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Disclaimer: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo all belong to Saban. The characters from these shows are used here without permission. I am in no way affiliated with Saban, and this story is my own work. This is my first attempt at a PR fanfic, So please direct any comments, hate mail :) etc. to : SimonF78@tiny78.demon.co.uk. This fic is a Power Rangers Turbo fic and is set after 'Shift Into Turbo'. This fic is going to be part of a series (I hope!) which I will call 'The Diva Crystal', but forgive me if I also use that title for this particular fic as well :) Thank you for reading this overly long disclaimer, and enjoy the fic
P.S: A quick note, "In quotes" is somebody speaking and 'Like this' is a persons thoughts :)

The Diva Crystal
by TinyTim

Justin Stewart was deep in thought as he made his way from the Little Angels Haven to the Angel Grove Juice Bar. So much had happened to him in such a short space of time, that he was struggling to keep up. First he discovered the identities of the Power Rangers, and then his lifetimes ambition was achieved when he was asked by Rocky to replace him on the team. He looked down casually at the communicator he was wearing on his wrist, and sighed happily, 'Life is never gonna be the same', he though.

As Justin walked through the door of the Juice Bar, he saw Kat and Tommy sitting together at a table enjoying a couple of smoothies. "Hey Justin", Tommy called, and he rushed over to join them at the table.

"Hi Justin", smiled Kat. "What have you been up to today then?" she inquired. Justin just shrugged and grinned.

"Nothing much", he replied. "So, has Divatox caused any more trouble yet?", he asked eagerly. Kat frowned at him.

"Justin, there is no need to be SO enthusiastic". "We are not supposed to actually go looking for trouble. Besides, it's nice when things are quiet for a change". She exchanged a knowing smile with Tommy.

"So Justin, are you going to come and help me work on my racer, this afternoon?" asked Tommy.

"Can I really?", "Awesome!", "Thanks, Tommy!" Justin looked quickly at his watch. "Aw man, I agreed to go meet Adam," "but I'll see you later guys."

"Bye Justin." replied Kat. She then turned and asked Tommy in a low voice "Are you sure Justin is a suitable ranger? I mean, he is sometimes TOO interested in fighting."

"Nah, there isn't a problem, He just needs to get used to things, I've got faith in Rockys judgment."

"Well," Kat replied, looking at Justin running out of the door, "I hope Rocky got things right."

Tanya Sloan had just finished her shift at the local radio station, and was just stepping out onto the street when her communicator sounded.

"Yo Tanya! Justin is having a one sided conversation with some Piranhatrons in the park. You'd better get over there pronto!"

"I'm on it Alpha." she replied hurridly. Running at full speed she entered the park and saw a cluster of Piranhatrons surrounding a lonely blue figure. As she approached she occasionaly would see a Piranhatron colliding with a tree, getting kicked into a fence, and one even landed in the lake.

"Justin!" she shouted. "Are you ok?"

"I could use a hand Tanya" he shouted back, as he launched at a Piranhatron with a spinning kick which sent it flying backwards into a couple of it's fellows.

"Why do these stupid fish always pick on me?" asked Justin disgustedly, as he lept foward, throwing a couple of quick punches which felled another Piranhatron.

Tanya ran up, and began attacking the Piranhatrons with pent up fury. The fish creatures quickly fell back before the onslaught. Just as Adam was running onto the scene, the Piranhatrons lept into the air and disapeared. Leaving behind only a repugnent smell.

"Looks like I missed the party" commented Adam, as Tanya and Justin were trying to catch some breath.

"They just know when they are outclassed" replied Tanya.

"Hey", Justin announced. "Did they drop this?" He was holding a small red rubber ball, which could have been a childs toy.

"I dunno" wondered Adam, "Did you notice it before?" he asked Justin.

"I didn't see it, but then again, I was kinda busy," was the happy reply. "What do you think I should do with it?," he asked the older Rangers. "Should I hand it into the police ot something? Or should I just keep up?"

"It's up to you Justin," smiled Tanya. "Your call. It does look like somebody dropped it though, so maybe you should hand it in, maybe even to the helpers at the shelter."

"Yeah, that's what I'll do, thanks Tanya," he smiled. "Aw man, it's getting late, I've gotta be getting back."

"I've gotta go too, Tanya and I are going out for a walk. Sorry we didn't get a chance to talk Justin. Another time maybe?" asked Adam.

"No problem" he replied. "Bye guys." Justin waved as his friends headed off. Bouncing the ball around, he headed back in the direction of the Youth Centre, bouncing with energy after his run in with Divatox's servants.


Under the Ocean, in the depths of Divatox's Subcraft, the 'Queen Of Evil' cackled quitely to herself.

"Oh yes!" she crooned. "That puny blue power puke has gone too far this time. Little does he know that my shiny new Toy is going to be a Monsterous problem before long!" Smiling happily to herself she though about the evil plan she had concocted to finally avenge herself on the Rangers who had ruined her wedding ceremony.

"Porto!" she cried. As she rose quickly and walked to the Periscope.

"Yes my Queen" burbled the large scientist. "You require my services?" he enquired. Divatox left the Periscope and casually walked right up to Porto.

"Have you found my Diva Crystal yet?" she shouted directly into the portly creatures face. "Have you?" she bellowed. "Because if you haven't you're going to get some swimming lessons" she smirked confidently. Divatox just loved being in control.

"Actually my Queen, Rygog, Elgar and some Piranhatrons are away retreiving it right about now."

"Yes!" Divatox proclaimed laughingly. "This is better than I imagined, when I finally reclaim the power of my long lost Diva Crystal, my powers will exceed those of any of the villians in the Galaxy!" "Those power twerps will be unable to stop me, and I will be the ultimate source of evil in the whole GALAXY!!!!" "Viva La Diva!" The sounds of her celebrations continued unabated as she asked Porto about the abilities of the latest monster which had been sent to terrorise the Rangers.

"The Bad Bouncer, my Queen, is our most powerful monster yet! When it is fully charged up, it will spring a wonderful surprise on the Rangers. I have spent quite a long time analysing them, and I do belive that this monster will prove too much for them to handle. Also, I have added an extra special bonus. Whoever is carrying the monster at the time it explodes will be, let us say, A little unfortunate! Hehe!"

"Excellent!" proclaimed Divatox. "That little blue brat has the monster, now all we have to do, is wait till it's fully charged!! "Now, we need a way to keep them busy until then. Hummm" she mused.

"May I make a suggestion, my Queen?" asked Porto nervously.

"Yeah, but make it quick," she snapped in reply.

"We wait until the littlest Ranger is with a large crowd of people, and then we send down a large school of Piranhatrons. Not only will he be unable to morph, he will also try to protect the people first, meaning that our Piranhatrons can keep him busy, while the monster charges up, undisturbed."

"Hum, that plan has merit Porto," Divatox replied slyly. "Not much though! Hah!" she grinned. "Make it so."

"Yes my Queen" chuckled Porto as he prepared the Piranhatron squad for the forthcoming battle.


Just as he was crossing the street towards the Youth Centre, Justin suddenly noticed the appearance of several Piranhatrons. 'Oh great, just what I needed, another fishy time' he groaned inwardly. "Everbody get away!" he shouted, as the Piranhatrons advanced on him. The people around about the Youth Centre entrance started fleeing in panic, leaving Justin alone with the group of Piranhatrons.

Justin checked to ensure that no civilians were left around, and then uttered his morphin' cry. "Shift Into Turbo!" but just as he summoned his Turbo Morpher, two Piranhatrons grabbed him and pinned his wrists to his sides. 'Oh No!' he thought, 'I can't morph!'

In the Power Chamber the alarms blared. "Yo! Dimitria! Little Justin is being harrased again by some of Divatoxs fish, and he can't morph!"

"Will you not contact the other Rangers quickly Alpha?" asked Dimitria.

"You got it Miss D!" replied the android.


"Porto!!!" screamed Divatox. "When is that stupid monster gonna be ready?" "Those Rangers are gonna appear in a second and destroy yet another group of perfectly good Piranhatrons."

"It is almost ready my Evilness. May I suggest that we recall the Piranhatrons, and then send them back down to another location. This would not only keep the Rangers occupied, but it would also give the monster more time to charge!" he suggested

"Good. That's better. Now go do it!!!" she shouted.


'Man, how am I gonna get out of this' Justin thought to himself. The Piranatrons hadn't done anything more threatening them prevent him from Morphing, but they were still clustered tightly around him.

Tommy and Kat then sprinted from the Youth Centre, and started to engage the Piranhatrons. After a few blows were exchanged however, the Fish took flight, and disaperared.

"You Ok Justin?" asked Tommy.

"Fine, but I'm just wondering what that was all about."

"I don't know," replied Kat. "It's getting near luch time, you'd better be getting back to the Shelter."

"Ok, see you later guys" he replied as he started off towards the shelter.

Justin had nearly reached the Shelter, when his communicator toned. "Oh man, not again!" he groaned. Tucking himself around a corner, out of sight, he activated the communicator. "This is Justin, What's up Alpha?" he enquired.

"Justin! A school of Piranhatrons, Elgar and Rygog just appeared in the park, they're terrorising the citizens. You'd better morph, and I'll have the others meet you there."

"I'm on it Alpha." Justin looked around again to insure that he was alone, then he shouted his Morphin' call. "Shift Into Turbo!!!" "Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!" A couple of seconds later, the Blue Turbo Ranger was ready for action. Hitting his belt buckle, he teleported to the park.

On his arrival, he saw that the other Rangers were already morphed, and engaged in a frantic battle with the Piranhatrons. Justin threw himself happily into the fight, kicking, punching and throwing the monsters aside with expert skill. The other rangers were more than holding their own, and they were steadily reducing the numbers of Piranhatrons which got back to their feet. Rygog and Elgar watched impassively as the Piranhatrons were taken apart by the five Rangers. Finally, the fish took flight, leaving Rygog and Elgar alone to face down the Rangers. "Oh Look!" sneered Elgar. "They defeated all the Piranhatrons. I'm really scared!" He smiled sarcasticly at the assembled Rangers. "And now as a parting gift, I've a little surprise for the blue boy over there." "I hope you like surprises!" he chuckled to himself and withdrew a small box. Twisting a control, a massive explosion occured centered on Justin, who went flying through the air, landing heavily on the ground. In a flash of blue light, Justin unmorphed, and was left lying on the ground stunned by the blast.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! What a blast!" chuckled Rygog. "Bye for now losers!!" The two monsters disappeared in a flash of light.

The other Rangers hurried across, as Justin picked himself up. "Man, have I got a headache" he groaned. "I'm OK though, just a little dizzy."

"Are you sure you're Ok Justin?" asked a worried Tommy. "Turbo Down!" he shouted, as he resumed his normal form. The other Rangers following suit.

"Hey! What's this?" Justin questioned, as he looked down at the smoking hole in his pocket. "Isn't that impossible?" He asked the others.

"I'm not sure, but we better get to the power chamber, and have Alpha check you out." replied Tommy, cautiously. The rangers tapped their communicators and dissapeared in a rainbow of colours.

"Why didn't that device work???" yelled Divatox, as she advanced towards Porto. "Where is my Monster?" she screamed, so loudly that Elgar and Rygog backed away hurridly.

"I don't know my Queen" appologised Porto hurridly, "It could not have been fully charged when Elgar activated the device."

"Well, it doesn't matter anyway. I have my Diva Crystal, and nothing will stop me know. Those brats are going to pay a hundred times over for what they did to Maligore, and I will enjoy every sweet second." Divatox smiled sweetly. She then turned around and barked again at Porto. "Find my monster! NOW!!!!" "I can't wait to begin the destruction of the Power Rangers, Ooooh!!! This will be good." Rubbing her hands in glee, Divatox continued to celebrate.

As the Rangers arrived in the Power Chamber, Alpha 6 rushed across to them. "Rangers!" he chimed. "We just got some very bad news. Come take a look!" he rushed across to a control panel and put an image on the Viewing Screen. "Look! Divatox has somehow obtained the long lost Diva Crystal! Her power will be improved by three or four fold. And there is little we can do to stop her!"

"Does Divatox indeed have possesion of the Diva Crystal?" asked Dimitria from her plasma tube. "You then know that you are in very grave danger Rangers?" she inquired. Justin and Adam had been studying the readouts, when Justin piped up.

"Guys! I may have found something that would help. You guys used to be powered by the Zeo Crystal, right? So, if we combine the crystals remaining power, with our Turbo power, we 'May' have enough to compete with Divatox. If we do nothing, we will proberly loose against the next monster she sends down." Justin looked at the floor, crestfallen. "I was only just getting started," he mumbled to himself.

"Ok." Tommy said. "We know what to do, but how do we do it. Zordon broke the Zeo crystal up into it's individual parts again, and scattered it throughout the globe. We will need everybody to go and find a piece."

"Tommy, we can't just leave," questioned Tanya. "What about Divatox? Do you think she may have counted on the fact we might leave to improve our powers?" "She may be trying to trick us or something."

"Tanyas right" said Kat, "We all can't leave at once. We will have to go one at a time and leave the others to deal with Divatox."

"Might there not be an unexpected bonus Rangers?" asked Dimitria. "Could it be possible that the Diva Crystal needs time to reach a full charge?"

"Yes, she might be right." injected Adam. "And with each piece of the Zeo crystal we retreive, our powers will grow correspondingly. So we can hopefully keep up with Divatox."

"Alpha, start a scan for the fragments of the Zeo crystal. All we need to decide now, is who leaves first." wondered Tommy.

"Me! Me! Please Tommy! Can I go first?" Justin was jumping up and down fanaticly. "Please????" he pleaded. "I'll be really quick, and I've got my powers to protect me as well," he reasoned.

"Well, I don't know Justin, shouldn't we let Adam or Tommy go first," Kat mused. It might be a tricky job. We don't even know where we have to look. Also there is the possibility that Divatox might try to stop us."

"Kats right," decided Tommy. "And I'll need to think about who might be the best choice to go first though. We'll need to discuss it."

Just then, the alarms began sounding through the command centre. "Yo Yo Yo! Rangers! Divatoxs latest monster is tearing up the park! Looks like an awkward cutomer too."

"What do those guys have against the park?" questioned Justin. "That's the third time today!"

"Never mind that, it's time to take this freak down!" stated Tommy. "Shift Into Turbo!!"

The rangers morphed in a colourful display, and then teleported to the park to confront the Bad Bouncer.

"Ok ugly! You're going down!" shouted the Red Ranger, as the Power Rangers fanned out around the monster.

The 'Big Bouncer' was very tall and round with a wierd 'stitched on' face. It was one of the strangest monsters the rangers had ever encountered. The Rangers then threw themselves at the monster, hitting it with numerous punches and kicks, as the Monster made ineffectual attempts to fend off the rangers attacks.

As one final flying kick from Tommy knocked the monster sprawling, he decided that the time had come to finish things off.

"Turbo Weapons Now" called the Rangers, as they began to rain a fussilade of fire down on the hapless monster.


"This can't be happening!" screamed Divatox. "Those power brats are destroying that pathetic monster without breaking a sweat. Well, let's even the odds. Fire the torpedoes!"

"Torpedoes away!" cried Rygog. The two torpedoes shot out of the bottom of the Subcraft and headed for the nearly defeated monster.


As the torpedoes exploded around it, the monster suddenly grew to huge proportions, dwarfing the park and the rangers.

"Looks like I 'bounced back' again, Rangers! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!" boomed the giant creature.

"Ok Guys! Let's do it!" said the Red Ranger.

"We need Turbo Megazord power now!"

The Turbo Zords appeared on the horizon and shot towards the Rangers with terific speed. "Let's go guys!" yelled Tommy again.

The Rangers jumped into the air and landed in their Turbo Zords. 'This is my favourite part about being a Ranger,' thought Justin to himself. 'I could never get tired of this, It's so much fun.'

"Ok Guys, lets lock 'em up!" commanded Tommy.

In a complicated series of twists and spins, the five seperate cars assembled as one large construction.

"Turbo Up!" shouted Tommy, as he activated his Turbo Key.

"Turbo Up!" was the response from the other Rangers, as the other four keys were activated.

"It's Turbo Time guys!" announced Tommy, as the Turbo Megazord lifted itself up to face the monster.

The huge monster advanced on the Megazord towering over it. "I'm gonna crush you into dust!" It roared. The monster then inflicted several heavy blows on the Megazord, which caused sparks to fly.

"We're taking some very heavy hits Tommy!" Adam stated. "We can't keep this up for long. And we haven't even slowed him down any."

"Justin, do you want to see what you can do?" Asked Tommy.

"Yeah!" was the happy reply. Pressing a button on his control console, Justin commanded the Megazord to emmit a blast from it's chest which stunned the monster and knocked it backwards.

"Hey! You'll pay for that" it growled. The Megazord then attacked the monster with a fury and twice knocked it to the ground.


"PORTO!!! That stupid monster is getting kicked all over the place!" exclaimed a furious Divatox. "Is my Diva Crystal powered up yet?"

"Um, actually my Queen, the Diva Crystal will take a few weeks to charge properly" he admitted humbly. "However, I can use it power the monster, but it will increase the time needed for it to reach full charge."

"Just do it!! Quickly, before that monster gets all sliced up!" was the angry reply.

"Yes my Queen. Powering the Diva Crystal now!" he announced

A large flare of multicoloured light spread out of the subcraft and soared towards the cowering monster. It struck it, and the monster immediately started to glow with surpressed energy and power.

"Wooo! It works! Viva La Diva!" chuckled the evil villian, as the monster stretched itself, and advanced again on the Megazord.


"What was that?" asked a startled Tommy.

"Yo Rangers! You'd better be extra careful, because Divatox has just powered her monster up using the Diva Crystal," came the voice of Alpha over the Megazords communication system.

"Great! Just what we needed" groaned Tommy.

The monster advanced on the Megazord and sent it flying backwards with a single punch. It swayed alarmingly before the Rangers steadied it. The monster then sent another flurry of punches which sent up streams of sparks from the head and torso of the Megazord. With a large kick the monster caught the Megazord heavily in the chest and it crashed to the ground. Struggling, the Rangers managed to get the Megazord upright again.

"Tommy! We've nearly done! There is only the reserve power left! We've only got one chance, because too many blows like that will finish us" stated a flustered Adam.

The monster renewed it's attack, smashing into the Mrgazord repeatedly, with one final blow knocking the Megazord clean off it's feet.

"Tommy! Power is offline! We're down and it'll take all of our remaining energy to get us back on our feet," reported Adam.

With a great effort, the Turbo Megazord staggered to it's feet to face the gloating monster.

"I've got an idea, but it's a long shot," decided Tommy.

"Here goes," he announced , as the Megazord struggled to stay on it's feet. "Turbo Megazord Saber!" he called, as the huge sword appeared in the Robots posession.

The monster charged forward again, but was caught several times by furious slashes. One slash knocked the monster back a bit, and nearly sent it tumbling to the ground.

"Ok! It's wipeout time! Hang on Guys. Turbo Megzord Spinout!" yelled Tommy.

The Megazord drew back a little, away from the monster, then started rushing towards it at a furious pace. The monster stood it's ground and the Megazord descended upon it, spinning and twisting, slashing with it's huge sword, until the monster could not take anymore and exploded in a huge column of smoke and flames.

"YES! Alright, we did it!" enthused Justin, who was bouncing around the cockpit of the Megazord happily.

"That was just the first step though," Tommy cautioned. "We've still got to get the Zeo crystal to have any chance of keeping up with Divatox."

The Rangers then returned to the Power Chamber to consult Alpha and Dimitria before deciding on the next course of action.


Aboard the Subcraft, the mood was gloomy but not dispondent. "Just you wait, Power Rangers just you wait" sneered Divatox. "Once my Diva Crystal is fully charged, nothing you can do will be able to stop me. "How I love to be successful!" she chuckled quietly to herself.


"Rangers, had you not better decide on a course of action promptly?" asked Dimitria, once the rangers returned to the Command Centre.

"Well, I've decided that Justin should be the first to seek out the Zeo crystal, but we will need a couple of days to track it down, and also decide on a course of action should Divatox attack when he is away" stated Tommy

"We don't know yet how long it might take to find each part of the crystal" added Adam. "Alpha is going to try his best to narrow it down, but after that it'll mainly be using the Turbo Navigator to home in on it."

"Man! I just can't wait!" exclaimed the youngest ranger, as he began mentally preparing himself for his biggest test yet.