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Timeline: Third and Final part of 'Time Stands not Still' story arc. The quests will be over after this and we can get on to other stuff.
Warning: Mild swearing and violence... duh, if you don't know that by now... ah never mind.
Notes: Number seven; I'm feeling special over here. Merci a bunch to Cinders for the idea for Billy's quest and fourth Spirit Guide. I can be reached at RandelM@Hotmail.com.

Time Stands not Still: Part 3
by Randel

Divatox, Pirate Queen of evil wandered around the halls of her ship, a slight smile playing on her lips. What an interesting turn of events this was. The Turbo Power had been claimed by Earth humans. Earth was known for their Rangers, and Divatox had often wondered what it would be like to challenge them... her previous plans would have to be scrapped, she had a new plan, a more profitable one.

Making a sudden turn, the evil pirate walked down several hallways before ending up in a large storage room. She searched several sealed boxes before she finally came upon the small wooden chest she'd been looking for. Groaning at the dust that now covered her, she tucked the small chest under her arm and walked to her private chambers. Normally she'd have had one of her hench-creatures unearth the box for her, but this was entirely too important for that.

Setting the chest down with a thump she reached for the clasps and opened them. Carefully she opened the lid. Inside the dusty old trunk a sparkling red light shone. Laid on a crimson cushion was the source of the sparkling light, a ruby, a source of power, a power that had not been activated in quite some time.


"I don't believe it," said Lord Zedd with what would have been a small smile, could he perform such an action. "Those two actually stole the coins. Not only that, they defeated Ninjor. Ninjor! Ninja Master, Grid Master, and Coin Smith... they beat him!!" Zedd chuckled again as he made his way through the Lunar Palace. Finally he reached his destination high in one of the many towers. Inside the small room Rita, and Finster were waiting.

"Are we ready?" inquired the Red Lord of Evil.

"Yes Lord Zedd." replied the white furred scientist.

"What is it exactly you are planning to do Zeddie?" asked the evil Empress, a hand resting on her swelling tummy.

"What is clay?" Zedd answered with his own question.

"What are you? An Inquirian? I don't want riddles, I want answers." Rita looked angry.

Zedd merely smiled. "The reason I first commissioned my Chief Scientist to use Clay as an instrument of evil, is that you can make clay into whatever you want. There is no preexisting form or identity to deal with. On the down side it is not always as strong as I would like."

"What? You're not making sense," Rita glared at her husband.

"Those," responded Zedd pointing at five of the finest made Putty Soldiers all standing stiffly at attention against the tower wall. "Those soldiers are made of clay. They have no definition except to serve you and me, and to be soldiers. I will make them more. A Power Coin takes what one has and enhances it. It grants special abilities and powers based upon it's own definition. The Putties have only obedience to us, and a will to fight. The Coins have only power."

Rita's face lit up as Zedd's plan dawned on her. "With undefined powers and creatures, we can create a brand new set of Rangers based on whatever we want."

"Exactly. Finster, did you bring the weapons?"

"Of course My Lord, they are in possession of your soldiers now."

"Good, now hand me the box." Finster handed Zedd the small wooden box containing the blank coins. Walking before the lined up putties Zedd embedded a coin into each creature's chest. These putties were more muscular than normal, it seemed as though armor was molded onto them. Finster had put a lot of work into their creation. Finally satisfied that all was in readiness Zedd returned to the center of the room and faced the Putties.

"Rita, you will supplement my power. Finster, you will get out of the way. I will lead." There were no objections as Zedd began to gather power within his staff. Rita gathered her own power and siphoned it to Zedd's.

Suddenly Energy arced from the tip of the Z on Zedd's staff to the five assembled Putties. The furthest one to the left began to glow red from the coin embedded on his chest, which then began to spread. The broad sword in his hands, called Kaltar, Blood Thirst, began to glow red as well. On down the line the colors flared to life.

Blue holding a spear, Tierbel, Soul Seek. Black with a Katana, Kitgar, Shadow Skull. White armed with a Scimitar, Rientol, Abyss. And Kartied, Deathblow, the Green Claymore.

"Behold, the Blade Rangers," announced Lord Zedd in a raspy tired voice, as the light died down. Looking at his newest creations Zedd felt a fierce pride. A team of Rangers dedicated to serving him. "Report to the throne room in one hour," he told them. With that Rita and Zedd retired to their chambers to recover from the exertion, while Finster returned to his lab to record the results of the incredible experiment into his journal.


Still wrapped in her yellow robe, Aisha wandered around the lower rooms of the Power Chamber. Her initial grief at being denied a chance at Ranger-hood had slowly changed to anger, and finally into a dull numbness. Silently she walked from one room to the next, until Alpha 5's voice came through the intercom she was passing.

"Aisha, please come to the Main Chamber."

Startled, Aisha looked at the intercom uncomprehendingly for a moment or two then nodded, and took the lift to the main chamber.

"What is it Alpha?" but the little automaton was not to be seen.

"He left Aisha, I wanted to talk to you." The yellow clad girl looked up at Zordon in his Energy tube.

"Oh, ok, what about?"

Zordon just gazed at her.

"You know? Oh, yeah, well, ya' know it's no real big deal anyway... I still have stuff to do in Africa, and well, I don't even really live here anymore, that stupid Zeo Crystal changed my identity with Tanya's... But don't worry about it, I should have known it would happen anyway." Aisha looked up at Zordon, trying desperately to keep from crying.

"Aisha, that is not true. It is a big deal."

"There's nothing I can do about it. I've been denied, I've failed."

"No Aisha, you haven't failed. It's not your fault."

Startled Aisha looked up to see that Zordon was no longer in his tube. She recognized the voice, though it did not boom as it did when he was merely a floating visage of a head. He was young looking, pale skin, blue eyes, and short blonde hair...

"Zordon? How?"

"The witch's prison is weakening," responded the Sage. "Now Aisha I want you to listen to me. Something is not right. You should not have been denied your powers. In a few days you will go back to Kenya. However you will be back. You can trust me on that."

Aisha merely nodded and looked at Zordon. She felt drained mentally, physically, and emotionally.

"Sleep now Aisha. You will need your rest." As the yellow clad girl drifted to sleep where she stood, Zordon lifted her easily into his powerful arms and carried her back down the stairs to where the others slept. Carefully he laid her down on the bed and drew the blanket over her. As he was about to exit the room, he stopped and looked back.

The six figures lay perfectly still. Six of his warriors, his responsibilities... his children... "Awaken soon Rangers. We need you. I need you."



William stirred in his sleep as the call drifted in through the open window.

"William, wake up!"

Again William was disturbed, but this time he struggled towards that hazy experience called morning.


"What is it?" came the half grumbled, half yelled response.

"It's been seen again! Ol' Duffy swears he saw it this very mornin'!"

Instantly William McRanston was on his feet. Donning a blue shirt and a kilt, he rushed out to see the small boy who'd been sent as a runner to inform the scholar that the monster had again been sighted.

"Are ya' sure lad?"

"Of course I'm sure, I didn' run all th' way out here fer nuthin'"

"Right lad, let's get goin' then." William tuned and fetched his horse out of the stable and swung up, then he reached down and helped the boy up behind him, and off they rode.

Although William pushed the horse as hard as was able it was still an hour before they reached the small town on Loch Ness. As they neared, William gently shook awake the boy who had run all the way out to his house. Poor lad must have run all night.

"We're here lad, go home and get some rest."

The boy shook himself and then looked at William. "But I'm not sleepy, I want to see the monster."

"I know lad. Run on home now." Without further comment the child sleepily staggered off home. William rode the rest of the way to the loch where a large gathering of people were milling around and staring out over the body of water.

"William!" one of the crowd had caught sight of him. Suddenly the crowd surrounded him.

"It's down there Will! I saw it!"

"There's light..."



"No, Gentle..."

Ignoring the clamor William walked over the rocky terrain to the water's edge and looked down at it for what seemed the hundredth time. "There's something down there... but what?"

In short order William placed a few requests and was provided with a boat and several other items he might need. Then he and two others rowed out to the middle of the loch.

The monster had been sighted before, and however interested William seemed in finding it, he had never actually done anything until now. The rumor around town was that William McRanston was afraid of fish. And it wasn't too far off the mark.

"How long is this hose?" asked William of the two men who were rowing the boat.

"About fifty feet." William nodded and they were all silent until they'd reached approximately the center of the loch.

"Well boys, wish me luck, and be sure to keep the hose above the surface of the water. " And before he could have any doubts, fears, or specific thoughts, William jumped into the cold waters of the loch. It was dark and murky, and cold. Extremely cold. Something flitted past William's face and he brushed at it as fast as possible in the confining water. A fish, he hated fish.

Suddenly William panicked. What in the hell was he doing? Here he was, swimming through the dark and freezing Loch Ness searching for a monster that some said was dangerous, and the fact that there were fish... how in the hell could he jump into a body of water so obviously populated by fish? The creature he was pursuing was likely a giant fish... He had to get out of here, had to get back to the surface. Which way was the surface... simple, just follow the hose. The hose... where was it? He had been breathing through it just a moment ago, where was it?

William's blood froze, and he began frantically swimming, hoping that he was headed the right direction. Finally a point of bluish light appeared in the dark waters, and William swam as hard as he could, his chest afire. As he neared he realized the light did not come from the surface as he'd thought, but instead came from what appeared to be a small golden coin.

"What the bloody...?" But his lungs screamed for air and he promptly and inadvertently inhaled a lungful of water, and blacked out.


Jason Lee Scott awoke in a small stone room. Standing up he stretched his tired muscles and began to examine his prison. The light was dim and made the task difficult. The gray walls were smooth, and as Jason ran his had along it looking for inconsistencies, he found some. They seemed to be symbols or images carved into the stone. As he traced the outlines, they began to glow, and he recognized them immediately. They were his symbols... his spirits. The Tyrannosaurs, the Red Dragon, the Pyramidas... where was the fourth? There was supposed to be a fourth.

Jason turned from the stone relieves and searched the now lit room for any exits. The room was much larger than he had first thought. However there will still no exits. "Damn..."

As if on cue three figures leapt from the stone wall and advanced on the somewhat dejected quester. The first to reach him was a thin creature sporting claws on each wrist. Jason blocked an overhead blow, but the creature was made of stone and he was merely human. The resounding crack startled him and when he could again think coherently he was leaning against the smooth wall ten feet from where he'd started. His arm felt as though it was broken, and there was a fire in his chest. Struggling to get to his feet Jason tried desperately to think of what to do next.

"I can't give up, I have to find my power," inadvertently his eyes flicked to the three figures of his Spirit guides. "So what do I do? I can't fight these creatures..." And then the solution came to him. It was something he hadn't done in a long time.


"I can breath." That was the first thought that came to mind when William had finally found his way back to consciousness. Slowly he pushed himself into a sitting position.

"What happened?" he muttered. And then it came to him. He'd been searching for the creature of Loch Ness. He'd panicked... because of fish, had inhaled water... and now here he was in some sort of cave. There seemed to be no exit and light filtered in through a small hole high in the ceiling of the cavern.

The cavern had what appeared to be a large pool, however upon further inspection he found that it was a part of the loch, and the only way out would be to swim who knew how far down, under the lip of the cavern and then back up to the surface of the loch. Before he could debate whether or not to attempt this, William was startled by the emergence of a large creature from the water.

It was beautiful, A long sinuous neck, grey blue skin, and deep liquid eyes. Suddenly William felt something cold against his chest and reached inside the neck of his shirt to retrieve a small medallion. Etched onto it were a grizzled wolf, a large horned and crested creature, and a gentle unicorn.

"The fourth," said William in awe as he looked up at the creature of the loch, who was merely staring back at him.

"Greetings William. I am the Laparas, intelligent and gentle, the Spirit of Self. I am you." William reached out for the energy when something stopped him. A voice. A voice he knew. And yet it shouldn't have been here.

"Help!" The voice came from further in the cavern.

There it was again... "Jason." William looked up at the beautiful creature, the Laparas, before him. "I'm sorry, my friend is in trouble." It merely looked at him. With some difficulty he turned from the creature and ran toward the sound of his friend's voice. As he ran a red trimmed sword appeared before him. He stopped only for a moment to grab it. William knew Jason would be needing it.


The stone creatures were almost on him when he heard a voice from above. "Jason!" A sword with red trim landed just within reach.

"Billy." The thought flew through his mind as he snagged the sword and swung for all he was worth. The clawed creature flew apart at the impact. Jason's right arm was broken, he was battered and bruised, and there were slashes across his chest. The two hammer wielding stone beasts never stood a chance, it was the kind of battle that Power Rangers are known for, morphed or not.

As the last stone creature shattered Jason found himself next to a kilt clad Billy staring down into the pit where he had just been.

"Jason! Are you alright?"

Jason grinned. "Uh huh, no problem."

Billy just laughed in response, Jason joined in after only a moment. A quiet voice silenced them.

"William, you gave up your power to save you friend. After all you've been through with loosing power, that was incredibly brave of you." It was the gentle voice of the Laparas, though the creature was nowhere to be seen. "Congratulations, Az'tier Amalgam Ranger." Instantly Billy was clad in his Grid Warrior Armour.

"Jason," the voice was coming from the sword he carried, the one Billy had dropped into the pit so he could defeat the creatures attacking him. "You called for help, something you have not done often. It is good for you to realize that all of us need help sometimes. Well met Cri'ould Warrior, I am Alexiend, Justice, your spirit of Self, and I am you."

In a moment two Grid warriors, one Blue, the other Red and Gold were standing in a dark cavern grinning at each other like little boys with new powers... which of course they were. In two columns of light they were gone.


Five columns of light streaked into the Power Chamber, coalescing into five Amalgam Rangers.

"Welcome Rangers, and congratulations."

"Yes!" the new Ros'cri Ranger pumped her fist happily

"Aye yi yi! You did it!"

The newly renewed Rangers looked at each other smiling and celebrating, until Zack realized they were short one Ranger.

"Hey, where's Aisha?"


"I didn't make it guys, I was denied the power." The Grid Warriors looked to see Aisha standing in the passageway that led to the lower chambers of the building. She looked tired, worn out. Zack's heart ached at the sight of her looking so defeated. Instantly he had her wrapped in a hug.

As the two released each other somewhat self consciously, Aisha spoke again. "Don't worry about it guys, I'll be fine. So... why don't we tell each other about our quests?"

Trini laughed. "You'll never believe this, but I spent most of mine in a library."

"You got to be kidding me!" Zack mock yelled, "My spirits sent me through these long boring tunnels for hours at a time!"

"Oh yeah?" replied Jason. "That still doesn't beat seeing Billy in a kilt!"