he fell to the ground again.

"Dang!" Jason said as he got up trying ignore the pain in his leg. "For a robot, you are an excellent fighter. Wily programmed and built you well. Unfortunately, he gave you a whole slue of bad clichÄs."

Proto Man didn't like Jason's remark and attacked him with a barrage of punches and kicks. Every so often a few of Proto Man's hits would connect and hit Jason hard.

¨Man!' Jason thought. ¨This robot is a better fighter than Tommy was!' Jason got fed up and shot a Crash bomb at Proto Man. Proto Man jumped up over the blast and over Jason.

"Woh!" Adam said.

"Ha ha ha!" Dr. Wily said as he flew above them in his Skullcor. "I modeled him after the Power Rangers. He is as fast, quick and agile as they are." Jason and the former Rangers turned red out of embarrassment from what Dr. Wily had said. "But now, I will take back my creation." Dr. Wily pulled out the same ray gun that he had used on Tommy when he kidnapped him the first time. Dr. Wily aimed it at Jason.

"No!" Adam yelled and shot metal feathers out of his wings. "Razor Feathers!" Two of Adam's feathers hit the ray gun as it was firing. The blast hit Proto Man instead. Proto Man fell to the ground stunned. Jason ran up to Proto Man, retraced the weapon in his arm to make a punching fist and punched Proto Man in the face. Jason saw Proto Man's face twist when he hit it. Jason gasped when he realized that Proto Man was bleeding. The nose where he had hit him was bleeding.

"WHAT?!" Dr. Wily said in astonishment when he saw that Jason hit Proto Man. "That's it! I'm outta here." Dr. Wily pressed a button on the control panel and small round bats came out of the Skullcor. "Pattontons, grab Proto!" The bats grabbed Proto Man as one of them shocked Jason. Proto Man was being carried unconsciously back into Dr. Wily's fortress. Suddenly, something dropped from Proto Man onto the ground. Dr. Wily continued to fly back into his fortress.

"Let's go!" Trini said as she began running towards their jet. Jason grabbed what fell from Proto Man and ran back with everyone to the jet. Before they got to the jet, the Anibots stopped and began to chew Jason out.

"What were you thinking?!" Kimberly yelled. "Your stubbornness almost got you killed!"

"You should know better!" Trini yelled.

"I was trying to get this back," Jason said and showed the other Anibots what had dropped from Proto Man. It was the Mega Man transformation bracelet.

"How did Proto Man get it?" Rocky asked.

"As I was trying to reach it, I dropped it and it fell into Proto's shield on his back. He though he heard it. He didn't know that he had it."

"You and your dumb luck!" Zack said.

"Wait," Trini said sadly. "If you're Jason, then Tommy. . ."

"You know, Trini?" Jason asked her if she knew what happened.

"Yeah. Steven told me that he fell from the Skullcer. I am really sorry Jason."

"I took on Dr. Wily and what he could throw at me in order to get Tommy back. But now, I can't because of what happened. I will never forgive Wily for this. I will get him and bring him to justice."

"We all will, Jas," Adam said. "But not the bad justice."

"JASON!" Kimberly said in shock. "Your hand! It's bleeding." Jason looked at his hand. The hand that had the blood on it was the hand he used to punch Proto Man.

"Oh," Jason said with a little smile on his face. "This isn't my blood. It's Proto's."

"He's HUMAN!?" Rocky said surprisingly.

"Yeah. He is and a very good fighter. I have a feeling that he might be under Wily's control too."

"It is a possibility, Jase," Zack said, "but we know now that he is human. If he is doing these things of his own free will, then we will take him to prison. If he is under Wily's control, maybe we can set him free and ask him to join us. He knows Wily inside and out or he should."

"Good point," Trini interrupted, "but we have to take Steven and Mark back."

"Right," Jason said as they made their way into the jet. Mark and Steven ran to Jason. Mark noticed that Jason was a little worse for the wear.

"Are you ok, Jason?" Mark asked.

"Yeah. I am fine. Proto Man wasn't going to let me out so easily. But they managed to scare him off." Zack and the other Anibots looked at Jason with annoyed looks.

"Thanks to the Anibots, we got out of there alive," Steven said to Jason and then turned to the other Anibots. "Thank you." They all smiled.

"I am sorry that you lost your friend though Jason," Mark said. "But what I don't understand Jason, no offense, but how did you become friends with a sociopath?"

"He never acted like that before," Jason said. "I have never see him like that even when he gets mad. Wait a minute! He was acting like a trained killer, right Steven?"

"Uh...y..yeah," Steven said trying to see what Jason was getting at. "Why?"

"Nevermind. I know what was going on. I want to go back home."

The Anibots piloted the jet to Steven and Mark's homes. The Anibots requested that they take the fighting suits that Mark and Steven had. Jason got their addresses and phone numbers in order to keep in touch with them. After they dropped them off, the Anibots went back to the lab. Dr. Light was happy that Jason was safe and sound, but disappointed about Jason's actions towards Proto Man.

"You know better than that, Jason," Dr. Light said, "but you all did very well in the new suits. It seems that Wily is building suits for his human fighters."

"Hey, Dr. Light," Jason said. "Can I see Kim's tape? I want to see something." At that point, the Rangers that went to Angel Grove came into the Lab.

"Hey guys!" Zack said happily. "You're back!"

"Kim," Jason said turning to her, "can I please see the video tape? I have a feeling that he was there for a reason."

"Ok Jason," Kimberly said sadly thinking that Jason was being delirious.

"What's going on?" Billy asked. "What happened?"

"A lot," Zack said. "It all started at the tournament."

"Doctor," Jason said. "Can you load the footage of everyone fighting Quick Man, Metal Man, and Crash Man?" Jason loaded the tape into the VCR slot in one of Dr. Light's computers. Dr. Light did what Jason asked him to do and a video appear on the upper half of the big screen. The video tape footage was playing below. The first thing they saw was Adam and Rocky making peace signs at the camera.

"They're already hogging the spotlight," Tanya said jokingly.

"Shoot," Jason murmured. "It's at the beginning. I will have to fast forward."

"Wait, Jason," Justin said. "We want to see it all."

"Alright. Go into the entertainment room with it Kim. Don't tell them about you know who yet. I'll be in there in a minute." Kim took the video tape and left the room with the other Rangers.

"What's wrong?" Dr. Light asked Jason.

"I think that my friend at the tournament was also under Wily's control," Jason said. "He never acted the way he did there. Look Dr. Light." Jason showed Dr. Light Steven, Mark and himself fighting the Anibots on the screen. "See. Our techniques are flawless. Like a robot. I believe that my friend Tommy was there for another purpose. He was fighting like that."

"I see," Dr. Light said. "You have help now and they will help you bring Dr. Wily to justice and rescue people. I am sorry about your friend though. I heard the conversation between Trini and Steven."

"I think he is dead, too," Jason said in daze. Both Dr. Light and Jason went into the entertainment room where everyone was. They were at the part were Jason had just won in the quarter finals round of sparring.

"Jason," Katherine said when she realized Jason had join them. "Who is Willowfield? One of your friends at the tournament said he was really good and in first place."

"Wait and see guys," Jason said. They all watched as Jason beat Mark and how they were waiting for Tommy to get there.

"That's the guy?" Billy asked. "He looks a little skinnier than you do Jason."

"Looks are very deceiving," Jason said and at that point all the former Rangers who weren't at the tournament gasped when they saw Tommy.

"He was there?!" Tanya said astonished.

"Yeah," Jason said half talking to everyone and half talking to himself. "I think he was there to scout for Wily. Tommy wasn't acting like his normal self. Dang!"

Jason and the others looked on as Jason and Tommy fought on. Sure enough Jason saw the flawlessness in everything that Tommy was doing. Jason was convinced that he was being controlled. Jason walked out of the room and into his bedroom. He stared out the window near his bed. Katherine came in about a minute later.

"Jason," Katherine said in a sad tone. "I know that you are hurting because Tommy died. There was nothing you could do."

¨Somehow Tommy,' Jason thought to himself. ¨We will avenge you. Proto Man I don't know what side you are really on, but if you are not originally on our side, then your days are numbered.'

Jason looked at a picture that he had on his night stand. It was one of the pictures that was taken during their vacation. They were at a beach. Jason and Tommy were smiling at the camera as the other Rangers in the picture were watching the waves. Jason began to tear up and hugged the picture. Katherine sat down next to him and gave Jason a comforting hug as she started to cry. Jason hugged back.