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Warning: I do not own the Rangers... Violence, Language, etc. Not too bad, but it's there so consider yourself warned.
Influences: Various influences have shown up in this (I do not own the Rangers) series thus far; StarWars, The Wheel of Time, Pokemon (no laughing). There are likely a few others I missed... but I don't think so.
Thanks: First of all in pertaining (I do not own the Power Rangers) to this story, thanks to Matt, WindChaser, & PinkHeart for ideas on the Ninjetti spirit Guides. Also, I first saw the IGPF in Ellen Brand's "Personality Conflicts", so I'm crediting her for it.
I would also like to thank the following (Would you believe that I do not own the Power Rangers?) for their help and support in my writings thus far. First and Foremost Cynthia, for her maintaining of the Command Center Archives. Anyone who stays up till three in the morning to get an update done on time deserves a lot more than just a thanks. SilvorMoon, for her immense support, grammar pointers, and use of the Dark Falcon. PinkHeart for someone to talk to and a bit of insanity. (The Rangers... I don't own them.) Shadow Ranger, who sent me my first feedback e-mail. Ellen Brand, for creating such a concrete fiction universe that so many use as a foundation. (La la la, I don't own the Rangers.) Khava for helping me chew through my writer's block. Keaira for yet more insanity. Eurydice, Matt, Cinders, Purple Phoenix, JRL, and everyone who writes, reads, or imagines... for being there and being an audience. And that is more than enough. Thank you all.
Quick Note: I never liked the Rescue Zords from the show. In this series the 'Rescue Zords' are vehicle sized Zords that can morph into heavy battle armor. Additionally there is shameless usage of lines form 'Power Rangers: The Movie'
Notes: This is the tenth and final installment of the "The Gathering" series. This story happens (Guess what... I don't own the Power Rangers) the day after "One Hour". Any comments of any kind can be sent to my Hotmail account (which I check hourly) Randelm@hotmail.com Enough talk, on with the show... or whatever. (I do not... ahc... you get the idea...)

The Ending
by Randel

Sir, five battle mecha on radar. Three A class, two H class."


"Processing... What the- Sir, the readouts show one life form per mecha... that's impossible, isn't it?"

The captain's face suddenly creased with worried. "Henson Mathis, scan the mecha for Morphin energy. Toris, I want a communications channel with the lead A class."

"Sir, Saurian, Thunder and Zeo energy signatures appear on the battle mecha... what's going on Captain?"

"Sir, No response to the communications hails."

"The mecha are moving into attack formation."

"Shields to maximum, charge all weapons."

"Identification complete. Green Dragon, Cyclopsis, Red Dragon, White Tiger, Red Battlezord. All of them are mecha stationed or constructed on the planet Earth."

"Send out a distress call to Eltare. Inform them that we are being attacked by the Rangers of Earth."

"Y-yes sir..."

"Lock on the leader... fire when ready."


Five teleportation streams touched down on the rocky shore of the abandoned planet, Phadoes.

"Whoa... nice place," muttered Silvia as her vision cleared.

"Well," said Emily turning to look to Aisha, "Which way?"

Aisha started a bit when Emily directed the question at her. "You're the experienced Ranger here," she reminded herself, "they likely expect you take the lead."

"Ninjor told us that the Ninjetti temple would be north of where we landed." Taking a glance at the sky, and noting the position of the sun, Aisha gestured.

"Well let's get moving," said David, "The longer we don't have power the longer Ooze has to plan an attack."

Slowly the five began to make their way over the rocks; they hadn't gone far when a figure in a dark green cloak dropped, seemingly out of nowhere, in front of them.

"Stop. Go back the way you came."

The five fell into defensive stances as best they could on the rocky terrain.

"We can't go back," said Audri defensively, "We have to get the Ninjetti Power."

"So," muttered the figure "More fools who think they can attempt the Great Power. The ground is littered with the bones of those who have tried for it and failed."

"We're different, we won't fail," replied David firmly.

"And what makes you think that?"

"We have to achieve the power. If we don't, the evil attacking Earth will have upper hand," said Emily almost pleadingly.

"Earth? You are Zordon's Rangers?" the figure sounded skeptical. At this point Aisha stepped forward.

"I am Aisha Campbell, former Yellow Thunder and Ninja Ranger guided by the Griffin and Bear respectively. My four companions are Emily Conery, Silvia Stormshroud, Audri Lorhammer, and David Trueheart. The four of them have never before held a power. We are here because Ivan Ooze has been released from his hyperlock chamber upping the number of villainous entities to five. We need that power to even the odds and defend our planet."

The figure stood silent for a while then pushed back her hood revealing a kind face framed by reddish hair.

"I am Dulcea, Master Warrior of Phadoes," she said, "I will take you to the Ninjetti temple, and from there I will direct you to the monolith where, if you are deemed worthy, you will receive the Ninjetti power." And with that she turned and started off, the aspiring Rangers close behind.


Two figures stood on a rocky outcropping in the desert north of Angel Grove. They moved together in the perfect harmony of a meditation kata. As the kata came to it's end they turned to face each other, the sun just beginning to rise in the East.

"I missed you, you know, while you were away at the conferences."

"I missed you too William."

Slowly their faces moved closer together and they shared a kiss. After a moment they broke the contact and sat down on the ground watching the sunrise.

"What do you think will happen next? Twenty-Nine Rangers..." said Trini.

"Pretty hard to believe huh? I'm not sure what's going to happen, but... I don't know how to explain it."

"Like a storm is coming... I feel something... something big is going to happen."

For a while neither spoke, each wrapped in their own thoughts. Finally Billy broke the silence, "Trini... if anything should happen... I just want you to know..." Billy's voice trailed off.

"I know," replied Trini. "I love you too."

Silence settled over that part of the desert. The two sat close to each other and witnessed the ascent of the sun. And for a time everything was perfect.


"Andros?" the young man turned at the unexpected voice to see one of his new teammates standing in the doorway of the Megaship refectory.

Ashley Hammond was the new Yellow Lightstar Ranger. His feelings on this were conflicting. It was good to finally have a full team, but he didn't know any of these people. It seemed to him that these Earth Rangers didn't spend enough time training to have done as well as they had. Zhane of course had accepted the new members immediately and he and the other three, Cassie, Carlos, and TJ had gone down to an Earth shopping center to get the two Kerovians some Earth civilian clothes. Andros had been invited but had declined.

"Yes?" he responded.

"Are you alright?" she sounded genuinely worried. Why was that? She barely knew him, how could she be worried for him.

"Yeah I'm fine."

"Uh huh. Look Andros, I know that you hurt because of the loss of your planet and your family. All you've got now it Zhane. But we're here for you too, Carlos, and TJ, and Cassie and myself... we're a team now."

"How can you say that?" Andros sounded upset but his voice didn't rise. "We've been a team for less than a day. We are a team of necessity. We don't know each other. How can you say you'll be there for me when you don't even know me."

"I hope that changes. We are a team Red Ranger, and for the sake of my planet if nothing else, I hope that we can learn to care for each other." Ashley stood up and left the room. Andros wanted to call out, to ask her to stay, but the words wouldn't form.

"She's right you know," came the feminine voice of the ship's computer.

"I don't get it DECA, these four seem real nice, but we barely know them... how are we supposed to combat Astronema's evil together?"

"From what I have seen these Rangers of Earth are a very accepting group. Though just accepted as Rangers themselves, Carlos, TJ, Cassie and Ashley were chosen on these merits. You would do well to get to know you new team Andros."

The red clad leader stood up with a sigh. "Thanks DECA," and he teleported down to Earth to join his new team... and to make them his new friends.

"Any time Andros," the smile was evident in the computer's voice.


Kimberly Hart and Katherine Hillard sat at a table at the Angel Grove Youth Center.

"How do you think they're doin'?" Kim asked.

"I'm sure they're fine, Aisha's with them, she can keep them out of trouble it anyone can."

"You're right, I'm still nervous through."

"Thinking about someone?" Kat smiled a bit, and Kim blushed.

"How did you know?"

Before Kat could answer a voice interrupted them. "Mind if I join you?"

"Not at all Tommy, have a seat," replied Kim. For a while nobody spoke, then Tommy opened his mouth only to be beat by Kim. "We need to talk."

"Yeah..." Tommy kind of half chuckled at the echo of his thoughts.

"Look, about the letter..."

"It's alright Kim..."

"No. It's not all right. I shouldn't have done it that way. But we were so far away from each other... and Chris... anyway the point is that it wasn't right, and I shouldn't have done it."

"I'm over it now Kim."

"Yeah, I noticed..."

"I mean, I still love you, but like a sister."

"Hey it's alright, I shouldn't have expected anything else. Now I also want the two of you to know that I'm very happy for you and I would like for us to remain friends."

"I would like that," said Kat. "You guys, all of the Rangers, are like family to me. I wouldn't want to lose that"

"Good," said Kim. She looked to Kat who nodded imperceptibly. Clearing her throat Kim spoke again, "Now, Tommy... tell me about your brother."

"My brother?" Tommy gave Kim an odd look. The two girls just smiled at each other.

"Ah well," said Kim to herself. She had broken up with Tommy and he had found someone else. She really was happy for them, but if only... "If wishes were wings... I only hope my attraction to David isn't just me looking for another Tommy..."

"About time..." muttered Rocky from the weights where he and Bulk were working out.

"What are you muttering about over there DeSantos?" asked Bulk as he set the dumbbells back on their rack.

"I was wondering when those three would be getting together to talk it out," came the reply.

"Oh... geeze... Well it looks like they've got everything sorted out."

"Yeah, I'm just glad they did it, the tension whenever the three of them were together was getting a bit high." As Rocky spoke the two of them headed to the bench press. Bulk lay on his back and Rocky spotted him.

"So Rocky... what's distracting you?"

"Hmm? What makes you think I'm being distracted?"

"You're staring off into space, you haven't eaten in over three hours..."

"Oh, well I was just thinking about the Ninjettis... I hope they're all right. I mean Aisha's been my friend since grade school."

"I see, and there's no one else you might be worried about?"

Rocky looked down at Bulk sharply. "I'm worried about all of them. It's a dangerous quest."

"I know man, we're all worried about them. I was just wondering if, you know, if you were anticipating the return of a certain someone."

"Get to the point Bulkmire," said Rocky in a mock gruff voice.

"The point is, when are you going to ask Audri Lorhammer out?"

"Heh, ever heard of subtly?"

"You told me to get to the point. Besides you were avoiding the question... like you're doing now."

Rocky sighed, "I don't know man... soon, maybe when she gets back."

Bulk just grinned as he pushed the weights up one last time and set them on the rests. As he stood and Rocky took his place under the weights Eugene Skullovich walked up to them.

"Hey guys, what's up?"

"Not much Skull, except that Rocky here is thinking of Audri and can hardly keep his mind on the task at hand." Skull was about to respond, when a faint six toned beep caught their attention. Only Bulk and Skull had been paged so Rocky stood up as the two began to head out to the hallway.

"Be careful you two," said Rocky "Don't hesitate to call for help."

"We'll be alright," replied Skull as they left.

Rocky looked to the table and saw Kim stand with a few parting words to Tommy and Kat. As she left, Rocky joined the other two Zeo Rangers and the three turned to the TV waiting for the live coverage.


Justin sat alone on his bed in the Little Angels Shelter. So much had been happening lately and he needed the privacy to think some of it through. He and his team had been battling Divatox's goons for over a month now, and her primary warrior turned out to be Aaron Madigan, a sophomore at Angel Grove High. And then there were the new Rangers... The Lightstars...TJ was a great baseball player, doing well on JV and likely to move up to Varsisty this season. Carlos was making the same progression in soccer. Ashley was a cheerleader and fairly popular as was her friend Cassie, a skilled musician. He didn't really know any of them personally but they were already known around school and they were only sophomores.

And the five who went off to attempt the Ninjetti powers. He really didn't know too much about them, only what he'd heard from others and from the Power Chamber archives.

And Bulk and Skull. A former pair of punks, the two had reformed and were now Rangers of a sort.

Justin shook his head in amusement, he'd heard stories from various sources including Bulk and Skull about how the two had bumbled their way through various adventures, mundane and grand.

Finally Justin's eyes took him to the place he'd been avoiding, his desk, where a white telephone sat silent. His father was supposed to call today, he was supposed to have called over an hour ago... The Mountain Blaster Ranger sighed and walked over to the desk.

Also occupying the plane of wood were several inch and a half high metal figures. The group had grown considerably in the last several weeks. In addition to the first four groups there was now added five Turbo Rangers, five Blade Rangers and a Phantom Ranger. At first Justin had been appalled that toys of dangerous villains had been created, but he realized that it was important to remember one had enemies. Reaching out a hand he gently slid the Phantom Ranger closer to the group of heroes and further from the Blade Rangers.

Suddenly the phone rang and Justin snagged it off the receiver. "Hello?" he asked excitedly.

"Hi Justin, it's Angela, how you doin'?"

"Oh... Hi, I'm fine," replied Justin, he wasn't able to keep the disappointment out of his voice.

"I'm sorry, is this a bad time?"

"No, it's alright. So what's up?"

"You will never guess what just happened..."


Jack Hopkins sat in the living room doing some paper work while his wife, Ria, relaxed on the couch with a book.

"I'm home!" called Angela as she came through the front door.

"Hi honey, did you have fun at the Youth Center?" asked Ria looking up from her book.

"As much fun as can be had studying history."

"Angela," said Jack, "I think maybe you'd better sit down, there's something your mother and I want to tell you."

"Oh boy, this can't be good, they haven't figured it out, have they?" thought Angela as she sat on the couch next to her mother. "What is it?"

"We have a few guests that need to arrive first," replied Ria just as four teleportation streams, two blue, and two white, entered the living room.

"Zordon? I mean... what the..." Angela stammered trying to cover up her mistake.

"It is alright Angela, we need to speak with your parents," Dimitria's voice was calming and the Wind Chaser Ranger sat on the couch between her parents, still fairly confused.

"Please, sit," invited Jack

The four figures, Ninjor, Dimitria, Auric and Zordon took places on the various chairs, or on the floor in Ninjor's case.

"I suppose you're going to want an explanation," said Ria quietly. Zordon nodded slowly.

"We'd thought..." Ninjor glanced quickly at Angela. "We'd thought you were gone."

"That we'd died... been executed, right?"

Ninjor nodded.

"On that day," Jack picked up the narrative, "Marthal faked our execution. He took us into custody... he and Vile attempted to turn us to the side of evil. We were able to resist, so instead they trapped us inside evil forms. Over fourteen years ago, by our reckoning, we were in a battle when Angela freed us. We used a time crystal... and here we are."

"Ah," muttered Zordon, "I understand now."

"Uh, can someone come back down to Earth and pick me up, cause I am totally lost here..." Angela broke in.

Dimitria laughed softly, "Angela, your parents are Ria Renae and Jacq Dezz of Eltare, the Amber and Red Sol Rangers. During the first Grid War they were captured and were forced into the evil forms of Lord Zedd and Empress Rita Repulsa, who used and amplified their power."

"In this morning's battle," continued Auric, "There was a time pause. This was caused by your anger when Bulk was struck and when you attacked Rita and Zedd... your parents. During the time pause your parents were able to understand what had happened and break free. Using a time crystal they traveled back about fourteen years... and now here we are."

Angela nodded slowly and looked at her parents, then she stood and looked at the assembled. "So let me get this straight. You guys were a team of rangers a long time ago,"

"I was not, I have been a solo warrior until recently," inserted Auric.

"Alright... but the rest of you. You were rangers on Eltare. You fought in the first Grid War, which I read was well over ten thousand years ago, you two, my parents were the evil monarchs known as Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd... so..." All eyes in the room were on Angela as she absorbed the information.

"I gotta' call Justin."


Adam left the shop, a smile on his face and a small black box clutched tightly to his chest. "All that work at the Amusement Park has finally paid off," he said to himself. "I'll finally be able to show Tanya how much she means to me." He was about to get into his jeep when he heard an all to familiar sound. Spinning he came face to face with troop of Putties.

Adam quickly stuffed the small black box in his pocket and stood ready to receive the evil creatures' attack. He lashed out at the nearest one, then spun to deliver a quick backhand to the face of another. He was hit in the stomach, the knees... Adam fell to the pavement. He knew the next blow would likely knock him out. He braced himself, but the strike never came. The sound of battle urged him to stand up and take a look.

What he saw was the Grid Warrior team accompanied by the Dark Falcon and the Blue Centurion.

Adam Grinned and fell into the Morphin' stance. He had nearly made the call when he heard the blades of a helicopter. Looking up he spied one of the many news copters that were closing in to report. "Damn reporters..." muttered Adam. He backed up and watched the Rangers take care of the evil soldiers. The fight was soon over, and reporters rushed the field.

April Conther, top reporter for Channel Six news made a beeline for Dark Falcon and Blue Centurion.

"Good afternoon, I'm April Conther with Channel Six, your names please," it wasn't a request.

"Uh... Dark Falcon..." said Skull hesitantly looking sideways at Bulk.

"The Blue Centurion," was Bulk's slightly more confident reply.

They were saved from more questions by a crash from near by, a troop of putties were headed in their direction. On instinct Skull unfurled his dark violet wings from his backpack and managed to lift himself into the air from a stand still. Bulk was not so lucky.

"Uh, gotta' go ma'am," said the Centurion as he attempted to help Dark Falcon and the Grid Warriors face the Putties.

"Just a moment," replied Miss Conther as she stepped to block him. Centurion tried to go around her the other way but was again blocked. He stopped and stared at her with disbelief as she asked another question. Ignoring her voce he gently, but firmly lifted April by her shoulders, set her down to his left and charged after his friends.

Miss Conther merely stood staring after him, eyes bulging, mouth working, trying to object.


Angela and Justin had talked for thirty minutes before Angela suggested getting the others together and having a picnic. Fred and the twins had agreed instantly and soon the five were meeting in the park. Accompanying Fred was Aaron Madigan, the Phantom Ranger.

"Hey guys," said Aaron a bit shyly. The others responded kindly and turned questioning looks on Fred.

"I figured he ought to come along," said Fred. "You know, get to know the people he'll be fighting alongside." The six walked along until they found a spot to lay out their blanket and set up their picnic.

"So Aaron," said Candace who was sitting next to Fred, "What do you think about all this? Chosen by the powers that be, to fight evil."

Aaron laughed a bit nervously. "Until this morning I was evil... I may not even be totally away from it."

"We're here for you Aaron," said Casey patting his shoulder comfortingly, "That's what Rangers do."

Aaron smiled and took a bite from his sandwich. After a few minutes, when everyone was finishing up, Fred pulled a red frisbee from the picnic basket and stood up.

"Anyone up for a game?" he asked with a grin.

Justin's only answer was to lean against the tree with Angela. Candace, Casey and Aaron however stood up and began to spread out. Fred flung the disc in Candace's direction, but Casey sped in front of her and snagged it first. Without slowing down she threw it in Aaron's direction.

After a while a group of six familiar figures came ambling though that part of the park. "Hey Carlos!" yelled Casey who currently had possession of the frisbee, "Catch!"

The black clad young man looked up, spied the spinning red disk and began running for it. He jumped and grabbed at it. It was practically in his hands when Zhane made a quick movement and the frisbee shot the opposite direction.

"What the-" said Carlos as Andros burst out laughing.

"What just happened?" wondered Cassie, "It was in his hands..."

Andros continued to laugh as Zhane stood there with a straight face.

"It's not that funny," grumped Carlos.

"No," replied Andros composing himself, "Zhane..." the Lightstars and Turbos all turned to look at the grey clad teen.

"What?" he asked, not a trace of a smile on his face.

"Let me show you." Andros took the frisbee and placed it on the palm of his hand. With a bit of concentration it lifted into the air. "Telekinesis," he said.

"Why you," Carlos turned to face Zhane who was now grinning from ear to ear.

The others were laughing and after a bit Carlos joined in.

"What have you guys been doing?" asked Justin as he and Angela joined them from where they'd been relaxing by the tree.

"We took Andros and Zhane shopping," replied TJ with a sigh. "Ashley and Cassie took them to every store in the mall."

"We did not," objected Ashley. Their conversation was cut short by a familiar six toned beeping.

"We read you Zordon," said Fred and Andros at the same time.

"Rangers, Piranatrons have been spotted in the Commercial district, and a Fleet of Velocifighters is headed towards the city."

"We're on it Zordon,"

"Shift into Turbo!"

"Let's Rocket!"

In a flash the twelve were gone from the park.


The Phantom Ranger and Turbo Rangers dropped into a group of the humanoid fish and proceeded to reduce them to puddles. Angela and Justin guarded each other's backs, the Wind Chaser using defensive and conservative techniques she'd recently learned, while Mountain Blaster poured every ounce of technique Jason and Rocky had taught him. Candace and Casey worked as only twins could, anticipating another's lack of defense or need of help. Fred fought at first on his own until a shimmering in the air assisted with the small mob he'd been trying to deal with single-handed.

"Thanks man..." breathed Red Lightning.

"That's what friends are for," replied Phantom.

After several minutes had passed and the news helicopters had arrived, the remaining Piranatrons summoned motorcycles that rose out of the ground. They mounted and were tearing off when the Turbo Rangers called in unison; "Rescue Zords!" In a shimmering of light five vehicles had appeared and the Rangers got in.

"Phantom, you're with me," ordered Fred as the five began to speed off after the evil soldiers.

"I've informed the Police Department," said Casey over the helmet communication systems. "They're trying to clear the streets."

"Wide spread scanners show the Grid Warriors, Dark Falcon and Blue Centurion fighting Putties at Twenty-fifth and Prospect," Mountain Blaster's voice came through the speakers.

"Shit," muttered Candace, "These attacks are getting more and more serious."

"The Piranatrons are splitting up," said Angela suddenly, bringing them back to the matter at hand.

"Angela, Justin, you take the north bound. Casey, Candace, you're with me."

"Right!" came several voices at once.

"Aaron," said Fred to his companion, "If I have to morph into warrior mode, you're gonna' have to make a quick teleport out."

"Line of sight teleportation... yeah Tommy and Zack informed me of it earlier."

"Good. How are you feeling? I mean do you..." Fred was more uncomfortable trying to broach the subject of Aaron's suspected dark side than flying down the road after fish on armored and armed motorcycles.

"I'm fine... If I start to feel weird or anything, I'm to teleport to a special area of the Power Chamber that has been secured."

Fred was about to reply when the Piranatrons flipped their bikes around and began heading towards the Lightning Cruiser, Dual Star, and Thunder Loader Rescue Zords. Red Lightning Ranger reached for a button as Phantom line of sight teleported out. The Three vehicle sized Zords morphed into formidable battle armor that formed around their Rangers.

Dune Star reached out and clothes lined two of the Piranatrons. Desert Thunder brought the shoulder cannon around and blasted most of them into the street. Red Lightning stretched out a hand and an arc of lightning took care of the rest.

"Here we come guys!" Justin's voice came over the communicators.

The Rangers looked to the other end of the street where the Storm Blaster and Wind Rider Rescue Zords were chasing several Piranatrons directly towards them. Panicking, the evil soldiers halted, but had nowhere else to run. The Wind Rider and Storm Blaster, in warrior form, closed in from behind.

Suddenly the Phantom Ranger appeared in front of the fish like humanoids. "Surrender," he spoke the word quietly, but it carried enough for all the Piranatrons to hear. Immediately they raised their hands in the air. The Rangers stood stunned, monsters had never surrendered to them before.

"Zordon, a pack of Piranatrons has just surrendered to us... what do we do with them?"

"As a matter of fact an Intergalactic Police ship is now orbiting the Earth," Zordon sounded none too happy, "I'll teleport them there."

Light enveloped the creatures and they were gone.

"Rangers!" the voice of Alpha 5 came through their communications, "Rygog and Elgar have grown to giant size in the park!"

"We're on it Alpha. Turbo Zords, Now!"

"Artillatron, Power Up!"

The five Turbo Rangers entered their Zords, "Turbo Mega Zord, Activate!" The five vehicle like Zords came together to form a humanoid wielding sword and shield.

"Greetings Rangers, ready to meet you doom?" the blue armored mutant sneered at them.

"Stuff it Rygog!" returned Wind Chaser.

"Oh Goody, we outnumber them!" laughed Elgar as he unshuffled his card sword.

"Think again you idiotic lump of lard," muttered Phantom as he steered the Artillatron into position.

The Turbo Mega Zord's sword flashed as it swung towards Elgar, simultaneously blocking a similar blow from Rygog. The two on one battle raged through the city and eventually the heroes were able to push the villains out into the desert with minimal damage to the city's structures.

"Artillatron, High Stance Mode!" ordered the Phantom Ranger. "Guys, I'm ready to fire," Aaron's voice came over the communications. Almost immediately the Mega Zord leapt out of the way and the Artillatron opened fire on the two villains. Rygog and Elgar showed they were smarter then they were given credit for as they teleported out just in time.

At that point purple lightning flashed directly over the city in a previously cloudless sky.


The Mega Voyagers and the Mega Winger were in a furious dogfight against several Velocifighters, with DECA hovering the Astro Megaship overhead taking shots when she was able, when Lightning flashed over the city.

"What was that?" Black Lightstar veered his Shuttle Voyager to avoid Blue's Rocket Voyager.

"This sudden storm is definitely not natural, the scanners show Oozemen appearing in the heart of Angel Grove," Cassie's voice came over the communications.

"Someone else is gonna' have to deal with it, we got a major battle on our hands right here," replied Andros.

"Come on guys..." Ashley whispered reverently to the five questing for Ninjetti power.


The five stood in a semi circle around a roaring fire. "Look deep inside yourself and release the spirit guide within." Dulcea reached into a pouch at her belt and blew the dust that she retrieved from it into the fire. There was a muted flash, and the silent sound of air rushing past and then all was still. The five figures stood in their Ninjetti uniforms.

The Ninjetti Master approached the violet clad Emily Conery. "Emily, you are the Scorpion, powerful and durable."

Next was Audri in her blue uniform. "Audri, you are fierce and cunning, you are the Shark."

"David," the only male of the group was clad in shining whites, "You are the Hawk, just and free."

"Silvia, the Cobra, you strike fast and hard." Silvia regarded her green clothing thoughtfully.

"And Aisha, you are the Cheetah, swift and kind." The yellow clad girl smiled.

"Now we must travel to the monolith. There if you pass the test, you will receive your powers."

"We?" Aisha raised an eyebrow at Dulcea.

The Master Warrior smiled back, "Yes young Cheetah, I will be accompanying you... I have remained on the sacred grounds for ten thousand years... much like Zordon in his time warp. The bindings keeping me here have been fading. It's time I left this place."

"But the power," said Silvia, "Who will guard it?"

"The power guards it's self little Cobra, I am merely a guide, and I am no longer needed here."

And with that Dulcea led the way down the mesa, Aisha and her comrades right behind.


"So what kind of test do we have to face?" asked Emily as they tromped through the woods.

"There are two, and they are different for every group that attempts the power," responded Dulcea.

"Whoa..." uttered Audri from a little bit ahead. "Welcome to Jurassic Park." The ground was strewn with large dinosaur-like bones.

"Very funny Audri," Aisha's reply was a bit nervous, but they passed the area without incident. Not too far past the 'bone clearing' there came a shuffling sound from their right.

"What was that?" Silvia dropped into a defensive stance along with her companions and stared off into the jungle. The sound came again this time from behind them.

"I've got a bad feeling about this," David, whose fighting skills were matched only by Aisha and Dulcea, was looking edgy.

Suddenly a viscous looking figure with large claws, dripping mandibles, angry red eyes and a blade in its left hand attacked. It slashed twice at David who barely dodged before being knocked back by a hard hit to the chest. The four girls attacked at once, but somehow it managed to dodge all the attacks and had Audri and Silvia on the ground. Aisha's Ninja training kicked in. Emily had received a cut on her left shoulder but had managed to climb amazingly fast up a nearby tree to escape further damage. Taking advantage of the creature's focus being momentarily on someone else. Her hand struck out and disarmed the opponent just as David performed an amazing aerial move that knocked the creature into a nearby tree. Now they had it on the defensive.

Slowly the creature backed up, the Ninjetti closing in on all sides. It's back hit a tree and it gazed at its opponents defiantly. Emily dropped right in front of it in a dark purple blur. She was slowly rotating her cut shoulder as she prepared to attack.

"Hold," said Aisha."

"What?" Emily didn't even turn around, but the surprise was evident in her voice.

"We don't need to finish him off. He's beaten, he'll leave now." Emily relaxed her stance and backed off, glancing at Aisha.

The Ninjettis watched as the creature relaxed, bowed and disappeared into the jungle. As they continued along the path, each lost in their own thoughts, Dulcea caught Aisha's eye and gave an approving nod.


The Angel Grove, Mariner Bay and Stone Canyon areas were in a state of emergency. A full-scale attack by the forces of evil had the citizens cramming into the monster shelters. Oozemen were crawling over the storm darkened city attacking civilians, destroying property, and panicking authorities. It appeared as though the newest villain, Ivan Ooze was the only one attacking at the moment but those in charge were assuming nothing. Most police, firefighters, paramedics and other emergency personal were still ushering civilians into the shelters. Rangers roamed the streets, unable to get a lock on where Ooze was hiding, and where he was getting the power to launch such an attack.

There were however a couple of bands of the more battle ready who were roaming the streets looking for threats and neutralizing them. One such band, headed by Lt. Stone was currently meeting with one of the small parties of Rangers.

"We've run into several small groups, nothing too big, but... it's bad out there guys..." The normally unshakeable Jerome Stone was shaken.

The Silver Lightstar's response was preceded by another flash of purple lightning and a deafening crack of thunder. "We've got to hold out a bit longer. The Ninjetti will be here soon and they'll be able find Ooze,"

"I hope so," was the reply.


"Finally," breathed Audri, "We're here." The giant monolith rose before them. Four stone statues looked back at them.

"Now what?" asked Silvia practically.

Suddenly five creatures rose out of the ground and approached.

"Ninjetti!" called Aisha immediately.






Silvia dodged the one that attacked her and aimed a blow at the back of it knees. The attack had no effect and the creature turned to face her again. Audri fanatically attacked hers head on, though it did little but push it back. David was out maneuvering and out fighting his opponent, but all his attacks did little good. The others were facing similar problems. Finally Audri was able to back hers up so much she inadvertently knocked into a nearby pool. The creature began to sizzle upon contact and eventually dissolved completely.

David was beginning to tire as his maneuvers did little but knock his opponent around. Spying that Emily was being backed against the cliff face he began to maneuver his that direction. When they were close enough Emily dodged through the creatures confusing them as David did the same. The creatures swung, missed their intended targets, hit each other and crumpled. The five ganged up on the remaining two and in little time had herded them to the acid pool and dispensed with them.

Heaving with exertion the five stood looking at each other. As one they turned to face the monolith that had begun to open at the bottom revealing a large crest with the spirit guides of each new Ninjetti emblazoned upon it's surface. Energy raced from the emblem to the five teens.

"Congratulations," Dulcea said from behind them. "You five are the first in several thousand years to achieve the Ninjetti power. Now, your base of operations is under attack. We must depart immediately." And in distinctly colored columns of light, the six left the site of the Ninjetti power.


Six teleportation streams touched down in the heart of the darkened Angel Grove. The Rangers looked around apprehensively. "This is Ivan's handiwork," remarked Emily noting the telltale ooze.

A sudden shout brought their attention to the Pink, Red and Green Zeos running in their direction.

"Tommy," said Aisha with more command then she knew she had, "What's the situation?"

"Oozemen everywhere, we can't find the bastard and his source of power, things are getting out of control here!" Tommy reported a bit anxiously.

Aisha turned to her team. "Alright guys, we gotta' locate Ivan, form a circle and spread your awareness out. That's right, don't loose control... easy does it. He's got to be here... There! Tommy, contact the others and have them follow our teleport, keep the purple goons off our backs, we're going in!"

The five were gone in a flash and Tommy put the communicator to his mouth. "Attention all Rangers! They're back and we got the son of a bitch. Hold on, we teleport in 3, 2, 1..." Tommy pressed another button and several streaks of light headed for the business district.


"Spread out guys, keep your eyes open." They were on the top of the Angel Grove Bank building, tallest building in the city, over thirty stories tall. The lightning had stopped but the purple tinged clouds had remained and the shadows on the surface of the building were deep. The sound of distant fighting reached them, their friends and fellow Rangers were keeping the gooey guards busy while the Ninjetti team tried to take out the source.

"And how do you like it?" Ivan's voice drew their attention. He was standing in an unnatural shaft of light. Warily they surrounded him. "My Nightmare..." hissed the evil man, "How do you like it."

"It ends here Ivan," snarled Emily.

"You look good in purple Miss Conery, ever considered changing sides?" the fact that the evil scum knew her name was nothing compared to the force of will she had to exert in order to keep from falling to her knees in supplication.

"Very well, I know someone else who already has." A shimmering of air revealed the Phantom Ranger.

"No..." gasped Audri.

"Yes." The response wasn't Ivan's, but Aaron's.

"You Bastard!" Though David was generally calmer than his brother, the capability to do violence when enraged was the same. David flung himself at Ivan in an arcing white streak, the scream of a bird of prey echoed off the darkness.

Ivan... flowed out of the way and watched as David rolled to his feet. At this point the other Rangers sprung into action. Aisha, and David concentrated on trying to get Ivan, while Audri, Silvia and Emily attempted to restrain Aaron.

The Phantom Ranger fought dirty, disabling and defeating his opponents however he could, using his cloaking ability to full advantage. And the advantage was all on his side as his friends were trying to not hurt him.

Ivan was even harder to hit as he moved like liquid and attacked with lightning. With blinding speed and the snarl of a cat Aisha dashed and managed to score a hit opening a wound in Ivan's side. He sneered and nailed her in the back with lightning. David went to her aid and got the same treatment.

Audri, getting tired of being flung around by something she couldn't see let herself go... She swam through the air, and following her hunter instincts lashed out and knocked Phantom sprawling. Emily grabbed him and held with amazing strength. A sudden flash of Pink light heralded the arrival of the Pink Lightstar.

"Aaron no!!" Cassie rushed forward to where the Phantom was struggling in Emily's hold. "Aaron... please..."

The Phantom showed no sign or recognition.

Cassie tore off her helmet and reached for Phantom's.

"What are you doing?" yelled Audri. Cassie didn't answer, merely unbuckled Phantom's helmet and planted her lips on his. The light returned to Aaron's eyes. When the kiss ended, Emily let him go and the two retrieved their helmets.

"How sweet... a bit of a backwards archetype though." Ivan strode forward and Aaron's eyes began to flicker black.

"Cassie!" yelled Aisha, "Get him out of here!" Pink Lightstar nodded and the two were gone in flashes of sparkling light.

Ivan whirled on the Yellow Ninjetti, but another voice caught his attention.

"Oh Ivan..." it was Silvia and her normal mellow demeanor was coated with a kind of gleeful viciousness. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

The Ooze lord's eyes widened in astonishment as he watched Silvia quickly morph into a large green cobra and strike at what appeared to be merely shadow. There was an explosion and everything went black... then white.


Aisha awoke to someone gently shaking her. It was Zack, the Dar'ket Grid Warrior.

"How you feeling?"

"Like I've been hit by a train. Did we get him?"

"No," Zack sighed, "When Audri destroyed his power source he ran to lick his wounds."


"Don't worry Aisha, you did great," the voice was David's. The two boys helped her up and she looked around. All twenty-nine Rangers stood on the roof of the Angel Grove Bank building. The sun was rising, it looked like the start of a beautiful day.

"Congratulations Aisha, you're going to make a great leader," Tommy had come up behind them, he had his famous ear to ear smile splitting his face.

"Leader?" asked the yellow clad teen. David hid a chuckle as the expression on Tommy's face changed to a wry one.

"Aisha, you ordered me around like you'd been doin' it for years."

"Oh Tommy, I'm sorry... I..."

"No no, it's a good thing. You are the leader of the Ninjetti after all." With that he went to converse with a few of the others.

Aisha turned back to Zack who was smiling as well. "Well done leader." Aisha didn't know what to say. Tommy was trying to get everyone's attention when an all to familiar beeping sounded from all their communicators. What wasn't familiar was the voice that addressed them.

"Rangers of Earth, you are ordered to teleport to the IGPF ship Golden Spear immediately, the coordinates are set."

"Identify yourself," Andros barked into the communicator.

"I don't like this..." muttered Rocky.

"Zordon? Alpha?" Billy tried.

"I don't think we've got a lot of choice but to do as we've been asked," said Justin.

"As we've been ordered," corrected Zhane.

"Let's see what they want," Tommy was slipping into leader mode and the others didn't dispute it. In a riot of colors, the heroes of Earth left the now peaceful city of Angel Grove to its glorious sunrise.


The twenty-nine Rangers of Earth were arranged in a semi-circle before a table. Seated at the table were five human-like figures who studied them with expressionless faces. Behind the Rangers stood their mentors. Dimitria, Ninjor, Dulcea, and Auric... surprising enough Jacq and Ria were there as well, the Rangers had been filled in on the situation considering Angela's parentage and the related circumstances.

An energy tube stood behind the Rangers as well, but it was dark, the two Alpha Units stood next to it rather protectively.

"Rangers of Earth," the blond haired grey-eyed individual sitting in the middle spoke and stood up. "You are charged with unprovoked and malicious murder of the crew of the Silver Scout."

The Rangers exploded in indignant shouts.

After they quieted the man spoke again. "Obviously you contest this accusation."

"We never left the planet moron, how could we have killed an entire crew?" Zack snapped

"Don't cop your attitude with me Earthling!"

Zack's reply was cut off by the calm voice of Dimitria, "You forget Soviso, the phrase about young Rangers... 'Teenagers with Attitude'."

"Don't get philosophical with me you Inquirian bitch." Much restraining was the only thing that kept Soviso from several bruises.

"To answer your question Grid Warrior," he said the words like he didn't believe them and reached for a small device and pushed a button. Immediately voices came from its small speaker.

"Sir, five battle mecha on radar. Three A class, two H class."


"Processing... What the- Sir, the readouts show one life form per mecha... that's impossible, isn't it?"

"Henson Mathis, scan the mecha for Morphin energy. Toris, I want a communications channel with the lead A class."

"Sir, Saurian, Thunder and Zeo energy signatures appear on the battle mecha... what's going on Captain?"

"Sir, No response to the communications hails."

"The mecha are moving into attack formation."

"Shields to maximum, charge all weapons."

"Identification complete. Green Dragon, Cyclopsis, Red Dragon, White Tiger, Red Battlezord. All of them are mecha stationed or constructed on the planet Earth."

"Send out a distress call to Eltare. Inform them that we are being attacked by the Rangers of Earth."

"Y-yes sir..."

"Lock on the leader... fire when ready."

There was a crack of static and then silence.

"That's impossible," replied Billy immediately. "The Zords mentioned have either been destroyed or are dormant."

"Actually Billy," came the hesitant voice of Alpha 5, "Zordon and I restored them, all the previous Zords, in case of an emergency. We had planned on presenting them before you started the new school year, but everything got so hectic..."

"The accusation stands and you cannot prove otherwise," Soviso had a smug smile on his thin lips. "You are sentenced to the Talkar."

"Over my dead body!" roared Auric as his eyes flashed and he launched himself at the suddenly cringing figure. Five blasts of laser fire, and Auric was down before he got to hit the insufferable little man.

"No!" Tanya was instantly at her friend and guardian's side.

"Return to you position Auric, the Conqueror," commanded Soviso in a quavering voice.

"I'll be alright Tanya, I've taken much worse..." with her and Adam's help he stood back up and with a glare for his intended target, returned to his place.

"Your powers will be stripped from you, your armor will be simply that, your weapons as mundane, there will be little to no magic about you. You will no longer be Rangers. Then you will be cast to a random planet where you will live out your life however you can until you die by whatever means Fate decides. No one can find you, no one can help you."

"You can't do this," Candace said coolly.

"I already have Dune Star... I already have." With the press of a button a shimmering portal appeared. "Goodbye Rangers, and May the Power Protect You."

One by one the Rangers were forced through. There was a fair amount of struggling, name-calling, and the like, but when it was over every last one of them had gone through. Then Soviso turned to those still here, the Sol Rangers and their companions, the legendary Auric, and Alphas 5 and 6.

"You're precious Earthlings are gone. Now that worthless orb will be destroyed and we can expend energy where it's needed."

"Why?" asked Ninjor.

"It is the will of the Council, Nikolas."

"Bullshit," spat Dulcea. "Whose behind this?"

Soviso merely smiled. The smile disappeared however when a deep voice thundered throughout the room.

"How dare you!!"

The energy tube shattered startling everyone further, and a blonde haired blue-eyed man strode towards a very nervous looking Soviso.

"I-it was the w-will of..."

"We'll see about this. Set a course for Eltare. Now!" Zordon was quite thoroughly pissed off.


The only lights in the room were concentrated on small groups of figures placed equidistantly upon otherwise dark shelves. In some of these illuminating shafts there was but a single figure, in others there were as many as four. A presence stood in the shadows and as it watched, every light in the room suddenly went out.