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Naomi Tilley's Fics

Last Updated: November 25, 1999

Revelations and Reckonings
When Jason is reclaimed by his natural father, the Rangers help out by delivering him to the man he hasn't seen in thirteen years. However, it turns out they made a huge mistake, and Jason ends up paying the price.
Family Ties
Jason finds out that the abusive man he's been living with for years is not his real father, and goes in search of the one man who can complete him.
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Adam is distressed because his parents don't seem to care about him, but there is somone who wants him just for who he is. Unfortunately, that's not a good thing.
Unfinished Business
Tommy is under Zedd's spell, and that spells bad news for Jason.
A mysterious new kid is placed with a foster family- the Olivers.
The Rangers face the most dificult battle of their lives when Jason is kidnapped- by other humans.
Sister, Sister
A secret from Jason's past almost costs Tanya her life, and the guilt may be too much for him to handle.
Jason's Story
What would have happened if Jason hadn't gotten out of the dark dimension after rescuing the other Rangers? A disturbing story of tragedy and regret.
The Rangers' friend Mark is back with his team, and in trouble.
To Get What You Want
An upset Jason gets taken hostage by robbers.
Sins of the Father
Jason makes a shocking discovery about his heritage.
Jason returns ro Angel Grove after becoming a well-respected cop in Chicago, but trouble follows him home.