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Disclaimer: If I owned the Power Rangers, I'd invest in some cool special effects... I wouldn't even let the plot suffer. All the ideas owned by Saban are rather obvious. All the other ideas are owned by me unless otherwise stated.
Otherwise statement: The idea of creating the Turbo Rangers in this way was first done by the PR Fanfic Sage, Ellen Brand.
Timeline: Second phase of the 'Time Stands not Still' ...arc... thing...
Warning: Violence, Morose, Swearing, Cheesy Monsters, Quests for power, and various other materials not suitable for people under 5 feet.
Notes: I'm sorry it took so long to get this posted. This makes six. Any comments can be sent to RandelM@Hotmail.com.

Time Stands not Still: Part 2
by Randel

Dark, everything was dark, a comforting dark, relaxing. There was nothing, merely a feeling of floating through empty space. Trini sighed, she could float like this forever, not a care in the world. Suddenly a small point of warm yellow light broke the blackness. Eagerly Trini reached out to the light and it began to draw nearer, faster and faster until it filled her vision. The yellow light grew in intensity and suddenly was gone.

Trini Kwan was walking through the park on a bright sunny day in Angel Grove California. She was just strolling along, minding her own business when a group of Putties appeared before her. Falling into a fighting stance, she neatly snap kicked one of her attackers sending it flying through the air. Having bought some time with the aggressive move, Trini backed up and settled into the traditional Morphin stance.

"It's Morphin Time!"

Trini brought her morpher in front of her and...

And it wasn't there. There was no morpher in her hands. The subsequent phrase that used to come so naturally to her lips was gone, she couldn't have recalled it if her life depended upon it, and at the moment it seemed as though it did.

She was brought out of her shock by a kick to the stomach. Clumsily she attempted to put up a defense, but the shock at the absence of her powers and that initial kick were enough of a disadvantage that before long Trini was on the ground.

A familiar sound caught her attention and she mustered enough strength to look up and see five colored warriors battling the clay creations. In a matter of moments the Putties were gone and the Rangers were at her side, checking her for injuries.

"There are no broken bones, just a few scrapes... do you wish to be taken to a hospital ma'am?" It was the Blue Ranger. It was Billy.

Finally Trini regained her senses. "Uh, no, I'll be fine. Thank you Rangers."

"It's our duty Miss," replied the Red Ranger.

"You sure you're okay?" That was the Yellow Ranger.

Trini stared at the Yellow Ranger for a while. "That should be me... what's going on? There's something I should remember... but what? I am no longer the Yellow Ranger..." Those thoughts floated through her awareness, but out loud she said "Yes Yellow Ranger, I'll be fine."

The Rangers nodded and then disappeared in flashes of light.

Slowly Trini made her way to the Youth Center. That was the most likely place for the Rangers to head after a battle. When she arrived Jason, Zack, Kim, Billy, and a girl she'd never seen before were all sitting at their usual table. The girl in yellow was quite pretty, she had short dark hair and brown eyes, and she looked to be of Hispanic decent.

After a bit, Trini's attention wandered to the others. Kim, her closest friend and confidant since kindergarten. Zack, the Zackman, a performer at heart, he had finally convinced her to return home. Jason, he was strength itself. She had just made the decision to return when word of his injury had reached them via Zordon, and in the end their leader had still pulled through. Billy... She wouldn't have come back to stay in Angel Grove if not for him. He was wearing glasses; she'd always thought he looked cute in glasses. He looked drop dead gorgeous now...

Suddenly the importance of her thoughts came crashing in. "This is how we were a couple of years ago, minus myself." Quickly she walked over to the bar and ordered a smoothie from Ernie. She sat so that she could observe the Rangers while not appearing to. They were talking about her. That was apparent from the way they kept glancing at her. "Goodness, were we really that obvious?" Taking a deep breath Trini attempted to think through the recent events.

"I was walking through the park when Putties attacked, I tried to morph and my morpher was missing... Wait... that's not entirely correct. Before I was walking I was..." Trini took a long drink and tried to compose her thoughts again. "There was nothing, and then yellow light. And before that there was..."

It was almost there, the thought was on the verge of being recognized, but would then flit away. "I was standing in the Power Chamber. Zack and I had been home for about two months. We'd been ready to return but when Jason got hurt we moved up our plans. Then there had been two attacks one from Mondo, one from Zedd. Zordon thinks it is time to have two teams of Rangers. That is what I am doing, I am searching my subconscious for four Spirit Guides who will grant me the Amalgam Powers." The thought was by in a rush and Trini clung to it desperately.

"Great, now I know what I'm trying to do, but I don't know how to do it," She said lightly.

"What was that Trini?" Trini turned around to see Ernie looking at her from behind the bar.

"Oh nothing Ernie." The man smiled and continued to do the myriad of things that came with running a teenage hang out.

Trini's attention again came to the yellow clad girl. There was something about her. She seemed familiar. "She's me," realized Trini. "We're the same, which means that her current spirit, will be one of mine. So what is it?" Trini was beginning to become rather irritated. This was something she should know. Another thought came to her and she smiled. Ernie. Ernie knew everything there was to know about the Power Rangers except their identities, and she had her suspicions about that one.

"Hey Ernie?"

"Yeah?" responded the Juice bar keep.

"What is the Zord of the Yellow Ranger?"

"The Saber-toothed tiger. Why?"

"I've been trying all day and I couldn't remember, thanks Ernie," Said Trini, a huge grin spreading across her face. "Saber-toothed tiger!" She crowed silently.

She stayed until she finished her smoothie, then put down some money and left.

"So one down, three to go. Where does one search for a Spirit Guide?" Trini wandered around Downtown Angel Grove and eventually ended up at the Library.

"How appropriate," she chuckled to herself, "Where else would find information?" Walking up to the information counter Trini addressed the man attending it.

"Excuse me Sir, but do you know where I could find texts on Sprit Guides?"

"Certainly miss, right this way."

Trini was a bit surprised that the man didn't look at her funny, but this was a subconscious world where one should expect the unexpected. They walked through several halls and down two flights of stairs to an extremely unused part of the library. The librarian pulled a book off the shelf and handed it to her. The title read; Guide to the Morphin Grid: Spirits and Personality.

"Thank you sir." The young man nodded and left her with the book, a large blue couch, and a small desk. Making herself comfortable on the couch she opened the book and began reading.


Katherine lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling. She should be in a deep, exhausted sleep. After all school would start next Monday, and she had been shopping like mad for supplies and clothes. Then there was the fact that there had been three attacks earlier today... or was it yesterday by now. Kat looked over at her clock. It read 1:34 am. The Kieroo battle had lasted until eight-twenty that evening, the abomination had finally decided it had had enough fun and left with promises to return.

Alpha had still been working furiously on a way to utilize all the current Zords at once, but it looked as though it would take at least two more weeks before the process could be completed. Then there was the fact that the six aspiring Grid Warriors were still in their 'Quest Sleep'.

Katherine sighed and attempted to clear her mind and allow herself to rest... It did little good.


Tommy sat at his computer in his room. He had been chatting with friends, but they had all gone to bed by now. It was 1:45 in the morning. He couldn't sleep, he needed to talk to someone. Kat was the first person to come to mind, but he dismissed that idea, she was likely asleep like every other sane person in the city. Finally he raised his hand, concentrated and in a subdued flash of white light Saba appeared in his grip. The sentient weapon opened his eyes and took a look around Tommy's room.

"Well, early good morning Tommy, is something wrong?"

"Not really Saba, I just can't sleep and I need someone to talk to."

"So you thought you'd wake me up?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize..."

"It's okay Tommy, whenever I'm not with you I'm in hibernation, I don't really need the rest." Saba rose out of Tommy's hand and 'settled' in front of his partner. "So what's on your mind?"

"Well, I'm not entirely sure, Ernie for one. He knows who we are, he suspects that Fred and Justin and the twins and their new friend will be Rangers soon, but Zordon doesn't have any plans for new Rangers, and he remembers Aisha..." Tommy just stared at the sentient sword.

"So what? From what I've heard, Ernie is a great guy. Zordon seems to know that as well."

"What do you mean?"

"Zordon is searching for this new Power that Ernie suspects." Tommy nodded at this and Saba continued. "As for remembering Aisha," Saba did the equivalent of a shrug. "He seems more observant than most."

Tommy nodded again, "I guess... Ya' know, it really is good to have you back, I've... well I kinda' missed you."

Saba gave a low chuckle, "Gee the Mighty Phoenix is getting sentimental. Well, Tommy, I've missed you too, you're the best partner I've ever had."


"Well... actually you're the only partner I've ever had, but that still counts."

"I've been you're only partner?"

"Yup, I was created solely for the use of Thomas Oliver as the White Thunder Ranger. And now here you are Zeo Ranger V, Red, and we're partners again."

"Yeah, I've been wondering how exactly that was possible."

Saba shrugged again, "Even with everything the Grid Masters know as 'facts', new occurrences are always bending the rules."

The two talked until Tommy finally drifted off to sleep, and with nothing better to do, the saber went to sleep right there next to him.


Trini closed the book she had been shown. It was a very interesting book, full of information on hundreds of different powers. She had read the part concerning Amalgam Powers several times, but there was little information. The gist of it was that there had only been a few accidental morphings into Grid Warriors that had been unable to be repeated. It didn't seem worth it anyway because the Amalgam Powers were not as physically powerful as more conventional powers.

As interesting as it was there was nothing that she had found to point her to her Spirit guides. She had read the book from cover to cover, and yet she had the feeling that she had missed something. Reopening the book she flipped to the back and looked through the index. Sure enough 'Spirit Guides' was listed.

"How odd, I'm certain I read every page," she muttered to herself. Turning to the indicated page Trini began to read.

'Spirit Guides are those figures representing facets of one's personality and character. Spirit Guides come in all shapes and sizes, the most common of which tend to be the beasts of the place of one's upbringing. To find one's Spirit Guides one must search deep with in themselves... You can't very well look them up in a book! Sheesh, kids these days!'

Trini closed the book and stared at the cover. "That was just a bit weird..." Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes and prepared to meditate, hoping to locate her Spirits in that way. The fact that she was going to meditate in her subconscious was ironic enough that it made her laugh, but the laugh just slid off her awareness, as she was already in a meditative state.

"Trini... Open your eyes young one, it is time to receive your power." Trini did as she was told. Standing before her on the other side of the desk was a tawny Saber-toothed tiger. "We felt that you should have a greater understanding of the power you and your friends have and will be using, thus the study session we put you through. Now your other Spirit Guides will be presented to you." Taking on a more formal voice the Spirit continued.

"I am a Spirit of Body, the Saber-toothed tiger, quick and sharp, I am you." Slowly the creature faded and became sparkling yellow energy that swirled around Trini momentarily before infusing her with its power.

Trini's vision faded and when it cleared she felt the exhilaration of flying through a haze of light blue surroundings. "Trini Kwan. I am the Griffin, a Spirit of Mind, Silent and fierce, I am you." The vision of a yellow-feathered griffin flashed before her eyes and then she was feeling the power infuse her.

Before she knew it the vision changed again and she was floating in a blue environment abound with a tremendous amount of different kinds of interesting sounds. "Hiya' Trini! I'm a spirit of Spirit... Heh! I am the Dolphin, Intelligent and playful, that is me, and me is you." Trini could sense the conveyed smile as she was filled with the blue energy from the dolphin.

Suddenly everything was silent. Nothing moved, her senses reached out and noticed hundreds of happenings should she choose to take notice, but she was on the hunt... "Kwan... As the Spirit of Self, I am the Panther, the silent hunter, and I am you." Trini was again filled with blue energy, and again her vision changed abruptly.

She was sitting on the couch of the library. Standing up she found herself clad in the armor of the Grid Warrior, Yellow with Blue highlights. The coin on her chest showed busts of the Saber-tooth tiger, Griffin and Panther, the Dolphin in mid leap over them. "Son'azier Grid Warrior," she said softly.

Trini smiled as she inspected her armor, "I hope the others had as little trouble, I spent most of my quest in a library." In a flash of Blue on Yellow, Trini disappeared from her subconscious.


Justin Stewart got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom he shared with the room next door. Since it was only four thirty in the morning the bathroom was unoccupied. Rubbing his eyes, he stepped into the shower.

He was supposed to meet Fred and the Girls later today, however with all the recent monster attacks he wasn't sure the director of Little Angels Shelter would let him. Justin was proficient in martial arts and excelling, he had the best group of teachers in the city after all. All the same Tina, the Director, was very protective of the kids at her shelter and while Justin's ability to fight should the need arise did allow him some leeway, he decided not to take any chances.

Justin turned off the water and toweled himself off. Stepping back into his room he left a note for Tina, and dressed in blue jeans and a gray blue tee shirt. As he placed the note on his dresser he paused to look at his collection of inch and a half metal figures. There were four groups, the first consisted of the five original Rangers and two Green Rangers, one held a black, wicked looking sword, and the one held the Dragon Dagger. The second group was the original five with the White Ranger as their leader. The third was a group of six Ninja Rangers, and the final group showed the Zeo Rangers with their companion the Gold Ranger. Smiling slightly Justin put down the note and left the shelter as quietly as he could.

After the three attacks yesterday Justin and his friends had agreed to meet at five the next morning. Something was going happen, they weren't sure what, they just all knew. As he approached the designated meeting place he saw that Fred and the twins were just arriving as well. The four exchanged greetings and settled down on the grass to wait for Angela.

The sun had yet to rise, and the sky was overcast, threatening rain. They waited for ten minutes, thirty, an hour. By that time the sun had risen, but the clouds diffused the light and made everything look darker.

"Guys, it's six o'clock, I don't think she's coming." Candace looked to her green clad sister, and then to Fred and Justin.

"She'll be here," Justin stated firmly, still staring all around the park.

"Let's wait for another ten minuets. Whatever it is that's going to happen needs all of us to be here," added Fred

Candace nodded, but didn't say anything. Soon it started raining and the four took shelter in a small copse of trees. They were sitting in a circle under the protection of the trees when a small dripping figure walked into their shelter.

"Angela!" Justin jumped up and moved towards her, the others did the same after a moment. Angela looked up at Justin and smiled "Geeze Angie, you're soaked."

"I'll be alright Justin. Sorry it took so long guys, my parents didn't want me to go out, it took a while to convince them."

"Don't worry about it Angela," Said Casey warmly. Further conversation was interrupted when a rumble shook the air.

"That wasn't thunder, was it?" asked Justin.

"I don't think so," replied Candace. "Let's go find out." The five young teens left the protection of the trees and walked out into the pouring rain. It took less than two minutes before they found the eight-foot wide crater created by a steaming globe not more than two feet across. Without thinking of the possible danger they climbed down into the newly formed landmark to where the gray metal orb rested.

They were all crouching around it, wondering what to do next when there was a hissing of air and the top half of the orb lifted up to reveal five golden keys. A small voice addressed them.

"Warriors of Earth. The time draws near. Take these keys and access the Turbo Power."

"Wow." Fred stared at the keys.

"I don't know guys, I'm not a warrior, this is too weird for me," Candace said shakily. "I'm not sure this is what we were waiting for."

"Then what do you think that feeling was?" Countered Casey.

"Yeah, this feels... right. What do you think Justin?" Angela looked to Justin as did the others.

Crouching there in the rain and mud from a newly created crater, Justin was having the most exhilarating time of his life. Looking at Angela he simply nodded.

Fred looked to Candace. "Well Candace, what do you say?"

The yellow clad girl sighed and shrugged. Her face split into a grin, "Why not?"

Each reached out a hand and grasped a key. In a rush of wind the globe disappeared and the voice spoke again.

"Good luck Turbo Rangers, and may the Power protect you."

Silently the five climbed out of the crater and stood looking at each other. Fred nodded once and all five fell into the classic Morphin stance.

"Shift Into Turbo!"






The five were now clad in Ranger armor of their designated colors. Their helmets were adorned with headlights and each visor had it's own design. At their sides each carried Turbo Blasters. In their hands were their specialized weapons; the Lightning Sword, Hand Blasters, Thunder Cannon, Star Chargers and Windfire.

"Too cool!" exclaimed Casey

"This is amazing..." muttered Justin

"Guys, we're Power Rangers!" Fred jumped into the air and pumped his fist.

"That you are Red Lighting, but not for long. Piranatrons! Destroy them!"

The five new Rangers turned to see a woman in a red cloak and golden mask. As she gave the command to attack a troop of brown fish-headed creatures appeared and attacked the multi-colored group.

Casey, the Green Turbo, leveled the Thunder Cannon and fired sending several of the creatures sprawling. In a flash she put the Cannon away and flew into hand to hand combat. The others did the same, and in a matter of minutes the Piranatrons had been reduced to puddles lost in the storm that was now literally raging around them.

The Evil woman standing before them growled, as her soldiers were defeated. "You'll be sorry Rangers. You've not heard the last of Divatox, Pirate Queen!" Lightning flashed and then the evil figure was gone, leaving the new rangers standing in a storm, not entirely sure what to do next.


"Quiet now Squatt, we don't want Ninjor coming after us." The blue furred Baboo whispered to his squat companion. The two crept through the Ninja Temple, and finally came upon a smithy with a still cooling forge. Tools hung on the walls in neat rows, hammers, tongs, chisels, and more. The important thing however was the simple wooden box sitting on the table near the doorway.

Quickly Baboo rushed over and picked up the box. He could feel the power it contained. Opening the lid a crack he saw five Power Coins, their sides entirely smooth. "Got 'em." The two began to leave the room when a blue armored figure appeared in the doorway.

"Halt evil doers! Replace those Power Coins!"

"I knew this was working out too easy," said Squatt. "Well, it's been a long time, are you ready Baboo?"


Baboo launched himself through the air, claws outstretched. Ninjor stiff armed and blocked Baboo's attack, but didn't notice Squatt hurling himself like a living cannonball right into his chest. Ninjor struggled to his feet only to be grabbed from behind in the four-armed embrace of Baboo, as Squatt began pummeling the Ninja Master with his large horned fists. Ninjor hooked his leg behind Baboo's sending them both to the ground, Ninjor on top. He attained his feet quickly and drew his sword.

Not wasting any time Baboo got to his feet and kicked Ninjor in the back of the knees, forcing him into a backwards roll. When he was again upright the villains were nowhere to be seen, and the room was quickly filling with smoke.

"Blast! I don't believe this, beaten by a couple of idiots! And they escaped with undefined coins... I must inform Zordon." In a flash of blue light Ninjor was gone from his sacred temple.


Aisha stood before a large pedestal. Upon it were two figures. One a yellow Griffin, the other a yellow Bear.

"Aisha Campbell, I am the Griffin."

"Aisha Campbell, I am the Bear."

"You are here to attain the Amalgam Powers. You attempt is being denied."

Aisha stared at the two figures of her Spirits. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was not being allowed to obtain her powers. Her chance at again becoming a Ranger was being denied.

"What! Why?" Aisha almost screamed at them. This wasn't fair. Her friends needed her, she needed her friends. She wasn't abandoning her duties in Africa, she would remain until the crisis had passed, they were so close, then she could return home.

"It's not your home any more," A voice in her head reminded her. "The Zeo Crystal switched your identity with Tanya's."

This wasn't right, it shouldn't be happening. "Why?" She repeated aloud. "Why am I being denied my powers?"

"Because it is not your time to receive the Amalgam Powers." responded the Bear.

"Why?" Aisha's question was firm, she wanted an answer.

"That is all we can tell you for now, just know that we are here for you, now and always." There was a hint of regret in the Griffin's voice.

"We love you Aisha, we love you little cub. Be strong." The bear's deep voice trailed off, and Aisha's world dissolved into blackness.

Aisha opened her eyes and sat up. Looking around her she saw that her friends were all still asleep. Six beds in one chamber, nothing moved but her. Slipping from under the covers she realized she wasn't wearing anything and colored slightly at the information. Grabbing the yellow robe that had been folded at the foot of the bed she slipped it on and belted it.

"We love you... Be strong..." The parting voice of the Bear floated through her mind. Aisha nodded to herself. She would be strong; she wouldn't let the others see how bad she felt at having failed. But for now, with no one to witness, she could cry.


Zordon sighed, he seemed to be doing a lot of that lately. He was in his meditative dimension, sitting on the highest mountain overlooking the entire realm. Ernie's prediction of a new team of Rangers had been correct. If the man had been born on Eltar, or Edinoi, or just about any other place than Earth he would have been recognized early. By now he would have been a High Seer of the Morphin Grid. As it was he was a good man, and a sort of caretaker for the Rangers. Ernie was truly amazing.

"Ah well..." muttered Zordon. The brand new Trubo Rangers thrust themselves upon his thoughts again. Just the fact that they had been given Turbo Powers was intriguing. Turbo Powers had first been created from a template of Storm Powers. They were 'manufactured' in mass production, thought to be used by those who couldn't become 'real' Rangers.

Strength and endurance had been sacrificed for speed in these powers, but the holders became enraged at being Sub-Rangers thrust to the front lines, scorned by their peers, and jeered by the populace. They revolted against the Morphin Masters. It had been a nasty war, the Turbo Rangers were every inch the Ranger as the other 'real' Rangers, however in the end only one set of Turbo Powers had survived, the strongest set, the set that had remained loyal the Grid, the ones not consumed by hate...

Zordon sighed again and shook the thought from his head. The new Rangers had survived Divatox's test. That was a good sign. It had to have been a test, Zordon didn't believe for a minute that her attack and been serious. She wasn't that stupid. He would contact the new Rangers later and introduce them to the life they would soon be leading.

Ninjor had arrived with distressing news. Baboo and Squatt of all 'people' had snuck into his temple, stolen blank coins, defeated the Grid Master, and escaped. It was truly amazing, the two had still bungled the plan, but in a beneficiary way for Rita and Zedd. Just one more thing to worry about.

And then there was Aisha. She was the real reason he was sitting up here brooding on the cool mountaintop. She had just woken up from her sleep. She had been denied the Amalgam Powers, and she blamed herself. He would talk to her soon, after she had composed herself. The poor girl, she didn't deserve this, the Morphin Grid was making a mistake. Little fledgling, little cub. She was strong though, she would pull through, and Zordon knew she would once again be a Ranger.


Sixteen. There were sixteen lights in the room now. The newest additions were symbolized by glass spheres, inside were the essence representing the Spirits. Red Lightning, Dune Star, Desert Thunder, Wind Chaser, and Mountain Blaster. Five new Rangers, and more still to come, the Gathering was in motion and soon would come The Dark. The dim chamber containing the figures representing the Rangers of Earth was still blemished by a diffused light. The dim shaft lit upon a yellow Griffin and Bear...It's time was coming, soon the light would again be bright, and another figure added to this collection. It would be needed. Many Rangers would be needed for the coming war.