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Disclaimer: Saban owns the Power Rangers. I only own the other characters to other concepts in this fic. Anything and everything is all in my mind so welcome to the muse light zone. J/K I hope you enjoy what I wrote. ::*-*::

Silver Cloud Blue Lining
Part Two: Cloud Lining
by Starfire

Kai awoke the next morning, his body aching all over, feeling as if he had been used as a punching bag. He stood up from his bed and straightened out his blue pajamas with fluffy, white bunnies imprinted on them. His hair was in disarray from his restless sleep. Kai slowly drug himself to the bathroom and flipped on the light switch. The lights blinked on and he winced as the bright light flooded the room.

Kai looked into the mirror and saw the dark, black rings under his eyes. You look like hell, Kai, he thought to himself, rubbing his face with his hands. He turned on the faucet and splashed the cold water on his face, in an attempt to wake himself up.

Kai leaned his head over the sink and felt the edges of stress stringing through his body. Lately he been having a tiring week. He fought the Sting Wingers almost every day, along with a new monster that Scorpius kept sending down. The only thing more frustrating then his schedule was the new mysterious Silver Galaxy Ranger. The Silver Ranger kept appearing on the scene before they arrived, then disappeared after things were taken care of. Sure, the help is appreciated, but I can't shake this feeling that there was something familiar about him or her. Why can't that Ranger just tell us who he or she is? Kai shook his head and rubbed his neck. Why can't I have a vacation? He asked himself as he slowly headed to his compact GSA regulation shower for a hot bath.

To top everything off, Kai had to baby-sit Commander Stanton's daughter, Jodie. Sure, she is a sweet kid, Kai thought to himself as he stepped into the shower, unaware of the fact that he was fully clothed. But sometimes she is too active for me to keep up. He turned on the water and yelped when cold water hit him. He tried to step back, only to land on a bar of soap, causing him to fall flat on his rear. "Ouch," he whimpered.

Kai shook his head, disoriented from the fall. He heard giggling coming from somewhere, and since his vision was blurred, he only saw a shadow of silver running past his bathroom door. Then the giggling stopped and his vision became clear once again. Great now I am hallucinating.

Kai slowly got up onto feet and noticed an uncomfortable sensation. He looked down at himself and grimaced. "Great, I forgot to undress!" He picked at his wet pajamas that clung to his body like glue and grimaced again. "Just what I need."

Kai walked out of the shower and, grabbing a large blue towel, began to dry himself. He walked out and picked up the dry clothing that he already laid out. He dressed quickly and was in the middle of putting on his white shirt, when he froze in shock. He looked and saw a small angel necklace that he had given Liz as a birthday present, hanging on the picture frame that contained her picture. That's not possible... he thought to himself in disbelief. He walked across the room slowly and picked up the necklace, dangling it in front of his face. The small sapphire heart was delicately placed in the hands of a silver angel. His face went pale and he looked around the room to see if anyone was there.

This must be some sort of sick joke, he thought to himself bitterly. This can't be her necklace. I know she is not here.

Kai picked up the picture frame and sighed in despair. "Why do you keep on haunting my life? Why can't I forget who you are to me?" He gently sat the picture back down on the table and brushed away his tears. Kai put the angel necklace around his neck, hiding it underneath his white shirt.

Kai tiredly headed out of his quarters and started in the direction of the food court. He didn't feel like cooking today; the thought of food somehow depressed him. Kai kept walking, not watching where he was heading. He heard someone giggle and his head snapped up fast, catching a glimpse of silver. "Can it be?" Kai whispered as he chased after the shadow.

Kai kept on running until he crashed into someone. "Hey, watch where you're going, Kai!" Damon yelped out angrily.

Kai looks down and saw the irked green ranger. "Sorry man," he apologized while trying to see further in the corridor.

Damon cranked his neck and slowly climbed to his feet. "What are you looking for Kai?" I think he lost it.Damon thought to himself as he watch the confused blue galaxy looking disarrayed.

Kai sighs, "A person dressed in silver...I think." Kai slowly got to his feet dejectedly.

Damon shook his head and looked at Kai in bewilderment. "Um, Kai, there was no one in this corridor except for me and you." Man, Kai doesn't look so good, Damon thought to himself.

Kai looked down sadly, "I swear I saw someone."

Damon's brown eyes glinted in concern for his friend. "Maybe you should lay down and rest, Kai. You've been working to much lately, after all."

Kai nodded his head. He knew that arguing with Damon wouldn't get him anywhere. Besides that, he couldn't tell Damon that he wasn't sleeping well as of late. The images of Liz haunted his dreams, pushing agony into his soul for what he could not have anymore.

Damon shook his head and looked at his watch. "Aw man, I'm late for a meeting." He patted Kai on the shoulder and started running. "I'll see you later Kai." The last glimpse that Kai saw was a flash of Damon's green jump suit. Maybe I am losing my mind, he thought to himself as he resumed his course for the food court.

When he arrived at the food court, he got a plate of that day's special, which was Alfreudo. The thought of the food was making him even more depressed. Liz always love Alfreudo...


Kai was in his family's house, cooking a pot of Alfreudo, when he saw a golden hand reaching for the spoon that contained his special sauce. He quickly grabbed his spatula and smacked the hand away. He spun around and pretended to scorn. "Not yet, Liz."

He saw her pouting at him. "But I'm hungry and you are such a good cook." She looked pleadingly at Kai, who straightened his white chef's hat.

"Flattery won't give you a bite." Kai said, causing her to pout more.

Liz dashed for the spoon and grabbed it. Kai quickly grabbed her hand and they both struggled against each other. Some of the sauce dripped onto Liz's silver shirt and she growled. "Now look what you done!!"

Kai eyes twinkled with amusement. "You were the one who was asking for it!" He was surprised when she took some flour and threw it at him.

"Take that!" Liz smirked.

Kai looked down at his blue shirt and apron. "Your going to pay for that Liz." Kai threw some flour at her and she quickly ducked.

"Missed me. Missed me." She taunted. Kai quickly grabbed ammunitions of fruit and other foods and started tossing it at her. Liz did the same thing and she was soon tackled by Kai, who started tickling her.

"Hey! No, no, no! " Liz laughed breathlessly, trying to get Kai off her. Kai grinned evilly and poured oil on her. "EWWWW KAI!!" She screeched out. At that moment, the timer went off and they both got off the floor.

Kai quickly ran to turn off the stove and cooker. He watched as Liz streamed her hands through her hair and made a face. "EWW," she moaned.

Kai grinned at Liz, "Should I bake you?"

Liz stuck her tongue out at Kai. "I could say the same thing about you, hot shot."

Kai placed his hand on his hair and found it covered with tomato insides. He groaned, "Great!! I look like a tornado of tomato hit me."

Liz chuckled, "Well you deserved it."

Kai shook his head in exasperation.

*~*~Flash Ended~*~*

Kai sighed, picking at his food, when all of a sudden his communicator went off. He looked around him and quickly walked to another area, where he could answer his communicator in private. "Kai here, what's up?"

He heard the panicking voice of Alpha Six, the Rangers' automaton. "Ayiyiyiyiyi! Kai, the others are being attacked in the park dome!"

Kai sighed. Will I ever have a break? He quickly morphed and teleported to the park area, just in time to see his teammates being hit by a monster. "COSMA CLAW!" He shouted.

Kai jumped out and hit the monster that was shaped like a mantis with wings on the side of it's legs. Kai then repeatedly slashed the monster in the back and then the front. Unknown to Kai, a shadow was approaching closer to him.

Leo gasped out while trying to struggle out of his bonds and fight the Sting Wingers at the same time.

"KAI LOOK OUT!" Kendrix screamed.

"WATCH YOUR BACK KAI!" Maya shouted to the Blue Ranger.

Kai was so occupied with the monster that he didn't hear the others calling out to him. He blocked and slashed the monster. The shadow held a staff shaped spear and was ready to stab Kai in the back. On the down swing, the shadow brought the staff spear downward fast.

Leo screamed out, "NOOO KAI LOOK OUT!!!"

There was a flash of silver and the Silver Ranger appeared right in front of the staff spear. It went right though the silver rangers shoulder, "AHHH!!" There was a scream of pain and the Silver Ranger kicked the shadow away.

Kai spun around to see the Silver Ranger in front of him, with a injury that was meant for him. Good lord... Kai thought to himself, but to his surprise and shock, the Mantis monster was about to strike him down. The Silver Ranger saw this and flipped in the air, tackling the monster and striking it with the silver quasar saber.

The Mantis monster screamed out in pain and there was a electrical surge. Kai was quickly tackled by the Sting Wingers and he fought them off. Leo was able to get free of his bonds and he released the others who joined in the fight against the Sting Wingers.

The Mantis monster was aiming his hand at Kai and was about to shoot him. The Silver Ranger saw this and grabbed the Mantis monster from behind, struggling with the gun. All of a sudden the Silver Galaxy Ranger demorphed, revealing a girl clad in silver. Her long black hair was in disarrangement as she struggled against the Mantis monster, who was overpowering her. She screamed out, "KAI RUN!!!"

Kai's head snapped up and his eyes widened behind his helmet, "LIZ!!"

The other rangers froze to see the girl fighting the Mantis monster. Liz managed to get the hand away from Kai and she brought out a blaster from her hip, shooting the Mantis monster in the back. Still struggling, the Mantis tried to get free, but was falling backwards when Liz shot him again.

To his horror and disbelief, Kai watched the Mantis monster fall back, taking Liz with him. "I LOVE YOU KAI!!" were the last words he heard from the silver clad girl as she fell backwards with the monster.

An explosion blinded his sight and Kai screamed. "ANGEL NO!!!" Kai fought off the Sting Wingers and ran to the area where the explosion had occurred, but to his dismay there was no indication that she was there.

Kai demorphed, feeling pain flow through his heart as sobs racked his body. He fell to his knees and pounded the ground with his fist. "Liz...why....why...?" He repeated, sobbing out his soul, repeating Liz's name, hoping it would bring her back to his lonely existence. Why did you not tell me? Why did things have to be this way?

Kendrix demorphed with the others and looked at them worriedly. Leo eyes mirrored sympathy and sadness. I hope Kai is alright after this, Leo thought grimly to himself. He and the others walked slowly to Kai.

Kendrix knelt next to Kai and hugged his sobbing figure. "Shhh Kai shhhh." She murmured, worry and sadness were visible in her eyes as she rubbed Kai's back in a soothing gesture.

A figure was standing by a nearby tree. He pulled his black cloak over his head and looked on at the rangers that had gathered around Kai. Time is like a cloud with a silver lining,The figure thought to himself as he raised up a device in his hand and tapped in a command, vanishing in a sparkle of silver.