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The Elemental Rangers
Rangers United
by unicorn princess

The Zeo rangers where losing the fight. Rocky Dasantos Blue Zeo stumbled back from the vicious assault by one of the Ice warriors they were fighting. "I think we need to-" He was interrupted by a flash of light landing in front of him.

He blinked in surprise at the White Elemental Ranger. "Its cool Rocko we got it."

"Tommy? But how I mean your legs."

"I know pretty cool huh? As long as I'm morphed I can walk."

A blast of Fire took care of one of the ice warriors attacking Adam Park and the Red Elemental Ranger landed next to Tommy. "Let's take care of business bro"

"Consider it took care of." Blue Elemental's voice announced his appearance. Black Elemental Ranger stood beside him. Pink and yellow stepped out from behind a tree.

They launched themselves into the fray and the tide began to turn. Utilizing control over the elements and the Zeo's powers the rangers began to win the day of course that was up until the point the monster grew


On board the ice ship Cronim Baron Von Ize was a little bit put out. That might have been the understatement of the year. Actually he was outraged. "I thought I said to keep those brats from getting their powers!" He roared at his henchmen.,/P>/p>

"Well" Gasson said with a frown. "They were more persistent than we thought at first we'll have to take ore drastic measures."

Von Ize glared at him. "Well I suggest you take them!"

Reptina ignored them and walked over to push a couple of buttons on a console a ray of light shot from the ship hitting the monster causing it to grow


The Ice Knight stared down at the rangers laughing with glee. Tommy folded his arms across his chest. "Great another idiot who thinks bigger is better well I'll show him big we need The Elemental Zords!!"

Five Zords appeared shrieking across the skies. Tommy's appeared to be a suped up fighter jet, Jason's was a large red dragon, Zack's was an elephant, and Trini's a hawk. Billy's was a Dolphin which looked strange swimming through the air and Kimberly's was a large Kat a large black cat.

The Zords quickly formed into the elemental megazord. After that the battle was extremely short lived. It ended with Ice Knight exploding into chunks of ice and melting


Two days later..

Angel Grove Memorial..

Tommy winced as he went threw the routine of physical therapy. After nearly a year things were as well as could be expected with his crushed limbs. At least thatÕs what he had over heard the doctor tell his parents. No one told him anything these days.

He supposed it was because no one wanted to worry him. No one wanted him to think there was very little hope heÕd get full use of his legs back. In fact Tommy didnÕt think about it most days, He had other things on his mind.

Such as the Martial arts school he and Jason were planning on starting after graduation. Tommy figured heÕd find away to teach. There was also the matter of being a ranger once again. That more than anything had given him hope for his future.

At least he felt he had a purpose again. However there was the matter of leadership of the Elemental Rangers. Everyone Assumed Tommy was going to be leader. The truth was he didnÕt want to be leader and that was what he had to convince Jason of.

It wasnÕt going to be easy but he had to try. Jason for his part was leaning against the wall of the hallway outside of the Physical therapy room when Tommy stepped out. He was tapping one hand on his leg in time to the music coming out of the earphones he wore.

Tommy leaning on one crutch tugged on the wire connected to the Walkman. Jason looked up and grinned, Tommy laughed. "I donÕt suppose you could take those of so we can get home."

Jason pulled them off, "Skull sent it to me from France, the words are in French but the beats good."

The rangersÕ friends Eugene Skullovitch and Farkus Buklmeyer had taken jobs for the summer in France. TheyÕd be back in time to start at the local university the following year. They were constantly mailing letters back and forth. They even had a weekly gabfest via the Internet.

"Speaking of Letters." Tommy began climbing into the seat of JasonÕs truck and buckling his seat belt. "Aisha plans on coming for a visit."

Aisha Campbell was a former ranger who had given up her powers to help animals in Africa. Though it was more complicated than that. There had been a spell on the rangers at the time, and there was a bit of a time snarl.

In one since Aisha had never lived in Angel grove, yet she had. Tommy had long since given up trying to figure it out. Billy had once commented to him that trying to figure it out was like trying to calculate the size of the universe. "Penny for your thoughts."

Tommy jumped. "Just about the time snarl."


UP in the ice ship Von Ize tapped his hand on his throne a smile across his cold features. " So their having a visitor are they, well weÕll just see about that yes weÕll se about that."

"See about what a new hair do for you?" Reptina asked from where she sat on the floor of the throne room playing solitaire. "I knew I shouldnÕt have worked for you youÕre an idiot."

"Why donÕt you go down there then and do something like kidnap their friend?" Gasson glowered at her. Reptina threw her hands in the air and vanished.


"So let me get this straight." Adam Said leaning across the hard chair he was sitting in. "You got a call saying Bulk and Skull were coming home after all"

Jason rolled his eyes lowering the magazine he was leafing through. "IÕve only said yes a million times besides its not like we can go up and meet them." He gestured towards the security guards checking tickets before letting anyone go up.

Tommy shifted in the seat next to Adam he was pale a sure sign he was in some pain. Tommy being Tommy however wouldnÕt say anything for a while. Morphing would take the pain away completely of course he couldnÕt morph.

Jason continued to explain how their friends had decided to go on vacation and come home for a few days even as he rummaged through his friendÕs backpack coming up with a bottle of pain pills. "no." Tommy shook his head. "I want to be awake when they get here I think I can handle it tell then."

"You may be able to but IÕm not going to have a hand left." Kimberly whispered. Tommy looked down at her hand, he was crushing it in an iron grip

Tommy released her hand "IÕm sorry."


Aisha Campbell stepped off the plane and stretched feeling the bones in her neck crack. It felt good to be able to stretch her legs after so much time on an airplane. Behind her she could hear Bulk and Skull arguing.

They had argued the entire way from New York to Angel grove. She had realized about half way through the flight that was just they way they were with each other. Now though they fell silent and Skull abruptly let out a whoop of delight.

The next moment the three of them weÕre surrounded by theyÕre friends. The next all hell had broken loose as several Ice warriors appeared in the middle of the group along with Reptina.

"Okay now this is a warm welcome." Bulk states ducking a swing. "Maybe you guys should morph?"

"CanÕt too many people!" Jason yells dodging a blow. And nearly getting his head caved in by another one behind him. The fight is quick and vicious ranging up and down the front of the airport. Amazingly none of them slips past security.

The rangers where winning, unmorphed out numbered and fighting around crowds of people they were winning until the trap was sprung. "Jason!" TommyÕs yell caused his friends to glance in his direction. Backed against a wall Tommy was holding off nearly a dozen Ice warriors with a crutch.

Snarling in rage Jason took a leap towards one of them knocking it into one of the nearby metal detectors setting the alarms off. At that moment Reptina struck snagging Aisha around the waist. "Now I have exactly what I came for."

"Hey wait just a second!" Skull landed on ReptinaÕs back and the three of them vanished.