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Disclaimer: The Power Rangers and their characters belong to Saban and the characters of Mega Man belongs to Capcom. Any name that we make ourselves belongs to us.
Author’s note: In this fanfic, the former Rangers become the Anibots (no relation to Animorphs or Metabots), a fighting superhero group(^-^º) with suits like Mega Man. Jason is Mega Man though. This fanfic takes place around the beginning of Power Rangers in Space. The story is based on the game and partly the show also. (Proto Man starts out evil.) Hope you all enjoy our fanfic. This is the revised version, because somehow an entire scene was deleted. Kittie, it isn't you fault. It's ours.(^-^º)Here is the whole story.

A New Beginning
by DonsArtNGames & ZeoSaturn

As the former Rangers saw their first glance of the Light Institute, they were amazed on how big it was. Tall buildings and fountains were everywhere. The girls were overwhelmed with the beauty surrounding them. Although Jason knew that he should have been happy, he was acting indifferent about the whole thing. He was happy to be in these new surroundings with a chance of a lifetime to attend a prestigious school, yet with the absence of his best friend, the feeling was not overwhelming. It has been two days since Tommy was taken. Everyone is trying their best to settle in. Accommodations were being made for the Rangers to live on campus in one of the townhouses.

The townhouse that they were given had five bedrooms, two full bathrooms, living room, and a full kitchen. A great perk was that the place was already furnished quite nicely. Nearby was another building that contained a huge workout gym area and a large entertainment area for watching movies on a silver screen.

"Geez!" Justin gasped. "This is great."

"It's all for you guys," Dr. Light said. "Divide yourselves up as you wish, but make room for another girl please. She found it a little lonely in the dorms and wanted to be with other people."

"Ok," Trini said, "We will make her feel right at home."

Jason then spoke up. "Alright now, who stays with who?"

"I'll stay with the new girl." Kimberly said. "Trini, Katherine, and Tanya could be in anther

Zack jokingly spoke, "Darn, no girls available now. How rude!"

"Ok," Jason said. "Who's staying with me?"

"I will," said Adam.

"And the Zackman too." Zack said out loud.

"I guess that leaves me, Justin, and Rocky in another room." Billy said.

Rocky and Justin looked at each other and began to have evil smirks.

"NO funny stuff!" Billy and Trini said in unison.

"Alright. Everything settled then?" Dr. Light asked. Everyone nodded their heads. "Good, Aisha will be coming in shortly."

"Aisha?!" everyone said in surprise.

"Yes. She is from Angel Creek I believe. I'm not 100% sure. Well, welcome to your new home." With that, Dr. Light left.

Silence followed. Rocky broke it. "You don't suppose. . . do you?"

Trini responded, "What are the chances?"

Jason's response was, "Knowing our luck....."

".......IT'S her," everyone said at the same time.

They spent the rest of the afternoon getting their stuff unpacked and put away in their rooms. Evening seemed to come quickly that night to everyone's surprise. They gathered around the dinner table that evening.

"Hey guys the dinner's here," Zack said. They had ordered three X-large pizzas from a local pizzeria. Everyone to Jason's surprise seemed too quiet.

"You too?" he asked, "Guys, I know it's our first night here and all and Tommy isn't here anymore, but at least let's have a good dinner please."

After a short moment of peace, Kimberly spoke up. "Do any of you guys remember when Tommy first came to Angel Grove?" Kimberly said.

"I remember," Zack said, "He was doing an exhibition fight with Jason. He was warming up when we saw him. He was pumped up."

"I remember that time. That was my first time going against him. He was one of the best fighters there. I think that he did great."

"He was so cute back then. I miss him." Kimberly said.

They quickly finished their pizzas in an almost eerie silence. When they were finished, Trini spoke up, "I'll take care of the dishes. You guys get your stuff together and get some rest."

"I'll help Trini," Adam said. They proceeded to clean the table and bring the dishes to the kitchen in the back for washing. The rest of the former Rangers got up and left for their rooms.

For a minute, Adam and Trini stood side by side in front of the sink washing the dishes from dinner. Trini continued to wash the dishes but something was a miss. She took a little sniffle and a tear came from her eye.

Adam stopped washing. "I know Trini... I know. I miss him too."

"Tommy was always been a great friend. He was always kind and nice to everyone- well at least when he was good." She chuckled slightly. "He always knew what we needed help with......any......thing." She took another sniffle.

Adam then turned to Trini and held her gently to soothe her. Trini hugged him back and began to cry quietly in his arms.

Meanwhile, back in the first guys' room, "Billy," Justin said, "Did we lose anything when that nut attacked us?"

"Not sure. We checked everything, didn't we?" Billy said. "Well, I'm not sure until we get all the boxes and everything unpacked."

Rocky cuts in, "Has anyone seen my duffel bag for my uniform?"

"No," Billy and Justin replied, "Sorry."

"No problem. Just trying not to think of Tommy."

"Us too."

Meanwhile, back in the other boys' room, Jason was putting up his clothes into his closet. Adam came into the room after finishing the dishes and started making his bed with green plaid sheets. Zack was trying to find an outlet to plug in his alarm clock.

"Man, Adam!" Zack said teasingly. "Plaid?!"

"They're my sheets!" Adam said with a mean look.

"Ehh!" Zack said. "Don't bite my head off!"

"Sorry, Zack. I just can't help thinking about what happened."

"I don't think that any of us will forget that, Adam," Jason said in a sad tone. "He's gone and there is nothing any of us can do." Adam and Zack looked at each other with sad looks. They knew that Jason was taking the situation the hardest.

In Katherine, Trini and Tanya's room, Tanya had just finished unpacking everything that she had. Katherine was sitting on her unmade bed staring down at something. Trini came back into the room with Kimberly and began to start unpacking Trini's things. After she put a few things away, she noticed Katherine hadn't moved from the same spot.

"Kat," Trini said concerningly, "need any help?" Trini came over to Katherine and saw that Katherine was looking at a picture of her and Tommy. Katherine had tears going down the side of her face. In the picture, he was hugging her from the back and the two had big smiles on their faces. Kimberly gave her a comforting hug.

"I miss him too, Kat," Kimberly said. "We all miss him."

Suddenly, the townhouse's doorbell rang. "I'll get it," Justin yelled. He went up to the door and opened the door a crack.

"Hello?" he asked.

A young African American woman stood there with some luggage and a box by her side. "Hi there," she responded. "I'm Aisha. I'm the new girl of this townhouse. Are your parents around?"

"I don't live with my parents. I am a student here at the high school level." Justin said. "We've been expecting you."

A girl's voice in the background yelled out. "Who was at the door?"

Justin yelled back, "The new girl. She's here now." Lowering his voice to the previous level, "Come on in. My name's Justin." He opened the door for her.

"Thank you," Aisha replied. "Nice place you got here." She stepped into the town house. "By the way, can you get someone here to help with the luggage?"

She turned around and saw Justin doing his best to carry as much of the luggage as possible, but only able to manage a few. "I can do it. Don't worry about getting someone else to do it." He continued to struggle a bit.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Positive." Justin said as he attempted to carry in one of the larger luggage pieces, but to no avail. "Well, maybe one of them."

Aisha turned to the receiving room again and saw that it has been tastefully decorated, but easily seen that it was on a slight budget. She didn't mind about it. The room was roughly twelve feet wide by fifteen feet wide the far corners of the room were occupied by a hall at each one. A door was in the middle of the back wall.

A voice down the hall on the left rang out, "Guys keep it down. I'm trying to get some sleep." It was Jason. He began to wobble his way down the hall. He wore a pair of boxers.

"Who is that?" Aisha asked Justin, who was now trying to work the rather large box into the house.

He quickly gave up and stood next to her. "I think that was Jason. He is like the head of the house, though not officially. It just turned out that way."

Just then, Aisha's and Justin's eyes caught something ambling out the hall on the left. It was Jason, with a very bad case of bed head and half naked. He made his way to the door and began to open it.

Aisha cleared her throat out loud and looked away. Justin stared as wide eyed as ever.

Hearing the noise, Jason turned his sleepy body around to see who got his attention. He saw a neatly dressed young woman and almost instantly died. "AHHH," he yelled out ran straight back to his room.

"That's Jason for you," Justin said. "I don't think I'll get much sleep tonight. You?"

Aisha still slightly dumbfounded said, "I think that I know him. Jason is it?"


"Hmmm... Um, which one is my room?"

Back in one of the girls' rooms, all the girls were talking about everything that they could think of.

"Kimberly," Trini said. What do you think?"

"I think that I should check out what is going on with the new girl. Maybe she needs help or something." With that, Kimberly got up and walked out of the room.

The rest of the girls watched her leave unsatisfied with Kimberly's answer. Looking back at each other when she left, they questioned why she avoided to respond.

"AAAHHHHH. OH MY GOODNESS!" Kimberly's voice roared to the girl's room. They immediately got up and ran to the front room.

"Help!" Aisha said with an bewildered look on her face.

Most of the other girls ran to Aisha. Instead of helping her though, they, too, grabbed on to Aisha's body and gave her a big group hug.

“Girls. Girls, Aisha can’t breathe” Aisha jokingly said.

When they finally let go of her, Aisha let out a faux gasp of air and smiled. "For a second there, I thought I would die," She joked. "So since we really don't need a formal introduction or anything, who am I bunking with?"

Kimberly quickly responded, "You're with me, ok? It will be like old times." She then turned to the hall that leads to the guys' side. "Well?" By this time, the guys were standing just outside the hall. "Aren't you guys gonna help?"

A look of surprise took over all the guys and they immediately animated into action to get Aisha's bags. In no time flat, all of the luggage was being unpacked and put away.

Trini, while helping to unpack, said, "Wow, you certainly have a lot of pictures and everything. Probably more than Tanya."

"PROBABLY," Tanya said, "is the key word here." She chuckled. "I doubt it though."

Kimberly then spoke, "So Aisha, what have you been up to recently? I mean, it has been quite a while since we last saw each other.

Aisha responded, "Well, my family and a job has kept me busy and everything. I decided to attend this school on the recommendation of my parents. They figured that this would give me the best education and all. Everything has been fixed in Africa. There was only one thing left to do really. Come home, but when I got back to Angel Grove, you guys had already started your little road trip. I just have a slight problem for now."

The girls sat a little stunned for a moment.

"What's a matter? What's the problem? Grades?" Katherine asked.

"Yeah. Tell us," the rest of the girls asked.

Aisha slightly reluctantly said, "Well, actually it's that I might have some trouble paying for this school. I have money put aside and all, but I don't know how long it will last here."

Trini then asked, "Did you get a job in Africa?"

"Ya, but living in the dorms and paying for everything gets expensive fast."

A quick glance around at each other and the rest of the girls knew exactly what to do. "How about taking a job here?" Tanya asked. "There are many possibilities and openings here. You can try. Or maybe something outside of the school."

Aisha responded, "I know... Do you really think there is anything left here?"

Trini answered with a smile, "Of course. When is there not a job available?"

Aisha looked a little relieved. "That's good. Let's do that tomorrow then. I am a bit tired now." With that all the girls went to bed.

The next morning, life continued as normal. Aisha fit in nicely as if she's been living there the whole time with everyone.

"Come and get it!" Aisha called out. One by one, the rest of the tenants came through the doorway into the kitchen. Most of them looked like they've been through a rough night. "Sheesh, are you guys always this sluggish in the morning?"

Jason replied, "Well we are not quite used to being yelled at in the morning. How was your sleep?"

"Slept like a baby. Couldn't wait to get up." Aisha responded.

Kim cut in, "What do you expect? She didn't sleep until two a.m. I'm surprised that she's not sleepy at all." She looked at Trini. "Trini, how do you keep your hair nice in the morning?"

Trini replied, "Dunno. It just does that on it's own. All it needs in the morning is a quick brush and I'm done."

Tanya spoke up. "Lucky you. I have to wage war with my hair before it is nice to me. Hehe. Morning Adam."

Jason, Kim, Trini, and Aisha look into the doorway.

"You ok?" Trini asked.

Adam looked like he fell off the bed in the middle of the night. "Morning. Tanya... I'm fine. How do you stop someone from snoring... with the exception of killing them?"


"Because if I don't find an answer soon, I'm moving into the other guys' room." Adam said with an exhausted but firm tone. "Zack's driving me nuts at night. Jason how do you survive it?"

With a smile, Jason reached into the shirt pocket of his pjs. He pulls out a pair of ear plugs.

Shocked and feeling a little dense, Adam said, "That would work."

Aisha then came from the kitchen. "So Trini, when can we go to Dr. Light's office to get me a job?"

Trini looked up at her and covered her mouth for a second. "Oh my gosh, I forgot about that. I have classes in half an hour. I'm so sorry. Jason, can you take her? I forgot that class starts early for me today. Gotta run." With that she gets up and runs out the dining room.

Jason replied as soon as Trini left, "Sure..."

"Thank you." Aisha said.

"No problem," Jason said, "We'll go as soon as we finish breakfast. My first class starts later today."

They all finished breakfast with no other incidents and got ready for their day ahead. Jason and Aisha left when they were both ready and headed to Dr. Light's office.

On the way to the office, Aisha was counting on her finger trying to figure out why she felt like they were missing someone in the townhouse.

“Aisha, what’s up?” Jason asked her in a puzzled tone.

“I feel like we were missing someone at breakfast. Who though?” Aisha said half talking to herself and have talking to Jason. Jason then remembered that Aisha didn’t know what happened to Tommy.

“There is someone missing, Aisha.”



“Where is he?”

“Some nut named Dr. Wily took him, Aisha. We were attacked on our road trip and he got hit. Wily took him and we haven’t seen him since. We wanted to find him, but we didn’t know where to look or even if he is still alive.” Aisha had a look of surprise and then sadness on her face when she realized that Tommy might be dead.

“I’m sorry, Jason. I didn’t know.”

“It’s ok. I just wish there was some way to avenge Tommy and get back at Wily. We don’t have any powers like we used to.”

Finally, the both of them reached Dr. Light’s office. Jason and Aisha went into the office to talk to Dr. Light, but the secretary told them that Dr. Light was not available at the moment. Jason said thanks and they both stood outside the office.

Aisha thought, "Well that was a bust."

"I think I might know where Dr. Light is," Jason said, "Follow me."

Without saying a single word, Aisha did as she was told and followed Jason down a slew of halls until they reached a very large hall that seemed bigger than some of the classrooms.

"Here we are." Jason said.

Aisha looked in awe at the massive door that loomed in front of her. "That is one BIG door."

She was right of course. The double door in front of them was about twelve feet high and just as wide. It was made of a well formed iron and had a keypad built into it.

Jason reached out to the keypad and punched in a code. The computer acknowledged the code and opened in front of them. "Welcome, Jason." a robotic female voice said as it opened.

"Shall we?" Jason asked as he motioned for Aisha to enter this strange area.

Upon entering she was impressed at the size of the room that was on the other side of the doors. "WOW! This place is HUGE!" Her eyes opened wider and wider as she turned her head to see everything. "You can fit two roller-coasters in here."

"Well actually," a voice said. It was Dr. Light. "We sort of have one in here." He walked to a nearby canopy that was suspended by a heavy cable. "This, when completed will take its passengers around the lab and around the whole campus. I think a train-like thing would be too Disney like."

He thought to himself, 'Isn't this just like Disney's OLD ride?' Jason by this time was wandering around the lab looking at all the cables and mountings that supported them. "This looks like one heck of a project, sir."

Dr. Light responded, "It sort of is. But nothing my staff can't handle. By the way, why are you here?"

Jason quickly snapped back to his senses and remembered why they were there. "Well, Aisha here needs a job here on campus so she can keep up with the rent and other necessities."

"I see," Dr. Light said, "And does she usually wander off like this?"

Jason looked around himself for a second. "Um... No. I wonder where she is."

"WHAT THE-!" Aisha yelled out. The two men hurried to where they heard her. "What is this?" she said. "This face looks too real."

Dr. Light stood slightly taller with pride. "Do you like it? It is a special robot with only one purpose: To wear and test one of my newest inventions, a Power suit."

The robot was laying on a heavy lab table with wires coming out of just about every part of it. It looked humanoid except for the face. It looked very real as if the face was peeled from one person and placed on the robot. It looked to be a little smaller than Jason by a couple of inches.

Aisha shuddered slightly. "I think that it looks scary. A human face on a robot body. I'm not used to it."

Jason cut in. "Just think of it as an aesthetically appealing Robocop."

Dr. Light said, "A very expensive Robocop. About a million dollars worth out of my pocket."

"I wonder what this button does." Jason said.

"NO!" Dr. Light yelled, "I need this robot for the fair tomorrow to demonstrate the power suit and I do not have enough time for any repairs."

Jason said sorry. "I didn't mean to cause any harm."

"That's ok, Jason," Dr. Light said. "No harm done. As for Aisha. Just talk to my secretary and she'll make a list of jobs that Aisha can take... Oh, and before you go, Jason, please clean up a few bolts that I dropped around here real quick. I think there are five missing. I have to finish this program for the robot right away. I'm already a day behind schedule."

Jason replied, "Sure. Aisha you go ahead. I think this is best done on your own." He bent down to pick up a couple of the bolts that had fallen on the floor. "Three more."

Aisha had walked to the door but she had not left the lab area yet. "I think I'll help you out. It's just three bolts left." She too joined Jason on the floor looking for the last missing bolts. "Here's one more." She handed the bolt to him. "Two more."

Jason then said to her, "Thanks, Aisha, I can take it from he- here's one more. You better get going. I'll catch up, ok? Now, where's that last bolt?"

"Uh, sure." With that Aisha got up and walked to the doors of the lab.

Just as she was about to open the doors. CRASH! She ran back to Jason and Dr. Light. She was only a little surprised that Jason had fallen on top of the robot, knocking it clear off the table. "Are you ok?" A slight plinking sound near her feet attracted her attention. "Huh?" She picked up the screw that stopped moving at her feet. "I found the last one. What happened?"

"Ouch!" was all Jason could say.

"He'll be alright," Dr. Light said, "He's just a little dazed. He tripped up on that last bolt."

"I'm fine." Jason said. "Sorry about that." He looked at what remained of the robot on the table and looked towards the floor to find that most of the robot lay in shambles. "Oh man... I'll make it up to you. I promise."

Aisha spoke, "Uh, Jason. THAT is a multi-million dollar experiment. I doubt that even your parents have that much to make up for this."

Dr. Light looked at Jason with a little bit of disappointment. "This is partially my fault. So I can't do anything to you academically, but I think there is a way for you to make it up. Do you mind switching jobs for a bit?"

"Sure," Jason said, "What is it?"

"The robot was about your height. I think that you just might fit into the power suit. Care to try it out?" Dr. Light asked with a smirk.

"Um...Thanks...but no." Jason Replied. "I have had my share of advanced technology around me with Billy and... other friends around."

"Well do you have enough money to pay for it?" Aisha asked.

"Alright, I'll wear the costume!" Jason finally yelled out. "Let me see if it will fit me. How do I put it on?"

Dr. Light smirked a bit as he gave an odd looking bracelet with a small number pad on it. "For now just type in the numbers 6342 and it will activate. It's as simple as that."

Jason began to punch in the numbers when Aisha asked, "Has this been tested yet?"

Dr. Light responded, "Not on a human yet."

"What?!" Jason yelled out, but it was too late. The last number of the code was pushed and the suit began to activate. A bright light filled the area around him as he yelled out.

Aisha covered her eyes to shield them from the bright light. As the light faded away, she lowered her arms and looked towards Dr. Light. Her vision cleared up slowly as some of the effects of the light wore off. "That was one bright light! I couldn't see a thing. What about you?" A look of shock swept over her.

"I'm fine and I saw everything," Dr. Light said. He was wearing a welding shield over his face. He removed it and walked around Jason to check the fit. It looked ok. "How's the fit?" He asked.

Jason couldn’t believe what he was wearing. He had the blue suit that the robot was wearing. Unfortunately, Jason didn’t feel comfortable in the suit.

Jason let out a slight gulp and responded in a squeaky voice, "It's a little tight in some areas."

Dr. Light said, "Well it has to look compact, right? But I think that I can readjust it for you." He then took a screwdriver out of his lab coat and pushed on a plate on the blue helmet. The plate opened up to reveal its insides. He stuck the tip in and played around with one of the dials in it. "How's that?" Dr. Light asked.

Jason could feel the suit loosen up around him a little. "That's better, but it is still a little tight." His voice was still a little squeaky. Dr. Light made more adjustments. "There. That's better." He found that his voice has returned to normal.

Aisha giggled a bit, "Oh my. I was wondering when his voice would return."

"Well," Dr. Light continued, "Move around please. Do like a martial arts form. See if it fits well."

Jason did as instructed but stopped halfway through the form. "Dr. Light," Jason said in a pained voice, "it needs to be a little bit looser." Dr. Light made another adjustment. Jason then tried again. He was able to do his martial arts moves with ease.

When he was done, Jason asked, “I thought that the suit from the robot was what I was going to wear.”

“Well,” Dr. Light said, “the suit on the robot was the second attempt at the suit, but my prototype was stolen and you broke the robot. So, the one that you are wearing is the third attempt at a robotic fighting suit. Now, you must do something for me.”

“Oh no.”

When the weekend came around, all of the former Rangers and Dr. Light went to robot and mechanics convention at the nearby convention center. Billy and Justin knew that this convention was going to take place a year early and they both built a hover tank. Both of them had to stay with their invention according to the rules, so they were there earliest. The rest came in small groups and decided to meet there.

Adam, Trini, Zack, and Aisha were the first to find the hover tank exhibit. “Hey guys.” they all said in unison. Justin seemed chipper and more hyper than Billy.

“Hi,” Justin said in a cheerful smile. “Well what do you think?”

Zack took a puzzled look at it. “It looks like a tank without the treads and wheels....What is it?”

The inventors exchanged annoyed looks but explained it to them.

“It is a hover tank,” Billy said. “Terrain won’t be a problem any more when the need to defend this country comes about. Leaves almost no tracks what-so-ever and packs a lightweight yet powerful rail gun.” His expression didn’t change.

Aisha asked, “What’s wrong?”

Justin’s unusual bit of happiness left him for a moment. “We’re kind of worried about this competition. Some ideas we saw here are some really good stuff. The one we are most concerned about is the jump boots. His opening line is ‘Wanna be Superman?’ Really cliché!”

“So, where’s Jason?” Billy asked.

“You haven’t seem him either?” Zack responded. Billy shook his head. “Hold on, then. I’ll find him.” Zack turned heel and took off looking for Jason.

Trini looked at the invention that Billy and Justin made. “Why don’t you tell us how you got it to hover.”

“Simple really,” Billy said, “We just use a Pratt & Whitney f118-10 derivative power plant used on the AV-8B Harrier jets to supply the power. Our machine only needs at most two people to run it. This model has an AI system integrated on board so it doesn‘t even need a person to run it.”

Everyone looked quizzingly at Billy. Trini noticed this. “It uses a special jet engine to make it work.”

“Oooohhhh,” everyone said.

By this time, Zack came back. “I couldn’t find Jason, but I did find these guys.” It was Kimberly, Rocky, Tanya & Katherine.

Kim looked at them and noticed that Aisha was standing a bit to the side and with an unusual smile. “Aisha, do you know something we don’t?”

“You’ll see,” Aisha said with a smirk. As she said this, the lights began to dim.

The P.A. system then went active, “Ladies and gentleman, please come to the main auditorium. There is a special demonstration for you all.”

Everyone gathered at the main auditorium and waited for the demonstration to start. Dr. Light along with a man in a skin tight spandex suit and mask came out from behind a curtain. The girls began to blushed when the realized what a good body the concealed man had.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,” Dr. Light said into a microphone, “I am here to show you my latest accomplishment. This man is code named Rock. He is 19 years-old and a fifth degree black belt in the martial arts. Rock, please show us some of you skill.”

The man began to do a kata that he knew. He was fast and very sharp with his technique, but made a few mistakes here and there.

“Whoa!” Kimberly said. “He does as good as Jason.”

“That is Jason,” Aisha said. Everyone looked at Aisha. She knew all along where Jason was. “He broke something in Dr. Light’s lab and he is paying him back for it.”

“What happened?” Katherine asked.

“He broke the robot that was going to model the suit. It was worth about a few mill.”

“Yikes!!” Zack said. “Jason owes Dr. Light his life.” At that point, Jason had stopped doing his kata.

“Rock, lift this one ton weight.” Jason tried as best he could to lift the weight, but to no avail. “Now, I call this suit he is going to change into the ‘Mega’ suit. Are you ready, Rock?” With that, Jason nodded and punched in the numbers into the transformation bracelet and he morphed into the suit that he had on in the lab.

“Wow, Power Ranger suit,” a little boy said in amazement. The former Rangers blushed out of embarrassment at the child’s comment. “I want one mommy!” This made Jason blush. He felt as red as his very first ranger suit.

“Now, lift the weight.” Jason lifted the weight with no problem. Almost everyone in the audience ooooed and aaahhhed at the spectacular feat.

All of a sudden, a huge explosion came from behind Dr. Light and Jason. The audience could see that the people backstage were frightened and running away from something. The thing or things that frightened them were six big robots which included Guts Man, Cut Man and Elec Man and Dr. Wily himself.

“You!” Dr. Light said. “What do you want?!”

“I am just here for the hover tank,” Dr. Wily said and motioned Guts Man and a fat robot that looked like a duck to pick up the tank.

“No!” Justin yelled. “That took us months to build!”

“Too bad! Guts Man, Bomb Man! Be careful with it. Fire Man, Ice Man, Elec Man, Cut Man! Make sure that no one tries anything.”

“Yes, Dr. Wily,” Guts Man said and steadied the tank so that he wouldn’t drop it.

“Stop!” Jason said as he stopped in front of the two robots and held out his hand. “I won’t let you take that tank.”

“And you are?” Dr. Wily said not amused.

“He is Mega Man,” Dr. Light said and Jason pulled the mask that was covering his face. Jason was having trouble seeing what was going on. “He is my best creation. He is strong, intelligent and fast. He is like the Power Rangers from Angel Grove except he can shoot energy out of his arm. A very big and powerful blast.”

“I won’t let you leave this place with the tank,” Jason said and retracted his left hand into the arm piece and made his buster. Suddenly, a large crash came from behind backstage again, but a second later, the curtains of the stage collapsed and the machine that Dr. Wily used to attack them before was sitting on the edge of the stage. A figure moved from the driver’s seat, opened up a door in the back of the machine and the figure got on the roof.

“I will make sure that the doc gets what he wants,” the figure said and stepped forward. The figure was visible now and Jason saw a robot in red and gray and with a yellow scarf and a huge shield on his back. The robot’s helmet looked like a jet pilot’s helmet, but with out the air mask. A huge visor hid his eyes and most of his face. The figure seemed to be
the smallest compared to Dr. Wily’s robots, but a little taller than Jason.

“Whose that?” Rocky asked.

“Meet my right hand robot, Dr. Light,” Dr. Wily said with a sinister smile on his face. “This is Proto Man. He helps me with everything. Your Mega Man is the second robot to have a cannon for an arm. That is why my robot is named Proto Man. He was the first. He makes sure to get the job done.”

“Eww,” Zack said. “Bad cliché.”

“Robots! Get them!” Guts Man and Bomb Man finished securing the tank to the Skullker and the robots ran up to Jason to attack.

“I’ll cut him down to size!” Cut Man said and fired the boomerang blade on top of his head. The blade raced to meet its target as another blade appeared on his head.

Jason got in a ready position. “I believe this belongs to you.” He caught the blade in mid-air, spun around, and flung the deadly blade back at Cut Man.

“OH N-!” CLANG! The orange robot’s head became decapitated and flew off towards Bomb Man blade first.

“Oh no you don’t,” Elec Man said and threw a bolt of lightning at the blade. The blade when right through the lightning and cut Elec Man into to pieces. Jason ran up to both dismantled robots and touched their heads. Jason’s arm cannon glowed and a little see-through visor came down in front of his eyes. On the visor, it read: You have Rolling Cutter and Thunder Beam!

“All right! Now I got your powers,” Jason said with a smile on his face. Jason pressed a button on his buster. He fired a shot at the other robots, but instead of the plasma blast his arm cannon fires, a lightning bolt flew out.

“Uh oh!” Guts Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man and Ice Man said at the exact same time. Guts Man, Bomb Man and Fire Man jumped out of the way, but the lightning bolt was still heading for Ice Man.

“Ice Slasher!” Ice Man yelled and a huge ice shard was fired from him. The lightning bolt hit the shard, but reflected the lightning through the ice shard and toward Ice Man. “No!” Ice Man became electrocuted and fell backwards. Jason started to run up to Ice Man, but the three remaining robots got in the way. Jason jumped and flipped over the robots and
landed right next to Ice Man.

“Show off!” Proto Man whispered to himself. Apparently, he wasn’t amused.

“Wow,” Katherine said who was amazed at what was happening. “It’s like old times, but better!”

“I know,” Adam said.

Jason looked back at the other robots as he touched Ice Man’s head. He copied from Ice Man his Ice Slasher attack. Jason switched his arm cannon to the Ice Slasher attack. He figured that the ice attack was Fire Man’s weakness. Jason fired an ice shard at Fire Man.

“Ha ha,” Fire Man said and fired a wave of fire at Jason. “Fire melts ice!”

“Yeah, but!” Jason said as the two attacks connected. The ice shard turned into water, but was still heading toward Fire Man. “Water puts out fire!” The water hit Fire Man and put out the fire on top of his head and the water began to short out his robot body.”

“NO!” Dr. Wily yelled. “He is destroying my robots. No one has been able to do that!” Proto Man made the sound of clearing a throat. “Except you, Proto.” Proto Man scoffed. Dr. Wily picked up the remains of Cut Man, Elec Man, Ice Man and Fire Man with big mechanical hands and arms.

“You go!” Guts Man yelled at Bomb Man.

“No! You!” Bomb Man yelled back.

“No! YOU!”

“Enough!” Proto Man yelled. “Settle it now or I will dismantle you!”

Guts Man and Bomb Man looked at each other and pointed toward each other. “Here! Rock, Paper, Scissors!” Bomb Man said finally. Jason gave a look of bewilderment and Proto Man and Dr. Wily slapped their hands to their foreheads.

“What the hell?!” Tanya said as the rest of the people watching gave the same bewildered look that Jason gave.

Bomb Man and Guts Man played the game three times. Bomb Man lost and turned toward Jason. Jason changed his arm cannon to his regular plasma shot and fired. It hit Bomb Man, but only made a little dent in his belly. Jason knew if he used his regular gun it would take a long time to take him down and he still would have to contend with Guts Man.
Jason tried the Ice Slasher, Thunder Beam and Rolling Cutter on Bomb Man, but none of
the weapons were doing any significant damage. Finally he saw that the weapons that Bomb Man had where bombs, but the fuses on them were never lit. Jason figured that they were designed to explode on impact. Fire Man’s weapon might to the job. Jason ran back to Fire Man and copied his weapon which read “Fire Storm” on his weapons list. Jason
changed his plasma shots to the Fire Storm. Jason used the fire attack and the attack consumed Bomb Man and when it was finished, Bomb Man was all black and the fuse on the bomb that he was holding was lit. The bomb exploded and Bomb Man was blown to pieces. He ran to Bomb Man and copied his “Hyper Bomb” attack.

“Ok Guts!” Jason said as he changed his weapon to the bombs. “Your turn!”

Proto Man jumped off the Skullker behind Guts Man. Guts Man saw him and had said, “Thanks, Proto Man.”

“Go get him!” Proto Man said and Guts Man expression on his metal face turned from relief to fear. “Idiot!” Jason gave Guts Man a smile and fired a bomb at him. Guts Man exploded. The people around watching and the former Rangers cheered.

“He got rid of the robots!” Justin said.

“That’s Ja...a... Mega Man for you,” Zack said as he realized that he was about to say Mega Man’s real name.

“I just hope that that suit holds up though," Dr. Light said as he came up to the other Rangers. “I didn’t anticipate that he won’t be going through a battle.”

“You mean,” Kimberly said in a worried voice, “he could still be in danger.”


“Impressive, Mega Man!” Proto Man said. “It took you three minutes slower than it took me to do this. You are a lot messier too.” Proto Man was walking closer to Jason.

“So you decided to join the party,” Jason said. “But it’s not a pajama party though.”

Proto Man looked at his suit and then at Mega Man. “Well, at least I know to put my underwear on the outside of my pants.”

Jason gave a dirty look to him, but the former Rangers tried not to laugh. At this point, Dr. Wily was picking up the remains of Guts Man and Bomb Man. “At least I am not all talk and no show.”

“Trust me, Mega Dweeb! Looks can be deceiving!”

“That was really cliché!”

“We got what we wanted!” Dr. Wily yelled. “Let’s go!” Proto Man jumped on top of the Skullker and it began to take off with the tank.

“No you don’t!” Jason yelled and tried to jump up to catch the Skullker, but just fell short. Jason then noticed the jump boots. He grabbed a boot and turned it on. The boot flew over the Skullker with Jason holding on to it. He landed on the Skullker where Proto Man was. He didn’t stay on the Skullker for long, because as soon as he landed, Proto Man
took his sheild from his back and rammed it into Jason’s stomach. Jason fell off the Skullker and onto one of the arms.

“This is a warning shot, Mega Man,” Proto Man said and fired a shot at the arm of the Skullker. The arm broke, Jason fell to the ground and made a huge crater were he landed.

“You’re not bad, Mega Twit,” Proto Man yelled from the top of the Skullcer. “Next time
though, you won’t be so lucky.”

“Proto!” Dr. Wily yelled. “You are shooting the Skullker. What are you doing?”

“Would you rather have Mega Man be on our heels?” Those were the last words anyone heard as the Skullker flew away.

Jason laid in the crater and gave out a big sigh. The former Rangers came up to Jason and pulled him out of the hole.

“Mega Man, are you ok?” Zack said as he brushed of the dirt from the suit.

“I’m fine,” Jason said. “Was anyone hurt?”

“No,” Katherine said excitedly. “You saved a whole bunch of people, but they took the tank.”

“Don’t worry,” Billy said. “That tank was a model made out of scrap metal. The engine was the only thing that worked. The barrel was from an old rotting mast from a boat. we just reshaped it.”

“AND IT TOOK A MONTH TO BUILD IT!!!!” Justin cried.

“So, I risked my neck for nothing?!” Jason yelled at Justin. “We’ll at least no one was hurt and the suit works.”

All of a sudden, camera crews and reporters came up to Jason. The other Rangers backed off and watched on.

“Mega Man, I am Brie Perry from News Channel 14,” a woman said to Jason as he was blinded by a camera light. “You just saved hundreds of people. Where did you come from and how did you meet Dr. Light?”

“Well...” Jason uttered not knowing what to say.

“He is my right hand man and a dear friend,” Dr. Light said moving himself next to Jason. “His real identity is confidential, but like many super heroes, he will try his best to defend and fight against Dr. Wily.”

“Thank you Dr. Light,” Brie said and turned to the reporters and cameras. “Looks like a new Ranger group, but this time they have a whole new look, this Brie Perry, Channel 14 News.” The reporters and cameras left Jason and Dr. Light. The rest of the former Rangers joined the two of them.

“Thanks, Dr. Light,” Jason said with relief. “I didn’t know what to say.”

“That’s ok,” Dr. Light said. “I will do the press releases and you just fight. I am glad that you and the suit are so resilient.”

“Doc, can you make suits for the rest of my friends? I hate fighting alone.”

“Of course, my dear boy. You tried fighting them all by yourself and were doing a marvelous job, but you were having trouble out there.”

“Especially with Proto Man,” Zack said. “He is one tough robot.”

“Thanks, again, but what about the robot?” Jason asked. “I owe you big time for it! What if the suit breaks like the robot did?”

“You are Mega Man now,” Dr. Light said reassuring Jason. “You just be Mega Man, fight Dr. Wily and you will pay me back for the suit that way. You don’t owe me any money Mega. Just your companionship.”

“Oh, that’s sweet!” Kimberly said think that the moment was thoughtful.

“Thanks, doc,” Jason said as he turned to where Dr. Wily had escaped then thought to himself, ‘Someday Wily! You will pay for taking Tommy away from us and Proto Man, your days are numbered.’