Disclaimer: This is the true story of seven, sort of, strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. The Real World-Chicago!

The Real World-MMPR Style
Episode Three: Revelations
by Trini

"Kat, what's wrong?" asked Jason as he followed her into her room

"What do you think is wrong? The man I love just ran out of here with the ex-girlfriend that he's still in love with." she said collapsing on the bed

"Kat, I'm sorry, I really am." said Jason sitting down on the bed next to her

"Go ahead and say it! I know that you're dying to! Say 'I told you so'!" she yelled into her comforter

"Kat, I'm not dying to say that. I feel really bad about what happened. That's why I invited you to dinner tonight. I was hoping to get your mind off of you know who. I gotta tell you something and I don't want you to be upset about it. I really didn't have someone cancel dinner on me." he said softly

"What?" she said looking up, her cheeks tear-stained and her eyes red

"I just used that friend cancelling thing as a front. I really wanted to go with you and I was hoping that I could somehow take your mind off Tommy."

"Really?" she whispered

"Really." he said putting an arm around her.

"Rocky, are you sure you know where this place is?" asked Trini sitting in between the two boys in the back of a cab

"Yes! The ad said it was on Michigan Avenue. There it is!" he said triumphantly

The cab pulled over to the curb and Rocky paid the man. The three walked up to the growing line of people and waited their turn. As they walked up to the bouncer, he looked at them carefully.

"The lady can go in but you two-hit the road." he said sternly

"What?" asked the guys

"Look, I'm sure you take your job very seriously but if you could do me this little favor-I would be forever in your debt." said Trini seductively as she slipped him a 20 dollar bill

"Uh...go ahead." he said removing the rope as Trini winked at him

"Wow! That was amazing. What happened to sweet little innocent Trini?" asked Adam

"She grew up." she said grabbing Adam's hand and finding her way to the dance floor

"Great!" said Rocky out loud "Five seconds and I've already been ditched!"

"This is amazing, Tommy!" said Kim as the carriage went down Ohio Street "But I thought we were going to start over?"

"We did but I can't help it. Your dream inspired me." he said sweetly

"I can't believe this! I love it!" said Kim

"Good, but the surprises don't end here." replied Tommy

"They don't?" she questioned

"Were coming up on the next one." he said as the carriage stopped

"What do ya say, Kat? Still don't want to go." Jason said softly

"You know what? I'll go. Let me change and get cleaned up then we can leave." she said walking into the bathroom "Oh and Jason, thanks."

"No problem. I'm here to help." he said walking out of her room

"That you are. You're going to help me get Tommy back." and with that she disappeared into the bathroom

"Kim told me that you were dating some girl named Tanya. What happened between you two?" asked Trini loudly so Adam could hear her as they danced

"Well Tanya stayed in Angel Grove and I wanted the whole college experience and I stayed on campus at UCLA. We kind of just grew apart, I guess. Whatever happened between you and Billy?" he asked

"Billy and I kept in touch and everything. I had feelings for him but when he told me about Cestria and that whole Aquitar thing, I guessed that he didn't feel the same anymore. I mean I took it for granted that Billy would always have a crush on me but I'm happy that he's happy and I moved on." she said as a slow song began to play

"Would you like to slow dance with me?" asked Adam shyly

'After all these years and he's still shy!' thought Trini "I'd love to slow dance with you!" she said moving closer to him

Rocky sat at the table he had picked out and sighed. If he was going to sit here all night it was going to be pretty boring. Just then a beautiful tall redhead walked up to him.

"I hate to see a handsome man all by himself. Mind if I sit down?" she asked sweetly

"Sure have a seat. I'm Rocky." he said holding out a hand

"Nice to meet you Rocky, I'm Sara." she said taking his hand and shaking it "Did your friends ditch you too?" he asked

"Look, Kim. I know we said that we were just going to be friends but the truth of the matter is that I can't be friends with you. I really don't know how. And to top it all off, I think that I've fallen in love with you all over again." Tommy stated sitting with Kimberly at a table in Planet Hollywood

"Tommy, I don't want to make this whole experience awkward for Kat. We do have to think about her feelings. I know that she still cares for you." replied Kim

"How do you feel about me?" he questioned softly

"Tommy, you know I never could love anyone else but you. I just don't want Kat to feel out of place." said Kim

"So we won't tell her we're back together. We'll keep it a secret from her. Once we feel that she can handle us being together, we'll tell her." stated Tommy

"OK. So what do we do now that we are official back together?" asked Kim

"How about this?" asked Tommy leaning across the table and kissing her

"I like your train of thought!" stated Kim kissing him back

"You lived in California? Wow, I always wanted to visit California!" said Sara

"It's the most beautiful place I've ever lived. What about you? Where are you from?" asked Rocky

"I'm originally from Milwuakee but I go to school at Northwestern." she replied

"Northwestern! Pretty elite, what are you studying?" he questioned

"Well, at first, it was Journalism but now I've switched to Child Psychology." she replied

"Why the switch?" Rocky asked

"I just didn't have the drive for Journalism anymore. I'm more the problem solving type." she said

"Maybe you can help me out. See those two out there?" asked Rocky pointing to the slow dancing Trini and Adam, Sara nodded, and he continued

"Well, I arrived with them and as soon as we walked in they were gone. So in other words, they hooked up. I live in an apartment with them and two other people that are practically a couple. There is one single girl living in the apartment but I'm not really attracted to her. I'm all alone and I'm not sure if I fit in with them anymore! Can you solve that problem?" asked Rocky as Sara sighed

"I really appieciate what you are doing for me, Jason." stated Kat sitting across from him in the Olive Garden

"I'm just trying to help because I know what it's like to love someone and they don't reciprocate the feeling." he said softly

"I don't understand why Kim wouldn't like you. I mean you were one of the most popular boys in Angel Grove." she replied

"Maybe before Tommy I had a chance but after Tommy arrived, he was all Kim could think about. I really resented Tommy for a long time. He took the girl I loved and my leadership position on the team. I was mad but then I left for the peace conference and I was happy that Tommy was in charge. He was a great leader for the team and he was making Kim happy which was all I ever wanted for her." said Jason

"I bet Kimberly felt that way after she left, too. I mean I took her spot and eventually her man but she was never upset with me about it." said Kat

"Kim is not one to be jealous. She probably thought that if her and Tommy were destined to be together, they would eventually find each other again. Kim's a big believer in fate and destiny and all that." said Jason

"Are you?" asked Kat

"Hey there, Rocko. Who is your friend?" asked Trini walking up to the table with Adam

"This is Sara. Sara, my friend Trini and my best friend Adam." said Rocky as the three exchanged pleasentries.

Another song came on and Trini and Adam excused themselves to the dance floor once again.

"Whatta ya say? Wanna dance?" asked Sara

"Sure!" exclaimed Rocky

"So now what do we do?" asked Kim walking hand in hand with Tommy down Ohio street

"I want to get out of these clothes!!!!" stated Tommy as Kim raised her eyebrow "I mean I want to change."

"OK, so let's run back to the house and you can change." suggested Kim

"Why don't we just rent a movie and stay there." said Tommy

"Cool, sounds like a plan!" said Kim as she climbed into the carriage

"Do you believe in fate?" asked Kat now in a taxi cab with Jason

"I thought we discussed that already." replied Jason

"You changed the subject, remember?" stated Kat

"Oh, yeah. Well I guess. I mean there has to be a reason why Kim and Tommy got back together. Maybe Kim isn't meant for me and someone else is."

"I never looked at it that way. Maybe you're right!" replied Kat

"You really think so?" questioned Jason

"Yeah, I mean, there must be a reason why you and I have bonded." said Kat

"You know, I always had kind of a crush on you." stated Jason

"Really. That's funny because I had a crush on you, too" replied Kat

"That's really weird." said Jason staring at Kat

"Really weird." said Kat reaching up and kissing Jason

Sara, Rocky, Trini, and Adam continued dancing well into the morning. When the foursome walked into the house, it was 3 in the morning. Kim and Tommy were asleep on the couch and Trini walked over and woke them up

"Hey there sleepyheads." cooed Trini

"Huh?" said Kim rubbing her eyes and sitting up

"You guys must have fallen asleep watching TV. It's 3 in the morning." replied Adam softly

"Oh well, I'm heading up to bed." stated Tommy

"Ditto!" said Kim following him up the stairs

"Hey," whispered Sara "Do you mind if I crash here on your couch. It's really late and I don't feel safe getting a cab all by myself."

"No problem. Let me get some blankets and a pillow and you'll be set" said Trini

"I'll run upstairs and get you a shirt to sleep in." stated Rocky

"And I'll talk to you while you wait." said Adam

"Thanks you guys. I owe you big time!" replied Sara

"Hey there." said Kat walking out of her room and bumping into Jason the next morning

"Hi." he replied

"So was that kiss last night a fluke or did it mean something for you?" asked Kat

"It meant something. Look Kat, I really like you but I don't want to be a subsititute for Tommy." replied Jason

"You won't be! I'm moving on just like Tommy did. I can't keep living in the past. I want to start my future, right now, with you." stated Kat

"Are you sure that's what you want?" questioned Jason

"I'm positive." replied Kat kissing Jason

"Who is that?" asked Tommy referring to the sleeping girl on the couch

"I don't know but she's wearing Rocky's shirt!" stated Kim

"Shhhh! Where are you manners?" asked Rocky walking into the living room

"Hey Rocky. Who is that?" questioned Tommy

"That is Sara. I met her at the club last night. It was late and she didn't want to catch a cab alone so she slept on the couch." he replied

"Are you sure?" asked Kim motioning to the shirt that she was wearing

"Yes! I let her borrow a shirt because she didn't have anything to sleep in." exclaimed Rocky

"Huh? I'm up!" said Sara sitting up on the couch

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to wake you." stated Rocky taking a seat on the couch next to her

"That's OK. Hi, I'm Sara. I met Rocky last night at South of the Border. We really hit it off!" said Sara

"I bet." stated Kim as Tommy elbowed her

"No, really. Rocky and I have a lot in common." said Sara sweetly

"Hey, do you have any classes today?" asked Rocky

"No." replied Sara

"How about I take you back to your dorm and you can change and we can go out and grab a bite to eat and maybe you can show me around the campus." said Rocky

"That's an awesome idea. Let me go change and then we can get out of here." stated Sara

"Hey guys!" said Jason and Kat walking down the stairs hand-in-hand

"Hi. What's up with you two?" asked Adam walking into the living room with Trini

"Well, Kat and I went out last night and we decided to start seeing each other." said Jason beaming

"That is awesome!!!!" said Kimberly "I always knew that you two would hook up!"

"Thanks, Kim. That means a lot to the both of us!" stated Kat

"It's great that you two found each other. We should double date sometime." said Tommy happily

'Why isn't he upset?' thought Kat to herself 'I'm dating his best friend for god's sake!'

"We should." said Kat

"We were just heading out to get some lunch. We'll see you later, OK?" asked Jason

"Yeah, see ya!" said the rest of the gang

"Hey Trin." said Adam walking into the kitchen where she was washing the breakfast dishes

"Hey there Adam. What's up?" she asked

"Not much. Why are you always in the kitchen or cleaning?" he questioned picking up a dish towel and drying the dishes she was washing

"I'm comfortable here. It's kind of like my home habitat." she stated

"I was wondering what you were doing tonight." Adam said

"Why? Are you asking me out?" she asked

"Maybe am I. What would you say if I was?" he questioned back

"Well, IF you were I'd probably say yes." she said handing him a plate to dry

"Well in that case, did you want to go see a movie tonight?" he asked

"I don't know, I think I'm washing my hair or something." she said smiling

"Oh so that's how it going to be!" stated Adam smiling back at her

"I would be honored to go with you to the movies." she replied

"Great, I'll see you later then." he said putting down the dish towel and starting to walk out of the kitchen

"Where do you think you're going? Get back here and finish helping me with these dishes!" said Trini sternly yet playfully

"Yes, Ma'am!" he said saluting her

Created by Sara Holz
Based on MTV's The Real World

On the next Real World: The fur flies between Kat and Kim when Kim finds out about Kat's plan, a flame ignites between Trini and Adam, Rocky questions his importance in the house, and an old friend says hello. Stay Tuned!