Mild Universe
In The Beginning
Why were the rangers such good friends even before Zordon came into the picture? Here's a possibility.
Missing: An X-Files Crossover
When Angel Grove teens start disappearing, Agents Scully and Mulder are drawn into the case. Their suspect? A shy, bespectacled boy named Billy.
Disappearing Act
Billy's been acting weird, and now all of a sudden he's disappeared- with Rocky's car. Only two people can help him now. Mulder and Scully.

Intense Universe
Power Drawbacks
Sometimes having the power can't save the people you love most.
The Clone War
An alternate ending to "Blue Ranger Gone Bad."
An Interlude: Explanations
Billy spent four long months in the bowels of Lord Zedd's castle, and the scars, physical and emotional, are deep.
Grey Skies
Billy suffers a terrible tragedy, and his health goes from bad to worse.
True Lies
Billy's gone off for a new life on Aquitar- or so the Rangers think.
The Machine Empire Strikes Back (written with Kristen Fallon)
When Billy gets sick, the Rangers are forced to turn to his clone, who might be responsible for his illness.