The Real World - MMPR Style
by Trini


It had been 2 years since Kimberly Hart, Tommy Oliver, Adam Park, Katherine Hillard, Rocky DeSantos, Trini Kwan, and Jason Lee Scott graduated from their high schools. Kimberly stayed in Florida and competed in the Pan-Global Games where she won a gold medal in the all around competition as well as the gold medal in the balance beam. She is currently on a break from gymnastics. Tommy has opened up a martial arts school with his friend Josh Michaels in Angel Grove. Adam is attending college at UCLA. He is studying to be an elementary school teacher. Katherine Hillard is currently attending the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. She is studying to be a veterinarian. Rocky has opened up a martial arts school with his friend Aaron Zurich in Stone Canyon. Trini Kwan has returned from the Peace Conference and is planning on enrolling at Brown University in the fall. Jason Lee Scott is back from the Peace Conference also and is attending Oxford University in England. Most haven't seen each other in 2 years. Others haven't seen each other in 4 years. But that would all change in a few days.

A Few Months Back.... "I can't believe I'm doing this!" said Kimberly as she finished videotaping herself. "I've always wanted to be on the show! What the hell, it's a one in a million chance right?" she questioned as she stuffed the video tape into a padded envelope and walked our of her dorm room to the mail box in the lobby.

"Here goes nothing!" as she slid the envelope into the mail box and walked back to her room.

* * *
"How did I let you talk me into this?" questioned Tommy as he and his friend, Rocky, walked to the post office .

"Remember we were watching the show one day and we said no matter what happens to us after high school, we should try out for it so technically I didn't talk you into anything," said Rocky handing the two bulky packages to the clerk behind the counter.

The woman weighted them and put the correct amount of postage onto them. Rocky paid her and took the packages.

"Well, here we go!" said Tommy as Rocky put the packages into the mail.

* * *
"Why am I doing this?" asked Kat to herself as she placed a bulky package into the mail box "I guess there is no backing out now."

* * *
"This will be so cool if I get on!" said Trini talking into the phone.

"It will be totally awesome if we both get on!" said Jason on the other end, acquiring a slight English accent

"I'm going to go and drop my video in the mail. Talk to ya later!" said Trini hanging up the phone after Jason had said good-bye.

"Here goes!" said Trini dropping the video into a postal box "Here goes!" said Jason tossing the package into a mail box.

A month after the packages were sent off.... The 7 aforementioned people were interviewed and interviewed again. The producers really liked the tall Australian girl. She seemed to have a lot of spunk and fire. They also liked the long haired man. He was very handsome and seemed to be a leader. They thought the DeSantos boy had a very comedic side which was a very good thing on a show like this. They also thought the gymnast girl was way cool. She seemed to be pretty laid back but really energetic at the same time. They also liked the Asian boy. He was very cute and shy. This type of show could help him come out of the shell. They thought the Asian girl was very diplomatic and pretty also. She would make a wonderful addition to the cast. And finally the strong muscular boy with dark hair seemed to be really friendly and could handle being in a fish bowl.

"Hey, Elliot. I think we found our 7!" said a woman from the viewing room.

Episode #1 _The Move-In

This is the true story of seven, sort of, strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. The Real World _Chicago!

Kimberly stepped into the massive house and looked around. "Hello? Anyone here?"

Tommy's head snapped up. _My god! That's Kimberly._ He quickly ran down the stairs to meet her, millions of thoughts and emotions whizzing through his head.

"Hello?" said Kim again. She heard footsteps pounding down the stairs and waited to see who they belonged to.

"Kimberly Hart!" yelled Tommy.

"OH MY GOD! Tommy Oliver?"

Tommy ran down to Kim and picked her up and spun her around. "It's so good to see you! I've missed you so much!" he said hugging her tightly.

"I've missed you too." she said almost in a whisper "Come on let's get you settled in," he said picking up her luggage and taking it upstairs.

* * *
"Hello? Anybody home?" said Trini walking in and setting down her bags. _Wow, this place is awesome!_ Trini looked around and the house reminded her of the house for the second cast of real worlders. The house had three levels. The first level had a pretty spacious kitchen and a very well decorated living room/den. Off to the right of the kitchen was a very elegant dining room. It had a beautiful oak table and a lovely bouquet of flowers as a centerpiece. The confessional was just to the left of the kitchen and rather roomy. Then, of course the bathroom which was rather vast in the area department. Trini also spied a phone booth complete with pay phone.

"Nice touch," she said.

As Trini took her bags to the second level, she heard faith laughter. _Boy, that sounds like Tommy and Kim,_ thought Trini

"Hello?" she said again.

* * *
Kimberly and Tommy walked down the stairs that led from the third floor to the second and saw a girl with long black hair wearing a yellow pair of cutoff shorts.

"Trini Marie Kwan?" asked Kim, disbelieving.

"Kimberly Ann Hart?" exclaimed Trini as she turned around to see her old best friend. Kim grabbed her in a big hug and the two started to talked excitedly.

"What am I? Chopped liver?" said Tommy feeling a bit left out.

"I'm sorry, Tommy! It's great to see you too!' said Trini hugging Tommy tightly.

"What are we doing about bedrooms?" said Kim.

"Let's just keep all of our luggage in this little common room for now and wait for the rest of the roomies. That way we can divide up fairly," said Trini diplomatically.

"Boy, that conference sure taught you a lot!" said Kim.

"Tell me about it!" said Trini as they heard the door slam shut and a loud hello. The girls instantly recognized the voice and they quickly ran down the stairs.

"Jase!" yelled Kimberly and Trini running into his open arms.

"Ladies!" he cried picking both of them up and spinning them around Tommy followed behind the girls and gave Jase a high five as he put the girls down

"What up, Bro?" asked Tommy giving Jason a manly hug.

"Not much. Where do I stash this stuff?" he asked.

"Up in the common room by the pool table," said Trini picking up some of Jase's luggage.

"I got it, Trin. You guys stay here and we'll catch up, okay?" questioned Jason taking his bag from Trini

"Sure, we'll be here," said Kim dragging Tommy into the living room with Trini following after them.

* * *
Trini had gotten some sodas out of the expansive fridge and Kim popped some popcorn in the microwave. The four sat munching and talking about what they had been doing with their respective lives. Then they had checked out the house and found 3 rooms with two beds and 1 room with one bed on the third floor. The room with one bed was adjoining to a gigantic bathroom which also adjoined to a room with two beds. The bathroom was very art nueavo and modern. The cabinets were very spacey. It had two side-by-side sinks and a very roomy shower.

"I bet you could have...," said Jason looking in the shower.

"Don't go there, Jase!" said Trini blushing slightly The gang continued down the hall and found another room with two beds adjoining to a bathroom which was connected to the last room with two beds. The bathroom looked the same as did the bedrooms but that would change when everyone moved in. They went down the stairs and checked out the second floor. It was mostly a game floor. There was the pool table and then there was a phone room. It had a comfy couch and plush chair sitting in it. The other rooms on the floor were filled with board games and video games.

"Gosh, they spared no expense, huh," said Kim a little astounded as the front door shut.

* * *
Katherine "Kat" Hillard walked into the house feeling just a little nervous. How was she going to live with six complete strangers? _Will I get along with them? Oh well,_ she thought, _I asked for this!_

"Hello?" she asked loudly.

* * *
Everyone dashed down the stairs to greet Kat as soon as they heard the familiar Australian accent. "Kat, you're here too!" exclaimed Jason running to her and spinning her around in a tight bear hug.

"Wow, Jason? Kim? Tommy?" she said the last name softly. When they broke up so she could go to college, he didn't seem as hurt about it as she was. _I cried for three days straight and he didn't even shed a tear,_ she thought _I should have known that would happen. I knew that he didn't love me, he just really, really liked me. He didn't love me like he did Kim._

"Kat, hello?" said Kim waving a hand in front of her face.

"Huh? Oh hey Kim!" Kat said pushing the thoughts out of her mind and hugging Kimberly.

"It's so good to see you! Gosh you look great! I want you to meet my bestest bud in the whole world, Trini Kwan. Trin, this is Kat Hillard," said Kimberly as Trini stepped out from behind Jason.

"It's a pleasure to meet you!" said Trini hugging Kat. "I've heard so much about you from Jason, I feel like I know you!"

"It's great to finally meet you, too! Tommy, Jason, Adam, and Rocky talked a lot about you and Zack, so I kind of know you too."

"Hey Kat," said Tommy giving the girl a hug, "It's good to see you."

"Yeah, it's good to see you too," said Kat uncomfortably. _Boy they look really awkward,_ thought Kim. _Maybe there still is a chance for Tommy and I._

"Why don't I take you luggage upstairs and then we can sit in the den and talk," said Jason picking up Kat's things and taking them upstairs.

"Thanks, I'd like that." she said as she followed the rest of the gang into the den.

* * *
The five sat talking. Kat was going to commute since Milwaukee wasn't too far away. They decided then that Kat should have the solo room since she would be getting up quite early. They continued to talk for a few more moments but they were rudely interrupted by a boisterous voice.

"Yo, yo, yo Rocky DeSantos in the house!" yelled Rocky as he walked into the house.

"Were all in the living room, Rocky!" yelled Tommy as Rocky walked in and was pounced on by his new roommates.

"Wait, what are you guys doing here?" asked Rocky in a confused voice.

Kim flicked him in the forehead and said "Duh, we all made it, too!"

"Really? This is going to be a great six months! Where do I throw this stuff?" said Rocky as he was pointed to the second floor.

* * *
_I'm so nervous!_ thought Adam as he got out of the cab and looked up at the huge apartment building. _What am I doing. I should just turn around and go home! No, I can't. If I back out now, I'll regret it for the rest of my life!_ thought Adam arguing with himself. He picked up his bags and entered the building.

* * *
"Hey, guys look. It's Adam! Looks like he's pretty nervous," said Trini looking out the picture window onto the sidewalk below. _What a sweetie!_ she thought.

"I'm going to go meet him at the door. If he sees someone he knows, it should put him at ease." she said walking out of the apartment.

"My aren't we the diplomat!" said Rocky walking back down the stairs.

"If anyone else says that, I'm going to puke!"

"Sorry, Trini. I didn't mean to upset you," said Rocky softly.

"Don't worry, it's not your fault. It's just was I that shy in Angel Grove?" she asked.

"Well, yeah kind of. I mean you were really shy around people you didn't know but yet you would always talk to them and try to make them feel comfortable no matter how uncomfortable they made you," said Kim.

"And besides, Billy was always there to make the diplomatic decisions and when we left for Switzerland, you took over that job," said Jason.

"Well, I guess that Peace Conference really did teach me a lot!" said Trini walking out the door.

* * *
"Trini?" questioned Adam as the long haired girl walked out of the apartment. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm living here, too Silly!" she said walking up to him and hugging him.

"It is so good to see you!" said Adam quickly blushing.

"Huh?" said Trini pulling away from Adam so she could look him in the face.

"I mean it's great to see a friend of mine," said Adam hoping to cover up his slip.

"Oh," said Trini as her face fell slightly "Come on in. You'll never guess who is here!"

* * *
The gang all reintroduced each other and they sat around talking for the rest of the night about what each was doing. It was well into the early morning hours before anyone mentioned sleeping. The gang quickly divided up the rooms. Kat would get the room with one bed and Trini and Kim would share the adjoining room with two beds. Jason and Tommy would share a room with two beds and Rocky and Adam would share the last room with two beds.

"Trini, can you help me with this?" asked Kim trying to put something on a top shelf.

"I got it!" said Tommy quickly putting the things up and looking down at Kim.

"Thanks, you know what? I just realized something," said Kim turning to look at Tommy.

"What is that?" asked Tommy curiously.

"I missed you... a lot" said Kim nervously. "I missed you too," said Tommy leaning closer to Kim.

"What did you need, Kim?" asked Trini walking into the room. "Oops! I didn't mean to interrupt."

"Your not interrupting. Tommy got it but thanks anyway," said Kim moving away from Tommy and continuing to unpack her things.

"Okay, well Adam and I are going to make some snacks. I'm taking orders what do ya need?" said Trini, her pen poised over a pad of paper.

"You can get me a yogurt and some juice," said Kim.

"I'll have a ham sandwich with mayo, some carrot sticks, and a Pepsi, if you got it," said Tommy looking awkwardly towards Kim.

"One yogurt and juice for the lady and a ham sandwich with mayo, carrot sticks, and Pepsi for the gentleman. It will be ready in a few! I'm taking Rocky's order last so that way everyone will be able to get their food," said Trini walking out of the room.

"I better get going too," said Tommy.

"Yeah, you've got unpacking to do," said Kim shyly.

"We'll talk later?" said Tommy nervously. "Ya know catch up and everything."

"It's a date!" said Kim blushing furiously. "I mean sure we'll talk later."

"All right. See ya later... Beautiful." Tommy said softly.

"What?" asked Kim.

"See ya later." And with that Tommy walked out of her room.

* * *
"Tommy, we need to talk," said Kat stopping him in the hallway.

"Can it wait? I have some major unpacking to do," said Tommy trying to get back to his room.

"Actually it can't. I was hoping since we're here, maybe we could have another chance. Ya know, you and me," said Kat sweetly.

"Kat, can we talk about this later. I'm really overwhelmed that all my friends are here and I'm trying to take it one shock at a time," said Tommy hoping not to hurt her feelings too much. He knew eventually that he would have to tell Kat no but not now. Not on the first day. He may not love Kat but he cared for her.

"Oh, hey Kat. Do you want a snack? Adam and I are making. Are you taking?" asked Trini walking up to the pair,

"Um... sure. We can talk tomorrow, Tommy," said Kat turning her attention to Trini as she watched Tommy walk into his room. "I'd love a snack. Can I get a bottle of water and grapes?"

"One order of bottled water and grapes, comin up," said Trini walking away.

"Not exactly what I wanted but it will do for now," said Kat as she walked back to her room, thinking about how her and Tommy would be together again.

* * *
"Okay, Adam, let's get busy," said Trini as Adam raised his eyebrow to her. "Get your mind out of the gutter! Jase wants a PB and J with chips and a Pepsi. I thought we could start with his order."

"Sure. Can you grab me the jelly out of the fridge?" asked Adam getting the bread and peanut butter.

"Yeah. No prob," said Trini getting in the fridge and handing Adam the jelly.

Trini got the chips out of the cupboard and put a handful on a paper plate. Adam had just finished putting the jelly on the sandwich. Trini walked over behind him and stuck her finger in the jelly. "Strawberry is my favorite," she said.

"Really, mine too!" said Adam turning to look at her as she smeared his face with the jelly.

"Tag, you're it!" yelled Trini.

"Oh, you'll pay for that, Kwan!" said Adam putting a glop of peanut butter on his finger "Come here."

"Oh no!" said Trini as she ran around the butcher's block that was in the middle of the kitchen "Stay away from me with that peanut butter!"

"You're not getting off that easy!" said Adam drawing closer to her as she backed into a corner

"Adam, you don't understand-I'm allergic!" she said as he came mere inches from her.

"Really?" said Adam quizzically

"No!" Trini said as she took the glob of peanut butter and wiped it on Adam's face and turning to run but Adam grabbed her by the waist and dragged her to the counter.

"Now time for a taste of your own medicine!" said Adam taking some jelly and wiping on her face as she yelled for help.

* * *
Jason and Tommy bounded down the stairs when they heard Trini scream with Kim and Kat at their heels.

"Trini, what's-" said Jason stopping short in the kitchen as Tommy ran into him.

The sight they saw was quite amusing. Adam had his arm wrapped around Trini's waist and his other hand was coated in strawberry jelly, his face had peanut butter and jelly smeared all over. Trini was staring at Jason, her face covered in jelly.

"Hey guys," said Trini as they burst out laughing.

"Sorry, Trini," said Adam laughing as he tried to wipe some of the jelly off of her face.

"No, I started it. I should be apologizing to you," she said trying to get the peanut butter off of his face.

"Here you guys," said Jason walking out of the bathroom with two towels. "And thanks for the sandwich. I appreciate it!"

"No problem," they both said as they toweled off. "We'll clean this up and get you your snacks."

"I'm sure you will!" said Kim walking away with Tommy giggling Kat watched after them as a pain shot through her heart.

"Tough to watch, huh?" asked Jason coming up behind Kat.

"Oh no. Okay, yeah, it's really tough to watch Kim move right back in to where I used to be," said Kat solemnly.

"Kat... they're just friends," started Jason "I hope it stays that way," said Kat walking away from Jase, "For Kim's sake."

* * *
"Hey, Adam," said Rocky "Can we talk?"

"Sure, Rocky let me change, okay?" said Adam walking into their bathroom and to change.

* * *
"Okay, what did you want to talk about?" asked Adam to his friend.

"Well, I felt kind of left out earlier. I mean Trini was walking around taking food orders but she never came and took mine," he said sadly.

"There is a reason for that, Rocky. Trini wanted to get everyone their food before she took your order because she knows you eat a lot. She didn't mean to leave you out," said Adam patting his friend on the back.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Rocky. I really didn't mean to hurt you!" said Trini walking into their room and hugging him.

"Oh, Trini, it's okay. I understand now," he said pulling away from the hug.

"Hey can I join in on the conversation?" asked Kim walking into the boys room.

"Sure," said Trini sitting down on Adam's bed as Kim walked in and sat down next to Rocky.

"What's up Kim?" asked Rocky.

"Well, I feel kind of awkward with Tommy and Kat here," she stated quietly.

"Why don't we go talk in the confessional. I think we'll get more privacy," said Adam motioning to the room beyond their own that housed Tommy and Jason.

"Okay, let's go," said Trini.

* * *
The four walked into the confessional and shut the door. Rocky and Adam sat down on the two person couch and Kim and Trini sat down in front of the couch.

"Okay so anyway, like I was saying I kind of feel awkward with Tommy and Kat being here," repeated Kimberly.

"Well, Kim, I wasn't supposed to say anything but Tommy fell out of love with Kat," said Adam quietly.

"What?" asked the three other occupants.

"He told me after him and Kat had been dating awhile. He said that he didn't love her any more, he just really, really liked her. He also said that he didn't have the heart to tell her but they broke up anyway when Kat decided to go to school in Wisconsin. She was really upset but he really wasn't. Not like he was when he got your letter," said Adam regretting what he last said.

"Look Kim I've known Tommy just as long as you have and I can see when he looks at you that he still loves you. When I walked in and saw you two today, it was just like old times. I know when he looks at you that he still loves you," said Trini putting a reassuring arm around her friend.

"I hate to ruin the mood, you guys, but Kat still really likes Tommy and I think that she wants to get back with him so you got some competition, Kim," said Rocky sadly.

"Not if Tommy fell out of love with Kat!" reminded Trini.

"But where does that leave me? I mean Tommy has to totally hate my guts for that letter I sent. Why would he want me any more?" asked Kim sorrowfully.

"Tommy understands about the letter. He just didn't understand why you couldn't tell him personally. Maybe if you two talked it out you would feel more comfortable," said Adam sweetly.

"You're right, Adam. But then again you always are. I think I'll go ask him if he wants to talk now," said Kim getting up and walking out.

"Bye!" said the remain three as the door closed.

"So what now?" asked Adam turning his attention to his friends.

* * *
"Um, Tommy? Do you think we could chat now?" asked Kim as she walked into Tommy and Jason's room.

"Uh... sure. Jase, do you mind?" asked Tommy shyly "No problem, I wanted to talk to Kat anyway," said Jason leaving the room.

"What did you want to chat about?" asked Tommy sitting on his bed.

"Well, I wanted to tell you the truth about that letter," said Kimberly shyly.

"Oh, well go ahead," said Tommy softly.

* * *
"Kat? Are you in here?" asked Jason walking into the room.

"Yeah, I'm in the bathroom. I'll be out in a minute," said Kat from the room.

Jason sat down on the plush chair in the corner of her room and waited for her to come out.

* * *
"Well, how was Switzerland, Trini?" asked Rocky as the three sat in the confessional.

"It was great. I've got the most awesome pictures in my room if you want to go there and look at them," said Trini.

"Great, sounds like a plan," said Adam getting up and walking out.

* * *
"The real reason I wrote the letter was because I wanted you to be happy. I didn't think you could be happy with your girlfriend 3,000 miles away! I made up this guy named John so you wouldn't think I was pathetic and so that it would be easier to break it to you. I never meant to hurt you, I just wanted you to be happy," said Kim staring at her hands.

"Kim, that wasn't for you to decide. I loved you and I was crushed when you told me that you found someone new. I got over it but it took me awhile. I started dating Kat and for awhile things were just peachy. Then I started to find things wrong with Kat. Like that she was always with me. One day I realized that I didn't get that feeling in tummy any more when Kat was around. I fell out of love with her and I realized that I never let go of your memory. I was always hoping in the back of my mind that you would walk back into my life and now here you are," said Tommy looking towards Kim.

"Now what do we do?" asked Kim.

* * *
"What did you need, Jase?" asked Kat walking out of the bathroom.

"I just wanted to talk. Ya know catch up," said Jason as Kat sat down on her bed. "So what have you been up to?"

* * *
"This was taken at my room. That is my roommate, Kallie-she was from France, that's Jason, and there is Zack. They were acting really silly that day," said Trini pointing out the people in the picture.

"What is on Jason's face?" asked Rocky snickering.

"Oh my gosh. The guys were whining that we were taking too long because we had to put on make-up and stuff so one day we put make-up on the guys. Jason had fire engine red lipstick on and pink blusher and silver eyeshadow. Zack had on this purple lipstick and pink blusher and green eyeshadow!" said Trini laughing

"You didn't!" said Adam.

"We did!" said Trini putting the photo album down "What have you guys been up to?"

* * *
"Why don't we just be friends again. I mean this has got to be a huge shock and everything for the both of us! Why don't we start over. Hi, My name is Tommy Oliver. You are?" asked Tommy holding out his hand

"I'm Kimberly Heart. Call me Kim," said Kim shaking his hand.

* * *
"So it was a lot of fun," said Jason finishing up his story "So what about you?"

"Jase, can we continue this tomorrow? I'm really tired," said Kat yawning.

"Sure no problem. You have sweet dreams. G'night," said Jason pulling the covers over Kat and walking out of the room.

* * *
"Well I'm tired!" said Rocky yawning.

"Yeah me too," said Adam.

"Well I'll tuck you guys in," said Trini walking out of her room and into Adam's and Rocky's room with them.

* * *
"It was nice meeting you, Kim. May I walk you to your room?" asked Tommy.

"I would love that," said Kim as Jason walked into the room.

"Jason, I'd like you to meet my new friend Kim. Kim, Jason, Jason, Kim," said Tommy as Kim giggled and Jason gave them a strange look "I'm going to walk her to her room."

The two walked out and left Jason standing there confused.

* * *
"G'night you goofballs!" said Trini as she tucked Adam in. "That's a cute frog you got. I love frogs."

"You do?" asked Adam "Here. You can take it tonight. God knows it gets shoved in my closet half the time."

"Thanks," said Trini picking up the frog "I appreciate it. G'night!"

"G'night," said the two boys as she walked out.

Created by Sara Holz
Based On MTV's The Real World.

On the next Real World:
Kim and Tommy get closer and Kat gets a little jealous. Rocky, Adam and Trini go out for good time and Jason tries to tell Kat how he really feels. Stay tuned!