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The Real World-MMPR Style
Episode Five: Hopeful Souls
by Trini

This is the true story of seven, sort of, strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. The Real World-Chicago!

"Are you ready yet?" asked Rocky standing in the doorway of Sara's dorm.

"Yes!" said Sara walking out of her bathroom. She was dressed in a beautiful white gown. It was very long and had a flimsy white scarf that wrapped around her neck. The neckline dipped dangerously low and the material flowed freely around Sara's body.

"Tu es canon!" exclaimed Rocky.

"French, right? I'm guessing that it means something good?" asked Sara.

"Roughly translated it means 'you're the ultimate babe'!" stated Rocky as Sara blushed furiously.

"I must admit, you do look incredible!" replied Cordelia.

"Thanks, Cordi. See ya later!" said Sara walking out with Rocky, arm and arm.

* * *
"Jase-" started Kat poking her head into his room.

"Look, Kat, just leave me alone okay? I don't have anything to say to you," stated Jason cutting her short.

"Please you've gotta let me explain," pleaded Kat.

"Explain what? That you used me to get to my best friend? That you were only pretending to love me? I told you from the start I didn't want to be a substitute for Tommy and you made me one anyways! I loved you, Kat. Can you possibly fathom what that means? You made me feel special! I thought I meant something to you. I thought you loved me!" said Jason practically crying.

"I do love you, Jason! That's what I've been trying to say for the past 48 hours!" exclaimed Katherine.

"Look, maybe when I've settled down, I'll listen to your side of the story but until then give me some space to figure this out!" replied Jason softly.

"I can respect that, but know this Jason Lee Scott: I love you," said Kat walking away from his door.

* * *
"Is Tanya there?" asked Kim twisting the phone cord around her finger.

"This is her. Who is this?" asked Tanya.

"Um...this is Kimberly Heart," stated Kim.

"Oh. What do YOU want?" questioned Tanya suspiciously.

"Well, I just was wondering about Kat and what she said to you on the phone a couple of nights ago," replied Kim.

"That's none of your business, Kimberly," said Tanya plainly.

"Well, I overheard you two talking and Kat told you that she was using Jason to get to Tommy. I went and told Tommy then we told Jason and Kat said that she loved Jason. She told me to call you and ask you," sighed Kim.

"You've just made a mess of everything, haven't you?" asked Tanya.

"I didn't do anything! Kat is the one that lied to Jason. She should have never tried to use Jason!" exclaimed Kim.

"You shouldn't have gotten involved! You don't know what Kat was going to do. She was going to tell Jason, but she didn't have time before miss high and mighty walked in and slapped her," said Tanya.

"Jason's my friend and I was just trying to protect him!" replied Kim.

"Jase is a big boy. He can take care of himself," stated Tanya.

"He's my friend and friends take care of each other," said Kim.

"Exactly! That's why I'm coming to Chicago," said Tanya.

"You're what?" questioned Kim.

"I'm.....coming.....to.....Chicago. Can your valley girl brain understand that?" replied Tanya.

"Yes it can!" said Kim annoyed.

"We can all talk about this then. Until then back off of Kat!" stated Tanya sternly.

"Should I be scared?" asked Kim.

"Like, totally!" responded Tanya in a fake 'valley girl' accent "Good Bye, Kimberly.".

"What a bitch!" said Kim hanging up the phone.

* * *
"I'm really glad you guys decided to double with Sara and I!" said Rocky.

"Oh I was no big thing. We weren't doing anything special," replied Trini.

"I'm just glad to be out of that house!" said Adam.

"Tell me about it! Rocky told me what happened! I couldn't put up with all of that drama. How do you guys do it?" asked Sara.

"Well I've got Adam to keep me sane! We like to spend a lot of time away from it all!" responded Trini taking Adam's hand.

"So what exactly are you guys?" asked Rocky.

"Shhhh! The play is starting!" stated Sara as the lights dimmed and the curtain rose.

The band started playing as the T-birds strutted out onto the stage. Trini did a double take on one of the t-birds. He sure did look an awful lot like Zack. Trini flipped through her playbill and sure enough under 'T-birds' was the name Zack Taylor..

"Psst!" whispered Trini to Adam.

"What?" asked Adam softly.

"It's Zack!!!" she replied.

"No way," said Adam as Trini pointed out his name in the playbill. "Hey," whispered Adam as he nudged Rocky in the arm.

"Huh?" stated Rocky.

"Look, it's Zack," said Adam as Rocky leaned forward to look at Trini.

"It's him, definitely!!!!" said Trini looking back at Rocky.

"We'll have to catch up with him after the show!" said Rocky.

"Okay, cool!" said Adam and Trini.

* * *
"Did you talk to Tanya?" asked Tommy walking in to Kimberly and Trini's room.

"Yeah, she's pretty upset with us. She said that she's coming to Chicago to help sort things out," replied Kimberly "Do you think that Kat really likes Jason?".

"It's possible. I mean Jase is a great person. Do you think we were a little harsh?" asked Tommy.

"I don't know. Kat lied to Jason but on the other hand Kat was going to tell him that or so Tanya says," stated Kimberly.

"Tanya isn't the type of person who would lie," responded Tommy.

"We thought the same thing about Kat, remember," said Kim.

"Yeah, I guess. Look this is seriously bumming me out. I've gotta get away from this whole thing. What do you say we go and have a little fun?" questioned Tommy.

"What did you have in mind?" asked Kim.

"It's a surprise! Now come on!" said Tommy grabbing her hand and running out of the room.

* * *
"Look, everything will be just fine! I'm going to come over there and straighten everything out!".

"Thanks, Tanya. I really owe you for this. Do you think Kim and Tommy changed their mind about what happened?" asked Kat.

"Probably not. From what I know of Kim, she's pretty stubborn and let's not even go there with Tommy! Hopefully our little conversation made them at least think about what they did. Oh, by the way, is Adam there? I was kind of hoping to talk to him," replied Tanya.

"No, he went out with Rocky, Rocky's girlfriend Sara, and Trini," stated Kat.

"Oh. With Trini, huh," said Tanya sadly.

"Yeah, but they are nothing more than really good friends," responded Kat.

"Uh-huh. I better get going. I'll see you in a couple of days then okay," replied Tanya.

"Yeah, see ya then. Later," said Kat hanging up the phone .

* * *
"ZACK! Hey, Zack Taylor, over here!!!!" yelled Rocky into the crowd of actors.

"Rocky? Is that you, man?" asked the t-bird.

"Yeah, bro, it's me!!!! How have you been?" asked Rocky.

"I'm great! Who wouldn't be with this awesome job! Who is your ladyfriend?" asked Zack.

"My name is Sara, I'm Rocky's girlfriend," she said shaking his hand.

Rocky really hadn't thought about what Sara was. If she was a friend or a girlfriend or an acquaintance. Hearing her say that she was his, though, sounded natural. He was happy with her, very happy and didn't want to be without her-ever. 'Looks like I've fallen for her' he thought looking at the vision in white standing next to him..

"Nice job, Rocko! Anyone else here with you?" asked Zack.

As if on cue, Trini and Adam walked up chatting and laughing. "TRINI?!!? Girl, come here and give me a big hug," he said picking her up and squeezing her tightly.

"Zack-man, let up! You're going to kill her!" stated Adam playfully.

"Yo, Adam! Good to see you man! So what are you all doing here?" questioned Zack.

"I had 4 tickets to this play, I invited Rocky and the other two people cancelled so we invited Trini and Adam," replied Sara.

"That's cool. I'd love to stay and chat but the cast has a meeting after every show and then we have to pack up. We have a show in Milwaukee in three days. I really wish we could spend more time together," said Zack sadly.

"Yeah, we do too! We should all get together and have a big reunion!" said Trini brightening up.

"Count me in! I really gotta run!" stated Zack scribbling something on a piece of paper and giving it to Trini "That's my pager number. Call it and I'll give you a call back!".

"OK great," stated the foursome.

"Great to see you and nice to meet you Sara! BYE!!!!" he stated running off to the theater.

* * *
"Tommy where are we going?" asked Kim.

"I'll show you!" stated Tommy walking with her into a amusement park.

"An amusement park! Cool! I haven't been to one of these in forever!" replied Kim.

"Actually I wanted to do this?" said Tommy leading her to a race track.

"Go-carts?" she questioned "You're NOT serious, are you?".

"I am! Hop in to one and be prepared to eat my dust!!!" exclaimed Tommy.

"Not so fast, Buster!!!! Just because you race cars doesn't mean you can race go carts!!!! I'm the champ at these things!!! I call the red one!" replied Kim.

"No fair! Red is my lucky color!" said Tommy sadly.

"So pick white or green or did you completely forget about those 'lucky' colors?" asked Kim.

"Okay, but just so you know white has always been good to me!" replied Tommy slipping into a white cart.

"Quit talking and race, fly boy! I feel the need...the need for speed!!!" said Kim pushing the gas pedal to the floor.

"Wait! No fair!" yelled Tommy taking off after her .

* * *
"Oh my god, I know!!!" said Sara walking into the massive house, giggling with Trini.

"It was so typical!" replied Trini.

"What do you guys mean?" asked Rocky.

"Yeah," agreed Adam "what is so typical?".

"Just you guys," said Sara "Trying to be all macho when those guys tried to hit on us.".

"It was so hilarious! You should have seen yourselves!!!" stated Trini.

"Hey, these ladies are spoken for!" said Sara in her best Rocky imitation.

"Yeah, just leave them alone," stated Trini in her 'tough guy' Adam voice.

"So we were supposed to let those guys hit on you?" asked Rocky.

"We can take care of ourselves," replied Trini as Sara nodded in agreement.

"But your my girlfriend," said Rocky moving next to Sara and putting an arm around her "It's my job to protect you.".

"Okay, good excuse but that doesn't explain Adam unless..," replied Sara.

"Look, Rocky stood up for you and Trini needed someone to stand up for her. I was protecting her because she's probably my best friend, with the exception of Rocky, in the house. I'm not going to let her get hurt," stated Adam.

"Sorry, didn't mean to offend you," said Sara.

"Well when it comes to my friends I can get a little touchy. Don't apologize. It was a legitimate question," responded Adam.

"Okay, who wants ice cream?" questioned Trini.

"I do!!!!" yelled Rocky and Sara at the same time sprinting towards the kitchen.

"They really are perfect for each other!" stated Adam following Trini and the hungry couple.

* * *
"I win, I win, naner naner boo boo!!!" exclaimed Kim.

"You don't have to rub it in," sulked Tommy.

"Oh I'm sorry," she replied giving him a kiss on the cheek "Am I forgiven?".

"Of course, but with one condition," he responded.

"What is that?" she questioned.

"You owe me a rematch and this time I get the red cart!" stated Tommy.

"You got it! We should be getting back though," said Kim sadly.

"Yeah, you're right. Come on," replied Tommy taking her hand .

* * *
Kimberly and Tommy arrived at the house and found Trini, Adam, Rocky, and Sara eating ice cream. Kat walked down and entered the kitchen as does Jason. Everything gets dead quiet and everyone stares at Kat and Jason. The tension is so thick in the room you could cut it with a knife..

"What are you all looking at? Never seen a guy enter a kitchen?" asked Jason noticing that Kat was in the room.

"Hi Jase," said Kat softly.

"Hello Katherine. By the way the name is Jason, not Jase," said Jason plainly.

"Kat, I wanted-" started Kim.

"Don't talk to me okay. Just don't talk to me until Tanya gets here," replied Kat sternly.

"Wait, Tanya is coming?!?" said Adam nervously.

"Yeah, why do you sound so nervous?" asked Kat.

"I'm not. I'm just surprised is all," said Adam leaning over to Trini and whispering, "I need to talk to you, immediately."

"Ya whatever. I'll be in my room if anyone cares," said Kat noticing Sara in the kitchen "Who the hell are you?".

"I'm Sara, Rocky's girlfriend. Nice to meet you," replied Sara getting up to shake Kat's hand.

"Uh-huh. Nice to meet you," stated Kat walking out and leaving Sara confused.

"Sorry she was so rude. She's not exactly feeling the best," replied Rocky.

"Is she sick?" asked Sara.

"No, she just has a broken heart," stated Trini looking at Jason as he snickered.

"Ok, Trini, whatever you say. I'm going to bed. See you guys tomorrow," replied Jase walking out of the kitchen.

"Things sure are stressful around here!!!" said Sara as everyone nodded their heads .

"Trini, this isn't happening! Tanya can't visit," stated Adam pacing around his room while Trini stared at him.

"Relax, Adam. She's coming for a visit and that's all," explained Trini.

"I can't relax. You don't understand!!!" replied Adam.

"So enlighten me," said Trini.

"Look, I broke it off with Tanya. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do! I really loved her but I didn't want us to regret staying together and not experiencing life to the fullest while we were young. I figured if it was meant to be we would get together again," said Adam.

"What's the problem then?" asked Trini.

"I loved Tanya. Loved, as in past tense. I know she still loves me because she has told me. The problem is I don't love her anymore and I don't know how to tell her," stated Adam.

"Just tell her the truth. She will appreciate it more than anything. Tell her that you've changed and that your feelings for her have also changed," replied Trini sympathetically.

"You're right. Be honest," repeated Adam sitting down next to Trini.

"If you don't mind me asking, why don't you love her anymore.".

Adam looked at Trini tentatively, weighing his options. He could just tell her but where would the fun be in that? Rocky always had helped him in these situations so he decided to enlist the help of his friend again..

"I...I'm in love with someone else," he said slowly turning to look at her.

"Oh," said Trini not able to meet Adam's gaze "I..um..I told Kim I'd.. um.. help her with something so I'm going to..ah..go do that.".

"Sure, okay," replied Adam softly.

"Yeah, see ya later," said Trini retreating to her room, a million questions running through her mind.

Created by Sara Holz
Based on MTV's The Real World

On the next Real World: Tanya shows up and causes major waves. Judgement Day for Kat, Kim, Tommy, and Jason has arrived. Adam and Trini reveal some special feelings in an unlikely place-STAY TUNED!