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Disclaimer: The PR concept and all related stuff is proberty of Saban Entertaiment. But everything else is mine. So plaese ask first, if you'd like to use one of my creations. Besides the story is inofficial and nonprofit.
Timeframe: December 31st, 1999
Author's note: In this series, the Rangers havn't revealed their true identities.

Turn of the Millenium
by Vinny

( 12.00 a.m. )
Karone sat on the terrace of the Surf Spot and sipped at her milkshake.

She really loved the sweet taste of Adelle's vanilla shakes, but she couldn't enjoy this time. She had a shake everyday. And this day was to special to enjoy something usual.

The Kerovan woman nervously played with her straw - until someone abruptly put his hands over her eyes.

"Hello, Beautiful!" a male voice said. "Who am I?"

"Hmmm..." Karone murmured. "Who calls me "Bautiful"? Bob? Chris? Jake?"

"That doesn't sound good to me..." the gentle voice playfully replied.

"Wrong guess?" Karone teased. "Well... Did I forget someone? No... But - oh, yes! Zhane!"

"You're lucky!" the young man grinned, when he removed his hands from the eyes of his girl-friend.

"Hi, Zhane!" Karone giggled, hugging him tightly.

"Nice to see you!" the young man smiled. "But I'm afraid we already have to leave. It will take some time to reach KO-35, so the ship should take off soon. Otherwise, we won't be able to celebrate that day on KO-35."

"Then we better hurry." Karone commanted.

So the young couple left the Surf Spot and went into a lonely alley. A few moments later, two bright streams of light streaked across the sky and headed into space.


A young man in a black leather suit looked down at the city from the roof of a high rise.

An evil laugh escaped from his lips, as he watched the humans, who made preparations to welcome the 21st century. They hurried from one shop to shop, loaded with bulging bags. Some people fought for the good bargains, others rummaged through countless stores, searching for special supplies.

"Yes, you worms..." the male grinned. "Enjoy the last hours of peace and freedom. You will serve me, before the millenium turns, humans. I promise, you will!"

With these words he started to speak into the mike of a handy machine.

"Devil Cruiser, come in! Operation: 2000 begins!"


The two lightbeams landed aboard the Megaship and revealed Zhane and Karone. The other Rangers were already there, waiting for their friends.

"Hey, lovebirds." T.J. grinned. "Ready to go?"

"Try to hold us up! Karone replied " D.E.C.A., set course on KO-35."

"Understood." the female voice of D.E.C.A. announced. "All systems ready. We are heading towards KO-35, Kerova System."

The heavy engines started to rustle quietly, when the ship turned around and rocketed away.

All the Rangers, except for Zhane and Karone, sat at the control panels. But the young was not needed at teh moment.

"Hey, Beautiful," Zhane whispered into Karone's ear. "Can we go to my room?"

"With pleasure." the young woman answered. "C'mon."


( 1.00 p.m. )
The citizens of Angel Grove still prepared themselves to celebrate that special evening.

But Liz and Wayne, two close friends of the Rangers, had already finishe their preparations. So the teens didn't have to hurry from shop to shop.

They quietly walked along the beach, which was completly deserted now.

Liz was tall and slim. On bright days, her brown hair, which went down to her waist, sparkled in the sun.

Wayne was an Afro American, who had moved to Angel Grove two months ago. He was muscular and had short black hair.

It was obvious that both of them had a crush of each. They would definately make a great couple, but none of them had taken the first step yet. Both of them had a ready tongue, but they were a little shy to each other.

"So... will you go to a party this evening?" Wayne shily asked.

"Well... I havn't planned anything yet..." Liz murmured with a sidelong glance on the young man. "I thought we could go somewhere together - if you want to!"

"Yes, of course!" Wayne quickly replied. "That's fine, Liz. I heard, that Bob is throwing a party tonight. Would... ya like to go there?"

"Gladly." the young woman answered, giving him a big smile.


In the meantime, Karone and Zhane had retired from the the bridge.

Zhane sat on his bed. His girl-friend laid next to him, with her head cradled in his lap. Zhane gently stroked her hair, while they talked.

"Are you excited, Beautiful?" Zhane inquiered. "I mean, that's the first time you celebrate New Year's Eve, or did you celebrate such eventes under the command of Dark Specter?"

"Of course not!" she responded. "That living rock would have gone bezerk! His fighters were only allowed to celebrate historic destructions and the dead of good warriors. Man, I never realized how disgusting that is! So I'm in fact excited. This is so cool..."

At this point, Zhane nodded and started to crawl her back.

"Hmmmm... That's good." Karone giggled. "Keep this up."

"I will." Zhane promised.


The other Rangers were still on the bridge, although D.E.C.A. was in control now.

The teens just sat on their seats and had a talk. They spoke about their rocky past, especially the fateful "Countdown to Destruction" and also about plans and ideas for the new year.

Everything seemed to be quiet and peaceful in space. But a discovery of D.E.C.A. quickly shattered the illusuion...

"Attention!" the computer stated. "An unknown space ship is coming towards us. It's heavily armed."

"Show it to us, D.E.C.A." Andros pleaded.

The Rangers gasped in shock and surprise, when a picture of the ship appeared on the viewing screen.

It was formed like the Astro Megaship. But that unknown space cruiser was about 10 ten times bigger! Two huge canons were mounted on the bow, while another one was located on the upper side. Besides the ship was colored in black and silver.

"Oh... my... god..." Ashley whispered.

"Please, Andros, tell me, that's a friend..." Carlos pleaded.

"Sorry..." the Kerovan man slowly responded. "I have never seen that ship before."

Just then, Cassie noticed something.

"Hey!" she yelled. "Look! There's something printed on the right side of the ship..."

"You're right." T.J. murmured, trying to read the white words. "Dew.... Devil... Devil Cruiser!"

"Devil Cruiser?" T.J. repeated. "That sounds bad to me, guys."

At this moment, the mysterious ship opened the fire, as if it wanted to confirm T.J.'s words. A mighty energyblast hit the Megaship's upperside and hurled it backwards!


The heavy shake threw Zhane and Karone off of the bunk bed.

The young woman just fell to the ground, but Zhane bumped his head against the wall and slid to the floor slowly. Karone dizzily stood up and stumbled over to her boy-friend.

"Zh-zhane..." she whispered and kneeled down beside him. "Zhane, can hear me? Please, Zhane! Speak to me!"

But Zhane did not move. He just laid there with a pale face. Karone quickly hit a button on her communicator to contact the others.

"Andros!" she shouted. "What's up? Why did the ship rumble?"

"We're under attack!" her brother replied. "Karone, are you two alright?

"No..." the young woman answered. "Zhane had an accident. I'll take him to the Medical Bay now."

"Okay." Andros murmured. "Please stay there, Karone. We'll try to deal with the attack."

Karone wanted to reply, but at this moment, the ship was hit again and the connection to Andros broke down.


"D.E.C.A., damage-report!" Andros commanded.

"The bow was been heavily damaged, along with the shuttle inside." the female voice annouced. "So there is no way to deploy the MegaZord Power."

"Oh, great." Ashley moaned.

"D.E.C.A., adjust the canons and open the fire." Andros desperately ordered.

After a few seconds the computer replied.

"Attention! The canons have no effect on the Devil Cruiser. The Shielding is too strong to break through."

BOOM! Another extensive blast hit the Megaship.

"Okay, guys!" Andros yelled. "We have to get away from here, and that's gonna be a rocky trip. So - Let's rocket!"

At this moment, two heavy missiles shot from the bottom of the Devil Cruiser and raced towards the Astro Megaship in high speed!

"Take cover!" Andros screamed.

But it already was too late. The missiles crashed into the bridge and exploded in bursts of fire!

All the lights instantly flashed off and lethal bolts dashed through the room. One of the control panels exploded, which caused Alpha to crash into a wall. Another explosion crushed the ceiling's hull and pulled numerous cables off.

These events roughly interrupted the morphing process and hurled the teens around!

After some moments the entire ship went into a spin and drifted into deep space, while the Devil Cruiser continued its journey...


( 2.00 p.m. )
The mysterious man was still standing atop a sky scraper in Angel Grove.

"What the heck is taking so long?" he quietly scolded.

But just then, the handy communicator bleeped. The strange man hit one of the glowing buttons and listened to a dark voice.

"We are ready, Evilor." it said. "The Devil Cruiser is in position now. We are waiting for your orders, my lord."

"Good." the black-haired Evilor simply replied. "I'll meet you on the bridge in about 1 minute."

With these words, Evilor vanished in a black mist.


A few moments later, Evilor reappeared on the bridge of the Devil Cruiser.

He landed on a round platform, which hovered several feet above the ground. Below that platform, there were numerous control desks, as well as scary robots, who worked on these panels.

Besides one of the walls was covered by an extensive window, which enabled Evilor to look down at the city.

"Controllers!" Evilor shouted. "Adjust the lasers on the demolition quarter near Angel Grove."

"Adjusted." one of the robots replied after some seconds.

"Open the fire." Evilor grinned.

"Fire - opened." a controller-robot said.


The old dimolition quarter had been attacked by Rita's forces some years ago and waited for its dimolition now. Nobody lived there or visited that area, but it wasn't far away from Angel Grove.

So everybody saw the heavy explosion, which arised, when a blue enerygbeam rocketed into that quarter from the sky!

The people stared at the chaos in shock, surprsie and amazment. The explosion went up to the sky like a gigant fungus,

destroying every single thing in the quarter in the process. The flames of the explosion vanished in the sky after some moments, followed by a cloud of smoke.

But the smoke also vanished soonly...

The people were totally shocked, as they looked at the location of the old quarter. It was gone. Only a deep crater was left now!

"M-mom..." a small child whispered frightened. "Wha-what happened?"

"I don't know..." she whispered back.

At this moment, a big projection of Evilor's head appeared above the city.

He looked at the citizens with his threatening, dark red eyes and an evil grin tug at his lips, when he discovered their fear.

"Citizens of Angel Grove." the man started. "I am Evilor, Lord of Destruction. Your city is under my control now."

"Yeah, of course!" a brave person laughed. "Go home, you idiot!"

"Shut up!" Evilor ordered. "Another single word, and this city will be send up in flames, just like that lonely dimolition quarter! I can kill all of you within a few seconds! You should better keep taht in your mind, slaves... Any comments?"

Nobody moved.

"Good." Evilor giggled under his breath. "My troops will arrive soon. >From now on, you are under their command. If anyone tries to play the hero, he or she will pay. And now go home and prepare to meet my soldiers. Happy new year, Angel Grove!"

With thse words the projection vanished from the sky.

"What... can we do now?" someone loudly asked.

"You heard the jerk." someone else slowly said. "We all saw, how he blew the demolition quarter up. We can't fight him."

"You're right." a young woman whimpered. "Our only hope are the POWER RANGERS!"

( 3.00 p.m. )
The Astro Megaship, which had deviated from its course, was drifting through the galaxy.

It was dark and silent on the command bridge. Only the low sound of flying sparks could be heard there. Some of the control panels were partly broken and small debris lay around everywhere on the floor. The ship was out of control, but none of the Rangers was able to change that. All of them had passed out during the last fight...

The lifeless body of Carlos lay near a wall, only a few inches away from T.J.. Andros sat on the floor, leaning against a console. His arms were protectively wrapped around Ashley.

Suddenly, the silence was interrupted.

One of the heavy doors slid open, revealing Zhane and Karone standing in the corridor. They were about to enter but the chaos in front of their eyes stunned both of them for some seconds. But then, they discovered their fallen friends and snapped out of their trance...

"Oh my god!" Karone shrieked, rushing into the room. "Guys!"

The Kerovan woman carefully patted her brother's cheek until his eyes fluttered open eventually.

"Ka-Karone...?" he muttered, looking up at her. "The... the attack! What..."

"Shhh." Karone interrupted. "It'll be okay."

"D.E.C.A.!" Zhane exclaimed while he tried to wake up Carlos. "Check the systems and report!"

"Understood." D.E.C.A. replied as usual.

A few seconds passed. Rushing and beeping sounds could be heard, and all the lights started to flicker slightly.

"Oh, man..." Carlos moaned as he awoke, seeing Zhane kneeling beside him. "Zhane? Did you get the number of that truck?"

The Kerovan smiled. Carlos was obviously well.

Just then, D.E.C.A.'s voice rang out.

"Scanning complete," she stated. "The bow and the shuttle are completly destroyed. The Simu Deck, all projectors and the Synthetron are damaged. Main systems are offline."

"Can you bring them back online?" Carlos questioned.

"Yes." the female voice replied. "I am working on it. Main systems will be back online in a few seconds... 5... 4... 3... 2.. 1... Main systems are back online."

"Good work!" Andros announced. "D.E.C.A., set a course to Earth." Then, the young man looked at his three friends. "C'mon." he said. "We'll take the others to the Medical Bay."


Evilor watched the scared civilians of Angel Grove on a huge monitor in front of him.

"Unleash the Devil Warriors." he ordered.

"As you command." one of the numerous controllers bleeped.


A huge hatch at the bottom of the Devil Cruiser opened and countless robots exited the ship.

Their chr omium-plated faces looked like skulls. They wore armored suits in silver or gold, as well as black gloves and boots. In addition, they carried small jetpacks on their backs which enabled them to fly.

The hellish Devil Warriors had been turned loose and were headed for Angel Grove!


( 4.00 p.m. )
In the meantime, the damaged Megaship had almost reached Earth.

Andros sat on his command chair on the bridge and looked at the blue orb in space, which came closer and closer.

"So there's a new danger." the Kerovan thought. "Another job for the Power Rangers."

Just then, Karone entered the room.

"Hi." she greeted. "Good news, Andros. T.J., Ashley and Cassie are awake and well. No one is seriously wounded."

Andros sighed with relief. He had already feared the worst.

Suddenly, D.E.C.A. raised her voice.

"Warning!" the computer's voice stated. "The Devil Cruiser has been located near Earth. There are troops of unknown creatures in Angel Grove."

"Oh no!" Karone gasped. "They must have conquered the city!"

"Most likely." Andros sighed.


"Lord Evilor!" one of the controllers said, looking up at the tall man on the hovering platform. "Angel Grove is under your control now. What's your next order?"

"Well..." Evilor grinned. "Send more Devil Warriors down. I want the rest of the world conquered as well. "

"Right away," the controller replied, hitting a glowing button. "The Devil Warriors are leaving as we speak, Milord. The planet will be yours in approximately 48 hours."


"D.E.C.A., stop the engines." Andros commanded and turned around.

All of the Rangers were standing behind him.

"Guys, the situation is extremly serious." the Kerovan explained. "Angel Grove has been conquered by an alien army and D.E.C.A. just told me about more troops, who are attacking cities nearby."

"What can we do about it?" T.J. asked with a concerned look on his face.

"There's only one thing." Andros responded. "We have to fight. I know, it sounds crazy, but that's the only chance we have. We must surprise our enemy. But that's really dangerous and I won't force anyone to go with me."

"Hey, we won't let you down!" Ashley exclaimed, instantly supported by the others.

"Thanks." Andros smiled. "But you, Karone, you have never used your powers before. Do you really want to come with us?"

"Sure!" the Kerovan girl replied. "I'm with you."

"Okay." Andros said. "So... Let's rocket!"

The Rangers raised their morphers and pressed the morphin' code. In flashs of multicolored light, Zhane and Karone transformed into Power Rangers. But the rest of the team remained in their usual form.

"Hey..." Zhane gasped, staring at his friends with disbelief. "Why didn't you morph?"

"I... I don't know..." Carlos stammered. "It... it just didn't work!"

"Well, try to find out." Karone pleaded. "We'll teach those conquerors a lesson!"

The others wanted to protest, but Zhane cut them off.

"She's right." he stated. "We have to do something. See you!"

With that, the two Rangers leaped into the jump tubes and flew down to Angel Grove on their Galaxy Gliders.

"Good luck." Cassie whispered.


( 5.00 p.m. )
The Devil Warriors quickly discovered the flying vehicles which were approaching them.

But the monsters were unable to react. Zhane flew through a squad of Devil Warriors at high speed, slashing some of them with the Super Silverizer. Karone did the same with her special weapons, the sharp Space Daggers.

Suddenly, one of the Devil Warriors pulled out his blaster and shot at Karone, who was just flying past. The energy blast hit her chest and scorched the purple suit, tossing her off the glider.

"Karone!" the Silver Ranger yelled.

Just then, a Devil Warrior leaped onto his glider from a roof. Zhane almost instantly tumbled off, along with the monster. As soon as the Ranger hit the ground, the Devil Warriors started to attack him. Zhane had no chance. The monsters punched and kicked him mercilessly.

One of them finally tossed the weakened man into a deserted corner. Only seconds later, Karone was thrown into that corner by her enemies as well...

The monsters quickly surrounded them. In their hands they held blasters, swords, daggers, lances and spears. Zhane automatically pushed Karone backwards and covered her. The Devil Wariors glared at the Rangers like hungry animals.

"We were foolish to face them alone!" Zhane scolded himself quietly. "These guys are serious!"


The remaining Rangers examined their Astro Morphers in the meantime.

The small apparati lay on a cold table, underneath a large scanner. Additionally, some wires connected the morphers to the control panels. The Rangers and Alpha 6 were waiting for the test results. But they feared the worst...

"Rangers!" D.E.C.A. exclaimed. "The tests are compete. Your Astro Morphers are undamaged. But there is problem."

"What is it?" Cassie asked worriedly.

"The Morphin Grid." D.E.C.A. said.


The Devil Warriors circled Zhane and Karone, laughing evilly.

The Rangers looked at their enemies' lethal weapons.

"Zhane, we can't beat them all!" Karone whispered with a scared look on her face, which was hidden under her helmet. "There are too many of them!"

"You're right." Zhane whispered back. "We have to get out of here!"


( 6.00 p.m. )
"Milord, we've caught the rebels in downtown Angel Grove." one of the control robots exclaimed, bowing before Evilor. "What shall we do?"

"Kill them." the young man replied indifferently, just as if he was ordering a steak. "Their deaths will be a warning to everyone else."

"I'll call the Devil Warriors." the controller stated.


Seconds later the telepathic command shot through the Devils' mind. They instantly left their places and ran towards the Rangers, furiously swinging their weapons.

Suddenly, a big trash can flew through the air and hit one of the warriors, shoving him aside... The remaining monsters spun around in surprise, aswell as the Rangers. They discovered two teenage males who were standing atop a wrecked car.

One of them was a white-haired Latin-American. His friend was a tall Caucasian with blonde hair, which came down to his shoulders.

"What the heck..." Karone stammered as the two boys jumped into action and started to fight off their foes.

The Silver and Purple Ranger were stunned for a few moments, but then they joined the strangers and began to fight once again.

"Who - yah! - are you?" Zhane asked, kicking one of the monsters backwards.

"Tony!" the Latino yelled, punching a Devil.

"Mark!" the Caucasian added as he tossed another foe over his shoulder.

The four teens fought with all their strength, but couldn't beat the superior numbers. Five more always appeared to take the vacant place of every defeated warrior...

"Karone, let's retreat!" Zhane shouted, trying to get rid of the numerous monsters that were attacking him.

"All right!" she yelled in reply, fleeing from the Devil-squad she was fighting.

"C'mon!" the Silver Ranger shouted at their unknown helpers.

The four humans immediately ran off, chased by the Devil Warriors. They hurried through the sidestreets and alleys, hearing the hellish laughter and cries close behind them... Some balls of destructive energy hit the ground, causing terrible explosions.

Burning cars flew high into the air, along with several other objects. A few of them even crashed down some fleeing people...

Finally, another spectacular explosion erupted, tossing clouds of smoke and dust high into the air.

The Devil Warriors laughed cruelly, expecting to find four burnt corpses. But they were wrong. The humans were gone...


Evilor watched four streaks of light leaving Angel Grove.

"Damn!" he yelled, crushing the head of a controller with a might punch.


( 7.00 p.m. )
The lights blasted onto the Megaship's bridge, producing the Silver and Purple Ranger as well as Tony and Mark.

Ashley turned around and looked at the visitors in surprise.

"Who..." she started.

"They helped us." Karone explained. "The monsters would have killed them."

"I understand." Cassie muttered.

"So... you people are the... Power Rangers?" Tony questioned.

"Yes, they are." Alpha answered as he walked up to Tony and Mark. "I am Alpha 6, robot assistant of the team."

"Uh... err... Hi!" Mark murmured. "I'm Mark, and that's Tony."

"Sorry, don't wanna be rude, but there's no time for that yet," Andros said. "We've got a real problem. It's the power."

"What's wrong with it?" Karone asked, biting her bottom lip worriedly.

"Well... The power's lost." Andros whispered. "Once and for all."