Disclaimer- THIS IS MY FIRST FANFIC that means I have no idea how to write the darned thing... so here goes... The characters are Saban's Power Rangers, I am writing this for fun. I have no relationship to the show, the characters or anything else. The song I used was Long as I Live by John Michael Montgomery. P.S.. this story features Jason... there is also a made-up character or two. It may not follow time lines, but hey, like I said It's my first one. I take no responsibility for anything else I should have mentioned but didn't. Also this story might not make sense in the real timeline.

A Friend from long ago
by Sarah

Intro: Trini and Jason are back from Switzerland. Jason has taken the Gold Ranger Powers, and Billy is still on Aquitar.

"I'll be OK." Jason thought to himself, "It will be OK, it was a long time ago, it won't matter anymore." Jason rose slowly from his bed, and began to get dressed to meet the other rangers at the juice bar. As he stood, he had a bad memory... "No." he thought. As he stood, a memory came to him... "Help." she screamed. A hand reaches toward him... "Jason... no!!!" As this memory overtook him, he sank down in the corner of his room, and sobbed.

Juice Bar (at the same time)

"Where is he?" Katherine asked Tommy, "Is he ever this late?"

"I don't know Kat," He answers and turned to Trini, "You don't think..." he began.

"I don't know if he even remembers anymore..."

As the group stood there, Adam suddenly commented, "Maybe we should go check on him." They all agreed and walked to Jason's house, and knocked on the door.

"Mrs. Scott," Tommy started, "Is Jason still here?"

"I don't know for sure, but you're welcome to check if you want to."

"Thanks." Tommy finished. "Maybe Trini and I should go on up, you guys wait here." he turned to Trini. "Just in case." He whispered. As they walked up the stairs toward Jason's room, Trini heard familiar strands of a song. "Long as I live, long as I breathe, With every heart beat, I'll need you near me, I won't leave you behind, untill the lord says it's time to go with him, I'm yours , long as I live."

"Darn!" Tommy cursed. They burst into Jason's room, just in time to see him cowering in the corner of his room.


"What do you think is going on with those three?" asked Adam. "I'm not sure, but here they come so shush." Tanya answered. Tommy came out the front door, followed closely by Trini, and a still shaking Jason.

"What?" Kat started.

"Sssh, later." Tommy answered.

As they walked down the street, there was silence. Suddenly a group of Putties led by Goldar stopped them. "So we meet again Gold Ranger." began Goldar.

"What the heck do you want?" Jason asks.

"Don't you remember what today is?" Goldar starts, "Today is the day I took that pretty little girlfriend of yours back to my boss." "Well, what do you want now?" Adam demanded. "What else, I want a fight... Putties ATTACK!" The Rangers put up a terrific fight, each taking out a few Putties. Jason, not taking part, stood back and watched, as they all dissappeared and Goldar vanished.

"I think we should go to the Command Center." said Adam, "All of us." They teleported in.

"What's going on?" Kat questioned. "We need to know, especially if it will affect your fighting ability."

Jason sat on one of the command consoles. "Yea, you do need to know, it's just going to be really hard for me to tell you."

"We can tell them, Jase." Tommy said.

" No, I should really do it." Jason said. "There are some things even you and Trini don't know." He began, "I met this girl one day, she was beautiful. She had long red hair, the most beautiful brown eyes, and she was the nicest most genuinely good person I'd ever met. Her name was Laura. Well, I decided one day, that I should marry her. I was just becoming a Power Ranger then, and Zordon, said he had something to tell me and that I should bring Laura, and well, this part Zordon should really tell you."

Zordon began, "This is going to be really hard for you to believe Rangers, but Jason is not completely from this planet. His grandfather was one of the original gaurdians of the Zeo Crystal from Triforia, this is also how Jason can yield the Gold Ranger Powers. Jason's pre-determined destiny is to guard the crystals for the next 100 years. He couldn't begin this destiny untill he had found the life partner who he was destined for from birth. That woman was Laura."

"How come you didn't tell us?" Trini asked.

"Please, just let me finish." Jason answered. "I loved her so much. Well one day, Tommy and I went to the store so I could get her an engagement ring. Here it is." He pulled a necklace with a ring on it from under his shirt. " I always touch it when I have to make a decesion, it's like in it, I have a part of Laura."

"So what happened?" asked Kat.

"When we returned," Tommy answered, "She was gone, we only got here in time to see this video." Trini begins the video, "Please watch the viewing globe.

A large image of a beautiful girl came on screen."Jason," The image began, "I don't know what will happen, Angel Grove is under attack, and you and the other Rangers cannot be contacted. I must go to try and fight Lord Zedd. I don't know if I can do it alone, but I have to. Just in case I don't return, you must remember that I love you." With this the image faded.

"We never saw her again." Trini said.

"And today is the anniversary of that day?" asked Tanya.

"Yes," Jason answered, "But I still don't believe that she is dead."

"What do you mean?" Adam questioned.

"Well," Jason answered, quietly, "Since I met Laura, I seem to feel what happens to her, I just think I'd know if she died." The other rangers stood and watched their former leader walk around the command center.

"Jase," Trini started, "We went through that, Billy lost all life signals from Laura, she's gone, you have to accept that eventually."

"Jason," Kat started, "Why do you seem to take such responsibility in the loss of Laura."

Jason smiled grimly, "You all had better sit for this one." he started, "What the others don't know, is, I was given one last chance to save the life of the woman I love. Goldar came to me in my dream, and said that if I could save Laura in my dream, I could have her back."

"When did that happen?" Tommy interrupted. "How come you didn't tell us??"

"It's a little hard to talk about." Jason started again, "Wait, untill you hear the rest of the story, OK? Well, here goes, that night, I went to sleep, and there she was, well, actually, there we were, at a prom dancing to "Long as I live", and suddenly just as fast as I had her in my arms, she was gone, then, Goldar came, and sent me to a battle. I fought as hard as I could, but it was a distraction." His voice cracked then, but he went on, "I followed a path, and was just in time to see her being pulled into a purple mist, and then I saw Lord Zedd, and he told me that I'd never see Laura alive again." "Was that the night she died?" Tommy asked, "Is that why you couldn't sleep?"

"Yea." Jason said. "That's it."

"Now Zordon, can we go back to the guardian thing you mentioned before?" Tanya asked. "Well Rangers," Zordon started, "The truth is, Laura, was my daughter, and Jason, is not actually the child of the Scott family, he is the son of Dimitria, a fellow gaurdian of the Zeo Crystal from my early days as a Power Ranger."

"Wow!" Exclaimed Trini."Why didn't you tell me?"

"Rangers," interrupted Alpha, "A group of Putties has been spotted in Angel Grove Park."

"Ready guys?" Asked Tommy.

"Ready." They answered, and one by one, they morphed.

"I'll wait for you here." Trini stated, "Good Luck guys!"

They arrived at the park in about 5 seconds. They lined up in stratigic fighting form. Tommy took on about four putties, and kicked each of them in the 'Z' very quickly disposing of each of his adversaries. Kat and Tanya were easily disposing of two putties each and ran to help Adam who was being attacked by six putties at once. "I'm going to help Jason!" Shouted Tommy. Jason, however, seemed to need no help. The Gold Ranger attacked each Putty he faced with growing anger. Suddenly Goldar appeared before them. "Do you remember when I gave you one more chance to save your lady?" Goldar began, "Well, Lord Zedd decided today was your lucky day, you shall recieve one more chance. This time, however, we will give you the benifit of your friend's assistance. You have untill midnight to save your friend. Good Luck, you're going to need it."

"What was that?" Adam asked.

"I don't know," Jason continued, "But whatever it was, it means that Laura's not dead!"

"Let's get back to the command center." Tommy said.

They teleported to the command center, but before they could continue, Zordon interrupted, "No, I already know, it means my suspicions are correct, Zedd lacks the ability to kill my daughter, you can still save her Jason."

"How??" questioned Tommy.

"I'm afraid the only person who knows the answer to that is Zedd, and we can only wait to see." Zordon commented. But as Zordon was speaking a transmission came through, it was Zedd. "The rules to my game are simple," he started, "First, Laura is already among the citizens of Angel Grove, she has no memory of her former life in Angel Grove, she does not look like herself, she may even be disguised as one of your enemies, you must find her, and convince her to kiss you. When this happens, she will remember everything, and not be forced to return with me, END TRANSMISSION GOLDAR!!"

With that, Lord Zedd vanished from the screen. "We have 24 hours," Kat started, "We'd better hope for very few monster attacks."

"But, I don't get it," Tanya starts, "How will we know who she is."

"He'll know. " said Trini as she looked at Jason, "He'll know."

Youth Center

"Ernie," Tommy questioned, "Has there been any new students in town lately?"

"I don't know." Ernie started, "Well, not that I know of, but come to the dance tonight, and you can look for yourself."

"What dance?" Kat interrupted, but stopped as Ernie pointed to a newly placed sign. "Jason?"

Adam asked, "What's up?"

Jason had been staring around the room, and suddenly stopped, "She's here, Adam, I know she's here."

"Are you sure?" Trini asked. "Can you find her?"

"I don't know." Jason said, "I hope so."

Meanwhile, Tanya had been talking to her new friend Jessica, "So are you going to the dance tonight?"

"Yeah, I suppose, I just feel like there is something else I should be doing." Tanya and Jessica continued this conversation for about ten minutes, when suddenly Tommy's communicator made those familiar beeps. "What's up Zordon?''

That Night

"Are you sure we should go tonight?" Jason asked, "I just feel like I could be doing more somewhere else."

"Maybe you'll see her tonight, if not, at least you will be more relaxed." Kat says. As the team walks to the Youth Center, Jessica joins the group.

"I'm so glad you came." Tanya says as she introduces her to the group. They enter the building, and hear music, as Tommy and Kat, Adam and Tanya, and Trini and her friend Richie all seperate, Jason and Jessica are left alone. "would you like to dance?" Jason asked Jessica.

"Sure." she replied. As he led her to the dance floor, the music suddenly switched to a different type of music.

Long as I Live, Long as I breathe, with every heart beat, I'll need you near me...

Jason got lost in his daydreams, he glanced at Jessica, "Don't you love this song?" he asked.

"Well actually," Jessica says, "I hate country music."

Jason glanced around then, and saw that the only other person in the room with the same look in her eyes, was Kat. "It can't be. There's no way." he thought to himself. "Excuse me." he commented to Jessica. As he walked over to Kat, he felt a feeling in the pit of his stomach, "I hope Tommy doesn't freak out." he thought to himself. "Let's all go outside a minute." he said to the Rangers. They all walked outside the Youth Center.

"Did you find her?" asked Tanya. "Who is it?"

"I found her," Jason said, "But you are never going to believe who it is."

"Who is it?" Kat asked.

"You." Jason said.

"What?" asked Tommy, "How can that be?"

"Let's go to the Command Center." Jason demanded.

Command Center

"Now, Kat." Jason started, "What were you thinking about when you heard that song?"

"I don't know, I was just thinking."

"Look, I really think you are Laura, so here goes, I love you and I always have, whether you remember me or not doesn't matter. I met you on March 16, 1992. I fell in love with you that day, you were in the same marshall arts tournament and you were wonderful. Three months later, I brought you here, and Zordon explained that you and I were soul mates, and nothing could change that. " As Jason talked, the others just listened, Kat was sitting now. "Then," he continued, "I fell for you just about every day until you dissappeared. I loved you then, and I love you now." "But how do you know for sure, that I'm Laura?" Kat asked. "I know Laura, I'd know her anywhere. She's you and you're her. I want to prove to you that I love you, in your body or in Kat's and with or without your memory. He pulled the ring he'd worn around his neck for a year off of it's chain. "Laura, I love you, and the day I lost you, I lost everything good in my life, and I refuse to do it again. Laura Wilson, Will you marry me?" With that, he kissed her, and she let him. The Command Center filled with a fire like glow. "Zedd!!" Tommy said. "Congratulations Gold Ranger, you've found her again. I will release her, but I'm afraid you must have a choice between Kat, and Laura."

"I knew it was a trap." Adam says.

"Look Zedd," Jason said after thinking a while, "I want Laura to be free, but Kat doesn't deserve to lose her freedom, so please take me in exchange."

"Ok." said Zedd.

Suddenly a flash of Light.

"No." said the vision."Zedd you've made a deal. If that young man can prove his love for that girl, he can have her back. Nothing shows love better than sacrifice."

Kat stirred then, "What?" she started. "now return the one they call Laura." demanded the vision.

"Fine." Zedd said as he teleported out of the center. A beautiful red haired girl was on the floor in her place. She appeared to be asleep. " Laura," Jason said. "Mmm." she replied, "Jason, oh my gosh, was that all a dream?"

"No," he answered, "I still want you to marry me. Will you?"

"Yes!" she answered, "Oh yes!"

"Wait." Tommy began, "Not to interrupt, but what the heck just happened?"

"Please, let me." Laura said, "I was told I would have one more chance to return to you. Zedd said, I could use the body of Jason's friend, while she takes my place. He thought Jase would never notice me in Kat's body. Luckily he knows me pretty well huh?"

"So, are you both OK?" Jason questioned. "I'm fine. Thanks!" Kat replied, "I'm glad to meet you Laura."

Jason and Laura said their goodbyes to the group and went outside for a walk on the beach. "I'm glad you're back." Jason said to her. "I've missed you."

"I've missed you too." She said.

And They Lived Happily Ever After...


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