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Disclaimer: I don't own Bulk or Skull. Saban doesn't anymore either. And I hate to say Disney... so I will give credit to Jason Narvy and Paul Schrier who made the characters so great.
Author Notes: Yes this is a sad, short little emotional piece. It is written as a first person stream of consciousness so it is not supposed to be 100% coherent as people do not think or speak the same way as words written on a page and I am trying to capture my character's voice. I have always loved the combo of Bulk and Skull and honestly they don't get enough credit or fanfics written about them.

by Symbolic Agony

Hey Skull, it's me, Bulkie. I just came back, went to your mom's place and found out you were here. You should have known I would come back eventually. It took a long time but I'm back, and now you're gone.

This isn't right. I should be telling you all the things that happened on Terra Venture, on Minroi, all the stuff you missed out on when you decided to sleep in. It was a real adventure and it just was never the same without you there. I could go on for days with all the stuff that happened over, how long now is it? Six years, almost seven since I left. Now I can't really, can I?

You missed everything. Aliens trying to kill us, the rangers stopping everything. We got sucked into a lost Galaxy and ended up crash landing on this planet one girl called Minroi. Beats me where the name came from but we all called it that. They couldn't get everyone back to earth at once, so they sent shuttles every so often to get a few here and there. We had to start from scratch there. It wasn't that bad. Weather was nice at least. But I was one of the last groups left, that's why it took so long.

Okay, so it is probably boring to you but if you had been there you would understand. It changed me a lot. Dunno why, maybe I just got older. I look back now and realize just how stupid we were then. Especially during those first couple years of high school. Guess I can laugh now about all of it.

I heard you changed a lot after I left. I got a hold of that book you wrote and started reading it last night, once I found out. I never knew you were this fucking smart, I never thought you could write something this good, but... something struck me after the fourth of fifth chapter. You wrote it about us, didn't you?

You write how Paul feels like he has to adapt to be accepted by Jason. So he thinks he needs to be just like this asshole or be labeled a 'dweeb.' Yeah, I remember that word coming up quite a bit back in the old days. I wonder if this is how you really felt; that you were trapped to be just like me. Now I have to wonder if us going separate ways was better for you. I didn't really say it to you but you are the best friend I ever had, always will be.

I guess what it comes down to is I'm sorry about all this. I'm sorry for being such an ass most of the time, and being the reason why you wrote a book about us. I wish i had come back sooner, somehow found a way to get back before now. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when you were dying in some hospital bed.

I'm crying now. Seven years ago I would probably laugh at it, but not now. I am leaving something here for you. I realized after I got on the ship that I had one of your bandanas. Guess I should return it to you now while I'm at it. Figure it is better than leaving some flowers or other mushy stuff. I am going to go now... figure out what to do now that I am back to civilization. If you get any ideas, can you leave them on my fridge where I will find them? Later buddy.