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I would like to thank Jeremy Ray Logsdon, Ellen Brand and Randel for writing their respective series. They were an inspiration to me two years ago when I started writing this series and remain so regardless of the numerous rewrites I have produced. The basis of the Morphin Grid in this series is modified from Randel's version of Ellen's definition of the Morphin Grid. The idea of the Infinity Crystals in later chapters was inspired by Jeremy Ray's Earth Crystals and Marvel Comic's Infinity Quest.  Any characters used have been taken with the permission of the author.
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Author's Note: This is a rewrite of the first part of Conquest of Evil first released at the Command Center Archives in 1998/99. This has been rewritten to allow for later seasons of Power Rangers including Wild Force.
Time Line: The series does not adhere to the Saban timeline. The year is 1996 and the series begins after Billy left for Aquitar, but before Jason started to lose the powers of the Gold Ranger.

Tradition of Treason
by ShadowRanger

Triforian Star System

The Triforian System was blessed with a wide variety of animal and plant life. Although some of its citizens resembled humans, the similarities were on the surface. Beneath the skin they were very different.

The system consisted of three central suns around which, five planets orbited. The three primary planets were the same size as Earth and had the same atmosphere and gravity. They were named Triforia, Drallax and Zecht. The two smaller planets of Tralus and Talus were habitable, but had an increased level of gravity.

Triforia itself was the second planet from the suns and home to system's human population. Time had caused them to evolve to a level where they were composed of three entities. Triforia was the system's government and their representative to the Galactic Council. Therefore the Lord of Triforia was the ruler of the entire system.

Drallax was a desert world, dry and warm. Aside from a few speculators who mined the planet for precious metals, the planet considered too primitive to visit. The native Dralls were larger that Triforian humans with large hands. They usually lived underground and their bodies were developed for digging. The few creatures that lived on the surface were either scavengers or bandits. It was also the place where Triforians buried their dead.

The third planet, Zecht, was a world similar to Earth. Instead of the high concentration of Iron in the air, the planet was mostly copper and had resulted in some bizarre life forms. At least six different races lived on the planet each with a separate continent. The blue skinned Chiss were the dominant life form. Next came the green dwarf like Bevins with their four eyes, the orange skinned Ssi-runs, the green skinned Dorrsks and the Quarren. Animal life was abundant and technology ad reached its peak. In fact the only reason Triforia was the capital of the System was because the people on Zecht held little interest in politics.

Talus was in a unique orbit that meant it only benefited from the light of all three suns for one moth of the year. It was cooler than the other worlds that required weather control to maintain a breeze. Its inhabitants were a highly advanced race who had reached the pinnacle of fighting prowess and then destroyed their weapons. Because their world had three suns, they shared the Triforian Humans' ability to split their souls. Instead of Heart, Mind and Courage, they were able to divide into good and evil. They had mostly green skin with enlarged ears and sharp teeth. They served as both defenders ands advisors although it was the advisory role that they preferred.

The final planet in the Triforian System was Tralus. Smaller than the other planets, it was a modern world where nature had taken a back seat to urbanisation. Metal cities towered into the sky where floating platforms provided even more residential areas. Real estate was expensive and only the elite could afford to visit let alone live there. The native Morlos had found a way to produce medicines from the planet's crust; something that brought in a vast amount of money.

Perhaps the strangest thing about the Triforian System was the vast space station at its centre. Few people knew where it came from or how it got there, but it had existed since life had begun on the surrounding planets. Now though it served as a vast space mall under the control of the Triforian Government.

It was on this space station that the Golden Power Staff had been forged. A vast chamber filled with precious metal also contained the equipment for the production of Power Weapons. It was rumoured but never confirmed that the great Morphin Master known as Saurian had once used the station's vast resources to create Ranger armor and that it was he who had adjusted the staff to convert magic to an energy similar in form to the Zeo Crystal.

The forge had been sealed since the time that the Golden Power Staff had been presented to the Lord of Triforia and only a member of the royal family could open the vault. And so it was that one of Trey's own relative had gained access to the most restricted zone in the Triforian Star System and had set himself on the path of treachery.

Terr had once been the scourge of the Triforian system. He was known as a servant of Draken and a member of Duke Hazzard's elite strike teams. Centuries before he had been sentenced to death and only the refusal of Trey to execute his brother had saved him from that fate. For a time he had been banished, but recently he had returned to the planet in the hopes of making amends, or so he claimed. He was technically under arrest in system. He was free to leave at any time, but not trusted around the people. It was those people he planned to use.

The public was concerned about how much time the Gold Ranger was spending on the planet Earth, especially given recent rumours that Trey had become incapable of maintaining the unity of soul that all Triforians cherished. Such a thing was unheard of by many and had been suggested by others as an indication that Trey had been judged unworthy of being the Gold Ranger. Terr planned to capitalize on the situation and the xenophobia that existed about Earthlings. The planet was considered a primitive backwater by many that didn't know any better. Such feelings could be used and Terr was a master at manipulation.

As the fourth born child of the Triforian Royal Family he had been destined to inherit the power of the Gold Ranger in the future. But Trey had during his time as stand in leader for the king piloted new legislation allowing his sisters the right to rule. That had meant that Terr had to wait for not only his father to die, but also his sisters; a situation he did not like at all.

Earlier that day he had held a meeting with the outlawed Triforian Guardians, a group of warriors selected from the five planets who desired a return to Triforia's past when the system had been the centre of a mighty empire. The Guardians had been the system's enforcers and had held true power over the Lord of Triforia. Dressed in black spandex bodysuits covered by a white and gold body shield, white gloves and white boot tipped with gold, they relied not only on the modern weapons of the Triforian military, but the traditional arts of magic.

After a successful meeting where it was agreed that the Triforian Guardians would support Terr's quest for power in return for control of the Triforian Council. The Guardian's silent backer sought control of the minor planets, but that was something they would negotiate later. With the help of the Guardians the sealed chamber had been opened and those on board the space station had been taken prisoner. In all the fighting that followed one man slipped into the chamber and started the next part of his evil scheme.

Terr worked quickly because he doubted even the Triforian Guardians would understand his next act. Normally Kraegor would be there to back him up with Huntrax picking off any who dared to get too near, but that could not be since both were wanted by the Galactic Council. Despite its intention to use murder to gain power the Guardian's leadership had some very strange ideas about justice.

The flames licked around the near molten metal, splitting and burning on anything it came into contact with. The heavy hammer connected with the metal flattening the rectangular blob to a six-inch length so he could bend it back on itself to create a crisp fold. Striking it again the forger continued to mould the perfect blade ensuring a small hole was left near the tip of the blade for the special surprise its victim would soon come to appreciate.

Ash flew from the flames striking his hand as he continued to work. It did not matter because soon all the pain would be worth while. He continued hammering until the metal had been folded over a thousand times. Then he set about forging a blade worthy of a king.

Hours passed as he worked diligently, constantly checking to ensure the blade maintain its correct shape. Soon he was holding a four-foot piece of molten metal in his hand and testing the weight and balance of the blade. The burns on his hand would be meaningless if he succeeded. He had seen the future and it was filled with jewels from the Royal Treasury.

His fingers dug into the scar on his face; picking out the pieces of metal still embedded there from the last time he had confronted his mother and father. The wound was caused when their favourite son had taken his role as heir and protector a bit too seriously.

Still it was those fragments that would give the sword that special armour piercing quality. Placing the golden metal into the blade he smiled as it merged with the metal and his blood ensuring a poison fit for a royal family.

A thin layer of clay along the edge of the blade and a thicker layer along the back ensure a mixed of hard and soft metal as he plunged it deep into ice cold water. Taking a handle and cross bar he fitted the sword together, careful to ensure the little surprise embedded in the hilt was full movable.

Like a dancer he moved around testing the blade to ensure it a fully balance. All the time he was careful not to cut himself knowing that the metal would be poisonous to his race especially when mixed with his blood.

With the blade complete he considered his targets arranged in front of him. Mother and Father were easy. After all the senile old fool had never acted to prevent him from searching through the forbidden archives, much to the outrage of the royal advisors. His sisters would put up a fight, but he was more experienced than them and would win. And that left his wonderful brother.

A knock on his workshop door forced him to stop examining his sword and assume the role life had chosen for him.


"Lord Terr, I was told you wished to see me," Volar said. "I must admit I am perplexed as to why you are here on this station. It is hardly the place for a member of the royal house especially during this uprising."

"There's an uprising?" Terr asked in mock surprise.

Volar was a new advisor on Triforia and had no idea of how Terr liked to operate.

"Yes, Lord Terr," Volar said. "I am surprised you didn't hear the commotion."

"Did you bring the body guards I requested?"

"Yes," came the reply. "Although I think it would be wiser for you to return to the planet."

"Come inside Volar," Terr said. "And bring the guards with you."

Volar did as he was asked, his eyes widening when he realised exactly where he was. The guards stood at attention, their stun batons ready for action.

"You see Volar, I don't need to worry about being attacked by the Triforian Guardsmen," he watched as Volar's mouth opened at the mention of the group. "I don't need to worry about them because I'm their leader."

Without warning Terr accessed the subspace pocket he had been given when he was a child. As a potential Gold Ranger he had been given a space to put those weapons he felt would serve him best when the time came. Now though he would never be Gold Ranger thanks to Trey, but the pocket remained and the sword was now partially connected to the Golden Power Staff.

Bringing the sword around he sliced into Volar's skin watching the pained look appear on the retainer's face. Volar howled in pain, holding his shoulder to stop the flow of blood.

"Does it hurt?" Terr asked venomously.

Volar's companions had drawn their sticks ready for a fight. Terr laughed, more servants than they were guards, and their weapons were simply for decoration. He parried their blows for a few minutes before increasing the force of his own blows to snap their batons. He stabbed all four of them and watched with pleasure as they collapsed as the poison took affect.

Moving with speed so they would not die until he was ready Terr labelled each of them. Volar was labelled as the king the others as Trey, his mother and two sisters. With a surgical strike he cut across four of the heads laughing as the blood ran over the floor. He then turned to his brother.

"I always knew it would be down to you and me Trey," he whispered before chopping of his brother's head. "I can't wait to do this for real."

Taking a space-signalling device from subspace he sent a message to his allies in the station's control room. At his command an Interdiction Field was activated to prevent unwelcome visitors from jumping into the system. But not before the Guardsmen had assembled their vast fleet ready for the attack.

Still swinging the sword he walked away leaving the dead bodies of his servants behind. Off station he depressurized the station and watched gleefully as the bodies of his victims, the citizens on the station and the Triforian Guardians who had so selflessly caused the distraction were sucked into the cold void. A greater man might have felt some regret about killing his allies, but that man was not Terr. It would not do for the Guardians to tell their superiors that he had vanished, that would lead to unwelcome questions.

"Long live the King!" he chuckled as he set course for his homeworld.


Despite official protests to the contrary, normally by one of the King's advisors, Triforia was not solely reliant on the Gold Ranger for its defence. The Gold Ranger was the most recognisable Ranger in the system, but there were others. At the time that the Golden Power Staff had been forged, four lesser powers had been created. The intention had been that the Gold Ranger would hold the power while the lesser-powered beings would act as his ambassadors within the system.

By special agreement with the Morphin Council on Eltare only the Gold Ranger was recognised as a true Power Rangers. The others were simply Power Warriors deputised to assist. In return for even this small concession, Lord Trey had agreed to aid Zordon of Eltare in time of need. Only Trey, King Trinus and the Morphin Masters knew of the arrangement.

Despite his duty to the Earth, Trey had always been there when needed by Triforia. This time was the exception for even though he was on his way; Trey had no idea of what was to come. In his place the Power Warriors had assembled at the palace to protect their king. They had reluctantly left him when ordered to aid the ordinary people of the planet. So far they had managed without morphing. That was about to change.

"It's Morphin Time!" Zika, Black Warrior and acting leader called. "Golden Power Sword!"

"Golden Power Lance!" Kell, Blue Warrior called

"Golden Power Bow!" Fallana, White Warrior cried.

"Golden Power Sais!" Alexia the Yellow Warrior called.

Unlike the Rangers of Earth, the power team of Triforia did not share an appearance. Each wore armour instead of spandex that had been designed at its creation and had never changed. Nor were their uniforms colour orientated, that was the reason for the near monochrome appearance of their bodysuits. The Unstable Molecular Fabric, which the Rangers of Earth utilised and the Gold Ranger could access was too advanced for the primitive energies wielded by the Power Warriors.

"Power Warriors Transform!"

Each weapon drew power from the Morphin Grid and after losing a great deal of it in the conversion, turned it into a useable form.





"Power Warriors!"

The attackers paused in their attack, awed by the sudden transformation of the half-powered defenders. Despite having heard of the Power Warriors few had ever seen them. Since the Triforian Guardians were mostly from outside the system, it was even less likely they had laid eyes on the new fighters.

When the Warriors charged the effect was immediate. The Guardians turned tail in fear of what might happen. Those few who were too brave or too stupid to leave soon found that although only half the power of the Gold Ranger, the Power Warriors could pack a mean punch. Soon as the king's troops joined them they were able to push the invaders back.

A sudden calm filled the scene and although they had no idea why, everyone stopped fighting for a moment. A stranger had appeared, his face hidden from their view. Raising his hands above his head, the stranger lifted his arms above his head and summoned his own armour. Shingle like armour covered his body, building a layer of slats each reinforcing the level below. Zika recognised the armour from somewhere, but couldn't place the familiar feeling.

"Now you peasants will meet your end," the creature breathed.

Zika got his first look at the creature's sword as it was driven into his side. Sparks flew as his suit compensated for the increased force of the blow. The suit's absorption system drained the force of the blow releasing it as heat and light. What Zika had recognized as the legendary Sword of Darkness was nothing of the sort. As the stranger's armour formed so the sword changed shape into a blade covered in similar slats.

"Bring it on Rangers," the figure hissed.

Kell was first to attack, driving his powerful body into the stranger. His opponent did not move, simply faded so Kell's own strength carried him forward. When the Blue Ranger was behind him the stranger swung his sword.

The gash although small in comparison to some blows sent a powerful message to the other Rangers. Never had a weapon penetrated the armored parts of their costumes. The remains of Kell's knee guard clattered on the ground already red with blood.

Fallana and Alexia, normally the most reserved Rangers let out a battle cry and charged. With perfect timing they collided with the figure whilst he was off balance and succeeded in knocking him to the ground. Both stood with weapons drawn warning their opponent not to move. He did and they struck.

"Your weapons cannot hurt me," the black clad stranger told Zika as he hit him in the gut. "And your armour cannot protect you from me. You are dead!"

As the words escaped his lip the stranger exploded into action, slicing Fallana across the chest and watching in satisfaction as she dropped her weapons and demorphed. Blood was gushing from the open wound and she was choking. The stranger's eyes glowed brighter as he drove his sword into her chest and absorbed her life force. Soon all that was left was a dry husk.

"Gleechark!" Alexia shriek as she vaulted into her enemy determined to avenge Fallana's death. Her foot connected with the stranger's powerful body doing little damage. "Three phase!"

Alexia's body split into three separate forms, tripling her potential to hurt her enemy. To those who were caught unaware the assumption was that she had somehow mastered the ability to split and merge her soul at will. That was far from true. Two of the bodies were simply illusions intended to distract and confuse. The stranger was obviously one of those who knew the secret since he simply laughed as he ignored the duplicates and concentrated only on fighting the real opponent. He blocked her shots and then showed her how sharp his sword was when wielded by an expert.

"Funny thing about that spell, kill the real Alexia and it fades." To demonstrate his point he drove his sword into real Alexia's throat, knowing full well that his revelation was based on nothing but common sense. He watched as she dropped to her knees and the illusions followed suit. All three corpses disappeared leaving only her weapons.

Still laughing the figure turned to face the remaining Warriors and attacked, aiming for the already injured Kell. The powerful Ranger fought valiantly

"Combine powers!" Zika shouted to Kell. It was said too late as the stranger's next cut severed the Blue Warrior's head from his shoulders.

The two faced off, warrior to warrior. They exploded into combat both stretching themselves to the limit, but ultimately Zika was hit across the leg. A second blow landed into his ribs. Zika gasped and dropped his sword. He attempted to fight unarmed but was clearly outmatched. A second blow to the ribs punctured his lung.

As unconsciousness threatened to overtake him Zika knew he had no chance. He looked up at the masked face and noted the red eyes glowing brighter than ever.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I am your king and I am the creature that is going to execute you!"

Now aware he was not going to survive Zika searched desperately for a way to escape. Making the flattest fist he could imagine he jabbed directly for the creatures throat. He felt what should have been the windpipe give way under the pressure he applied.

With a feral growl the stranger tore his mask away revealing his face. Zika's eyes went wide as he recognised his attacker.

"It cannot be you," he protested. "You're Trey's brother."

"Yes I am," the Terr said. "And soon I'll be the ruler."

"Trey will throw you through the dimensional doorway when he finds out."

The figure grinned, "Your precious Lord Trey is on Earth and had no idea what is happening. By the time he does I will have solidified my hold on the star system."

"You're part of the Triforian Guardians aren't you?" Zika asked trying to find his sword. He had finally recognised the armour.

The figure laughed, a cold laughed devoid of any positive emotion. "I like the name Terr better," he said dropping his disguise and revealing his true face. "And soon I will be king." He walked behind the last Power Warrior and ignoring Zika's power snapped his neck.


A few minutes later

"Hurry Father, we must get to the shelter," Terr said his voice filled with concern.

Overhead he could see the battle between the Triforian Guardians and the Royal Guard. The Guardians were winning.

"Father, we must help our people," Trianna protested.

As the oldest sister she had chosen to pursue magic as her future art form. Already she was an accomplished psychic, able to link different parts of the kingdom together with her insight.

"There is no time," Terr replied. He was desperate to get his family to the safety of the Royal Bunker.

Triforia's defence forces had scrambled and were picking off the attackers who attempted to land on the planet. The battle overhead sounded like the attackers were winning.

"Look!" Queen Trania shouted. In the distance they could see the spot where the Power Warriors had been slaughtered. The remains had been placed on pikes to inspire fear. "We must aid them."

"No Mother," Terr said quickly. "Tradition demands that the King and Queen are guarded from harm and not allowed to fight in Triforia's troubles."

"A stupid rule," the King muttered but he knew Terr was correct. He was bound by traditions set down in the history of their world. "I must remember to set some new traditions."

"Even so father," Terr smiled. "For the time being you have no choice but to obey your defender. Or shall I call back our forces to make you obey."

The King knew Terr had won this round. The Prince had taken a rule created to prevent the loss of a sovereign and used it to gain control of Triforia.

"Cheer up Father," Terr smiled. "It'll be all over very soon."

Something about Terr's tone concerned the King, but he let it go. Soon they were in the shelter designed to act as war room in times of trouble. As the door slammed shut Trania noticed the sword in her son's hand.

"Terr, you know you are not allowed to carry a sword," she said. The ruling had followed a drunken brawl in which Terr had killed a man. As punishment Trey had proclaimed that Terr could never again carry a sword.

"Oh but I am Mother," Terr replied. "The King is allowed to do anything and I am the King!"

As the words escaped his lips Terr drove his sword into the King's heart. Trinus' eyes opened wide but no sound escaped his equally wide lips. The King dropped to the floor as Terr advanced on the now hysterical Queen.

"If you three ladies would care to stand still I can make this very painless for you."

In seconds he had grabbed the Queen and cut her with his sword. It was only a small scrape, but in seconds he knew she would be dead. Trianna blasted her brother with her magical powers, tapping the mystical energies around her and directing them at her parents' killer.

"Please!" Terr droned with a voice that sounded both bored and annoyed. "Don't do that."

Trianna hit him again, but he simply laughed and drove his sword into her.

Now it was Traillia's turn. As the youngest daughter she had been overlooked and allowed to escape from her traditional role. That was something Terr would soon regret. During her lifetime Triallia had studied the teachings of all the Gold Rangers. She had learnt the fighting techniques to the point where she had been expected to replace Dai one day. Now she knew that day would never come, but she intended to put up a fight.

As Terr swung his sword she caught the blade in her hands and careful not to cut herself, she kicked him in the groin. Leaving her foot in place she rolled back throwing him away from her. As he landed on his back she moved her foot towards his stomach and stood upright driving the foot into his abdomen.

Flipping away she looked for something to use as a weapon or better yet an escape. The door was her only hope and it was sealed shut. Picking up a chair she tried to fend her brother off until the Royal Guards appeared. Moments later the door burst open and she was relieved that help had arrived.

"Terr!" Tristan growled.

Tristan was Trey's oldest cousin and was next in line to the throne if should anything happen to Terr. Behind him stood six of the king's finest guards.

"You disappoint me cousin," Terr hissed. "I thought you would have killed those losers by now."

"Always the picky one aren't you Terr?" Tristan asked.

He spun on his heel and blasted the guards. They collapsed to the ground as Trallia realised that her cousin had joined the conspiracy.

"You can't kill her cousin," Tristan said.

"And why not?" Terr asked.

"Because I want to!" Tristan cried as he drove his own blade into Trallia's chest. He laughed as she collapsed to the ground, her blood covering the ground.

"Tell our forces to secure the other planets," Terr ordered. "Triforia is mine."


Weeks Later

Despite the state of almost martial law and the ban on interplanetary communications and travel, things remained calm of Triforia. Terr had followed Tristan's advice and retained the king's advisors as a symbol of the continuity of state. Of course they had no power and were forced to work at gunpoint, but they were still there. It was now a week since Terr had swept to power and life was returning to normal. The royal guard had been disbanded and replaced by the Triforian Guardians.

Prince Terr's coronation was an event long to be remembered in Triforian history. The nobles had looked for any loophole to remove him from power, but found none. Ferin had even supported the application stating that tradition came first. In truth they realised that any attempt to remove him from power would result in blood shed. They could always proclaim the coronation illegal at a later date.

A long possession had taken place from the palace to the Temple of the Golden Goddess to ask for her blessing. The High Priest had conducted the ceremony flawlessly to the point that several people were waiting for. For Terr it would act to ensure his future commands would not be rejected. For the High Council it was their last chance of salvation.

"Does any person here know of a reason why Prince Terr should not be declared our King and keeper of the Golden Power Staff?"

There was no reply. The positioning of Triforian Guardsmen throughout the crowd had ensured the process was not disrupted.

"Then by the power of the Golden Lady, I pronounce thee King of Triforia," the priest said. "All hail Terr."

"Hold!" one of the courtiers, cried. "Terr cannot be king."

"Explain," Terr said in a menacing tone.

"Terr is a former criminal guilty of treason. Only if he is forgiven by a member of the royal family who is further up the line of succession can he be allowed to hold an office of power." The courtier deliberately addressed his comments to the crowd and not Terr. "Since the other members of the Royal Family are dead, only Lord Trey himself can appoint Terr as King of Triforia."

At Terr's gesture the man was dragged away for what he told the crowd was further research. Inside though he knew he needed Trey on Triforia. He had heard his brother was on the way, but had no idea where he was. His instructions from Duke Hazzard were very clear, that he should take full control of the Triforian sector and put his forces to work in figuring out the space station's secrets.

"Terr! Terr!" was the shout from the crowd.

"Thank you my people," Terr said. "This matter will be resolved. If my brother Trey is alive we will find him and bring him here to rule. If he declines we will convince him to name me as the king. We will grow stronger though, this I promise you."

With that he turned and walked away with Tristan at his side. "Contact Huntrax for me cousin," he said firmly when he was certain nobody would hear. He would be king, even if he had to destroy the planet to do so.

Terr knew he situation on Triforia would destabilise quickly if Trey was arrested, but he needed to his brother to secure his position as king. The pockets of resistance that had refused to accept Terr's coronation had been crushed quickly by the Triforian Guardians' elite squadron, but the uncertainty recent event had caused threatened reignite overt resistance. The entire system had been brought to its knees in honour of Terr and his new heir Tristan only to witness their new master's embarrassment when a loud-mouthed courtier had dared to interfere.

In a time long before Terr's earliest ancestors had been born, the Triforia Star System had been a member of a great empire. Under the leadership of the mighty Emperor, the Triforian Guardians had spread throughout the Universe and had steadily conquered world after world. They had even succeeded in briefly wiping out the Morphin Academy based on the pitiful world of Phaedos. The Morphin Masters had been rewarded for not taking action against Emperor with death.

Eventually a team of Ninjetti on a planet in the Sol System had defeated the Emperor. Surprisingly that planet had not been Earth. The fighters had died during that battle but had successfully eliminated Javius, his forces and three of his major henchmen. The people of Triforia had then rebelled and helped to found the Galactic Council, but because of their actions the people of Triforia were denied the ability to make their own Rangers. The creation of the Golden Power Staff and subsequently the Power Warriors was a small concession, while the denial of Ranger even after thousands of years served as a reminder of what they had been.

But the symbols of the old empire were not all gone. The Emperor had left his people a powerful weapon that they could use to rebuild. The device was capable of concentrating the power of Triforia's three suns and using them to destroy entire planets. The weapon relied upon the unity of the Triforian System. Five pyramids, one for each planet surrounding Triforia's suns, had been positioned to trap and then direct energy towards the enormous cannon Javius had built in space. The final part of the weapon was a control stick in the form of a golden staff. When used together the parts combined to create a weapon capable of ensuring the Triforian Guardians' continued reign.

Unfortunately for the Emperor's plan, without suitable leader the gifts he left became corrupted by the purity of the Morphin Masters. Three instruments of fear and destruction were turned into symbols of hope and righteousness.

The mighty space cannon had been turned into the galactic equivalent of a strip mall. The great pyramids were either left to decay or in the case of the Triforia pyramid, had been turned into a mere Carrier Zord. And the Control Key that would allow the right leader to control both weapons and to regain the Triforian Empire had been turned into the Golden Power Staff. What had once been the ultimate symbol of evil had been corrupted into a morpher. A Morphin Master had reforged it to tap and convert the powers of the Morphin Grid, an act that had disguised its true nature.

But just as the Emperor had failed to appoint a successor, the arrogant Morphin Masters had failed to neutralise the threat of the Triforian Guardians. They assumed that the removal of the pyramid and the Golden Power Staff would be enough. All had forgotten the Emperor's influence on Triforia, at least outwardly. But Terr had learnt the legends and had felt the pull just as Emperor Javius had before him. He studied everything about the dark emperor and quickly learnt the secrets of the Golden Power Staff, Pyramidas and the monstrous space station that had somehow appeared above Triforia millions of years ago. He had known at that time that he was destined to follow Javius' path.

Taking the Golden Power Staff had always been the first obstacle, killing his parent had been easy in comparison. To start with he had simply dispatch the Varox to kill his brother. But Trey was too stubborn to die and the new friends he made on Earth had protected him and his power. With that failure Terr had tried a different approach. Instead of attacking Trey directly, he had set about reforming the Triforian Guardians. With them serving as a private army, Terr had been able to conquer the entire system, but Trey still eluded him.

Now after contacting Huntrax he needed to make plans just in case Trey failed to make it to Triforia alive.


Deep Space

Trey sat in the control deck of Pyramidas feeling alone despite his passengers. He knew it was partially guilt at leaving the Rangers of Earth own their own after so recently regaining his powers; he still Zordon had suggested it was due to Trey's need to be the Gold Ranger once more. Either way it meant that with his powers restored Trey was required to return to Triforia. He needed his father's approval before continuing on his mission.

Behind him he could sense Travis and Trent deep in conversation as they exchanged view on different matters. One spoke emphatically, pouring his emotion into the debate while the other maintained a steady composure, never allowing himself to be baited by his ally's outbursts. Despite the fact they had once been a single entity, it was growing more and more evident that they had lost more than physical unity in recent weeks. The differences between Travis, Trent and Trey had become more and more apparent as they had been forced to spend time together.

If he was truly honest with himself, Trey knew that he was happy to be going home. It had been a long time since he had left to carry out his mission as the Gold Ranger. Travel between Triforia and Earth was slow and in Pyramidas, a machine built more for power than its hyperspace capabilities, it took that much longer. He was returning home to take his place as leader of his people. His mother had done an excellent job of running Triforia in his absence and his father was perfect as a symbolic king, but Trey knew he should get back to where he belonged.

He had kept in touch with Ferin and Zared his two most trusted advisors and thus been able to make important decisions away from the High Council. He sighed as he realised that those few times had been the rare occasions where he could make a decision without his advisors using the planet's traditions to overall his authority. If galactic decisions were difficult then Triforian leadership was almost impossible.

It felt strange being in space again after spending so long on Earth. Earth was a planet considered a backwater by the Galactic Council, but the diversity and ability to grow of its people had amazed Trey. True some of their attitudes could be considered barbaric, but compared to some worlds where extreme sexual and skin colour prejudice were the norm Earth was a example to be followed rather than ignored.

The computer next to Trey's chair beeped alerting him he had a message. Pushing the answer button he was surprised to find the message was in hologram format. Before him appeared Ferin, a rather short man with a long white beard that he thought looked distinguished.

"Lord Trey,

I am sorry to disturb you during your travels, but I am the bearer of grim news.
Zared was found murdered in his chambers this morning and we as yet unable to find the culprit.
The reason I call is to advise that follow a vote the Council has used its powers as is our tradition..."

There was that word again: tradition. In truth Trey knew the Council invented traditional powers as they went along and hoped Trey would not notice. It was getting so the role of King was no longer important to the decision making process. Trey knew if the Council had its way he would simply appear once a year to make a speech on holocam for the people to behave and pay their taxes.

"... to elect a new and worthy member to the High Council.
Volar is anxious to work with you to ensure the continued success of our world."

Ferin's face grew more serious as his rehearsed speech ended and he was able to speak his true mind.

"I know this doesn't please you Trey, but the High Council was going to do this whether or not they had your agreement. Volar is a good man and a close ally. I think you will be amazed at the support he will be able to raise for your ideas.

On a side note I must tell you that Terr has returned to the Capital. So far he is obeying the rules of his pardon and we are keeping your family under guard.

Have a good trip Trey, I look forward to your return."

Trey looked at the spot where the hologram had been. Terr was back, something he had hoped would never happen. It seemed an eternity ago that Terr had been sentenced and forced to leave the Triforian system. He had fought Trey's father and almost succeeded in killing him. As a result the King was never the same mentally and Trey had been forced to take over his activities.

A battle had raged between Trey and Terr ending when Trey had used his Golden Power Staff. Even as he stood over his younger brother Trey knew he could not kill him. He had offered Terr a chance to save himself and his brother had agreed.

As a result Terr was restricted in his movements around Triforia; a prisoner on his own world and bound to follow the decisions of the High Council in all matters. Trey had knowing the council, assumed that in itself was sufficient punishment.

"Volar!" Travis snorted. "How anyone could refer to him as a valued ally is beyond me."

"He is a good man even if he is a little set in his ways," Trent answered.

Trey and Travis turned to look at their companion who was doing his level best not to burst out laughing.

Sitting back Trey decided to enjoy his peace while it was still there. When he reached Triforia he expected to be mobbed by advisors. Had he known that his return would set in motion a chain of events leading to the loss of many of the things he held dear, maybe he would have changed his mind.



Terr reviewed the message he had received from Duke Hazzard with a mixture of amazement and anger. A mysterious Ranger had appeared from nowhere and slaughtered one of his superiors. By all accounts Zebron and his two servants, Bronzar and Silvar had put up a brave fight, but had ultimately fallen prey to what Duke Hazzard claimed were overwhelming odds. Terr didn't like talk of mysterious Rangers showing up. It always meant trouble when a new enemy suddenly appeared from nowhere, mostly due to the shock.

On a more important note the loss of Zebron's force had reduced Duke Hazzard's servants by a third. Crush and her subordinates had also failed to report in, an action, which had resulted in Hazzard reassigning Kraegor to a different objective. Effectively Terr was now responsible for operations on Triforia, a role he was certain to relish. _Especially since Draken will have to deal directly with me and not Hazzard. _

Huntrax had also reported in that her target had been located and that she understood her task was simply to capture Trey. Terr was not foolish enough to take her words for anything more than their literal meaning. She would spare Trey, but his travelling companions would not be so fortunate. For them death was the only option.


Draken's eyes widened in horror as his executioner took a step closer. Hazzard's dismembered body had already vanished from sight and all Draken's attempts to fight had been to no avail. The Ranger before him was not a Morphin Master; in fact as Draken looked further he discovered there was no link to the Morphin Grid within the stranger. With a mixture of awe and fear he summoned the last of his power and unleashed a devastating assault.

Draken's powers had once been second only to the Emperor's and even though as the millennia passed him by his strength dwindled, he was still one of the more powerful members of the UAE. So to see a mere Ranger with no access to the powers of the Morphin Grid simply duck was very disheartening. And when he saw the Ranger's blade swinging in his direction and knew there was no way to avoid the powerful weapon, he realised his time was up.

"Time Force Eagle!" the Ranger called.

He vanished as quickly as he had arrived, moments before Draken exploded and took the planet with him.


Deep Space

"We cannot outrun them," Travis called from the gun well where he was proving himself an ace shot against their pursuers. "We must stand and fight."

When they had emerged just outside of the Triforian system their ship had been attack by unknown forces. Trey had tried to move them to safety, but Pyramidas' size also counted against it where speed was a requirement. Fortunately Pyramidas came prepared for such contingencies.

"He is correct," Trent confirmed from his position at the top of Pyramidas. "We can used the Vipers."

Vipers were the name given to a form of outdated one-man fighter craft with three wings at the rear. By bouncing a beam of energy off the tip of each wing they formed an equilateral triangle, which connected to the nose cone gave each fighter a powerful weapon. Normally they would remain in their hangar deep inside Pyramidas, but today they were needed.

"Viper One and Two are online," Trey called over his shoulder. "Do not forget your armour."

Triforian Battle Armour came complete with a magnetic containment field capable of sustaining a pilot for a short time in the vacuum of space.

Trent and Travis nodded and disappeared to launch their ships.


"Huntrax, something is happening!" Lobo warned.

Huntrax sighed. She was an expert in her field of bounty hunting, yet she had to be associated with fools like Lobo. It was a sad state of affairs that she was forced to interact with those who she considered beneath her notice. Still she had a mission and was determined to complete it and maintain her reputation.

"Vipers," she said. "Trey must have decided we're not going to give up until we succeed. Quickly, find out if he is in one of those ships. Gunners, lock all weapons n Pyramidas."

"Yes Huntrax," came the reply as her inferiors hurried to comply with her commands.

"He's in the lead ship," Lobo said.

"Fire!" Huntrax called.


The shields buckled and failed as the continuous blast took its toll. Trey banked his ship hard to the left in the hopes that it would place another side of the might pyramid in his enemies' way. But the damage was done. Pyramidas lurched to the side as its hull buckled. Caught in the gravity of a planet the ship entered the atmosphere and appeared to explode.


"Trey!" Travis and Trent called.

They swung their ships in perfect unison and tore into their opponents. They succeeded in tearing first Huntrax's fleet and then her craft to pieces before splitting up. Trent would go on to Triforia and explain the situation. For those who were expecting him he would play the role of Trey of Triforia, while Travis searched the planet below in the vain hope that Pyramidas and its occupant survived.


Days Later

Trent gently guided his Viper onto the landing pad, surprised that his father had allowed such a large contingent of guards to welcome him. He reversed thrust to slow his descent, took his time opening the cockpit and finally clambered out. He was shocked when the guards did not snap to attention until he saw Terr approach. The look on his brother's face turned his stomach. _Oh Terr, what have you done? _

"Trey," Terr acknowledged. "I hope the second part of you journey was uneventful."

"It was," Trent replied. "Where is my father?"

"Dead," Terr told him. "The King, Queen and your sisters were slaughtered in an attempted uprising. I am sorry to say they did not survive."

"Who did this?" Trent asked.

Terr leant close and embraced his brother in a firm bear hug. As he did so Trey could here the guards move and when Terr released him he found all guns were trained on him.

"I am sorry brother," Terr said. "I would have had you killed as well, but you have something I need. When you hand over the Golden Power Staff I will be more than happy to correct that oversight."

"Why?" Trent asked.

"Because I could," Terr whispered as he walked away. "Lord Trey is under arrest. If he attempts to morph, kill him and three cities. Your people will learn to hate you Trey, but their fate is still in your hands."

With that Terr turned to make his report and Trey was led away. Beyond their perceptions another being was watching the events unfold. He grinned as he noticed how the barrier between his prison and the real world had weakened. Soon he would be free.