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Timeline: After It Begins.
Warning: Mild profanity, a scene with Katherine in the shower, and implications of sexual conduct.
When I write I tend to make up weird words, I don't care how you pronounce them, I'm not even sure how to.
All right... so the last ending was a little sappy... so sue me. Anyway here we go again. Please send Comments, Complaints, etc. Thanks to Tim for helping proof read this.

Cat Within a Cat
by Randel

Lord Zedd stood looking out over Earth. "That idiot Mondo," he thought, "He had Tanya in his fortress and he practically let her go." Turning from the starry scene he looked over his currently empty throne room. "It's a joint throne room now, you're a married man." Zedd reminded himself. It had been a couple of days since Tanya's return, a good time to attack the Rangers. All seven of them, seven Rangers... "As if I didn't have enough problems." These two warriors with new powers...Jason and Billy. The Grid Warrior power was uncharted territory, dangerous.

"Better send more warriors..." Zedd mumbled. Raising his voice to a bellow, he called through the Moon Palace. "Warsting, Goldar, Rito!" After a short while the three filed into the room behind Rita.

"You ca-lled my Lord?" Warsting bowed before Lord Zedd.

"Suck up." Muttered Goldar.

"What's up Ed?" Rito bounced from foot to foot.

Zedd shook his head and sighed... "You three are going to lead a team of Putties and Tengas against the Rangers."

"But Zeddy, just attacking never works." Rita looked at her husband with a look of "what-are-you-an-idiot?' on her face.

"I've got a plan dear." Zedd said trying to keep his irritation under control.

"And you like to share with the rest of us?" Rita's voice was cold.

"Not particularly." Zedd replied just as coldly. Rita glared at Zedd for a while and then stalked out of the room.

"Yikes... major tension!" said Rito loudly.

"Shut up you idiot." muttered Goldar.

"You three get down there and start making a mess, when the Rangers show up send the troops against them. I'll take care of it from there."

"Yess, my Lord." replied Warsting. In a flash of flames the three were gone.


The light shined fully now upon the collection of blue figures. The group of two red and one gold figure had undergone its own light flashing and had settled on the steady bright beam as well. The iron straps that had been wrapping around the Yellow tower had disappeared in a flash of green, and the Yellow tower now seemed closer to the group made up of the Black Lion, Black Frog, and Green Bull.

"And what will come next?" pondered the presence in the shadows. "What will come of these Rangers of Earth?

A slight movement caught the attention of the silent observer. Near a collection of pink figures there seemed to be a cat, the white furred pink-eyed figure flickered in and out of existence.

"Interesting, very interesting indeed."


Jason sat in the Juice Bar and watched as Rocky and Tommy taught a martial arts class. Tommy was leading one of the newer kids in a simple kata while Rocky was teaching high kicks to a couple of other kids.

Jason smiled, he too had taught martial arts classes, he looked up as one of his former students walked into the bar. Billy had been quick to learn, partly because of the Ranger Powers, but he was now a black belt and one of the best in the city.

"Hey Billy, have a seat." Billy nodded and sat down. "How's it going?"

"Agreeable, I've been doing some experiments."

"You don't say" Jason's voice dripped sarcasm.

"I mean with the power." Hissed Billy as he smacked Jason's arm playfully. Jason became serious and he motioned for Billy to go on. "We know that the power draws form previous powers and memory, that's evident enough. But the text said that the Grid Warrior power doesn't have all the physical enhancements that the other powers do. However-"

"So what'll it be guys?" Jason and Billy looked up startled at Ernie.

"Oh, umm... Burger and fries." Billy looked over at Jason who shot him a nervous glance. "Iced tea to drink."

"Club and tea please, Ernie." Said Jason.

"All right, be back in a few." Ernie turned and walked back behind the counter telling his cook the orders.

"Man... do you think he heard us?" Jason looked a bit worried.

"Actually Jase, I think Ernie knows."

"You do?"

"Sure, we're always skipping out without finishing our food. That's pretty uncharacteristic, especially for Rocky. When we leave, the monster sirens begin..."

"Yeah, I suppose you're right. Huh... well there isn't anything we can do about it. Besides I think we can trust him."

"I'm sure we can. "Anyway like I was saying-" Billy was again cut off. This time by a six toned beep from his communicator.

Billy and Jason looked over to Tommy and Rocky who were just finishing up their class. "Well that will be all for today." Said Rocky. "See you all next week." As the students scattered Rocky, Tommy, Jason and Billy left the Juice Bar. Once they were in a deserted part of the hall, Rocky pressed a button on their communicator.

"We read you."

"Ai yi yi Rocky, you and the others must teleport to the Power Chamber immediately!"

"We're on our way." Replied Rocky. In a flash of color they teleported away as the monster warning system began to blare. When the four materialized in the Power Chamber Kat, Adam, and Tanya appeared as well.

Tanya looked over at her teammates. Kat looked haggard and worn out. She was about to say something but decided against it. "I'll talk to her after the battle."

They all looked up at Zordon's Time Warp chamber as it filled with energy and he came out of his meditative state.

"Rangers, Warsting, Rito, and Goldar are in the park."

"Time to go to work guys. It's morphing time!"








"May the Power protect you." Whispered Zordon as his warriors teleported out.


The three villains were in the park firing off lasers, chasing civilians and causing a general ruckus.

"Hey!" Rocky yelled "We're here, let's get started and then you can go crying back to Rita and Zedd."

"Jason!" Goldar roared across the park, a fanatic expression on his face.

"Goldar." Jason replied calmly. "Gold Sword!" With a ripple of light a beautiful golden sword appeared in the Cri'ould's hand. It was a double-edged middle sword with a simple cross piece and handle. The golden armored primate and red and gold armored human squared off, resuming a battle that had started long ago.

"All right guys, let's go." Tommy led the charge against the remaining two monsters and was greeted by the appearance of a troop of Tengas and Putties.

Tanya summoned her nunchuks and began to clobber Tengas left and right. At her back was Green Zeo, who was wielding his emerald colored hatchets with a practiced skill. Adam let out a cry as his feet were kicked out from underneath him and Yellow Zeo turned to bludgeon a Puttie before it could pounce on him. As she helped him to his feet, Adam flung one of his hatchets over Tanya's shoulder destroying yet another Tenga.

Billy and Tommy were each facing off with Warsting who no longer had his energy shield in place.

"Ha! Jjusst a couple of Rangerss. One iss wasshhed up and only just recceived replaccement powerss. The other wass oncce on the sside of darknesss. Thiss will be eassy." Raising his hand Warsting producing his arm blade.

"Ha, keep thinking that. That psychological stuff won't work on us." Tommy summoned Saba. "Ready Saba?"

"Always am Tommy."

"Washed up? You think I'm washed up? Tri-blade!" Billy sounded genuinely angry at the monster's remark.

Warsting slashed at Red Zeo, and Billy took the opportunity to thrust with his weapon causing sparks to fly. The monster turned to attack the Az'tier Warrior and Tommy slashed with Saba again causing sparks. Wounded the monster backed off trying to keep the two Rangers at bay.

Rito looked at Rocky and Katherine and began to sing in a raspy off key voice. "Duh de de de duh, bad to the bone, duh de de de duh, b-b-b-b-b-b bad, duh de de de duh!"

"Oh give me a break. Shut up and defend yourself you... uh... thing." Challenged Rocky.

"Ohh that one hurt, come on try again."

"You're going down you disgusting, bone-headed, useless, pathetic, moldy, disgusting, no-talent pile of bones!" Shouted Kat in her Aussie accent.

Rocky and Rito stared at her. "Now that's more like it. You should take lessons Rock head."

"Rock head? Now who needs lessons?"

"Enough chat!" Kat summoned her shield and flung it at Rito hitting him in the face. Rito staggered back, and Blue Zeo kicked him in the shoulder. Rito tried to go on the offensive but Kat and Rocky both drew their blasters and concentrated laser fire on the skeleton.

Goldar was grinning to himself. He was once again fighting his most worthy opponent. Furiously the two fought back and forth, neither gaining the advantage. Finally they broke apart and stared at each other. Goldar risked a glance to where the others were fighting.

The Green and Yellow Zeos were cleaning up a few remaining Tengas. Red Zeo and The Blue Warrior were causing serious damage to Warsting, while Pink and Blue Zeo were holding Rito at bay. Finally Tommy and Billy struck together destroying Warsting.

The resulting explosion knocked the combatants to the ground. The Rangers rose and regrouped now facing only Rito and Goldar. Pink Zeo drew her blaster and fired. The monsters tired to jump out of the way but the rose colored blasts kept on coming.

"That's our cue." Quipped Rito. Swinging his sword around he and Goldar teleported away.

Even after the enemies were gone Kat kept firing, putting holes in the grass.

"Kat! Stop!" Tommy put a hand on Katherine's shoulder.

"Wha-? Oh my head... Tommy? What's going on?"

"They're gone Kat." Katherine looked around, Tommy was right the villains had left.

"Let's get back to the Power Chamber." Said Tanya a looking over at a group of news crews that had begun to head their way. The others nodded and were gone as soon as they touched their communicators.


"Well done Rangers." Said Zordon as soon as the Rangers entered the room.

"Thanks Zordon." Said Billy replying for the group.

"Zordon, I've got a couple of questions to ask." Said Tanya

"Of course, I will answer what I can." Zordon watched as the Rangers took off their helmets and sat down exhausted. Katherine sat by herself staring off into nowhere.

Tanya leaned against one of the counters and looked up at her mentor. "What is a Kieroo? That's what Mondo called me, a Kieroo."

"And what about Cri'ould and Az'tire?" added Adam, "that's what Jason and Billy said for their morphing call."

Zordon cleared his throat. "To answer Tanya's question first, a Kieroo is a sentient structure. Most Kieroo take the form of towers with artillery mounted on top. They are much like a rook in Earth chess. These sentient towers were created for defense on my home planet of Eltar. This is what The Pink and Yellow Zeo powers are based upon."

"The words Jason and Billy used to morph are words of an old language used by Masters of the Morphing Grid. The word Cri'ould means literally Red Gold, but the deeper meaning has to do with a Warrior of Honor and Pride. Red is the confident warrior, while Gold is the honor-bound proud warrior.

"Billy is the Az'tier, the Blue Soul. Blue is the calm relaxed color, the reference to soul indicates that Billy is extremely in tune with his Ranger animals. Does that answer all the current questions?"

The Rangers nodded a bit sleepily. "Good, now get to bed, you've had a rough past couple of days, and it's getting late."

"Yes dad." Said Rocky lightly as he and the others teleported out chuckling softly. Zordon smiled in return and his image faded from the tube as he entered a meditative state, leaving Alpha 5 to put the consoles in stand by mode.


Opening his eyes Zordon found himself in a grassy meadow. This was his meditative dimension. Here he was a young looking man. He had short, almost spiky, blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. He was slim and muscular.

This dimension, his own creation, where he could move freely outside his time warp was still all in his head. He wasn't physically free of his warp. Oh how he wished he could be.

To his right was a forest, but he didn't go that way, he went left instead, towards the mountains. With a thought he was atop the highest mountain looking down on his small dimension. It was an island. There was the forest, and a beautiful beach on most of the coastline. The small mountain range he was currently in was the source of a river with many waterfalls and which finally emptied into the vast ocean surrounding the island. This is where he could come to relax.


Katherine Hillard lay in her bed staring up at the ceiling. She couldn't sleep. Rather, she didn't want to sleep. For the past couple of nights she'd been having an awful nightmare. She didn't want to experience it again, but her eyelids were getting heavy, her breathing slowed, and inevitably she was carried off to sleep.


Kat opened her eyes and found herself in a dark dense forest. She looked up only to see dark green foliage, no sky, and no sun. Somewhat nervously she looked around. There was no way to distinguish which direction she should go, so she just began to walk.

She'd been moving for no more than a minuet when she heard a rustle in the underbrush to her right. Startled she jumped back and fell into a defensive stance. She was ready to face anything, Tengas, Putties, Cogs, a monster... Even one of the evil monarchs themselves, but she dreaded what she knew was coming. Emerging from the brush came a small, white, house cat with glowing pink eyes.

Kat screamed and ran. She ran as hard as she could looking over her shoulder, the cat merely walked, taking her own sweet time. However Katherine couldn't get away, every time she looked back the cat was closer, and bigger. Suddenly, as had happened before, she tripped and fell to the ground rolling over and over until she lay on her back. Getting into a half sitting position against a tree, she looked in the direction she had come from and saw the cat now big as a lion slowly walking towards her.

Katherine scrambled to her knees but before she could move further the cat was face to face with her. Kat could hear the beast's grumbling purr, feel it's hot breath. The creature opened it's gaping maw and...


Kat sat up quickly taking a deep breath and trying to calm herself. It was just a dream, the same damn dream she'd been having for days now. She wasn't sure what to make of it. Taking a deep breath she lay back in her bed. First her parents arguing, then these recurring dreams, and then she and Tommy had broken up, not to mention the fact that she had been shooting at nothing yesterday at the battle...she had no idea what to do.

Sighing she got out of bed and walked into her bathroom. Slipping off her nightgown she turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature until it was comfortable.

"What does this dream mean? None of my powers have been based around a cat. Well... I was a cat under Rita, but I'm through with that now, I'm good... aren't I?

Finishing her shower she stepped out and toweled herself off. Sitting on her bed she sighed again. "Maybe I should talk to Zordon about this." She got up, dressed in a pink T-shirt and blue jeans, and teleported to the Power Chamber.

"Katherine, hello... umm, what are you doing here?" Alpha 5 sounded confused at Kat's appearance. "Is there a problem?"

"Hello Alpha... umm no, not a problem really... I just need to talk to Zordon."


Zordon sat with his back to a tree in his forest, relaxing, feeling the warmth of the sun on his face. "I just need to talk to Zordon." The voice floated through Zordon's dimension. Opening his eyes the wizard stood up.

"Katherine? I hope she's okay." Zordon mumbled to himself. Gathering his power Zordon focused it into his prison and slowly, he faded from his dimension into his ion tube in the Power Chamber. Katherine was talking to Alpha in the main room.

"Greetings Katherine. How may I assist you?"

"Oh... Hello Zordon, how are you?"

Zordon smiled patiently. "I am fine Katherine. How are you?"

"Fine... sort of... not really. Oh Zordon my parents have been arguing for the past couple of months. And then after going out with Tommy I'm not sure I really love him, and so we broke up and I'm afraid I've broken his heart and then these dreams, and..." The Pink clad girl broke down and began to cry.

"There there Katherine." Alpha awkwardly patted Kat's back. "It'll be okay." Katherine turned around and hugged the startled droid.

"Thank you Alpha, but I don't think it will be. The other problems are mine and I'll deal with them, but the dream...I don't know." Katherine looked up at Zordon, her tear streaked face now under control.

Zordon was silent for a moment. "Katherine, I am sorry. I should have noticed the stress before, I've been neglecting my duties." Katherine tried to object but he plowed on. "I am going to attempt to help you with your dream and to relieve some of your stress."

"Zordon I..."

"Relax Katherine. Relax. Listen to the sound of my voice. Only to the sound of my voice. Calm, soothing. Close you eyes. Relax." Katherine did as she was told. She began to feel a strange sort of calm. "Now let all the tension go out of your body. Feel it draining out. Calm, Soothing. Now imagine yourself on a beach. The waves from the ocean are going back and forth, back and forth. Turn around and you'll see..."

"A forest." Kat finished for Zordon. "And beyond that beautiful mountains."

"Open your eyes Katherine." the voice came from behind her.

Opening her eyes Katherine saw a scene that, moments before, she believed was only in her head. Turning around slowly she cam face to face with a young man. He had short blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

"Hello Katherine." The man extended his hand. Katherine took the hand and noticed that the hands were soft. Their color was of one who didn't spend much time out doors. The voice... the voice was not as loud and booming as it was in the Power Chamber, but it was still the same.

"Z-Zordon?" The man just grinned.

"Have a seat Katherine." The two sat down on a white blanket on the sand. "Well, what do you think?"

"Of what Zordon?"

Zordon gestured around himself. "About this, my dimension."

Katherine's eyes widened. "This is yours? Zordon it's beautiful!" The wizard allowed himself a small smile. "So how, I mean if you're trapped..."

"This dimension here is a creation of my mind. I can travel it freely unbound by the laws of physics, anything I want to happen here, happens. Unfortunately when I leave here the only place I can go is my time warp, and you will go back to the place you were standing before I brought you here. Now, tell me about these dreams."

Katherine recounted her dream. "And then it walks up to me, opens its mouth and... and then I wake up. Do you know what it means Zordon?"

Zordon tapped his chin thoughtfully. "Katherine, during your time in service to Rita you had the ability to change form into a cat."

Katherine bowed her head, it had been as she feared. She braced herself for what she knew Zordon would say next.

"It is possible that this is your dark side fighting to emerge. However I have another theory. The cat obviously represents your time with Rita, but..." Zordon looked at Katherine, her head bowed. Reaching out he took her face in her hands and lifted her head until she was looking at him. "Kat, listen to me. We will not allow you to turn to evil again. We've helped Tommy through it, and we will help you through it. Understand?" Katherine nodded.

"Good, now I want to try something, but I'll need your consent. I want you to relive your dream, and this time we'll play all the way through. Don't worry, I won't allow any harm to come to you."

Kat's eyes were a bit wild but she nodded. "All right."

Zordon nodded in response. "Now think back to your dream Katherine. Think back." As soon as Kat was in a dream state Zordon locked onto it and made it real within his dimension. Then he awoke Katherine.

Kat opened her eyes and found herself with Zordon in a dark dense forest. She looked up only to see dark green foliage, no sky, and no sun. Somewhat nervously she looked around. There was no way to distinguish which direction they should go, so she just began walking, Zrodon in tow.

They'd been walking for no more than a minuet when they heard a rustle in the underbrush to their right. Startled Kat jumped back and fell into a defensive stance. She knew what was coming, and feared it. Taking comfort in the presence beside her she steeled herself. From the brush came a small, white, house cat with glowing pink eyes.

As she had done before she ran as hard as she could looking over her shoulder at the cat that followed in no big hurry. However Katherine couldn't get away, every time she looked back the cat was closer, and bigger. Suddenly, as had happened before, she tripped and fell to the ground rolling over and over until she lay on her back. Getting into a half sitting position against a tree, she looked in the direction she had come from, and saw the cat, now much larger, slowly walking towards her.

Katherine scrambled to her knees but before she could move further the cat was face to face with her. Kat could hear the beast's grumbling purr, feel it's hot breath. Kat was about to close her eyes but instead this time she decided to meet the creature straight on. The creature opened it's gaping maw and...

...And licked her. Kat started, surprised at the gesture of friendship from the creature that had plagued her dreams for weeks. Looking again she found the cat was again normal size and looking up at her expectantly. Tentatively Kat reached out a hand and stroked the soft white fur. Sitting back against the tree Kat took the cat into her lap with purring approval from the receiver of the attention.

"Katherine." Kat looked up at her mentor and friend.

"This is what I was afraid of Zordon, this cat is me, I was afraid of myself."

Zordon sat down next to the Pink clad girl. Her face was tear stained and dirty. Her hair was messed up and her clothes had twigs and leaves in them. She looked more at ease now than she had in days.

"Katherine, this cat represented your dark side. You have a natural ability to shapeshift, most apparently into a cat. This ability remained hidden during your youth. When captured and pressed into service by Rita she exploited this ability thereby causing you to associate it with something evil. But it's not. It is a part of you, and now that you have confronted it, you have also released it."

"Thank you Zordon. I'm sorry to have troubled you over something so trivial."

"It's hardly trivial, besides that's part of my job."

"So now that this ability is freed... will I be able to use it at will?"

"That depends on how much you practice."

Katherine was about to ask more when she heard the sirens of the Power Chamber begin to sound through the dimension. Zordon stood up and helped Katherine to her feet.

"Well," he said, "time to go to work." Nodding to Kat he began to fade away as she pressed a button on her communicator and teleported back into the Power Chamber.


"You didn't even really have a plan did you?!" screeched Rita. "What the hell is wrong with you?! We haven't launched a serious attack on the Rangers in weeks, what's going on?!"

Lord Zedd sighed. "I don't know." He mumbled.

"What?" Rita looked perplexed. Zedd wasn't fighting back, this was unusual. "Zedd, what's wrong?" There was actual concern in her voice. Zedd didn't answer. "Zedd? Zedd let's send down the Sentinel Finster's been working on." The evil lord nodded in indifferent agreement.


Seven columns of light touched down at the construction site where a disturbance had been reported. It was still rather early, and the sun was quite a ways from rising.

"Spread out guys, be careful." Tommy ordered. The Rangers headed separate directions keeping on the look out for any monsters.

Rocky and Adam cautiously walked through the construction site. Something out of the corner of his eye caught Adam's attention. Glancing up he barely had time to shout a warning as Tengas dropped on them. Rocky jumped back barely being missed by the aerial attack. Three of the dark birds were swarming over Adam. With a couple of well place kicks Rocky had freed Adam and helped him up.

Adam blocked a wild swing from one of the Black birds and struck back knocking the Tenga to the ground. The Blue and Green Zeo Rangers fought together as a perfect team, causing havoc among their attackers. After no more than a minute the Tengas turned tail and ran. Adam and Rocky followed hot on their heels.


Katherine and Tommy silently walked forward when suddenly Tommy was knocked to the ground. Pink Zeo drew her blaster and fired blowing the Puttie to pieces. Red Zeo sprang up and summoned Saba as more Putties arrived.

"Hey Tommy." Said Katherine as she planted her fist into the chest of a clay golem. "I'm really sorry for what happened last week."

"What do you mean?" Tommy performed an ax kick sending a Puttie sprawling.

"I mean about the whole break up thing. I've been under a lot of stress lately... I want to go out again... I want to make it work." Katherine looked at the ground. "Tommy I... I love you."

Katherine and Tommy stopped fighting Putties to look at each other. Quickly the creatures surrounded the two warriors. "I love you too Katherine."

A disgusted sound came from Tommy's sword and Saba flew out of the Red Zeo's grip and into the air above them and began to blast the golems. "That's incredibly sweet and all especially in the middle of a battle, but we are in the middle of a battle, so if we could please concentrate on the project at hand..."

Katherine giggled at the irritation in Saba's voice. "Sorry Saba, it's just-"

"Yeah I know, puppy love and all that."

Tommy laughed as he snatched Saba out of the air. Katherine drew her blaster and summoned her Zeo shield.

Seeing the Rangers ready for action the putties turned and ran. Shrugging Tommy and Katherine followed.


Jason, Billy and Tanya walked silently looking for monsters. Tanya looked over at Billy and Jason. It wasn't that she didn't like them, but she wished she were with Adam. Something might happen to him if she wasn't there to protect him. Gently someone laid a hand on her shoulder.

"He'll be okay Tanya, don't worry."

Tanya looked at Billy feigning puzzlement. "What?"

"Come on," replied Jason, "We've seen the way you look at Adam."

"Y-you know? Does everyone know?"

Billy nodded, "There are few secrets among Rangers. And you are Yellow, the color of the protector, it stands to reason that you are worried for Adam's safety."

"If Adam knows, why hasn't he said anything?"

"He's shy." Billy shrugged.

Tanya tried changing the subject a bit. "What did you mean, "It stands to reason.' ?

"Yellow is the color of the Protector and Peacemaker." Responded the Az'tier Warrior.

"So who was Aisha protective over? And... Trini was it? Who was she protective of."

"Well," said Billy, "The Yellow Rangers tend to be feel protective of all their fellow Rangers. Aisha was the model Yellow Ranger, she was more or less protective over everyone and forestalled most arguments."

"And Trini?" prodded Tanya. Billy cleared his throat a bit uncomfortably as Jason gave a slight chuckle. "Oh really?" Tanya made a small speculative sound. "I'd like to meet this Trini some day."

Before anything else could be said the trio heard sounds coming from both the right and left. Looking around they found themselves in something of a pit like area within the large construction site. From either side Tengas and Putties came pouring into the area followed by their other teammates.

As the Rangers grouped together the monster troops gathered to face them. Suddenly with the sound of a large switch being thrown the pit area was flooded with light.

"Why do I feel like this was planned?" Tanya looked around a bit nervously.

"Welcome to the main event... What?" Rocky raised his hands defensively as the others glared at him.

"Rangers! Meet the Sentinel!" The Rangers looked up to see Lord Zedd and his Wife Rita. Behind them were their minions Goldar, Rito, Finster, Squatt, and Baboo. In a shimmering of red light a large stone creature appeared. His face was small but he more than made up for it in shoulder width and height.

"Madre de..." Rocky stared at the gargantuan monster... "We're in trouble guys."

"There are seven of us, we can take it down." Tommy sounded as though he was trying to convince himself.

"Welcome to the Main Event!" bellowed Lord Zedd as the large stone creature began to charge the Rangers.

"See, told ya'..." Rocky said a bit smugly.

The Rangers scattered as the Sentinel came barreling through. Tengas and Putties encircled the "arena' keeping the Rangers in.

"Any ideas Saba?" Tommy looked at the tiger on the pommel of the sword.

"You're the leader Mighty Phoenix, I'm just a sword."

"Thanks a lot." Red Zeo raised Saba in the air and the Saber fired lasers at the monster. Howling the Sentinel turned from where it's been chasing Rocky and Billy and charged after Tommy instead.

"Uh-oh, now you've made him mad." Said Tommy.

"Me?" The saber protested. "You made me do it."

"Did not!"

Without warning a pink blur sped over Tommy's shoulder and connected with a crash of shattering rock. Red Zeo turned to face the creature a small piece missing form his right shoulder.

"Thanks." Said Tommy as Kat came up behind him.

"I've got an idea." Said Katherine. Tommy nodded. Raising her voice Katherine called across the battlefield. "Rangers, surround the Sentinel and start blasting, don't let up. You're going to need to keep it busy for a while."

As the Rangers moved to comply Katherine turned her concentration inward. Her blaster fire had damaged the Sentinel, but not much. She heard the giant rock beast bellow in anger, but its limited intelligence kept it from neutralizing the stings it was receiving.

Closing her eyes Katherine concentrated and saw a small group of figures, a pink crane, a pink tower, "Kieroo..." she reminded herself, and a white cat. The cat seemed insubstantial.

Focusing on the image of the cat it became more and more real. Katherine concentrated harder and felt herself begin to change. Hair sprouted on her forearms and shins, her senses became more acute and her canines grew longer.

"Not all the way." She told herself, "It'll be more effective if I'm half and half. I wonder... am I only half human?" She laughed inwardly at this, all she needed was to find out she wasn't totally human on top off everything else.

Opening her eyes Katherine looked at herself. She was still in her Pink Zeo Armor, but there was fur on her arms and legs and her hands were velveted. Flexing Katherine produced five-inch retractable claws.

"Cease fire!" yelled Katherine as she jumped at the Sentinel. The other rangers stopped and stared at the Half beast form of the Pink Zeo Ranger. The Sentinel was four feet taller, much wider and definitely much stronger.

It didn't stand a chance. Katherine flipped around slashing and clawing. Finally with pits and burns form laser fire and deep gouges form Katherine's frenzied attack the Sentinel slumped forward with a crash. Slowly it began to disintegrate until there was nothing left.

"Looks like you lost again Zedd!" Red Gold Warrior shouted up defiantly.

"Not quite!" responded Lord Zedd. With a shimmering of light the group of moon dwellers entered the pit. Lord Zedd lowered his staff readying it to fire. Jason held his sword eye level, pommel up.

"Gold Rush!"


Jason flew forward in golden light just as evil red energy shot form Lord Zedd's staff. When the two collided Jason went flying and hit the ground hard. Billy and Tommy rushed to his side as the other Rangers put a barrier between their fallen comrade and the evil forces before them.

"You'll pay for that Zedd." Growled Adam

Zedd laughed, "Don't be so stupid Adam, there was enough power in that blast to kill three Rangers. You humans are so emotional, after Jason dies you will be so overcome with grief you wont be able to resist me, let alone get revenge on me."

"Then I'll take it now, before he dies."

The Dark Lord started at the coldness in the Green Zeo's voice. Looking at the other Rangers he saw four armed, determined and dangerous foes. "Until next time Rangers." He rasped. They were gone before Adam could raise his blaster.

"Is he gonna' be okay?" Tommy looked to Billy.

"There's nothing we can do for him here, let's get him back to the Power Chamber." Seven heroes became seven columns of light and the Rangers were gone.


Zedd and Rita were in the Royal bedchamber.

"Didn't it feel good Zeddy? To launch a serious attack on the Rangers?" Rita was rubbing the shoulders of his husband who had assumed his humnish form. In this form he was a tall muscular man with short brown hair and hazel eyes.

"Hardly serious, but it was better than that groveling Bee Monster."

"You did take out Jason, one less Ranger to worry about."

"Yes, well if I know Zordon, he'll have some way of bringing them back." Zedd turned around and looked at his wife. "You know Rita, when I first came here I despised you. Now here you are my wife. I've often wondered whether or not that was a good idea, and I do believe I like it, I like being married. We can fight and it allows me to let off steam. We can collaborate ideas, and when we finally do, I stress do, take this planet, it will be us. Not just you or me, us. And then there are other benefits..." Rita smiled a wicked little smile and ruffled Zedd's hair.

"Feeling playful this morning my Lord?" Zedd merely smiled as he reached behind her to unlace her dress. The remainder of the morning was romantic in a twisted, evil sort of way.


Mondo looked at the construction below. Cogs were moving furiously over a large area that had been set aside for the project. As the monarch watched one of the drones suddenly stood still, steam began to pour from it's eye sockets and it keeled over. He'd been working them hard, maybe too hard, but he didn't care. He'd been trying to build a Kieroo for centuries now and now he was going to be able to do it. Capturing Tanya Sloan had been a stroke of luck. Now using the power as a template he was going to do it. He was finally going to do it. A Kieroo of his very own, boy wouldn't Zedd be jealous.


Billy sat by Jason's bed in the Medical Center of the Power Chamber. All the other Rangers had gone home to get ready for they day, it was Saturday so they didn't have to go to school, and could visit Jason periodically. Billy had hooked Jason up to the machines, but the readouts showed that Jason's systems were shutting down. Zedd was right, there was a lot of power in that blast. The Gold Power Jason had used to make his attack had given him a little bit of time but...

"Jase... come on man, we need you, don't leave us.


Billy looked around for the source of the light voice but he didn't see anything. Sighing he turned back to his friend.

"Now I'm hearing voices. You can pull through this Jason, just don't give up. We can't do this with out you." Billy looked at the readouts again. They were not good. Unless they had a miracle Jason would die in three days time.