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Countdown To Destruction
Days Of Armageddon
Part 1
by Shaun Stegall

One day had passsed since Billy Cranston, the Phantom Ranger had brought his old friends and a new one the new Zeo Ninjetti coins that he, Andros, the Red Lightstar Ranger, and Zordon had created. The day before, he presented them with their new powers telling them that in their future they would be facing odds unlike any other. Knowing this, they could do nothing but wait while the enemy traveled across the galaxy, trying to get to Earth.

On Darkonda's warship, however, things were quite different. Only a day before, he had captured the Astro Rangers, the only defence the earth had at the moment.

"Ecliptor, how long before we reach the earth?" Darkonda asked.

"It seems as though it will be about fifteen hours before we reach it." Ecliptor replied.

"Damn it. That's still too long. Are the velocifighters ready for the attack?"

"Yes, they are ready and waiting for your command." Ecliptor replied.

"Good. Well all we have to do now, is wait until we get there. Because with the Astro Rangers captive there is nothing to stop us from destroying earth." Darkonda said.

On the other end of the warship, in the dungeon area, the Astro Rangers were unmorphed and knew that there was no way to escape.

"Man, we have to get out of here. Darkonda hasn't searched the ship yet." Andros said.

"That's good, right?" Carlos asked.

"No, not really. Remember guys, Cassie's still in that coma. Without the right kind of medical help, she could die real soon. That's why we have to put our heads together and figure out a way to get out of here." Andros added.

And with that being said, the four talked about how they would try to get out of there.

Back on earth, at the sand dunes outside of Angel Grove, Billy had gathered all of the Zeo Ninjetti Rangers together to talk about something important.

"Alright guys, the reason I wanted you guys to come out here with me is because I think we still have fifteen hours before Darkonda will get here. And seven Zeo Ninjetti Rangers are not going to be enough to stop him from destroying earth. We will need more." Billy said.

"Wait, Billy, you said you only had seven Zeo Ninjetti powers." Tommy replied.

"No, what I said was that I brought six Zeo Ninjetti coins and my Zeo Ninjetti Cystal necklace. I never said how many actual Zeo Ninjetti powers me, Andros, and Zordon created with the help of Dulcea and Ninjor of course." Billy explained.

"What are you saying?" Adam asked.

"What I'm saying is that Zordon, Andros, Ninjor, Dulcea, and me created ten different Zeo Ninjetti powers. Only six of them could be activated using coins so we used White, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green. We decided to use the energy of all six coins to create a small crystal to be a stronger Zeo Ninjetti Ranger, the Black Ranger, me. The other Zeo Ninjetti powers are Gold, Purple, and Orange. The Gold Ranger is Trey. Ninjor and Dulcea used their mystical powers to merge the spirit animal of the Cobra with the Gold Zeo Staff to make it the Gold Zeo Ninjetti power. We were not sure how to create a way to morph the other two powers, so Zordon came up with the idea of creating two rings, each with a different shard and a different spirit animal in its gem. The Purple Zeo Ninjetti ring and the Orange Zeo Ninjetti ring." Billy explained.

"Great, so where are the Purple and Orange rangers. And where's Trey?" Rocky asked.

"Well, there's the thing. Dark Specter has captured Trey. We need to get him back. And as for the Purple and Orange rangers. There aren't any. The rings were created with very significant spirits. There are only two people with the same spirit in all of the universe." Billy said.

"What are the spirits and where can we find them?" Tommy asked.

"The spirit animal for the Purple Zeo Ninjetti Ranger is the Coyote. The spirit animal for the Orange Zeo Ninjetti is the Fox. And luckily, I know where the two future holders of the rings are right now." Billy said.

"Really, where are they?" Katherine asked.

"The Purple Zeo Ninjetti match is a young lady named Adrianna Thompson. She does not live on earth either. She lives on the space colony called KO-100. Kelly Williams is the Orange Zeo Ninjetti match. She doesn't live on earth either. She lives on the planet of Jatex. Jatex is a peaceful planet. That is why we have to bring them back now and not when Darkonda can see us leave." Billy said.

"So, we are all leaving." Tanya asked.

"No, some of us have to stay in case Darkonda arrives a little earlier than expected." Billy explained. "Derek, although you are the newest member of a ranger team, this will be your mission. You are going to find Adrianna. Take this picture of her so you will know what she looks like." Billy said as he handed Derek a picture of her.

"Wow, she's beautiful." Derek said softly.

"Yes, she is. This will be your first mission as a power ranger. If you encounter trouble with the natives, don't morph right away. Try to use words to calm them down. If they start to attack, still try to keep the peace. Only morph when you have no other choice." Billy added.

"Got it. You can count on me." Derek replied.

"Katherine, you will go retrieve Kelly Williams. Here's a picture of her so you will know what to look for. The same that goes for Derek goes for you. Don't use your powers until absolutely necessary." Billy said.

"You know it, Billy. I won't let you down." Katherine said.

"Alright, you guys need to get going, so get ready for teleportation." Billy said.

"Good luck Derek. Come back to me Katherine." Tommy said embracing her.

"I will be back, Tommy. You can count on it." Kat replied.

And with that being said, Billy used his Zeo Ninjetti necklace to teleport them to KO-100 and Jatex. Now, all the other five Zeo Ninjetti Rangers could do is wait for either Darkonda to arrive or Katherine and Derek to arrive with the new recruits.

On a distant planet called Liaria a war was taking place. An evil monarch, just as powerful as Dark Specter, was attacking with an attempt to capture an old friend of the earth's ranger. This monarch was after the wizard called Lerigot. Lerigot has in his possession a box that holds the power of the Shadow Spirits of the Gemini Temple. The demon's name was Apocalypse.

"Apocalypse, you will never get this box. The power of the Shadow Spirits do not belong to the forces of evil." Lerigot said.

"Foolish wizard. Do you really think you are strong enough to stop me. Zordon thought he was strong enough to stop me and look at what happpend to him. He is going to die thanks to Dark Specter." Apocalypse said.

"I will not let you have the box, you will have to destroy me first." Lerigot said.

"If you want to die today, then so be it. Your funeral, wizard."

"I don't think so, Apocalypse." A red figure from behind Apocalypse said.

"Well, well. If it isn't Tyler Riley. I could have sworn I killed you a long time ago." Apocalypse said.

"Well, looks like you're wrong as usual. SunFyre now!" The Red Gemini Shadow Ranger called. Then suddenly, a blade unlike any other came to his call. It was red as fire. And it could shoot fire out of it at random.

"Tyler, don't fight him he will destroy you. Take this box, it contains key cards I created. It has the lists and names of the people who are to hold the rest of the Shadow Spirits of the Gemini Temple. Go to earth. It is the only way." Lerigot told Tyler as he handed him the box.

"NO, I won't leave you, Lerigot. There has to be another way to defeat Apocalypse. Come with me." Tyler Riley said.

"I cannot. I left my home once before and that was when Apocalypse was released from his prison. You must go, I will be alright. GO, GET OUT OF HERE. NOW!" Lerigot ordered.

"With that, the Red Gemini Shadow Ranger took the box and onto his Shadow Cycle and left Liaria, not looking back.

"Lerigot, you are such an idiot. All I'll do is follow him and destroy him. There's nothing you can do to stop me." Apocalypse said.

"Maybe I can't stop you, but all Tyler has to do is find the future holders of the Shadow Spirits and the Gemini Team will be strong enough to destroy you." Lerigot said.

"Maybe, but it's a shame you won't be around to see it, wizard." Apocalypse said. Just then he struck Lerigot with shot of his power out of his arm and disintegrated Lerigot.

"Now, let's go find my good ol buddy Dark Specter. Its time for me to take over." Apocalypse ordered as he disappeared from Daboz.

KO-100, one of the many different space colonys in the Karova System, is a nice place to live. Unlike KO-35, KO-100 has not been attacked by Dark Specter's forces. It has been living in peace for a few years now. But on this day, one of their own would be saying good bye.

Katherine teleported on the planet just outside of the main city known as Central City.

"Well, lets get started. Central City is that way. Time to find Kelly Williams." Katherine said to herself.

Back on earth, Ernie's juice bar to be precise, Billy, Adam, Tommy, Rocky, and Tanya were enjoying a good ole smoothie when Ernie notced a news station was covering something very peculiar.

"Heys guys, check this news station out." Ernie said turning the volume up.

"This Jack Jaxson of the Angel Grove 5 o'clock news. We've just gotten word from the Angel Grove Science Center that a gigantic warship has been spotted about one hour's travel time from the earth. It appears as though they are not friendly. Power Rangers, if you can hear this message, we need your help once again. Please help us. Earth's military defences won't be able to stop them. It is too big. Please, help us." Jack Jaxson said.

"Come on, guys. Looks like its time." Billy said as he and the others rushed out of the Juice Bar.

After they got to the back of the building Billy broke the silence.

Ok, guys. Looks like Darkonda's got here earlier than I first anticipated. We need to morph now so we can be ready when they attack."

"Alright, lets do it guys. Its mor-" Tommy said then hesitated. "Um. I guess that's your line now, isn't it Billy. Go ahead."

"It's morphin time." Billy called.

"Black Lion Zeo Ninjetti Power." Billy called.

"White Phoenix Zeo Ninjetti Power." Tommy called.

"Red Leopard Zeo Ninjetti Power." Rocky called.

"Green Dragon Zeo Ninjetti Power." Adam called.

"Yellow Unicorn Zeo Ninjetti Power." Tanya called.

"Excuse me, mister. I'm looking for this young lady. Have you seen her? Her name is Adrianna Thompson. Do you know where I can find her?" Derek asked.

"Well, her. Yes she lives in that house over there. I hope you have better luck talking to her than any of us have." The man said.

"What do you mean?" Derek asked.

"She has been having strange and terrifying dreams the past few weeks. She has not wanted to talk to anyone since that time. If you think you can get through to her, good luck."

"Thanks, mister." Derek said as the man walked away. "I hope I can prove to her that I am not an enemy." He said to himself.

"Hi, can you tell me where I might find Kelly Williams. It is very important that find her. Do you know where she is?" Katherine asked a older lady.

"No, I am sorry. I have not seen that young lady but she may be over by the lake. Lots of people around here go swimming at the lake." The older lady replied.

"Ok, thank you." Katherine replied. Then Katherine started to walk toward the lake at the end of the road she teleported to.

Darkonda's warship was now at the moon of the earth ready to begin the attack when Darkonda approached thousands upon thousands of quantrons awaiting Darkonda's orders.

"My armies. Now is the time to finish what Rita Repulsa started ions ago. It is time to destroy the earth. The earth's only line of defense was the power rangers and we have captured the power rangers, so now there is nothing to stop us from conquering this little planet. Go now, and spread the wrath of Dark Specter." Darkonda ordered.

Then, with a flash, the Warship's side hatch opened and thousands upon thousands of velocifighters flew out of the warship on their war to destroy earth.

"Oh no. What can we do now?" Ashley asked with a worried look on her face.

"There's nothing we can do. We need our morphers to get out of here. And we don't even know where they are? If Billy is down there, I hope he know what the hell he's doing because he's going to be alone to do this." Andros said as the four of them looked at each other as if this was earth's final goodbye.

"Hey, are you ok?" Katherine asked Kelly Williams when she saw her holding her ankle.

"Yeah, I'm fine I just fell. I will be fine. By the way, WHO ARE YOU?" Kelly asked.

"My name is Katherine Hillard, and I was wondering, are you by any chance Kelly Williams."

"Yes, but how did you know who I am."

"A mutual friend sent me to come and bring you back with me." Kat said.

"A mutual friend? WHO WOULD THAT BE?" Kelly asked.

"Billy Cranston, do you know him?"

"Billy, he made it back to his home planet?" Kelly asked.

"Yes, he has sent me to give you this." Katherine said as she reached into her pocket and pulled out the Orange Zeo Ninjetti Ring.

"Oh my. Billy and Zordon finished it. They said someone would be coming for me with a ring like this one. But I never thought it would really happen." Kelly said as she looked at the ring.

"So then, you are going to join the Zeo Ninjetti Team then. Right." Kat asked.

"Oh absolutely, Dark Specter killed my grandparents when they were visiting Zordon on Eltar, I have revenge to achieve." Kelly said.

"Well, if that is the only reason your joining, don't bother, but if you're doing it for the good of the universe, then lets go." Katherine said.

And with that being said, Katherine and Kelly left KO-100 not even looking back.

The attack on Angel Grove began, skyscrapers after skyscrapers after skyscrapers were being destroyed. The velocifighters seemed to be having every thing in hand until five people in different colored suits suddenly appeared. Each of the suits looked a different color. Each of them had awesome looking battle armor. The leader was evidently the black. All was silent for at least a few moments. Until, the black one spoke.

"Black Zeo Ninjetti Ranger power up." Black Zeo Ninjetti called.

"Red Zeo Ninjetti Ranger power up." Red Zeo Ninjetti called.

"White Zeo Ninjetti Ranger power up." White Ninjetti called.

"Green Zeo Ninjetti Ranger power up." Green Zeo Ninjetti called.

"Yellow Zeo Ninjetti Ranger power up." Yellow Zeo Ninjetti called.

"Alright rangers, lets light the skys with our new weapons. Zeo Jet Packs, engage." Black Zeo Ninjetti called.

Then suddenly, five jet packs appeared on the Zeo Ninjetti Ranger's backs shifting them into the air. And each ranger took on a different area of Angel Grove. Billy, the Black Zeo Ninjetti Ranger took the area near Ernie's Juice Bar. Tommy, the White Zeo Ninjetti Ranger took the area where the malls were. Adam, the Green Zeo Ninjetti Ranger took the area where Tommy and his dojo was. Tanya, the Yellow Zeo Ninjetti Ranger took the area where the power plant was located. And Rocky, the Red Zeo Ninjetti Ranger took the area where the Angel Grove University was located.

"What, there are other power rangers on earth? Quantrons, bring me the Astro Rangers now." Darkonda ordered. Then, the screen he was watching the battle on turned into a picture of Dark Specter.

"Darkonda, why didn't you destroy the Phantom Ranger like I told you to. Now he has gotten his coinsto those former rangers." Dark Specter said.

"My lord, it is not my fault. If this ship you sent me in could have gone faster, maybe I could have made it here quicker and stopped the Phantom Ranger."

"SILENCE, Darkonda. I will not tolerate failure again, Darkonda. Destroy Angel Grove and use the Astro Rangers to stop these Zeo Ninjetti Rangers. Understand!!" Dark Specter said.

"As you wish, Dark Specter?" Darkonda replied.

"Knock, knock. Anyone home." Derek asked.

"Leave me alone, I don't know you, so just get out." Adrianna said.

"I can't leave, I need your help. You are the only one who can help me." Derek replied.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"My name is Derek McCee. I am a Zeo Ninjetti ranger from the planet earth. I was sent here by Billy Cranston to find you." Derek said.

"Why me?"

"You have a very special spirit inside you. The spirit of the coyote is inside you. The spirit of the coyote is inside the gem of this ring. Will you join the ranger team that I am a part of?" Derek asked.

"Yes, I guess I will. Give me the ring." Adrianna said.

And with that done, the two of them left Jatex not looking back.

"Super ZeoBlaster, engage." Black Zeo Ninjetti replied. "Its time to clean up this mess."

"You got it , Billy." White Zeo Ninjetti said.

Then the battle went to the ground and all five Zeo Ninjetti Rangers were doing their best to fend them off but to no avail. The odds were just being too much for them to handle.

"Oh man, Billy we need some help."

"I know, Tommy. What are we going to do."

Back on Darkonda's warship, the Astro Rangers were brought to where Darkonda was watching the battle between his forces and the Zeo Ninjetti Rangers.

"Hey Andros, who are they?" Carlos asked.

"I know they are the Zeo Ninjetti Rangers. I only know that the black one is Billy. I don't know who any of the other ones are." Andros whispered.

"Silence rangers or I'll have you silenced. You are now going to witness the end of your era and the beginning of mine. The end of the universe is coming real soon. And there is nothing you or those rangers on earth can do to stop it. The end has finally come.

On the south end of the park, Katherine and Kelly teleported in at almost the same time as Derek and Adrianna.

"Hey, Derek. You succeeded. Great. Well, I imagine the others are going to need our help. You ready."

"Ready as I'll ever be. How bout you Adrianna, you ready?" Derek asked.

"Yes, I'm ready."

"Ok lets do it. Its morphin time." Katherine called.

"Pink Eagle Zeo Ninjetti Power." Katherine called.

"Purple Coyote Zeo Ninjetti Power." Adrianna called.

"Orange Fox Zeo Ninjetti Power." Kelly called.

"Blue Panther Zeo Ninjetti Power." Derek called.

"Hey guys, Derek and me are back. And we have the two new rangers with us." Pink Zeo Ninjetti said.

"Good work, guys. Alright guys, its time to call on the biggest weapons we have." Black Zeo Ninjetti said.

Then, together and in sinc, the nine Zeo Ninjetti Rangers called for their zords. "WE NEED ZEO NINJETTI ZORD POWER NOW!"

Then in a flash, nine gigantic zords appeared from the Angel Grove desert. Leading the charge was a Black LionZord. Flying behind it in the air was a White PhoenixZord, a Pink EagleZord, and a Green DragonZord. Charging behind the LionZord on the ground was a Blue PantherZord, a Yellow UnicornZord, a Purple CoyoteZord, a Orange FoxZord, and a Red LeopardZord. The nine Zeo Ninjetti rangers then leaped onto their respective zords and Black Zeo Ninjetti made a call.

"Rangers, activate the warrior mode in your new zord."

Together, in perfect unison, the nine rangers issued the call 'WARRIOR MODE NOW'. And then every zord they had transformed from spirit animal into a standing warrior zord.

"Alright everyone, split up and take a different part of the city. Crush every quantron you see and every velocifighter you see." Black Zeo Ninjetti said.

Deep in outer space, Dark Specter was plotting his next attack on the universe when he was interrupted by someone he never thought he would see ever again.

"Hello Dark Specter. It has been a while." Apocalypse said

"I thought I told you never to visit me again." Dark Specter said.

"Yes, you told me never to visit you, but I'm not here for a visit, I'm here to take your empire over." Apocalypse said.

"Please, you are not strong enough to overthrow me. My minions will do whatever I say. There is nothing you can do to me."

"You mean those minions." Apocalypse said. Just then, Lord Zedd, Divatox, Rita, Rito, and all of their warriors appeared before Dark Specter and had some things to say.

"Dark Specter, we serve someone with greater power now. Your era is over. Who do you think helped you capture Zordon. It certainly wasn't us. Lord Apocalypse has been in control of everything ever since I first arrived on the moon and took over the duties of Rita here. Ever since then, he has been preparing for this day. The day that he captures the universe once and for all." Zedd said.

Just then, before Dark Specter could respond, Apocalypse blasted him with an arage of his power, disintegrating Dark Specter into nothing.

"Now that Dark Specter has been taken care of, its time for us to finish Zordon and his children once and for all. Zedd, you and your fighters are going to go find the remains of the Barox bounty hunters. Make a union with them. Divatox, go and find Andromeda, she is one of the most powerful sorceresses in the universe. Tell her that Apocalypse demands her presence. The universe is mine, and there's nothing Zordon or his children can do to stop me." Apocalypse said.

"Ecliptor, send Dragor, the three headed hydra. It will finish the those new zords they have. And as for you rangers, I will give you one chance to get them to surrender or I will destroy them." Darkonda said.

"We will never surrender to you Darkonda. Never." Andros said.

"Very well, then you will watch as your allies are destroyed." Darkonda replied.

Back in Angel Grove, most of the velocifighters were destroyed. Those that were left were leaving the earth in retreat. The Zeo Ninjetti Rangers appeared to have won this battle, but that was only until Dragor, a three headed hydra appeared before the nine Zeo Ninjetti zords.

"Alright guys. Take your time. Try and find a weak spot on that beast." Black Zeo Ninjetti ordered.

Suddenly, the beast charged at the zords. The zords charged back, but to no avail. The hydra beast used its fire to knock the white phoenix, pink eagle, and green dragon zords into the ground.

Then the mostrous beast knocked the black lion, purple coyote, orange fox, red leopard, blue panther, and yellow unicorn zords off their warrior mode feet and into the ground.

"Alright guys, I think its time to form a new kind of zord. Its time to combine all nine Zeo Ninjetti Zords together." Black Zeo Ninjetti ordered.

"Yeah, to form the Zeo Ninjetti Megazord." Red Zeo Ninjetti ordered.

"No, only combining five of them would form the megazord. This configuration would be ten times as powerful as a Megazord. Guys, it time to form the Zeo Ninjetti Ultra Megazord." Black Zeo Ninjetti ordered.

Then the nine zords in warrior mode leaped into the air. They first shifted back into animal mode and then started to come together as one. The Black Lion form its chest and made openings for where the other zords would fit. The Yellow Unicorn formed the right foot and leg. The Orange Fox formed the left foot and leg. The Red Leopard and and Purple Coyote formed the hands and arms of the Ultra Megazord. The wings of the White Phoenix and Pink Eagle shifted inside the body of their zords and then the White Phoenix and Pink Eagle joined on top of the shoulders of the Ultra Megazord as cannon looking devices. The Blue Panther transformed itself into a gigantic kitana blade. And the Green Dragon formed the backside of the Ultra Megazord, keeping its wings out so the Ultra Megazord could glide in the air when necessary.

"Alright, Zeo Ninjett Rangers. Lets Do it." Black Zeo Ninjetti ordered.

Soon the Ultra Megazord and the Dragor were battling it out without weapons.

Until "Phoenix and Eagle cannon blasts, FIRE." Black Zeo Ninjetti ordered.

The hydra monster fell to the ground. Then, in a charge, the monster rose to his feet and used his powers to drive the Ultra Megazord back. Then Black Zeo Ninjetti decided to finish the monster.

"Alright, Panther Saber, engage." Black Zeo Ninjetti ordered. "READY GO!" The nine of them ordered in unison.

Then in a blast, Dragor was no more and the Zeo Ninjetti Rangers, for the first time, were victorious over Darkonda's forces.

"YEEHAW. We did it guys. Good work. Ultra Megazord disengage."

"Haha, I told you Darkonda. They've won. And you have lost. And they will be coming for you real soon." Andros said.

"Quantrons, take them away." Darkonda replied.

"Maybe, I failed this one time. But with now nine rangers defending that meaningless little planet, it will be a little harder to destroy them. But, as always I have a trump card to play. I have to find a way to use the Astro Rangers to destroy those nine rangers. And I think I know just how to do it." Darkonda said smiling with deep evil grin.

A few hours after the attack on Angel Grove, the nine rangers went to Ernie's Juice Bar or what was left of the area around his juice bar, to enjoy some time off.

"Hey, Billy, have you been able to locate Zordon, or the Astro Rangers?" Tommy asked with a serious look on his face.

"Um, well, I have found Zordon. He is being held not by Dark Specter anymore, now by a darker force. By something much more powerful. I'm not sure if we can get him out right away by just using us nine. We are going to need more than just us. We will need the Astro Rangers, but I don't know where they are. I have a strong feeling that something bad has happened to them, and I don't think we 're going to be waiting long before we find out, either." Billy said with the silence of the nine of them saying a lot.

The End . . . For Now!